The God of High School (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


Are you ready?!
This is the official GOH channel, Big Bang!
Prepare for a straight shot to the heart!
I'm your classy nurse lady, Heal!
And I'm your sexy bomber nurse, Sai!
This is the moment you 7.3 billion
GOH fans in 196 countries
have been waiting for!
The Seoul preliminaries are
reaching their climax!
We're down to the top four!
The successor to the Moon Light Sword Style,
the milky white Yoo Mira!
The top full-contact
karate practitioner, Han Daewi!
The Renewal Taekwondo user with
phantasmagoric leg moves, Jin Mori!
Master of enigmatic Brazilian
jiu-jitsu, Byeon Jaehee!
This weekend's battle between Han Daewi
and Yoo Mira is gonna be unreal!
You'd better not miss it!
Sorry to say it, but I'm gonna win.
You'll see just how powerful
the Moon Light Sword Style is.
Be gentle with me.
I'll win, too.
So, see ya in the finals!
Wait I can only fight
the one who wins, right?
Aw, damn it!
Both of you better win, you hear?!
There she is.
I have just realized that my
life's purpose was to meet you.
Lady, please
Marry me!
So, Mira, what kind of dress
are you going to get?
Hmm White, I guess.
Get pink!
Pink's cute, see?!
Who're you gonna invite to the reception?
It's not going to be anything fancy.
I'm still in school, after all.
We're just having a ceremony.
What about the honeymoon?
It's like a dream!
I can't believe you're gonna marry the Seongjin!
The strongest, most gorgeous
martial artist there is
The businessman who represents this
country's sports entertainment scene!
And he fell in love with you at first sight!
Miss Yoo Mira, I ask you once
again to accept my proposal.
You are a true diamond in the rough
Strong, beautiful, and possessing
infinite potential.
I can think of no one else better
suited to be my partner.
Oh, come on I'm just your ordinary student.
No problem!
I've studied the Moon Light Sword
in order to learn more about you.
It's marvelous!
Why has such a fantastic sword style
been buried in obscurity all this time?
I won't let it remain buried any longer!
I can give both you and the Moon Light Sword
the shine you so deserve!
And only I can give it to you.
Take hold of the future, Mira with me!
Let's take flight into the world!
Look, look! This one's incredible!
Take hold of the future
It's what he gets for clinging
to an antiquated sword style.
The Moon Light Sword is done for.
I mean, with only a little girl
like that to inherit it
You'll live with me from now on.
I'll protect the Moon Light Sword
that my brother left behind.
I'll be your teacher from today onward.
Thank you, teacher!
Jeez, he's super weak.
He's useless.
I'm the one who has to ensure the
Moon Light Sword has a future.
I'm its successor, after all.
Moon Light Sword Style
Why would a man like you want to marry Mira?
She's still just a child.
I sense something shining in her.
A one-of-a-kind potential for purity.
Yes, she is truly a diamond in the rough.
So is the Moon Light Sword.
I've already come up with a plan
to make it a preeminent sword
style around the globe.
Within five years, it'll have as many
practitioners as karate and judo.
It could even be an Olympic event!
I can realize the dream that you
and your brother could not!
I promise I'll make Mira happy,
as well as all of you.
Do I want a double bulgogi burger?
The special dak galbi sounds amazing, too.
I love the sauce on the double bulgogi,
but the spiciness of the
dak galbi is irresistible.
What to do
Seriously, I can't believe
Seongjin's getting married.
Bulgogi, dak galbi, bulgogi, dak galbi
And he's marrying a girl who's
in high school, just like us!
Dak galbi, bulgogi, bulgogi,
dak galbi, dak galbi, bulgogi
That's so wrong!
That girl from GOH, Yoo Mira?
Lemme see that!
SJ Entertainment Chairman Oh Seongjin
to Marry GOH Participant Yoo Mira?!
Is it true you're getting married?
Where's this coming from?
And how did you find out my address?
Asked HQ.
What about the tournament?
It's almost time for the semifinals!
Don't you wanna go to the national
tournament and fight even stronger guys?
It's none of your business!
Is he more important to you?
Are you throwing away the Moon Light Sword?!
Who said I was doing that?!
Didn't you tell the administrators that
you were dropping out of the tournament
to get married?
So you are throwing it away!
I'm getting married to save
the Moon Light Sword!
What?! That makes no sense!
You're not marrying him because you love him?
That's none of your business!
Get out of here!
Who was that?
No one. Everything's fine.
Wait up!
C'mon, hurry!
I'm on a delivery right now.
But Mira's in trouble!
There has to be a reason
she's suddenly getting married!
I know it!
My noodles are going to get soggy.
I'll eat 'em all!
Look, you shouldn't butt
into other people's lives.
Maybe Mira's being tricked
Maybe the guy's gonna sell her
off to some other country!
