The God of High School (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


Savage gods, evil beasts,
messengers from heaven,
heroes who changed the world
Your opponents will borrow
otherworldly powers from beings
that transcend human understanding.
That is what our God of High School is about.
It begins at last!
The National God of High School Tournament!
The first match in Group A is between the
teams from North Chungcheong and Seoul!
This match will be fought
as a team tournament,
and will consist of three bouts.
The first team to score two victories wins!
All right! I've got the first bout.
Be careful.
They might use that "charyeok"
stuff he told us about.
Not a problem.
I've got a new weapon of my own.
The wait is over!
The first bout will be fought by Jin Mori
and Nah Gidong!
Ready go!
Tough luck getting matched up with me.
I'll get this over with quick!
I'm gonna show you
my new move!
These pressure points draw out my latent power.
Now my attacks will be a lot stronger!
He learned that from me.
Taejin's taekwondo is a thing of the past.
Now let's do this!
I-I can't move
I hit the wrong pressure points
Winner: Nah Gidong!
Yeah! I win!
Guess I should've stuck with taekwondo
Did you see that, bro? Did you see me win?
Yeah. Well done.
Don't let this victory make you complacent.
Now, moving on to the second bout.
If we lose this one, we're out.
You'd better win this.
If you lose like that idiot,
I'll kick your ass.
The second bout will be fought
by Han Daewi and Jin Pum Kwang!
At age 38, Jin Pum Kwang is the
oldest fighter in this tournament.
A high schooler who's 38?
For real?
You're never too old to learn.
This is fantastic.
The great Q is helpless before me.
It's so pathetic! I just have to laugh!
The little sunglasses-wearing bastard
met a hell of an end, though.
He came crawling to me,
begging me to spare his life.
That's why I gave him a quick, merciful death
Him and his wife and his kid!
Hey, bro
Would you mind shutting your trap now?
I'm sick of hearing your voice.
Working Man's Style: Rice Bag Toss!
Working Man's Style: Nail Pound!
And now to finish this!
Black Tortoise!
Black Tortoise
Vermilion Bird!
Vermilion Bird
White Tiger!
White Tiger
It's all right. He won't lose.
He's someone who never gives up, no matter what.
Yes Even back then
I heard that guy's planning to
take a high school entrance exam.
Really? At his age?
Right? Not only that, but he's
already failed three times.
I dunno what the dude's thinking,
but damn, talk about pathetic.
You girls are still in school, aren't you?
Smoking will make you die young.
Yeah, you're right.
Who does he think he is?
Hey, bro.
Got the reference materials you asked for.
Oh, thanks.
I'm the one who should thank you.
If not for you,
I'd still be going around getting
into pointless fights every day.
Tryin' to sound all righteous
What an ass. Like there's anything
but muscle in that head.
I guess that's what it means
to be a failure at life.
I'm never going to be like that.
They're the same two who were
in the finals last year, right?
They've faced each other
tons of times, apparently.
But the winner is always
I can do this!
The winner is Kim Nayeon!
You did it!
Way to go!
Aw, look what you did.
You okay?
My name's Pum Kwang.
I'm aware.
Everyone talks about you.
Bet it's not all good things, huh?
How can you laugh like that?
How many times did you fail the entrance exam?
Everyone makes fun of you and says you'll
never pass. Why don't you give up?
Because I don't want to give up on myself.
I'm not very good at studying.
I went to high school before, but I quit.
I've done a lot since then,
but nothing lasted long.
The reason's simple:
I had given up on myself.
Kept telling myself there
was no way I could do it.
So I decided
that I'm never gonna give
up on myself again.
You shouldn't give up, either.
As long as you don't,
you'll get where you want to be.
What a fool.
But the truly foolish one was
The answer to that one is K = 1/2.
You can't even figure out a problem
this simple? Is your head okay?
I have exams coming up, too,
so why don't I help you out?
That'd be a huge help!
There's no way
he'll ever lose.
I have a dream.
I want to do work that helps people
who want to go to school, but can't.
I'll use this tournament to
make that dream come true.
I want to get stronger.
If I can get past you
I'll be able to take a step forward.
Okay, then.
Crush him, Thor's Hammer!
can't afford to lose!
Hang in there!
Not when those guys are watching!
Last stance: Azure Dragon!
Winner: Han Daewi!
All right!
It won't work.
This is my charyeok!
As long as I have this,
I can regenerate indefinitely!
No matter what you do, it won't work!
Like I care.
Who are you two?
What's with all of you?
You don't just walk into someone's house
with your shoes on.
P-Priest Exly! Priest Saturn!
Drake, what are you doing here?
We're the ones who were ordered
to kill the commissioner.
I'm a member of Nox, too.
I'm just as capable of carrying out orders as—
If you wanna talk, do it in hell!
You're so impatient.
National Treasure: Durendal!
Accept God's judgment!
I noticed your limiter was off,
so I came to check on you.
Looks like things have
gotten pretty lively here.
I can handle this on my own.
The penalty for removing your
limiter without permission is
three months without pay.
Add that to your previous penalty
and that's half a year's worth!
H-Half a year?
The final bout will now begin!
Our fighters are Yoo Mira and Jang Jangmi!
Both teams are one-and-one.
The team that wins this bout will
proceed to the second round.
Ready go!
I knew from the start that my sword
skills were no match for hers.
You can do it, Jangmi!
This is one fight
that I can't lose!
This is my charyeok!
Remember to chew your food well, Changsik.
You fcking maggot!
I'm gonna rip off your blls
and shove 'em up your ss!
That's quite a unique manner
of speaking you have.
Time for the finale!
Man, this is good!
Don't just take my lunch and start eating it!
Aren't you two concerned
about your teammate at all?
She's fine. You can see it in her eyes.
If we worry about her,
she'll rub it in our faces later.
Naturally in my own way
I will win win, and move forward.
My sword will carry that desire for me.
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 23:
Wind Willow!
Winner: Yoo Mira!
You !
Take your and go yourself!
This one's for Sim Bongsa!
Damn. They got away.
Hey, don't you ignore me.
The one who's gonna kill you is me!
Yoo Mira! Yoo Mira!
Stop it. You're embarrassing me.
As we are now
I doubt that'll happen again.
Wha arf youf doing? Hey!
You awake?
Sorry I couldn't beat her.
It's not over yet.
As long as you don't give up,
you can keep trying again and again.
Are you ever gonna stop?
Hasn't it been long enough?
It seems they're truly on the move now.
We've been contacted by O.
It appears Q was attacked by Nox.
The commissioners' home addresses
were supposed to be top secret.
We have a traitor among us.
A filthy little bug living
in the tiger's belly.
Also, please look at this.
An inspection has concluded that
this belonged to Jin Taejin.
We suspect that he may have
been taken somewhere.
Next up is the first match for Group B,
the team from South Gyeongsang
versus the team from North Jeolla!
The first bout is between
Jegal Taek and Jeon Jugok!
I saw him in a magazine.
Isn't he the Sixsung Corporation's
Yeah, he's the heir to a major corporation.
Ready go!
I don't care what attitude you take with me.
I'm just going to do what I need to do.
Do re mi fa
Stop right now!
This is no place for a woman.
If you interfere again,
you'll be disqualified for sure.
You have your own reason
for fighting, don't you?
What about him, though?
Stop it.
That's enough.
Further action on your part
will have consequences.
Lightning Bolt.
I'm here with the expectations
of my grandfather
and my entire family on my shoulders.
A loss to the likes of you
will not be tolerated!
That's not good enough.
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