The God of High School (2020) s01e09 Episode Script


Why can't you come home?!
I want to stay with you, too.
But if I do, all the bad guys who
are after me will come here.
I'm sorry to leave you alone on your birthday.
I'm sure your friends at school will
celebrate the next one with you.
I don't need friends.
Don't be silly! There's nothing
better to have than friends!
I don't need any! I'd rather have you!
Mori, please, don't make this harder on me.
Jin Taejin.
You should come with us,
to fulfill the duty that the
heavens have bestowed upon you.
There's something I always
said to my grandson
"Do what you want."
I see. In that case
May God be with you.
Sorry, Daewi, Mira.
I swear I'll make it back
to the tournament in time!
Are you ready?
This is the official GOH channel, Big Bang!
The tournament has reached
the quarterfinal stage.
Today, the Seoul team will
be taking on the Jeju team!
Because the Jeju team was seeded
in a random drawing beforehand,
this is their first actual
battle in the tournament!
What do you suppose their
fighters will be like?
The battle that everyone's got their
eyes on starts right after this!
Did you find him?
No, and everyone says they haven't seen him.
It looks like he's really not here yet.
What is that idiot doing?
Also, why doesn't he have his cell phone?
I don't think you have time to worry about that.
The match is about to begin.
Head back to the arena.
Has Jin Mori arrived?
Sorry not yet.
I think he ran into some
kind of trouble on the way.
He just can't ignore people in need of help.
Whatever the reason,
if you aren't in the ring when the
match begins, you lose by default.
If you could win the first two bouts,
you'd still win the round,
but in your case
I'm still suspended.
So even if Mira wins the first bout
If Jin Mori doesn't make it here
by the start of the second bout,
your team will be out of the tournament.
The match will begin in five minutes.
I'll just get us our first win for now.
Daewi, you
I'll look for him.
I swear, I won't come back here without him.
And could you try not to
win too quickly this time?
I'll think about it.
Time for the God of High School quarterfinals!
The first match in Group A will be
the team from Jeju versus
the team from Seoul!
What happened to the rest of their team?
One of them was suspended, right?
But the other one?
Jin Mori
Fighting for Jeju in the
first bout is Lee Marin!
And for Seoul, Yoo Mira!
Is that look in style or something?
Yoo Mira, successor to the Moon Light Sword
I've been waiting so long
for my chance to fight you.
Born and raised on the sea,
the marine marvel, Lee Marin,
is here and ready to fight!
Sorry, Daewi.
I don't think I'll be able
to kill much time here.
He's here.
This tanning oil proves I'm a man of the sea!
I never let myself get caught without it!
Damn you!
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 4
You left your vitals wide open.
You know, I always tried to imagine
what this sword's owner was like.
Was it a man or a woman?
It seems you've truly used it well.
You must have trained every single day.
Give it back!
But, clearly, you were completely unaware
of this sword's true power.
Mori, what the hell are you doing?
You know you can't lose now, either!
Are you okay?
You look good
This is the true form of this sword.
A weapon that houses the
power of the gods
The National Treasure, Fengxian.
How in the world did you not realize this?
Even with all that power
right in your hand
Even as you trained so hard every single day
How could you not realize it?
You wanted to be stronger,
and the means to get stronger
was right there in your hand!
So how could you
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 5:
Wind Willow!
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 1:
It is my sword
It naturally returns to the hand of
the one it recognizes as its owner.
That is the power of a National Treasure.
What a shame.
It really is a shame.
Yoo Mira
You do not have that right of ownership.
Grandpa! Come on, get it together!
I'm gonna get you free, okay? Just hang tight!
Damn it! Need something
to cut him free Something
That was so easy, I can't help but laugh.
And that takes care of one more small fry team.
Don't hold this against me.
We need all the small fry out of the way
to accelerate the awakening
of the Key, apparently.
Wh-Who are you?
Oh, come on. Just shut up and die.
We had high expectations for you,
Moon Light Sword successor!
We hoped you'd be the one
to awaken this sword,
and grasp the power of God!
You must obtain
the holy sword that can rule God himself
As well as the hand that
can draw out that power.
But as it turned out
You have no power at all.
It really is a shame.
my sword
Isn't she from South Gyeongsang's team?
Oh, baby! You're so cool!
Let's play some more.
I'm just so bored!
Sorry, but I don't have time to play around.
You okay?
I'm just fine.
Isn't your team's match still going on?
You should be there. Don't worry about me.
It's fine.
You really are cool!
Eee! I can't believe I just did that!
Okay, well
The hell are you doing?
Oh, Jegal!
You again?
They're about done, you know.
You always turn up in the most random places.
And you Don't just take off like that.
If I'd moved even an inch,
I would've been done for.
So that's Jin Taejin's grandson?
Our final weapon in the war against the North,
who became a hero when he alone survived
their death squad's Northern-style taekwondo.
The man who defeated every
member of The Six
But that was a long time ago.
Senile old fools like you need to keep
being useful for us until the very end.
Aw, you spotted them.
That's right.
These are the real members of the Jeju team.
Did you do this?
Now that you've seen them,
I can't let you leave here alive.
Just kidding.
I never had any intention of letting you—
Don't put yourself through this.
You already took the brunt of that explosion.
Your whole body must be
screaming in pain, right?
For the next hour,
I will feel nothing.
I suppose I'll have to tell you the truth.
You are powerless.
You have no right to do anything.
You're just a failure!
Do you understand now?
Then do the noble thing and give up.
Like hell I'll lose to you.
Jin Mori won't be coming.
Don't tell me
You guys did something to him
No matter what
No matter what, he'll be here!
So I'm going to—
It truly is
a shame.
I can't let it end yet.
Not yet
But I can't
No! No! No!
I decided that I'd move forward with them!
And I'm
For what reason
For what reason do you wish?
Do you possess the strength
to make that wish come true?
You are weak.
You're right. I'm weak.
That's why I'm going to get stronger.
I made up my own mind to do that.
I will get stronger.
I will catch up to them!
I'll surpass them, no matter what!
Then become the strongest of all.
Make your name known throughout creation,
peerless and unparalleled!
Charyeok: the great hero, Lu Bu Fengxian!
Lu Bu
Charyeok: Kraken!
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 42:
Fang Tian Hua Ji!
Winner: Yoo Mira!
You're late.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
With the second bout up next,
Jin Mori of the Seoul team
has finally arrived!
His opponent from the Jeju
team is Nah Hanseong.
Now that Seoul has claimed the first win,
how will he fight back?!
So you got your charyeok, huh?
Did I really?
It hasn't quite sunk in yet.
So what happened, anyway?
I'm honestly not sure, either.
But I've never seen him
look that angry.
What happened to Paylong?
Ready. go!
I'll ask one more time.
What happened to Paylong?
Answer me!
This is the end!
Jin Mori Original:
Blue Dragon Kick!
You bastard!
Jin Mori Original 2:
Twin Blue Dragon Kick!
Twin Blue Dragon Kick
It seems the tiger raised another tiger.
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