The Glee Project (2011) s01e06 Episode Script


- So here's what you missed on the glee project Bryce, ellis, emily, mckynleigh, matheus gone.
This season's going by way too fast.
Marissa and Sam' stars on the rise.
what? And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Right, Lindsay? Ours isn't special anymore.
It's competition That kiss may be innocent But Cameron is not ready to be voted off the Chastity Club just yet.
I fell like a had cheated, mom It seems Alex doesn't need to prove himself any longer; - Let somebody else have the opportunity to shine.
- But that's not what ryan thinks.
- You think you're better than them? - I do not even think so.
- Now, only seven contenders remain As they compete for a seven-episode Guest-starring role on season three of glee.
And that's all you need to know so far on - the glee project - [gasps] no way! - [gasps] - do you know that song? - Ah! - Tenacity, a ribidoo! - Oh, lyrics.
- Last week, the whole thing with the kiss, I feel like that kinda messed me up, And, you know, just kinda threw me off.
And this week, you know, I feel kind of on the edge.
And I need to have a great week.
- this time, baby, I'll be This could be a really good week for me.
This is gonna be fun.
This is all about attitude.
I just have all this confidence that I didn't have before.
And I feel like I am a competitor, And I have a chance at winning this, And I can just go for it.
- I won't let you in again the messages I've tried to send - my information's just not going in I feel like most of us are a little bit confused About what this theme is going to require of us.
- We need, like, a dictionary.
Like, I wanna know The actual definition of tenacity.
- It means to be tenacious, it means to be [growls] Being an adopted child, Not quite understanding where I fit, It took tenacity And it took endurance just to get here, To feel like I've been blessed with so much.
- Ferocious, yeah.
- Ferocious! I'm showing my tenacity-- Or in my word, "tenasty," by showing that I have The strength and the power to get what I want.
- You are not gonna get to me.
Like, been there, done that, messed around.
- We know there's gonna be a guest.
And we're just wondering, who is gonna show up Who can really judge us on our tenacity? - [chuckles] hey, guys.
[cheers and applause] - what up? - [chuckles] - oh! - What up? - So guys, you recognize Max adler, who plays dave karofsky on glee.
All: Yeah.
- How's it going? - Max is a little bit intimidating Because you see his character on glee, And he's this big, tough, you know, football player That's, like, always raggin' on everybody.
- So the theme of the week is tenacity.
- You know, I've been turned down tons of times.
And that's part of it.
You just have to kind of Overcome the rejections and the obstacles, And just keep fighting.
- Max epitomizes inspiration for you guys, 'cause I cast max as a two-line co-star.
Look at what's happened.
I mean, taken off.
And he's enormously talented and a great guy.
And I'm so proud of you, max.
- Thank you very much, robert.
Thank you.
You know, I've been told it's the three "p"s.
It's passion, persistence, and patience.
- So the performer who max thinks has the most tenacity Will get extra screen time in the big group number And a one-on-one session to help you make the best of it.
- All righty, guys, so you ready? You feeling it? All: Yes.
- Let's see whose performance is bulletproof.
[bulletproof plays] - been there, done that, messed around I'm having fun, don't put me down - I'll never let you sweep me off my feet - I won't let you in again the messages I've tried to send - my information's just not going in - oh, burning bridges shore to shore I break away from something more - I'm not turned on to love until it's cheap - Stop, stop, stop, stop.
- What's going on? Max asks us to stop.
And I have no idea what to do.
Like, what the "f" is going on? - In terms of your performance, tenacity--which is the theme-- I'm afraid we'll have to do one more.
Do something that you've never done before.
Just surprise me, shock me.
Give it everything you've got.
All the energy, put it in front, this is it.
- been there, done that, messed around I'm having fun, don't put me down - I'll never let you sweep me off my feet - I won't let you in again the messages I tried to send - my information's just not going in - oh, burning bridges shore to shore I break away from sometng more - I'm not turned on to love until it's cheap - been there, done that, messed around I'm having fun, don't put me down - I'll never let you sweep me off my feet - this time, baby I'll be bulletproof - this time, baby, I'll be bulletproof All: this time, baby, I'll be bulletproof this time, baby, I'll be bulletproof this time, baby, I'll be bulletproof - Yeah.
That was bigger.
That was so good.
- Awesome.
- You guys are so good.
So on the money.
Um, damian.
- Yes.
- Awesome.
