The Glades s02e13 Episode Script


Holy crap! I can't believe it.
Hey -- hey, Dean.
Come here.
Look what I got.
What is it? Holy crap! No way! All I got was junk -- a lawn chair, a hammer.
Let me see that.
What? Is it another bike? I hope so.
Help me pull it in.
[ Grunting ] Harley: Holy crap! Damn.
Checking out the lab schedule? Yeah.
Uh, Callie's not coming in this week.
That's not what I was looking at.
- Oh, really? Then whatcha doing? - Nothing.
What are you doing? Working, which is what you should be doing.
Hey, these eyes are open, I'm working.
Then why aren't you down at Turkey Creek Canal? Two kids pulled out a dead body from the water with your name on it.
But not yours? Mnh-mnh.
I'm escorting a prisoner to Hillsborough County Detention Center.
All the way in Tampa? What'd this guy do? Parole violation.
Yeah, he got "Disturbing the peace" drunk last weekend, and now he has to serve out the remaining 12 months from his original sentence of grand theft auto.
You know you're not allowed to escort a prisoner by yourself, right? She's not.
She's helping me.
- I'm FDLE Agent Dan -- - Dan Ranson.
Linebacker with the second most career tackles from Florida state, right? Oh, man! That game where you guys destroyed O.
-- yeah, you got all the help you need.
[ Chuckles ] Guys, I don't feel so well.
- Seriously, I-I feel sick.
-Yeah, you're going back to prison.
I'd be feeling sick, too.
All right, we're out of here.
Keep me posted.
All this was dragged from the canal? You betcha.
I used to go canal dragging all the time.
It's actually where my first bike came from.
I can't believe you've never done it before, Detective.
If I dragged the Chicago river, all I'd find is -- One of these.
According to the tag on his uniform, his name's William Sullivan.
That's a uniform? Underneath all that seaweed.
The patch on his arm just says "Security guard.
" It doesn't say where from.
I'm looking into that.
Well, he obviously didn't drown, or I wouldn't be here.
Did you see his face? All these gaping gashes on his head? Uh, no, I haven't, actually, because the body is still facedown.
I was waiting for you to get here to move the body.
The victim was hit right here, front right temple.
So the assailant was probably left-handed.
And the incision indicates that the murder weapon was some kind of tool.
It was probably an inch in diameter.
Something like this? Exactly like that.
Well, at least we don't have to get the divers to drag the canal.
Okay, Mr.
Now, Callie, what did I tell you? That your father is Mr.
Sorry, Phil.
Mind if I take your vitals? You can take whatever you want.
How are you feeling? Terrible.
Why do you think I'm here? I thought it was to see me.
[ Chuckles ] Your heart is racing, and your blood pressure and temperature is high.
How long have you been feeling like this? Ah, it started last night.
You know, I did two tours in Korea, so I can handle it.
Oh, so is that why you took so long to come in here? I'm going to go and find a doctor to consult with you.
Hey, you.
You got a sec? - Not really.
- Oh, this'll just take a second.
[ Groans ] So, I just got off the phone with the board in Atlanta, and they told me that you haven't called to confirm for the Head of Nursing appointment.
I've been busy.
Busy? Oh, with what? With working two jobs, your 14-year-old son, with trying to get through med school, your boyfriend over there with a 75-year-old heart who won't leave you alone? [ Chuckles ] Yeah.
Look, seriously, they've -- they've already concluded all of their interviews.
All right? And they're about ready to sign off on somebody.
But I convinced them that you're worth the wait.
I know.
I j-- [ Sighs ] Cal, this is a game changer for you.
Okay, look, I probably shouldn't say anything, all right, but since you've kept the hospital closing between you and I and you haven't told anybody, I think I can trust you.
But this job is yours if you want it.
But you got to show up at that interview, tomorrow morning, Your plane leaves tonight.
Now, can I call Atlanta and tell them you're gonna be there? I'll be there.
Well, turns out Sullivan was killed at the scene and it wasn't a robbery.
We found blood there and his wallet.
- With money and credit cards? - Yeah.
And a waterlogged receipt for Siegel's Deli.
It's pretty illegible, but the time stamp says yesterday, 9:17 p.
- Daniel's gonna find out more.
