The Glades s03e09 Episode Script


That was great.
Man, that coral nursery's coming back strong.
Who says conservation doesn't work? Thank you.
There you go.
Got it? There you go.
I'm thirsty.
Oh, man.
Did you bring any water? I thought you did.
Um, you know what? I have a water purifier.
I'll be right back.
For some reason, my brain seizes during neurological exams.
In my third year, my brain seized consistently.
It's completely normal.
Can I have my phone back now? So, the other day I had a patient who presented with positive Romberg's signs and a normal achilles reflex.
I was caught between two diagnoses.
Posterior column lesions and - Neuropathy, yeah.
- I've been there.
The best way to tell if the achilles is asymmetric is is to test the right and left side one after another.
A-and do some deep breathing before you start an exam.
It's all nerves.
No pun intended.
Oh, doctor humor.
That's hilarious.
Now, my girlfriend called to talk to me, Carlos.
Carlos says bye.
He has to see a guy about a crushed skull.
And now you're gonna kill me.
You, uh you got to Go.
I used up my whole break talking to Carlos.
No, no, no.
That's, uh that's okay.
We'll talk later.
B Yeah.
Okay, what do we got? White male, early 30s, no I.
Based on liver temp, time of death is between Puncture wounds indicate that the murder weapon had a curved edge.
The killer stunned him and then finished the job off from behind.
No defense wounds or a sign of a struggle.
Okay, people.
Keep your eyes and ears open for wildlife.
Wildlife, Daniel? Endangered species.
This island is only accessible by water and one causeway bridge.
It's been pretty much untouched by humans.
Home to the west Indian manatee, piping plover, five species of sea turtle.
Any animals with large teeth? Bobcat, python.
Wouldn't be surprised if we ran into a panther.
- A panther? - Yeah.
That's it.
I'm out.
Let's get the body back to the substation.
You know who that is? Uh, no, but it sounds like you do.
That's Brian Taylor.
He won $130 million in the Florida State Lottery last year.
How do you know that? I kind of have this obsession with lottery winners.
I find it fascinating how lives can change so completely when you're suddenly able to do or buy anything you want.
Some go on to have amazing lives, - and others - Not so much.
Well, I'd say this winner is in the "not so much" category.
And his luck just ran out.
How does a millionaire end up murdered on a deserted island? Easy, especially if the island isn't that deserted.
- Ha.
Hiking path.
- Oh.
Shall we? You're a Florida native.
Anything you can tell me about these islands? Well, Rubicon Key is part of a chain of islands called Islandia.
A chain of islands called Islandia? - Wow, that's creative.
- Yeah.
In the'60s, a few developers moved onto two of the larger keys in order to create the next big resort towns, and the conservationists ended up fighting with the developers, and today, only three of the keys are owned privately.
The whole thing ended up being a big scam.
This must be one of the privately owned islands.
Or the set of "Apocalypse Now.
" If you see any severed heads on stakes, we should probably turn around.
Who wants to live out here with the predators and the bugs? Well, suits me just fine.
If you don't like it, you can leave.
Or I can get my hunting rifle.
Or you can tell us who you are before I get my gun out.
Neil Gannon.
I own this island.
You two need water.
Well, I think he really likes us.
Yeah, maybe he'll put out a cheese plate.
Not exactly island-resort wear.
Yeah, how do you walk around in heavy boots in this humidity? Only an idiot trudges through rough, island terrain in heels.
Or sneakers.
The water's fine.
I just got to change the filter.
You ever seen this guy? No.
You live here alone? Yes.
Do you think maybe living alone has made you a little antisocial? His name is Brian Taylor.
He was murdered on your island today.
The only people who were here were you and the two marine biologists who found him.
Yeah, well, jackasses come on my island all the time without permission You know, botanists, bird watchers, cops.
Bill Kowolski.
What's he, like, a relative or something? I collect old junk.
Just gives the place a homey feel.
