The Glades s02e11 Episode Script


'Cause I tell you when to play 'Cause the cool kids do I what the cool kids want yeah can a hot girl wear what a hot girl wants? yeah ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh they wear two pair of shades at the same time [ Screams ] [ Sea gulls crying ] Jim: Okay.
So, who do we got? And could he really not have waited till I finished my round before dying? With that hole in his chest, I'm not sure he had a lot of options.
What are we looking at? Male Caucasian, mid 30s, single gunshot wound to the chest.
Anything I can't see with my own eyes? Oh, yeah.
Don't get cranky with me, all right? I didn't pull you off the golf course.
Well, no blood or spatter, so he was obviously killed somewhere else and moved here.
Or dragged here.
The high tide would have wiped out the drag trail.
So we have no way of knowing from where.
Victim's cellphone and wallet.
Contact his provider -- see who he's been talking to, whoever he is.
He is Josh Richards, according to his business card.
Harrington Group.
Josh Richards, Senior V.
of Concepts and Development.
Whatever the hell that means.
Headquarters out of Silver Spring, Maryland.
You know what? Contact this Harrington Group.
Make sure they actually exist and he actually worked for them.
Leave out the "dead" part.
Make sure they exist? Yeah, as opposed to making up a company and printing out business cards so you can pick up women in bars.
Guys actually do that? Yeah, especially guys that mousse their hair to come to the beach.
And get manicures.
Now, see, that's justwrong.
Oh, and, uh, contact charter-boat companies.
See if anyone pulled out with a well-coiffed executive who mysteriously disappeared before they came back to harbor.
On it.
[ Slapping hands ] It's a nice stretch of beach.
Great stretch of beach.
A lot of great bars.
Lots of good times.
So, what's the motive? Way too much fun? [ Chuckles ] Robbery, maybe.
Tan line around his wrist.
Looks like he wore a watch which we haven't found.
We getting Callie in on this? I tried calling, but she hasn't answered.
- She didn't answer? - Yeah.
You know, it's weird, but sometimes you call people, and they answer.
And sometimes you call, and they don't.
Now you're just being mean.
Yeah, serves you right for being cranky.
I'm sure she'll call back.
Why? What do you need? No, I don't need anything.
I justwondered.
Now, that's a rock.
We're talking Kardashian here.
It's got to be 3, So, either we can rule out robbery as a motive, or Romeo here just got the rejection of a lifetime.
Okay, I think that's about everything.
Uh, here's my card.
Call me if you think of anything else.
Do I actually need to think of something? Or can I just, you know, call? Oh, you know, just make it easy on yourself.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
So amazingly not smart.
Know what they say -- God does not give from both hands.
So, did you find anybody who knew him? I couldn't find anyone that didn't.
You know, in that beach-bar, jello-shots kind of way.
Uh, he wind-surfed.
He played volleyball.
He was even in the sand-sculpting competition.
- You want to know why? - Why? Apparently the concepts and development on his business card stands for mixing it up with the locals.
Uh, yeah, they said he did some work with the hotels.
When hotels remodel, they hire guys like Josh Richards to worm their way into the community and figure out what themes might do well.
Yeah, I think his company remodeled a whole bunch of bars along the strip.
They don't just remodel.
They completely reconceptualize.
Next thing you know, your favorite tiki bar has turned into the city of Pompeii, with a working volcano that spews lava on the hour.
Well, just for the record, I don't have a favorite tiki bar.
If it's the same guy who turned the Marlin Room into a underwater adventure with a mermaid show, I'm gonna need an alibi.
I used to love that place.
So, I'm guessing he made a few enemies, then.
Found this book of matches in his back pocket.
"Dwight's Dockside.
" Maybe his next renovation.
Hey, excuse me.
You ever heard of this place, Dwight's Dockside? You mean that place? So, what's the theme of this place -- "I haven't been touched since the '60s, and I'm damn proud of it"? [ Chuckles ] Welcome, first-timers.
Come on in.
Make yourselves comfortable.
I'm Dwight, owner and proprietor.
