The Glades s02e05 Episode Script

Dirty Little Secrets

[ Air brakes hiss ] [ Grunts ] [ Truck door closes ] [ Grunting ] Hey.
[ Fist bangs ] Son of a bitch.
Hey! You finish up in there, I'm gonna kick your pervert ass! [ Police radio chatter ] Yeah.
My name's Mike Mike Jackson.
- There you go, sir.
- Thank you.
[ Glove snaps ] You called? It's all he had on him.
Cellphone, driver's license, a watch, sobriety chip.
That's a fake Florida driver's license.
Yeah, see.
No holograms.
Oh, man.
You got to get up to speed on your fake I.
Now that your daughters are nearing the age of non-legal consent.
Addy's quinceañera Don't get me started.
Marisol is driving me to the brink of financial ruin.
They only turn 15 once.
Yeah, said the man without three daughters.
[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No problem, no problem.
What's up? The caterer quit? Well, just go with the other one.
No, go with the other one.
The other other one.
Yeah, listen, baby.
I got to go, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I love you, too.
[ Sighs ] - I'm not gonna survive this.
- Oh, yes, you are.
There's, uh, no abandoned cars in the parking lot, and our victim doesn't look like the hitchhiking type.
So I'm going with passenger on one of the buses that rolls through here.
And blunt-force trauma's the cause of death.
That blow to the head, all this blood He definitely died here, no question.
I'm not seeing what the killer used to force that blunt-force trauma.
And, uh, robbery definitely wasn't a motive, which leads us to our big question.
Why are we investigating a Delray homicide on my day off?! We're backing up a colleague, Dr.
- Who? - The medical examiner in Delray Beach? FDLE closed the Pompano substation.
Her office got the overflow, resulted in a few administrative bobbles.
Bobbles? As Chief Medical Examiner, it's my job to conduct administrative oversight when a review is in order due to concerns regarding an M.
's performance.
[ Heels clicking ] Oh, my God, Carlos.
I'm so embarrassed.
Don't be silly.
Administrative hiccups happen all the time.
[ Sighs ] You're so sweet.
Hi, there.
Oh, hi This is, um, Detective Longworth.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So, what are we looking at? We got a male Caucasian, mid 30s, looks like blunt-force trauma.
Riding on a bus on a fake I.
Yeah, obviously running from someone and, uh, got caught.
[ Sighs ] Well, let's get him up on the table and see if we can fill in some blanks.
Carlos must have told you I was his student in Forensic Pathology.
Everything I learned I practically learned at his feet.
At his feet, huh? Thanks for helping out.
Yeah, sure.
No problem.
Anything for a colleague.
Honey! I missed you so much.
"Mom, I missed you, too.
" [ Chuckles ] Thanks.
[ Door closes ] Hey, leave those.
I'll wash them.
Dad washed them before I left.
[ Drawer slams ] I'm confused.
I thought you said on the phone that you and your dad were having a good time.
Oh, we had a great time.
Not that you care.
That's not true.
Now I can't see dad for three months.
Honey, that's not me.
That's Witness Protection.
Yeah, mom.
It's you.
Records and identity got a hit on your victim's fingerprints.
His name is David Zale, Was arrested in '07 for embezzling from his clients.
- Oh, his clients got to like that.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Mm-hmm? Have you met Carlos' colleague? Our colleague? And, yeah, I know Dr.
She's great.
Just got caught a little flat-footed with all the substation closures.
Huh, it says here Zale did four and a half years at Raiford, - got out six months ago.
- Yeah.
His poor, overworked parole officer doesn't have an address or a former.
Luckily we have poor, overworked Daniel who's about to tell us what he's learned about Zale's last-known.
No address, unfortunately.
And Zale's cell was used mostly to call one number.
He called it twice a day talked less than a minute.
I'm having the number tracked down now, but, of course, I tried to call it.
It just kept ringing, and there's no voicemail.
Well, we did find the bus that Zale was on.
He had a one-way ticket to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.
The luggage is being over-nighted to us as we speak.
Wh as us, as in As in Carlos needs to supervise and we need to get Dr.
