The God of High School (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


The tournament has entered its second day!
Which God of High School participant
will go on to represent Seoul in the—
The time is now at hand.
We must find the key to
realizing our wish.
All shall proceed according to God's will.
May God be with us.
May God be with us.
What's the situation?
Sir, Go Gamdo is physically
and mentally drained.
We have determined that further
participation is impossible
and eliminated him from the tournament.
As for Kang Manseok
He won't be fighting anymore.
Two fighters out already, huh?
All because of him.
Participant Jin Mori's interference in the fight
is a grave violation of the rules.
I believe he should be disqualified,
per the tournament regulations.
What do you think?
Jin Taejin
Jin Taejin?
I see So he's
And now,
it's time for Group A's ninth match
in this preliminary tournament!
The participants: Yoo Mira versus Mah Miseon!
It's the battle between two beauties
that everyone's got their eye on!
Mah Miseon! Mah Miseon!
Different countries have different
definitions of beauty,
but I doubt anyone would object
to using the term for these two!
No, I know they wouldn't!
Go get 'er, Mira.
You know, you should switch
to a different weapon.
Mah Miseon! Mah Miseon! Mah Miseon!
A wooden sword isn't going to work on me.
Flying Body Crusher!
She's unleashing an endless
onslaught of vicious attacks!
That's what you get from the Pan-American
WWD women's pro wrestling champion,
the undefeated Queen Amazoness, Mah Miseon!
A pro wrestling champion?
Yeah, that's right.
I heard that I could have any wish
granted if I won this tournament,
so I came all the way from America for it.
And what I want is
good men.
Mysterious men
Cool men
Kind men
Tough men
I want to build my very own harem
filled with all types of men!
It's gonna rock!
Now, then
Here I come!
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 11:
I told you, that won't work on me.
Pro wrestlers train their
bodies to their limits.
My body is even tougher than iron.
This will finish it.
Here it comes! Miseon's special move,
the Bloody Bomb!
Did that just decide the match?!
Mah Miseon! Mah Miseon! Mah Miseon!
Thank you all!
Tougher than iron, are you?
That makes it interesting.
You want to keep going?
You don't even have a weapon.
Even without my sword
I can still wield a blade!
Then just try wielding one against this body!
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 5:
Th-The winner:
Yoo Mira!
Yoo Mira! Yoo Mira!
Yoo Mira! Yoo Mira! Yoo Mira!
Yoo Mira! Yoo Mira!
She's crazy strong!
Damn, I wanna fight her, too!
Sorry about the wait.
Your punishment has been decided, Jin Mori.
If you can defeat this man in a fight,
you will be reinstated in the tournament.
Damn it, why me?
If I gotta fight someone, I'd rather
fight blondie than four-eyes!
I won't fight anyone but blondie!
I won't! I won't! I won't!
I want blondie, not four-eyes!
Give me blondie, bro!
Blondie! Blondie!
All right. Listen, boy.
Let me tell you one thing.
I am stronger than he is.
Okay, then
If we're gonna fight, lose the specs.
I don't wanna put your eye ou—
You think I could be a commissioner if
I wasn't stronger than the participants?
One more time, green four-eyes!
Everything is already in place for your match.
It will take place tomorrow,
and it will happen
What do you think happened to him?
They mentioned punishing him.
I hope he didn't get
disqualified or something.
Seriously, he's so damn reckless!
Who the hell is dumb enough to
butt in on someone else's fight?
His strength was not normal.
Yeah, well, he's as simple-minded
as he is strong.
Who're you calling simple-minded?
Yo. Want some?
C'mon, don't be shy. I just got 'em for free.
These are for you.
Fruit helps restore your energy.
Eat those to get your strength
up for the match tomorrow.
For real? I can have these?
Thanks, man!
he said.
What match tomorrow?
Oh, I'm gonna fight a commissioner.
If I win, they're gonna let
me back in the tournament.
Yeah? Good for you.
Are the commissioners strong, though?
They're damn strong.
I'm still gonna win, though.
You're too optimistic for your own good.
This happened because you jumped in without
thinking of the consequences, you know.
You should really be more careful.
My family has a saying
"Do what you want."
That's what my grandpa taught me.