What's your name? Carlos Sanchez [ bell dings ] Everybody, this is Carlos! Say "hey!" All: Hey, Carlos! And you are? Really hoping you don't do that to me.
Detective Longworth.
[ Bell dings ] This is Detective Longworth! All: Hey, Detective Longworth! Sorry.
We got a strict policy here.
You're only a stranger once.
After that, you're family.
That include the fish? Oh.
My babies -- yeah.
That's my pride and joy.
That is one weird-looking fish.
Dwight: Yeah, that's a puffer fish.
Bought the whole lot of them for about a grand.
$1,000 for a bunch of fish? For that it better be paired with a hell of a Pinot.
Yeah, speaking of fishes, this guy is presently swimming with them.
Figured that's why you guys were here.
That is a shame.
Josh was a good kid.
Take it by that you knew him? Yeah.
Like I said, you're only a stranger here once.
Yeah, probably not after you were flashing this around, though.
Any chance he was flashing that around your bar, maybe showing off with it, trying to sell it? Like any of my customers could afford a rock like that.
Maybe you know anyone else that might want him dead for another reason? I don't know about dead, but I got plenty of customers that weren't too happy with what he did to some of their favorite bars.
Was he planning on remodeling your place? He talked to his business people about it, but they weren't interested.
Any hard feelings between you and Josh about that? You kidding me? The hotel next door has been after my place for years.
If I wanted to sell it, it'd take me like 15 minutes.
Know if he was dating anyone? As in to ask them to marry him? Yeah.
[ Scoffing ] No.
This guy was a player.
Played everybody, except Maggie.
Maggie? Yeah, she's my bartender, night manager.
Here she is.
She starts her shift at 4:00.
Was Josh here last night? Uh, yeah.
He was here when I left at midnight.
She closed the place at 2:00, usual time.
So maybe he was waiting till closing time to pop the question.
And maybe someone got jealous, popped him instead.
It's not a bad theory.
It's highly unlikely, though.
Maggie isn't exactly the marrying kind.
You can ask anyone about that.
So this is all your family? Uh, yeah.
They are to me.
Well, I'm really sorry for your family, but, uh, we're gonna need to take all these.
What, you think one of my customers was involved? I think it's entirely possible.
Oh, do you know where Josh was staying? Well, yeah, he always stayed at the hotel right next door.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] [ Exhales sharply ] So far, the only thing I can tell about Josh Richards is that he couldn't decide between boxers and briefs.
Really? I need that image in my head this whole investigation? I'm just saying -- pick one.
Gift shop.
Dwight's Dockside.
Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but is this not the Maggie we just heard about at Dwight's, the one on his wall? Yep.
And if that's how she treats all her regulars, I just found my new favorite bar.
- Keep it, then.
- Okay.
That is a cigarette butt.
Didn't Maggie have a cigarette hanging out of her mouth in that picture at Dwight's? Yes, she did.
Bag that.
Which means she might have been here last night.
Well, it makes sense.
Maybe he brought her here to wine and dine her and then asked her to marry him.
[ Exhales sharply ] Or this.
Dwight's Dockside, A.
Maggie's place? Looks like Josh and Maggie were about to attempt a hostile takeover, which would be another good reason to spend a night in a hotel room.
Women's sunglasses.
Which maybe she forgot when she skipped out early, hoping no one would see them.
Between Josh Richards' time of death.
Daniel, thank you so much for doing this.
I know how busy they keep you around here.
No problem.
I set this up for my parents.
Now they Skype me all the time.
That's sweet.
Actually, it's really embarrassing.
But nice for them, I guess.
Um, to launch the program, all you have to do is click on this icon.
But since he's in the witness-protection program, your husband will have to initiate the call.
Once he does, just click on "Video," and you and Ray can see each other.
Oh, it's, uh, more for Jeff, but thank you.
Being apart from his dad has got to be tough on him.
I hope this helps.
Me too.
From the trajectory of the bullet and trauma to his ribs, I can confirm that the victim was shot once at close range.
And the bullet? A .
It was lodged in his chest cavity.
No exit wound.
