The Glades s04e04 Episode Script

Magic Longworth

Murray, stop pulling me! The coffee shop is this way! You know that! Yeah, I'm just gonna have a cigarette.
Smoke-free building, my ass.
Murray, stop.
Stop that.
Nobody needs that.
Murray! Whoa! Ohh! Oh, my God! Well, I could get used to this.
Me driving you to work? Uh, yeah.
That, too.
You can get used to it.
We just have to find a place, pick a date, finalize the guest list, order the cake, the flowers.
- You sure you wouldn't rather elope? - I know.
It's a lot, but it's gonna be so much fun.
Oh, and don't forget we're going to see the Marina Bay Bistro tonight.
- Right.
- And if that's perfect, we can just cross it off the to-do list.
Oh, in that case, I like it already.
And that's assuming that I get off of work on time.
So, Dr.
Hardy still riding you hard, huh? Oh, yeah.
But I'm learning a ton, and the extra cash definitely doesn't suck.
But he is a little demanding.
Well, next time you're in Dr.
Hardy hell, just remind yourself that we are going to have the wedding to end all weddings.
Followed by more fun than any couple should ever legally have.
On a honeymoon, I mean.
I'm thinking somewhere warm and sunny with adult beverages and lush green golf courses.
That sounds a lot like Palm Glade.
Yeah, but this one, you need shots and a passport for.
Colleen? We've got an officer down in Boynton Beach.
My worst nightmare a cop killer on the loose.
Carlos and Daniel are on their way.
You'll ride with me.
Come on.
All right.
Sorry, Cal.
I'll call you when I know what's going on.
Be careful.
Yes, sir.
No I.
, but his badge number is 8472.
- I - could have been killed! First on the scene said the witness found him at about 6:15.
A canvass of the area has come up with no leads, and no one's claiming they saw or heard anything last night or this morning.
You sure our, um, witness didn't talk him to death? Jim.
One of our own is down.
Right, sorry.
And this bullet-sized hole in his chest would suggest otherwise Small caliber, guy bled out in seconds.
- Hold on.
- Hold on, what? Has anyone touched this body? Not since we got here, and I'm on hold with regional now trying to run his I.
and badge number.
Why? What's wrong? Carlos, step back.
What? Step back! What the hell are you do So, either Tallahassee changed its dress code and I didn't get the memo, or this guy is definitely not one of ours.
No wallet, no keys, no phone.
Yeah, no surprise.
Where would he keep them? And dressed like that? I assume he was on his way to work, whoever he is? Yeah, well, whoever he was, he was shot between according to his liver temps.
And at close range, inside of five feet.
Which means he probably knew the killer.
That strips off one layer.
I also found this down here trace evidence of a red, flaky substance.
At first I thought it was dried blood, but luminol proved otherwise.
I'm taking a sample of it back to the lab and get it tested.
Detective? Crime techs found this about a half-block up the alley.
It's, uh ooh, a .
Well, won't know if it's the same caliber until I pull the slug out of him.
They also spotted an old Z28 Camaro parked halfway down the street with some interesting flyers in the front seat - from a place called mm-hmm.
- Le Bare.
"Florida's premier spot for all male entertainment.
Featuring Judd The Stud.
" Oh, yeah.
That's our stud, all right.
Found a lockbox under the back bumper.
And his cellphone and wallet were inside the glove compartment.
Full name is Judd Krasnansky, age 24.
Address listed as an apartment in Palm Glade.
Well, someone clearly wasn't a fan of Judd The Stud.
Danny, you want to follow the team to his apartment, see if the answer to who killed him is somewhere in his drawers? While I go and see someone down at the club.
See if they can strip this down for me.
I got my brand-new tims brand-new shirt, new hat with the brim ain't nobody out there coming with the lean brand-new shades and my patent leather jeans I'm just playing with y'all but the truth be told, yo, a brother got to ball it feels so good, it ain't nothing going wrong got a pocket full of cash and my cruise is on come on, yeah, 'cause I be looking Thank you for auditioning.
We'll be in touch.
You Dean Lawrence? The guy at the front door said you're the one I should talk to.
Another cop routine.
- What? Oh, no - Whatever, man.
Can't be any worse than everyone else I've seen today.
