The Glades s03e10 Episode Script

Endless Summer

Oh, my God.
Simpson, age 43.
He has a history of coronary artery disease and hypertension.
He came in presenting with substernal chest pain.
Hi, Jim.
Hold on a sec.
Uh, we're rolling him out for myocardial infarction.
Heart attack.
That doesn't sound good.
I'm just signing off the night shift.
It's kind of crazy here.
So, not a good time to talk, then.
I'm trying to rush out.
You sound like you could use some sleep.
I would love some Except I have to go home and study.
Miranda said she was gonna help me.
Well, uh, you sound like you got a lot on your plate, so - Why? Is something wrong? - No.
No, it's just I miss you, is all.
I miss you, too, but I promise After today, we'll be through the worst of it.
I'll call you the minute I come up for air.
Well That was fast.
- Jim? - Oh.
- We need you on the scene.
- Yeah.
I got it.
Rough night? FDLE has me up in this cheesy economy hotel.
Beds from hell.
Wake up every morning feeling like I got hit by a truck.
Well, you certainly don't look like someone who's been hit by a truck.
I mean, you know, for someone who hasn't had much sleep, I mean Kind of like her.
Late-night beach party ends with a romp with a sand sifter? She was already dead by the time the sifter got here, which, according to her liver temp, was between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning.
She has a nasty gash in her upper leg, some scrapes and bruises.
- Like from a fight? - Maybe.
I'll know more once I get her on the table.
Looks like her body was scooped up in the sifter and dragged.
So the point of attack could have been anywhere along the shoreline.
Any cellphone, wallet, jewelry to help with the I.
? Daniel's checking the beach out now.
Uh, excuse me.
He's already looked all around.
Oh, yeah? Well, just not very well.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that that belongs to our victim.
"Wyndermere grand resorts.
" So maybe she went for an early-morning swim, got attacked on the way back.
No signs of a wallet or a cellphone on the beach.
See that hotel? Take a photo of our victim over there and see if she was a guest.
Wait so no cellphone, wallet, or jewelry Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you're thinking that maybe this is connected to the rash of tourist robberies up and down the coast.
Somebody's been hitting the beach after sunrise, stealing valuables left behind by surfers and swimmers.
Valuables? That's a pretty big leap from petty theft to murder.
Unless she fought back, as in those cuts and bruises that you're gonna check out.
Three weeks ago, a tourist in Delray Beach fought back and was so brutally attacked, he could only provide sketchy details of his attacker.
Which means whoever it was - Is still out there.
- Or was just here recently.
- Robbery to assault.
- And now murder.
Which we definitely don't want on the tourist brochures.
And which also means that we better find this thief-turned-murderer pretty fast before someone else takes a permanent vacay.
Manager identified the victim as Brenda Jackson from Denver, Colorado.
She was staying here alone, moved in two weeks ago, and was due to check out tomorrow.
But instead, she checked out today.
Well, looks like she was into surfing.
And photography.
That's an expensive camera.
All right, so no cellphone, room key, wallet, which confirms that the killer probably made off with it during the attack.
Daniel, put out a fraud alert on her credit cards.
Anyone uses it, I want to know about it.
Oh, and contact the manager.
I want surveillance for the entire period of her stay.
The killer might have stayed here and then followed her out onto the beach.
On it.
Oh, wow.
Oh, you like firm? Oh, yeah.
Firm rocks my world.
You? Yeah.
I'm good with firm.
What do you say we take it as evidence and take it back to my room? Oh, I got a better idea.
Why don't you throw around that fancy title of yours, get the hotel to give you an upgrade? Are you suggesting that I exploit my position? Well, what's the point of having a fancy title if you can't, you know, exploit it a little? Yeah, what the hell? I mean, I'm gonna be here for a few more weeks evaluating your performance.
Might as well be comfortable.
My performance.
How am I doing? Oh, uh, you know, better.
Really? Just good? Really, really good.
Well, so, you're pleased.
Cause of death was exsanguination.
Her femoral artery was severed.
So, based on the wound, the murder weapon was a slightly curved serrated blade, approximately five to seven inches long.
She bled out in less than three minutes.
A weird place to stick someone.
Most stabbings are to the neck or chest.
Suggesting it was some sort of accident or act of rage.