What about the saliva from the cigarette butt? Not a match for the victim's.
I'm gonna go with Maggie until science tells me otherwise.
Did Callie come in? I don't know.
I've been here, with my mind on my job.
It was a job-related question.
How is you asking me every 15 minutes about Callie job-related? Detective, I ran down activity from his cellphone like you asked.
Most numbers are hotels or his office, but there's one number in Miami he called 12 times in the last two weeks.
It's registered to a Roger Brumfield.
I've been trying to call him, but he's not answering.
Well, keep trying.
Anything from the photos? There's names and dates on the back of all of them, so I'm putting them in chronological order and making a list of who was there at the same time as Josh.
Oh, and Callie's here.
Oh, I'm just gonna, uh -- But she had to leave.
Asked me to tell you she's sorry she hasn't returned your calls.
She's just been a little busy.
Did she say why she's been busy? No.
No, not really.
But I just loaded Skype on her laptop so she can talk face-to-face with her husband.
And maybe it has something to do with that.
No worries.
I'm gonna go anyway.
- Go? - It's 4:00.
Don't want to miss happy hour.
[ Bell dings ] Detective Longworth's in the house! All: Detective Longworth is in the house! I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that not many people come here for an affair.
No, for that, they check into a hotel and order room service.
Yeah, I heard they do that.
And if you're here to talk to me about Josh, Detective, as you can see, I'm a little slammed.
Well, actually, I was -- okay, we're on the move.
Margaritas! Who ordered the doubles?! All right.
Yeah, I'm just curious as to what your relationship with Josh was.
Was he just another customer? Not really.
But I wouldn't say we were particularly close.
So nothing really to be devastated about his death? Oh, well, that's a little crass.
- Hey, guys, what's up? - Hey, Maggie.
No, it's just you don't seem that broken up about a guy who apparently drank here several nights a week and was found shot at close range just 100 yards from here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Was that a little crass, too? I know what you're trying to do -- rattle me so I'll talk to you.
Is it working? 'Cause, you know, I have plenty of other ways.
Another round? Okay.
Okay, well, maybe you can tell me why you were in his hotel room last night And why I think you were the last person to see Josh Richards alive.
I wasn't in his hotel room.
And, um, we didn't have that kind of relationship.
So just some casual flirting every time he was in the bar? That's my relationship with every man who walks in here.
- You go out with him? - No.
Go to his hotel room? Detective, I take my job seriously, and I don't go home with customers.
Hey! Hey! Cool it! Not in my bar, jackass! Stop! Stop! Impressive.
Damn straight.
Now, if you don't mind -- Mind? No, no, no.
I'm just gonna stay here and maybe just watch some races.
Oh -- whoa.
[ Chuckles ] Almost sat on these.
I was wondering where I put these.
Actually, you left them in Josh's hotel room.
You know, where you weren't last night.
And I hate to be crass and all, but you just graduated from person of interest to suspect.
So now You get to come with me.
Come on.
[ Crowd booing ] Yeah, all right.
I'll be here all week.
[ Booing continues ] Hey.
How have you been? Hey, you missed all the excitement.
I heard.
Dead guy on the beach? Murdered dead guy on the beach.
Yeah, well, it's Florida.
I'm sure there'll be more.
[ Chuckles ] How was your weekend? Long.
Long? Yeah? Long good or long bad? Well, Jeff and I had some issues to work out, but, um, it's all good.
Um, a-are you okay? I'm, uh dealing with it.
I need to Yeah, yeah.
You go DNA-swab the suspect.
Thank you.
I'm Callie.
I'm a forensic nurse.
I'm gonna be swabbing the inside of your mouth for a DNA sample.
" That's a pretty name.
Thank you.
You ever been to the bar? [ Chuckling ] What bar? Dwight's Dockside.
No, but I've heard of that place.
I mean, I haven't, but my coworkers have.
You should join them.
Yeah, right.
Between school, work, my son You have a son? I do.
Um, but, to be honest, this is gonna be a little hard if you don't stop talking.
Occupational hazard.
We're done.