You broke those out?
Even Elder Bongchim said
it was too soon for those.
That's why they were locked up.
Who knows what will happen if
an ordinary human eats them?
Looks tasty.
I did it to find out
whether he's actually the real deal or not.
Shouldn't you be resting?
I feel good this morning.
Nice view from here.
How's the treatment going?
I'm going to be trying out a new medication.
They said it should be more effective
than the stuff I've been taking.
Of course, that means it also costs more
My sister took another job.
She was already sacrificing
her sleep to work
You took another job too, didn't you?
One of the guys from school told me.
Please, Daewi, I'm begging you
C'mon, you dork. It's not
what you're thinking.
Quit worrying so much. Just hurry up
and get yourself better.
By the way, I met this
weird guy not long ago
And he reminds me of you a bit.
Jeez, man
What's that supposed to mean?
You saying I'm weird?
Dude! Don't just come out and say it!
Well, well, if it isn't Han Daewi!
You're working at a place like this?
We heard Seungtae's knockin' on death's door.
Serves him right.
Yeah, I never really liked him.
Always acting like he thinks
he's some hero of justice
Hey, what's with the death glare?
Like you can do shit without
him to back you up.
I'll dispose of this for you, sir.
Not even gonna fight back?
It's time for Group A's twelfth match
in this preliminary tournament.
This match features Han Daewi
versus Baek Seungchul!
Karate, huh?
And pretty well-trained in it, too.
Those conditioned knuckles
I'm right, aren't I?
It's nothing to be surprised about.
This book contains all
kinds of information
Including how to beat you.
All set, fighters?
Ready go!
Left shoulder!
You can predict how I'm going to move?
I studied all the karate attack
patterns three years ago.
With mastery of both knowledge and
violence, one will never lose.
That's the theory I've come up with for myself.
I entered this tournament to
prove that my theory is correct.
You're pretty interesting.
This is completely one-sided.
Might as well call it now.
Was that a fluke?
I've memorized your timing
with my body itself!
What a hassle.
I'd better finish this now!
You okay?
Why did you
You slipped and fell.
Only a coward would try to attack
someone in that position.
You sure are a strange one.
Fine. Let's see just how far you can
get with that kind of attitude.
Here I come!
Twelve Spears!
It's no use. You've been stabbed
in twelve places simultaneously.
The impact has traveled beyond muscle
and bone, all the way to your organs.
There's no way you can stand now.
I win.
Yo, don't you ever get tired of this?
All of life is a battle.
You've gotta keep fighting
if you want to live.
can't afford to lose!
I'll play with you!
Have some of this! 72 Spears!
Secret Art: Form of the Four Guardian Gods.
First stance: Black Tortoise!
Second stance:
Vermilion Bird!
Third stance:
White Tiger!
How dare you shatter both
my theory and my violence?
Fourth stance
Ah, how infuriating.
Baek Seungchul is down!
Winner: Han Daewi!
Hey, not bad.
He canceled out his opponent's
attack with that first move,
knocked him off-balance with the second,
and blew open his defense with the third.
After all those consecutive hits he took,
his body has to be under a
lot of stress right now.
This concludes all of today's planned matches,
but we will now see a verdict handed down
for Jin Mori, the participant who
violated the rules yesterday.
Well, the start time has already passed,
but Jin Mori has not arrived yet.
What could have happened?
What is that idiot doing?
Oh! And Jin Mori has finally arrived!
I wonder what happened!
You're late.
Were you hiding in the bathroom, scared?
I will now explain the rules.
This will be conducted as a handicap match.
If Jin Mori can knock the commissioner
down just once, he wins.
All set? Ready go!
Take off your glasses.
That concludes the match!
What the hell?! Were you just screwing around?!
Yeah! Take this seriously!
You little shitbag!
I feel hot.
I haven't been this pissed off in a long time.
GP 2500?
Wh-What the hell?!
W-Wait a minute!
Hang on! What's even happening?!
Your pay is reduced for the next three months.
I assume you know why.
Three Three months?
Jin Mori, you've won.
I'm starving
There's no doubt about it.
He is definitely Jin Taejin's
so-called "tiger cub."
We're never letting him get away.
Gimme banana
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