The Glades s04e03 Episode Script

Killer Barbecue

Hey, guys.
What's up? You want a taste of my velvet cherry? No.
We're good.
Oh? What about you, baby? If he's good, I'm betting you're real good.
Hey! Where's the girl that's on the poster over there, because that's who we came to see.
Sorry, lover.
She's a little out of your league.
Not that I asked your opinion.
She here or not? Yeah.
She's here.
But she only goes for guys with fast money and even faster cars.
I drive an M5 Beemer.
Is that fast enough for her little cardboard ass? - You drive a Beemer? - Mm-hmm.
Prove it.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? Sorry, guys.
You've had enough.
You can come back for your keys tomorrow.
She just took my keys, bro.
Why'd you let her take your keys? I didn't let her take them.
You heard the lady.
Come on.
It's time to go home.
- She's so hot.
- There's that chick.
I'm telling you, man.
If you hadn't gone all a-hole on her, I totally had a shot with that shot girl.
Sure, you did, man.
Check this out.
Dude, that mermaid looks so real.
Yeah, a real mermaid.
Oh, now, she looks real.
Oh, man.
Holy shit What? What? Prior to Atlanta General, I worked here at Palm Glade for nine years.
Well, um, back when it was Palm Glade, before it was Well-Core, which you obviously already know.
Mostly in the E.
, but also in pediatrics and case management, critical care.
Just got engaged.
So, you'll be taking time off for your honeymoon? Oh, I suppose I will.
We haven't even set a date for the wedding yet.
That's not gonna be a problem, is it? I think I've got everything I need.
We'll be in touch.
"We'll be in touch.
" Well, that doesn't sound so bad.
Are you kidding me? I mentioned I was engaged, and he looked at me like I was toxic.
- Maybe we shouldn't have said anything.
- Said anything? - You know, until we were sure.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Until we were sure? No, sure about the date, not sure about being sure.
- Because you're sure? - Oh, I'm totally sure.
- There ain't no backing out now, mister.
- Good.
Otherwise, this would've been really awkward.
Surprise! Whoo! - You are so sweet.
- What? Thank you.
You're dead.
Come here, you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You know you're too good for him, right? - Oh, believe me.
- Right here.
Which I second and third.
Thank you, you guys.
I-I'm sorry.
What about me? Um, what about you? We got you a cake.
All you care about is stuffing your face, anyway.
That is true.
Guys, I really hate to do this.
- Then don't.
- But we sort of have a body.
And I guess that means we sort of have to go.
I'm so sorry.
Uh, I'll see you later on tonight? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, aren't you forgetting something? Oh.
That's right.
- The piece of cake to go.
- Yes.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Mm, thank you.
First on the scene said the body was found by a couple of frat boys about 1:00 A.
- No wallet, no I.
- No pants to put them in.
Detectives said they'd just been thrown out of a launch party for a new rum drink at the Captain's Bridge.
New rum drink? Cabrillo Velvet Cherry.
They'll leave their interviews on your desk.
I'm gonna go with that glass sticking out of her head - as cause of death? - Won't know for sure until I examine her, but I'd say she died of blunt-force trauma.
Looks like she was struck with a heavy glass bottle.
Heavy glass bottle of Velvet Cherry Rum? Must've spilled all over the victim when the glass broke.
And also why the sand stuck to her.
Looks like the killer realized that and covered her up the rest of the way to hide the body, whoever she is.
Well, if I was to have a guess as to who she is, I'd say she's that girl.
The pizza pit? Really? You did tell him it's a celebration and we can go somewhere that doesn't have sawdust on the floor.
I'm just glad he'll be there at all.
He's been so damn moody since I got home, I want to throttle him.
Everything's all right, though, right? I mean, he's okay with us getting married? I guess.
I mean, he hasn't really said much.
I'm gonna fly him up to Atlanta with me have him help me pack up the apartment.
It'll give us a chance to talk.
Well, let me know if there's anything I can do.
I will.
Love you.
I love you.
What? Can you tell me about Miss Velvet Cherry here? Based on rigor and liver temp, confirmation time of death between 10:00 P.
and midnight.
Prime-time party time.
That's probably why no one heard or said anything.
Also, confirmed cause of death as blunt-force trauma to the head.
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
Which I trust you've dusted.
Unfortunately, it was just a mash-up of indiscernible prints.
But I did find something that was interesting.