I didn't kill Josh, you know.
It's not my department.
Well, are they gonna arrest me? Because I-I didn't do anything, and I can't afford a lawyer.
I really don't know what they're planning on doing, but something tells me that you can handle yourself just fine.
- Detective? - Mm-hmm.
You said the victim was killed with a .
38? Yeah.
Why? Suspect you're about to interview has a registered .
And my guess is wouldn't hesitate to use it.
Why do you say that? I've known girls like her my whole life.
Girls like what? You know, totally hot, fun, loves the fact that every guy they serve a drink to falls in love with them.
Doesn't sound so bad.
Yeah, right up until one of them thinks it is love, and then she has to use force in order to protect herself.
What, like shoot them? I don't know if it came to that, but, yeah, maybe.
Hey, Daniel, can you make sure that Carlos gets this swab? - Sure thing.
- Thanks.
I'd be careful with this one if I were you.
Oh, I'm careful with all my suspects.
Yeah, I'm serious.
This girl is very good at wrapping guys around her finger.
See? When I'm in there, I'm not a guy -- I'm a cop.
Trust me, when it comes to hot women, every cop is a guy.
Daniel, do you have her file pulled up? - I do.
- DMV? Yeah.
It's right here.
So, she was 16 when she started driving.
She's 28 years old now.
Has she ever had a traffic violation, speeding tickets? No, nothing.
Not a single ticket.
- She's got a perfect record.
- Maybe she's a very good driver.
That's what it is.
So, uh, for those of us keeping score, you lied about the nature of your relationship with Josh, you lied about not seeing him outside the bar, you lied about not going up to his hotel room.
[ Chuckles ] So, uh, you planning on lying about this, as well? It's not against the law to own a gun.
Unless you use it to kill somebody.
- I didn't kill Josh.
- Then where's the gun? It's at the bar.
That's why I bought it.
I have to close the place.
I'm alone there till 3:00 in the morning.
It's for my own protection.
That makes sense.
- What about Dwight? - What about Dwight? - Did he need protecting? - Protecting from who? Dwight loves everybody.
Everybody loves Dwight.
The guy doesn't have an enemy in the world.
You mean aside from you and Josh.
What are you talking about? I've never seen that before.
You didn't see this up in Josh's hotel room on his tablet? I mean, I did, and I'm not even sleeping with the guy.
Okay, fine.
Josh said he had a great idea for remodeling Dwight's bar.
But he never showed me that.
He never showed you Maggie's place? That's what Josh wanted to call it.
It wasn't my idea.
So he wanted to name a bar after you because of the relationship you didn't have.
We didn't have a relationship, okay? I can't help if Josh thought we had.
Men fall in love with women in bikinis who serve them drinks.
Especially when they turn up at your hotel room at 3:00 in the morning.
Having casual sex doesn't make me a murderer, Detective.
But you knew he was in love with you.
I mean, you didn't play that a little, maybe help him help you steal Dwight's bar away? Like I said, I don't know anything about that.
You know something about this? No, I've never seen that before.
He didn't show this to you in the hotel room -- or try to? Maybe you two fought about it? No, because he never showed.
Okay, look, I admit I was -- I was in his hotel room.
But he stood me up, so I left.
Oryou went up to the hotel room, you "forgot" your sunglasses to make it look like he stood you up because what really happened is, well, you killed him.
We have a situation in the parking lot.
Cop: Sir, your best bet is to calm down.
Kyle: Hey.
Let her go, man.
You can't talk to her without a lawyer! Hey.
Hey, back up, Spicoli! I want to see Maggie, man.
I got to know if she's okay.
I'm sorry.
You are? Kyle.
I'm her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend? Does she know that? Hey, watch your mouth.
Okay, easy.
Easy, bro.
All right, I get it.
You're upset about your girl.
You want to make sure she's all right, right? Look, I, uh tell you what, Kyle.
We can talk about Maggie all you want.
But first, I'm gonna need you to park your car in the visitors parking lot like a grown-up.
You think you can do that? Ho! Hello.
Look what I found, Kyle.
