The Glades s02e07 Episode Script

Addicted To Love

Man down.
Officer Candy.
On my way.
[ Rock music plays ] You don't see me, hurry me leave your mark all over me take me back to your hive come on, tease me, please me spread your wings and carry me take me out for a ride [ Men cheering, whistling ] How we doing over here? How we doing here? Got a cranberry juice.
Oh, my God! Are you okay?! [ Screams ] You're up to 3 Miles.
That's two more than when I got here a month ago.
Yeah, that's running.
You've added swimming.
You're the one that said that you wanted to do an iron man.
I guess I must have been kidding.
[ Chuckles ] Nice farmer's tan, by the way.
You might as well be in Springfield.
Oh, you can talk Freckles.
[ Laughs ] I have an excuse.
I live in Illinois, apparently.
So, uh, have you heard anything? - Nope.
- Sam, you're more than qualified.
I'm also an outsider, Jimmy.
FDLE Homicide posted that job statewide.
Lot of local talent ahead of me.
Yeah, but none of them caught the North Side Strangler.
Apparently, that doesn't mean much outside of Cook County.
[ Cellphone rings ] Sugarloaf area code.
Here we go.
Hello? Hi.
How are you? Right.
No, I-I understand.
Appreciate the quick response.
I got it.
- You got it? [ Laughs ] - I got it.
- You got it! - I start Monday.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Laughing ] Well, yeah.
It's Carlos.
Of course.
Of course.
Carlos: Dr.
Pierre Toussaint, 45.
Working visa says he moved here three years ago from Haiti.
Collapsed an hour ago in full respiratory arrest.
First observation, I'm guessing this to be the murder weapon.
Jim: A hypodermic needle? It looks like someone spiked him, the needle broke off while it was still in his leg.
There's a packed crowd from the lunch buffet.
But the report from the first on scene says nobody saw anything.
I'll need to get a tox screen to determine what was in the syringe.
There's no cash in his wallet.
Who comes to a strip joint with no singles? Someone who was here for the buffet, which, actually, I hear it's, uh, it's pretty good.
I also hear Sam got the job in Sugarloaf.
What job in Sugarloaf? Hey.
What are you doing here? I called her in on it.
It's a crime scene full of half-naked women.
I need you to collect rule-out DNA from the employees and search the dressing room for any sort of I.
drug use.
Okay? Sure.
I thought Sam was going back to Chicago.
She was.
And now she's moving to Florida.
Well, you know, that's where the job is.
Don't look at me like that.
I needed the extra hands.
Why couldn't you call in Daniel? To what? So he can drool all over my rule-out DNA? So, the question now is, who would want to kill our good doctor? I think I know where to start.
[ Police radio chatter ] Carlos: Oh.
[ Sniffs ] Brand-new.
Never been fired.
Why would a doctor have a gun? Ho.
I can think of a whole bundle of reasons.
Any other exits in or out of this place? Uh, two fire doors, both alarmed.
Keeps the customers from sneaking in, avoiding the cover.
That's him.
I recognize the hat.
It's a pit bull or something.
He's camera-shy.
That's cute.
He and the doctor had words back at the lap-dance booth.
But I couldn't hear what they were saying.
You have cameras in the booth? [ Scoffs ] No.
The owner's cheap.
Uh, one basic camera at the front desk.
You see the doctor talk to anybody else? MmNope.
He's been here a few times.
Always keeps to himself.
He comes in for the gumbo at the buffet, believe it or not.
Again with this buffet.
Thank you.
I thought I told you to stay outside and work the victim's car.
I was.
I did.
Which is how I found this on the inside dashboard.
It's a parking pass for Citrus Springs Wellness Group.
Well, he's a doctor.
It makes sense.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Uh, Daniel.
[ Snaps fingers ] Huh? Huh? - Hi.
- Hello.
Yeah, download all the footage from today and get me a video capture of this guy with the cap.
On it.
I'm taking the body back, and you're coming with me.
Oh, I can ride back with the detective.
[ Chuckles ] Nice try, playboy.
Get the tape and get your ass in my van now.
No signs of I.
drug use or diabetes, but I found these in the trash.
So, that's something men do at strip clubs Give women their business cards like they want to save them from their lives? Well, nothing says "Knight In Shining Armor" like "I own a pretzel franchise.
" The women make way more money than the men do, so they hardly need saving.
Is that it? Uh, yeah.
I think we're good.
I'll log the DNA swabs for sequencing.
