The God of High School (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


Do you think you could hurry it up?
I hate waiting.
Might I convince you to reconsider, Jin Taejin?
There is an appropriate way for
those who have power to live.
You might call it destiny.
You should come with us,
to fulfill the role that the
heavens have bestowed upon you.
There's something I always
said to my grandson
"Do what you want."
I see. In that case
May God be with you.
What the heck are you doing,
Are you ready?!
This is the official GOH channel, Big Bang!
I'm your classy nurse lady, Heal!
And I'm your sexy bomber nurse, Sai!
You won't believe what
Big Bang's bringing you tonight!
It's a pre-nationals special!
And we have Commissioners Q
and O here as our guests!
Thanks for having us.
You're on the job!
If you'll give me a bonus,
I'll smile all you wa—
So all the regional preliminary
tournaments are over now, right?
Yes, and the national
tournament is in two weeks.
Then we'll know who will come out
on top in God of High School.
What sorts of fighters will be
in the national tournament?
I'm already so excited!
Hey, just got a message
from the administration.
The top three fighters from each regional
prelim will participate as a team.
The tournament will be conducted
as a team competition.
Wow, really?
And now we're getting a live feed!
Announcer T, live from the KORG Arena!
Excuse me! Do you think it's okay
to smoke on a live broadcast?
Yes, and here at KORG,
we're right in the middle
of the battle to determine
the third-place participant who'll
get to fight in the nationals!
Brazilian jiu-jitsu user Byeon Jaehee versus
the successor to the Moon
Light Sword Style, Yoo Mira!
I won't go easy on you 'cause you're a girl!
I'll be the third one to represent Seoul in the—
This again? Really?
The match is over!
Winner: Yoo Mira!
Way to go, Mira!
Now you can be in the nationals with us!
All right! The three of us
are gonna win together!
Yo, Daewi, why are you lookin' away from me?
C'mon, cheer with me! Hey-hey-ho!
Hey, careful!
That idiot.
We have the detailed analyses for
all matches conducted this far.
There's no doubt that someone
among the participants
in all of the regionals possesses
the qualities of the Key.
That explains the sudden rule change.
Three-on-three team matches, eh?
I feel for the grunts who are going to
have to deal with implementing that.
There were more tiger cubs than I expected.
Diligent application to the task
is fundamental to one's growth.
Especially for people around that age.
Whether it's trust, bonds, and rivalry,
or jealousy, anger, and despair
When they turn their strongest emotion
into the power that moves them forward,
the Key will awaken.
Regarding the matter of Oh Seongjin's
recent contact with Yoo Mira
It seems they were indeed
involved behind the scenes.
Similar activity has been confirmed
around Gangwon and Jeju.
They'll probably be even bolder once
the national tournament starts.
They're after the same thing,
so it's to be expected.
I've summoned The Six.
Seriously, this is so awesome, Mira!
Now, you can stay in the
tournament and keep fighting!
Why is it a team tournament, though?
And of all people, why am I stuck
with you two?!
It's rude to point.
Let's win this thing!
With the three of us together
I can't fight you if we're on the same team!
No! No! I wanna fight Mira!
And I wanna fight Daewi again!
Would you listen?!
Why do you want to fight us so bad?
Well, if I fight strong people,
it'll make me even stronger.
That's it?
Huh? Is there another reason?
Let's go.
What are you going to do if you get stronger?
I have the goal of reviving the
Moon Light Sword, but you?
Is it to have your wish granted by winning?
Oh, yeah, I guess that's a thing, too.
But if I want something, I get it for myself.
Why, then?
Being stronger is just cooler!
What? Did I say something weird?
Mori! What are you doing?
Sorry about that.
Jeez, you're embarrassing me.
You called me here for this?
I'm a busy man, you know.
You've grown quite senile, old man.
Can't even tell I went easy on you,
my useless pupil?
I met Taejin's grandson.
Looks like your little game is
about to get somewhat interesting.
Even after eating the Sage Fruit,
he's fit as a fiddle.
I'll take him as my pupil.
I look forward to seeing how
Taejin will react to that.
Taejin is why I'm here.
I've gotten word that Nox
has tried to contact him.
The bastards must have gone mad.
Either that, or
This is why I hate those guys so much.
Look what they made me do
to the beauty of nature.
This world will soon see its end.
The iron hammer of judgment will
come down upon this tainted age
and our God will descend.
I Know Not Whose Child It Is; It Existed Before God
Team matches
I did manage to stay in the tournament, but
As I am now, I'm just an extra to them.
I guess I'll make curry tonight.
Yoo Mira?
Here you go.
Thank you.
You're the announcer, um
Sim Bongsa.
He's blind?