You just earned yourself V.
[ Handcuffs click ] Hope you enjoy your stay.
I didn't kill Josh Richards.
So, what's with the gun,l Kyle? Look, Kyle, you know this looks bad, right? Look, if we test the gun -- oh, and we are -- and we find out that it was Maggie's gun from the bar used to kill Josh Richards, well, then only one of two explanations makes sense.
Either you took the gun from the bar to kill Josh, or you took the gun from the bar so that we wouldn't find it because Maggie killed Josh and you're just trying to cover it up.
Okay, maybe you don't understand.
Yeah, okay.
I get it, all right? So, which is it, Kyle? Am I booking you or Maggie for Josh's murder? I didn't kill that little dweeb.
And I took the gun from the bar 'cause I was worried that maybe Maggie was thinking about it.
What makes you say that? 'Cause he was lying to her, filling her head full of ideas about starting her own place.
By stealing Dwight's bar? By promising Maggie the moon -- her own bar, her own theme restaurant, when all he really wanted to do was just to get her in the sack.
Well, psh! That had to piss you off, right? Trying to sleep with your girlfriend.
Oh, and actually, by the way, I'm not really sure she considers you her boyfriend.
Actually, no.
I'm sorry.
I take that back.
I'm completely sure she doesn't consider you her boyfriend.
Or Josh, who I'm pretty sure was just a booty call.
I didn't kill Josh.
Well, if you did -- and I'm pretty sure you did -- uh, that would be one big fall from grace.
Three-time world champion.
Took home the Eddie Aikau.
The Eddie, triple crown, two years in a row.
[ Whistles ] Yeah.
That was before I tore my ACL and had to quit.
So you tore your ACL, you lost all your endorsements, your adoring fans, most of which were beach bunnies and surfing groupies, like a 20-year-old Maggie, I'm guessing.
But then Maggie lost interest when you tore your ACL.
Had to quit, huh? That's not what happened.
Maggie and I were fine.
We were gonna use my surfing money to open up a T-shirt shack and find a little house to rent somewhere near the beach.
Until a good-looking, upwardly mobile dweeb comes into town, and all of a sudden, that T-shirt shop and a washed-up surfer just doesn't sound like a promising future.
So, she dumps you, and you lose your future, you lose Maggie, so you killed him.
[ Imitates gunshot ] Ballistics pulled prints off that .
38 we found in Kyle's car.
Confirmed partials for both Kyle and Maggie.
Knowing how slow they can be, I'm sure ballistics said it'd be a few days before they could confirm whether or not it was the gun used to kill Josh Richards.
Actually, they promised me that by the end of the day tomorrow.
They did? Huh.
Sure as hell never promised me anything like that.
Well, maybe it's the way you ask them.
Or not.
I'm sure you just usually catch them in a bad mood.
- Daniel.
- Yeah? Roger Brumfield ever answer his phone? No, but the prefix covers all of Dade County, and there are 12 R.
Brumfields listed.
I called all of them, but none of them were Roger.
All right, keep on trying.
Also, I need you to trace this.
Called my buddy at the jewelry building on Wabash in Chicago.
He said the certificate number should be etched onto the edge of it.
You can read it with a 10-times loop trace it back to the jeweler.
I need you to find out where Josh bought it and who sold it to him.
On it.
Oh, there's one other thing.
I ran the registration on Maggie Bauman's gun.
The address listed on the registration is not Maggie's.
Whose is it? It's Dwight Stewart's.
You got something against women in bikinis? I can relax better if I can keep an eye on my bar.
What brings you back out again today? Oh, you know, surf, sun From what I hear, the best grouper sandwich on the strip.
I make the best sandwich.
But I doubt that's why you came all the way back out here.
Yeah, I was also wondering why Maggie would buy and register a gun in their own name but put your address as her home address on the registration.
She was in between apartments at the time.
I let her use my address.
Or your address was her address.
As in you two were living together? We had a thing about five years ago, back when she first started working for me.
What kind of a thing? Well, you've seen her, Detective.
I'm sure you can imagine what kind of thing.