The victim wore a ring on her right hand.
That's actually not that interesting.
Which she wore turned around so that the large stone and the intricate setting was facing palm-side in.
I used to wait tables over at Robbie's raw bar.
You turn your ring like that so you don't snag it on anything when you're serving.
Except she did snag it on something or someone.
- I found skin tissue on the ring.
- She fought with someone.
So, the killer is now sporting a pretty nasty scratch.
I sent it to the lab to see if we can get some epithelial DNA.
Really? - Is that necessary? - Uh, no.
It's, uh evidence.
From from the crime scene.
I thought it might be a good reminder of who we're working for.
Puts a face to the victim.
Just not a name.
Actually, it does.
I contacted the Cabrillo Rum Distillery that hired the shot girls, sent them a tumbler.
The owner, Jojo Cabrillo, confirmed the victim's identity as Meghan Daniels.
Yes, Meghan was beautiful.
But there was so much more to her than just her looks and great body.
So, Meghan wasn't just the face of your latest rum concoction? Being a shot girl was just a means to an end for Meghan.
There wasn't anything she couldn't do if she set her mind to it.
It's why I cosigned a bank loan for her so she could go to grad school.
That was nice of you.
Not to mention sad.
So much lost potential.
No, I mean sad that now you're on the hook for a loan that she'll never use.
You find her murder funny, detective? No.
- Um just makes me wonder.
- Wonder? What you're hiding by wearing sunglasses inside.
And given that my victim had DNA on the ring she was wearing the night she was attacked, I'd be hiding that, too, if I were you.
And drinking heavily.
I'm drinking because I'm sad.
And the scratch, I got at work.
One of the hazards of working with shot girls and drunk men.
Some jackass got handsy with one of my girls, so she triggered her security band and I had to step in.
I'm sorry.
A security band? Sort of like a panic button.
Each of the girls wears one.
Was Meghan wearing one? Of course.
They all were.
Why? Well, we didn't find it on her body.
Can I see the master control? Huh.
Mind if I take this? Who's this? Another one of your shot girls? Ashley Collins.
We did a shoot with her when we were considering her for the face of Velvet Cherry.
But you went with Meghan instead.
So, apart from getting a life-sized cutout of yourself, which frankly, should be more than enough, what else comes from being the face of Cabrillo Velvet Cherry Rum? Personal-appearance fees, modeling work, royalties.
It adds up.
Adds up as in Ashley being pissed off she was passed over for Meghan? She knew it was nothing personal.
A focus group just decided that Meghan would be a better fit for the Velvet Cherry brand.
Besides, what could Ashley do about it? You mean other than kill the competition? Honestly, there wasn't anything unusual about last night.
I mean, those events can get a little crazy.
We're all pretty busy doing our own thing Pushing Velvet Cherry, selling shots.
We're only really together when we're in the limo.
Limo? We ride together so we can make a big entrance.
So, the limo's the last time you saw Meghan? Actually, now that I think about it, she wasn't in the limo.
She came by herself a little bit later.
That makes sense.
Big star wants to make her own entrance.
She was hardly the big star.
Well, all those life-sized cutouts of her everywhere kind of say she was.
And she was the face of Velvet Cherry Rum.
You know, which comes with all those appearance fees and, uh, modeling gigs and It could've been any one of us.
But it wasn't.
It was Meghan.
Nice rocking chair.
Uh, family heirloom? It's my dad's.
He had a stroke last year, and he lives with me now.
Sorry to hear it.
Although, the money you would've made as the face of Velvet Cherry would've come in handy.
My dad has a nice-enough pension.
We get by just fine.
Oh, and for the record, I saw your proofs from your modeling shoot.
You know, in my opinion, you were robbed.
But I guess the focus group thought differently.
What focus group? It was Pruitt Wolcott.
- He chose Meghan.
- Who's Pruitt Wolcott? He's the distributor for Cabrillo Rum.
He's married to Jojo Cabrillo.
Jojo, my other suspect? Well, that's cozy, or convenient.
Any guesses as to why he chose Meghan over you? I don't know.
You'd have to ask him.
Maybe because she was willing to do things I wasn't.
That would be me, actually.
- So, your wife's a producer Cabrillo Rum? - Mm-hmm.
And you buy from her.
Doesn't make it a conflict of interest? I own the biggest distribution company in the southeast, detective.
I buy from a lot of producers, not just my wife.