- Let's hope so.
He may have been a rent-a-cop, but he was still one of our own.
Keep me posted.
Leaving at a bad time? No.
Longworth is a pain in my ass, but he gets the job done.
Wish I could say the same.
[ Sighs ] What time's your son's game? [ Groans ] But we're never gonna make it there and back in time.
Yeah, you will.
Two hours out, an hour to process, two hours back.
Please -- you'll be on your second dog by kickoff.
[ Groans ] Really? Do you mind? [ Chuckles ] All right, - Oh.
I don't want to take your money.
- Oh, really? I'm not -- I'm not feeling so hot.
Hold on, son.
I have it on good authority we're gonna be there in no time.
- That's right.
- Oh, man.
This is gonna be one long-ass day.
There were no defensive wounds on Sullivan's hands.
There was skin underneath his fingernails.
He might have grabbed ahold of his assailant after he was attacked.
So we have the killer's DNA.
All we need now is someone to match it to.
Well, we're missing something else.
Yeah, Sullivan was wearing that lanyard around his neck.
Could have been a badge or an identification card.
For what, though? A hospital.
That's where Sullivan worked.
All security guards have to register their fingerprints with the police database.
Which hospital? Mm, Palm Glade Regional.
Want me to have his records sent over? Ah, don't bother.
That's Callie's hospital.
Guess we know where he's headed to.
Jim: Hey.
It's been like this a lot lately.
Nothing a few cold ones after work won't fix.
And it just so happens I found this little piano bar.
- Piano bar? How old are you? - What? I'm kidding.
I, uh I just don't know when or if I'll ever be able to get out of here.
I notice you're taking fewer cases with us, doing a lot more shifts here.
For a hospital so busy, you sure seem understaffed.
Is something going on? [ Folders thud ] Wait.
Is -- is something going on? No.
We're just understaffed.
Well, they should hire more people.
Well, this probably won't make you feel any better.
Did you know this security guard? That's Billy Sullivan.
Why? Is he okay? I assume he was until we found him murdered this morning.
Murdered? That's awful.
I mean, he wasn't exactly employee of the month, but he didn't have any enemies that I knew of.
Would you know what was held in here? Yeah, that holds a key card, and it unlocks all the doors.
What, like an access card? So you can get anywhere in the hospital? Yeah.
You know, an addict could have killed Billy for his access card.
We've had problems with junkies coming in to steal drugs.
Colleen? What are you doing here? I could ask you the same question.
Well, turns out my prisoner wasn't bluffing about not feeling well.
He was really sick? Yeah, he started seizing right as we were driving by the hospital.
So you brought him here? We don't have a prison ward.
I know.
But if a prisoner has a medical emergency in transit, I'm obligated to bring him to the closest hospital for treatment.
Lucky us.
I thought he was being an ass, but he was actually having a seizure.
What -- what is it? Where's the prisoner now? He's getting a CAT scan.
You can't have anything metallic in a CAT scan, right? No.
And we'd definitely take his handcuffs off.
What if Sullivan's card was stolen not so someone could break in, but so someone could break out of the hospital? Where -- where is CAT scan? It's down that way.
Greg's not breaking out of anything.
Agent Ranson's with him.
Where's Greg? [ Grunts ] Gone.
Why didn't you call me? They took my cellphone.
- They? - Greg and this other guy.
I don't know how it happened.
Greg came at me, and this other guy hit me from behind.
Manus: Are you okay? I wish to hell I wasn't.
That would make this a lot easier to explain.
They took your gun.
And I'm about to take it back.
All right.
I'm gonna put out a BOLO and start looking for Greg outside the hospital.
I'll start searching inside.
Hey, hey, hey! What's going on? Callie, listen, I don't want to start a panic, all right? - What do you mean? - Wait, "panic," whoa.
What the hell are you talking about? Look, a prisoner we were transporting apparently faked a seizure to use this hospital to escape.
Do we need to evacuate? No.
Hold off on that.
Just make sure everyone's okay till I get a 20 on this guy, all right? Yeah.
Hey! You can't be in here.
Detective Longworth, FDLE.
This hospital's in the middle of a jailbreak.
A jailbreak? I need you to show me what's going on at every camera in this place.