Defense wounds indicate she definitely went down fighting.
There was nothing under her nails for DNA testing, unfortunately.
I just got off the phone with Brenda Jackson's ex-husband, an ad executive in Seattle.
He was pretty distraught.
He said that even though they didn't have kids, they were still close, stayed in touch.
This ex have an alibi? He was running a half marathon this morning.
It was broadcast on the local news.
Did he have any clue why Brenda was in Florida? Taking a well-deserved vacation.
She owned a successful chain of women's snowboard apparel called Border Girlz.
- Border Girlz? - Mm-hmm.
I remember Addy mentioning that company to me Something about child labor and illegal sweatshops.
Her friends were signing a petition against it.
Well, according to the ex, when Brenda found out about the exploitation, she shut the factory down and started up a foundation for abused and at-risk children.
Detective? We just got a call from fraud alert.
Someone was just caught using Brenda Jackson's credit card at a snack shop on the beach.
Uniforms are on their way over.
It's okay, guys.
We got it from here.
Got what? I already told these guys it's my mom's credit card.
She told me I could borrow it.
Uh, your mom? And your name is? Blake.
Okay, Blake.
First of all, the woman who owns this credit card She didn't have kids.
And secondly, I doubt she told you or anyone else you could use her card, because she's dead.
- Dead? - Yeah.
She was found murdered on the beach this morning.
And since you're the only one with her credit card, you're our number-one suspect.
Wait, look, I didn't kill anyone.
I swear.
I found the credit card on the street by the hotel.
I go over there every morning, and I pass out fliers.
And maybe lift some jewelry while you're at it.
My dad gave me this necklace.
Okay, well, now I'm gonna have to take it so I can confirm that.
No way! I can't take it off.
He said it's bad luck if I take it off.
Even worse luck refusing to do what a homicide cop tells you to do.
Hey, I promise we're not gonna break it, okay? No! I can't.
He made it especially for me.
The pearl is my birthstone for June, and the gold represents family unity.
Okay, well, this represents my authority to take you and your medallion in for questioning.
Hey! Hey! Get your hands off my little brother! What the hell's going on? - And you are? - Dane Westing.
Well, Dane Westing, your little brother - was caught using a stolen credit card.
- He'd never do that.
And we think he might have stolen that necklace.
Our dad made that necklace for him.
Everyone in the family has one.
Okay, where's yours? Uh, I don't - I don't wear it when I'm surfing.
- "Surfing.
" That a euphemism for going through tourists' stuff while they're out in the ocean? Yeah, there's been a rash of robberies up and down the coast.
We had nothing to do with that.
Oh, well, that's a load off.
And if you had nothing to do with that, maybe you had nothing to do with the murder of the woman whose credit card he was using.
You think my 10-year-old brother had something to do with that? That's hilarious.
You're right.
That is hilarious.
You're a much better suspect.
What? Wait.
Look, guys, I've already told you.
I was surfing Sebastian inlet.
I was out at first light.
Anyone who can confirm that? What about your parents? They know you and your brother are hanging out at the beach in hotels, looking for trouble? No one's looking for trouble.
All right? And it's just Eddie Eddie Ryder, my dad, retired surf champion.
We travel up and down the coast giving surf lessons to tourists.
Up and down the coast like maybe Delray Beach? Delray? Yeah, sure.
Why? You ever seen our victim before? I'll take that attempt not to react as a yes.
You know, whatever, man.
Yeah, she came and got some surf lessons from my dad's shop.
Doesn't mean anybody in my family killed her.
No, but it does suggest that the last person to handle her credit card was your dad.
And if by family, if you mean this ragtag group of kids running around unsupervised.
Hey! Eddie's good people, man, all right? He's an awesome dad.
No one's running around here unsupervised.
Awesome in that "Jimmy Jones Cult" type of way.
And his little surf safari here actually make for a perfect cover for your little gang of petty thieves.
I think I just found the big kahuna.
Hey! What the hell's going on?! Hey.
It's okay.
Calm down.
- Why is my son in the back of that car?! - Calm down! - Back off! - It's okay, buddy.
I got you.
You were told to back off! Eddie Ryder, Detective Longworth.
Looks like you just caught your last wave.