Drop your mix in the boom box.
Let's see what you got.
Okay, what I've got are some questions about your headliner, Judd The Stud.
And unlike his, mine's real.
Okay, yeah, sure.
Um, what about him? He was supposed to be here this morning helping me out.
I'm sure he would have preferred that rather than where we found him this morning, shot to death in an alley.
What? He's dead? What happened? Well, that's what I'm here to find out.
Were you two close? I mean, we worked together.
I dance and run the club.
- Judd was my headliner.
- Oh, you still dance? - What's that supposed to mean? - No, it's just You're a little long in the tooth, aren't you? And from the looks of this flyer, Judd was the one getting all the attention, which I'm assuming meant he got the big bucks.
Whatever, man.
The ladies still got plenty of love for Disco.
- Ah, sad but true.
- No, no, Disco.
That's me Disco Dean.
And trust me, pal, I had my day.
Well, were you aware of anyone that wanted to see that Judd didn't have his? Like, maybe someone had it out for him? Where do you want to start, man? You know what we do around here, right? In theory.
We're the fantasy, man.
We break it down for drunk, crazy ladies that lose their shit and get all grab-ass and stalker-y.
It's awesome.
It certainly sounds it.
Right up until one of their jealous husbands or boyfriends finds out what we do around here and goes nuts on your ass.
Then you really got to watch your back.
Were you aware of anyone who threatened to go nuts on Judd’s ass? Well, the only person I can think of is that girlfriend of his, Lisa Schultz.
Judd The Stud had a girlfriend? Pretty hot, actually, for an older chick, but I never really got it.
Must have been the piles of cash she threw at him.
Well, in my experience, piles of cash is where it starts.
Speaking of which, where were you between 10:30 and midnight last night? I worked a private bridal shower, which only about a dozen very satisfied ladies can confirm.
Did Judd work a private party last night that you know of? Probably, man.
Check his website.
Private parties full of drunk, crazy girls is a great way to make ends meet.
So to speak.
The slug we pulled from the victim was definitely from a .
Is it a match to the weapon we found in the alley? Well, it was damaged slightly, so it's gonna take me a little time to confirm.
Also, the serial number was partially filed away.
So, I'm giving it a little acid bath to pull it out and should have it later.
Daniel, you run our victim's phone records? Waiting for an upload from his carrier.
And I went onto his website and confirmed that Judd The Stud did book a private party last night at 310 Sunshine Lane.
Uh, which he did or didn't turn up to? Didn't, and not just because he was killed.
There is no 310 Sunshine Lane.
The houses on that street skip from 300 to 320.
So it was a setup.
Judd requires a non-refundable $100 deposit, which was paid with an untraceable credit card, like the kind you can get at any grocery chain.
All right.
Well, call me back when you contact his carrier.
Maybe the person who set it up has been trying to call him.
It would have been our one-year anniversary next month.
Oh, congratulations.
That's quite a long time for someone as young as Judd to be with someone as not-so-young as you.
We fell in love, detective.
I don't know about you, but it doesn't happen every day.
I never would have predicted that I would meet "The One" in a strip club, but everyone comes with his own unique baggage.
An ex-wife or a controlling mother-in-law, that's baggage.
But all those drunk screaming women all fighting to get their hands on his things? It wasn't the women so much as their boyfriends.
He was always worried that some guy would be waiting for him in the parking lot with a crowbar.
Which is exactly why he was determined to get out of that world.
People lose control when they get jealous.
But not you? - Jealous? - Mm-hmm.
- Not even remotely.
- Huh.
Those women didn't mean anything to Judd.
If anything, he found their adoration a little empty and sad.
Excuse me.
Daniel? Lisa Schultz is the largest importer of beauty supplies in the Sun Belt.
- She's worth millions.
- So, the stud chose wisely.
Unless she killed him, of course.
And I heard back from Judd’s phone carrier.
Two numbers stood way out.
Lisa Schultz and another named Nicky Holloway.
I pulled everything I could find on Nicky, including her DMV photo, which I was just about to message to you if you want.
Let me guess smoking-hot middle-aged brunette? Okay, I'm not sure how you knew that, but here's something I bet you didn't know - Let me guess she owns a .
