The Glades s02e06 Episode Script


John Philip Sousa's The Thunderer plays Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Gibtown.
Of course, the official name is "Gibsonton," but the local residents always refer to it by its much more famous name, "Gibtown," once known as the strangest town in America.
This is where many of the human oddities from the old carnival sideshows came to retire.
Oh, you mean like circus freaks, right? Said the man in the hideously ugly Hawaiian shirt.
Just kidding, sir.
I know it's not Hawaiian.
But, yes, many of the local Gibtown residents did not fit into local society and decided to create a town of their own.
Now, off to the right is the house where the human blockhead lived and his descendants continue to live today.
And I'll bet you can't guess who played on those monkey bars in the park just to our left.
That's right, Percy the Monkey Boy.
And the world-famous Bertram siamese twins cohabited in that cottage with the picket fence.
You know, sometimes I heard those sisters did not get along, but they always stuck together.
And there goes my tip.
We're approaching the café founded by Al Thornquist, the 8½-foot-tall giant.
We're gonna stop for a break.
Food and beverages and replicas of Gibtown curios are on sale inside the café.
Please be careful getting out of the tram.
We don't want any freak accidents.
"No, he didn't!" H-help.
Oh, my God.
That was -- Yeah.
And then some.
Halfway through, I thought you were gonna have a heart attack.
Oh, I was thinking of it.
Actually, I'm still thinking of it.
- Wow.
- Oh, my God.
It took a year drinking beer in the Florida sun to work up that impressive lack of stamina.
That sounds oddly like bragging.
You should see my shin splints.
They're impressive.
Seriously, thanks for motivating me.
I forgot how much I missed our runs on the lakefront.
Nothing like rolling out of bed for a wind-chilled morning run to whip your ass into shape.
- Hey, sorry.
- Hey.
Manus has been trying to reach you, says there's a crime scene.
- Uh, why didn't she call me? - She has been.
Oh, right.
Um, she called you in on it? Maybe.
Says that there might be a victim there with special needs.
- Okay.
I got to go.
- Oh, right.
But I need the, um, declaration on the Kevin Fowler murders.
Okay, yeah.
I will.
I promise.
You've been promising, bub.
What I need is commitment.
I commit to doing it today.
Uh, well, give me 10 minutes to wash off the stink, and then I'll be good.
A baby carriage.
I hope that's not what Manus meant by "special needs.
" Don't worry.
It's not a baby.
This woman hasn't been a baby in over 50 years.
Cause of death appears to be by blunt-force trauma.
Something out of wood, based on this.
A tree limb.
Baseball bat, maybe.
- Catalogue and enter? - Uh-huh.
Not sure what's up with the stroller.
The killer probably thought that was a great way to hide a tiny body.
He took it from the actual point of attack to a more secluded place to dump it, till something or someone spooks the killer.
Yeah, see? Café had a water pipe burst.
Plumbers were working through the middle of the night.
The killer sees that, panics, then abandons the stroller into the bushes, thinking she's dead.
Whoa, that's weird.
You know, products for infants are rigorously tracked for product safety.
I'm sure this baby carriage has a serial number.
Maybe you can find out where it was purchased.
Or who purchased .
Get onto that.
I remember my parents driving through this town when I was a kid.
There were no tour buses then.
"Four-legged man.
The human unicorn.
Lion-faced boy"? We still don't know who our victim is.
Haven't found any identification on the body.
- We should take a print.
- A print? She's 3 feet tall.
Can you even find a print? Oh, come on.
- Callie.
- You know what? I think I'm gonna get a ride back with Daniel.
I don't know which is more annoying -- those looks that you used to give each other or the Bickersons.
Just a minor period of adjustment.
We'll get our groove back.
Not as long as Sam's in town.
Samis just a friend.
Keep telling yourself that.
My God.
Enid! Enid!! Wait, wait, wait.
Let him in.
I'm sorry.
You are? I'm Ben -- Ben Pershing.
That's Enid Granier.