Definitely getting that "homey" feel.
Did you hear or see any of those jackasses on your island this morning? Never left the house.
What? Today or ever? I'm not a shut-in, detective.
I just hate people.
Enough to kill them if they come trespassing on your island? Mr.
Gannon, I take it since you never left your house, you were here Just me and my thoughts.
Any way you can verify that for us? Didn't I just do that? Okay.
For now.
Just no sudden trips without checking with us first.
The mainland lost its allure for me a long time ago, detective.
You need to talk to me, you know where you can find me.
I'm trying to organize a trip out to Atlanta this weekend.
Tried talking to you earlier, but Carlos can be so chatty.
I would love that, but next weekend's not good.
And now is not any better.
I have to start my rounds in like two seconds.
Seems like lately every time I talk to you, it's a bad time.
I know.
I'm sorry.
These board exams are completely consuming my life.
I-I know you're frustrated.
And me too.
I'll call you tomorrow during my study break? Yeah.
No, I'll I'll talk to you then.
What? Would you like to get back to our murder investigation? Well, I could ask you the same thing.
Since when do medical examiners earn enough to buy 80-foot yachts? This one could be the winner.
You do know statistically, you're more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery.
You know what they say, amigo A dollar and a dream.
They also say be careful what you wish for.
Just ask Brian Taylor.
Well, have you firmed up cause of death? Blunt-force trauma to the head.
But I found something else.
His liver and kidney are mush.
That a technical term? It is when your organs look like this.
Really? Deterioration happened recently and very fast.
Tox reports came back clean, except for the presence of Paxil, a common antidepressant.
But it still wouldn't have this effect on his organs.
Well, that's depressing.
Man wins $130 million, and he's depressed? The victim also had elevated sodium and urea nitrogen, which are signs of dehydration.
Well, fresh water's pretty scarce on the island.
Doesn't dehydration affect the liver? His levels weren't high enough to do that kind of damage.
I'm thinking he ingested a poison.
Well, Daniel's working with the coast guard to see if maybe he was shipwrecked.
Maybe he didn't have any provisions, so he started munching on plants.
I already have Daniel doing some research on what grows on the island.
Brian may have died from this blow to the head, but he was hours away from his body shutting down.
The poison in his system was killing him.
Brian Taylor was borderline destitute when he won the lottery.
The cash influx turned him into a mini real-estate mogul.
Among other things, he owned a $10 million house in Palm Beach, a ranch in Jackson Hole, and a condo in Manhattan.
Who's his next of kin? Uh, his younger brother, Lucas Taylor, sole heir to his fortune.
Daniel ran Brian's cellphone.
He made one phone call two hours before he died.
Let me guess To his brother, Lucas? The police have already informed him of his brother's death.
Well, let's go see what this grieving new millionaire has to say for himself.
Ever wonder what a million dollars' worth of cars looks like? They still just get you from point "a" to point "b.
" Uh, point "a" to point "b" in style.
Okay, well, what would you buy if you won the lottery? Oh, that's easy.
Castle in Scotland, house on Pebble Beach.
Winter and summer sorted.
All for the joy of golf.
Oh, yeah.
Yet something tells me if you won, you'd still stay on the job.
Oh, but you wouldn't? I'd like to think that I'd walk away, but, yeah, deep down, I know I'd stay.
What would Mike say about that? He'd think I'm nuts, but he already thinks what I do is nuts.
Oh, what we do is nuts.
Oh, like flying around in 50 tons of metal and jet fuel is sane? Besides, I'm not sure how much longer it's gonna be an issue.
What the hell is that? Okay.
I win the lottery, I'm getting one of those.
Oh, hell no.
I'm getting one of those! It's like a kid in a candy store.
Hey! Hey, Lucas! Hey! Cut it off.
Sorry, I can't I can't hear you.
Cut it off.
Sorry, man.
I couldn't I couldn't hear you.
