The Glee Project (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Pair Ability

So here's what you missed on the Glee Project: Hannah, Marissa, Lindsay and Sam continued to shine to stay off the bottom three week after week.
Speaking of bottoms, that's where Alex and Matheus end up after their attitude gotten away.
Matheus couldn't follow even a simple direction.
Just keep your nuts over the "T".
Alex thought he was to cool for school.
- I really didn't want to win? - But ryan gave him a lesson in humility.
- You think you're better than them? - Oh, and newsflash, cameron and damian still can't dance, But somehow they were able to sidestep The danceability elimination.
- Now that's genius.
- It was mckynleigh that line danced all the way home.
Now only eight contenders remain As they compete for a seven-episode Guest-starring role on season three of glee.
- And that's all you need to know so far on - [gasps] oh! - Oh, yes.
- Nice.
- Duets.
- They paired us up? - They paired us? - This should be interesting.
- Me and matheus sing together.
- Alex and matheus.
- We're doing duets, And my person that I'm paired up with is lindsay.
She's kind of, like, The source of stress for people here sometimes.
- It's so funny, 'cause we're, like, completely opposite-- - [singing] I have to convince people That I'm in love with this person, And I think it's gonna be a real challenge, But I'll do anything to stay in this competition.
Both: ? and I need you now ? Nice.
- Don't be afraid to look into my eyes.
- I know.
I'm paired with damian.
Damian is very cute, But need to stay focused.
It's not the time or place for romance, So he'll just have to wait.
- Your cheeks are glowing red.
- I don't look at - I don't want to be over the top, Because it's more about, like, our facial connection.
- Well, yeah, that's what I've learned - My partner for this assignment, Pairability, is marissa.
I am a christian.
You know, I have a girlfriend.
We've been dating for, like, two years.
I know in, like, the world of acting You just got to do things you don't want to do sometimes.
You know, like, Showing that you're in love with another girl, and Sounds silly, but, you know, With the way I've been brought up And the way that I've been raised, That's just something you don't do.
[both hum] Except don't fall.
- If you want to get all up in this jell-o, You have to woo me.
- I'm actually paired with alex.
- I'm pretty ready to make out with matheus, so let's go.
- This is Different, definitely.
I'm a little uncomfortable with it.
- You're gonna have to button one of these buttons When you're around me, 'cause I might rip your clothes off.
After this, you can be as straight as you want to be, But until then, keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay.
Both: ? you now ? - Stop laughing! - Matheus, think of it this way.
You're gonna be gay for a day.
- Just a day.
- There are no sparks flying with matheus as my partner.
I don't think he's easy to work with.
[bell rings] - So we're hanging out in the choir room, Waiting for robert to show up, And he always brings a guest with him.
Who's gonna be the one that shows up for pairability? I mean, it obviously has to be someone That's done duets on glee.
- What's up, guys.
- Hey! - He's back.
- Hey, guys.
Hello, hello.
- Darren.
I think seeing darren criss twice in my life Is fine with me.
- Let's cut right to the chase, guys.
So the theme this week, as you see on the board, Pairability, which isn't really a word, But, um, means that you're singing duets.
It's gonna be kind of about acting on this one.
- Without question, duets require, you know, More coming together as a partnership And creating one voice, Rather than showing off what you have.
That could, you know, for a few people, 'cause a problem this week.
- This week's homework was lady antebellum's need you now.
All eight of you are gonna sing your part To another person.
- So now that you know the deal, Let's, uh, let's get to some music.
- ? picture perfect memories ? scattered all around the floor - ? reaching for the phone ? 'cause I can't fight it anymore Both: ? and I wonder if I ever cross your mind ? for me it happens all the time - ? it's a quarter after 1:00 ? I'm all alone and I need you now - ? said I wouldn't call ? but I lost all control and I need you now - ? and I don't know how I can do without ? I just need you now - Great job, you guys.
- Awesome job.
- Really good.
- Yeah.
- Since this week is about pairability, You will once again be paired up for the main assignment.