Perez back in the saddle.
Anything we can do to help is the goal here, people.
Speaking of, have you seen Dr.
Perez? Yeah.
And I think I may have a way to find out Zale's address.
The victim's blood screen came back clean.
No alcohol or drugs.
- Which the tox screen confirms.
- Mm-hmm.
How's Marisol and the girls? Good.
Everyone's good.
The girls must be getting so big by now.
Anyway, um, blood screen came back clean, and, um I've already said that.
[ Chuckles ] Carlos, I'm sorry if this is a little awkward.
Sorry if what's awkward? Oh, uh, nothing.
Uh, Daniel track down an address or who Zale was calling? His sobriety chip might help.
"Powerless till noon.
" Ooh, and look - An address.
- Hmm.
Zale only called one number, but he called it twice a day.
I'm thinking like a sponsor.
Uh, hey, Carlos, did you invite Sophie to your daughter's quinceañera? Oh, my God.
Addy's turning 15? [ Chuckles ] Uh, yes, she is.
And, no, I haven't.
But I was just about to.
I'd love to go.
No, what I said was, "as a wing man, you suck.
" Not that I need a wing man or you trying to make something out of nothing.
I didn't say there was anything going on.
I just said you two looked like you might have been cozy back in the day.
There was no cozy.
I was married to Marisol.
Addy was 7.
Stephie was 4.
And their baby sister was just born.
We were just friends, no cozy.
Got it.
No cozy.
David Zale murdered? My God.
What what happened? Jim: Well, we were hoping you could help us with that, Dr.
You were, uh, David Zale's sponsor in sobriety? Employer, too.
In addition to running these meetings, I I run a rehab center, Higher Roads.
Higher Roads? No, I'm sorry.
But calling Higher Roads a rehab center is like calling the Mayo a walk-in clinic.
What's the average stay there, like 40 grand a month? Where'd you meet David Zale? At this very meeting.
He'd just gotten out of Raiford, had good, solid sobriety, needed work.
I hired him as a peer counselor.
So, uh, as his sponsor, you were, um, especially involved in his life.
Inasmuch as it affected his sobriety.
Checked in twice a day.
Did he drink? Did he use? Did he want to? Kept it simple.
Where did he live? He had a-a small studio apartment just off the boulevard, When he worked late, he had a room at the rehab.
You have any idea who would want to kill him? No.
I know he hurt a lot of people when he was using.
Where were you last night? - In bed.
- Mm-hmm.
I had back-to-back radio interviews starting at 5:00 A.
this morning.
Oh, yeah? What about? Teddy Vargas.
The video game guy? He was a patient at Higher Roads? A real tragedy.
Earned his first billion before he was 25, then he O.
s on heroin.
[ Chuckles ] So, not exactly a success story.
I'm, uh, I'm sorry to cut this short, but I have a meeting.
I'm truly sorry about David Zale.
[ Machine-gun fire, men grunting ] Wow.
You bust a new level? [ Gunfire, grunting continue ] Listen, I was hoping that we could talk Jeff, no! I'm not talking to you! Okay, at least tell me what the problem is.
The problem is I want to live with dad.
- But we have a life here.
- What life? Look, you work two jobs, go to school, we're broke most of the time.
Honey, I'm trying to build a better life for us.
What's so great about here that you won't let us be a family again?! I'm sorry, Jeff.
It's just it's not that simple.
That's your answer to everything.
If the victim died of blunt-force trauma, the red cells would be degraded.
Okay, so what killed him? Well, if I'm right This did.
It was hidden by the victim's bloodied and matted hair A round, one-centimeter puncture wound.
It would have transected the cervical cord and might have cut off oxygen to the brain.
I'm thinking ice pick, Phillips-head screwdriver maybe.
Carlos: Great timing.
Sophie just identified this transection wound as the actual cause of death.
It's called pithing.
What happened to blunt-force trauma? Well, the stabbing could have sent the victim into a rage spike.
He might have attacked his killer.
Then the killer had to beat him off in self-defense.
Daniel: Detective? Court transcripts from the case against David Zale.