- Thank you.
- The only little thing I'll say is Sometimes when someone else is singing or dancing, I could see you kinda like, you know, You like, watched or looked at them.
And it's like, you know, you like check out for a second.
So amazing performance, but just, you know, stay in it, Like, the whole time.
- Sure, sure.
- Um, samuel Dude, I could see it.
Like, you were just so focused.
I mean, you know, it's in your eyes.
You're so good.
- I've honestly never wanted to win A challenge more than I wanna win this one, Because I feel like this one pertains to me so much.
You know, I am tenacious.
Like, I do want this.
I don't want second place, and I don't want third place.
I wantThat role.
- Lindsay and marissa, you got, I mean, amazing voices.
Just everything.
Um, and Ah, so hard.
But everyone brought their a-plus game.
I mean, it's just-- it's so hard to choose.
Marissa, you win.
You win the challenge.
- Ah! - [chuckles] it's all you.
- This is my second week winning the challenge.
I'm on top of my game.
It feels good, and it shows That I'm being tenacious.
Oh, my god, I-- - you're so--I mean, I'm telling you, your voice and your attitude is enough, But then the fact that you took, you know, risks.
And you were the first one to kick the chair, That's exactly what you have to do to stand out.
So congratulations.
[applause] - I'm happy for her, but at the same time, It's like, you've won two in a row.
You know, the numbers are slowly starting To dwindle down Of who's won one, And I still haven't won anything.
- Marissa, that means You get some one-on-one time with max To begin working on the big group number.
Which is - So awesome.
You guys are gonna dig it.
It's a mash-up.
Under pressure by david bowie and queen, With ice, ice, baby-- vanilla ice.
- Oh! - So good.
- Yes! - So good.
- We're going to be putting you guys Through some extra pressure this week By adding some of the most Physically demanding choreography You've done yet.
- So in addition, I got one more little fun surprise for you.
In the video, you're all going To be slushied a lot.
- Yes! I've been waiting for that.
- You're all getting slushied.
A lot of slushie.
- Yes! - Finally.
It is an initiation process To anything that is glee.
We need to be slushied, and it needs to happen soon.
- Tenacity is after you get slushied, You know, you can't break character, Be like, "oh, like, what the heck?" I mean, you're in character.
Otherwise, you have to redo everything-- The wardrobe changes, the set is messed up.
So you'll be under pressure getting slushied.
- I am a nervous wreck right now.
I am not looking forward To being slushied in the face.
[bell rings] - Hi.
- Oh, hi.
All: Hey! - Well, welcome.
- Brooke is with us for choreography today Because zach is on the set of glee.
- Listen, we have a big number to do.
The goal is to make everything look somewhat normal.
SoLet's get ready.
You push, seven.
- I really wanted to win the homework assignment.
And I feel like not winning that kind of killed my confidence.
And I'm noticing, I am kinda struggling a little bit.
And I think it's all in my head.
- Samuel, watch your focus.
You're going-- on the five, You're looking to the front.
I don't--not until the six.
- Okay.
- Leg is five, then the look is on six.
- This choreography is very elaborate.
And I think it's gonna be challenging Because it's a lot of floor work.
- One, two, three-- turn-- Four, five, six, seven.
Use both hands, hannah.
- Yeah.
- So flip over, and then you have more control of it.
- TheChoreography, my, my.
It is, uh, very interesting.
[chuckles] - So I'm gonna push up on my left arm, And give myself-- that's gonna give me The most support.
- [groans] - lead with the hips.
- [giggling] - soThere.
[snaps fingers] - [straining] - what? - What seems easy for the other people Is not easy for me, And first time I see it, I'm just, like Shoot.
- So you have a little bit of homework to practice, And then get ready for some slushies.
And I think it's going to be fun.
So good luck.
- Bye.
- Right, dance time.
This dance in particular, it's hard Because you're on the floor and sliding.
But, you know, still, Hannah's really, really working hard, you know, Along with the rest of us-- the only person Who I haven't seen him do it once is alex.
This isn't the first time.
He has a bit of a lazy attitude about it.
I don't know if he believes That he's too good for it And he's got it down already.
Hope it doesn't bite him in the arse, you know? - All right, people.
Let's go.
[bell rings] - The theme of the week is tenacity, So this is a perfect song about pressure And continuing to go on when the pressure is heavy.
And I think a lot of these kids Are feeling the pressure right now.