You want to give it a try? Oh, wow.
Um, no.
Maybe later.
- And we're very sorry for your loss.
- Yeah.
I'm just trying to keep from thinking about it.
Well, all your brother's millions now yours That must help keep your mind off your brother's murder, huh? I don't care about the money.
Or the things it buys you.
- You live here with your brother? - Yeah.
Look, my brother's the only family I have, detective.
I'd give this all up to have him back.
Phone records indicate that Brian called you yesterday.
What'd you guys talk about? We didn't.
I mean, he called, but he didn't leave a message, and I haven't seen him in a few days.
Any idea why he'd be on that island alone? No.
Or you do, and maybe he wasn't on the island alone.
Maybe you were there with him.
I haven't left the house since Friday.
Ask the neighbors.
They complained about the noise all weekend.
Look, my brother just kind of takes off sometimes, you know? Checks out? Like his way of of dealing with it all.
Dealing with all of what? The money.
Sounds terrible.
Well, good news is all that money is now your problem.
He seemed genuinely upset.
Yeah, but is it because his brother's dead or because he's a suspect in his murder? Coast guard recovered Brian's boat, Lulu's Dream, about a mile down shore from where his body was found.
No evidence of foul play, and it appears he was traveling alone.
Lulu's Dream? Any chance there was a Lulu in Brian's background? Uh, no.
But I was curious to see if anyone other than Neil Gannon was living on Rubicon Key.
There aren't any registered residents, but satellite images from two days ago show what looks like a campsite.
I'm thinking maybe it was Brian.
Well, if Brian was camping out, why was he there, and how come no one knew? "B.
" Rich people love putting their initials on all their possessions.
Yeah, well, at least we know it's Brian's campsite.
Hey, look.
Got something.
Looks like legal documents, but it's too charred to see anything.
Why would he bring this to a campsite? Well, let's give it to Daniel to work his magic, see if he can pull out more of the text.
I know that label.
It's a $7 volcanic springwater from Iceland.
Well, when you got more money than sense, I guess you got to spend it on something.
Overpriced water's as good as anything.
At least he thought to bring it.
I haven't seen any fresh water around here.
Brian's autopsy said he was dehydrated.
That's a lot of dead ants.
So we're gonna take this bottle in for forensic testing.
Is that blood? Yeah.
Looks like it.
And boot prints.
Boot prints everywhere.
There's only one somebody on this island that actually wears boots Our angry recluse, Neil Gannon.
"Forever Young" "Summer Thing And The Blues.
" How the hell did you end up writing young-adult romance novels? I don't like to talk about my writing.
No, I-I don't blame you.
hormonal teenagers and their weepy fantasies? It wasn't my ideal path to success, but it allowed me to buy a piece of islandia.
And the privacy's helping me focus on serious writing and my real life's work.
Serious writing, like the great American novel that keeps getting rejected over and over again? So it must have really pissed you off when Brian disturbed your disturbing artistic solitude.
If I had run into this Brian guy, then I would have asked him to leave, not kill him.
Oh, so threatening us with a hunting rifle That was just out of character.
No, I have the right to defend my property, and I like being alone.
That doesn't make me a murderer.
Well, then how do you explain your boot prints being all over Brian's campsite? Along with traces of his blood.
And, unless you're forgetting, that you're the only person I can place on the island at the time of the murder.
I was at the campsite.
Oh, you were at the campsite.
I told him he was on private property and that he needed to leave, and that was it.
Didn't lay a hand on him.
You exchange any words other than "get off my lawn"? The guy was a kook.
Started spouting some gibberish about how he bought my island.
"Bought your island"? Why would he say that? Maybe it had something to do with the annoying realtor lady that hounded me all year.
She kept showing up with gift baskets, trying to get me to sell.
I told her no, slammed the door in her face, and threw the junk from her gift baskets in my compost and recycle bins.
She sounds persistent.