All right.
Let me notify the guards.
- No, no, now! - Yes, sir.
We got nine floors.
Where do you want me to start? First floor, CAT scan room, and then just keep going.
Show me what you got.
[ Keys clacking ] Damn it.
I don't see him.
Anyplace in this hospital that doesn't have a security camera? Uh, the loading docks, but those doors are locked 24/7.
They have Sullivan's access card.
Oh, no.
You don't have to worry about that.
As soon as the hospital was notified of Sullivan's death, I made sure to deactivate his access card.
- No, no.
Damn it.
Activate it.
- But -- I want to deal with a manhunt, not a lockdown.
Okay, but it's gonna take a couple of minutes.
[ Keys clacking, door bangs ] Well, he said it would work.
It's supposed to work.
[ Doors rattling ] - Hey.
Try it again, Greg.
- What? - Just try the card again.
- No, don't.
It's a trick.
No, no, no.
No trick.
You guys want out of here, and, frankly, I want you out of here.
Yeah, right.
Just try it again.
I promise you it'll work.
Go, go, go.
[Bleep] I told you it was a set-up.
[ Woman screams ] Hey, hey! Look, Greg! Don't do this! Get the hell back! You don't have to do this.
Don't come near the door! Don't! Anybody that comes near this door, I swear to God, she's dead.
There's no patients on 3, but there is staff, so you're gonna have to clear those out Disable the elevators.
I don't want the hostage takers to leave the first floor.
We still have patients and staff on floors 2 through 9.
Now, get those people out and lock down those areas.
You got it.
There's three emergency exits on the first floor, and there's two fire doors that lock once you exit.
We can secure those by positioning officers in the cafeteria, the employee lounge, and down at the nurses' locker room.
I spend a lot of time here.
Hey, people, we got eyes.
This is a live feed from two of the security cameras inside the E.
I count 13 hostages.
They have them in part of the E.
with no windows.
The one you said is called Vince is doing all the talking.
Yeah, but Greg's the one calling the shots.
[ Exhales sharply ] [ Car alarm chirps ] [ Engine turns over ] Push-button start.
Nice! [ Car alarm chirps ] [ Car alarm chirps ] Negotiations? - Thanks for bringing my car.
- You're welcome.
I made copies of Greg Wheeler's criminal file.
- He has a brother.
- Yeah.
Vince, the other hostage taker.
He's a talker, with trust issues.
Yeah, well, probably because Vince and Greg were taken from their mother when they were very young.
She went to prison for manslaughter.
Well, apparently they followed in their mother's criminal footsteps.
Greg got a head start.
He's got a juvie record.
We're gonna need these unsealed so Colleen knows what she's dealing with.
You mean what you're dealing with.
It's protocol not to have the boss negotiate.
I can't run to myself, promising something I don't want to give them, and they know that.
So I can just blame everything on you? - Yeah.
I can do that.
- That's cute.
Have you ever handled a hostage negotiation? Yeah.
You know what? I'm just gonna go with the technique where everything turned out okay.
[ Stammers ] Where are you going? Well, if you want me to be the negotiator, I'm going to negotiate.
[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah.
The impression left by the murder weapon on Sullivan's skull matches the hammer from the crime scene.
Yeah, that's a nice confirmation, but I'm kind of in the middle of something here, so -- I know.
That's why I wanted to confirm that the fingerprints on the hammer belong to -- Yeah -- Vince, Greg's brother.
Kind of figured it was one of the hostage takers that killed Sullivan.
And Greg was under our lock-up last night, so that's Vince -- what's his deal? Off-and-on construction worker, but full-time jackass with a record of assaults.
And now murder.
Sullivan had brushes with violence before, too.
I found scarring from an old bullet wound in his shoulder.
Uh, shot in the line of duty, maybe? Entrance wound only.
It means that the slug is still in there.
I'll dig it out and see what I can find.
Oh, and call Daniel.
See if he can find a connection between Sullivan and the wheelers.
- He's with you.
- Uh, kind of busy, Carlos.
I'm kind of hot, and Kevlar doesn't really breathe, so Vincent, Greg, you alive in there? I got it.
Remember me? What are you doing, man? I think we got off on the wrong foot.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I had no idea those security guards were gonna rush that door.