Or maybe he has a bunch of girls
locked up in his basement,
and he has all kinds
of awful stuff down there
You saw that in some weird movie, right?
My grandpa said that everyone you see
on TV is into shit behind the scenes!
That's just rude.
Mira didn't look happy at all.
It's just wrong.
Something about her just
just isn't right.
Something's different.
Even if you're right,
we're outsiders, and we
have no right to butt in.
It's Mira's life.
Hair and makeup: check!
Jewelry: check!
The husband-to-be of your dreams check!
I guess you're all set now!
You could at least go have
fun on your days off, you know.
I will, after I finish this.
Let's go check out that new shop.
I'm in! I need some new clothes!
Mira, want me to buy you some
clothes like that sometimes, too?
I don't need that.
It's not my thing.
Thanks, Sumi. It's almost time,
so you should get ready, too.
I'm sorry.
I have to ask you to call off this wedding.
She thinks she made this decision
for herself, as an adult.
I believed that was worthy
of respect at first,
but she's still just a child!
Don't worry, Uncle.
I'm happy, honestly.
My dream's going to come true.
Your name and power can change
the Moon Light Sword's future.
That's why I'm choosing you.
Please, use me as blatantly as you wish.
That's the way to become a winner.
Will the Moon Light Sword Style
become known throughout the world?
Of course!
I'll give you everything you had given up on.
Take hold of the world, Mira.
I will.
I was so stupid. I didn't
understand anything.
After we've lived together all this time
I'm so sorry.
I knew there was some shit going on.
I get it.
So that's why Mira is
I just want Mira to be happy.
Yeah, I agree.
No one may pass beyond this
point without an invitation.
Oh, I'm Mira's friend. I gotta talk to her.
No one may pass beyond this
point without an invitation.
Fine, fine.
My friend is in trouble!
If you refuse to understand,
you will be removed by force.
You must obtain
the holy sword that can rule God himself
As well as the hand that
can draw out that power.
The holy sword that can rule God himself
The hand that can draw out that power
Damn it! I can't use my taekwondo on these guys!
What are you doing?
You actually came!
Who are you?!
It was just a little push.
You guys! Over here!
What the heck are you doing, Mira?
Frankly, that dress isn't you at all.
What have you come here for?
I don't appreciate you
interrupting this happy day.
What are the security guards doin—
Did you two do that?
Just gave 'em a little push.
Oh, no!
Those security guards are simply useless.
How could they fail to swat away
two little flies like these?
Shut it, you villain! We know
you're trying to trick Mira!
Stop buzzing, little flies.
I suppose I'll have to swat you away myself.
I didn't invite you guys.
You really want to get married?
After coming so far in the tournament?
Weren't you looking forward to
fighting Daewi in the semifinals?!
It's none of your business.
Is this what you wanted to do?!
Is that all the Moon Light
Sword means to you?!
You know that new nail salon?
A dream means nothing if you don't
grab it with your own hands!
Please go out with me!
Only a strong man can inherit
the Moon Light Sword.
You've worked so hard to come this far!
You're gonna throw all that away?!
Provisional Assets
Don't make it sound so simple!
See? You are strong.
And if you're this strong,
the Moon Light Sword has to be—
Shut up!
You don't know anything!
You can stop this now, Mira.
I know my brother wouldn't have wanted this.
I'll work hard, too.
I want you to find happiness with
the one you really love, Mira.
But I
It's really not that hard!
Just do what you want.
Using your own techniques will make
your life play out as you wish.
That is the secret of my sword style.
I can't go through with this marriage.
I'm sorry.
I will protect the Moon Light Sword
in my own way, however I can.
Stop fooling yourself, you stupid little girl!
All I want is the Moon Light Sword
and its successor!
This power
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 6:
Monkey Arm!
That turned into a hell of an ordeal.
That it did.
Hey, you guys
I want to um
The hell? We saved your ass.
The least you could do is thank us.
No one asked you to come here!
I'll be taking this!
That bastard!
It's fine.
He can have it.
My dad's spirit lives on within me.
Mira's finally smiling.
Get the AED in here!
We need adrenaline and a blood draw, too!
Hurry up with that AED!
Doctor, should I get the
hANP, too, just in case?
Yes, please!
Still no pulse!
Try it again!
The X-ray machine's here!
Have them wait a minute!
Wake up, damn it.
What's this now?
Someone's been working awfully late.
Puttin' in the hours for your buddy?
Your friendship is so heartwarming,
it's makin' me wanna cry.
I think he's gonna meet his
maker pretty soon, though.
Shit! I overslept!
I bet it's already started!
Mira, Daewi
Both of you better win!
Is it me, or does that look kinda bad?
Stop! Stop!
See you in the finals.
Hey, look this way.
Thanks for coming out here today.
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