Manus: You're thinking drug deal? Yeah, we found a glock in the dead doctor's trunk, unregistered and unfired, so I'm thinking maybe just for show, you know, in case someone tried to steal the $100,000 we also found in his trunk.
And he worked at the Citrus Springs Wellness Group in Hallandale? Yeah.
- I know that place.
- Oh.
Come here.
Uh, the Hallandale Clinic, at least.
It's part of a larger pain-management center, but the clinic gets a lot of doctor shoppers.
Doctor shoppers? Addicts going from doctor to doctor, playing up their chronic pain in order to get scrips for painkillers.
So maybe our dead doc was already paid.
That would explain the cash.
And the Oxycodone in his blood.
Enough to induce respiratory arrest, which puts time of death between noon and 1:00 P.
An hour-long window? Dr.
Toussaint had eaten a big meal just before he was spiked.
I found undigested okra, rice, shrimp in his stomach.
Slowed the Oxy from metabolizing in his body.
Manus: Daniel's downloading the footage from the camera at the door, cleaning up the resolution.
And he's also running a background check on everyone that was interviewed at the club.
- Excellent.
- Wait, wait, wait.
So, you said you know this Citrus Springs Wellness Group? Well, yeah.
By reputation.
Well, nobody knows more about a doctor's Bullshit than a nurse.
Go on.
All right, I think we can both agree that this is just a really bad idea.
What's a really bad idea? You know, this this.
You, meThis.
I make good money doing this.
I paid good money to do this.
I'm not agreeing to that.
Well, I'm sorry, Callie, but it's my job.
Well, it's my job, too.
Can't you get extra shifts at the hospital or something? Or I want to do this.
This'll make me a better hire as a doctor.
Can your gigantic ego deal with that? 'Cause God knows I've had to deal with plenty.
I'll deal with it.
Yeah, you'll deal with it.
[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah.
What? Oh.
Uh, no.
We're 10 away.
Citrus Springs Wellness Group just got robbed.
Grant: Pierre is dead.
A-are you sure? Well, I'm no doctor, but, yeah he's dead.
He was spiked with Oxycodone Enough to send him into respiratory arrest.
Know anyone who'd want to do that? No.
And my office is in Boca Raton.
Pierre ran this clinic for me.
I came here because the police called about the break-in.
I got a message from Pierre saying he was closing up early, sending everyone home.
He was taking an early lunch.
Someone else must've known that.
You know this guy? Or, you know, the cap? No.
You know anyone who might have a problem with Pierre Toussaint A pissed-off patient, maybe, doctor shopper who got cut off? Doctor shopper.
We don't operate that kind of clinic here, detective.
That's not what I hear.
I'm sorry.
And who are you, again? Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I'm Callie Cargill, a forensic nurse that's working out of Palm Glade Regional.
Well, I can't speak to rumor, Miss Cargill.
What I do know is that Pierre was an excellent manager.
I met him in Haiti on a medical mission three years ago.
He impressed me, so I sponsored his H1B work visa and medical license, brought him here to Florida to work for me.
Did he have any family? Not that I know of.
He was a hard worker and kept to himself.
If I can help in any way Yeah you could give us his patient list.
That would be very helpful.
Which you understand is protected under patient/doctor confidentiality.
This clinic specializes in pain management.
In my experience, police demonize those patients.
You treat them like criminals.
So whoever trashed this place, that's not a criminal? Not if he's in constant pain.
He's not thinking clearly.
And people in pain do deserve empathy, but not killers, which is why I got you one of these.
You came with a search warrant.
Yeah, I've seen enough doctors in my time.
Unfortunately, Pierre sent the staff here at the clinic home.
I have no idea how to access his files.
Well, your staff uses Clinicpro.
It's the same database that we use at the hospital.
I have a user name and my own password I.
Clinic gets jacked a few times, and he doesn't install cameras? Well, if it's a pill mill, cameras would only spook the cash customers.
Okay, this is how it works.
Addicts walk in.
They know exactly what to say.
they have a scrip for Oxy, and they've never even been examined.
Which they take across the car park to his pharmacy? Right Pharmacy, surgical spas, wellness centers, physical-therapy clinics.
Grant is the king of pain.
He's becoming a real pain in my ass.
But he doesn't own that atm.
Daniel, I need atm video.
Grant prescription center, hallandale.
The apartment-building manager said Toussaint pretty much kept to himself, lived like a monk, just worked all the time.