Lasted about eight months.
It was what it was.
And ultimately it didn't work out.
That had to be a sad day for you.
[ Chuckling ] Yeah, I was pretty bummed.
But it was more than just our age.
We were just too different.
Don't get me wrong.
I love my bar.
But she was obsessed with it.
She wouldn't let anyone else run it, not even for a couple hours.
I'd ask her to go out to the mangroves with me and take a pitcher of margs and watch the sunset.
She couldn't even do that.
That's kind of weird for a cocktail waitress, isn't it? Yeah, I think she's just wired that way.
She loved running the bar.
I wanted to make her happy.
You ever think of making her a partner? I didn't want to make her that happy.
Yeah, well, you know what they say about hindsight, huh? What's this? Found it in Josh's room.
Looks like she and Josh were scheming behind your back to take your bar away from you.
Which, if you knew that, would be a very good reason to kill over.
Just not Maggie -- 'cause let's face it -- she's the only reason people drink at your bar.
I love my bar, Detective -- not enough to kill for it.
I can't believe she'd go behind my back like this.
The girl in a bikini who lets every man fall in love with her would never think of using that to her advantage.
[ Bell dings ] Man: Detective Longworth, your grouper's up.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Mind your own business.
Yo, Detective.
Uh, still no luck on that mystery phone number, but I do have some information on the diamond.
Like the jeweler who sold it? Yeah, but it wasn't sold to Josh Richards.
It was sold to a Phillip Krasnov in Carbondale, New York, six years ago.
I called Krasnov.
He told me it was stolen in a house burglary just after he bought it.
Well, Josh may be a home wrecker, but he's not a home invader.
Which means he bought a hot diamond.
See if there's a police report on it.
Yeah, you got it.
I also might have something else for you.
In the last couple weeks, a couple of shady characters have been hanging out at Dwight's.
Now, usually it's just college kids, tourists, the usual local barflies, but look at this.
Oh, what's a surfer dude doing splitting a pitcher with two hard-core cholos? Very hard-core -- this one guy here matches the description of a guy who's wanted for murder.
The day before Josh was killed, Kyle withdrew $8,000 in cash from his savings account.
That's the going rate for a two-bit hit man.
Get me Kyle's address, and get me a warrant from Manus.
And backup.
We have a warrant for cause and a possible fugitive inside.
Heads up and stay sharp.
Let's do it.
FDLE! Search warrant! Search warrant! Cops! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! I got the runner! I got the runner! Get on the ground! Get on the ground! [ Bell ringing ] [ Siren wailing ] Hey.
So, how'd the video chat with your dad go? Did something happen? - No.
- Did the software quit? Did your dad cancel? 'Cause I know these things are hard for him to schedule.
Dad didn't cancel.
All right, so what happened? I know you were excited to talk to your dad.
Oh, honey, it's okay.
[ Crying ] Mom, I'm trying.
I really am.
I know, honey.
I'm sorry.
I-I know this must be so hard for you.
Mom, look, I know it has to be like this, okay? And I swear, I am not trying to make you feel bad.
It's okay.
I just miss dad.
I know you do, honey.
I know you do.
Kyle: You're wrong, Detective.
I didn't pay those guys $8,000 to kill Josh Richards.
Well, what was the money for? The 8 grand was my buy-in.
It was for a high-stakes poker game.
Yeah, very high-stakes, Kyle.
An illegal poker game with a bunch of known felons who wouldn't hesitate to pop a cap in your ass.
Or was hosting that little poker party payment for bumping off Josh? It wasn't like that.
Well, now is the time to tell me what it was like, Kyle.
Now? Okay.
I just needed to make some money fast.
- What for? - For Maggie.
I-if Dwight was gonna sell the bar to Josh, I figured he'd sell it to me first.
I really wanted it for Maggie.
Okay, so you hosted an illegal card game with a bunch of thugs to impress your ex-girlfriend to win her back.
I could never compete with Josh and his corporate deep pockets.
Except his company wasn't interested in buying it.
Oh, except you knew that he could raise the money himself.
Impress her by buying it for her.