38? - Damn it.
This a friend of yours? Or should I say ex-friend, since she's been banished to the box in the wet bar? I mean, what happened? She call your stud a little too much? I mean, I know you're not the jealous type, so Unfortunately, it was business as usual with Nicole.
I thought that we'd finally gotten past our high-school rivalries.
I'm guessing this time it was Judd? Her flirty act may have been enough to land two ex-husbands.
But Judd didn't fall for it.
And she couldn't handle that.
I finally had to tell her that if she couldn't accept that Judd and I were in love and be happy for us, then I couldn't deal with her anymore.
So you dumped your best friend for a guy? Good call.
- You own a gun? - A gun? God, no.
Well, were you aware that your flirty ex-best friend owns a .
38, the same kind as the one that killed your stud? You needed backup for this? So, she owns a gun? This place doesn't look dangerous to me.
Well, they never do, Carlos until they do, but by that time Oh, trust me, honey.
You wear this on your wedding night, and you will own this man for life.
Said the twice-divorced hostess.
Oh, I know my parties can get a little out of hand.
I'm guessing you are the police? Uh, FDLE.
Which I'm guessing makes you Nicky Holloway? Yeah, hostess of this little soiree and ever so tipsy.
How can I help you? I understand you know a young man by the name of Judd The Stud or knew a man? What? Something happened to Judd? He was shot to death with a .
38, - kind of like the gun you own.
- Okay.
Well, I showed you mine.
You want to show me yours? Detective, I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Well, um, my backup will keep them company.
Okay, ladies.
Judd was seeing a friend of mine, Lisa, a lot more than me, lately.
How is she holding up? I worry sick about her.
Oh, no, I can tell.
This? This is just a business.
I'm a party planner.
Plus, Lisa hates your guts.
Honestly? She's so dramatic.
We had a little fight, the same fight we've been having for the last 15 years.
And this one is gonna blow over just like they all do.
Well, it only takes a big fight to murder a friendship, especially when it comes to men Or a stud, in this case.
Oh, believe me.
I would rather be alone than be with a man like Judd.
Were you alone from 10:30 through till midnight last night? As a matter of fact, I wasn't.
I was at a silent auction at Christie's in Boca, which tells me that you think I had something to do with Judd’s murder.
Well, you go ahead and have yourself a good old time, 'cause you're wrong.
Well, we'll see what your gun has to say about that.
Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
So, wait.
So, wait.
So, the pink lace nightie was from who again? Erin.
Of course! And the bustier from? Kimberly.
How could I forget? All right.
All right, all right, all right.
Uh, what? I'm I'm I'm good at keeping track of things.
Yeah, time to go, Carlos.
Ah, but my job isn't quite done yet.
You know, it's getting a little too dangerous here - even for you.
- But Aww! Aww! Aww! Aww! You know, I actually really like this place.
It's big enough to hold all of our guests, yet has this really nice warm feeling and a beautiful view of the water.
You you don't think it's too big? I mean, you must have a number in your head.
- Of guests? - Yeah.
I was thinking 90, 100, maybe.
Oh, wow! That's way more than I had in my head.
Well, that includes your guests, too.
Which I'm thinking, like, 30 or so.
Really? That's all you're gonna invite? No, that's all I think are gonna make the trip down here, I mean, depending on the time of year.
Never hard to get people from the Midwest to come South for the winter.
Oh, I'm not thinking winter, actually.
When were you thinking? Fall, like late September? Hurricane season? Okay, well, it's Florida.
You basically have three options.
There's five months of hurricane season, three months of winter, which is way too tourist-y and expensive, and summer, which is way too hot to do to anyone we actually care about.
- Yeah, there's that.
- Mm.
Well, I'm looking forward to meeting some of your friends.
You've met most of them.
You've actually arrested a few.
Okay, one.
And in my defense, she did murder someone.
- She did.
- Yeah.
Put a little damper on it.
Actually, nowadays I work with most of the people I'm friends with.
No old friends from high school? No.
We haven't stayed in touch.
People get married, have kids, get divorced Get married again.
You know, there was this one friend from high school.
I would have kept in contact with her Laura Jordan.
But we had a big falling out over a guy.
This sounds juicy.