This annoying realtor lady have a name? Meghan something.
Something? Meghan Connor.
Nice legs.
Perky ass.
That's all I remember.
Oh, hey.
If you got to remember something, right? Nice legs.
Perky ass.
That's her.
Can I help you? Uh, yeah.
We're here about Brian Taylor.
He was murdered yesterday.
Oh, my God.
What happened? Someone bashed his skull in.
Oh, that's horrible.
I know.
I'd be upset, too, if I lost 30% on everything I convinced Brian into buying.
Excuse me? Yeah, records show that you charged him 30% did he ever complain about your sky-high commissions? I work hard for my clients, detective.
When Brian came into money, he needed sound advice, not hype.
And I-I pulled back on my other business to give him the education and time he needed to make good decisions and invest properly.
Brian trusted me to find him the cream of investment properties.
Just not Rubicon Key.
Well, not for lack of trying, but that That nasty writer, he wouldn't even hear an offer.
And I-I tried to show Brian other islands.
I-I even reached out to Johnny Depp's people, but all he wanted was Rubicon Key.
He was obsessed.
Do you know why Brian was camping out there? Or why he told Neil Gannon that he owned the island? None.
None whatsoever.
No, I was very clear with Brian.
I tried, but Mr.
Gannon wasn't interested in selling.
Where were you yesterday late morning? Sprucing up a property before an open house.
Sprucing when you could have been, uh, grinding those big, fat 30% commissions out of Brian? Brian agreed to our arrangement.
There was nothing illegal about it.
Yeah, but it is a little opportunistic and a little bit greedy.
I'm a businesswoman, detective.
And I always negotiate the best deal for myself.
Now, if there's nothing else, I have a showing.
Thank you.
Oh, God, please tell me that I didn't forget a shift.
Oh, no, no.
You're good.
Callie, look, we started off on the wrong foot.
I started off on the wrong foot.
I was a total ass, and I want to make it up to you.
That's really sweet, but it's completely unnecessary.
I was a complete witch, and you know it.
Um, you want to come in? Uh How about the stool? Get this out of your way.
I, um I know there's probably a million better ways to do this, but since the event is tonight, I'm inviting you Insisting, actually That you join me as my way of making it up to you.
Join you? Sybus industries is launching a new line of stinted tissue valves.
Stinted tissue valves.
A 30-minute presentation followed by free food and booze.
And for third-year medical students, a great chance to network.
Did I mention the part about the free food and booze? You did.
And, no, that sounds great.
It's just my boards are in less than a week.
Callie, trust me.
I've seen too many people burn out studying.
I was one of them.
What you need is a break from it all so that everything you've been cramming in there has a chance to sink in.
I have kind of been going around in circles.
What the hell? I'm in.
Hey, Daniel, did you get my update? I do, yeah.
I couldn't find that olive oil hand cream you were asking about, so I substituted it with your second choice, - the rose salve.
- Good call.
No, I'm I'm sending Callie a gift basket with all her favorite things, let her know I'm thinking about her, you know? Hey, I got the idea from Meghan Connor, all right? You sure you didn't do it just to make the rest of us look bad? Oh, I'm pretty sure you can handle that on your own.
Handle what on your own? Oh, uh, testing of Brian's liver tissue against organic poisons from the island, but, um, nothing yet.
But did you get anything from the $7 bottle of volcanic springwater? There's a thousand different poisons.
I need to identify the poison in his organs first.
I went through the rest of Brian and Lucas' financials.
He invested a million dollars in Lucas' sunglass business.
Three months later, he went belly-up.
- Why doesn't that surprise me? - Oh, that's not all.
Brian signed over power of attorney to Lucas, giving him control over all the money.
But after the sunglass disaster, Brian revoked Lucas' power of attorney.
Not a great vote of confidence.
It was a total breakdown in trust.
Brian's lawyer also told me that, in addition to losing all confidence in his brother's business-making decisions, he was having a new will drawn up to take Lucas out of it.