Whoever darren picks to win the homework assignment Will get to pick their partner for the main assignment.
- Oh.
- It's cool.
And then the both of you Will get an opportunity to work with darren.
- As for[[ for the rest of you guys, We will be pairing you up As well as assigning the songs.
- Because each duet will have its own individual video.
- So I'm gonna first start with damian and hannah.
You guys had a very interesting choice, In the sense that everybody else was kind of intense, And yours was a little more light.
And it did seem a little bit out of place.
So alex and matheus are what I like to call team "metalex.
" Um, you guys had a different and difficult kind of situation Where you had the burden of being the two guys doing it, Making that believable is tough, And you really did step up to the plate, And you made it very real.
That was-- that was really cool.
- You know, who can help this pretty face? - Oh, yeah.
- Stop it.
- Lindsay and samuel, Um, samuel, first off, I mean, you are just electric, And, lindsay, you know, You have this very sweet, girl next door But just because of the intensity of the song, Your eye kind of goes towards you, samuel.
- Darren calls sam a very electric presence.
Maybe I needed to bring it up a little more.
I think that's my challenge.
- All right, so last but certainly not least, Cameron and marissa.
You guys look incredible together.
I felt like I was watching the music video for this.
And, marissa, you just pop.
Girl, I remember you were so there, And I saw this other girl that I didn't see before.
- Thank you.
- That was awesome.
So, for me, it came down to two standouts.
And that would be samuel and marissa.
As for marissa, you really, uh, surprised me.
I'd say that you definitely win this challenge.
[cheers and applause] - [nervous laugh] - As our lovely winner of this challenge, You get to choose your duet partner.
So think carefully.
- Um - Obviously if either one of us won, We would kind of pick the other.
The planets were aligned for me this time.
- Cameron, while I have fallen in love with you These past two days, Um, I think that Would you be my partner? - Yes, I will.
- I feel a little dumped.
Marissa, you know, dropped me off Like a sack of potatoes, and, you know, Went on to sam, the new hunk, You know, with the dreadlocks.
- That was so much more intense than I thought it would be.
Oh, my goodness.
- That was very intense.
- Cameron was a little uncomfortable, And not really getting into the idea of our intimacy.
I think when it comes to pairability, Sam can be a good partner in that way.
- And now we're going to assign your duet songs.
I think you guys will be singing The very cool human league's don't you want me.
- Hey.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
So this next tune Is from chicago.
- And the song is nowadays.
- Nowadays.
- Hannah would be good for that.
- I think hannah's gonna have to get this one.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna pair hannah up with alex.
- I get paired with alex, And I'm actually really excited, But I'm also really nervous, Just because alex is amazing, And I definitely see him as one of the top contenders.
- I'm really happy, 'cause we're delving into some old standards.
Baby, it's cold outside.
- One girl left, so lindsay's the girl.
- Okay.
- I think cameron is gonna have to do this one.
- I'm excited, and I think it's gonna be a fun acting challenge To act against one person rather than all of the contestants.
It's less of a "I'm trying to shove everybody aside To get my space.
" - So this last tune is for damian and matheus.
Lady is a tramp.
- Oh! I'm super excited about the song, 'cause finally a chance to, you know, Be able to swing, and big band, you know.
- You can think completely outside the box How you want to do this.
I mean, this is a very fun-- Especially two guys singing about this crazy lady.
This--this crazy - It's gonna be quite funny, 'cause we're kind of opposite ends.
You know, he's this really tall guy With this deep voice, And I'm kind of this short, little dude With, like, kind of, like, a rocker high voice.
- So good luck, everyone.
We want to see these partnerships pop.
And, as usual, the bottom three performers Will be asked to do last-chance performances For ryan murphy, And he'll decide who to call back And who to send home.
[bell rings] - Ryan's telling me to be more confident.
- Confident, not cocky.
- Ooh! - A little smile from you is enough.
- Right.
- That's my only note to you.
- Okay.
- What the--? - Oh, my god.
- Then do that.