He burned a lot of people.
But the thing is, there was a class-action lawsuit against him.
Any income or money he earned or came into would go directly to his former clients.
You can't get paid if the guy you're suing is dead.
Also, David Zale didn't live at that apartment you got from Dr.
Basically, between the lawsuit and court-ordered reitution, David Zale was broke.
Then how did he afford a place like Higher Roads? Dr.
Sloan: I didn't lie to you, detective.
I told you.
David had a room here on nights when he worked late.
Jim: Right.
Right after you told me about that specific address which turned out to be a lie.
That was the address he gave me.
Anyway, this was his room here.
High-end, high-security facility, and no one noticed that he got while the getting was good? He wasn't a patient.
I'm sure he had a good reason.
Yeah, someone was trying to kill him.
Not here, they weren't.
I need to get somebody out here, do an inventory.
Conner: There you are, Zale, you son of a bitch! I warned you.
I warned you! [ Both grunting ] You son of a bitch! You're dead, Zale! You're dead! Jim: That's Conner Burris, former tennis pro turned coach of the most successful pro-tennis camp in the country? Hope his students have better eyesight than he does.
The man's confused.
He's still in detox.
He knows you're not Zale.
Look, I'm no expert, but clearly he's using.
I'm guessing he snuck out last night, he scored, and then killed Zale.
That's ridiculous.
Conner Burris is here by court order.
And the safety and treatment of our patients is job one.
Oh, okay.
So you don't mind submitting to a blood test so we can test it against the blood weound in his room? I can assure you, detective, I had nothing to do with his murder.
Oh, you assure me? Oh, that makes my job a lot easier.
I have an office with a private bath.
You can take my blood there.
As the director of one of the leading addiction rehabilitation centers in the country, you could afford me that small courtesy? Carlos: Blood spatter on the drape looks like throw-off, probably from an altercation Zale had with someone.
We'll rush these samples through, find out quickly who that might be.
How's she doing? I got to tell you, that pithing cause of death she discovered, that was a once-in-a-career catch.
I should be doing so well.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to take a swing at you.
What was your beef with Zale? Other than being a smug bastard who wouldn't know an addiction if it bit him in the ass, nothing.
You're saying he didn't have a drug and alcohol problem? He certainly acted like he had a problem, but I I think he was just acting like he had a problem so he could act like he'd overcome one, you know? Well, I like a good time just as much as the next guy, but if I'd pushed my to the brink of physical exhaustion resulting in her collapsing dead on court of a heart attack, I'd want to crawl inside a bottle and never come out, too.
Nina had a condition.
I didn't know about it.
No one knew about it Not her parents, not that quack doctor of hers back in the Ukraine.
I'd do anything to trade places with her.
Well, three months later, you got your chance.
Drove your Range Rover right into a tree.
Yeah, I wanted to die.
But you're worth far more alive to your business partners, your two ex-wives, your attorney.
You know, between your career and the career of all those hundreds of pro-tennis hopefuls, your tennis camp's worth millions.
Which is probably why, uh, after three D.
s, two probation violations, you're still able to smack that SUV right into a tree.
You know, wild guess No criminal charges, you go to rehab.
Wilder guess You got some high-priced attorney keeping you out of prison so you can pay his retainer.
Andrew Waller.
That's a name.
Criminal defense attorney to the rich and obnoxious.
Sounds to me like Zale was either lying about his addiction or shilling for Dr.
What else do we have on this attorney, Andrew Waller? We know Waller represented a lot of people who ended up in Higher Roads instead of prison, including Teddy Vargas.
There's a reason to drag him in.
Uh, that's a reason to ask.
Waller's not connected to David Zale.
His cooperation would have to be voluntary.
David Zale's luggage.
I'm gonna go through it now.
So call me if you find anything interesting, like a connection between our victim, David Zale, and Andrew Waller.
[ Sighs ] Daniel, just stop.
Really So that puts Ida next to Rosario and her cousin, but at the same table as Cece, and they do not like each other.
What do you think? Marisol, I think I don't care where Ida sits, baby.
She's your sister's husband's baby sister.