Besides, we keep the two businesses completely separate.
Completely separate? You hand-pick her shot girls.
Jojo trusts my instincts.
I know the customers and what they want.
The customers want to sleep with a shot girl like Meghan Daniels, who you hand-picked.
I wasn't sleeping with Meghan, detective.
Really? I love my wife and I will never cheat on her.
Besides, once I pick the shot girl, that's it for me.
I never see them again.
So, you weren't at the bar last night? - You didn't see Meghan? - I was at the bar, but only long enough to make sure they had enough rum.
Then I went home alone.
So, you had no contact with Meghan whatsoever? None whatsoever.
So we good? - If you say so.
- Great.
I got to get to another meeting.
So, either your table's ready or that's Meghan's panic button.
Ha! And you're lying to me.
I didn't take Meghan's panic button detective.
And I certainly didn't kill her.
Now, I found it on the floor at the bar, put it in my pocket.
I just forgot I had it.
Well, that makes perfect sense.
Why didn't you tell me that back at the office instead of making me drag your ass all the way down here? Oh, wait.
That's right.
You're a liar and I don't believe you.
Why would I kill her? I don't know.
Usual reasons a rich, older, married man kills a smoking-hot because either she threatened to break it off with you or tell your wife.
Except I wasn't sleeping with her.
Why? Because some cutout runner-up said I was? Do you know how many girls auditioned to be the face of Velvet Cherry? And do you know how many were convinced they lost because I was sleeping with Meghan? Well, I couldn't please them all, right? Bet that didn't stop you from trying.
Right? And I'm guessing one of those 361 girls had the good sense not to want to see you naked.
Ashley Collins.
And if this is coming from her, let me tell you something, detective.
She was insanely jealous of Meghan.
I can see why a good-looking girl like Ashley might feel rejected, as in you rejecting her for the face of Velvet Cherry.
She definitely didn't take it well.
You know, and that was the problem with Ashley.
Shot girls need to be the life of the party, not all righteous and sanctimonious.
What's a smoking-hot got to be righteous and sanctimonious about? She had, like, big-time daddy issues 'cause her father was sick and she had to look after him.
That's hardly a motive for murder, but I can see how that might not make her shot-girl material.
Right? She just barely got along with the other girls, especially Meghan.
Their fights and arguments were epic.
Fights and arguments about what? No idea.
I just assumed it was the same jealousy and back-stabbing that'd been going on between those two for months.
Detective, I pulled Ashley's financials like you asked.
At first, I couldn't find anything unusual.
A lot of cash deposits to her ATM mostly weekends, several hundred dollars at a time.
- Tip money.
Nothing unusual about that.
- Right.
But then I cross-checked Ashley's bank statements with Meghan's, and this is where things get interesting.
For the past six months, Ashley had been withdrawing $300 a day from her ATM the last week of the month, Monday through Friday.
- That's $1,500 cash.
- And for the past six months, and the last Friday of the month, Meghan was depositing $1,500 cash into her bank account.
Now, that's either a weird coincidence Or Ashley was making secret payments to Meghan, but didn't want a record of it.
Really? All three of you have nothing better to do than to stare at our half-naked victim? Well, I don't know about these two, but I'm investigating As in you see what I'm seeing? A stain of some type.
Spatter maybe? It's not dark enough to be blood, though.
But it was at our crime scene, so So, I'll run a few tests to see if there's any DNA on it.
And now that we know that Ashley was making payments to Meghan, maybe we should look into Meghan's financials.
I wasn't trying to hide the money, detective.
Meghan offered me a loan, and that's how she wanted it paid back in cash.
And is this really the best time? Well, I'm pretty sure some of my questions are gonna piss you off, and you're naked, so at least I know you won't be running off anywhere.
What was the loan for? When my dad came to live with me, I had to buy one of those medical beds and fix up the bathroom with special bars and grips.
It wasn't cheap.
My dad's state pension and insurance wasn't enough to cover it, so Meghan loaned me some money.
Well, that was nice of her.
But maybe you should've just cut back on the hot rocks and Bjorn's magic fingers here.
You know what? This is, like, the one thing I do for myself, okay? If you've ever taken care of a sick parent, you'd know what I mean.
It's totally draining.
My dad has his physical therapy today, and I have been really stressed lately.
Oh, yeah, no.
I've heard murder can be hell on the nerves.
I also heard that you and Meghan pretty much hated each other.