Mm, not really.
It was Ray.
And she didn't think he was a really good guy, and definitely didn't like us together, so we went our separate ways.
Kind of sounds like these two suspects that are in this case I'm working.
So, you and Laura Jordan, you never made up? No.
That ship has sailed.
- Mnh.
- Sorry.
Carlos? Ballistics just confirmed the gun we got from Nicky Holloway is definitely not the murder weapon.
She has a .
38 special.
The bullet that killed Judd came from a .
38 Long Colt.
And the gun at the murder scene was a .
38 Long Colt? Correct.
- So that's the murder weapon? - Correct.
Okay, next time, start with that.
Did you at least raise a serial number from the gun? That I'm still working on, but I can tell you that those red flakes found at the scene? They came from the soles of Emilie Fontaines.
- Fon-what? - Fontaines.
They're only the sexiest high heels most normal people can't possibly afford.
I really don't want to know how you know that.
And wha high heels that leave red flakes? Fontaines.
I love Fontaines.
- You know these shoes? - Yeah.
They do leave red flakes, and they scratch on the bottom, but very sexy.
What am I doing here, detective? Don't you think I've been through enough? All right.
If by enough you mean had enough of Judd’s cheating ways, yeah.
I I'd say you've had more than enough, and then some.
Please take a seat.
Judd wasn't cheating on me, detective.
I already told you.
I wasn't jealous.
I had no reason to be.
Judd loved me and no one else.
Well, I know you've told me some version of that, and I'm sure you believe that.
But thanks to your red-soled shoes, which are so sexy, uh, you left red flakes at the crime scene.
Which means, for some reason, you followed Judd.
Okay, it's true.
I was there that night.
But you have to understand.
- It was date night.
- Date night? We had date night on his night off from the club, and had plans to order takeout and watch "Silver Linings Playbook.
" But then, out of the blue, he tells me he booked a last-minute party.
I mean, we love date night.
I don't know.
Just something about it Sounded like a big fat lie.
Like maybe he was seeing another woman, like maybe Nicky? - She was obsessed with him.
- Right.
Men turn into blithering horn dogs around her and it drove her crazy that Judd didn't.
She kept calling him, trying to get under his skin.
Which wasn't that hard to find.
But he's still a man.
So I thought maybe she might have finally gotten to him.
So you booked a fake gig for Judd and then you followed him to Boynton Beach Where I found out that I was wrong to not trust him.
But I didn't book a fake gig.
He must have had a gig that night.
He never would wore his stupid cop uniform if he didn't.
So I left before he could see me.
Oh, because God forbid he should see that you were jealous.
He wasn't into jealous people.
Another one of his "turn offs," I'm guessing? Make fun if you want, detective.
But our relationship was solid and built on trust.
Except when it wasn't.
We have something.
So, we were able to raise the serial number off the murder weapon.
It matches a .
38 Long Colt that was purchased at a Gladesmart in Bradenton in 2010.
Do we know by whom? I have a call in to the store's regional director because, as we all know, Florida does not require guns to be registered.
But guns sales in Florida are public record.
Do we know if Judd owned or purchased a gun? No, not one that he voluntarily registered.
Well, Lisa said he was worried about jealous husbands and boyfriends.
Maybe he had it on him for protection and he was killed with his own gun? Hmm.
This is Director Manus.
Okay, great.
Regional director of sales just confirmed that the gun was purchased at their Bradenton store by Dean Lawrence.
Looks like someone's heading back to Le Bare.
Uh, yeah.
Hey, you want to come cover this one with me? How about hell no? If I want to look at some dingle-dangle, I sure as hell ain't gonna do it with you.
tonight just for tonight, my boy for tonight just for tonight, my boy for tonight just for tonight, my boy for tonight Everybody having a good time? Well, let's keep the good times rolling, 'cause the Sheriff of Le Bare is back in town.
Let's give it up for Disco Dean! - Sitting here eating my heart out - Hey.
- Waiting, waiting for some lover to call - No, no, please.
Here, here, you have that.
You have that from me.
Dialed about a thousand numbers lately I'm working.
Official police business, please.
- Almost rang the phone off the wall - I mean, I appreciate it.
I do.
- Looking for some hot stuff - This gun's real.