Yeah, no television, no art on the walls.
No books, and Just a few inexpensive suits in the closet.
Not like any doctor I've ever known.
Maybe he was sending money back to Haiti.
I'll get Manus to check with the Haitian birth and marriage records, see if we can't drill down his financials.
There's no personal mail here Just junk.
There's a platinum membership to Costsmart.
"Congratulations on extending your membership.
Please accept your 5,000 reward points.
" He certainly wasn't counting on dying soon.
There's no personal objects in the whole place except for this.
What is that Like a sister, daughter, maybe? Yeah.
[ Cellphone rings ] Daniel.
I just got a call from a pharmacy at Pembroke Pines.
Someone's there now trying to fill a prescription for 160 milligrams of Oxycodone.
That's way excessive.
Really? And they called the police? Who called us because the name on the physician's prescription pad is Dr.
Pierre Toussaint.
Our dead doctor.
Sounds like someone couldn't wait for the body to get cold.
You said "10 minutes" almost an hour ago.
[ Sighs ] This is ridiculous.
What the hell's taking so long? Laurie Fisher? Yeah.
Jim Longworth, FDLE.
The police.
Um, I don't understand.
Oh, I think you do.
Oxycodone, 160 milligrams.
I have a prescription.
From a dead doctor.
Gonna need you to come with us.
For filling a prescription? For questioning in connection with the murder of that dead doctor.
[ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Settle down! Settle down! Okay! Fine! Are we good? Okay.
Sam: Jack Tolbert, Rough Dog Productions.
Not seeing him.
Ted Oester, Palm Glade Bulldogs? [ Groans lightly ] - Hey.
- Hey.
Detective, I ran the security footage from the club three times, and other than the guy in the hat, I can't find Dr.
What about her? Doesn't look familiar, but I'll keep checking.
Because of the dog on the guy's hat, I pulled all cards that are dog-related.
Detective Harper is helping me cross-check these business cards with the patient list from Toussaint's clinic.
Jim: All right, what about Michael Caldwell, Road Hound Trucking? Caldwell, Michael.
cervical radiculopathy.
What what's that? Whiplash, basically.
Very hard to disprove.
So, magically, a lot of abusers suffer from it.
Sounds good to me.
Hi, there.
Uh, I'm looking for Mike Caldwell.
Have you see him? Hasn't shown up for a couple of days, huh? Okay, thank you very much.
You've been very helpful.
Called in sick on Tuesday.
No one's seen or heard from him since.
They even sent a driver around to bang on his apartment door.
So, Daniel, contact DMV.
Get his license and registration.
Also get a BOLO out to FHP ASAP.
Oh, anything else on Toussaint's financials? Uh, still working on that.
Well, have something for me by the time I get back from this suspect? Yeah.
Laurie: I didn't kill Dr.
I have a chronic disk injury from my college-gymnastics days that I reinjured playing softball at our company's picnic.
- What company is that? - Federal Merchant Bank And Trust.
I'm a loan officer.
Well, that's a good reason to hide your Oxy addiction from your employers.
[ Scoffs ] Doctors and their handwriting.
Even I could forge this chicken scratch.
That's not my handwriting.
He gave me those prescriptions.
He prescribed you when a normal dose, even a high dose, is like 40, right? Is that why you spiked Toussaint? To get his prescription pad 'cause he cut you off? He was weaning me off, okay? Weaning you off at an amount that could kill a clydesdale.
[ Sighs ] I Where were you between noon and 1:00 P.
? On my lunch break.
I was driving around, trying to get up the nerve to fill those prescriptions.
Not much of an alibi.
I told you I had chronic pain.
I consulted a pain-management specialist, Dr.
William Grant.
"King of Pain" William Grant? Who suggested a surgical option.
But he couldn't get me in for a month, so he gave me Oxycodone to keep me comfortable.
I got hooked fast.
You know, I [ Chuckles ] Then he wouldn't give me any more.
Dropped me as a client and sent me to Dr.
Toussaint, who saw I was in trouble.
He weaned me off Oxy.
Solved my pain through yoga and acupuncture.
He saved my life.
Apparently not, now that you're using again.
I had a setback, okay? Dr.
Toussaint knew that.
He was trying to help me.
He was trying to save my life.
Why would I kill someone who was trying to save my life? Carlos: The Florida Department Of Health had Toussaint on a watch list for overprescribing.
In three months, he moved Plus Fentanyl, Codeine, Alprazolam.