You'd been fighting for months? Was it over that money she loaned you? Hey, girls fight, okay? It doesn't mean anything.
Meghan and I are both competitive people.
You have to be in our business.
- What? - No, it's just Well, it's kind of funny Someone referring to grinding up against drunken frat boys to get them to buy shots of cheap booze a business.
Well, good news is Meghan's dead, so now you no longer have to pay off that debt.
Look, I told you what the money was for, so are we done? I'd like to get back to my massage.
For now.
Oh, but if I find out you're lying about that loan you know, like, it wasn't for medical supplies and has something to do with why you killed Meghan I'll be back.
Now you really got your work cut out for you.
I tracked down the cab company that brought Meghan to the Captain's Bridge last night like you asked.
The taxi picked her up at the Wyndermere Grand Resorts, but she doesn't have any credit-card charges at the hotel's restaurant or bar.
And she wasn't registered there as a guest, but guess who was.
Jojo's husband, Pruitt? Exactly, and not the first time, either.
Apparently, it was a weekly thing.
Sounds like an affair to me.
Just got surveillance video from the bar that night.
- I'm gonna run through it now.
- Yeah.
Let me know.
Jeff, it's fine, but a little notice would've been nice.
I heard you the first time.
Just don't be too late.
We have a 7:00 A.
flight tomorrow.
Love you, too.
Uh, change in our celebration dinner? I guess tonight is the only night his study group could get together and finish their project.
- Yeah.
- Well, maybe it is.
Or maybe he's not that happy about us getting married, and therefore, nothing to celebrate? I don't know.
I wish he would talk to me instead of avoid me.
Well, he is 15 and you are his mom.
Uh, at least you'll have a captive audience in Atlanta.
In the meantime, you know what this means, don't you? It means that since we have the house to ourselves, we can do anything we want for dinner.
Anything? Anything.
Bamboo Palace and a "Duck Dynasty" marathon? Oh, you read my mind.
- What are we waiting for? - Where were you? I called you, like, an hour ago.
Having moo-shu pork with Jase and Willie Robertson.
What do you got? Lab results on the tissue we found on Meghan's ring.
The DNA was a composite match with the swab taken from Jojo's shot glass, and that's not all.
Oh, right.
Um, surveillance footage from the bar shows Jojo and Meghan having an argument of some kind a little before 11:00 an argument they take out the side door.
Jojo returns alone with a pretty nasty scratch on her left cheek.
- That'll work.
- I also found Meghan's phone.
It was with her purse and clothes in the back of the Humvee stretch.
Limo driver says she gave it to him for safe keeping when she arrived by cab.
I haven't figured out the pass code to it yet No worries, Daniel.
I got all I need for the moment.
- Hey.
- Detective.
We're having a launch tonight, so I hope whatever it is, it can wait until morning.
Well, it could, but I figure why run the risk of you fleeing the country when I can just take you in for Meghan's murder right now? Except I didn't kill Meghan Daniels.
Really? 'Cause we have your DNA on the ring she was wearing the night she was attacked, and we have video footage of you and Meghan fighting right before she was murdered.
And since we know that your husband was having weekly auditions with Meghan at the Wyndermere, well, now we have motive.
And before you get too mad at your husband for making you kill Meghan Daniels, just think of all the women that wanted to be the face of Velvet Cherry that he wasn't sleeping with.
It wasn't a fight-fight.
We just disagreed over the way she was representing our product to some of the customers.
Representing your product.
Is that code for just rubbing your logo in people's faces, or just your husband's, which after months of humiliation, you'd finally decided you'd had enough? If I had known about the affair, I would've confronted Pruitt, not killed Meghan.
And I certainly wouldn't have cosigned a loan for her to go to grad school.
Oh, come on, Jojo.
Even Ashley knew about the affair.
You expect me to believe that you're the only person that didn't know how Meghan really became the face of your rum? Okay, well, while you're thinking up your next lie, I have to check on something.
Daniel found video on Meghan's phone - you're gonna want to see.
- Ooh.
And that, uh, loan she was talking about Oh, let me guess.
It's not real? Oh, no.
It was real, all right To the tune of $60,000.
Most of which is still in Meghan's personal account.
I've looked and I can't find any records of Meghan either applying to or paying tuition to any graduate school.
Only a payment for $16,000 to a Vaghn Enterprise, whatever that is.
I'm still trying to track that down.