I want her to feel a part of the family.
Turn around.
All the way.
You're a great, big pain in my ass, mister.
But you're still the best-looking man I've ever seen.
Gracias, Pedro.
Can you believe our baby's turning 15? Marisol, you know I can't get like this at work.
And, no I can't.
[ Chuckles ] Mm.
Sorry to interrupt.
Um, I found a hair on the victim's shirt.
I put it under glass, but it wasn't a match for Zale's.
Could be the killer's.
Did it have a follicle for DNA testing? No, but I'm gonna run a blood grouping and see if it matches the blood that we found in Zale's room.
And good catch.
And we'll see you on Saturday? Wouldn't miss it for the world.
And bring a date? Um, I'm not seeing anyone, so See you Saturday.
I'm glad you invited her.
You've been a big help to her, and she really needs the support right now.
Okay, now the shoes.
Sophie: That's Zale's luggage? You look disappointed.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, yeah, a little, maybe.
No smoking gun.
Just your basic clothes, undies.
He had a fake driver's license.
What about a passport? Haven't found one.
Well, is there a passport pocket? Sometimes that high-end luggage has a hidden compartment for those things.
No, I didn't see one.
Here you go.
David Zale had a meeting with Andrew Waller.
Smoking gun.
David Zale was scheduled to meet with Andrew Waller? So they're connected after all.
Colleen: Yeah, once we hit on that, we went back and found out that Andrew Waller represented David Zale in an extortion case.
Well, not very well if he did four years.
Their meeting was scheduled for 8:30 the night Zale was murdered.
But, you know, I called his office, and they didn't know anything about it or where he's been for the last two days.
[ Doorbell rings ] Man: Davito's pizza.
Here you go.
Wait, so, Waller's missing? Yeah, he's been a no-show for three cases Three very important clients.
Oh, and not to mention the fact that this guy has been in a protracted battle with the county to build his 8,000-square-foot house on the bay.
He finally gets approval, and he's not gonna show up for the ground-breaking? That's definitely suspicious.
Let me know if you find anything.
Hey, you gonna be okay here by yourself if I have to do an errand? - Sure.
I got homework, so - Great.
- Oh, and, Jim? - Yeah? Thanks for letting me hang here while I deal with my mom and her stuff.
Hey, the last thing I want is you and your mom mad at each other.
I mean, I know she's just trying to make everything better for us.
I guess I just don't understand why we can't all be together when my dad's proved to her that he's changed.
Well, I'm sure she's got her reasons.
Dig in while it's hot.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Hey.
You got a few minutes? Can you meet me somewhere? [ Car door closes ] Callie: Okay, why am I here exactly? Uh, two reasons.
Firstly, uh, I talked to Jeff.
He's gonna be fine.
I mean But it would certainly help him if he knew exactly what you and Ray were thinking of.
What we're thinking? Yeah.
You know, the divorce? Otherwise, he's always gonna want you guys to live together.
One conversation, you're already a better parent than me.
No, that's not what I'm saying.
For your information, that's a conversation that two parents have with their children together, which is kind of hard to do when Ray's in Witness Protection.
Well When, where, or even if you guys decide to have that conversation, that's up to you guys.
But I'm telling you, Jeff's always gonna be angry at you until you do.
Not that there's any big rush, I mean, because you still have your girlfriend here from Chicago, right? Okay, well, I've got to get to work.
You are at work.
Really? This is a crime scene? You need a forensic nurse? I'm thinking I do.
What are you talking about? Yeah.
It's a lawyer.
Andrew Waller.
He didn't turn up for three court appearances this week.
Really big clients.
This is where he was going to build his dream house.
That's him.
Jim: Daniel.
Yeah, we yeah.
New victim That Andrew Waller.
That Andrew Waller.
Dig up the usual Phone records, credit-card receipts, bank statements.
All right, well, there seems to be enough cops here now, so I'm gonna take off.
Oh, no, well, four heads are better than one, right? And besides, you stay, you get paid.
I'm not broke! All right, I'm not that broke.
And one of those cops is Carlos' medical examiner friend.