- ? and she gets too ? - ? baby, it's cold outside ? - Since the theme this week is about performing in pairs, The main assignment is different.
Instead of it being one big group number, It's four vignettes.
As usual, the contenders prepare for the shoot By learning choreography - Boom, boom, boom.
- And recording vocals.
- ? don't you want me, baby ? - That was good.
- But all four videos are being shot in one day, Which happens a lot on glee.
- Let's do this.
- Know what I mean? - ? too cold and too-- ? - No, "cold and too" - Too cold and too - Since I am making a guest appearance In damian and matheus' number, Because I am the homework winner, I do notice that damian and matheus Are struggling quite a bit.
- Cut, cut, cut, cut.
- How was damian in the recording studio? - Swing is hard.
Damian is more used to it than matheus, And that showed.
- ? she gets too hungry to eat dinner at 8:00 ? - Now that's getting there.
Whoo-hoo! - ? yeah, yeah--yow! ? - I'm not the singer that does all these [imitates high-pitched singing] All this, um, but he is, and he wants to do that.
- ? aah! ? - ? stop, please.
Stop, stop ? - I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
- My thoughts about pairability right now Are very, very, very, um, worrying.
- Mark.
- Lot of energy, guys.
- Okay, here we go! Cue playback, please.
- ? she gets too hungry to eat dinner at 8:00 ? - ? she adores the theater ? but never arrives late - ? she'd never bother with anyone that she'd hate ? Both: ? that's why the lady is a tramp ? - ? she likes the free, fresh wind in her hair ? life without care she's a springer, a humdinger - ? hates california ? Both: ? too cold and too damp ? - ? that's why the lady ? - ? that's why the lady ? - ? that's why the lady ? - ? that's why the lady ? - ? that's why the lady ? - ? that is why the lady ? - ? that is why the lady ? Both: ? is a tramp ? - ? whoa ? - Cut.
All right.
Good job.
- I was in the bottom three last week, And ryan told me to work on my confidence.
I gave my all on that stage, and I pumped my heart out.
But some people have been, you know, trying to put me down.
- ? aah ? aah - That is a gift from god, Like, a guy having a range that high.
- I can get kind of close to you.
- To him? Hit that? - ? aah ? - Whoa.
- [sings high-pitched note] - [matches high note] - [higher note] - [strains to match note] - Ugh.
I hate that swing, boy.
- Ryan's telling me to be more confident.
- Confident, not cocky.
- Ooh! We're on the same page.
- I know, I know.
- On the same page, boo.
- But I'm not cocky, though.
- Give the lad a break.
Come on.
Don't listen to them, matheus.
- And, alex, you know I love you.
There you go.
- Hannah, can we start with you? - Yeah.
Of course.
- And go into crystal's chair over there.
- This is going to be kind of challenging for me.
Alex and I have some sassy choreography.
- Go right, touch, left, touch.
- Feel really awkward doing the moves, Just because I'm not the sexiest person, in my opinion.
- At first I was like, "maybe you're not comfortable being sexy," Or maybe you're like, "I'm not sexy," Which everybody is sexy.
I mean, come on.
You, it's almost like you had to have permission for it, And you don't.
Like, just know, gorgeous.
Yeah? And--and own that when you're up there.
- Yes.
Oh, I'm so excited.
This is gonna be bamf.
- Being that nowadays is an icic broadway number Performed by two women, It'll be interesting to see how hannah and alex, A male and female, interpret this song.
- Make it work, honey.
Make it work.
you can like the life you're living you can live the life you like - ? you can even mary harry ? but mess around with ike Both: ? and that's good ? isn't it grand isn't it great isn't it swell isn't it fun isn't it but nothing stays in 50 years or so it's gonna change you know but oh it's heaven nowadays - Cut, cut, cut, cut.
Good job.
- Good job, guys.
- I've never worn drag before, And I want to be able to play the female roles, And I think that there are a lot of boys out there That want to do the same thing.
Both: ? better change it back or we will both be sorry ? - All right.