We were business partners.
Pershing? Wait.
Percy, the Monkey Boy.
His name was "Pershing.
" Are you? What? Related? Yeah.
He was my grandfather.
This is terrible.
Seriously, what happened? Uh, what business were you two in together? Business? Uh, I guess you could say we were in the business of putting Gibtown back on the map.
Oh, right.
The tour bus.
Well, not just that.
That was just the start.
I mean, we have spent the last two years planning and expanding the Gibtown Museum.
I mean, Enid, she was working day and night trying to get it ready for this party tonight -- premiere, locals only.
We just broke ground on our crown jewel.
Which is? Permanent attraction on Enid's undeveloped property, providing an experience from the circus past to the circus present.
It's been a dream of ours for years.
Uh, someone didn't share your dream? Half the town is anti-development.
Anyone in particular? Rebecca Thornquist, their leader.
She's the town medical examiner.
She lives right up the street.
Something is definitely bothering you.
What is it? I have a thing.
Hate to break it to you, my friend, but you got a lot of things.
Ever since I was a kid, circuses kind of creep me out.
You mean clowns? Clowns freak everybody out.
That's hilarious.
The big, bad homicide detective has the willies for circus performers.
Yeah, that secret's not gonna get around.
Isn't that the name of the 8½-foot giant? Think she's a descendant? Rebecca Thornquist, I'm guessing? Yeah.
Uh, I wanted to talk to you about Enid Granier.
I heard she's dead? Yeah.
I wanted to ask you a few questions.
Could we do this outside? I have a newborn I just put down for the sitter, and, actually, I'm really late for work.
So if we could do this quickly? Uh, yeah, sure.
Couple of quick questions.
I heard you and Enid didn't exactly see eye-to-eye on the town redevelopment program.
Well, not that you'd really see eye-to-eye on anything.
You -- you know, I mean, 'cause you're -- Yeah, yeah.
I know what you mean.
Is that what I pay my taxes for, to put up with insults like that? Go ahead, do it.
Ask me.
I know you're dying to.
Hey, how's the weather up there? Wow.
Looks like rain.
You know, you just spit on a cop.
Yeah, I spit at his feet.
You gonna arrest me for that? Uh, I'm thinking I might wait till the murder of Enid Granier.
You'll be waiting a while.
It's true -- I didn't want tourists rolling through here with their cameras, gawking at us like we're freaks.
I speak for a lot of people when I say that just because our ancestors were part of some sideshows doesn't mean that we should have to be.
We're normal people.
We're trying to lead normal lives.
Enid bringing this tourist thing back -- it divided the town in half.
I have a right to my privacy, and I have a right to my opinion.
Enid had a right, you know, not to be dead.
I didn't kill her.
I circulated petitions, I led city council protests, but it never, ever sunk to the level of personal attacks.
Really? 'Cause, uh, Ben Pershing -- he put you at the top of his suspect list.
Ben Pershing.
Ben Pershing would sell his own mother if he thought there was a buck in it, which I heard he needs for his end of the circus thing of theirs.
He's the one you should be talking to about Enid's murder.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get to work.
You might want to get that fixed.
- Get what fixed? - Your tail light.
Here we are, Enid Grainer's house.
What's that? Oh, it's, uh, Sam.
She heard about the case.
She's busting my chops.
You never chuckle like that when I bust your chops.
Well, she's better at busting my chops.
I know what chops she's better at busting.
What is that? Looks like it's full steam ahead on the, uh, crown jewel.
Which now only belongs to Pershing.
One too many last night, maybe? Out in this heat, no protection from the sun -- looks like a case of heat exhaustion.
Good thing he's, uh, hydrating.
Uh, do we need a warrant? I take that as a no.
Exigent circumstances.
She's dead.
Oh! Oh, really? - What? - That was funny.
Ow! No.
That's funny.
I couldn't see.
The lights are out.
Must have been a power outage.
The human blockhead, human unicorn.
Greta, the mule-faced woman.