Yeah, about that.
Okay, wait, wait, wait a minute.
Jeff won't admit it, but he does better when there's rules and boundaries in place.
It makes him feel loved and cared for.
And, Jim, the last thing I want is for my son to think that I'm not telling him the truth.
So I'll talk to Ray, you know, wherever he is, and see how he wants to handle it.
Nice set of tools.
What the hell does that thing do? Um, why don't we give Dr.
Perez a little space to do her work? Oh, see, I was gonna suggest we gave Callie a chance to observe her doing her work.
After all, it is Callie's first double homicide.
Yeah, until Dr.
Perez determines the cause of death, it's just a case with two murders.
Yeah, one suspect in the murder of one victim equals A double homicide.
Actually, Sophie, why don't we let Carlos and Callie take the body back to the lab and you and I get cozy with some suspects? Are you taking anyone to this, um - Quinceañera? - Yep.
I'm not seeing anyone, so I'm going solo.
Me too.
Kind of unofficially unattached at the moment.
Yeah, I was seeing someone, but it ended.
Kind of badly.
It happens to the best of us.
[ Scoffs ] Sloan: You've already got my blood, detective.
Are you back for a pound of flesh? We found a hair on the first victim, minus the, uh, all-important follicle to determine DNA, so Well, I'm sorry.
You're gonna need a court order for that.
Really? I brought a certified medical examiner and everything.
To start plucking hairs from my head?! - Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
My attorney has explained that I have to adhere to the rules and procedures, uh, for this sort of thing.
Which attorney is that? It's not Andrew Waller.
He's dead.
What? Yeah, oh, and, uh, two of your patients, David Zale and Conner Burris, they were both clients of his.
Now two out of three are dead.
Well, that is an unfortunate coincidence but that has nothing to do with me.
Are you sure? 'Cause both those clients were referred to you by Andrew Waller.
You know what would clear this whole thing up is a complete list of your clients and their medical and psychological evaluations.
[ Chuckles ] That's privileged information.
Kind of like your hair, huh? I guess my dad was right when he said that after 40, every hair, even the gray ones, are worth fighting for.
I am gonna need that list, though.
Well, I'm afraid I can't give you one.
No, no, no.
I didn't mean the list from you.
No, court-appointed, uh, rehabilitation is a matter of public record, so I'll just help myself to that.
Come on.
Last chance on the hair.
I got to say that was impressive.
Technically, I didn't get anything, but we can use Sloan's refusal to cooperate to get a judge to look favorably on a warrant.
Daniel: Dr.
Perez? Hey, um, Dr.
Sanchez told me to tell you when you got here that Andrew Waller is in autopsy Prepped and ready for you.
Oh, I better get on that.
Carlos is gonna need the autopsy report and those photos ASAP.
Thanks again, detective.
Carlos was right.
He has a really good team.
So what do you got, Daniel? This was found in Zale's room.
It's a Gurkha, the most expensive cigar in the world.
And it's only sold in two stores in Miami.
Zale bought three every week with cash, at $750 a pop.
So the question is, where did the money come from? And where was he hiding it? What else you got on Waller? Well, no question Waller was loaded.
He also had an offshore account worth $5 million at Bermuda Island Savings.
Okay, so we've got Waller and David Zale Both dead, both hiding money, both with ties to Higher Roads.
David Zale had more access to all those rich addicts with their dirty little secrets.
- So you're thinking? - I'm thinking blackmail Which we need to confirm, so keep following the money.
The question now is, was Sloan in on it or was he being blackmailed himself? We haven't found any incriminating photos or tapes in either Sloan's or Zale's possessions.
That just means we haven't looked hard enough.
[ Sighs ] Ay, dios mio.
[ Ringing ] Carlos, I'm sorry.
I don't know how I missed it.
I could see it clear as day in the autopsy photo.
This is probably the killer's hair, inside the puncture wound, made with the same type of weapon that killed Zale Evidence that came this close to going up in smoke.
What the hell is going on with you? Carlos It's mistakes like this that let killers go free, Sophie.
And sloppy work like this is why you're under review.
Now, you're better than this.
