The God of High School (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


2 Years Ago
I don't remember why it happened anymore.
For some completely pointless reason,
he and I
Han Daewi!
Woo Seungtae!
He and I were constantly fighting.
Damn it, you kicked my ass.
Why the hell are you laughing?
Seriously, man? You don't even know that?
Why did you
Who will be
the other fighter to advance to the final
round of the Seoul Preliminaries?
The intense Group B semifinal
fight will be between
taekwondo user Jin Mori
and Brazilian jiu-jitsu user Byeon Jaehee!
I saw the move you used to
take down Kang Manseok!
That's not gonna work on me!
This'll finish it!
Winner: Jin Mori!
He just displayed his devastating strength!
The finals will feature Jin Mori versus
Han Daewi!
Which one of them will grasp
their ticket to the future,
the right to participate in the national
God of High School tournament?!
They say I can probably go home tomorrow.
Pretty wild, huh?
I don't know anything about these
so-called nanomachines, but
They yelled at me for not coming
here to be treated when I was hurt.
I mean, I didn't think injuries
sustained outside the tournament
would be treated, too.
Someone should've told me.
Don't get any dumb ideas.
He's not someone you can beat
if you're overthinking things.
I lost because I was weaker
than him, that's all.
But you were hurt.
That's part of what I mean.
I need to strive to win, no matter what.
I'm still just not good enough.
I didn't think he'd be the
type to fight that way.
That's unquestionably a part of who he is.
The fists don't lie.
Of course, we still don't know
how he ended up like that
His condition
hasn't changed. I guess that's all I can say.
He woke up for just a little bit this morning.
He really wanted to see you.
At last, the time has come!
The final round of the God of
High School Seoul Preliminaries!
First to enter the arena is Jin Mori.
And now we have Han Daewi!
Will the tiger cub awaken?
Fighters, take your positions.
The fight has barely begun,
and neither fighter is yielding an inch!
They're evenly matched? No
There's still a slight difference
in raw skill between them.
If this drags out, the one at a
disadvantage is likely to be
Well, I'm sure he's well aware of this himself.
You're gonna pay
for doing that to our friend.
Renewal Taekwondo:
Triple Kick!
Get up.
Sorry, but I've never once
thought of you as my friends!
Secret Art: Form of the Four
Guardian Gods, first stance
Black Tortoise!
Seriously, Sumi, I could
carry that stuff myself.
No! I'm gonna take care of
you until you're all better!
I'll go get your discharge all settled.
Wait for me in the lobby.
'Kay! This way, Mira.
No, it's this way.
Make sure you stay right behind me, okay?
Sure, sure.
This hospital is huge, y'know.
You don't want to get lost.
So I'll show you the way!
There's someone else in this hospital
who's undergoing nanomachine treatment?
I looked at a map of this hospital earlier,
so I know exactly where the lobby is!
Mira? Are you behind me?
Careful there.
Seungtae, no
No! Please wake up!
You You want to settle the
score with Daewi, don't you?!
Form of the Four Guardian Gods, first stance
Black Tortoise!
Black Tortoise
Second stance
Vermilion Bird!
Vermilion Bird
I've heard what your wish is.
If you win the national GOH tournament,
we'll treat your sick friend using
our nanomachine technology.
It'll be too late by then.
Third stance
White Tiger!
White Tiger
Very well. We'll make a contract.
If you can secure overwhelming
victory in tomorrow's semifinals,
and the finals following that,
resulting in your victory in
the Seoul preliminaries
I'm still just warming up!
Now it's over!
Last stance
Azure Dragon!
Azure Dragon
Jin Mori is down!
Ten! Nine! Eight!
Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three!
I've received word that
your friend, Woo Seungtae,
has just taken his last breath.
Two! O—
He's up!
He managed to get back on his feet
right before the countdown ran out!
It's Han Daewi!
I heard he beat the shit out of
the guys from West Middle again.
I heard he even beat all their high schoolers.