All right, let's try this.
- Ooh.
- I'm planning on you going up the octave.
- The--belting it? - Yeah.
- Uh, okay.
- You're coming in on the second line.
And then you're gonna sing the rest of that entire thing.
- this is ourself under pressure - Okay, that was cleaner, but it didn't have any feeling.
- Okay.
Recording with nikki, You can't help but think she's judging you.
And I feel like the less time I'm in that room, The better it is, because it means I didn't need to work on it as much.
this is ourselves - Aah.
- under pressure - [stuttering] - mm-mm? - You're just singing it really straight now.
- All right.
I'll just feel it.
- Feel it.
- under pressure that burns the building down splits the family in two I am super, super nervous In the recording studio with nikki.
- That's better with your tone, but just-- I'm not feeling what you're talking about.
- I have a lot of parts, So I definitely am messing up a bit On getting some things right.
- splits a family in two - splits a family in two - Simplify it a little bit.
- Sorry.
I'll be honest that this part, I didn't, uh, practice on As much as the other parts.
- [sighs] okay.
[bell rings] - This is frustrating.
What is my problem? - You're just crumbling under the pressure.
- [bleep].
- Cut, cut.
What happened? - All right, so we're having a little bet in here to see If you can do this in one take.
- Oh, shoot.
All right.
I had so much fun The last time I got to rap with m.
Hammer, And I think that they definitely gave me this part Because they know that I can rap, And they're expecting me to do a good job.
deadly our arms cut like a-- oh, shoot.
- Oh! - Oh, no.
- Let's see if you can get it in two takes.
- Yes, yes.
- All right, let's do this again.
- deadly, our arms-- oh, no.
deadly, when I-- [sighs] deadly, when I da na na na - All right.
- less than [vocalizes] This is frustrating.
What is my problem? I knew that they expected a lot out of me.
I expected a lot out of myself.
- You're just crumbling under the pressure.
- deadly when I play a dope melody I know this.
After messing it up a few times, It got harder and harder to keep going.
And I just kind of shut down a little bit.
It was terrible.
- I wouldn't let it bum me out.
- I'm trying not to.
- 'cause then all I need you to worry about now is tomorrow.
- Just forget about it, yeah.
- That's your focus.
[bell rings] I have, like, a pit in my stomach right now.
- I'm getting along with cameron Incredibly well in the house.
More than anything, we have the same mindset for this.
We're just willing to work incredibly hard.
- Hey, what's up, guys? All: Hey.
- What's up? How's everybody? - Good.
- So you're gonna get wet.
You're gonna get slushied.
You're gonna get blasted.
Don't lose character, 'cause we're gonna do Just one or two takes of this slushie thing.
That's the biggest thing.
- There's just So much to deal with at one time.
I've got this giant rap, And I have a dance number that I have no idea How I'm gonna pull through.
And I'm definitely feeling the pressure, for sure.
I mean, this is the hardest dance That we've had, like, for me.
I mean, m.
Hammer's hard, But I feel like this is harder.
- Fat kids weren't meant to do floor work.
- That's all I have to say.
[laughter] Thank you.
Fat kids hate floor work.
- Marissa, can I see you standing right there? Looking at camera.
- Ever since my one-on-one session with max, I have been a little off, because I know What it feels like to be slushied already.
And it's not fun.
- Do you want goggles for this to protect the eyes? - Actually, you know what? I am I'm gonna be tenacious about it, And not use the goggles.
- Really? - Yeah.
- So character to character, Surprised, humiliated, embarrassed.
Feel all that and let the camera read that.
[clears throat] - Getting slushied feels like a brain freeze, And eye stinging, and general discomfort.
[under pressure playing] My shoot was interesting, 'cause I got to see max again.
He got to slushie me again.
This time, he has really good aim.
And, uh, I do get quite a lot in the face.
Trying to look at camera.
But it's very difficult.
- Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.
[splash] I hope we got that.
[laughter] - She didn't miss a beat.
She took the slushies without messing up the words.
But she just seemed less Electric than she ever has.
- When they yelled "cut," Um, they were like mid-throw.
So there's like a million more slushies that came After it was cut, so it was just like-- [gasping] - And playback, please.
- all right, stop collaborate and listen Getting slushied, it totally hurts.
But at the same time, like, the cold Shocks you into, like, adrenaline.
And you just want to push through it.
[both laughing] - This is definitely the funnest video shoot so far.