- What the -- - In the carny circus, she had the reputation of being a kind and gentle soul.
Well, she had to have one hell of a personality.
Gave half her earnings to charity.
Do you do that? Do you? I'm telling you, Enid Granier certainly was into the history of this town.
Either that or she liked to surround herself with people that are stranger than she is.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Really? You really type that slow, or are you just trying to annoy me? The Kevin Fowler investigation took over four years, all right? My statement of facts is gonna take all night.
You might want to go catch a movie.
Or I can try to move this along.
What are those for? My experience is, you work a little faster when you know you have a cold one waiting for you on the other end.
Oh, you know that about me, huh? I know all kinds of things about you and learning more every day.
Yeah? He what? A change of heart? I didn't know the sick bastard had one.
That's -- that's great news.
I'll schedule my flight.
Uh, Kevin Fowler waived extradition.
What? We don't have to file anything.
I'm going back to Chicago.
I just got Enid Granier's tox screen back.
Found trace evidence of mercury and arsenic in her system.
- Was she being poisoned? - I don't know.
In small levels, I can't be sure.
Well, we know she was getting ready for that locals-only event tonight.
I'm gonna head over there, see if there's anyone suspicious hanging around.
UmWe'll talk when I get back.
Yeah? I have information on Ben Pershing.
He was arrested twice in the last decade for suspicion to commit insurance fraud, but he was never convicted.
The guy sounds a bit slippery.
Yeah, but smart enough to beat the raps.
What's going on? Looks like an emergency at the Gibtown Museum.
- Is everyone out? - Mrs.
Henley and one of her students are still in there! They need help! Come on! You got to go! You got to go! I can't get him! All right.
I'll lift.
You pull him out.
Ready? Pull! All right! Go, go, go! Get out! Get out! Oh! This is what's left of a wall timer.
It's been tampered with.
I'm gonna run some tests.
Oh, my God.
- Pretty bad, huh? - You're not kidding.
I heard some people were hurt? A student and a teacher.
This was supposed to be a special occasion for the people of Gibtown -- how could this happen? And your third insurance claim in six years.
You're pretty unlucky, huh? Or at least your insurance companies are.
This wasn't me, detective.
Heard you were running pretty short on funds for your half of the circus.
But, hey, with a big insurance payout, now not only can you break ground, but with her half already in escrow, the entire thing belongs to you.
Well, that is a good theory, detective.
Only I detect one small problem with it.
I didn't have insurance.
Couldn't find an agent to write me a policy.
Well, filing two claims under suspicious circumstances will do that to you.
Not this time, detective.
This fire was obviously meant to intimidate me against moving forward with our plans.
I mean, these anti-development nuts killed Enid and then tried to destroy artifacts that celebrate this town's unique history.
And you are damn right that this fire was no accident, 'cause that's exactly what her killer had in mind.
Daniel, get me a list of the items in this exhibit.
- Destroyed or salvaged? - Both.
- You got it.
- Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
Look, how are the student and the teacher? Uh, the teacher was treated and released, but the boy -- he suffered more extensive injuries.
Not that you're paying attention, so - What? - No.
- All of it, jackass! Yeah, it's all gone.
- What? Okay.
Every damn bit of my family's past is gone, thanks to you! Hey, hey! Take your hands off me! What's going on here? I tell this guy he can have anything he wants from the fire that was his family's, and he attacks me! My family's things! Your plan to take Gibtown back to the dark ages already cost Enid her life! Okay.
I had nothing to do with that.
This fire has destroyed my family's heritage -- - Okay.
We're outside, now.
- Do not touch me! I'll call my lawyer! - You good now? - Yeah.
I need to know your name.
Kyle Bertram.
As in the brochure? Yeah, that brochure.
My moms were the siamese twins.
Your moms? Oh, right.
W-- how does it -- how does that work? Do you -- do you have one -- Yeah, just one dad, like everyone else.
Um, anyway, what do you have against the development? Are you kidding? These jackass tourists stare at us enough.
