The God of High School (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Set up/Stand up

Ah, hello, Mr. Park?
I'm calling about that bill you
submitted to the National Assembly.
I must say, you're putting me
in a very bad position here.
How much do you want?
Come, now.
You must know it's gone well past that by now.
You and I are going to have a long
talk in the prosecutors' office soon.
I'm going to use that funding
correctly in the future.
We'll make a big push in next week's edition.
Corruption and sex scandals.
A double feature!
"The young prime minister
hopeful, crashing to Earth.
Exposing the dark side of the ruling
party's leader, Park Mujin."
How does that sound?
He's gotten too big for his breeches.
You're going to learn who really
runs this country, Park Mujin.
Well, his luck's over, now that
he's picked a fight with you, sir.
He didn't stand a chance!
You said it!
Anyway, I'll handle—
What the
Negotiations with the relevant
agencies are complete.
We'll release the information
to the media in two hours.
It's all going as planned.
Let us begin.
We have no time left.
What in the world
Don't cry, now.
In times like these, you gotta
stand tall and smile big.
You finally get to go to school.
Make sure you study, all right?
Learning is important.
Does it have to be now?
Make lots of friends, Mori.
I promise I will
So, Grandpa
I will
I will!
Why today, of all days?!
Why'd you have to sleep in, dummy?!
Hey! Get off that bike and
say you're sorry, Mori!
Here we go!
It's getting started all over the country today.
The all-styles martial arts tournament
for students all over the country
The God of High School!
City preliminaries will be held at KORG Arena.
I heard the guys from Class 2 got tickets!
And in the front row of the arena!
No way! How'd they pull that off?
I mean, streaming is fine
But I'd love to see it live!
My cousin told me there's a real
hottie in the South Jeolla prelims!
Same deal in the Gyeongsang one.
An ice-cold, world-revolves-around-me type.
Thanks for coming by.
Oh, you can just set that there.
Well, I'd better punch out.
That time already, eh?
Thanks for working the night
shift right before prelims.
Hey, it's my job.
I might need more shifts.
How come we didn't qualify
for God of High School?
It's just weird.
Gotta wonder how they picked 'em.
There are some tournament regulars,
and some names I've never heard before.
Excuse me
I'm very s-sorry, but
I appear to be lost
Do you think you could tell
me the way to the arena?
Um The arena's that way, right?
No! You have to cross the bridge.
Huh, really? When did they move it?
I just love your muscles!
Hang in there, man! You can do this!
You'll make it! And when you do
The arena's gotta have food stalls, right?
Bananas rice balls cup noodles
Hey! Watch where you're going!
Give that back!
Maybe now I can buy my grandchildren clothes!
Would you like a sushi roll?
Who said you could sell here?!
Your grandson has a brain tumor.
Oh, no!
How awful
That poor old lady
That was easy!
Stop right now, you thief!
Give back that old lady's purse!
She needs that to pay for the surgery!
Hey, comin' to you live,
streamin' right from Seoul
Lookin' around, sky is blue,
as I'm taking a stroll
Hey, viewers, sit back and
I'll show you my town
Comment if you like it, and don't vote me down
Got all kinds of stalls,
people all over the place
Lotta food, smellin' good, yeah—
Hold it!
For real?!
You get back here!
What's with this guy?
Ow, ow, ow, ow!
Looks like I win!
Sure make it interesting!
Pull over!
Pull over, thief!
I can't believe a cutie like you
is interested in martial arts!
Well, I really love strong people,
and I think you're just—
a ma zing
I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!
I'm just kind of in a hurry!
Like hell!
Don't you run away from me,
But the thief's getting away! I gotta—
That's awful!
Man What was that guy's problem?
So that guy's the thief, is he?
Let's teach him a lesson!
You said it!
Get back here, thief!
How you doin', grandma?
Saw that snatcher get ya
Thought you might be hurt, so I checked ya
What was in the purse? Had a lot to lose?