- Baby, this evening - Oh, that's energetic.
- I need some hot stuff Please, please, please.
- Baby, tonight - I'm working.
It's okay.
I want some hot stuff, baby, this evening got to have some hot stuff - got to have some loving tonight - Hands behind your back, sheriff.
- Dude, I'm in the middle of this, man.
- Yeah, no, it'll wait.
Oh, yeah? Tell them that.
This is just wrong, man.
Oh, trust me.
You have no idea.
Come on.
Hey! Try and get out of here with our lives, or at least pants.
Well, not you.
I told you.
I scratched the serial number off when I sold it to Judd in case he did something stupid.
Uh, stupider than selling it to a male stripper with a line of jealous husbands around the block? Hey, man.
We got to look out for our own.
Oh, you were looking out for your own, all right.
I didn't kill Judd, okay? Why would I kill him? He was my headliner.
He packed the place to the rafters six nights a week.
Or got his g-string packed with $10s and $20s, while you were left with the sloppy singles.
Hey, man, I do okay.
Well, until recently, anyway.
But, uh, your bank account shows four cash deposits, each for $1,000 the last few months, but this month nothing.
And with $6 in your pocket? Pssh, that's just pathetic, dude.
I mean, you don't even own a cellphone.
What kind of grown human being doesn't own a cellphone? I had one.
I just lost it, okay? And I may have had a slow month, but things were picking up.
Well, yeah, now that the club's main attraction's out of the way.
Come on, Dean.
You were jealous of Judd.
He was everything you were and so much more.
I mean, what? You've got to be pushing 40, which doesn't make the pushups any easier.
What? Feeling the pressure to hang up the g-string? I've still got a couple good years left.
Which, thanks to some really poor career planning, you'd need to make the most of.
Yeah, you needed to get the Sheriff of Le Bare back on top so you can start making the big bucks again Like killing the club's main attraction.
I didn't kill Judd, okay? I swear I didn't.
He needed protection, so I sold him my gun.
That's all.
Sounds to me like with your best years behind you, the only person who needed protection was you.
They aren't behind me, man.
I still got it.
If I had a nickel for every jealous husband that came after me You might be up to a dime.
Look, I don't know if he's telling the truth or not, but his financials do show that Judd made out a check to Dean about a month ago for $425.
That's about the going rate for a used gun.
It even says "protection" on the memo line.
Which also means that he knew Judd had a gun on him.
I'm also having Daniel check into those monthly cash deposits, though they're probably just tips that Dean's trying to hide from Uncle Sam.
But there was something else that jumped way out at me in Judd’s banking history.
About a month ago, yeah, he deposited a $50,000 check from Nicky Holloway.
That's a lot to be giving Judd.
Well, what do you think that's about? I have no idea, but I'm looking forward to hearing her overly prepared answer.
Oh, and get Daniel to look into Dean's cellphone.
See if it really is lost or whether there's a reason he doesn't want us to find it.
Somehow I knew you couldn't stay away.
Some life you got.
Partying, sipping mimosas with the BFFs, hanging around with half-naked men.
Hosting parties is a lot more stressful - than it looks, detective.
- Oh, hmm.
And as for the venue, at least my wealthy ex-husbands were good for something.
I earned every penny.
Most men, especially rich men, are more trouble than they're worth.
That include Judd The Stud? Definitely Judd was more trouble than he was worth.
Trust me.
Trust you? Oh.
Oh, okay.
Hadn't really thought of that, but I'll try anything once.
Now, how about you? Like the truth this time? Like you telling me why Judd The Stud, who was definitely more trouble than he was worth, was worth you writing a check for $50,000? Are you asking me if I was involved with Judd in some way? No, no, not in some way In the way.
And what? You think I paid Judd for sex? That's hilarious.
Or to keep quiet about it.
I'm thinking that your friendship with Lisa was worth something to you.
All right.
Cards on the table? That's why I'm here.
About a year ago, we have a very brief fling.
I booked him for one of my parties.
I liked his looks.
We hit it off.
We had three nights of meaningless sex.
And then Lisa comes to one of my parties and meets him.
I had no idea they were involved with each other.
But by then, our relationship was strictly professional.