Now Enid and that ass wipe want to destroy one of the most pristine tracts of natural wetlands in the state to build their three-ring monstrosity.
Making you what, a tree hugger? A rabid environmentalist? A biologist from the county.
How far would you go to protect the environment? Further than I'm gonna admit to a cop.
I love Gibtown.
It's like this perfect estuary of Florida's primal ecosystem.
Where were you the night before last, when Enid Granier was killed? I was alone in the Everglades studying the nocturnal predatory habits of the Procyon lotor and the Eurynorhynchus pygmeus.
Raccoon and Spoonbill herring.
I have a camp out there.
So I probably can't go and ask that euryno-- sp-- whatever to corroborate your story.
I didn't kill Enid.
I may be anti-development, but why the hell would I destroy keepsakes that my moms donated to the original museum collection years ago? Well, I don't know yet.
I'm still studying the predatory habits of whoever did.
But as soon as I get the results of my study, oh, I'll be sure to let you know.
Stay away from him.
Can I help you? Hi.
You're the guy who pulled us out of the fire.
I never got a chance to thank you.
Oh, just -- hey, doing my job.
You -- these are really good.
Uh, do you teach this? I teach all disciplines of art, but wood carving is my passion.
No, my Uncle got me into whittling.
I mean, I made a wooden duck once.
Well, actually, it looked more like a football with eyes, so My experience, you should just call it a football with eyes.
I'm sorry.
Are you from here? I'm from all over, actually, but Gibtown is my home now.
I moved here just out of college when the art teacher's job opened up.
If you got a minute, can I ask you about the fire? Oh, right.
Your burn.
It's really not that bad.
- They said it might scar.
- No.
I can't say my opinion's professional, but I think you'll be fine.
Have a look.
No, no, it's okay.
No, it's he-- I-I believe you.
Uh, did you see or hear anything unusual at the exhibit? Before the fire, I heard a pop.
A pop? What, like an explosion? Fire and smoke spread quick.
People were running out.
They knocked over a display case that fell on my student, Mark.
And, uh, did you see anyone acting suspiciously? When I went to pick up the case from Mark, I noticed someone leaving, but unlike anyone else, I sensed a calm about this person.
A man? A woman? Big, tall, short, no? I couldn't tell you.
I -- and between the fire and the smoke and helping Mark, I -- I-I really just got a flash of someone.
You think Mark got a better look? He might have.
Oh, Sam.
Mark was awake and talking two hours ago.
I just -- I didn't want to talk to him till you got here.
Hey, Rebecca, we're here to see the boy.
I'm sorry.
He's unavailable right now.
Why? I was just told that he -- A C.
scan revealed that he suffered a cerebral edema.
Doctors have to operate.
Mark is being transported to a larger facility in the next county.
Excuse me.
I need to call his parents.
Hey, it's none of my business who you text or roll out of bed with to go for your morning run.
O-okay, Callie.
You know what? Hey, stop.
If you're mad, just say you're mad.
- I'm not mad.
- Okay? Instead of this passive-aggressive, "Sneak attack out of nowhere" thing.
- Out of nowhere? - Yeah.
You're still seeing your old flame from Chicago, and I'm trying to adjust to that.
I'm not seeing Sam.
Just every chance you get, right? And using some paper-thin excuse, like it has something to do with the Kevin Fowler case.
You know what? It did have something to do with the Kevin Fowler case, and for your information, Kevin Fowler has waived his extradition, so Sam is leaving.
- She's leaving? - Yeah, leaving, Callie, as in gone, never coming back from Chicago -- gone.
I'm sorry.
For what? I'm justSorry.
I know that you guys were getting close again.
Either tall people are really bad drivers, or someone was really pissed at Rebecca Thornquist.
I wonder if there's a -- oh, yeah.
Daniel, I need you to do something for me.
Detective, I retrieved the security footage from the parking lot like you asked.
Do you know what happened to the car? This is what broke Ms.
Thornquist's tail light.