He's trouble, man. Better steer clear of him.
Outta my way, dumbass!
My bad.
Poor kid. All your buddies
already turned tail and ran.
I guess that's just the best you can do!
The hell are you cackling abou—
I heard you busted in here alone
to try and save your friend.
So you've actually got a
fiercely loyal side, huh?
You his buddy, too?
We'll whack the shit out of both of you!
Ow, man
Those guys had tears in their
eyes at the end, though.
Your buddies aren't gonna believe it.
They're not my buddies.
Soon as things stop going
their way, they're gone.
So I only use them when it's
convenient for me, too.
That's it.
Have some faith in them.
The more you trust someone,
the more they'll trust you, too.
Han Daewi is down!
Ten! Nine! Eight!
Seven! Six!
Five! Four!
Ah, Han Daewi's back on his feet!
Match resume!
After using his greatest secret art,
Han Daewi is now on the run!
Is he gonna be able to get back in it?!
Renewal Taekwondo!
Round Kick!
His condition was already touch-and-go.
They had started his nanomachine treatment,
but it was too late.
Our contract is null.
You can do things however you please now.
The match isn't even over yet.
Why did you tell him now?
When a man is at his lowest,
that's when you see who he truly is.
Han Daewi's not putting up his guard.
He should probably just give up already.
Hang in there, Han Daewi!
but I've never once
thought of you
as my friends.
Have some faith in them.
I'm such an idiot.
Get a hold of yourself, Han Daewi!
What the hell's wrong with you?
You were at least 200 times stronger
when you were fighting me!
Yoo Mira?
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Okay, fight! Don't stop the match!
Your friend asked me to give this to you.
Well, go on! Fight!
Jin Mori! Come on, get in there!
Get back to it!
Resume the match right now, Jin Mori!
Are you deaf?! Fight!
Would you hold on to it just a bit longer?
Fine, but don't tell him, okay?
If he knew, he'd stop fighting.
Hurry up and get back to the fight!
What are you doing, Jin Mori?!
Give it a rest!
He's a real idiot.
All of you are!
Penalty! Yellow card!
Fight, damn it!
Oh Match resume!
It was worth waiting!
Now, show me.
Is this the end, or are you going
to become a tiger yourself?
I wanted to say this to you in person,
but it doesn't look like I'll make it,
so I'm writing a letter.
I hear you're in some kind of tournament?
A guy with a scar on his forehead came by
and tried some new kind of treatment on me,
but it looks like it was too late.
But you know what? I'm happy.
I have a friend who's putting his
life on the line to fight for me.
I have no regrets.
And I want the same for you.
You don't have to do this
stuff for my sake anymore.
Fight for your own sake.
That was awesome!
Same to you!
Triple Kick!
Black Tortoise: Stage Three!
Black Tortoise: Stage Three
True Round Kick
Azure Dragon!
You really are the best.
Now I understand!
Jin Mori Original:
Blue Dragon Kick!
We have two tiger cubs, eh?
Han Daewi is down!
He has zero hit points remaining!
The winner of the God of High
School Seoul Preliminaries
is Jin Mori!
I did everything I could.
Once I've given all I have,
I can admit defeat like a man.
Admirable, right?
And you won, so at least
smile a little, would you?
What would happen if I smiled?
What else?
Now we're
I swear
I just can't beat you idiots.
I won't lose next time!
Sure, but you gotta fight me first!
No way I'm gonna lose!
Huh? What're you talking
about, you wild monkey?
Says the female gorilla.
Who're you calling a female gorilla?!
You, obviously!
I don't wanna hear that from a wild monkey!
Okay, female gorilla!
Seriously, you're both idiots.
So that's all Seoul's got?
And so the God of High
School Seoul Preliminaries
come to a close amidst raucous cheers
P.S. I know you're the awkward type,
so I bet you don't have any
friends other than me, right?
That's the only thing I'm worried about.
See you later.
I'm not alone, haha
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