Uh, professional how? Well, Judd, he was a natural.
Women loved him.
He had "it," and women love "it.
" And I run a business.
So, I paid him $50,000 dollars for his exclusive services for two years.
Except his services were heading to someone else's party the night before last.
Oh, well, I didn't need him.
- He's free to do what he wants.
- Huh.
It's an amazing deal for Judd, maybe a little too amazing.
Like, maybe you were using it to patch things up with Lisa? Bankrolling her boyfriend so that she didn't have to? I mean, an added bonus, maybe.
Plus, he didn't have to work in that sleazeball club.
That guy, Disco Dean, he's a creep.
A couple of my clients went in there and refused to go back in once they crossed his path.
Daniel? What do you got for me? You asked me to look into your stripper's cellphone? I did, though I'd like you to refer to Dean as our stripper.
Turns out he was using his cellphone regularly right up until five hours before Judd was murdered.
Then radio silence, and it hasn't been used since.
Meaning it's still on and you can find it for me? And you're not gonna believe where it is.
What now, detective? That was surly.
Have I been surly with you? Only when you haven't been an ass.
Oh, then this definitely isn't gonna help.
A warrant? For what? For Dean Lawrence's cellphone.
What are you talking about? Why would Dean's cellphone be in my house? I know.
It's crazy, right? No, I meant it's not in my house, and you're wrong.
Well, not according to my intern, who triangulated cell towers to pinpoint its exact location.
See? Nothing's ringing.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
Did you not hear me? That's Judd’s gym bag.
He never liked me to go through his things, so, of course, I never did.
He'd always just dump it there after his workouts, like somehow it would just magically empty itself.
Yeah, I've heard we're a lot more trouble than we're worth.
Men, right? Can't live with us, can't shoot us.
Or maybe you can.
No, I don't think I can get away, either.
Hardy leaves for Hawaii tomorrow, and I have to catch up on these ACL reconstruction files.
Uh, then maybe dinner, then, you and me? Actually, I think I half-made plans for dinner.
Oh, okay.
With who? Remember my friend Laura I was telling you about from high school? - Yeah.
- I started thinking about her, and I thought, "You know, this is silly.
" It's been 17 years, and with the divorce and all, and how much I missed her, so I just I called her.
- Oh, well, that's cool.
- Yeah.
Well, she seemed happy to hear from me, so we kind of made a plan to meet up later and catch up.
Sounds great.
Well, we'll see.
It's been 17 years, so And I have to run, so - Call me later? - Yeah.
- Uh, love you.
- Love you, bye.
Daniel has something he wants to show us in the lab.
Also, I found something else unusual in Judd’s gym bag.
Uh, not sure I want to know what else the stud kept in his sack.
It's a blank check from a corporation called Autumn Tangerines.
As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with Judd, but I'm looking into it.
I think I know why Judd might have had Dean's phone.
Dean had a bunch of videos on there Surveillance from Le Bare.
And why did Dean have surveillance footage from the club on his cellphone? Or maybe the real question is why did Dean have Judd’s cellphone at all? Hmm.
That must be one of the partying brides-to-be.
Well, now we know.
Got something for you.
Thought that might be a good little conversation starter.
Now, the good news is Actually, there is no good news, Dean not for you.
But you probably already knew that, now that you saw that we got your phone.
And then after I saw what you had on your phone, and, man, I got to tell you, I really wish I could un-see it.
Five different videos.
Five intoxicated brides-to-be that under any other circumstances would never have even laid eyes on you, let alone all the other things they apparently laid on you.
No one made them do any of that.
You can see that for yourself.
Well, I can see that you were very careful not to block the camera so that I could see for myself.
Well, I may not be very proud of that, but none of it was illegal.
Oh, no, no, no, before you dig that hole, we cross-referenced the time stamps with the bookings made at the club, and we took the liberty of contacting those brides-to-be.
Now, lucky for you, the first four were very quick to deny any knowledge of you.
Because there was nothing to tell.
But the fifth? That was lucky for me.
She never got married, and she was very happy to tell me all about how you tried to use a drunken indiscretion to extort $1,000 from her Apparently your going rate And the engagement and wedding called off because she couldn't pay.