- Awesome.
- Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.
- It does hurt your eyes.
- Yeah.
[laughter] - Great job, samuel.
- Your eyes are red.
- There's definitely times when you're singing And you're just-- you know how when you get Really cold, you're like-- [gasping] We all have to be super tenacious to, like, Act while being slushied and still staying in character.
It's hard, but good.
You really do have to push through.
- So damian, you're going to be coming up the stairs.
- Right.
- Lindsay, you're going to be Coming from outside.
- I think damian and lindsay are gonna Take the slushies really well, Because I think they're just two of the most Committed contenders.
I think they are both in it to win.
[under pressure plays] Great.
- That was painful.
My skin's sensitive, you know.
I don't like being cold.
And I thought my ears were going to fall off.
[robert laughs] - Amazing.
- Cut, cut, cut.
That was good.
- [bleep].
- He looked so uncomfortable.
It is such a surreal moment between him and I.
- How many times did you guys get slammed? - Three takes.
- We did three takes.
- That's it.
- Yeah.
- Your rap is hot.
- Did you hear it? - It's like, seriously.
I'm not just saying it.
- It took a while to get there.
You know, my session in the recording studio With nikki was awful.
I know that I have those lyrics in my brain.
like a poisonous mushroom So I'm going to do my best, And I'm going to get my rap right.
It might not be pretty, but I'm gonna get through it.
you better hit the bull's-eye the kids don't play if there was a problem yo, I'll solve it check out the hook while my dj revolves it [laughter] - That was great.
- That was fun.
[laughs] It was so cool.
Like, I'm not even kidding.
After the initial shock-- - Was it as bad as you thought? - No.
I had all the slushie on me, I was like, "hmm.
" - what the heck.
- And I just, like, started eating it.
- How's it looking? Ready? All right.
- Roll cameras, please.
[under pressure plays] - ourselves one more chance - He sort of seems checked out.
- I agree.
- He could be much better.
- He just doesn't really apply himself.
- Yeah, bigger.
- My slushie experience is madness, mayhem, And just foolishness.
I wasn't gonna stop.
- [vocalizing] - I will--I refuse to be in the bottom three A third week in a row.
- Ready? - I'm worried about the slushie.
And like, you know, they keep telling us, "whatever happens, you know, just keep going.
" I'm just thinking about the cold.
And it just does not sound Like a recipe for a good video shoot for me.
- And playback.
[under pressure plays] - pressure pushing down on me pressing down on you - Cold.
- Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.
Cut, cut, cut.
- That is the coldest thing my body has ever witnessed.
And it is horrible.
As soon as it hits me, I'm thinking, "god, I cannot do this.
" pressure pressing down on me - Cut, cut, cut, cut.
What happened? - Cameron.
- I'm so sorry.
- I know, you're--no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Just sing no matter what.
Even if it seems like you're dying.
- All I can think about Is I think my body temperature just dropped 30 degrees, And I'm about to go into, you know, Hypothermic coma or something.
- Hey.
How was it? - Brutal.
- Are you alive? - I can't--I'm not Trying to breathe.
Trying to catch my breath.
- All right, so I'm gonna have you guys Do the choreography right here, actually.
- We have a fresh change of clothes.
And we're gonna get slushied everywhere.
We basically have one chance to get this thing down.
- We might stick a little.
- You might stick? - Instead of slide.
- We have to slide.
- And if we don't nail it, it'll be super obvious Who screwed up and who didn't, 'cause it's one take.
- I'm tired.
And now I have to complete this choreography That I am absolutely terrified of.
Yeah, not looking so great for the home team.
- Cut, cut, cut.
Back to one.
Let's go.
Hit it.
- Here we go.
And Cue playback, please.
[rhythmic snapping] - ice, ice, baby - dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby - dum dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby - dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby - Let's kickt.
- pressure pushing down on me pressing down on you no man ask for - under pressure that burns the building down splits the family in two puts people on streets - it's the terror of knowing what this world is about watching some good friends screaming Both: get me out - pray tomorrow takes me higher Both: pressure on people people on streets - dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby - dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby - all right, stop collaborate and listen ice is back with a brand-new invention something grabs ahold of me tightly flow like a harpoon daily and nightly will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know turn off the lights, ha and I'll glow to the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal light up a stage and wax a chump like a cane - dance, bum rush a speaker that booms I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom deadly when I play a dope melody anything less than the best is a felony love it or leave it, you better gang way you better hit the bull's-eye the kids don't play if there was a problem yo, I'll solve it check out the hook while my dj revolves it - why can't we give ourselves one more chance? - why can't we give love one more chance Both: why can't we give love give love, give love give love, give love give love - 'cause love's such an old-fashioned word Both: and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the light All: and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves this is our last dance this is ourselves under pressure - dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby All: under pressure - dum dum dum da da dum dum - ice, ice, baby - All right, everybody.