So younger brother gets cut off at the knees, gets cut out of the money.
He takes big brother into the forest, and as the old story goes, Cain kills Abel.
Those sunglasses your own design? These? Yeah.
Got a storage unit full of them.
Think the FDLE might like them? What for? To stop criminals dead in their tracks from laughter? You come all this way just to rub my failures in my face? No, I'm pretty sure that Brian already did that when he cut you off and took away your power of attorney.
Then add all the insult to injury by counting you out of his will.
I'm a grown-up.
I can stand on my own two feet.
Yeah, just not very well.
I mean, that's why Brian was cutting you out of his life, right? So you cut him out of yours first.
I didn't kill my brother, detective, and I already told you I don't care about the money.
Yeah, well, given your last investment, I'm not surprised.
Believe it or not, I have a business degree, and I'm family.
Brian didn't trust some stranger controlling his money, and at least I tried to keep the long line of moochers at bay.
Being one of those moochers, you must have had a bird's-eye view.
You know, I can't even take myself seriously.
Anyone else on that moochers list? These are all letters from people asking Brian for money.
Some are stupid.
Some are just pathetic.
He got like 50 marriage proposals.
Everyone wanted a piece of him.
Well, maybe that's why Brian wanted to live alone on an island.
Did you have any idea that Meghan was trying to buy him one? Meghan would have sold him Disney world if she could.
She never gave up.
You ultimately had control over what he bought, right? No, he made the decisions.
I just made sure the money was in escrow.
If he was trying to buy an island, I didn't know anything about that.
Who's the girl? Brian's high-school crush, Lourdes.
Let me guess nickname Lulu? She died in an accident.
He never got over her.
Like I said, he had trouble letting things go.
Hey, where'd you get that? The water? Yeah.
Meghan Connor.
It was in those gift baskets she hands out.
Every time she'd close a deal, she'd bring Brian a whole basket full of these.
Good news.
I finally I.
'd the poison in Brian's system.
Amanita virosa, or "destroying angel.
" It's a mushroom that releases amatoxin, which is what damaged Brian's liver and kidney.
So he was deliberately poisoned.
There wasn't any trace in his stomach, so it's inconclusive.
I'm running further tests, but it still requires some kind of delivery system.
Uh, like a bottle of overpriced water? What part of "running further tests" is confusing to you? Wouldn't he have tasted it? It's tasteless.
Most poisonous mushrooms are.
So anyone can go on the Internet and find info on these destroying angels.
That's what I did.
Manus is getting Daniel a warrant for the suspects'computers.
We're checking to see if anyone has researched poisonous mushrooms.
I was finally able to print images from those photographic plates I got off those charred documents you found at the murder site.
That's a real-estate document.
Escrow papers, to be exact.
Name of the realtor Meghan Connor.
Buyer Brian Taylor.
For Rubicon Key.
for a sale of $20 million.
And Meghan was getting another 30% commission.
Wait, so Neil did sell the island.
I checked with the city.
The paperwork was never filed, not even notarized.
The documents are completely fake.
Which call all her transactions into question.
Meghan was a listing agent on every one of Brian Taylor's property sales, going back this entire last year.
Starting last year, after he won the lottery.
She was playing the long con Building trust to set up Brian For the sale of an island that wasn't hers to sell.
Look at that picture.
That's over a year ago.
Meghan used to be a brunette.
That's not all she used to be.
Scroll through all of her realtor head shots.
That's quite the transformation.
The final lab results are in.
Trace evidence of a distilled solution of amatoxin was definitely in the designer bottle of water that you found at the crime scene.
So someone was trying to poison him.
And as far as twists in murder cases go, this one is quite the Lulu.
Detectives, how can I help you? Yeah, do you have any more of that expensive Icelandic water? Uh, I'm all out.
What is this about? Brian being poisoned from water from one of those bottles.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Brian went to what he thought was his own island, with those fake escrow papers that you gave him.
