The God of High School (2020) s01e10 Episode Script


So, what is it you're fighting for?
4 Years Ago: National Martial Arts Tournament
Why do you go through all
this just to get stronger?
A long time ago, I made a promise to someone.
A promise?
I'm fighting
to fulfill that promise.
I see. In that case
You really can't afford to lose, huh?
The match is over!
Winner: Jegal Taek!
I can still fight
Such impudent eyes for a woman.
With some rehab,
you'll be able to walk again.
As for continuing with martial arts, however
Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry! Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry! Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry!
Hey! What's going on here?!
Tell Seungyeon you're sorry!
God of High School?
Any wish
I was just thinking about how
we can win tomorrow's match.
We're up against Seoul's team, after all.
We can't lose this.
We have to win, no matter what.
Whatever it takes.
Is that really what you want?
Jin Mori
I know you've been excited
about your match with him
for a long time.
What's important now is that
I win and fix Seungyeon's leg.
My personal feelings don't matter.
All the Jeju team members that you fought
are completely unrelated
people disguised as them.
But that doesn't change
the results of the match.
Your team
will proceed to the semifinals.
Who did this, and why?
That's what they call themselves.
Damn it!
Damn you, Jin Mori!
And you're late! Why didn't
you come to help soone—
Yo, dumbass!
I don't remember joining your little gang.
I only worked with you because I wanted intel.
You son of a
The Key will be mine.
We will soon begin the first match,
the Group A semifinals, the Seoul team
versus the South Jeolla team!
Like I told you yesterday
Your first strike will decide
the match. Understand?
Daewi's suspension has been lifted,
and I got my sword back.
Now we can fight without holding anything back.
What happened to your face?
Secret training.
I'm going on ahead.
The first bout features
Han Daewi versus Park Seungah!
Ready go!
He's fast! I can't dodge—
The first strike
isn't intended to do damage.
A hard thrust with the heel of the hand
will throw the semicircular
canal out of whack.
He'll be knocked off-balance,
and will probably even have trouble standing.
Taekkyon: Cranium Fracture!
They're a group that
believes in a certain god.
They don't accept the existence
of any god but their own.
They're trying to get rid of all other gods,
including those who borrow their power.
Charyeok users?!
They don't tolerate the existence
of other charyeok users,
which is why they're trying to ruin GOH,
this gathering of young people.
So they did that to Grandpa.
They hope to use Jin Taejin's
immense power for themselves.
I swear I'm going to save him.
Don't bother trying.
You three are weak.
If you make any dumb moves,
we're the ones who'll suffer.
Hey, did you have to say it like that?
That said if you're strong enough to win GOH,
I'm willing to give you some information.
So we just have to win, then?
We'll win for sure.
Is that
Park Seungah is down!
That's enough, Seungah!
Ten! Nine!
Since your first strike didn't work,
Eight! Seven! Six!
you can't beat him now.
You have to withdraw from the fight!
Are you worried
that I'm going to end up like Seungyeon?
My decision to fight is my own to make.
And now that I've made up
my mind, whatever happens,
I won't regret anything.
I know Seungyeon feels the same way.
I'm I'm
Match resume!
I'm a martial artist!
I'll keep fighting until the very end!
Winner: Han Daewi!
Daewi, was that
Were you watching?
I'll just say one thing. You don't have to win.
We have to win.
All three of us.
We're a team, so whether we win
or lose, we do it together.
Don't forget that.
Yeah, you're right!
The three of us are gonna win this thing!
Honestly, you always push too hard.
Seungyeon? Why
Seungah told me everything.
That you're participating
in this tournament,
and why you're doing it.
There's a lot I'd like to say,
but it doesn't matter.
Seungah pretty much said it all for me.
Seungyeon, I
Ilpyo, I appreciate your concern for my leg.
But you're mistaken.
You need to fight for your own sake.
You have a promise to keep, don't you?
I'm no match for you two, huh?
Nope. Not since we were kids.
Thanks, Seungyeon, Seungah.
all right now.
So here goes.
Grant peace to this noble martyr's soul.
That's a nice way to shut people up.
I see nothing's changed, Sang Mandeok.
Long time no see,
Park Mujin.
I never thought you'd show up on your own.
Well, I wanted to help you.
It is conflict that draws
out one's latent potential.
That's why you started
this tournament, isn't it?
To awaken the sleeping Key.
But this isn't enough.
You need a far more powerful trigger.
I know exactly what you people have in mind.
In that case, how about this?
I Know Not Whose Child It Is; It Existed Before God
Coming up in the second bout,
we have Jin Mori versus Park Ilpyo!
From the look on your face,
this should be a good fight.
Let me just say one thing.
With your taekwondo as it is,
you can't beat me.
Ah, your skills have improved.
Damn it!
Your first weakness
You're bad at close combat.
Take this!
Your second weakness
Your prep before using techniques is so obvious,
it makes you predictable.
Park Ilpyo is putting his
overwhelming strength on display!
Think you can defend against this, then?
Jin Mori Original:
Twin Blue Dragon Kick!
Taekkyon: Blazing Cyclone Blade!
Your third weakness
Your techniques place too
much strain on your body.
As you are now, no matter
how hard you try
You can never beat me.
You endure it well
But it's all in vain.
Creation of Heaven and Earth!
Is that
I Know Not Whose Child It Is; It Existed Before God
O God
Exact divine judgment upon these fools!
Is this
all the strength you've got?
And this is Jin Taejin's grandson?
He must be disappointed beyond belief!
You're weak! Too weak!
You're nothing at all!
You three are weak.
I swear I'm going to save him.
I have to think!
How can I beat him?
If that's all the strength you have,
you'll never be able to make anything happen!
Moon Light Sword Style:
What a nice view.
Are you all ready?
So let's get started!
Let's play some music.
Th-That stance
My first weakness: bad at close combat.
Next up
It won't work!
First stance:
Black Tortoise
Black Tortoise!
He's using one of mine, too?
My second weakness: prep is too obvious.
Not bad!
But what about your third weakness?
gonna think about that right now!
One of The Six,
National Treasure user Seo Hallyang,
now arrives!
Pretty good but it'll take more than that!
You can still get stronger!
Let out everything you've got in you!
It's almost like
Ilpyo is coaching him.
Twin Blue Dragon Kick!
Blazing Cyclone Blade!
I can see it now, thanks to you!
Jin Mori Original 3:
Blue Dragon Tempest!
Blue Dragon Tempest
Taekkyon: Hellfire Blade!
Hellfire Blade
National Treasure No. 1,
Cleaving Cleanse!
I'd like to ask a favor of you.
This here is my grandson.
His name's Jin Mori.
Jin Mori?
He's awful naughty, for such a little thing.
If your ever happen to run into him anywhere,
would you mind teaching him a few things for me?
Jin Taejin
Your grandson is
a very strong boy.
But I can't afford to lose, either.
His GP is -1?!
Oh? What's happening now?
That power
The Key
has awakened!
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