That is a wrap today.
[cheers and applause] - One shot, my man.
- You guys did great.
The video shoot was the ultimate test Of tenacity.
- Good job.
- These kids are getting so professional That it's really tough to pick out three kids That have to be in the bottom three.
[bell rings] - This is the first time That our decision wasn't unanimous.
- You're doing a last chance performance tonight.
- The theme of the week is tenacity.
That means having the drive And determination to keep focused On your goals.
- This week was probably our most challenging vocal number.
And it also involved some choreography that some of you Found a bit more difficult than others.
- By the end of today, only 6 of the original 12 Will be here.
This is the first time That our decision wasn't unanimous.
Samuel Damian Lindsay You're all called back for next week.
[applause] - thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- I've never been in the bottom three.
And I'm pretty much banking on the fact That there hasn't been a homework challenge Winner yet that got sent to the bottom three.
- It was the four of you That we were arguing over until the dawn hours This morning.
- Alex, with the boys that we have left, You're obviously the best mover.
But they seem to try harder.
You seemed a little bit checked out And a little disconnected.
It's not an easy energy to work off of.
You're doing a last chance performance tonight.
- Marissa, you obviously won the homework assignment.
But nikki's feedback from the recording session Was a little lukewarm.
She said that you hadn't rehearsed all your lines.
And when you were actually being slushied, It seemed good, but just less dynamic, Less electric, than it's ever been.
- Marissa You're also doing a last chance performance tonight.
- Okay.
- Hannah, cameron.
It was over the two of you That we were deadlocked.
But we had to come down to Choosing this based on the theme of the week, Which was tenacity.
Cameron With equal fairness with everyone, Maybe the temperature affected you more than it did Some of the other contenders.
But, you know, we're on this tight Shooting schedule.
And you are the only contender That stopp and forced a cut.
- Hannah, you really struggled in the recording booth.
You were challenged by the choreography With an attitude that Everything was going to be difficult.
Despite all that, You didn't let any of it stop you from giving A really, really great performance.
You're called back for next week.
- [exhales] thank you.
I am so relieved that I don't have to sing.
But, I mean, that leaves cameron.
And that's the last person I want to go home.
- Marissa, alex, and cameron, The three of you will be doing last chance performances Tonight.
We have decided to give you a little bit of a break By giving you songs that we know You know how to perform.
So tonight, you're going to be performing One of your original audition songs.
Alex, your song is And I am telling you I'm not going.
- Know what, I'm gonna mean that song when I sing it.
[laughter] I will jump off of this stage, And I will crawl to ryan murphy, And I will sing this song to him.
- Marissa Your song is hate on me by jill scott.
Cameron, we have decided That you should sing love can wait.
Your original song.
Isn't that the name of it? - Yeah.
- Can you do that? - Really? - Yeah.
- Heck, yeah, I can sing that.
- Good luck.
- See you guys.
- [vocalizing] Well, let's do this [bleep].
- don't hate on me, ryan uh-uh-uh-uh-uh - Oh, boy.
[deep breath] Me and a guitar.
I remember writing this song.
I had just broken up with my girlfriend at the time.
And I was really proud of myself, 'cause it was the first time I'd really, like, Put together a song.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- So I'm super excited that you're doing your original song, Because I think ryan can see What you're all about.
I just want you to be super confident, Just like you walked into your first audition.
- At this point, you can never really Be sure if you're safe.
But, you know, if I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna go out singing my song For ryan murphy tonight.
- Well, you know this song.
You should be, like, super excited.
- Oh, I am super, uber Yeah.
- Okay.
- I'm scared out of my mind.
This is my third week in a row Of being in the bottom three.
- And what--what color pumps are you wearing? The cream? The pointy toe? - Mm.
- Those look difficult.
I don't think I could maneuver in those.
- I'm doing this performance in drag To make a statement and show ryan Why I still belong in this competition.