Congratulations on getting
through the prelims.
I know you've been through a lot,
but the real fight has yet to begin.
Thank you,
but I feel like I was just
saved by a rule change.
You made it into the national
tournament because of your skill.
There's no shame in it.
That said
You haven't yet drawn out the true
strength of the Moon Light Sword.
Having taken second place
in the Seoul Preliminaries,
you will fight once again to come out
on top in the God of High School.
But it seems you have no
motive to fight any longer.
You still wish to continue?
I racked up a huge debt.
I want to pay it back.
Your friend asked me to give this to you.
I just can't beat you.
If I don't, I know a guy who'll come
back from the dead to kick my ass.
I need to let him rest in peace.
So I think I'll keep going.
He has the eyes of a man now.
As long as our participants are
highly motivated, we're happy.
We're done here.
There's one thing I want to ask, too.
Some strange power is at work behind
the scenes of this tournament.
I want to know what it is.
Two more weeks until
the national tournament
Just wait until Daewi and Mira see
how much bigger I am by then.
Gotta train!
Meow, meow, meow, meow!
Gotta train!
Gotta train!
Gotta tra—
What am I even doing?
Don't worry!
I'll get back this balloon your grandma
gave you right before she died!
Um, my grandma's just fine, though.
Wow, that was incredible.
Keep hold of it this time.
Might've twisted it.
Ow, ow, ow, ow!
Wait, who are you?!
It's a light sprain.
It doesn't hurt.
People with unbelievable strength will be
taking part in the upcoming tournament.
Right now, you're trying to take
everything on with strength alone.
Of course you want to get stronger.
But if that's all you focus on,
then when you run into even greater strength
Put your feelings into your sword.
My feelings?
Evade gracefully when it's appropriate,
and when it's time to strike, don't hesitate.
Why do you
It was the Moon Light Sword that blinded me.
Put my feelings into my sword
Come on, look over here.
She's starting to look more and more like y—
Take her and wait for me in the car, okay?
I knew something smelled foul.
Are you an assassin from Nox?
The world has already begun to move.
Essentially everyone you face
at the national tournament
will be people like that.
Savage gods, evil beasts,
messengers from heaven,
heroes who changed the world
Your opponents will borrow
otherworldly powers from beings
that transcend human understanding.
The levels and numbers displayed there, too,
express the latent potential
of those who use charyeok.
Drawing forth the powers of the
gods and making them one's own
is what our
God of High School is about.
How will you and your teammates fight?
Long time no s—
I win.
Hey! How did you guys get in here?!
This area is off-limits!
Go on, get out!
Eh? Huh?
I guess you won that time, Jegal Taek.
Next time, I'll crush you.
We're gonna come out on top for sure!
There's no one who stands
a chance against you!
Well, I'm probably on top
in terms of age, anyway.
There you go again.
I'm going now, Grandfather.
On our family's name and your honor,
I swear I will win.
You don't need to worry about me.
Think of this as a good opportunity
to test your own strength.
I will.
Give Jugok your support.
I had hoped this would be
a pure, honest competition
for young people to test the future
that lies in store for them
See? I told you he'd be asleep!
Why do you always oversleep
at the worst possible times?
H-How'd you find out where I live?
We asked the administration.
You live alone?
I used to live in the
mountains with my grandpa,
but he said I had to go to school, so yeah.
Are these your parents?
No idea.
Grandpa said a student living alone
would get a lot of shit over stuff,
so he hired them just to
take that picture with me.
Your grandpa's pretty smart.
Right?! My grandpa's the best!
Mira, is your shoulder okay?
Just a little sore from training too hard.
There there and there.
That hurt?
It huh?
Charyeok, huh?
I don't know anything about gods and all that.
You saw it with your own eyes, though.
Yeah. That definitely wasn't normal.
It's best to assume that most of the people
in the tournament will have powers like that.
Doesn't matter what kind of powers they have.
The stronger our opponents are,
the more fun it'll be!
All right!
We're gonna win this!
Yeah, baby!
He's got a point.
No matter what happens,
there's only one thing we have to do.
That's true.
Damn it, Mori! Wait up!
The time has finally come!
The competition to determine the
strongest high schooler in Korea,
the National God of High School Tournament,
is about to begin at last!
The top three fighters from each
of the nine regional preliminaries
will fight as teams in this
contest to take the top.
Which team will be rewarded with the
power of God that can grant any wish?
The announcer isn't Mr. Sim?
Sim Bongsa
Nox has already
made its way into our midst.
Now, let's get the national
tournament underway!
Group A, match one:
North Chungcheong versus Seoul!
Is Q running late again?
I took down Q, one of the
strongest commissioners.
There's no better feeling than this!
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