So you needed him out of the picture for good.
I didn't kill Josh.
But I should have.
The way he was taking advantage of Maggie.
A little bit of casual sex -- hardly enough to commit murder over.
It wasn't just casual sex, Detective.
That bastard took Maggie for everything she was worth.
She told me she gave him her life savings to put into buying that bar, but nothing ever came of it.
What kind of life savings we talking about? I don't know.
The whole time we were together, she never saved a dime, but she always said if she needed to, she could sell stuff and scrape enough together to put a down payment on that bar.
I've been through four years' worth of Josh Richards' bank statements, and the only deposits he ever made are from his regular salary and his four year-end bonus commissions.
So if Maggie gave him her life savings, what did he do with it? Any luck on that phone number? Sorry.
Still no answer.
You have Josh's cellphone? Yeah.
Right there.
Well, maybe they'll answer If they think Josh is calling.
Yeah, hi.
Um, who's this? Mark.
Didn't recognize the voice.
Um, it's Josh.
Listen, I'm writing the boss a check, and I was wondering who exactly to make it out to.
Brumfield and Associates.
Is that an Inc.
Or an LLC? [ Chuckling ] Private investigation.
Of course.
Uh, listen, I don't want to bother the big guy, so I was wondering if you can do me a clerical favor.
That file you sent me last time, I put it in my briefcase.
My briefcase got lost.
It's a long story.
Listen, can you, um, can you send me that file again? Maybe fax it to me? Yeah, sure.
It's, um What's our fax number? Uh It's, uh, 790-555-0188.
Thank you.
You've been a big help.
Josh was getting dirt on someone.
But who? Well, if I was thinking of marrying the girl on the strip that every guy fell in love with, I'd start with her.
[ Calypso music playing ] Detective.
Taking her out for a spin later.
Care to join? Actually, I'm looking for Maggie.
Oh, she's, uh, getting ready for work.
Uh, well, I kind of need to talk to her.
Well, she's half-naked, so now's a good time.
Yeah, I'd rather wait till she's not half-naked.
Uh, when does her shift start? Uh about an hour.
She'll be there till she starts.
The better the tan, the bigger the tips.
No, please, don't get up.
Is now really the best time? Best time for what? I haven't said anything yet.
Well, undoubtedly, you have more questions.
Yeah, just a couple of little ones.
And then you can go back to You know, killing off your skin cells.
Like your life savings that you gave to Josh.
[ Sighs ] What life savings? The life savings that Kyle said you gave to Josh to help him buy Dwight's bar.
[ Sighs ] From what, my tip jar? I don't have a life savings.
I don't know where Kyle got that idea from.
While you're here, you think maybe you could hit my lower back for me? No.
While I'm here, do you think maybe you could stop lying to me? Okay, look.
I gave Josh what I had, which wasn't much -- believe me.
He said his company didn't want to buy Dwight's place because it wasn't inside of a hotel, but that the two of us should buy it, and I could manage it.
Was that such a horrible idea? Hey, not if you're Josh and he just bilked you out of your entire life savings.
Yeah, but totally worth it if it meant finally getting the money and the credit I deserve.
I'm the reason that place is packed every night.
All Dwight cares about is ringing his stupid bell and his polaroids.
Why shouldn't I reap the benefits? Oh, hey, no reason.
Oh, except that Dwight didn't want to sell his bar.
Josh said he'd wear Dwight down.
Said he had a plan.
Did his plan include hiring a private investigator? No.
Why would he do that? Well, considering that it seemed like he thought he was gonna marry you, maybe he wanted to make sure that you weren't still sleeping with Kyle or Dwight or, you know, any man that falls in love with a woman in a bikini that sells them drinks.
But I'm thinking maybe he found out something he didn't count on.
- Like what? - Well, I don't know.
Maybe a secret that you're hiding, and maybe a secret worth killing for.
That's ridiculous, Detective.
And if you think I'm the only person on the strand with a secret, you're being way naive.
[ Chuckles ] Well, I don't want to be way naive.
But trust me.
Whatever he was digging around for, I will find out.