How was I supposed to know that you guys were cops? All I saw was my kid in the back seat of a strange car.
I thought you were someone that my ex-wife had sent to pick up Blake.
Does that happen often? Your ex-wife sending officials to come and pick up your son? Look, whatever, man.
My kids are great kids.
Every one of them's in school.
They all have jobs, and they all contribute.
Oh, no, I saw them contributing to the "Eddie Ryder" "I don't have to work for a living" fund out the back of your shop.
That was money they got for surf lessons that I get for the booking.
And what about Dane and the rest of these kids? I mean, they can't all be yours.
Blake's my only biological kid.
The rest are all emancipated minors.
"Emancipated minors"? All 15 or older, all from troubled homes, who need a roof over their head and someone who can breathe some life back into their hopes and dreams.
And that would be you, I take it.
Well, not having the parents around I guess that makes it easier for you.
Not easier for me, man, for them.
Like how? These kids love to surf.
It's their life, okay? And not every parent gets that.
Before I found the sport, I was definitely heading down the wrong path, and surfing saved my life.
Says the man handcuffed to a rack full of beat-up surfboards.
Listen, some of these kids are so good, they're already making noise on the pro circuit.
- As in money? - Yeah.
And I know firsthand how money and the temptations of a big endorsement can turn your head and make you lose your purpose in life.
Oh, so they find purpose in you, using your to pied Piper them into doing your bidding? So Brenda catches one of your kids stealing a credit card, so you steal her last breath? I already told you I don't know anything about her murder, okay? And I have no idea how Blake ended up with her credit card.
Well, you did charge her for those surfing lessons, right? And did she use the same instructor all the time, - like maybe - Oh Her? That's Katie.
She's one of my best instructors.
Is she one of your "kids"? She's not my real kid, but Katie's still my little girl.
We'll start with her.
Oh, and where were you from I was in my workshop shaping a board.
I teach all my kids how to shape and design their own boards.
We're gonna need all their names, socials, and date of births.
Come on, man, these kids have had a tough life, okay? You really think I'm gonna sit back and let you guys keep hounding them with questions? Really? You're in custody, and you're still pushing? There isn't anything I wouldn't do to protect my children.
Well, that's one way to get their loyalty.
Or should I say silence? All right, the pop-up should be one single, fluid motion.
Don't worry if you can't get it the first few times.
It's actually a lot easier on a real wave.
Registration's up by the office.
We're not here for a lesson.
All right, you guys.
Keep practicing your form and balance, and I'll be right back.
- So, this is about Brenda, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Word travels fast on the beach.
- Oh, good.
And as one of the last people to see her alive, you can give us your alibi.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Well, I didn't have classes this morning, so I started to shape my new board.
Well, what about yesterday? You see her then? No.
It's not like I saw her every day.
I gave her a few lessons.
I mean, we weren't friends or anything.
Really? 'Cause you kind of seem chummy here, as in out-of-class chummy.
Yeah, well, tips are better when you're chummy.
Well, that doesn't look so chummy.
Yeah, I wiped out surfing.
Board flipped in the air, caught me on the way down.
So, you didn't get it from fighting with Brenda? Fighting about what? She was my client.
Why would I fight with her? Look, I had nothing to do with her murder, okay? None of us did.
That goes against everything Eddie stands for.
Oh, that Eddie stands for.
And where are your parents? My mom is in Kansas, and my dad? Who the hell knows? But she knows that I'm here, if that's what you're asking.
Can I get back to my class now? Sure.
Something tells me she's not as tough as she acts.
They never are.
Hey, Cal.
Um, still waiting for that call back.
Yeah, you probably locked yourself away studying or taken another shift.
Um Anyway, I'm around if you got a second, so Bye.
Ordinarily, I'd say a smart girl like Callie is probably ignoring you, but having been there myself, third-year boards are a ball Buster.
Really? Oh.
Any other great news? As a matter of fact, I found these granules in Brenda Jackson's nasal passages and lungs.
What is that, like, beach sand? It's not sand.
It's some kind of inorganic compound.
And if we're lucky, we can figure out where Brenda was minutes before she died.
- And who she was with.
- We're running tests.
Detective, I've got those USB photos from Brenda's camera.
Some of the USB cards were dated from a year ago, but I started with the ones from this month.