I hope he gets it, 'cause if he doesn't get it, I'm gonna be a very unhappy camper.
- [singing loudly] - Hello.
- Hi.
- How's it going? - Oh, I came in here and I started angrily singing.
- So you're angry.
- Well, it's about hating on me, so.
- [laughs] okay.
The littlest things are making a difference, Like--like not practicing as much.
This is high stakes.
Don't cry.
- Sorry.
- Are you crying because of What you went through to get to this point? - Um This is the first time I feel like I've, Uh, fully fit in somewhere.
- It doesn't have to be a memory tonight.
Just stay with it.
- I just want to keep fighting.
- You'll do great.
- [clicks tongue] - [clears throat] - ha-uh [bell rings] - You know, your talent is undisputable.
But you need to work on showing us that you can Join that cast and keep up with them.
- Ow, ow, ow.
This really freaking hurts.
Is this going to make me [gasping] Oh, my gosh, I've never been In this much pain in my life.
My legs are just Burning alive from the inside out.
It's awful.
Aah! Butt bone hurts.
- The splits help everything.
- Hannah is on the floor, face down, Because her ass is sore.
- Oh, I'm not done yet.
[laughing] I got a lot more to go.
- Are you gonna do a split? - No.
- You sure? - Aah! [laughter] - So the theme of this week was tenacity.
And first up is alex.
- Alex tends to seem bored, or tired, or just disconnect.
He just doesn't really pop.
[laughter] - Effie white, as I live and breathe.
- I am alex.
And I'm singing and I am telling you.
- Okay, before you begin, Tell me about your choice here.
- [laughs] well, Last week, when you said, "how come you didn't come out as amy winehouse," And I took that to account.
Now that I have gotten the opportunity To come see you again, I wanted to come correct And show you what I can bring to the table.
- Let's hear it.
- and I am telling you I am not going you're the best man I'll ever know there's no way I could ever go no, no, there's no way no, no, there's no way I'm living without you I'm not living without you I don't want to be free I'm staying I'm staying and you, and you you're gonna love me oh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh tear down the mountain yell, scream and shout and you can say what you want I'm not walking out stop all the rivers push, strike, and kill I'm not gonna leave you there's no way I will and I am telling you I'm not going I'm not living without you not living without you I don't want to be free I'm staying I'm staying and you, and you, yes, you you're gonna love me oh love me love me love me love you're gonna love me - Whoa.
- I'm exhausted.
- That was [applause] - I loved that.
I thought it was brave and unusual.
You know what I felt when you did this? I felt that, for the first time, That you really want this.
And that's tenacity.
But one of the things I've heard about you this week Is that you were kind of shut down.
Were you tired? Are you homesick? - I'm none of those things.
Um, when I sense things getting tough, I tend to focus on it so much that I do shut down.
- Usually it takes a while to amp up to this point.
But if you could attack Everything like this, then that's There's no stopping you.
- Well, thank you.
You did great.
- Thank you.
[laughter] - Next up is marissa.
She faltered not only In the recording studio, but yesterday, she was good, But she's always been dynamic, and she just wasn't.
It was strange.
It was just We couldn't figure it out.
- And it's weird, because she's won The last two homework assignments, and now she's in The bottom three for the first time.
- Hello, ryan murphy.
- Hello.
- I am the elusive marissa von bleicken.
- I have not met you.
- I will be singing hate on me.
[hate on me intro plays] - if I could give you the world on a silver platter would it even matter? you'll still be mad at me if I could find in all this a dozen roses that I would give to you you'd still be miserable 'cause in reality I'm gon' be who I be and I don't feel no faults for all the lies that you bought you can try as you may bring me down when I say that it ain't up to you gonna do what you do hate on me, hater now or later 'cause I'm gonna do me you'll be mad, baby go 'head and hate on me, hater 'cause I'm not afraid of what I got I paid for you can hate on me hate on me, hater 'cause I'm gonna do me you'll be mad, baby, yeah go 'head and hate on me, ryan go ahead, try it but I will not buy it you can hate me, ooh - Very nice.
[applause] How do you think you did on that song? - Um, I think I did pretty well.
- You know, your talent is undisputable.
You're very much in that sort of beautiful girl, Femme fatale thing.
No matter what happens, I think you're always Gonna be performing.
- Amen.
- And I think that is the quality of the show, Is that come hell or high water, You have a song to sing, and I like that about you.