Even if he only spent 10 minutes with each patient, that's still 100 patients a shift.
And at 500 bucks a pop, that's 50 grand a day, cash.
Well, our Haitian doctor was living on a lot less than that.
I contacted the Haitian authorities.
The earthquake destroyed half the island's birth and medical records, so if Toussaint had a family, there's no record of it.
So where's all the money going? Daniel: Where is still a mystery.
Toussaint managed the clinic, signed every check himself, but from what I can find, he wasn't showing any profits like 50 grand a day.
And I'll need a warrant to dig any deeper.
Well, I'll get you one.
But with this much cash and paper trail, you know Toussaint must have been up to something.
Well, as far as anything Grant knew or didn't know, according to Citrus Springs Wellness Group's corporate tax returns, Toussaint's clinic was written down as a loss to offset corporate profit All of it legal.
the door is a legal loss? Maybe Grant didn't know it was coming through the door and killed Toussaint when he found out.
Or he did and killed him for skimming off the profits.
Grant: I can assure you, detective, I have no knowledge of any financial irregularities at Citrus Springs or any of my other medical clinics.
Well, you did operate Citrus Springs Wellness at a loss.
At least on paper, it was swirling the drain.
Not by me.
The board operates our corporate tax returns.
If anything untoward was going on, I'm completely in the dark.
Like the $100,000 we found on Toussaint's person? I mean, look, mind you, we're not accountants, but even we could see that his clinic I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Your clinic pulled in about 50 grand a day.
That'd go a long way to paying your overhead.
Am I supposed to apologize because the pain-management business is healthy? I have no need to gouge those unfortunate enough to have succumbed to their addictive personalities.
Well, what about gouging your associate with a syringe because maybe he was and not cutting you in on the profits? It's sad but understandable on some level.
Pierre had nothing growing up.
Everything he had, he had to fight for.
Someone comes up to you and offers you $500 cash to put your name on a piece of paper, it can be very tempting.
- Like Laurie Fisher.
- I'm sorry? Your patient, Laurie Fisher.
Oh, yes.
Now I remember.
Laurie came to me with a chronic condition.
I suggested surgery, and she couldn't wait.
So you put her on Oxy.
At her request.
We prepped for surgery, but her pre-op scan showed the disk hadn't herniated.
Her pain may have been real, but there was no physical cause for it.
So it was all in her head? Addiction and pain are separate conditions.
I referred her to rehab and dropped her as a patient.
She said you referred her to Dr.
And Toussaint suggested that the surgery was unnecessary.
My associate would never have said such a thing.
Yeah, well, not like he's on your payroll, anyway.
Oh, by the way, where were you yesterday from noon to 1:00 P.
? I was in my office, giving post-op surgical notes to Exley Dictation Service.
My certified specialist is Anna Chow.
You can check with her.
All pre- and post-op surgical notes are required for insurance purposes, so I'm very meticulous.
And apparently it helps to have all your answers lined up.
[ Cellphone rings ] Daniel.
Got the ATM video, like you asked, that's across from Toussaint's clinic.
You're definitely gonna want to see this.
Jim: Yep, that's Mike Caldwell, the guy in the hat who was last seen arguing with Toussaint before he died.
Well, I pulled his priors.
This is hardly Caldwell's first run-in with the law.
B & Es, D.
Assault? Mm-hmm.
Did you run his plates? And already put a BOLO on it.
Would you just fast-forward there? [ Keyboard clacking ] Okay, stop there.
Yeah, see? Look.
He was in there for about 12 minutes, but he comes out empty-handed? Oxy isn't kept in clinics.
Yeah, but that doesn't look like the kind of guy who takes empty-handed lying down.
And in broad daylight, no less.
[ Cellphone rings ] I mean, he could have broken into half a dozen places by now.
Yeah? Yeah.
Thank you.
Or the BOLO that just found Mike Caldwell says that he's skipping hospitals and pharmacy break-ins and taking it to the street.
- Where? Hialeah? - Nope.
- Liberty city? - No.
Do I need to assemble a SWAT team? Won't be necessary.
[ Sighs ] Hi, handsome.
And what lucky gal are you here to visit? Actually, uh, I'm looking for a friend.
You seen him? Maybe.
Are you a cop? I am.
Show me your badge.
Show me again.
Ah, yeah.
That's Regina's nephew.
She's right around the corner.
And she's got a lot of nephews, if you know what I mean.
I think I do.
Thank you.
I need your oxy.