Who's that? Jada Watson, surfing phenom out of Australia.
She's 14.
So, let's go to the pictures she took in Florida.
Brenda's here on holiday, and all the photos are of Katie? It's almost like she's documenting her, but why? Well, that's what we have to find out, and by we, I mean - Me.
Got it.
- Yeah.
And look into Brenda's background.
Oh, and e-mail me all of those photos.
Eddie Ryder's financials.
Turns out the kids do pull in big money on the surf circuit.
Dane got $80,000 in championship money last year.
Dane makes 80 grand, and it's in Eddie's financials? Well, he is their legal guardian oh, of course he is.
So, that 80 grand Is that just competition or endorsements? Well, there's nothing to suggest that Dane has any professional sponsorship.
Because Eddie would like to keep that under the radar.
But what Dane lacks in endorsements, he apparently makes up for in a juvie record.
Ooh! He has a police record.
Well, that would certainly keep the big-name endorsements away.
Um Any chance we could I've already requested to have it unsealed.
What about Katie? She making any waves on the pro-surfing tour? Yeah, she took home for 1st place in a tournament she did in New Zealand.
And as her legal guardian, that 40 grand comes under Eddie's control.
And we all know how our victim likes to crusade against the exploitation of children.
Maybe Brenda found out and was gonna expose Eddie.
And Eddie went agro on our victim.
Oh, by the way, Eddie ever been done for assault? No assault, but one arrest when he was 19 years old for public urination at a Husker Du concert.
Well, you asked.
Well, now I wish I hadn't.
But you'll get back to me when you Unseal Dane's juvie record.
It's not my first picnic, you know.
Which muscle rotates the eye upward and towards midline? Superior rectus.
That's 50 out of 50.
That's, like, insane, Callie.
I don't know why you're even sweating this.
Yeah, I'm great when I'm on my couch in my jeans, but get me under fluorescent lights, and if it's not burned into my brain, I will just I'll blank.
Trust me, you're going to do great.
I know you are.
Next question.
Aren't you gonna get that? No.
We're on a roll here.
So, you're not gonna talk to him.
Don't you think I want to? I have a million things I want to tell him, but if I start talking to him, I'm not gonna stop, and I'll lose my focus.
Callie, you can spare 10 minutes.
You're not gonna take a break, then I am.
What? I'm going to the corner to get us some lattes.
You officially have no excuse not to call Jim back.
Just got Dane's unsealed record.
He was busted on Cocoa Beach for assault when he was 14.
Then he was arrested again.
- Competition in Oahu last year.
- Mm-hmm.
And Daniel managed to get actual footage of the event.
You're gonna want to see this.
Hey, you just called me.
I was studying, and I still have a lot to do, so I'm so sorry about this, Jim.
I know you're probably mad.
I just hope that it's at the situation and not at me.
I mean, I never would have come to Atlanta if it wasn't for you.
And it's been amazing.
And I will always be grateful to you for pushing me to do this.
I just I hope it was worth it.
So, I have one more night of hell, and then, this time tomorrow, all of this insanity will be over one way or another.
I'll call you the second I'm done.
This is some footage from last year's qualifying heat at the Eddie Aikau.
I should have been a surfer.
It looks like he's having fun.
That's about to change.
Apparently, this guy dropped in on a wave Dane thought was his.
Huge act of disrespect in the surfing world.
And Dane thought that viciously attacking a competitor in front of all those camera phones was a good idea? It goes to show how volatile and out-of-control Dane can be.
And how Brenda Jackson could have caught the worst of it.
It's actually you.
It's actually you, too.
How are you? I'm good.
How are you? Well, um Shit.
What time is it? Uh, just after I have 24 minutes to get to my test.
Good thing I called.
Look, I I got your message, and it's definitely the situation I'm mad at.
Okay, um, well, um, you go.
Go, and good luck.
And don't forget to eat.
I got to go.
O Love you, too.
You are a genius.
If that's part of your professional assessment, I'm hoping that's in my evaluation.
I took your advice and asked my hotel for an upgrade.
And judging by that rested smile on your face, that mattress was firm and to your liking.
And the ocean view and the steam shower and jacuzzi.
I had to drag myself to work today.
- Wow.