I taught you better.
You know what, Carlos? You're right.
I am better than this.
And I don't know what's happening with me.
I could blame it on the substation closures or the impossibly long hours, but that wouldn't be it.
It's what makes all the long hours and hard work worthwhile.
Someone to share it with.
I want to have what you have.
I want to share my life with someone.
I thought I had what you have.
But I was wrong.
Sophie, I was married.
I am married to a woman I love Who is the mother of my children.
So what were we? What was I waiting for? For me to realize what a huge mistake I was making.
And even though we never crossed the line, it's a mistake that I beat myself up for every day.
Listen, what I did to you was wrong.
I led you on.
Because that's what men who are terrified that life is passing them by do.
They want to feel something again, even if it's not real.
And I'm sorry.
[ Sighs ] Listen We caught this in time.
If the hair you found on Zale matches the hair in Waller's wound, that means that the same killer killed both victims.
[ Sighs ] - I'll take care of this.
- Carlos.
Say you called me in the middle of the night and you told me you found it.
I mean, no harm, no foul, right? I was up all night trying to find evidence of blackmail by either David Zale or Dr.
Sloan no direct hits, but followed the money like you asked.
Learned that, once a week, Andrew Waller flew to Bermuda, played 18 holes, then flew back, each time declaring $9,999.
- One dollar under the legal limit.
- Yep.
Were you able to track who was making deposits into the Bermuda Island savings account? Uh, no, that they wouldn't tell me.
Well, sounds like that's how Zale was being paid for his end in this little blackmailing scheme.
He was targeting Dr.
Sloan's patients.
Speaking of which, any evidence as to what made these patients vulnerable to blackmail? - Nothing of public record.
- What about Teddy Vargas? Did you get a police report on his "unattended death"? His O.
, yeah, what there was of it.
I left it in your office.
What do we know about Teddy Vargas' death? He overdosed.
He was an addict.
Why? Well, because if it was an accidental overdose, that's justUnfortunate.
But if it was an intentional suicide, well, that would prove he was being blackmailed, right? What does the autopsy say? Well, I don't know.
It's not here.
Report says the investigation was conducted out of Pompano.
That's the substation they had consolidated into Sophie's office.
I'll call Sophie.
I'm sure she knows exactly where the autopsy report on Teddy Vargas is.
I thought I might find you here.
Are you all right? I got your messages.
Why didn't you call me? Because that autopsy report on Teddy Vargas that you asked for I never did it.
Our office was swamped after we merged with Pompano, and overdoses and accidental deaths just weren't a priority.
And I didn't want to tell you because I figured that I had disappointed you enough for one investigation.
[ Sighs ] Sophie We're all overworked.
I'm not making excuses.
I'm not trying to, anyway.
It's just that lately I just don't care about anything anymore.
Listen, I'm sorry.
But you can't let yourself go down that path.
I'm sorry about the autopsy.
[ Sighs ] You know how many accidental deaths I've got piled up on my desk? I know how to take care of this.
[ Knocks on door ] What do you got? [ Sighs ] Daniel tracked down the Pompano M.
's report and evidence collected on Teddy Vargas.
They sent over preliminary bloodwork, along with a box containing everything Vargas had on his person.
Wait, this says Teddy Vargas had a cocktail of prescription drugs in his system.
Diazepam for anxiety, Temazepam for insomnia.
But in quantities big enough for those readings? That wasn't an accidental overdose.
That was a suicide.
A 25-year-old billionaire commits suicide, now, that's just depressing.
And if I had to guess, I'd say this is why I found this USB stick in the box of stuff they sent over.
It was in the pocket of the jeans he was wearing when they found him.
It's from Teddy Vargas' last session with Dr.
Sloan: So you knew it was wrong, but you did it anyway? Teddy: I knew it, man.
I was screwing over my best friend.
It was his idea for my top-selling game, and I stole it from him.
Made a billion dollars, and he hangs himself?! I don't deserve the money.
I don't deserve to live! Whoever was blackmailing Vargas must have sent him this USB stick as a reminder what was at stake if he didn't pay up.