Wish this city wasn't full of all kinda fools
But this kid on a bike,
he was movin' his pedals
He didn't know the lady,
but he went to right the wrong
Show that guy what—
You leave me no choice.
My ten years of motorcycle experience
Now's the moment it pays off.
Can't handle cornering like this
Can you?!
No way!
Give up already!
Get 'im!
Moon Light Sword Style,
No. 17—
Now I'm free—
Guess I caught up to him.
Hey, what happened?
So sorry to keep you waiting, everyone!
KORG Arena
\h\h\h\h\h2nd Preliminaries Arena
The only thing on the line is your pride.
The only thing you can trust is your fists.
Choose any wish, and it will be granted!
Such is the power of God!
We now begin
the God of High School Seoul Preliminaries!
Made it in time!
You'd better pay me back later.
For my glasses!
I'd blame the purse-snatcher, if anyone.
Why don't you send the bill to him?
It's our big opening ceremony,
and I can't see anything!
But I gotta say, thanks
for your help back there.
You saved my ass.
I'm Jin Mori.
Han Daewi.
I'm Mira.
Yoo Mira.
Excuse me, participants.
It's time.
Get ready to come out.
Here in this arena, we've gathered
brave martial artists directly recruited
by our tournament administrators.
This is an all-styles martial arts tournament,
in which any school or practice is allowed.
Furthermore, there is no timer,
nor any limitations on weapons used.
The only way to win is to knock out
your opponent, or get them to surrender!
Regional preliminaries are
currently in progress everywhere
to select our participants for the
tournament in one month's time!
Now, everyone let's bring in our fighters!
Do your best out there!
You've got this!
Doesn't anyone have anything to eat?
We'll be using these bracelets to
monitor all the contestants' vitals.
Nanomachines injected into them
when they entered the arena
will allow us to monitor their
physical status in real time,
and heal any injury immediately.
So don't hold back, and give
it everything you've got!
Whoever makes it through the preliminary
and goes on to win the tournament
will have any wish granted by
our tournament administrators!
Will that do for an explanation?
We now ask you to begin the fight.
Right now!
Fight? Already?
There aren't pairings or
tournament brackets or anything?
Starting with "last man standing," huh?
It's a battle royal!
A battle royal?
Quit lookin' at me.
Same to you, man.
I've never liked your face.
What was that? Couldn't hear you!
His level's lower than mine
I get it.
If I go after all the guys with
a lower level than me
Though hesitant at first,
our fighters are starting
to show their stuff!
You have to win here, or you won't survive!
He looks weak! Let's get him first!
Wanna fight?
That's right
I heard a commissioner was injured by
one of the participants he recruited.
Okay! Once I beat these guys down,
I get a rematch with blondie there!
It's going more or less as predicted.
Naturally, the strongest win.
The real spectacle is yet to come.
Some haven't shown their true colors yet.
Yes, I understand.
I'll put him in immediately.
Looks like it finally went through.
The special arrangements
with Seoul Reformatory
Would you look at that?!
We have ourselves a latecomer!
Given his history, he might be the one to beat.
Kang Manseok will have an HP handicap
based on 20% of the average HP
consumption rate of the remaining participants.
He's fast!
Too slow!
What's wrong with you people?
You a field of tomatoes?
I woulda had more fun taking a nap in my cell.
Knock it off!
Well, ain't you a cutie pie?
And what's this old thing? Some kinda toy?
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 1
I like you!
How 'bout a date, pretty lady?
You gross creep!
That bastard!
'Scuse me.
Hey, you like cute things?
But you'd look better in briefs than boxers.
It's what's inside that counts.
Wanna see?
His pants are heavy.
Look, buddy, you might wanna
fight someone who kicks—
Who the hell are you?
In that split second he
Hey, not bad!
If you're goin' all-out, maybe I'll join you!
Sure thing! Bring it on!
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