Cut it, cut it, cut it.
- So just keep in mind that, you know, Based on what you were told the other day and everything, Keep it very simple.
'cause you don't have to do a lot.
- Right.
- A little smile from you is enough.
- Right.
- That's my only note to you.
- Okay.
- I suppose the most exciting thing About winning the homework assignment Is getting a one-on-one session with darren criss, OrTwo on one.
- ? don't ? - ? don't ? - But, hey, glee's about sharing.
- ? I can't believe it when I ? - Yeah, that's why-- see, it doesn't matter.
The cool thing about that is that it gets to a point Where it's like-- It's--you forget the words, And it's all about the other person, And it's all about the song and the mood, And just getting goosebumps, And, like, you're so there, you know? Just let the song consume you and consume each other.
Because the more you are feeling it, The more we feel it.
- ? don't you want me baby ? - Cut, cut.
All right, that was good.
- And working with all these different contenders, You don't know until they're given an acting direction If they'll be able to take it.
- Okay.
If that's your direction, that's okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Wait, you want me to surprise him? - Hmm? - You want me to surprise him? Okay.
Erik does give me the direction that I kiss sam.
That kind of had me taken aback.
Sam has no idea.
- What just happened? - Erik told her, so we'll see what happens.
- And - Mark.
- Cue playback, please.
[electronic music] - ? you were working as a waitress ? in a cocktail bar, oh when I met you - ? I picked you out, I shook you up ? and turned you around turned you into someone new - ? don't ? - ? don't ? - ? don't you want me ? - ? don't you want me ? Both: ? you know I can't believe it ? when I hear that you won't see me - ? don't ? - ? don't ? - ? don't you want me ? - ? don't you want me ? Both: ? you know I don't believe you ? when you say that you don't need me it's much too late to find you think you changed your mind you better change it back or we will both be sorry don't you want me baby don't you want me oh don't you want me baby - ? baby ? Both: ? don't you want me, oh ? don't you want me baby - Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.
- What the--? - Sam was wanting that one.
- Oh, my god.
- Marissa kisses me.
I'm just like, "oh, my gosh.
" I didn't see that coming at all.
It was, like, our cherry on top Of what we had to do.
- Cut, cut.
- ? my father will be pacing the floor ? - I think she looks beautiful, But I really want her to process this, like, "wait, this man wants me to stay.
" - Because the song is all sexual tension.
I mean, that's the whole song.
It's not talking about the snow.
- We're 80%.
I just need another 20.
- Okay.
When sam and marissa kissed, It's definitely, like, well, if they did well, Then that means I have to step it up.
No more miss nice girl.
Like, it's--it's time for me to put a little umph in me.
- All right, here we go.
Let's roll cameras please.
- ? I really can't stay ? - ? baby it's cold outside ? - ? I've got to go away ? - ? but baby it's cold outside ? - ? this evening has been so very nice ? - ? was hoping that you'd drop in ? I'll hold your hands they're just like ice - ? my mother will start to worry ? - ? beautiful, what's your hurry ? - ? my father will be pacing the floor ? - ? listen to the fireplace roar ? - ? so really I'd better scurry ? - ? beautiful, please don't hurry ? - ? but maybe just a half a drink more ? - ? put some records on while I poor ? - ? the neighbors might think ? - ? baby, it's bad out there ? - ? say what's in this drink ? - ? no cabs to be had out there ? - ? I wish I knew how ? - ? your eyes are like starlight now ? - ? to break the spell ? - ? I'll take your hand ? your hair looks swell - ? I ought to say no, no, no ? - ? mind if I move in closer ? - ? at least I'm gonna say that I tried ? - ? what's the sense of hurting my pride ? - ? I really can't stay ? - ? baby, don't hold out ? Both: ? baby, it's cold outside ? - [gasps] - Cut, cut, cut.
- Oh, he looked a little bit-- - He looked very upset about it.
- Oh, sweet, we can just throw one of those In every video now.
- Ours isn't special anymore.