You freakin' kidding me right now? Get the hell out of here.
Hey, that's Agent Ranson's gun, right? You know you're gonna have to give that back.
Okay, so, that's what I want.
Well, that and all these people to have dinner with their families tonight.
Now you tell me -- what do you want? You know what? Don't worry about it, man.
No, I am worried about it.
Now, look, I get you didn't want to go back to prison.
I totally get that.
But plan "B" here hasn't gone that well for you.
[ Chuckles ] So you tell me what you want, and maybe we can all walk out of this alive.
What, a Bentley? A helicopter, cash? Yeah, I want a helicopter.
All right, I want $100,000.
Now we're talking.
All right.
That's gonna take a little bit of time.
Uh, what about food? You want, uh, pizza, calzones, maybe? There's a great little place down the street.
What, you think this is funny right now? - No, no.
- Do you? I definitely do not think this is funny.
But 50 grand's gonna be a lot quicker, so why don't we call it a chopper and 50 grand, and, uh, what about those calzones? All right, jackass, I'm about to start shooting people right now! So why don't you quit being funny and get me my money and my helicopter? All right.
But I give you that, you got to give me some hostages.
No, I'm not giving you anyone.
Come on, Greg.
You've got 13.
That's an unlucky number.
And you've been very lucky so far.
I mean, hey, you haven't killed anyone.
Right? Unlike your brother.
And I get it.
You and Vincent -- you're all you've got.
But you can walk out of here right now, Greg.
Stop your brother from hurting anyone else.
Because trust me -- if anyone else gets hurt or dies during this, it's gonna be over for you guys real fast.
All right, fine.
Fine, I'll give you five people, okay? But I want the money, and I want the chopper.
Fair enough.
Come on, come on.
Where's Phil? Jim, Phil Kendrick is still in there.
He's 75 years old.
Yeah, he's fine.
In fact, he volunteered to stay.
Of course he did.
But the stress alone could induce a heart attack.
Could you tell? That he was having a heart attack? Yeah.
There would be outward signs.
Do you want to keep checking the monitors, keep an eye on Phil? Let me know if there's a change in his condition.
Okay, so, uh, I want to get their names, where the -- it's gonna delay the closing.
I know.
Look, that's not my concern right now.
My concern is the safety of these patients.
There's eight more hostages in there.
Find out their names.
Just make sure they're all right, okay? Manus: They've got them in scrubs.
Jim: Yeah, it makes the hostages feel more vulnerable, less likely to do something stupid.
What does that tat say? Daniel? Yeah.
Greg Wheeler has a tattoo of "junior" on his chest.
Find out who that is? Yeah.
Hey, buddy.
- You feel all right? - Oh.
Been better.
You know, you can still make it to your son's game.
- Pardon? - Your son's football game.
[ Chuckles ] Uh, no, not while this jackass has my gun and those hostages.
I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, Dan, you were jumped from behind.
I'm sure there was nothing you could do.
No, I could have gooley, you know, and done not, had that [Speaking gibberish] Hey, hey.
Sit down.
Sit down.
[ Grunts ] Um, I don't know I don't knowYeah.
Uh, Callie? It's okay.
Yeah, no, I-I [ Stammering ] What happened? I don't I don't [Babbles] Did he hit his head? Yeah, yeah, in the CAT scan room.
He was pistol-whipped by Greg when he [ Babbles ] Okay, okay, okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, okay.
All right.
All right.
Lay him down.
Stabilize his head.
Someone get Dr.
Avery! - How is he? - I don't know.
What, bad bad? What? I don't know, Jim.
It's bad.
Agent Ranson.
Agent Ranson, can you hear me? Hey, Dan, you got to squeeze my hand if you can hear me, okay? Agent Ranson? Oh, boy, his pupils are blown.
- Pulse.
- Weak.
Under 50 bpm.
- Glasgow Coma Scale? - Four.
It's a brain bleed.
Lutheran Memorial Hospital is 45 minutes away.
I've got an FDLE escort team waiting.
- Blood pressure.
- Rising.
This guy's gonna se-- whoa! He's gonna seize -- and there he goes! Hold on.
We need a little hand here! He's not gonna make it across the parking lot, let alone across town.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are we doing? Jim, we have to operate on him.