Ooh! I guess it's true what they say.
The angriest things in life do come in small packages.
And this is why she did it.
Well, so much for not sinking to the level of personal attacks.
I just spoke to the Fire Marshal.
Their investigative unit found trace evidence of powdered magnesium in the wall timer.
- Like a timed incendiary device? - Mm-hmm.
Obviously timed to go off during a crowded exhibit.
Or maybe not.
The power went out earlier that day.
That would have thrown off any time that was set.
Well, either way, if that student dies, we're looking at another murder charge.
Daniel, check with any fireworks or hobby suppliers, wholesale distributors.
See if anyone from Gibtown has purchased magnesium recently.
So, the serial number on the baby stroller we found the victim in -- it was ordered online.
I was able to trace it by lot number, through distributor, from the manufacturer, and right up to the person it was delivered to.
Let me guess -- Rebecca Thornquist.
The baby stroller was given as a baby-shower gift -- I would sometimes leave it on the screened-in porch after our evening walks.
It was stolen from my porch in the middle of the night.
Why didn't you say that before? Because I knew how it would look.
Trust me -- Enid may have been small, but she was intimidated by no one, okay? Just because someone's diminutive does not mean they can't be a bitch.
Enid was aggressive, she was combative, and she knew how to push your buttons.
Got it -- that was pushing your buttons, and you snapped.
I swear, I did not kill Enid.
We just argued, and it got a little heated.
We found arsenic and mercury in her system.
You know what? Tell her what you told me.
Medical centers carry arsenic for use in cancer treatments, and mercury is found in medical lab kits.
You see where we're going with this, right? - You were poisoning her.
- No! Look, I-I never should have withheld information, but I swear I did not kill Enid.
Well, if we find one trace of magnesium on either sole of your shoes, we'll be back.
So Sam's leaving? Yeah, she's leaving.
Look, I'm sorry.
It's just, every time I'd call or want to come over, she was there, and -- she was there, Jim.
It's not my imagination.
And there's something there.
Well, she's leaving now.
So And your situation hasn't changed.
My situation is a little logistical.
But I will call the U.
Marshal and make an appointment for me and Jeff to see his dad.
Jeff was just there, and they aren't really flexible, but I -- I'll try.
Is there something going around, like the flu or something? Not that I know of.
Why? That guy was working on Enid's property.
He was throwing up then, too.
Hey, uh, convince him to let us review his medical records? Okay.
But what are you thinking? It's just a hunch at this point, which I need to check at Enid's property.
I'll meet up with you later? Aah! Aah! Aah! Son of a -- It's an adolescent Burmese python.
Burmese python.
Like a lot of exotic species, people buy them as pets then release them when they get too big.
It's estimated that there are over 100,000 in the Florida Everglades.
But only adolescent pythons climb trees.
They stop as they get larger.
So the python was dead before it fell on me.
But dead how? I'm gonna need a time of death.
Oh, time of death could be tricky.
Snakes are cold-blooded, so his liver temp is useless.
But maybe if I start with -- Daniel, he's, uh, kidding.
But I can give you cause of death with some degree of certainty.
- Arsenic and mercury, right? - Just like the squirrel.
I'm betting high levels in rodents contaminated this guy's food supply.
So Enid Granier wasn't being poisoned deliberately, just deliberately bashed in the head.
Something on her property was poisoning her.
- Looks that way.
- Wait a minute.
They've already broken ground on the circus, right? Wasn't there supposed to be an environmental-impact study done prior to them getting the go-ahead? - Usually.
- Find out which agency did that.
On it.
So, I hear she's leaving.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're gonna leave without saying goodbye? My flight's tomorrow night.
I was -- I was just packing up.
I wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.
No, no.
I know that.
It's not goodbye goodbye, is it? Can we talk in? What's going on here? - What do you mean? - You know what I mean.
We're back at the same place, Jimmy, except this time, instead of my fiancé standing between us, it's Callie.
And 1,500 miles.
No, Callie's married, Sam, and finding it very hard to get out of.