But I think you have to be a little bit more in control.
You have to be a little bit less all over the place.
Do you know what I'm saying? - Yeah, I do.
- Well, thank you.
Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
I hope to meet you again, ExceptIn, uh, better circumstances.
- Keep trying to put my name in the lyrics.
- [chuckles] So cameron is next.
And the reason cameron's here is that he Broke character when he was hit with the slushies.
- Hello.
My name is cameron.
And I'm going to be singing an original song tonight Called love can wait.
One, two, three, four.
if love is a feeling then I don't want it you'll take it and make it into more but if you want something that really means something I'll show you what love is really for and if you want me to say you don't have to cha-a-ange I've been waiting patiently well, love can wait for me love can wait for me and if you want me to say you don't have to cha-a-ange I've been waiting patiently well, love can wait for me love can wait for me say oh, oh whoa, oh, oh oh, oh, oh Love can wait, baby.
[applause] - Well, I have to say, I like you so much When you're doing your thing.
You're a great performer.
You obviously have a really big heart.
I'm a little worried about your acting.
I guess the reason why you're in The bottom three tonight Is because you had a little bit of, uh, Trouble with the slushie.
- Yeah, I realized that, you know, The director, erik, you know, had to, like, cut.
And apparently I was the only one that he had to do that for.
- The thing about the show is, You don't want to have to be the guy That makes a mistake and then Has to do it over, and I would say That 90% of the slushies we have on the show Are one-take wonders, You know, so that what you did Would be a problem on the show.
You need to work on showing us That you can join that cast and keep up with them.
- Thank you guys so much.
- Thank you.
I could see how cameron could walk in there And be a star.
- I don't know if he's season three ready yet.
You need to be able to open up your bag And pull out whatever tools you need And work right then.
- [softly] okay.
- Oh, you guys must be exhausted.
- I'm tired of this.
- You look chipper, man.
- [scoffs] - If you look at all three of them, I think the thing that, you know, has to happen-- You have to fall in love, I think, with somebody And write them in their wheelhouse.
And it's hard, because they're all three talented.
- I don't think that I'm staying, Because you can prove that you can become More of an actor.
She can prove that she can become Better of a performer.
But I've just, like, Gone through three times.
So what does that say about me? I don't know.
- Here's what I think after tonight.
It's very simple.
It's about who can you write to? - I really think it's me, Because you guys freaking killed it.
Alex, freakin' effie white over there.
Marissa's not going anywhere anytime soon.
Marissa, that was her first time.
I've been in the bottom three Three out of the last four weeks.
You know, I feel like ryan's seen enough of me, And he's ready to move on.
- I think I'll be okay.
But, you know, it still sucks.
'cause, like, the stakes are so high And especially, like, I don't know.
If you do well, and the expectations Are up here, when you don't do well So - I think that's a definite, big yes.
- Okay.
- That's a yes.
And I think that's the no.
- Hey, guys.
So unfortunately, the time has come And the list is posted, so Go take a look.
[door closes] - Give me some hugs so I can get it over with.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- I really do.
- [chuckles] - Now give me a real one.
A real one.
- Mwah.
- There we go.
Save it for later.
- Bye.
It's appropriate that this week is tenacity.
It's been so long just fighting, fighting, fighting, And I want this more than anything.
- I've literally given everything I can.
It stinks, but you just gotta go with it, And commit to it, and if it doesn't work out, Then it doesn't work out.
- Walking down that hallway Is walking straight up to fate.
You don't know what's at the end of that hall.
[emotional piano music] - ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba - [gasps] - Oh, my god.
- I'm really sad to leave.
It was very shocking to do well And then all of a sudden just fall flat.
But just making it onto this show at all Was my biggest hope.
Before I came here, I wasn't a risk taker.
Since I've been here, I had to face fears And I had to be brave.
I'm a complely different person now.
- ba ba ba ba ba oh ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba oh - there's nothing you can say nothing you can do there's no other way when it comes to the truth so keep holding on 'cause you know we'll make it through we'll make it through, oh [bell rings] [laughter] - what? Yes! - Oh, no.
- I'm like a koala bear.
I can't be sexy! It's a little bit uncomfortable Just having to be sexy with each other.
- I think this week's really going to test What people's limits are.
- And cut.
- You know, are you willing to go there? - Wait, wait.
Are you quitting? - For more information on the glee project, Go to oxygen.