But the other four, well, I'm guessing that a grand was nothing compared to the out-of-town guests and a $30,000 wedding, otherwise known as extortion.
So, Judd discovers your little scam, and whether to protect the sterling reputation of your industry or just force your over-the-hill ass into retirement, he steals your phone and threatens to call the police.
So you killed him.
I want a lawyer.
I bet you do.
We find out anything about that blank check we found in Judd’s gym bag? Daniel's just pulling it up.
Lisa Schultz's company is quite the conglomerate.
Lisa Schultz enterprises is just the umbrella corporation.
There are at least 12 subsidiaries.
And one of them is called Oh, Autumn Tangerines.
So, when I looked into the accounting at Autumn Tangerines, I found a sequence of checks, from 1326 to 1350, that were skipped over in the ledgers.
As if someone misplaced a book of checks and skipped to the next, as in the one you found in Judd’s bag that falls within that stretch.
And all of them have been used up recently.
But the signature does not match Lisa's.
Probably, considering the purchases, they were checks all forged by Judd.
A jet ski, a Ducati motorcycle, microdermabrasion? By the most expensive doctor in Florida.
I mean, the list goes on.
So, the stud was stealing from his Sugar Mama.
Or maybe she just didn't care.
Or she did and they fought, which would definitely put a murderous spin into this love connection.
- Hey.
What's up? - Hey.
This Marina Bay Bistro, it has great packages, but it books up really quickly.
So if we're even thinking about it as a contender, we should do some recon and pull the trigger sooner rather than later.
Uh, we can do it this weekend.
I was thinking sooner, like tonight.
Which I thought might be dicey for you, so I called Laura, and she's gonna meet me there for dinner, which I would love for you to come if you can make it.
I thought you guys had so much to catch up on? It's okay.
I mean, after the whole Ray thing, I'd actually love for her to meet you.
I think it would be a great way for Laura and I to start over.
Wow, you guys had that big a fight over Ray? She was just worried that Ray would hurt me.
Like "hurt you," hurt you? I mean, I would cut off Ray's nuts if he even tried, but it cost me a really good friend.
Anyway, the reservation's at 8:00, and we are gonna meet there at 7:30 for a drink, if you can make it.
Uh, yeah, okay.
Well, we'll see.
And you're back at work? Sorry.
Um, yeah.
I need to get Daniel to look into something for me.
- Go.
- Thanks.
You're gonna make it, though? Uh, I'll try.
I promise.
You're not gonna make it.
I was just about to get ready for a meeting.
Okay, I'll get right to the point.
We know about Judd’s little forging scam, signing your name to company checks to the tune of more than $100,000.
I knew about the money, detective.
Eventually it was all gonna be ours, anyway.
If my boyfriend felt uncomfortable asking for things, why humiliate him by bringing up a little check here and there? So, in other words, why run the risk of confronting a muscle-bound stud who was stealing you blind when, obviously, it was safer to turn a blind eye? Just Daniel? You were right, detective.
There were no police reports linked to Lisa's address, but I checked with the private security firm that works her gated community.
There were five reports about some pretty nasty fights they heard coming from Lisa's house.
Thanks, Daniel.
I don't mean to be rude, detective, but if there's nothing else, I really need to get ready.
Actually, there is one more thing.
I am so sorry, Lisa.
But you secret's out.
Judd was beating you, so you did the only thing you could do.
You killed him to make it stop.
How long had it been going on? It wasn't going on, detective.
It was one time.
That's not what Rolling Security said, who had to knock on your door on way more than one occasion, Lisa.
Look, I-I'm sorry to say, but it's textbook, really.
The first time he hit you, you thought, well, it was an accident.
He didn't mean that.
And he apologized.
He said it would never happen again.
But it did happen again, and it wouldn't stop.
In fact, it only got worse.
I didn't kill Judd.
I loved him.
Yeah, loved him enough to forgive him over and over again.
But then your worst fear happened.
You found out he was talking to Nicky.
Again with Nicky, like it was high school all over again.
And so you started snooping around, convinced maybe there were other women, and maybe in that gym bag that he always left around.
And that's where you found the gun.
And then maybe he caught you snooping.
Maybe you confronted him about it.
He needed the gun for his protection.
Right, for all those jealous husbands and stuff.