Otherwise, he's not gonna make it.
We got to relieve the pressure on the man's brain.
We've got to drain his blood, or he's gonna be dead within nine minutes.
What level do you need? O.
is on 3.
Yeah, we got to get past the two gunmen on 1.
Well, it's not the first time I've been shot at before.
Yeah, not while saving a man's life.
Actually, 3 years Doctors Without Borders, 2 years Red Cross.
Listen, I'm not an idiot, all right? If we had another choice, I would do something else, but we don't.
No, wait, wait, wait.
There's no "we.
" - Callie's not going in there.
- Jim -- well, look, I need assistance.
Callie and I have got a shorthand, all right? Hey, pick someone else.
Hey! I don't even know half these people.
Hold on.
It's your call.
- I'm going in.
- No.
Jim, we're gonna be two floors above the crisis.
Just get us to the elevator.
We'll be fine.
Get us the power back on those elevators outside the E.
I'm on it.
And you know what? Cover up his face.
If they realize he's the guy they pistol-whipped and he dies, they know they're screwed.
Greg: Hello.
Hi, uh, listen.
Something's come up, and I need to give you back a hostage.
You want to give us one of our ho-- what the hell are you talking about? Jim: The hospital has a patient that needs to get to the third-floor operating room, or he could die.
Take him somewhere else.
They don't have time.
They don't relieve the pressure on the brain in the next 9 -- now make that 8 -- minutes, or he could die.
Now, that wasn't the deal we made, so I'm willing to give a hostage back.
It's got to be a trick.
No, you're just trying to stick a cop in here with us.
I am, actually, but just me.
Look, 20 feet.
Here to the elevator.
That's all we're talking about.
We say yes, they bull-rush the door.
We bull-rush the door, then you start shooting, then we start shooting, and a lot of people die.
That really sound like a trick to you? Okay, but I want you back outside.
Look, I'm just here to make sure it all goes smoothly.
Back outside or no deal.
Come on.
Callie: Ben? Go, go.
I'll prep him.
I got it.
Callie! What the hell are you doing? Callie: He has a heart condition.
No, we can't deal with that right now.
Well, you should have thought about that before you took over an emergency room.
He could be faking it.
He's a 75-year-old man faking a heart attack.
Is he having a heart attack? He will if I don't do something.
I just need to stabilize him.
They got to do something, Greg! This is getting out of control! - Vince!! - Greg! What do you have to do? Get some beta blockers in him.
They're in that cabinet right there.
Okay, fine.
Make it quick.
No, no.
No more of this shit.
[ Knock on glass ] Hey! I told you to stay outside! Yeah, that was before the old guy started having a heart attack.
I know you know what it means if someone dies in there, Greg.
You just let the pretty nurse do what she needs to do, then let her out so she can help up in surgery, 'cause you really don't want anyone dying on you.
Can we make that deal? No.
Vince No, he's doing anything he wants! We'll lose all control! Vince, just shut up! Okay? Let me think about this.
- No tricks.
- I swear.
I just need to make sure that his blood pressure stabilizes and his TCG levels return to normal.
All right, look, you got your deal.
Now back outside.
Hey! I said back outside now! Go! All right.
Can you help me? I need some water.
Hey, Phil.
I'm just waiting for my chance.
I think I can take these dudes.
[ Scoffs ] Of course you can.
Why don't you take this first, though? Thank you.
Here you go.
Where's that chopper and my 50 grand, Colleen? Hey, calm down, would you? The money's being readied, and the chopper's still an hour out.
- Do I look like I have one on me? - Carlos.
Found out where our victim Sullivan's old wound came from.
Five years ago, he was an armored-car driver.
Robbers killed his colleague and he was shot.
Robbers got away with over half a million dollars in cash.
Have Daniel pull the file.
I want everything we've got.
- Oh, no.
Don't even tell me.
- Don't tell you what? Local news.
Turn it on.
We have just gotten confirmation that, despite last-minute attempts to save his life, FDLE Agent Dan Ranson has died from head injuries sustained during an attempted fugitive escape here at Palm Glade Regional.
Some hospital worker must have heard Avery call it and tweeted it out to the world.