- I was sitting here, looking at poor cameron thinking, "oh, no.
He looks so uncomfortable.
" ButIt's a competition.
[phone rings] - Hello? - Mom.
- Hi.
- Lindsay just kisses me out of nowhere.
- How are you doing? - It was, honestly, a terrible, terrible feeling.
I can't even tell you how crappy I feel about it.
- Why do you feel bad? - I feel like I've cheated, mom.
I've never cheated on a girl my entire life, But it honestly feels like I have.
When something feels wrong, it just feels wrong.
[bell rings] - Don't frickin' blame this on me, okay? - Deal with it.
- Just got to prep yourself for the worst And hope for the best.
- Given the theme of the week, We've decided to change things up.
- I thought it was, like, the biggest train wreck we've seen, And that's not cool.
- I can't believe tomorrow's bottom three day already.
- I don't want to be there again, you know, 'cause that would be, like, three times, And I was there last week.
- Just got to prep yourself for the worst and hope for the best.
- [sighs] I know.
[suspenseful music] - Hi, guys.
- Hello.
- [sighs] Well, as you know, this is the time That we name the contenders Who will be doing last-chance performances for ryan.
- This week, we got to see a little bit more of you Since you're not just performing in a large group, And we paired you up as duets.
- Marissa and samuel, as a pair, You guys were great together.
You had incredible connection, And your chemistry was just off the chart.
Marissa, you're called back for next week.
- Samuel, you're also called back for next week.
Please hit it.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- I don't have to worry, And I know I'm here for another week, And I think I am being consistent, But at the same time the pressure's on, Because I have to keep with that consistency.
- As couples and as individuals, You had your strong and weak points, Which is why, given the theme of the week, We've decided to change things up.
We're not gonna pick three Individual last-chance performers.
Instead, all three pairs will do last-chance duets For ryan tonight.
And ryan will decide, based on your performances, Who will be in the bottom three.
- Okay, hannah and alex, You'll be singing valerie by the zutons, Covered by amy winehouse.
- Yes! - Matheus and damian, You guys are singing These boots are made for walkin', Um, made famous by nancy sinatra.
- No.
- Lindsay and cameron, your duet is ]river deep, mountain high, Made famous by tina and ike turner.
- Are you serious? - Do you know it? - Yeah.
- Do you know it? - Awesome.
- Enough.
- It's gonna be a little harder for me.
- [scoffs] - You guys need to be yourselves, Be playful, work as a pair, And bring it to ryan.
- All right.
Let's do this.
You know, I have to say I'm really stinkin' nervous about this one, Because with the whole thing with the kiss, And, you know, I feel like that kind of messed me up, And, you know, just kind of threw me off.
- ? I love that rag doll ? - I don't think I deserve to be here.
I really worked my rear off this week.
I feel like I did my job of connecting, But cameron struggled.
- The veterans have arrived.
- Yes.
- Whoa.
There's a lot of words.
- I am not confident at all doing this song, But I'm also not confident at the minute singing with matheus, And that's the truth.
- ? one of these days these boots ? are gonna walk all over you - [both singing indistinct] - I'm upset, because hannah and I worked really hard this week.
- It's tough, because, like, We each need our own thing to show to ryan, But we're also supposed to be doing a duet.
'cause I'm not worried about you.
- Ha, ha.
- No, really, like - This is my second week in a row being here.
- ? baby ? - Okay.
I'm gonna make sure I have my part right, So I'm not messing you up.
- I know what it's like to be in front of ryan, So now it's about connecting with him.
- So this is ryan murphy out here.
So ? these boots are made-- ? - I want to be on this side, actually.
This is the third time That I'm gonna be on that stage in front of ryan.
If I think too much, Then that's when it starts screwing things up.
No, it's cool [bell rings] - The last-chance performances are going to be different, Because the contenders are gonna be performing in pairs.
But they still need to shine, Because ryan will not only be choosing the bottom three, But also who will be going home.
- How the hell am I gonna get through this today? I'm scared crapless, but at the same time, I'm just ready to do it.