Come on, lady, that's 1,800 bucks.
- The deal was for $2,000.
- I don't have $2,000.
I look like Medicare Part "B" to you? Get lost.
Michael Caldwell? I need you to come with me.
- Back off! - Hey, hey! Just take it easy! Back away! I said back away.
A comb.
Really? You need to let me out of here.
OrI can just wait you out.
You're shaking like a leaf.
She's half-dead already.
- Hey! - What's it gonna be, Mike? - Police! Freeze! - On your knees! Hands behind your back! You okay? Yeah.
What the hell are you doing? You're under arrest for the sale of a class II illegal narcotic.
Those are my own damn pills.
I have a prescription.
Do you know what it costs to live in this dump? I'm sure the judge can arrange for cheaper accommodations.
Let's go.
I meant, I'm thirsty, man.
I need water.
Tell me what I need to know first.
I got sciatica bad, man.
Oxy's the only thing that'll let me drive.
I got a weekly route Snapper Creek to Louisville.
There's this task force in in Kentucky, tracks how much Oxy you buy.
Now doctors won't write it.
Drugstores won't sell it.
So you buy here, sell there, make a killing on the side.
I get scrips off Pierre I need tha I need that water.
What were you two fighting about? I was stressed, is all.
My back kept me from making my route this week.
Or Toussaint realized how far gone you were.
You were a liability, so he stopped selling to you.
You spiked him, broke into his clinic, took what you could get.
I didn't I didn't kill him.
I swear.
I see what Oxy does to people, Mike.
I mean, look at you.
You break into a clinic.
You hold an old lady hostage at an old-people's home.
Why shouldn't I believe that you killed Toussaint? I feel horrible, man.
Nothing a confession won't fix.
No, I'm saying I feel like shit.
I need help, man.
My bones are on fire.
Your what? So, they'll stabilize him, begin detox with Buprenorphine.
Withdrawal symptoms are less severe.
How long till I can talk to him? You can't go in there.
If he seized, his Oxy tolerance has got to be pretty high.
He's looking at a week of hell.
You really think he did it? Well, he's been buying oxy off Toussaint for months, selling what he didn't do himself.
Which wasn't much.
I mean, he's profoundly addicted.
No doubt that's why Toussaint cut him off.
So he kills Toussaint, cleans out his clinic.
Why would Caldwell kill his source? Addicts fixate on them.
He controls the Oxy.
That's the only thing a junkie cares about.
That and the money to pay for it.
Which, uh, I still need to follow.
Daniel: With the warrant, I was able to access the clinic's finances.
We know Citrus Springs Wellness Group wrote the clinic down as a loss to offset huge corporate profits, which basically meant Toussaint had to show the clinic ran at a loss.
$90,000 a month rent at the clinic.
$3,000 a month Toilet paper okay, clearly he was trimming profits.
Overpaying for supplies, getting kickbacks.
Daniel, check Toussaint's Costsmart membership.
See if he was double-dipping by paying twice for all of these things, hiding his debt.
That's not uncommon.
Companies of all kinds have created ways to show debt.
T-t-the problem is, you think it would leave a trail back to Citrus Springs Wellness Group and Grant, but it doesn't.
Either Toussaint's hiding his cash somewhere or he's some kind of financial wizard.
Or he knows someone who knows how the system works.
Thank you for choosing Florida Merchant.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
If you're here about Dr.
Toussaint, I'm working.
Unless you'd like to open an account Actually, I'm here to settle Toussaint's.
I just went through the clinic's financials.
They got three accounts here, all opened by you.
I processed the paperwork for him as a favor.
English was Pierre's second language.
Yeah, and banking's your mother tongue.
I mean, you know how the reporting works, how wire transfers work.
My guess is that you were helping Toussaint skim from Grant and then hiding it offshore, which is why we couldn't find it And how you got all that Oxy.
Corporate banking is federally regulated.
No one person can manipulate that.
[ Chuckles ] Halloween.
Good times, huh? Yeah.
[ Clears throat ] Uh, what about his personal accounts? He had a checking account.
Direct deposit deposited his check each week $847 after taxes.
Auto-paid his rent, cable, and utilities.
Happy? Which he cleaned out three days ago with a cashier's check for $30,000.
What's What's Makandal Enterprise? Is that an offshore bank? I don't know.
I didn't do that transaction.
But it's perfectly legal.
He's not hiding money.
Oh, yeah? What's that? $6.
You're right.
