The God of High School (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


Why didn't you disqualify Jegal Taek?
It's clear that he's going to
wreak havoc on the tournament.
There's also a chance that he may be the Key.
Is that really the only reason?
Ryu Hyeonbok is down!
Winner: Cha Seokwoo!
I lost
In the second Group A match of the
National God of High School Tournament,
South Jeolla versus South Chungcheong,
the first win goes to the
team from South Chungcheong,
courtesy of Cha Seokwoo!
I'm sorry.
I couldn't do what you told me to.
Nah, you did great.
Next up is the second bout:
Park Seungah versus Nam Gungdo!
I can't lose here.
Don't worry.
If you just follow my plan, you can win this.
Oh? The South Jeolla team is discussing strategies,
just like in the first bout!
The second bout fighter, Park Seungah,
and the final bout fighter,
Park Ilpyo, are actually cousins.
They should definitely be on the same page!
I mean, can I tell them you
bullied me when we were kids?
Do that, and I'll do it again.
Along with my sister.
I'm afraid to heal Seungyeon's leg now
Working out trends and countermeasures?
This isn't a school entrance exam!
Ready go!
A guy like him will probably
try to use his size advantage
to force her into submission.
She can take advantage of
his momentum to counter.
But aiming for his strongest points
won't work. It has to be
Why you
Nam Gungdo is down!
Winner: Park Seungah!
From the data I've seen on the preliminaries,
South Chungcheong's team coordination
should be superior by far.
So, Park Ilpyo
One win, one loss.
I wonder which team we'll
be going up against.
You won't be going up against anyone.
I'm suspended.
I swear, the guys on this
team are such idiots!
Hey, Mori! I'm talking to you, too!
Oh, sorry. What's up?
At last, this match has come
down to the final bout!
The ones fighting for a ticket
to the semifinals are these two:
Gwim Gi and Park Ilpyo!
That mark
Ready go!
Go home and surf some porn sites
or something, cherry boy.
You can't beat me.
Just give up.
Huh. Not bad, for a cherry.
Guess that didn't work, huh?
All his other opponents
forfeited after he used that.
In that case, allow your nice big brother here
to show you how the grown-up world works!
Here it comes!
That was taekkyon, wasn't it?
He can fight with an antiquated
combat style like that?
Aw, shit Now I'm mad!
That hurt, you damn cherry bitch!
Looks like another nasty one
Enjoy being ripped to shreds!
Taekkyon: The Transience of Life!
Falling Leaf Inferno!
Gwim Gi is down!
Winner: Park Ilpyo!
I was right. That tiger
It's the same as Grandpa's military uniform.
There was Jegal Taek yesterday,
and then Park Ilpyo today
This tournament's on a different level.
We just have to get stronger.
The levels and numbers displayed there, too,
express the latent potential
of those who use charyeok.
Is charyeok something anyone can obtain?
No, not anyone.
Some train rigorously and
still fail to obtain it,
while others simply obtain it
in a flash of inspiration.
That means we have a chance, too.
I don't need that.
I don't want to borrow someone else's power.
I need to get stronger myself,
or there's no point.
Well, maybe that's fine for you, but
I'm going this way. See you when
it's our turn to fight.
Something definitely happened with him.
Yeah, probably when he was
called out yesterday.
As I'm sure you're aware,
there are many people who
want a piece of Jin Taejin.
We've been searching for him to
bring him in for safekeeping.
In the past few days,
have you had contact with Jin Taejin
or anyone who's looking for him?
No. Why?
Look at this.
Two days ago, there was a
massive explosion in Kangwon.
The media has been calling
it an attack from the North,
but it was actually caused by charyeok.
And our investigation confirmed
That these bloodstains are Jin Taejin's.
He's been missing ever since.
Judging by the amount of blood,
the odds of him being alive are extremely slim.
Do you really know my grandpa?
If my grandpa really got into a fight,
I'd be more worried about his opponent.
There's no way Grandpa could die.
If only I was stronger,
I could go to him right now
You're Jin Mori, right?
You're the guy from
I'm a big fan.
Can I please shake your hand?
Uh, sure, I guess
Oh, man, I'm so happy!
Hey, there's something I wanted to ask y—
I've been watching you ever
since the Seoul prelims!
Why not finish it?
I could ask you the same.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm Park Ilpyo.
Sorry about that.
I just couldn't resist having a go at you.
It's cool.
I wanted to ask you something, anyway.
What's with the mark on your back?
Oh, this is my way of showing
my respect for Jin Taejin.
14 Years Ago
The first memory I have is
of my father's funeral.
Do as your uncle says, okay?
Mom! Mom! No!
My next memory is of my mother walking away
A place I didn't know
An unfamiliar atmosphere
And a lot of strangers.
Is that the best you can do?
Now I can see just how far behind
your grandfather, Iltae, was.
You're Park Iltae's grandson, right?
I'm a friend of your grandpa's.
