The God of High School (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


Someone explain this to me.
Does King Kong exist and no one told me?
I don't want to believe it, but
It must be charyeok.
What the
Mr. President, please evacuate.
Confirm at once and let me know.
Don't move!
Who are you?
From the Republic of Korea
National Assembly
Park Mujin.
Mujin's not back yet?
He called to say he'd finished his business.
I'm sure he'll be back in
time for the next tournament.
Lucky bastard.
An overseas trip on the government's dime
Still for a minute back there,
I got to see something more
interesting than any trip.
Can't wait to see how this unfolds.
What's wrong?
What do you think is wrong?
Knock it off already!
I didn't ask for our houses
to be on the same route.
So would you please stop hanging
and hanging and hanging and hanging
and staring and staring and staring and staring?
It's creeping me out.
I just thought
Give it back!
Give back my sword!
You're not secretly a gorilla, are y—
Look who's talking, you monkey!
And you! Why have you been following
me all the way from the arena?
You stalker!
My house is on this route, as well.
I just got it fixed!
Why'd you have to break it again?
Not my problem!
Why'd you attack me? I was just tryin'
to return your wooden sword
I didn't have my glasses, so I thought
you were the slipper jerk!
The nanomachines they injected
They really can heal us.
With technology like this
Hey, hey.
What led you guys to take
part in God of High School?
Huh? Where'd that come from?
See, for me I wanna fight all
kinds of guys and get stronger!
You, Daewi?
I want money.
Wish it were that simple for me
What're you fighting for, Mira?
Moon Light
I want to revive my family's sword dojo.
Wow, your family runs a dojo?
Kind of.
Why'd you let people snatch
your sword so easily, then?
I told you, it was because
I didn't have my glasses!
It's true!
This has seen a lot of use.
Give that back!
Sorry! I'll get it back right—
Leave. Right now.
Don't let our Moon Light Sword Style die out.
Find a strong successor,
no matter what it takes.
Ever since that day
So cool!
I love it!
Wanna try it?
I've devoted everything to it.
To finding a strong successor.
That's my one and only wish.
You could use a second set of hands, right?
Do whatever you want.
I was sure it fell somewhere around here
I'm sorry about before.
For slapping you.
That sword was a gift from my late father.
In that case
I guess we'd better find it!
I borrowed it from work.
You really are a busybody.
Hello, everyone!
Thank you for coming to the God of High School
KORG Arena
Seoul Preliminaries Tournament Arena
Seoul Preliminaries tournament arena!
Whoever makes it to the
end of today's tournament
will be granted permission to participate
in the National God of
High School Tournament,
filled with the strongest fighters
from across the country!
Who will seize victory here
and take the first step to
having their wish granted?
We will now introduce our fighters!
The first:
Practitioner of tai chi, Go Gamdo!
I'm gonna kick your ass.
I suggest that you leave him alone.
Who the hell are you?
We are not currently in the ring—
Never let your guard down, man!
Attention, participants.
Is everyone ready?
Group A, match one:
Yoo Mira versus Han Daechul!
Winner: Yoo Mira!
Group B, match one:
Jin Mori versus The Beast!
Winner: Jin Mori!
The form's different
but he uses taekwondo with punches, too.
Group A, match two:
Mah Miseon versus Woo Jeonjin!
Winner: Mah Miseon!
Group A, match seven:
Baek Seungchul versus Yoo Sangmin!
Winner: Baek Seungchul!
Group A, match eight:
Han Daewi versus Yes Man!
Winner: Han Daewi!
I wanna fight Mira and Daewi so bad!
Come to think of it, where's the slipper jerk?
Guess he fights Go Gamdo first.
If we meet up, it'll be in the semifinals.
The most admirable Jin Mori!
I appreciate what you did for me.
Hey, it's no big.
Right place, right time. That's all.
I completely underestimated my opponent.
If not for you, I do not know
what might have happened.
Please, accept my thanks.
Group B, match eight
between Kang Manseok and
Go Gamdo will begin shortly.
I must go now.
Excuse me.
Be careful, okay?
He's tough.
I am aware of that.
Yet I do not fear him.
This is not overconfidence.
What I fear the most would be
to lose the battle of wills
to a martial artist I deem
unworthy of the name.
The match will not end until one
participant is knocked out or gives up.
But if you leave the ring,
you must return within twenty seconds,
or you're disqualified.
Wounds sustained during the battle
will be repaired by nanomachines.
Please fight with everything you have.
You are certainly strong.
But you have strayed from
the martial artist's path.
I will give this all I have.
If you do not release your arm restraints
You will surely regret it.
Fighters, take your places!
Ready, go!
Tai Chi Technique:
Rabbit's Step, Dragon's Strike!
Dragon Horn's Divine Weight!
Flaming Ten-Thousand Horse Strike!
Tai Chi Technique: Steel Ogre Mountain Strike!
Not bad, man!
No way
Twenty! Nineteen! Eighteen! Seventeen
Get me up.
Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!
Five! Four! Three! Two! One!
Not bad at all!
Match resume!
In the moment the heel came down,
he removed his right arm
from its restraint to block!
You're pretty good.
Guess I really can't handle
you with kicks alone.
What the heck
Is that taekwondo?
I've never seen anyone fight like that.
Northern-style taekwondo?
Eye gouges, piercing strikes,
hits below the belt anything goes.
It was a martial art devised
for survival in the war.
Where the hell'd he learn
something like that?
That I don't know.
Hey, you can't be done yet.
What's the matter?
You gotta do better than that!
Don't get angry.
Don't be afraid.
That's payback for earlier!
Control your emotions.
Quiet. Peaceful.
Unrelenting presence of mind.
That will open to you the
deepest depths of the soul,
and there, you will find it.
Calm. That is the core of tai chi.
Tai Chi Technique
Yin Yang Balance Strike!
C'mon, don't look so shocked!
He repelled his opponent's
strike with equal force.
Say it.
Say, "Please forgive me."
I would never.
What was that?
I couldn't hear you. Say it louder!
I would never ask a man like you—
Say it.
"Please forgive me." Say it!
Say it! Say it!
Say it "Please forgive me."
Please forgive me
Please forgive me!
Just spare my life
Please forgive me!
Say it!
Just say it!
Beg for your miserable life!
Say it! Say, "Please forgive me!"
Hey are we okay with this?
It's horrible.
Hey, now.
Haven't gone unconscious, have you?
I will never beg for your forgiveness.
I remember now.
You said that if I didn't remove both
arm restraints, I'd regret it, right?
You got that backwards!
You're the one who's gonna regret this!
First your arms, then your legs.
Which one'll trigger the begging, I wonder!
Go Gamdo! Do you give up?
I won't let him!
This clinches it.
I really hate your taekwondo.
Get up.
That was a weak one.
You piece of shit!
Participant No. 41, Jin Mori.
Interference in another's match
is a severe breach of the rules.
Please come with me quietly.
I'd rather have another fight with blondie here.
Be quiet.
I'm not like I was back then.
He took off those heavy pants?
I'm not like I was back then!
You want power?
Garbage like you can't use charyeok, I guess.
Don't you mock me!
I can do this!
Renewal Taekwondo!
Triple Kick!
Would you look at that?
You came back at just the right time
Park Mujin.
I am Park Mujin, head of
tournament administration.
As you've seen,
participant Jin Mori has performed
a gross violation of our rules.
I will inform you all of his
punishment once it is decided.
In the meantime, the tournament
will continue as planned.
Mori! You were strong as hell in there!
So cool! I love you!
Mori! Look at me!
You really are a busybody!
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