- This is my first time doing a last-chance performance, And I am terrified.
- First it's hannah and alex, And they did, um, nowadays from chicago.
He did it in drag.
- What? - He did it in drag.
They--he looked great.
- Hannah hasn't been in the bottom.
I haven't met you, hannah.
Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, nice to meet you.
- So what are you guys doing? Both: Valerie.
- Okay.
- ? well, sometime I go out by myself ? and I look across the water - ? and I think of all the things ? what you're doing and in my head I paint a picture 'cause since I've come on home and my body's been a mess - ? and I miss your ginger hair ? and the way you like to dress Both: ? won't you come on over ? stop making a fool out of me why don't you come on over valerie valerie valerie, valerie valerie why don't you come on over valerie - Yay, yay, yay.
You two were so cute, And it became very infectious very quickly.
Um, I'm obsessed with the idea That you--you put on your drag thing this week.
I--I'm surprised that you didn't come out here Dressed as amy winehouse.
Why didn't you? - I mean, you want me to? I can go downstairs in five seconds And throw it together real quick, boo.
- Comes out with a mop and a bottle.
- It wouldn't take much.
Um, and, you know, hannah, I have to say, I think you're just pure joy.
- Amen, hannah.
- I love you.
I think what's great about you from what I hear Is that you're the quiet one, And then every time the camera's on, you bring it out.
You pull it out.
You know, I think you are the show.
You both are the show.
To see somebody who kind of Shouldn't be a star be a star.
You're both inspirational to people.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[laughter] - okay.
- They're so cute.
- So next is matheus and damian.
- Hi, I'm damian mcginty.
- And I'm matheus fernandes.
- Um, okay, do you guys are doing what? - These boots are made for walkin'.
- Okay, yeah.
- ? you keep saying you got something for me ? something you call love, but confess - ? you've been messing ? when you shouldn't have been messing and now someone else will never get your best Both: ? these boots are made for walkin' ? and that's just what they'll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you you been playing when you shouldn't have been playing and you keep thinking that you'll never get burned ha I've just found me a brand new box of matches and what he knows you ain't got time to learn these boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you walk all over you - Props to the arrangement, Because you guys have never sounded so good together.
That was beautiful.
- First of all, that-- That song is about adultery, So you're singing it, I'm trying to figure out who cheated on who, What happened.
Then I'm stunned at the boots.
And I have to say, like, the first 30 seconds of it, I thought it was, like, The biggest train wreck we've seen.
But, to your credit, you attacked it, And you sort of gave into The ridiculousness of your situation, And it was really fun, and you sounded great and awesome.
And you had great chemistry.
You know, matheus, the last time we saw you, My thing was about you was I really wanted to see you In having a different sort of, you know, Leading man kind of role.
- Leading man kind of role? - You know, be sexy in a way that wasn't so overtly sexy.
Sort of step up.
You know, you sort of did world federation wrestling tonight.
- Yeah.
- Can I say something? - Please.
- Matheus, all week has, you know, He's told us your advice about being more confident, But every time he says something, Somebody else cuts him down, you know, Out of the group, and says, "you're being cocky there.
" - Who put you down? Who said don't do that? - Um, alex, for example.
He was bringing up the fact-- He's like, "oh, I can hit high notes and stuff like that.
" And I'm like, "I can get pretty close To your high notes too, alex.
" And he goes, "no, you can't.
" - Divas are not fun.
They're always gonna put you down.
- [laughs] oh, I expected it coming from - It's sort of a game of mind psych.
You should never feel judged ever, Because if you do, what I've seen you do Time and time again is you shut down, Because you do feel judged by the world.
That's your cross to bear.
And he pushed that button, and that's not cool.
In my eyes.
[bell rings] This is the one I really feel should be in the bottom.
- Yeah.
I agree.
- As I understand it, You got a smacker on the mouth That you weren't expecting, And you cried and you called your mother.
- Can we just have an entire segment Of damian trying to repeat everything I say In an american accent? Damian and I are, like, kind of, like, Long lost irish brothers.