Looks like he was laundering $7 a month.
Or it's a service charge for a lockbox at this branch? I don't do lockbox accounts.
Only a vice president is authorized to open them.
I don't even have access to those keys.
Even if I have a warrant? That's the only thing Toussaint had in a lockbox nobody knew he had? I'm thinking it's probably offshore account numbers Maybe to a company called Makandal Enterprises.
He cleaned out his account, cashed in a check for $30,000.
Any record of Toussaint making a large cash deposit into his personal account? Nothing I can find.
Okay, so we still don't know what that 100 grand is from his trunk.
Or for.
Well, if that DVD is offshore account numbers, I'm sure it's encrypted.
- It's not, actually.
- Really? - Just a DVD.
- All right.
Whoa! Was not expecting that.
Resolution looks like a laptop camera.
What is she doing? Carlos: Cutting oxy.
Breaks the time-release coating.
Hi you with a 12-hour high all at once.
Hey, isn't that Laurie Fisher.
Cute apartment.
I brought you something.
Now, what do you have for me? Manus: Looks like our king of pain is also the king of extorting patients for sex.
So maybe that 100 grand we found on Toussaint was hush money, and Grant decided that he wanted to silence him for good.
Come on.
You were taking advantage of Laurie's addiction.
She needed oxy, which she got from you in exchange for sex.
And she helped Toussaint set you up in exchange for more Oxy.
You're wrong, detective, and I certainly never gave Toussaint money for a DVD I didn't even know existed.
Yeah, but it did exist, and it was held in a very safe place, you know, so he could get more money from you I'm thinking enough times that you got sick of it hanging over your head, so you killed him.
I told you I didn't kill Pierre.
Look, I admit I made a mistake with Laurie.
You think? A month after I dropped her as a patient, she came by my office.
It was pretty clear what she had in mind.
And, technically, I wasn't her doctor anymore.
Oh, well, that makes it okay.
No, it doesn't.
But I did stop by her apartment a few times.
Maybe I had Oxy samples in my pocket.
But other than vows I made to my wife, I did not break any laws.
Now, look, it pains me to say this Oh, it pains you.
Laurie was a very troubled young woman.
And if Pierre was blackmailing me, why didn't he show me the tape or send it to my wife or the state medical board? 'Cause you were paying him.
$100,000 would be my guess.
But, hey, he's dead now, so I save lives, detective.
I don't take them.
So unless Laurie is considering filing a complaint, I have a clinic without a doctor and a room full of patients.
[ Car door opens ] [ Engine turns over ] [ Dialing ] Daniel, you know the parking pass we found in the victim's car? Call Transmed Park, Inc.
Thank you.
So, Grant got you hooked on Oxy so you'd have sex with him? He refused to write me scrips for more until I did.
I saw other doctors.
But my tolerance was so high, the pain, it was It was so bad, I-I could barely get out of bed.
I couldn't even think.
You'll do anything to make it stop.
Like videotaping Grant for extorting you? I mean, that'd put a stop to it and get you your Oxy.
Turnabout is fair play.
No, I was trying to quit, not looking for an endless supply.
Toussaint knew that.
[ Sighs ] But he was afraid of Grant.
He felt he was in danger? [ Sighs ] Grant sponsored Pierre's work visa.
Said that if he didn't do what he said, Grant was gonna have him sent back to Haiti.
So, the pill mill was Grant's idea.
Toussaint was set up as his fall guy in case it got back to him.
Toussaint was helping you.
You wanted to do something to help him back.
I made the video and gave it to Dr.
Pierre just wanted to be a doctor again.
But he knew it was only a matter of time before he got shot, arrested, or deported.
So you gave him the DVD to make Grant back off.
- Why didn't he use it? He was afraid.
He didn't know what Grant would do.
I told him to keep it as insurance, which I guess he did.
Not that it matters now.
You could file charges against Grant.
And lose my job? I've worked too hard to take my life back, detective.
Grant's not worth it.
Well, that's what he's counting on.
[ Sighs ] Don't bother.
Caldwell's delusional right now.
Well, lucky for me, I speak delusional.
Maybe he'll slip up, give me something I can use.
He's borderline psychotic.
It wouldn't stand up in court anyway.
Yeah, but he's pretty damn good for it.
I got him on B & E, grand larceny, assault with a deadly rattail comb.
All things he did because of Oxy.
He didn't wake up one morning and decide, "Oh, I have to kill someone!" He's dying himself.