It must have been some room.
- Yeah.
I just talked to Cocoa Beach P.
about Dane's assault charge.
A few summers ago, Eddie and his family were giving surf lessons on Cocoa Beach, when Eddie's ex-wife showed up with a social worker.
Yeah, apparently, mom didn't think it was safe for their son, Blake, to be bumming around with Eddie and his crew.
So she sent a social worker to do a home study? And to take pictures.
Let me guess.
Dane didn't say cheese? Mm, no, he ran her off with a baseball bat, said he'd kill her if she ever showed up again.
Eddie had to hire a lawyer and take Dane to anger-management classes.
Well, we all know how that turned out.
You make any headway on that stuff? Which "stuff" would you be referring to? I think he's talking about the granules that you found in Brenda's nasal passages and lungs.
Thank you.
It's a styrofoam-fiberglass mix.
Oh, like the stuff used to make surfboards.
How would I know? Do I look like a surfer to you? And, yes, in all likelihood.
So we're gonna need a warrant.
Oh, right.
That's me.
Put it on, put it on, put it on me show me what you got, show me what you got put it on, put it on, put it on me show me what you got, girl, you make it hot shorty is a dime working Now what? Oh, came to make a trade.
My search warrant for all your tools.
Starting with that one.
Hey, man, I I got paying customers waiting on these boards.
Well, hey, man, the waves aren't going anywhere.
Oh, and we saw your fireworks display in Oahu last year.
The guy was out of line.
He dropped in on my wave.
He broke the code.
Oh, like Brenda Jackson, sticking her nose in where it wasn't wanted? Or maybe you thought she was another spy from social services.
Maybe came here to hassle you like Eddie's ex did back in Cocoa Beach? I mean, that would certainly explain why my medical examiner found all this white powdery stuff in her throat and lungs.
Meaning that she was probably right here in your shop just minutes before she died.
Which a match for this will prove.
I admit I had some temper problems.
But I learned how to channel it through surfing.
All right, I've turned my life around.
Well, trying to, according to Eddie.
Eddie's done nothing but help me, all right? Yeah, helped himself to your earnings.
$80,000 last year.
Yeah, he put all of it in a trust in my name.
Same with Katie.
He put it there so that we wouldn't blow through it like he did when he was young.
He hasn't touched a dime of that money.
You guys You got Eddie all wrong.
Not only did he take me in when I had no one, but he took me under his wing.
He taught me how to design surfboards.
My life It has purpose now.
Like protecting the family from judgment? Is that why you didn't give Brenda any lessons? I didn't give Brenda any surf lessons because she didn't want them from me.
She wanted them from Katie.
- And why is that? - I don't know.
But it certainly wasn't because she wanted to learn how to surf.
I mean, they'd sit out there beyond the break on their surfboards talking for hours.
Is there anything else? Oh! Chill out, dude.
Life's too short.
Daniel, what do you got? Hey, detective, you better pay for those bracelets! Brenda's snowboard-apparel company was just about to launch a huge surf division called Curlgirl.
That might explain why she was using her vacation to hang around Eddie and the surf shop so much to get ideas.
Or steal it via corporate espionage.
Speaking of corporate, that foundation she set up following the shutdown of her illegal sweatshop was court-mandated.
So not from the heart, which means Brenda might have had an ulterior motive.
I'm starting to think this has nothing to do with that rash of robberies.
And maybe more to do with this.
Her corporate Curlgirl logo.
She registered it as a trademark for the division last year.
I saw it on a rash guard in her hotel room And somewhere else.
Ah! Here Corporate logo.
Katie's standing in front of it.
Daniel, contact the magazine.
See if you can get any more photos of Katie from this event.
I already called them.
They're e-mailing me what they've got.
Should have them any minute.
And did you manage to get the security footage from the hotel? That, I haven't been able to get.
Hotels on the beach like the Wyndermere are very protective of their guests.
I'll get it.
I'll run over there this afternoon and throw my fancy title at them.
Everything all right? What? Uh, no, it's just Callie's boards are today.
I was hoping for an update.
Sorry about that.
I'm sure she's just as frustrated with the hours as you are.
Must be why cops end up with cops and doctors with doctors.
Sometimes the only people who know what you're really going through are the people who are going through it, too.