My grandpa's?
I wanted to be here sooner,
but I had to teach some bad guys
a lesson, and it couldn't wait.
I was actually asked to give this to your dad.
Sorry I was too late.
It's, well let's call it
a book of taekkyon secrets.
Right up until the day he died,
your grandpa studied taekkyon
and came up with new techniques,
which he recorded in that book.
Your grandpa was very strong.
Not as strong as me, though.
He died saving the world with me,
and that pride lives on in your blood.
So grow up fast and become a great man
just like your grandpa was, okay?
And that would become my precious
third memory.
My grandpa did that?
I owe him everything.
How is Jin Taejin doing now?
Oh, uh
I don't care if you hate me.
Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry! Say you're sorry!
But leave people who have nothing
to do with me out of it!
That man is dangerous.
You should be careful.
I'd say you're pretty dangerous yourself.
Is your hand okay?
Don't worry about me.
I'm glad I got to talk to you.
See you at the arena.
Next time we fight,
I won't stop partway through.
I couldn't even move.
This is nowhere near enough!
Please, listen to me!
Park Mujin!
What the hell were you doing?!
Why did you let them kill
Sim Bongsa's wife and kid?!
Who do you think you're talking to?
This is how much it'll cost to
repair the building you busted up.
You will personally take responsibility
for the damage you've caused.
Did you know that his wife and kid were alive?
That's why I asked you to listen to me.
What Nox "killed" was a fake
that I made with my Marionette.
The real wife and child
were moved to a safe location as
soon as Sim Bongsa was killed.
The only saving grace in all this
I have a message for you from Mujin.
I don't need an apology.
Adding today's property damage
to your previous incidents,
you're now up to nine months without pay.
Hey, P
I'm not lending you any money.
What are you doing?
I have to get stronger!
You want to obtain charyeok?
If you'll train me, I'll make
dinner for you every day.
It'll be far cheaper than eating out.
Why do you want it? To win at GOH?
That's part of it, of course.
But if I'm being honest,
losing all the time bothers me.
Jin Mori, eh?
I want to catch up to him
and beat him someday.
Something is troubling him right now,
but he won't tell me what it is.
I think—
You think it's because you're
not dependable enough?
There's no question that
they'll attempt to ruin GOH.
We're out of time.
Yes, every moment counts.
People who have forgotten God's
greatness and corrupted our world
are attempting to attain power
that rivals that of God Himself.
We can't let them run free any longer.
Commissioners, you are permitted
to remove your limiters.
When you find Nox, strike with full force.
That, of course, includes the
traitor lurking among us.
Stop them,
and do what you must to destroy
the Key that threatens God!
We must obtain the Key that will
bring God down at any cost.
This is war!
Moon Light Sword Style
Charyeok, huh?
I haven't even mastered the
Moon Light Sword Style yet
I don't need that.
What happened to him?
That jerk! Any other time, he won't shut up!
I have to get stronger,
so Grandpa can come home.
Why can't you come home?!
I want to stay with you, too.
But if I do, all the bad guys who
are after me will come here.
Then I'll beat them up! I'm strong enough!
I know that.
When you grow up, let's beat
them together, okay?
I just turned six today!
A six-year-old is still a child.
I'm sorry to leave you alone on your birthday.
I'm sure your friends at school will
celebrate the next one with you.
I don't need friends.
Don't be silly! There's nothing
better to have than friends!
I don't need any! I'd rather have you!
Mori, please, don't make this harder on me.
I know!
I'll give you a present! What would you like?
Okay, I'm taking it now! Smile!
I turned seventeen today.
Happy birthday, Mori!
I dunno. We just got a notice out of nowhere.
Today is Mori's birthday
Did you tell him "Happy birthday"?
So you came all the way out here?
And we didn't want to come empty-handed, so
Wh-What is all this?!
Daewi, you can cook?!
It's the flavor that counts!
Cooking is all about the flavor!
Yeah, I guess. Well, I'm digging in!
This is really good!
No, the seasoning's a little too strong.
You used yakiniku sauce, didn't you?
Bulgogi should be seasoned
well with soy sauce,
sesame oil, mirin, garlic,
ginger, and green onions.
And for norimaki, you should use
tougher rice and less sesame oil—
Eat a little slower!
I can't eat another bite
Aren't you having any?
I'm absolutely stuffed huh?
Make lots of friends, Mori.
There's nothing better to have than friends.
I guess this is what you meant.
Hey, Mori
Did something
Never mind. Next time we fight,
I'm gonna win, you hear?
That's what I wanted to say to you.
I wanna fight you again, too!
And you, Mira!
I won't lose to either of you!
No, I'm gonna win!
But first
Yeah. The three of us have to win at GOH.
Though it'll just be two
of us in the next match.
Sorry. Win it for me.
You can count on me!
There's no way we're gonna lose!
I'm coming, I'm coming. You can stop banging
A map?
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