Now we just got to pray that they don't have a television on in there.
Okay, Phil.
It's okay.
All right.
No, no, no, no.
That needs to stay on.
The blockers aren't working.
What do you mean, the blockers aren't working? I mean this is all I can do for him.
You save his ass now! I would love to, but that means I need to get him out of here.
Our helicopter is leaving Broward County Sheriff's Department now.
Touch down in 42 minutes.
What the hell is she doing? Damn it, Callie.
[ Sighs ] He needs an emergency angioplasty and a stent, and I can't do that for him here.
I am not letting any more hostages out of here till we get what we want.
You know he will die, right? And you already have someone clinging to life in the O.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's going on in there, huh? - Where's our helicopter? - I told you -- it's on its way.
Something's wrong with the old man.
Oh, what, apart from being taken hostage? Hey! Don't be a smart ass! No! Callie! Look, hey, guys, guys, I'm just trying to make sure everyone gets out of here alive, okay? That includes you two, Vince, Greg, all right? I'm sure you're worried sick about us.
Are you okay? Are you okay? You okay? Everybody's okay, all right? Okay, good.
Okay, that's good.
And you know what? That includes the patient we got into surgery.
That's all you, man.
Okay? So let's not do anything stupid.
The chopper's on its way, the money's en route.
You just let out the nurse and the patient, and we're back on track.
Okay? I'll get right back.
Standing right back here.
Okay? Go.
Wait! No, no, no.
Hey, hey, hey! - Deal's off! I said the deal's off!- - Greg? You lied to me, Detective.
Your little "patient," Agent Ranson -- he's dead.
That means your girl, Callie -- she's staying with us.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Man sighs ] So what's with you and your cop friend? He's not my friend.
Cops and law enforcement are in here all the time.
It's a hospital.
Who's Jeff? This fell out of your pocket.
What business you got in Atlanta? At the moment, none.
Manus: Copy that.
Money's on the way.
Tactical's in place on the roofs of both adjacent buildings in case we need them.
- And the chopper? - 20 minutes out.
Jim, you had no choice.
You had to lie to them.
Lying is what got Callie taken hostage, Colleen.
Yes, and we'll get her back.
You know, it doesn't make sense.
Greg had only one year left in a minimum security.
Why take such a risk? With Sullivan's murder and the death of Agent Ranson in the commission of a crime, he and his brother are both looking at death row.
Which is why we do exactly as they say from now on to help them escape.
Escape? Jim, you -- Yeah.
Something out there is making it worth them taking this risk, Colleen.
So the one way to get what we want is by giving them exactly what they want.
- Did you find me junior? - I did, from Greg Wheeler's unsealed family court file.
The brothers were in and out of juvie for years.
Apparently, junior is William Merrill, the Uncle who finally took them in.
He owns a small cattle ranch just north of here.
Can we get him here? Unfortunately, no.
Uncle Junior died four months ago.
Yeah, and the one person who could probably talk some sense into these morons.
Anything on Sullivan's activities the night he was murdered? The receipt from the deli we found in his pocket? I guess he went there a lot, cause the manager remembered him, said he came in around 9:15 alone, ordered takeout.
We've got a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, beet salad, and two bottles of wine.
- Two bottles? - Either he was getting wasted or maybe he was meeting someone? Maybe.
Uh, keep digging into Uncle Junior.
Their jailbreak and his death being so close together -- they might be connected.
It's gonna be okay.
They're not gonna come charging in here, are they? The police? [ Exhales sharply ] I tripped over the dog.
Is that why you came into the E.
? It's not what you think.
You know you have options, right? Abuse is inexcusable, Jolene.
You don't have to tolerate it to be in a relationship.
All men are alike anyway.
No, they're not.
We're gonna get out of here.
Maybe this is the universe's way of reminding us what's important in life and that you only have one chance at it.
Jeff's with Marisol and the girls.
He was worried about his mom, so this way, he's safe and he's not alone.
Here you go.
Is this the Florida Federal Armored Services robbery? Did you find a connection? [ Scoffs ] It's been a cold case for five years.
The suspects knew the route.
They pulled over a truck on a freeway detour in Dade County -- no video.
Sullivan's partner was killed for the key to the cargo hold.
That sounds eerily familiar.