What? Oh, yes.
Uh, Vaghn Enterprises, absolutely.
Uh, Daniel, send this to my phone.
I already did.
Well, if you're not willing to discuss the affair, maybe you'll tell me about Vaghn Enterprises.
Vaghn Enterprises? I have no idea what that is.
Well, for one thing, it's where $16,000 of that $60,000 bank loan you cosigned for Meghan went, which means either Meghan was conning you or you were paying her money for some reason.
I am telling you I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, really this time, or really like when you said that you had no idea about your husband's affair, but really, you've known all along? Either way, we've got enough to book you, which I'm sure your shareholders won't be happy about.
So Okay, fine.
I knew about my husband's affair.
How could I not with Ashley practically rubbing it in my face.
But that loan was months ago, and I swear she told me it was for school.
And if I was gonna kill someone, it wouldn't have been Meghan.
It would've been my husband.
Why didn't you? Because I love Pruitt and he loves me.
And even great marriages fall victim to temptation.
I wasn't gonna throw my marriage away over some cheap fling.
Only it wasn't that cheap, was it? No, I meant your marriage, which does mean something to you, but which had fallen victim to something a lot bigger than just your garden-variety temptation, hadn't it? I mean, it was in real trouble.
Seriously, I'm done with that bitch.
Too much yelling.
She's always yelling, telling me what to do.
I'll have another bottle sent up.
You know? No more sneaking around.
From now on, it's just you and me.
I never loved her, anyway.
I'd like to speak to my lawyer.
That was an odd reaction.
It's like she was more sad than angry.
- Yeah.
- Detective, I noticed Meghan is still receiving texts and e-mails on her phone from people who apparently don't know she's dead.
"Would love to meet and discuss your offer.
" "Prepared to leave Pruitt, "however, need an increase of $2 a case.
Can you make that work?" "Delivery schedule approved.
Call me.
" I checked the numbers.
Those are all messages from distillers and retailers who are currently doing business with Wolcott Distribution.
If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks like Meghan was launching her own distribution company.
Which might also be why she's got information about Pruitt's contacts on her phone, including a little yacht party tomorrow.
Exit interviews can be very useful in terms of helping the hospital to set policy.
So that, in the future, hopefully, they can do a better job convincing valuable employees like your mom to stay.
Yeah, yeah.
She can be pretty awesome.
And it's really a shame.
I mean, I know she really liked it here, mostly because of you.
Oh, well, that's sweet of you to say.
- Well, it's true.
- What's true? Nothing.
All right, I'm gonna grab a soda.
Anybody else? Dr.
Buckley? - I'm good.
- All right.
- What a little charmer.
- Yeah? Not so much around me anymore.
I'm sure it's just a phase.
So, you're all done? Yep.
I did my interview, turned in my security badge, my parking pass.
I'm officially a former employee of Atlanta General, or anywhere.
Callie, it's gonna be fine.
And, I mean, you're engaged.
That part of your life is looking up.
Yeah, it's just everything else is starting to sink in.
And duty calls, so I'll let you go.
This isn't goodbye.
I'm still coming over later to help you pack - and see you off, right? - Yeah.
That'd be great.
Pruitt, man, great party.
What brings you here, detective? Not an invitation.
I know that much.
Uh, sorry, no.
Um, Meghan had a note in her appointments about this little client party you had here today.
- Don't I know that guy? - I doubt it.
- I'm sure I do.
- I don't think you do.
- No.
- Here he is.
Ken Krause President and C.
of Quickie Stop Liquor.
Definitely doable.
Uh, hey, Ken! Hey.
Hey, say hi to Patty for me, all right? What are you doing? What are you doing? Let's see who else is here.
Uh, who's this guy? William Lundquist C.
of Lundquist Beverages.
Daughter, Katie Smoking-hot bod.
Oh, we definitely got to find William.
William Just stop it.
Would you like to go someplace a little more private? Now, wouldn't that be a great idea? Can I get you a drink, or can't you drink when you're on duty? Oh, even on duty I can drink that.
Non-alcoholic beer.
It's an interesting choice, being a liquor distributor, especially at a party where you're pushing booze.
I like to stay clear-headed when I'm working.
Now, I don't know where you got that information, but those are my private notes.
I use those to help me remember details about my clients.
Well, their wives and daughters, anyway.
And notes that somehow appeared on Meghan's phone.