Someone that addicted All they think about is how to get the drug to ease the pain.
That's all he cares about.
So maybe he wouldn't have wasted the Oxy killing someone, anyway.
Yeah, and Oxy abusers become so obsessed with the people they get it from, they believe they can't live without them.
They create a whole relationship based on dependency.
WellWe're all a little susceptible to that sometimes.
Doctor: MRI negative for auxiliary nerve damage.
What is that surgeon doing? He's dictating surgical notes into his iPad.
I thought for insurance purposes that had to be done by a certified dictation service.
It used to be you used to have to sit in your office with your surgical notes and x-rays, but now there's an app for that.
Daniel: According to Transmed Park, Inc.
, their automated parking service has Grant leaving at 10:37 the morning of the murder, returning a little after lunch about, uh, 1:23.
Oh, so he lied about his alibi that he was dictating surgical notes at the time.
Did it remotely from his iPad, so he could have been anywhere Even following Toussaint to the strip club.
Yeah, but he wasn't seen on the security video at the club.
About that.
I went back to the club to check it out.
Turns out those two alarm doors to keep customers from skipping on the cover charge Only one of them works.
The dancers apparently go in and out between sets to grab a smoke, so they cut the wire.
So anybody could have snuck in.
Yeah, also, in addition to the Department of Health about to move on Toussaint for overprescribing, three years ago, they gave Grant a reprimand for the same thing.
It was only a slap on the wrist, so it didn't show up in his files.
I had to go digging for it.
Three years ago That's right about the same time that he sponsored Toussaint's H1B work visa, brought him over from Haiti.
He needed a straw man for the pill mill.
Laurie was right.
He was setting Toussaint up for a fall.
Yeah, says the drug-addicted woman who tried to extort Grant using a sex tape.
I know you're smarter than to put too much stock into that.
Yeah, not too much.
But smart enough to catch them both in a lie And one of them for murder.
okay, so my alibi doesn't quite hold up.
I was in Palm Beach with a patient Whose sort-of-famous husband doesn't need to be dragged into this.
And as far as my corporate books go, all they prove is that my board hired a great accounting firm.
Who's been successfully hiding the millions you've made from your pill mill by paying for the loan on your building in cash, paying for all the upgrades.
A real-estate opportunity Hardly a crime.
A glass-and-chrome monument to pain [ Thud ] built on the backs of Toussaint [ Thud ] and the thousands of sufferers that you forced him to pass through your pill mill.
[ Thud ] You use people in pain.
You think it gives you control over them.
All that was about to change, wasn't it? Toussaint was on the Department of Health's hit list.
You realized it was all about to come crashing down around you.
So, why would I kill my fall guy if I could use him to take the fall? 'Cause unlike you, Toussaint had character.
Everyone else, you could control from coming forward even Laurie.
Because all they wanted was Oxy.
But not Toussaint.
He was the one person who knew how dirty you are.
But trust me After I get through with you, everyone's gonna know just what kind of a scumbag you really are.
[ Door opens, closes ] Carlos: The photo you found in Toussaint's apartnt was shot on a Kodacolor VR 1000.
They discontinued it in 1986.
It's pretty distinct.
Which would make the little girl in this photograph, what, 25 today? Also, I looked into his Costsmart account, like you asked me to, and those reward points you found in his apartment They're for gold card members only, meaning his 5,000 points were for spending over $300,000 last month.
What the Diapers, baby wipes, baby formula.
What kind of pill mill is this guy running? What about Toussaint's cashier check for 30 grand? - To Makandal Enterprise, right? - Yeah.
I looked, and I couldn't find any listing for a bank or business registered with that name here or in the Caribbean.
Maybe it's not a business at all.
Daniel, need you to look into one more thing for me.
Peralte: [ Haitian accent ] Pierre and I were schoolmates.
We were to sail this evening for Port-Au-Prince.
to Haiti on that bathtub? You ripping your buddy off there, captain? They were sailing for free.
The $30,000 was for shipping costs.
Medical supplies.
Ibuprofen, vitamins, plus Enfamil, diapers, baby thermometers.
We were waiting for one more load But the payment didn't come through.
It's in the neighborhood of $100,000.
Like what we found in Toussaint's trunk Never got to spend.
Is that Toussaint's daughter? Karine.
She is a young woman now.
She lived with her mother, Mika, an ob-gyn.
Pierre came here to make money for their maternity clinic in Port-Au-Prince.