And Sullivan's our only witness.
Check out our primary suspects.
Ah! The Brothers Grimm.
Detectives saw Greg's pickup on traffic cams casing the truck a week before.
FDLE put Greg and Vince on a lineup, but Sullivan couldn't I.
them, so they walked.
Striations from a bullet recovered from the Florida Federal heist.
I compared it to the one that I took from Sullivan's shoulder.
Both fired from the same gun, belonging to Sullivan's partner, who was killed at the scene.
I'm thinking it was probably friendly fire or -- Or Sullivan was an inside man.
Yeah, but without the money, they can't prove if Sullivan was in on it.
But suspicion means he wouldn't have been able to get a decent job, so he starts working here at the hospital as a rent-a-cop -- best gig he could get.
Which is why they used Palm Glade for Greg's jailbreak.
They already had an inside man.
That was their plan.
Greg fakes a seizure outside the hospital, uses the emergency to escape, then they both go and pick up the hidden money, and Okay.
Consecutive serial numbers and GPS tracker? Sewn into the handle.
Chopper's on the roof.
Go get Callie back.
$50,000 in unmarked bills, Greg.
And your chariot awaits.
Grab it, bring it back.
It's okay.
No one's gonna shoot.
Go grab it.
[ Grunts ] What are you doing? [ Gasps ] I want Callie back, Greg.
Sorry, Detective.
Keeping her keeps you in line.
Or it makes me cross it.
Well, it's not your call, is it, Detective? Now give it up.
You harm one hair on her head, and I will hunt you down and kill you like a dog.
[ Panting ] Visual confirmation -- one hostage and two suspects.
's tracking the flight, and we have a tracer helicopter a half a mile away.
They won't get far.
- GPS signal? - Nice and strong.
I'm kind of surprised they didn't put the money in something else.
Yeah -- surprising.
- They took Callie hostage? - Hey, we'll get her back.
- How can this happen? - What? - Jim, just No, no, no.
It didn't help that we lost one of our own on the table.
Well, he didn't die in surgery, Detective.
He died in the elevator.
There was nothing I could do.
Yeah, well, it's like Colleen said -- we'll get her back.
Manus: They're headed south-southwest.
Now, given their speed and fuel range, I'd say they're headed for the best hiding place in Florida -- the swamps -- that's where I'd go.
All right, I need all tactical units to move south.
I'm e-mailing you the GPS coordinates now.
Go! We'll get her back, Jim.
If my hunch is correct, we already have.
[ All shouting ] Don't shoot! It's not them! It's not them! They switched clothes! They're hostages! [ Panting ] What? The gunmen weren't on the helicopter? You knew about this.
I told you I had a hunch.
Which Greg and Vince swapping places with the hostages just confirmed.
So you deliberately let them take her? Only after I realized their plan was to use Callie as a decoy.
I wanted a manhunt, Colleen.
Now I've got.
Uh, uh, uh.
Where the hell are you going? To find that half-million dollars before they do.
[ Car door closes ] And then they took us to the roof.
And, at the last minute, switched clothes with two of the hostages, swapped me for Jolene, and said that if we told anyone before we landed, they would kill her.
Callie, you can't blame yourself.
You had to do exactly what they told you to do.
We're gonna get Jolene back safely.
The whole time, I just kept thinking of how much of my life I've spent in that hospital -- you know, between working and I had Jeff there.
The possibility of me dying in there -- Callie, you're safe.
You're okay, all right? Look, is there anything that I can do for you? Yeah, can you get someone to give me a ride back? I have some things I need to get together.
I have a really big day tomorrow.
Of course.
Is Callie okay? She's with Manus.
Where are you? Uh, where Daniel sent me -- or rather, where I told him to research and then tell me where to send me.
Their Uncle Junior owed a decade of back taxes.
According to probate court, the state closed on a deal to sell the land to a developer, who's breaking ground in a warehouse on Tuesday.
I'm thinking the money from the heist is on his property.
They knew they couldn't split it and spend it while it was still hot.
My guess is Greg, not trusting his hotheaded brother, Vince, to not spend the marked loot, he moved it from the original hiding spot for insurance.
So Vince had to break Greg out today or lose it to a backhoe.