But she is gonna get out of it.
I've been pretty patient.
You need to be.
Telling somebody that you don't love them anymore -- it's not easy.
- Why are you telling me this? - Because You and I both know how unfair triangles are.
Sometimes you just have to make a decision, or life makes one for you.
Yeah, well, there -- there's still that 1,500 miles.
Detective? Oh, sorry.
Uh, but I-I found the agency which signed off on the environmental-impact analysis.
It was the county, by a guy named -- - Kyle Bertram, right? - Yeah.
I'm also told he resigned today unexpectedly.
What? - Uh - Go.
I'll be here.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting some real headway in my predatory studies.
You, on the other hand -- you're throwing in the towel.
Really makes me wonder why.
It's time to move on, man.
Or you realized that we've discovered the arsenic and mercury that's polluting Enid Granier's property.
Despite which you signed off on the environmental-impact survey.
I'm guessing so that we don't go digging around, find what else you got buried.
Yes? No? Raccoon got your tongue? Nah.
You're under arrest for the murder of Enid Granier.
You tested the soil three months ago for the environmental-impact study.
That's when you realized that it was contaminated.
So you either had something to gain by signing off on it, or something to lose if it ever got out that toxic waste was dumped here.
Hey, you're already on the hook.
Cooperating now can only help.
See you at sentencing.
Just wait.
All right.
A couple years ago, I got drunk with an old college friend who was the head of operations for a local coal power plant.
He said that they had more toxic waste than they could dispose of legally, and getting an exemption involved red tape and money, which was cutting into his profit sharing.
Oh, well, we wouldn't want this silly little planet cutting into his profit sharing, now, would we? Not when he can just pay you to let him dump it on Enid's property.
What did you call it -- a perfect estuary of Florida's primal ecosystem? - It was a stupid idea, I know.
- No.
Actually, it was a great idea, just morally bankrupt and illegal as hell.
So what? That was before Pershing and Enid decided on developing the property? Yeah.
He told me the containers were leak-proof.
I knew Enid's schedule, when she was in and out of town, and my buddy brought in his trucks one night when she was gone.
Because no one would think twice about kids being born in Gibtown with webbed feet and six digits.
You think I wanted this to happen? I don't think you hated the money.
I think you killed Enid Granier to stop the development that would expose your little scam.
I didn't kill Enid.
Look, she could be prickly at times, sure, but I liked her, okay? She was a self-made millionaire.
I respected that.
Oh, you got a funny way of showing it, man.
If -- if all I cared about was the money -- if all I cared about was the money, I could've sued the museum for my family's heirlooms and -- and sold them a long time ago.
They're worth -- they're worth a lot more than what I got for this.
Daniel, can you check something for me? Check with any curios buyers, sellers.
See if anything in Gibtown's just come up for sale.
Hot off the presses.
That worker you asked about, Wayne Lee Hunton, has stage-three arsenic and mercury poisoning.
It confirms what you found on Enid Granier's property.
For him to be suffering levels like that, exposure must have been going on for years.
- Years? - Yeah, and we caught it just in time.
Another few weeks, he would've died of liver and kidney failure -- which seems to disappoint you.
No, no.
If it's been going on that long, then Bertram might not have thought that it'd ever come back and bite him in the ass.
His motive for killing Enid just got weaker.
Well, I could see why someone being innocent would be disappointing.
It's just I kind of took Bertram into custody for murder.
Um, did you contact the U.
Marshal's office? I did, and they said they understood why I would want a face-to-face meeting with my family and why that was a priority for me.
Just not the Marshal's office.
- You need a hand with it? - What? I could get Colleen to make a call.
I don't really feel comfortable involving other people in that.
Big decision like that, you want to be sure.
Can you come here a minute? Okay.
I'm just gonna ask you this.
Have you been sleeping with Sam this whole time? Really? That's what you want to ask me? It's a simple question.
Did I ask you if you were sleeping with your husband the whole time? Because I wasn't, which wasn't easy.