What? I don't like that look on your face.
Like yours is any better.
We luminoled the tools from Eddie's workshop.
All came back negative for blood.
Oh, so I was right not to like that look on your face.
Maybe you'll like this one better.
The substance in Brenda's lungs is an exact match to the dust that we found at their workshop, which confirms she was right there right before she died.
Not any better.
The whole family had access to that workshop.
We're still at square one.
This might help narrow it down.
I checked those trust funds for Katie and Dane like you asked me to.
Every penny is right where Dane says it was In funds set up by Eddie as their legal guardian, but he has no rights to the money.
Only Katie and Dane, but not until they reach 21 years of age.
Well, that definitely calls Eddie stealing from those kids into question.
Or using them to steal for him.
Also, those photos from the surfing magazine just came in.
I had the editor upload them into our drop box.
Hell of a lot chummier than Katie led us to believe.
And their relationship goes back a lot further, too.
These pictures were taken well over a year ago.
So she lied to us about her relationship with Brenda.
I doubt that's all she's lying to us about.
Like what she and Brenda might have been talking about out on their boards, away from the prying ears of the family.
Some family.
Well, they may be unconventional, Carlos, but they do have one thing in common with other families Enough secrets and lies to fill an ocean.
And definitely enough to kill for.
Huh? All right, got it.
Thanks, Daniel.
What do you want now, detective? Well, in addition to answering some questions, a civil tone might be nice.
My dad says we don't have to answer any more of your questions.
You did just hear what I said to your sister, didn't you? Go home, Blake.
I'll handle this.
Like you handled Brenda? Turns out you two weren't strangers after all.
So we met before.
I didn't think it was important.
You didn't tnk lying to me about my murder victim was important? Come on.
Eddie taught you much better than that, Katie.
Leave Eddie out of it.
And you didn't spend two weeks teaching her to surf.
You spent them out on the ocean, away from the ears of Eddie and the family, listening to Brenda pitch to you about being the face of Curlgirl.
I don't know what you're talking about.
In fact, you two spent a lot of time together.
Yeah, planning it out, designing logos, posing for photos.
I got a lot more if you want to see them.
I've seen them.
I know you want to make it big in the surfing world, and in order to do that, you need sponsors with deep pockets, like Brenda.
But you knew that if Eddie found out that you were "selling out" by selling rash guards and bikinis, well, then, he'd get mad about you losing your "purpose," and he'd probably kick you out of the family.
I was talking about a Curlgirl endorsement.
But I could never leave Eddie and the family, so I turned her down.
End of story.
Oh, I'm pretty sure there's an epilogue in there somewhere.
Like maybe starting with this call.
Jennifer? We just finished reviewing the security tape from the hotel.
No sign of Katie, Dane, or Eddie.
But, uh, while I was there, they gave me a fax that arrived yesterday for Brenda.
An endorsement contract, to be exact.
For Katie? No.
For Jada Watson, the 14-year-old Aussie girl who beat Katie out of the junior championships last year.
A two-year endorsement deal signed the day before Brenda died.
Jada's agent confirmed that they'd been negotiating for months, and when Jada refused to sign, Brenda threatened to sign Katie.
And I'll fill in the rest.
You didn't drop Brenda.
Brenda dropped you for Jada Watson.
That's ridiculous.
She was playing you, using you as a bargaining chip.
Probably found you in the workshop that morning to tell you, and you lost it.
And maybe these cuts and bruises aren't from your surfboard.
They're from Brenda fighting back.
I didn't kill her, okay? Yeah, I hated her for using me to sign Jada, but I swear, I never laid a hand on her.
Well, then you're gonna have to tell me where you were that morning, Katie.
And this time, let's try something a little out of your comfort zone, like the truth.
I was at the Muffin Top Cafe with Blake.
Eddie's not so big on us using the Internet, so if we want to go online, we have to go there.
You can ask them if you don't believe me.
Oh, believe me, I plan to.
The manager confirmed Katie was on the Internet all morning, so I searched her web history.
She was looking for news on Jada Watson.
Cyber-stalking her enemy.
Okay, that makes sense.
And what was Blake doing? He was trying to cheer her up.
Apparently, Katie was so upset, she was crying uncontrollably, which got Blake so mad, he stormed out.