He argued with Neil.
He showed Neil those papers.
Neil tells Brian that there is no way he sold Brian his island or anyone else.
But only after you cashed your 30% commission check A $7 million payday for you.
So Brian threatens to report you for fraud, and suddenly, you can't wait for the poison to kill him.
You got to crush his skull.
Look I didn't con Brian, and I-I certainly didn't kill him.
I was in love with him.
Well, in love with his money, anyway.
And at first, you were fine just raking Brian over the coals with those 30% commissions, but then you thought, why chip away at his fortune when you could have it all? So you dyed your hair.
You went under the knife.
You thought you could steal his millions by stealing his heart and morphing into the love of his life.
Okay, look, I just I wanted him to be happy.
And it may have been about the money at first, but I I really grew to love Brian.
He was this really sad guy with such a big heart And I just I thought I could make him happy.
But instead, you made him dead.
I didn't kill Brian.
I was in love with him.
And as far as those bottles of water go, I'd given hundreds away in gift baskets, more than a dozen to Neil Gannon in the last three months, Trying to convince him to sell.
I looked into Lourdes' death.
Now, the investigation was eventually ruled an accident, but tips from a high-school friend called the accident into question, and for a while, it was treated as a homicide.
A high-school friend.
Maybe Brian Taylor? Yeah.
Who admitted to police that he wasn't there at the actual time of her death but was convinced that her drowning in the Micanopy rock pit was no accident.
Uh, Micanopy? And what the hell is a rock pit? Uh, yeah.
It's a, um A rock quarry filled with water.
Sometimes there are air pockets, and a person could get sucked under.
Well, uh, was there a prime suspect in this accident which was probably a murder? Uh, yeah.
He was a high-school wrestling champion.
Bill Kowolski.
Ring any bells? Yeah.
Only these days, Bill likes to go with a more literary-sounding name Neil Gannon.
We got a runner.
Possibly armed, definitely dangerous.
Name is Neil Gannon.
Goes by - Bill Kowolski.
- Bill Kowolski.
Got it.
Copy that.
FHP is blocking off the causeway.
Well, his boat's still here in dock, which means he's somewhere on this island.
You didn't happen to bring a machete with you, did you? Mm.
Unfortunately, I left those back at the station with my more sensible shoes.
Done for the day? Done and exhausted.
Hey, that was fun the other night.
Yeah, it was.
And you were so right about taking a break and just letting it all sink in.
That's exactly what I needed.
You ready for the big push? Yep.
The books are calling.
I am turning off my phone and going into lockdown mode.
Been there.
You'll make it through.
Hey, thanks for everything.
You bet.
Good luck.
Can someone sign for this? Expecting a call? No, I just, uh Well, I sent Callie a gift basket.
You know, just trying to let her know that I'm thinking about her.
I'm sure she's just busy.
So, uh, what do you think's really going on between Neil and Brian? High-school rivals, maybe.
Maybe, like, a love triangle involving Lulu.
I mean, Lucas said she was Brian's crush.
My guess is that Neil the stud wrestler beat out invisible Brian for Lulu's affections.
And Brian's been holding a torch for her all this time.
Well, I guess you can't help who you fall in love with.
Yeah, you, uh You mentioned before that things weren't exactly awesome between you and Mike? Oh, yeah.
It's nothing I couldn't have predicted.
Oh, no.
We didn't end it.
We just should.
He's sort of married.
I didn't know at first, either.
But, uh, by the time he told me, I was in love.
Yeah, that's definitely gonna catch you flat-footed.
Believe me, I wasn't okay with it, but he persisted, and he and his wife have decided to hang in there until their daughter graduates high school.
Oh, wow.
That's kind of civil.
Oh, God, this heat.
Okay, that's it.
I can't take this humidity anymore.
Now what? Move forward.
Seriously? How deep is it? It can't be that deep.