Any idea how that happened? Like, maybe she stole them off your phone after she got you too drunk to notice.
That's ridiculous.
Ridiculous? Or do you just hate to admit that the only reason she was sleeping with you was so she could learn your business and steal your clients? Meghan wasn't stealing my clients.
Even if she tried, she couldn't do it.
Look around you.
My clients love me.
Just not as much as they loved Meghan, which if she was stealing your clients and she was That'd be a hell of a good reason to kill her.
Like yeah, Sun Coast Markets $2.
5 million in gross annual liquor sales just agreed to terms giving all of their business to Meghan.
And what do you say? $2.
5 million worth killing her for? Yeah.
I had an affair with Meghan, obviously.
It doesn't mean that I killed her.
No, but it doesn't mean that you didn't.
I mean, you had more than enough reason to.
Apart from her being a threat to your marriage, at least in your alcohol-saturated mind, Meghan was stealing your clients to create a competing business.
First of all, my alcohol-saturated behavior aside, Jojo was the love of my life and she knows it.
And secondly, I've lost clients before, detective.
I'm not gonna start killing over lost business.
I mean, if every distributor who's ever lost a client started killing the competition, there'd be no one left to buy booze from.
Even clients like Sun Coast and the $2.
5 million in sales? Don't tell me that wouldn't hit your bottom line.
Not to mention your lifestyle, like that boat, the catered parties, all those eager shot-girl hopefuls.
Okay, it would.
But like I said, it's just business.
Now, unless you're planning on arresting me for a murder I didn't commit, I'd like to get back to work.
Apparently I got some clients I need to try to win back.
Yeah, just not Sun Coast, Lundquist Beverages, and Quickie Stop Liquor now that your competition's dead.
Oh, and, uh, be sure to keep that yacht of yours in harbor.
I want to be sure I know where to find you.
Can I help you find something, detective? Yeah.
That shot-girl calendar that I found in Pruitt’s office.
Oh, don't worry.
I got it.
Really? Again? I suppose you're gonna tell me that this is also a part of your investigation? Well, this is part of my investigation.
I can't speak for Carlos or Daniel.
Me? I wasn't even looking.
Good, then you got time to look at this.
These addresses on these dates here on the calendar Can you look into them, see what you can find out? Why? What are you thinking? I'm thinking a guy like Pruitt probably has a different girl in every city that he does business, and after seeing how he rolls after a few shots, I'm thinking maybe he slurred out something useful, - like maybe a confession.
- Hmm.
Who, me? Well, uh, I'm just here to share what I've learned about that stain on Meghan's cutout.
Presumptive tests suggest a gastric aspiration.
- A what? - Vomit.
- That the technical term? - Actually, yeah.
But hardly unexpected outside of a rowdy bar.
That could've come from anybody.
The sheer number boggles the mind.
Except the number includes our killer.
Some people just don't have the stomach for murder.
I'm still waiting for a few tests to come back.
That should give us the exact content, along with DNA.
Any word on Vaghn Enterprises? I found an LLC filed for Vaghn Enterprises three days ago.
The C.
is registered as Meghan Daniels.
Paperwork just went through.
That's why I couldn't get it right away.
Apparently, it's a 50,000 square-foot warehouse, which is what that $16,000 was used for First and last month's rent.
A risk-free startup.
That way, if she failed and lost everything, Jojo's still stuck with paying off the loan.
Well, Jojo wasn't lying about one thing Meghan was more than just a pretty face.
A pretty face that, even in death, Jojo was not willing to forgive.
That call to her attorney that wasn't just lawyering up.
She's already filed a cease and desist order to have every check in Meghan's account frozen pending an investigation into fraud.
Well, apparently, hell hath no fury like a woman ripped off.
Daniel, look into everyone's finances.
See if it all lines up.
Oh, and, um look into those addresses for me, would you? You got it.
So, Miranda said you were quite the charmer today.
You know, not that that's news to me.
It's just nice to know how people feel about you.
It makes me proud.
You know, you'd tell me if something was bothering you, right, Jeff? Sure.
Because if something's bothering you Mom, nothing's bothering me.
Okay, right.
But if there was, you'd tell me, right? It's not a big deal.
What's not a big deal? It's nothing.
Is it us? Is it me and Jim? - No.
- No? Okay, look.
Last year, you were totally excited about coming to Atlanta.
You said this was an opportunity too good to pass up.
It is.
It was.