Stormed out where? No one seems to know Just that he was pretty angry.
Wait a second.
Tell me you're not thinking that a 10-year-old boy had something to do with her murder.
A 10-year-old who is mad that his sister got hurt and is the right height for a stab wound to the leg? Okay, I'm gonna take these two.
Oh, great.
Now, I know you're not thinking of running off with those.
What are you doing? Taking you into custody.
For what? I wasn't stealing.
We know you weren't handing out fliers at the hotel the morning that Brenda was killed.
No, you were hanging with Katie while she read and reread Internet reports about Jada Watson.
Getting sadder and sadder.
While you were getting madder and madder, weren't you? Yeah.
So what? She's my sister.
I felt bad for her.
Bad enough to go and do something stupid? Like maybe running out to find Brenda to give her a piece of your mind? Or maybe a piece of that cutting tool from your workshop.
Wha what?! You think I had anything to do with the murder? No way! So, where'd you go after you left the cafe? I walked down to the beach.
I just kind of walked around till I calmed down.
Which is kind of where you found the credit card, didn't you? Not at the hotel Down on the beach.
Yeah, that's where I found it.
Well, unless you want to spend tonight in a jail cell, you're gonna show us where Exactly.
It was right there.
Did you see who dumped it? No.
It was just kind of poking out of the sand.
I swear, okay? Geez.
Brenda's wallet.
What's that? What is that? Okay.
I'm guessing that the blood on this leather strap is Brenda's and this necklace belongs to the killer.
Which means We just found the point of attack.
Whose birthstone is a sapphire, Blake? Oh, it's okay.
I think I know.
Here to schedule a surf lesson? Lost and found, actually.
Something you lost and we found.
That's September, right? I'm gonna go with Virgo, as in your horoscope today Ah! Says you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, I would sell a board if I were you and get one.
I just heard the board results were posted online.
I passed.
You passed? I passed.
I knew you could do it! Oh, my God.
Oh! I-I should call Jim.
It's not the sort of thing you should leave on a voicemail.
Uh, we should celebrate.
You get dressed, and I will gather the troops.
So, what? Because I was born in September, that makes me a killer? No.
But you losing your sapphire necklace in the sand with a dead woman's blood on it might.
And my guess is we're gonna find your DNA on the sweat in this leather strap.
You're doing a DNA test? Yeah.
Which means you're gonna be working a different workshop Making license plates.
I wouldn't waste your time doing a DNA test Because it is mine.
We got into an argument on the beach, and I snapped.
I did it.
I killed her.
And not wanting to step all over a perfectly good confession, but, um You want to tell me why you killed her? She was trying to break up the family.
And it's like you said before, sticking her nose where it didn't belong.
Like trying to convince Katie to sign that endorsement deal, convincing her to leave the family.
And family's family, but, I mean $2 million? She did what she had to do, I guess.
I guess.
And you might be a rely good surfer, Dane, but as a liar, you just wiped out.
She didn't take the deal, 'cause she was never offered it, which you didn't know, which means You're not the killer.
Okay, what just happened? What just happened is, Dane just tried to fall on someone else's sword Or medallion.
Daniel, I need a date of birth.
I see you found your necklace.
It must have fallen off.
I found it on my bureau this morning.
Looks like you're moving on.
Yeah, the storm's heading to Cocoa.
The waves are gonna be epic, so we're gonna head up there as soon as Dane turns up.
Dane's not turning up.
He just confessed to Brenda's murder.
I know I don't believe it either, but a confession's a confession.
Dane didn't murder anybody.
Well, she didn't kill herself.
You said it yourself, Eddie.
You'd do anything to protect your family.
And I know she acts tough and all, but Katie's still your little girl.
Or someone's little girl.
And someone hurting your family? No, you couldn't stand for that.
Like Brenda filling Katie's head with all these promises she was never gonna keep and, worst of all, making Katie feel like she betrayed you for striking up an endorsement deal The kind that you're dead set against.
'Cause she loves you, Eddie.
They all love you.
It was an accident, man.
Okay, I-I never meant to hurt her.
I just wanted to talk to her and tell her what she'd done and how she broke my little girl's heart.
You were shaping a board.
You heard Katie crying, so you went to her.