Yeah, see? Ankle-deep.
I can see the vine.
Well, yeah, how do you know it doesn't just drop off like 5 feet or something? One way to find out.
Really? Huh.
See? Come on.
- Ooh! - Yeah.
Oh! Nice.
What? We're almost there.
Yeah, just keep walking before we get attacked by piranhas or something.
Uh, piranhas are in the Amazon.
All right, yeah, fine.
You did such a good job gauging the depth of this stream.
Now you're some expert on flesh-eating fish? Just stick to solving crimes, okay,'cause Are you okay? Are you laughing? No, no, no, no.
I'm not lau Yeah, fine.
At least I'm not hot anymore, hmm? And for the record, I tripped on something, okay? Right.
It's a big I tripped on Looks like one of those folding camping shovels.
With a curved edge.
I would say we just found the murder weapon.
Looks like somebody dropped it in the stream so that nobody would find it.
Maybe there's blood trace.
Well, it's been in the water a couple of days.
Everything's probably washed away.
Maybe we'll get some prints from it.
Hey, look.
One of Meghan's gift baskets.
What was that? That was probably nothing.
Go! Go, go, go, go, go! Okay, what do we do? Well, I don't know.
I'm from Chicago.
Shoot it! Good idea.
Oh! - Seriously? - My gun.
It must have fallen out when I climbed the tree.
There it is.
Where? There.
There? Beside the panther? Nice kitty.
Whoa! All right, what do you think? You distract him while I make a run for it? And let it eat us both? Whoa.
Down, kitty.
Down, kitty.
Do you have any idea how fast a panther can run? Uh, no.
Do you? Well, no, but I'm gonna go with really fast.
Especially when it's hungry and its only food source is stuck up a tree.
What do we do now?! Oh Sheila, down.
Sheila, down.
Down, girl.
Sheila, what do you got there? Baby? You know you're trespassing, don't you? Well, yeah.
I mean, but only'cause we had to come and arrest you for murder.
Yeah, and before you get any ideas, we've got 30 armed agents surrounding you and your panther.
Oh, you mean those two fat sheriffs you got waving people off my causeway? You see, I know every inch of this island, detectives.
It's just you, me, and Sheila here.
Eh, baby? Go.
Go! Well, there's no sense dragging Sheila into this.
Well, not exactly sure what you mean by "this," but I'll take it.
Hey, look.
Sheila's back.
Come here.
Listen, I didn't kill anyone! Anyone other than Sheila that can back you up on that? Why'd you lock up your house? Just tired of being bothered by you people.
I just want to get out and clear my head.
Or maybe you were gonna get while the gettin's good.
Is that why you lied about who you really are, Bill? Like, maybe if we figured out that you went to school with Brian, we'd figure out that Brian hated your guts and blamed you for Lulu's death.
What happened to Lourdes was an accident.
We were dumb kids, and we shouldn't have been swimming in a rock pit, but I didn't kill her.
I felt responsible.
Listen, Brian never could let go, but I suffered, too.
And that's probably why I changed my name, maybe why I write romance novels for a living.
Now I'm trying to make my own happy ending.
Oh, yeah? Well, what about Brian's happy ending? I mean, you profited off of Lulu's tragedy with your, uh, teen love stories.
And he won the lottery, figured he'd get you back.
And best way to get you back was take away your island.
Steal your happiness the way you stole his.
So, you needed to shut him up, stop him from blaming you once and for all.
So first, you poison his water that you got from the baskets from that annoying realtor You know, the one with the perky ass.
And then silenced him for good with the shovel.
No! That is not what happened.
Listen, I tried to reason with Brian.
I apologized again for what happened to Lourdes at the rock pit, but he was acting all weird.
Weird, like how? Like out of it.
It was like something was wrong with him.
Listen, I didn't give him any water, too.
I threw those bottles in my recycle bins along with the rest of her junk.