Because of Ray's expectations.
She's just a friend, Callie.
She is not just a friend, and you know it.
You know what? If you want to pretend like you don't know what's bothering me, fine.
But you want to know what I think? I think that before we both go diving into this thing like -- like a bunch of idiots, you should figure out what's going on with you and play this whole thing with Sam out.
There's nothing to play out.
Really? You sure about that? Because I don't think you are.
What?! Hey.
Simmer down now, honey.
Yeah, okay.
Well, Daniel did a search for prominent curios buyers, like you asked, and he found one.
A woman said she was contacted by e-mail by someone offering valuable relics from Gibtown.
Of course, this anonymous person didn't make their identity known.
- Was a meeting set up? - Mm-hmm.
For today at 5:00 p.
So we need a female undercover officer who's sophisticated enough to pull off being a prominent curios buyer.
Know anyone who fits that bill? So, do you have head shots? You said you worked undercover at a modeling agency.
You must have had head shots.
As part of a murder investigation, I can always get Daniel to dig up -- Don't even think about it.
Hold on.
Woman with the stroller -- that's Rebecca Thornquist.
She's one of our suspects.
That's either really sick, bringing your baby to a crime you're about to commit, or you're at the wrong bench.
Are you sure you're at the right place? Or third option -- there's no baby in the stroller to make way for the priceless artifact.
Excuse me.
Are youHer? Should I follow her? No.
You stay.
You've either spooked her, or it's not Freakofnature9.
I'll follow her.
It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Yeah, it's, uh -- it is.
Did you drive? Yeah, I-I did.
- This is the new Kia Optima, right? - Mm-hmm.
Very nice.
Navigation system.
Satellite radio? Yep.
Panoramic sunroof? I like these.
- Okay.
- So, where are you taking me? Oh, it's not far.
Something this valuable, you can't be too careful.
Right? Right.
In 20 yards, turn right.
Do that.
Just turn right and, uh, pull up behind that blue van.
It's a dead end.
Blue van.
Should be fine.
Be prepared to be amazed.
Is that it? Yep.
A dress.
Oh, not just a dress -- the dress.
Their dress.
Oh, like I said, you can't be too careful.
Don't worry about that.
It belonged to the Bertram siamese twins.
Now, the sisters donated it to the city of Gibtown and it comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.
Quarter mil, as we discussed.
Or me and this one-of-a-kind walk.
Sounds good.
I'll take it.
Very nice decision.
I'll just have to wire you the money.
H-hold on a second.
Wire? No one said anything about a-a wire.
The deal was cash.
Yeah, well, I-I don't have $250,000 on me.
So what the hell are you doing here? The deal was cash -- $250,000 cash.
You are the buyer I contacted, right? Hey, Benny boy.
How's tricks? - What the hell? - Where the hell have you been? Following you from a safe distance.
Yeah, a little too safe.
Oh, I-I know this probably seems a little -- give me a chance to explain.
Oh, there's nothing to explain, Benny.
We're all clear here.
I'm arresting you for the murder of Enid Granier.
What? - And you're going to prison.
- Prison? We done? Why thank you, Daniel.
The real buyer just confirmed the dress was the most valuable piece in the exhibit.
But, hey, you knew that, since you were selling it to finance your development.
When Enid found out you were conning her, didn't have your end of the money, she tried to pull out of the deal -- you killed her.
I tried to sell the dress because she was dead.
I did not kill my partner.
You did buy magnesium from the hobby store.
We just confirmed it.
You said yourself, the killing and the fire were related.
So you know what? I'm gonna take that as a confession of both.
What? I never -- listen.
Half the items in that museum were either cheap replicas or worthless, okay? I figured I could get a little more money, the highest price possible, for the siamese-twin dress if it had been saved from the fire.
I needed the money to help finance my project.
You're just damn lucky that kid pulled through, or you'd be facing a double murder charge.
The timer was supposed to go off at 3:00, okay, when nobody was in the building.