Say, "girl, get down on the floor And drop that booty low.
" - Girl, get down on the floor and drop that booty low! [laughter] Myself and cameron, you know, We just--it's almost just the perfect pair.
I have to admit, I just love the guy.
I really do.
- Say, "girl, get in the car in five minutes, And I'll work some magic.
" - Girl, get in the car in five minutes.
I'll work some magic! - Okay, who's next? - Cameron and lindsay, And they did for their main assignment Baby, it's cold outside.
- Cameron-- you just love a good cameron, And I just never, ever feel it.
Why is that? - I think he is a star.
He had never sung a duet until yesterday.
- I also don't think you've seen cameron really be cameron, - Absolutely.
- And tonight will be something That shows who he is.
- Okay, bring him out.
- Hello.
I'm lindsay.
- I'm cameron, and we're singing river deep - Mountain high.
- Oh, yeah.
- ? every was a little girl ? I had a rag doll the only doll I've ever owned - ? and now I love you just the way I love that rag doll ? but only now my love has grown - ? and it gets stronger ? Both: ? in every way ? - ? and it gets higher ? Both: ? day by day ? do I love you my oh my river deep, mountain high yeah, yeah, yeah if I lost you would I cry oh, how I love you baby baby, baby, baby - ? oh ? - Very nice.
I thought you both did very good.
Um, lindsay, I've never met you before.
- Hi.
- You know, you have an incredible voice.
You're a belter.
- Yeah.
- We have a place on the show for a talent like you.
So I'm interested in you.
Uh, cameron, I thought you were very charming.
The only drawback for me Is I'm still trying to figure you out.
Tell me--tell me about-- As I understand it, You got a smacker on the mouth That you weren't expecting, And you cried and you called your mother.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm a christian, And, um, believe in christianity, and - A lot of your reaction had to do with your religious beliefs? - I guess more of it is not so much the religion As much as it is just, like, a moral thing.
And, you know, I'm incredibly naive.
Like, you know, don't really know what, like, To expect coming into this.
You know, I'm not expecting to get one Planted right on me.
- You know, when you spoke about Your vulnerability and your religious beliefs, I understood you.
A lot of kids watching the show Would really relate to you.
- Thank you very much, ryan.
- Bye.
I liked his personal story the most.
I think his religious beliefs, And the fact that he was vulnerable and called up mama, Um, I didn't think I would like that, but I did.
It's young.
You know? The show is young.
Yeah, I've always wanted To write a christian character, as you know.
We've talked about it.
And I always thought it was gonna be a girl, - But it'd be really interesting-- - It'd be cool if it's him.
- Very cool.
- I think this is-- he's safe for me.
- Yeah.
I agree.
- I like their attitudes.
I think that they're team players.
This is the one I really feel should be in the bottom.
Okay, so let's bring 'em out, And I'm gonna say, "you're saved, You're in the bottom three.
" Hi, guys.
- Hi.
- We're--we're getting down to the nitty gritty, So what we're going to do is, We're going to each say your name, And three of you are going to be safe, And if you're safe, exit that way.
Um, okay, I'm gonna start off.
Lindsay, you're safe.
So, uh, we come to you, hannah.
You are safe.
[scattered applause] - Thanks.
- Thanks, pal.
- We have four boys.
One of you is safe, and three of you are not.
Um, but, damian, you're safe.
Your exuberance and enthusiasm kind of, I think, Won us all over.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Cameron, you know, I have to be honest, I was not that impressed with your performance As I wanted to be.
I thought lindsay majorly outclassed you.
I didn't feel it was equal at all.
Matheus, I want to see you come out And be the smooth crooner, you know? I keep wanting to see that guy, 'cause I know that's in there.
You know, alex, I find you to be very interesting.
I think one of the things that we do on the show is All of the actors really root for the other actors.
They try and lose their ego at the door.
There's really no room on the show To be anything less than supportive, Because everybody is literally killing themselves To--to shoot the show.
It's hard.