Then you caught up to Brenda down the beach, but you still had that cutting tool that you were using in your hand.
S-she started yelling at me and, you know, saying that Katie wasn't my child and that I had no right to make decisions for her, and she threatened me that she was gonna call family services and tell them that I was controlling my kids, and they were gonna take my kids away from me.
I mean, she shoved me, and she walked off, and then I grabbed her, and I I don't know.
The next thing I remember, there was just blood everywhere.
And I tried to stop it, and there was just too much.
And you lost this in the struggle.
Your lucky birthstone.
September, right? Same month that you share with Dane.
Only you didn't realize that you'd lost it, but he did.
So he gave you his 'cause he knew how much it meant to you.
And, I'm guessing, him knowing how far you'd go to protect your family, he figured you could use all the luck you could get.
I'm sorry, dude.
You did what you had to do.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jim, just call her.
I have called her, Jennifer.
I it's all I do is call.
I call and I call and I call, and I just I don't know if I can do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
I know what I'm feeling.
It isn't just me.
Jennifer, you're my supervisor.
Only while the substation's under review.
I know how frustrating things have been for you.
And trust me, I don't want to get between two people who truly care about each other.
But if I leave Palm Glade without telling you how I truly feel Just tell me there isn't something here.
A son trying to protect his father and a father trying to protect his daughter.
- That's what I call family values.
- Mm.
You know, without the whole murder thing.
You're so Ooh, what's this? My evaluation of the substation - and Detective Longworth's review.
- Mm.
I wasn't expecting this for a few more weeks.
Oh, yeah, well, I finished early.
You have an amazing team, and Detective Longworth Jim is a great cop.
Although his approach is really quite unique.
That's putting it mildly.
But there's no amount of time that I could spend as his supervisor to help me understand him any better than I already do, so I'm done.
Well, we should celebrate.
I'd love to, but, actually, the only thing I'll be celebrating tonight is a nice, long soak and an even better night's sleep, so maybe next time? Yeah, sure.
Daniel, have you seen the detective? Oh, he, uh, said he had something important to do and went home early.
So about halfway through, I totally spaced on what a gastric lavage was.
Like the first thing I learned in nursing school.
And I I just blanked.
But, Miranda, seriously, thank you so much for all of your help.
Not that you needed it.
- That's true.
- But you're welcome.
It must feel amazing to have all this behind you.
Oh, my God.
You have no idea.
You should feel really proud of yourself, Callie.
- Eh.
- Seriously, I mean, with everything you had to do to make this work, I don't know how you did it.
I do kind of feel in control of my life right now.
I mean, and I don't know if it's being away from home, from my son and from Jim, but it is amazing standing on my own two feet.
- And just think, this time next year - No, no.
No, no, no.
- You'll finally be - Don't even say it.
Doctor Cargill! Not yet.
I still have a whole nother year left.
You'll jinx me.
I didn't know you were coming up.
No, I kind of didn't know I was coming up either.
- Um, so, you passed? - I passed.
You passed.
Of course you passed.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, this is Miranda.
I've actually heard quite a bit about you.
Yeah, I'm sure we don't really need to go there.
But let me tell you something This girl right here, I've never seen anyone as dedicated as she is.
She's gonna make one hell of a great doctor.
And you are one very lucky man.
Yes, I am.
Uh, do you think maybe we could talk outside for a second? Yeah.
Just a minute.
What is it? Are you okay? Yeah.
No, I'm fine.
I just, um Jim.
I-I-I don't want to do this anymore, Cal.
I mean, I can't do this anymore.
But I don't I don't understand.
I thought No, I did, too.
Uh, but No, I mean, yes, okay? It's it's been really difficult, us being apart, but, I mean I mean, I finally started to get things together here.
I know, and I would never want to be the reason that things didn't work out for you, Cal.
And I-I know I said that it would work out, and I-I-I want us to work out, but I I just can't do this anymore.
And I have no idea how we're gonna make all of this work, you finishing school here, and, you know, everything you've made for yourself here in Atlanta and me being back in Palm Glade.
But I know what I want now.
And I want to be with the woman I love.
And I love you, Callie.
And I want you to be in my life today, tomorrow.
So Callie Cargill, would you do me the honor of marrying me?