The fax from the P.
firm -- Brumfield and Associates -- did that come in? I still haven't checked.
I keep forgetting we still have a fax machine.
I got that police report you asked about, though.
Not much to it, I'm afraid.
Great minds do actually think alike.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Engine turns over ] Hey, Carlos, do you know where Jim is? I've tried calling him like three times.
Haven't seen him.
Something wrong? No, there's just something I wanted to talk to him about, but I haven't really found the chance to do it.
It's not like him not to call me back.
Yeah, well, it is unusual, but I wouldn't worry.
He's probably charging his phone.
I'll take that.
I'm thinking now? Well, I did ask you to join me.
There's over $3 million worth of diamonds in that bag, Detective.
Do you have any idea how much fun you and I could have in Costa Rica for that kind of dough? Gee, off the top of my head, $3 million worth? Which you almost got away with, didn't you, Dwight? Or should I say Artie? Artie? Artie the artful dodger? Master jewelry thief who for over a decade robbed houses up and down the eastern seaboard, amassing over $6 million worth of diamonds and precious stones and evading law enforcement for years.
Well, until now.
Some of that you kept in your fish tank for easy access.
The rest you buried here in case someone followed you and you had to run -- again.
You pieced all that together from my fish tank, did you? Yep.
Well, that and your favorite chair.
You know, the one that you face away from the ocean so you can keep an eye on your bar? You're not really doing that, are you? You're looking at those ocean-front apartments behind it -- people coming and going, who's in town, who's on vacation.
Old habits die hard.
Well I'm retired from all that now.
And that hardly makes me a murderer.
There's no proof.
There's the 3-karat ring that you gave to Maggie back in the day.
Her life savings that she gave to Josh to sell for her half of the buy-in.
Yeah, that must hurt, huh? Having that thrown back in your face.
And then when he went to sell it, found out it was stolen.
Like me, he got suspicious, hired a private investigator to do a background check on you, found out you weren't exactly who you said you were, then threatened to go to the police with the truth if you didn't sell him your bar, the real gem he needed to win Maggie's heart.
[ Chuckles ] I still think you're crazy.
What's $3 million to let a harmless little jewel thief go free? Yeah, but you're not really a harmless little jewel thief anymore, are you, Artie? Now you're a murderer.
Come on.
Time to go.
[ Spits ] Maggie, have you seen Detective Longworth? Do you know where he is? Dwight's gone.
Maggie -- his boat is gone.
All of his things are gone.
And the only thing he left was this envelope with my name on it.
It's full of money.
[ Sniffles ] Maggie, where's Dwight? I don't know.
Dwight is not who he says he is.
He's been lying to you and everyone else for years.
He's been on the run, and he's clearly armed and dangerous, and he might have my friend with him, so where is he? I don't know.
- Maggie, I need you to think.
- I don't know! I swear it! [ Sighs ] Where was that taken? What? This picture -- where was it taken? [ Grunts ] [ Panting ] Man: U.
Coast Guard.
Hands where we can see them, and identify yourself.
He's over here.
Jim, are you okay? Yeah, no, I'm fine.
I meannow.
You scared the shit out of me.
Yeah, well, it wasn't exactly what I had planned, either.
Hey, thanks for calling the Coast Guard.
- Backup really came in handy.
- Yeah.
Actually, no, no, no.
I don't need an ambulance.
Come on.
Yeah, you do! Have you seen the cut on your head? No, it's just a bump.
No, it's a gash on your head, and it's bleeding profusely, so you're gonna go to the doctor and get stitches and an MRI and whatever else he wants to do.
Hey, h-how did you know I was in trouble? Are you kidding? I tried calling you like eight times, left three messages.
W-what was so important you needed to call eight times? Um I mean, I thought you were avoiding me.
I wasn't avoiding you.
I was -- I just wanted to wait until things settled.
Settled? Yeah, uh Jeff and I went to see his dad this week.
Yeah, we had the talk.
And it wasn't easy.
And Jeff's still struggling with it, but it's, um -- it's official.
I filed for divorce.