I swear to you, I didn't hurt Brian! I felt sorry for the guy.
I thought if I left him alone, then he'd just, you know, come to his senses and leave.
I swear to you, he was alive when I left him.
I was just about to call you.
I got that warrant from Manus and downloaded all the Internet search history from our suspects.
Let me guess It wasn't from a guy that had washed his hands of society.
And from the way they describe this death, you'd have to really hate someone to kill him with these mushrooms.
It's pretty gruesome.
Or love someone enough to try and save him from that gruesome death.
Okay, Neil.
So you didn't kill Brian.
But I'm guessing someone really wanted to kill you.
My intern checked the search history on your laptop.
You researched everything you could on destroying angels.
You chose that mushroom because it was such a painful death.
You wanted Neil Gannon, aka Bill Kowolski, to suffer the way your brother had suffered his whole life over Lourdes'death.
You saw that this obsession with the man he blamed for her death only got worse with the money, so you intended to kill Neil Gannon to end your brother's misery.
And, then, you also knew that Meghan was putting the hard sell on Neil.
You knew the way that she did that was with all these gift baskets, so all you had to do was replace one of the water bottles with water that you poisoned.
But what you didn't count on was Neil throwing everything in the trash or that your brother would move out there, not knowing that water was hard to come by.
So he's desperate.
He starts searching the island.
He finds Neil's recycle bin, and he drinks the poisoned water you intended for Neil.
And you lied about that call to your brother.
You did speak with him.
You heard that he was delirious and in pain.
You wanted to help him, so you went out there, but he was too far gone.
So you had to put him out of his misery.
You reached for the camp shovel.
First blow to the head wasn't hard enough, so you couldn't bring yourself to do it, so you smacked him in the back of the head so you wouldn't have to look him in the face! After my brother won the money All he cared about was getting back at Bill.
I mean, he won the lottery.
Everyone dreams of winning the lottery.
For Brian, that that dream became his nightmare.
And I knew that as long as Bill was alive Brian wasn't gonna be able to put her death behind him, or ever be happy.
I just wanted my brother to be happy, detective.
That's all I ever wanted.
Love, love hazelnuts.
They don't put them in gift baskets anymore.
I know.
Double-chocolate-covered espresso beans.
These are my favorite.
Rose salve? Whose basket is this, anyway? I don't see a card.
"Thought you needed a little comfort.
Love, Jim.
" I'm the worst girlfriend on the planet.
That distinction goes to the girlfriend of the guy with the 2-inch puncture wound in his foot from her stiletto.
He was watching the game.
She wanted to go out to dinner.
She's crazy, but I'm the worst.
Jim, I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
I just got the gift basket.
Oh, no, that's, uh That's okay.
I mean, I know you've been busy studying, so I love it.
Thank you.
And I haven't been studying the whole time.
Miranda actually convinced me to go to this medical-sales-mixer thing with her.
A m-mixer? Totally lame.
A bunch of egotistical doctors showing off and bringing back dance moves from the'80s.
But it was definitely needed.
Uh, no, that's, uh That's good.
I'm I'm glad.
Um, good.
W are we okay? Yeah.
No, we're fine.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Code blue.
We have a code blue.
Room 2.
Let's go.
Cardiac arrest, room two.
Let's get a crash cart down here.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
No, uh, yeah, I hear that.
Let's get an assistant down here.
Are you leaving? Can I ask you something? How do you and Mike work it out when you're so far apart? Um Honestly, he and I haven't.
I used the distance to figure out what it is that I really want.
And I realized that it was never gonna work out.
Either he was never gonna leave his wife, or I would stop wanting him to.
I can't date somebody that I don't trust.
He lied to his family.
He lied to me.
I'll know when the right guy comes along.
Mike wasn't it.
Daniel won $100 in the lottery.
He's gonna take everybody out for beers.
Do you want to go? You know, uh, I'm not really up for that tonight.
I think I'm just gonna go home.