- Sloan was obviously in on it.
- Maybe.
Did DNA from the hair match either of the blood samples from Conner Burris or Sloan? Not yet whoever it was dyed their hair, so the first test was inconclusive.
Daniel, get Manus to execute a warrant for Higher Roads.
I want to see if Conner Burris has one of these USB sticks and was also being blackmailed.
On it.
Carlos, you want to call Sophie from the car? - Get a rush on that test? - Sure.
Where we going? Not every day both our prime suspects are under one roof.
Let's hope our double homicide hasn't turned into a triple.
Well, it's definitely not a homicide.
Burris was found with both wrists slit.
Unconscious but they found him just in time.
Yeah, but is it guilt over the death of his young tennis star or because he killed his blackmailers? Sloan: Whatever's behind Connor Burris' attempt on his life, it's not my priority detective.
Clearly it was a cry for help.
I'm sorry, can I help you find something? Just checking your angles.
[ Chuckles ] Well, I have to get to the hospital.
My patient needs me.
Yeah, I think you've helped Conner Burris enough for one lifetime.
You don't understand.
Conner is a very sick man.
"You're only as sick as your secrets.
" That's what you people say, right? Well, we found your secret.
[ Whistles, clicks tongue ] You can't move on unless you admit what you did to Nina.
Say it, Conner.
You got to be honest with yourself.
Say you killed her.
[ Sighs ] I knew she had a heart condition.
Her doctor told me, but I-I wanted her to win.
So I pushed her anyway, and that'sWhat killed her.
I killed her.
I killed Nina.
Once we found Teddy Vargas' tape, where you basically pushed him to confess all his dirty secrets, well, then, we dug a little deeper.
We found this in Burris' room.
This isn't my taped session.
I only use audio, not video.
Well, that's convenient.
And maybe you didn't tape your session, but David Zale did From here, this is where David Zale must have had a hidden camera.
Which you obviously found and removed.
Yeah, used to be a clock here.
This is where the lens was, I'm guessing.
You can hear the ticktock of the seconds the whole way through the recording.
You can also hear the ticking on the USB flash drive recording that we found in Teddy Vargas' things.
Zale was blackmailing your patients.
[ Cellphone rings ] They were paying him to keep their dirty little secrets.
Well, that's disturbing and unfortunate, but I can assure you I had no idea what Zale was doing.
Until Zale started blackmailing you.
You know, he probably sent you a USB stick with a recording on it, same thing he did with Vargas and Burris.
That's when you realized he had a camera in your office.
You found it the same way I did by looking at the angle.
You tried to remove it, but by that time, it was too late.
Zale had already threatened to discredit Higher Roads, ruin your reputation.
So you killed Zale.
You can't prove that.
Oh, I'm hoping I can.
My colleague, Dr.
Perez, just confirmed the dyed hairs we found on both Zale and Waller match the DNA from your blood, Dr.
What? [ Rattling ] [ Cap hits floor ] [ Bottle hits floor ] Look at that A USB stick.
You were also being blackmailed.
- That's why you killed Zale and Waller.
- N-no, wait wait.
I admit I-I was being blackmailed.
But I never killed anybody.
My hair could've worked its way to Zale's clothes, but I rarely saw Waller.
You see? Y-you can't arrest me because of a couple of dyed hairs! I'm being completely set up! Uh, if you are, I can assure you someone's doing a damn good job of it.
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Handcuffs click ] After his conviction, David Zale was banned from the FTC for life.
He re-invented himself, pretended to be an addict so he could blackmail the patients of Higher Roads.
Keeping his money in an offshore account 'cause anything of value could be confiscated by court-ordered restitution or the class-action lawsuit.
Good job.
You solved a double, Sophie got her "w.
" And thank you.
She, uh She really needed this.
Yeah, sure.
You really don't know how to tie a tie? I would have thought your mom would have made sure you knew that.
Yeah, right.
Really? I thought we were past that.
You know, I only met your dad that once, but I'm pretty sure he'd want you to give your mom a break.
[ Scoffs ] Whatever.
Not whatever, Jeff.