Yeah, did you get the DNA from under Sullivan's fingernails? You were right about the killer.
I'll call Manus and have her send S.
You sit tight until they arrive.
You got it? Sure thing.
Property of Florida Federal Armored Service.
Thank you, Greg.
Your cold cash just solved my cold case.
Maybe not, Detective.
Drop the gun! Or what? You'll shoot Jolene? Go ahead.
Shoot her.
No, I mean it.
I'll blow her head off.
Well, yeah.
I heard you the first time.
Are you insane? He's got a gun to my head! So I should drop mine so the three of you run off with the money together? Oh.
I forgot to mention -- I kind of worked out that Jolene's not really a hostage.
She's your girlfriend, isn't she, Greg? That's how you knew she had the lighter in her purse.
And who I'm guessing met with Sullivan the night he was murdered for a little canal-side dining of beet salad and wine -- you know, before you killed him.
I didn't kill anybody.
Well, it certainly wasn't Greg.
He was in our lockup.
Although it was Vince's hammer.
But, no -- Sullivan would have been too afraid to have ever met with you.
Plus, he was hit on the right side of the head, which means he was killed by a lefty -- kind of like you, Jolene, which I noticed when I handed you the cash.
Remember? [ Chuckles ] So you lured him down here to get his security card, and then you killed him to tie up that loose end.
Plus, with Sullivan being dead, now you don't have to share the 500 grand with him, huh? That's kind of cool.
And by the look of those scratches and bruises, he didn't go down easy, leaving us skin under Sullivan's fingernails, which tells us that the killer was a woman.
And after we get your DNA, I'm thinking that'll prove that that woman was you.
Whatever, jackass.
Drop your gun.
I should warn you.
I brought S.
There are snipers in the woods ready to take all three of you out.
Nice try, but you're all alone.
You really think I'd be that stupid to come out here without backup? [ Sirens wail ] Well, I knew they'd get here eventually.
There, see? It all worked out for the best.
That's for scaring the shit out of my girl.
[ Groans ] Hey, Cal.
I was just at your home.
You weren't there.
I'm in the E.
Call me? You seen Callie? No.
I'm sorry.
I, uh, I haven't.
Actually, you know what? She's probably already left.
Already left for where? You know, I heard you talking about closures in the parking lot.
If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were doing some downsizing.
Well, certainly in this economy, it's not a surprise.
But Callie still has a job, right? Yeah.
Absolutely, she still has a job.
She's got a nice job offer, with a bump in title and compensation to match.
Well, that's good.
- In Atlanta.
- What? She has a meeting with the hospital's Board of Directors first thing tomorrow morning.
They're offering her a chance to finish med school tuition-free and the title of Director of Nursing Services at the university's teaching hospital.
It's an amazing opportunity.
I'm -- I'm surprised that -- that she didn't mention it to you.
Excuse me.
I'm 15 centimeters tall a single step's a sturdy wall a dark and distant port of call from you I move through a different sort of space a day takes years for me to trace while age redecorates my face it's true ooh-ooh I set my soul to sleep beneath your shoes lord knows I'm tired of thinkin' 'bout you you of thinkin' about you you, you it don't take a champion to talk about how to line yourself in chalk run like hell instead of walk thank you in a cold and mercenary field back bared by reinvented wheels the broken bones you can't conceal poke through ooh-ooh [ Doorbell rings ] I set my soul to sleep beneath your shoes lord knows I'm tired of thinkin' 'bout you you Hey.
You missed your flight.
[ Car door closes ] I, uh, I heard about the offer.
Um, congratulations, by the way.
No, I didn't -- I didn't miss it.
I didn't get on it.
I knew that if I went, they would offer me this amazing opportunity, and I didn't want to explain to them or anyone else why I was turning them down.
You turned them down? I can't be in Atlanta and be here at the same time, and I need to be here.
You do? Yeah, my life's here, and Jeff's life is here, and [Voice breaking] you're here.
Maybe it took having a gun to my head for me to realize this, but I don't want to lose that.
I don't want to walk away from something before I had a chance to get it right.
You want to get it right? Yeah.
I want to get it right.
So you're staying.
Yeah, I'm [sniffles] Yeah, I'm staying.
[ Both chuckle ]