So, how come Atlanta doesn't matter anymore? How come it's all about getting married? It's not all about getting married.
Look, I like Jim, okay? He's a good guy.
But do you even know what you want? 'Cause I'm a little tired of just not knowing where we're gonna be or if we're even gonna be together.
Of course we're going to be together.
Don't say "of course.
" Not with how many times you've gone back and forth.
At least when dad had problems, I knew you and I would be together, and that way, we'd be okay.
Now it's like, "Oh, I'm going to Atlanta.
Oh, no, I'm gonna marry Jim.
" You're right.
I'm sorry.
That's fair.
I'm sorry.
I just want to know that this is what you really want.
Okay? That marrying Jim and leaving Atlanta is what you really want.
It's what I want.
I want you and me and Jim to be a family.
Drop it in the middle of the dance floor moves like Neyo, matrix in slow mode slide down the pole like an eskimo Ashley's the new face of Velvet Cherry? Thought your focus group didn't like her.
Screw my focus group.
I'm divorcing the bastard and doing things my way.
So much for the other cheek.
Even for someone willing to sic her lawyers onto a dead woman.
I've worked hard to build my brand, detective.
And willing to do anything to protect it, would be my guess.
If that's an insinuation that I killed Meghan, sorry to disappoint.
No, but it must've been killing you that not only was Meghan playing you for your money, she was also playing your husband right out of his marriage.
I took my marriage very seriously and I was willing to forgive a lot.
Maybe too much.
But there's some things I can't forgive, and it's not like my husband is the only liquor distributor in Florida.
Throw a rock, hit a liquor distributor, huh? And now at least you have Ashley.
I mean, she might be a little sanctimonious, but anyone willing to take care of an ailing parent is at least someone you can rely on.
Rely on Ashley? Please, that's a joke.
Her big debut and she can't even turn up here on time.
Uh, yeah.
I did notice she was looking a little flat.
Ashley's anything but flat or reliable.
She can barely take care of herself, let alone an ailing parent.
Daniel, need you to look into something for me.
There she is.
New face of Velvet Cherry, but you're missing your big night.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Something came up at the last minute.
No, I can see that.
Yeah, funny what murder can do to your schedule.
I already told you, detective, I didn't kill anyone.
And yet, you're getting while the getting's good.
Apparently, including your father's rocking chair.
That's not very caregiver-y of you.
What's poor old dad gonna rock on now? Oh, wait, no.
That's right.
Your father's dead.
Okay, so my name's on all my fathers accounts.
I told you I was his caregiver.
I had to shop for him, I had to pay for his doctor's bills, I had to pay for his meds.
Which you did, up until eight months ago when all those bills suddenly disappeared.
Look The last few months have been really hard, okay? And maybe I haven't made the best choices.
- That's putting it mildly.
- But I'm still processing.
The only thing you're processing are your dad's pension checks, worth $4,200 a month, to be exact, each and every month.
Okay, whatever.
It's not like I asked for them.
They just kept showing up.
What was I supposed to do? Send them back? Uh, yeah.
Which, I'm guessing, you knew and so did Meghan.
I didn't kill her, detective.
Which is why you used your dad's pension checks at $4,200 a month to pay Meghan $1,500 to keep her mouth shut.
Which she, in turn, used to buy booze to start a new business.
I got to tell you, Ashley, Meghan may have had it over you in terms of looks, but in terms of smarts Oh, wait.
She had it over you there, too.
I'm still waiting on DNA, but I got a preliminary report back on the contents of the vomit.
Sodium, yeast, a grain of some type.
Beer? That's what I thought, but there's almost no alcohol content.
Non-alcoholic beer.
Who drinks non-alcoholic beer at a rum party? Only one person I know.
So, you believe me now, right? That means I can go.
Well, you could, but then we'd just have to pick you up for insurance fraud, so no.
Seen Daniel? You're right, detective.
Those addresses from Pruitt’s calendar were in cities where he does business, but they weren't for girlfriends and they're not for distillers and retailers, either.
There's a school, a few churches, community center.
Places that hold A.
And you were right about that prenup, too.
Pruitt and Jojo have a very specific one.
I just sent it to your phone.
Got it.
Permission to come aboard? Since when do you ask? Oh, sticking with the near beer, huh? Yeah, I think I learned my lesson.
Well, better late than never.
Although, under the circumstances, never might've been a much smarter choice.