But you can't deny the threat, however unspoken, that one day he might kill you.
So you killed him first.
It was Nicky who couldn't handle it.
Instead of being happy for me, Nicky hated me because Judd was mine.
She kept saying he wasn't right for me, he wasn't good enough, that I was blind, that he would hurt me in the end.
She's such a bitch.
She wouldn't stop.
Oh, my God.
For once, I got the guy, and she wouldn't let it go.
Part of me wants to let her out the back door, tell her to leave Florida and never look back.
I went back and double-checked everyone's alibis again.
Turns out you were right about one of them.
Nice work, Daniel.
I don't suppose that you, um Interrogation two.
Deputies just brought the suspect in.
Should I release Lisa? Actually She's gonna want to hang around and hear this.
You knew a good thing when you saw it, especially when it comes to men.
And Judd was definitely "it.
" Because "it" was what made your bachelorette parties the talk of the town.
But what you didn't realize until it was too late, was that your best friend had fallen hard for "it.
" She'd fallen in love.
But you dated him first, so you knew what he was capable of.
So, you tried to warn her, but she didn't listen.
She just thought you were doing that thing you've always done your whole life Take whatever you want from whoever you want.
But this was different.
No, this was Lisa.
You don't know the first thing about me and Lisa.
I know that you tried to pay him off.
which he took, but didn't leave, leaving Lisa to put on a brave face.
But you you knew better.
You knew she was in trouble.
So you gave Judd a fake address, you booked him a fake party.
And then you went along to that silent auction, but you left early, taking the paddle with you as proof that you were there.
So, then you drove to the address that you gave Judd.
You took that gun that he kept on himself for "protection," and you shot him in the chest.
Not a bad plan, as far as murder plans go.
That is not a plan.
That's a theory that you can't prove.
Ah, but you proved it for me, Nicky.
You made one critical mistake.
You quite smartly paid cash for the toll on the way to the murder to cover your tracks, but afterward, with all that adrenaline in your system, you forgot on the way back, meaning that your Sunpass was charged at 10:42 P.
At the Boynton Beach Toll Plaza.
And confirmed by Florida Highway Patrol.
You don't understand, detective.
Lisa is the only person who ever loved me for me in my whole life.
And when she saw me, she didn't see a trophy that she had to have.
She saw a friend.
And when I saw her, I saw somebody who was brilliant and loving And, unlike me, didn't need a man to define her or make her feel successful.
She just was successful, and definitely not a man like Judd.
And she was in trouble.
So I had to protect her before it was too late.
What other choice did I have? And a water.
I'm just waiting for someone.
Pretty good read.
You got a little splotch of mustard there.
But other than that, it's a good job.
Thank you.
Yeah, you figure it out, yet? Figure out what? How you're gonna finish school.
Believe me, I'm dying to get back.
You don't believe me? I said okay that usually means that someone's okay with what you've just said.
There's no shame in getting married, sweetheart.
Getting married is something woman used to aspire to.
Now, if they got a head on their shoulders, they act like they should apologize.
- Oh, I'm definitely not apologizing.
- Good.
Get married.
Have some kids.
I have a son.
Thank you.
Well, have another one.
Have a girl.
This isn't China.
You'll figure it out.
See you in 10 days.
She's over there.
And, uh, would you see that she finishes school? Would you see to that, please? She's gonna make a hell of a doctor! Okay, so, that was, um? - Doctor Hardy.
- Wow.
- He seems friendly? - Yeah.
Well, not really.
But he has his moments.
Ah, so, this is? Meyer lemon cake with buttercream frosting.
They highly suggest this for weddings.
And Laura and I had some with dinner.
You've got to taste this.
Sorry I didn't make dinner.
Oh, no one really expected you to make it.
But I had the bartender take a picture.
Oh, yeah.
She looks like trouble.
Oh, my God.
We used to get into so much trouble.
I look forward to meeting her.
I think she'll like you, too.
And if she doesn't, I'll just kick her ass to the curb again.
Oh, my God.
Right? This is ridiculous.
No, and it just keeps getting better each time.
It does.
- So - Yes? Um, how long do you think we can play with this food? - Forever.
- Forever.
- Oh, good one.
- Yeah.