Your mom works her ass off to make sure you have a good life.
She's the one who was here, day in, day out.
Now, you may not like or agree with her decisions, but you will respect them.
Are we clear? Yeah.
Good man.
Sam: Check out you two hotties.
Thanks for coming around.
I wasn't sure with the case and everything I'd be able to get in there in time.
No problem.
- Congratulations on the double, by the way.
- Thank you.
Oh, Jeff, Sam.
Sam, Jeff.
This might be forbidden territory, but do you mind if I try and tame that cowlick? Oh.
Yeah, sure.
[ Chuckles ] Actually, I have to do something just before the party.
Can I meet you guys there? Yeah, no problem.
Jim: - Hey, thanks for coming.
- No problem.
I didn't want to bother Carlos on his big day.
Uh, did you bring your tools? - As always.
- Perfect.
What are you doing? You said the murder weapon was a sharp instrument like a like an ice pick or a screwdriver or this Surgical awl.
This is what you used to kill David Zale.
What? Are you insane? Well, okay, first disable and then kill him.
You know, give him a good crack over the back of head, allowing you to perpetrate and then hiding all that blood, the real cause of death Pithing.
And so you could find it in front of Carlos A "career catch" I think he called it.
That's crazy.
Because you had already done the same with Andrew Waller, only in a fit of passion.
Because You were in love with Andrew Waller, as this blackmail tape clearly proves.
Andrew: Why do you think I keep sending my clients your way, you dumbass? Dr.
Sloan: If those tapes ever get out, I'm ruined.
I had no idea you were manipulating medical records.
[ Chuckles ] There's way too much exposure here, Waller.
You know what? Relax.
My girl in the medical examiner's office is in my hip pocket.
She thinks I'm in love with her.
She'll keep her mouth shut, she'll do anything that I tell her to do.
[ Click ] Waller was the relationship that ended badly, wasn't it? The reason you've been so distracted at work.
Andrew said he loved me, that he needed me, that he needed my help, so I changed an autopsy report to help him keep a client out of jail.
'Cause I wanted to help.
Then he asked me again And again.
And that's what you've been doing all along, isn't it? Using your job Your office My friend To manipulate forensics.
Like intentionally not finishing Teddy Vargas' autopsy.
Zale threatened to expose me if I didn't give him $10,000.
He said he needed it for his escape.
So I agreed to meet him.
But I knew it wasn't gonna end there.
Once you knew Sloan was a suspect, you knew you could pin both murders on him Especially after you took blood in his private office.
You saw that hairbrush.
So all you had to do was put a hair on Zale and then another hair on Waller so Carlos could find it, I'm guessing, to really seal the deal.
It was never gonna stop.
He was gonna ruin me.
I couldn't say no.
So you killed Waller out of passion.
You killed Zale to cover it up.
You don't understand.
I didn't want to kill Andrew.
[ Voice breaking ] I loved him.
But he was using me.
He was leading me on.
We all know how you hate that.
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Man singing in Spanish ] Okay.
Did not see that one coming.
[ Sighs ] Are you gonna tell Carlos? Not tonight.
[ Speaking Spanish ] Good So Did, uh Did you come alone, or Oh.
That's a date.
Yeah, let's go.
Jim! Hey.
Uh, look at you.
Yeah, thanks.
You, too.
Oh, thank you.
[ Clears throat ] Yeah, they got me in a tie.
[ Laughs ] Am I keeping you from anyone? Oh, what? No.
No, just, uh, mingling.
You mingling? That I'd like to see.
[ Chuckles ] Thanks for talking to Jeff he's in a completely different place.
That is Sure.
No problem.
What's up? Hey, what's up with you? Uh, what's with the backpack? You going somewhere? We are going home.
Decided you don't hate the old witch after all, huh? Yeah, but she wants a dance first.
So here you go.
- Ready? - Ready? Ready.
- Bah! - Hey! [ Both chuckle ] Huh? Hey, have you seen Sophie? Forget Sophie.
Please, go and dance with your daughter.
Isn't she beautiful? Oh, yeah.
Lucky man.
[ Music continues ]