Jojo made me give it up.
Apparently, I'm not that fun to be around when I'm drunk.
She did a little more than ask, though, didn't she? She put it in your prenup.
She ever caught you drinking again, not only would you lose her, but she would get including your distribution business.
See, this was never about Meghan stealing clients or even about the affair.
You knew Jojo would forgive you for that.
Which she did.
Many times.
You were afraid that she'd find out you were drinking again, which Meghan knew, and which is why she made that video to use against you in case you ever caught on to what she was up to, which meant killing Meghan was the only way you could ensure that she'd never show that video to Jojo.
But hey, good news is that you were so sickened by crushing Meghan's skull that, for once, you did the right thing.
You threw up.
DNA that went all over Meghan's cutout, which is how we can put you at the crime scene, and which is why we know it was you.
That's the good news, huh? Well, if you're me.
Really? That's, um, fantastic.
Thank you.
I will be there Monday morning.
Thank you.
I got my old job back at Palm Glade I mean, Well-Core Medical.
Which, for some reason, I feel like you already knew.
Um, they sort of called me to vet you.
I wanted to tell them that you're a slacker, and I'm pretty sure you were stealing drugs and selling them on the streets, but for some reason, what came out was that you were the best head nurse I've ever worked with and they'd be crazy not to hire you immediately.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, that's the last of it.
The trash and recyclables are by the curb, and the cab's down there, too, so Okay.
I'll just be a minute.
I'll meet you down there.
Hey, hey.
Not so fast.
All right.
It was so nice to meet you, Jeff.
Nice meeting you, too.
You have a safe trip back.
And take care of your mom for me, okay? Yeah, I will.
- See you.
- See you.
Uh, this time it's goodbye.
And you've got a plane to catch, so There's just something I want to say to you first.
I never could've made it through this last year without you.
When I was overwhelmed or confused or afraid that I wasn't good enough, you were always there to encourage me.
And when I felt lost or alone, you would remind me that there were people who loved me and were rooting for me.
You you've been my mentor, my cheerleader, and something I haven't had in a really long time, which is a best friend.
One life ends another life begins I'm really gonna miss you.
When all is lost I can find myself again You haven't seen the last of me.
I promise.
Don't know this I don't have anything figured out I'm gonna tell you once again, my love as soon as I get comfortable, it's time to move on and I can tell you that this winding road that I'm walking is gonna lead me back to where I belong Ooooooh back to where I belong believe, believe, believe, believe me back to where I belong I see you, honey.
I don't know how carcass lady does it.
Her name's holly whitish.
She's been doing it for 10 years, so All things considered, you should thank her.
Yeah? Why's that? Cleaning up roadkill used to be the deputies' job.
In a few months, this will all be high-dollar topsoil.
This will help mask the scent.
It's hazelnut.
We're fine.
Speak for yourself.
Well, I'm glad you guys got here quick as you did 'cause, I mean, I'm pretty used to the poor animals, but, you know, seeing an actual dead person, it just kind of hits you different, you know? Yeah.
We appreciate the call.
Look like you have your hands full here, so Yeah, well, it's my busiest time of year.
After the Wyoming winter, all these horny kids start chasing each other back and forth on the highway, and I pick up the pieces.
There's a wound on his chest Gunshot.
He's got Bruises and scratches all over his face.
Abrasions on his right hand.
Looks like he got a couple last licks in, himself.
You recognize him? No.
It's a Smith & Wesson .
It's for mercy killings.
It's registered, though.
There's no wallet, but I found his tobacco.
Oh, actually, that's mine.
Oh, careful.
Sheriff, you're stepping on big Charlie's foot right there.
When did you find big Charlie? Two evenings ago.
And her? Slender Betsy.
I just brought her home yesterday morning.
It was just after dawn.
Victim was sandwiched between these two, so time of death's probably somewhere between, uh, dinnertime two days ago and 6:00 A.
You mind, uh, giving me the names of everybody who had access to your place the last 48 hours? Oh, I wish I could, but I'm out on the road all the time, and I just leave this place open to the public.
Ever since they wrote that article about me in the paper last week, people just like to drive by and have a look.
All my martyrs for love.
Cady? You home? I can barely read Doc Bloomfield's report.
Says the victim died from a gunshot wound.
Doesn't say what caliber.
Looks like a .
Holly was carrying a .
40, so Uh, my Mylea? M-m-malee? Mal malee?