Karine works with her, is going to med school.
That's why Toussaint didn't want to blackmail Grant.
He didn't want to stay.
He wants to be a doctor again with his wife and daughter.
Skimming from Grant instead, playing Robin hood.
Is there a problem, officer? His paperwork is in order.
It's not the paperwork, Captain.
I see.
I suppose you'll be wanting to unload it all now? Hmm.
Baby formula, vitamins.
Half of it's perishable.
Customs is gonna destroy it all anyway.
Actually, Captain, this ship has sailed.
No, no.
Ship has not sailed.
Ship is right here.
It is here.
No, no, no.
I mean, the ship has sailed.
Ship? What ship? I don't see Carlos, you see a ship? No ship.
I don't see a ship.
[ Chuckles ] [ Sighs ] Well, that felt good.
[ Chuckles ] Till Manus finds out.
Come on, Carlos.
You know what they say about two keeping a secret.
Yeah If one of us is dead.
So, who killed Dr.
Toussaint? There's one thing about addiction I didn't get until recently.
I mean, the pain, I get.
The the destruction of lives.
No, it's it's the delusion that addiction creates.
The profound dependency that addicts have on the people that hurt them the most And the people that try to save them.
That's the part I didn't get Until a very smart forensic nurse explained it to me.
You fell in love with Pierre because he was trying to help you.
Even while he was giving you drugs, he was weaning you off them Carefully, with compassion.
The concern he showed you, the commitment to helping you That was love to you.
For Pierre, it was just a job.
When you learned he was married with a daughter, that he was going back to Haiti to be with them, you felt betrayed, lied to Abandoned.
That wasn't real.
That was just the addiction.
You couldn't let him leave you, go back to his old life.
You couldn't let him abandon you.
So you killed him.
[ Papers rustling ] That Halloween wig let you blend in with the dancers.
You slipped in the back door where the other girls would get out and have a quick smoke.
And you waited for Toussaint, who you knew went there for the gumbo.
He saved your life, and you couldn't live without him.
Exactly the way you feel about Oxy.
[ Sobs ] I was getting better.
[ Sniffles ] When he started pulling away from me, I relapsed.
I begged him to stay.
But he said he [sniffles] He said he couldn't.
He he He said I could get better on my own this time if I stuck with the program.
So he wrote me four scrips, each one a-a lighter dose, but only if I needed it.
He believed in me Because he loved me.
[ Sniffles ] He was trying to help me.
He He was trying to save my life.
And now he's gone.
[ Door closes ] So keep Pierre alive, Laurie.
Stop Dr.
Don't let him get away with this.
Don't let him do to others what that bastard did to you.
And we'll get you the medical help you need, get you into detox.
Obviously this doesn't get you off the hook.
I won't lie to you.
But you were victimized by Dr.
Grant You and others.
You help us get him, I'm sure a judge will look favorably on that.
[ Crying ] Thank you.
Nicely done.
I hate it when the killer is also the victim.
I hear that.
And you're either running in that or you're blowing off our run tonight.
Actually, um, there's been a slight change in my plans.
A change in your plans? Kaminski heard about my job offer here and offered me head of homicide for Illinois.
State Chief? Are you serious? Yeah.
I know.
Right? He passed me over twice.
I still have tire marks.
But with all the department scandals, they needed somebody camera-ready with a high profile, which I-I now have, thanks to the strangler case.
And that's That's not your happy face.
No, no, no.
Um No, I'm I'm happy for you.
This could be good for you, too, Jimmy for us.
I don't live in Chicago, Sam.
I live here.
I know.
But Florida, Jimmy? Florida's where you go to either retire orDie.
Or start over.
Which is what I thought you wanted to do.
I do.
I-I do.
But I-I want this, too.
I mean, it's It's all I ever wanted.
Can't just turn my back on that.
No, no.
[ Inhales sharply ] Um, it's your dream job, right? It is, Jimmy.
It could be our dream, too.
Come with me.
Come with you? Come back to Chicago with me.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Sorry.
My cab's here.
You're leaving now? I have to meet the Governor's Chief of Staff first thing tomorrow morning.
But, look, I mean, I hardly saw you today, anyway.
I might as well be in Chicago, right? Right.
We can figure this out.
We don't have to decide everything right now.
No, no.
We have time.
And no slacking.
Iron man or not, I want you running.
Hey, I'll be up to 5 Miles the next time I see you.
[ Sighs ] I'll see you later, Jimmy.
See you later.