How was I supposed to know that there was a power outage? I love Gibtown.
Why would I want to hurt my own people? Oh, I don't know.
Maybe 'cause you're exploiting your own people for your own personal gain.
And theirs.
Listen to me -- my grandfather Percy, he was in the carnival circuit for 20 years.
Best time of his life -- that's what he told me.
Money was good.
He was in the spotlight.
And then, of course, the politically correct stuck their noses in, and they called his performance exploitative.
And then, before he knew it, he was living in a trailer.
No money, no job, destitute -- could barely scrape by.
Of course, people still gawked at him.
They took pictures for free.
Let me ask you a question -- where were the politically correct when my grandfather was unemployed and scraping by for the rest of his life? You know, my father never felt a day of shame his entire life.
Why should i feel any for trying to help the people who I love, the people of Gibtown? Welcome to Gibsonton, ladies and gentlemen.
The locals call it "Gibtown.
" This place was once called the strangest town in America.
Have you ever wondered what became of those human oddities of the old carnival sideshows? Well, wonder no more.
They came here to retire.
Daniel, has anyone not claimed any items salvaged by the fire? What's that gonna be? Florida panther.
Seems appropriate.
I heard they only kill at night.
Oh, I have something that belongs to you.
Or should I say your grandmother Greta, the mule-faced woman.
This was the only item salvaged from the fire that no one reclaimed.
You know, some people value this at over $60,000.
Of course, it only has that kind of value for someone who wants it, not someone who's so ashamed of it, they can't stand to have it in their own house.
You didn't settle here in Gibtown, did you? You've lived here your entire life.
My grandmother wore that at the beginning of her performances.
After a build-up by the carnival barker, she'd lift her veil, which always got a shriek from the audience -- the sight of my grandmother's face, assuring them their money's worth.
I've heard she's alive and in your care.
Just leave her out of this.
You knew Rebecca Thornquist kept a stroller on her front porch, didn't you? And Gibtown being the kind of place it is, where neighbors know and trust each other, you knew exactly where you could find something you could use to move Enid's body.
So, you're working late one night.
Enid, out for a stroll, comes walking by, excited about the opening of the museum -- an excitement you didn't share.
I just wanted to talk.
We're a small community who share a common bond.
Why did she have to ruin it to make a profit? So you argued, and then that ended with you swinging this at her head.
You can't even stand to look at yourself in the mirror.
All you feel is shame -- shame of who you are, where you're from.
Shame for your own grandmother.
You have no idea what it's like to take care of someone like my grandmother.
We go out.
Everybody laughs, stares.
At least the people in town try to look away, but the tourists -- They think $15 entitles them to point their cameras and make jokes.
That's something you tried to tell Enid, right? But she wouldn't listen.
She laughed at me.
Laughed and said I was being too sensitive, said I was being a freak about it, said i was the freak.
She called me a freak.
Yeah, well Maybe she was on to something.
Uh, I thought you'd gone.
No, I-I said I would wait for you.
I'm -- oh, we still need to -- yeah, we still need to talk, right? Well, I-I figured you'd come back here.
You never could go home.
Listen, Sam, uh about what you said earlier -- there is something going on here between you and me.
And, look, I-I thought this was completely done.
I thought, after what happened, I could never feel the same way about you again.
You really hurt me, Sam.
I know I did.
And -- and then you -- you appear out of nowhere in my backyard.
I felt like I was kicked in the stomach.
Well, I guess I don't know how I feel about that.
Who knows? I mean, if things had worked out differently or we both still lived in Chicago Right.
The dreaded 1,500 miles.
Because, um, actually, I -- I thought about that, and, um I thought I'd make a few calls, and it turns out there's a job opportunity at the FDLE in homicide.
Not here, but here in Florida, in Sugarloaf.
That -- that's driving distance.
I mean, who knows if I would even get it, but I've been passed up for promotion twice now by the bureau in Illinois.
But how would you feel if I did? Hey, it's me.
Leave a message.