And from what I heard tonight, Particularly from matheus, That was--that was one of the deciding factors for me.
You felt unsupported.
And you felt cut off.
- By him? - Yes.
- Yeah.
A little bit.
- And how do you feel about that, alex? - If I hurt you in any way, I'm--one, I'm sorry.
Like, I'm genuinely sorry.
And if I was unsupportive, I'm genuinely sorry too.
- Uh, it's interesting that you are in the bottom three, Because I think all three of you Are--are fantastic talents.
I think that I get frustrated with all three of you For different reasons.
But I--but I still think that, for me, It's a very tough elimination.
- You're all wonderful.
It's--it's coming to that point in the competition Where it's Somebody has to go.
The whole point of tonight Is you're gonna have to start killing your darlings.
- Hi.
- Hey, guys.
- Look, I--I think if it was up to me, Cameron I'm not that interested in, But you two fight me on it every week.
- He is an awesome songwriter and singer.
But I also think for a complete non-actor Who had never sung with another person, And never acted once - People who don't act don't get on the show.
Matheus, love him.
I think he could be something.
I feel like he always keeps coming into these rounds, And he kind of gets there and then treads water.
And alex.
- Again, I think alex is very disconnected as a performer.
- I kind of wanted alex to tell me to go to hell, Is what I wanted.
- But he was holding back - Right? I felt that he wanted to say something.
- I know.
- All right.
So what'd they say After we left? - After the performance, He kind of said to matheus, He says, um, "how are you embracing what I told you last week, To be more confident?" Straight away, naturally, I defended matheus.
I said, you know, I just noticed during the week A few comments being thrown That was a little hurtful towards matheus.
I'm, like--I just realized and noticed, you know? So I brought it up.
- So he's like, "tell me.
" Like, "I want--" you know? And--and then I knew exactly what damian was talking about, Because there was a situation, And I was like, "well, yeah, me and alex-- "with the whole high note thing, "and me being able to reach Some of the notes that he can, and" - So it's over now.
So all of you can go on with the competition, And I'll just go home tomorrow Because of that one thing that happened.
- So, alex, you're-- Basically, what you're trying to say right now Is that if you do go home, it's gonna be my fault because-- - I never said that it would be your fault.
- That's the attitude that you're giving right now.
- Well, then deal with it.
- But don't frickin' blame this on me, okay? Do you know how that [bleep] makes me feel? - Matheus, I don't think he's trying to blame it on you.
- He's just upset.
- Well, that's what he pretty much just did.
- I think matheus is definitely putting me in danger Of going home right now.
- Now we wait.
- Hey, guys.
It just gets harder and harder.
But the list is up, so go take a look.
[dramatic music] - I've had two rough weeks in a row.
You know, this week ended kind of rough.
You know, it's a really hard moment.
I--I hate it.
- This is the third time that I'm in the bottom three.
Hopefully ryan will see that there's more to me, And I hope that I get another chance.
- I don't know if ryan'll give me another chance To show that I'm not what he thinks I am.
- Yes.
Cameron's back, baby.
I'm back.
- Oh, man.
- Thank god.
- This experience has lifted me.
It's opened my eyes.
I changed as a person with this whole thing.
And, uh, I couldn't have asked for anything better, And I'm thankful.
Come here, alex.
I'm sorry I annoyed you, really, you know.
- Stop.
It was nothing.
- Throughout my whole life, People kept saying that nothing would happen, So I finally proved them wrong.
- ? oh ? oh - ? there's nothing you could say ? nothing you could do there's no other way when it comes to the truth so keep holding on 'cause you know I'll make it through make it through [bell rings] - Oh! Tenacity! Whippy-doo.
- We've been waiting to be slushied.
- Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.
What happened? - That is the coldest thing my body's ever witnessed.
As soon as it hits me, I'm thinking, "god, I cannot do this.
" - There.
- What seems easy for the other people Is not easy for me.
- This is the first time That our decision wasn't unanimous.
- For more information on the glee project, Go to oxygen.
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