The God of High School (2020) s01e11 Episode Script


In ancient, mythical times,
there resided in Heaven a nine-tailed
fox spirit that attained immense power
after a thousand years of training.
It was appointed as the guardian
of the God who ruled Heaven,
a position from which it
repelled countless crises.
But then, even God himself
began to fear the fox spirit,
until, at last, he ordered its execution.
Outraged at this betrayal,
the fox spirit used its power
to destroy half of Heaven,
then descended to Earth.
Once it had exhausted all of its power,
the fox spirit swore revenge on God,
as it fell into a long sleep.
Wh-What is this feeling?
It's like something inside
my body is trembling
My charyeok is resonating.
Is he the Key?
There's no question.
This is the energy of the
nine-tailed fox spirit
that destroyed half of Heaven in ancient times!
The power that defies God
I'll make sure it sleeps for
all eternity this time.
You think I'm going to let you get away?
I'm sure it won't be easy.
Huh? Seungah?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Seungah?!
Your nose is bleeding?!
I'm just getting started, Jin Mori.
Sounds fun!
Stay calm.
Figure out what his abilities are.
You're not charging in blindly. Good decision.
Taekkyon: The Transience of Life.
He's strong
Damn it I'm not
gonna lose.
Here I come!
The Transience of Life!
Blue Dragon Tempest!
That won't work again.
He's strong
How can I
What's wrong? You look like
you're in a lot of pain.
Nothing you need to worry about.
So that's it.
Charyeok isn't just about
borrowing someone else's power.
Ultimately, you're fighting
with your own mind and body.
Which means
We're both the same.
He hasn't given up yet.
Let's finish this.
You really were strong,
Jin Mori.
What is that?
Is everything okay?
What are you?
Night Parade of 100 Demons!
Night Parade of 100 Demons
Park Ilpyo is down!
Winner: Jin Mori!
Great job, Mori!
Uh Uh-huh
I'm complimenting you!
What was that? Charyeok?
What the heck was that?
Ilpyo! Ilpyo!
Huh? Did I
I see
Nine-Tails lost?
What was that energy a moment ago?
It looks as though it would
be wise to exercise caution.
I'll be taking my leave now.
Is it done?
Then secure the Key at once.
Well he needs a medical
exam and treatment first,
so we're taking him to the hospital
ward and assigning security.
I see.
It looks like everything's
just about taken care of,
so we should be able to start moving soon.
Have them wait at the designated location.
Mandeok is still planning something.
Thank you!
Sorry, I lost.
My strength wasn't enough.
That's not true!
You did more than enough!
That was charyeok, right?!
Most likely.
I'm surprised, too.
So were you able to keep your promise?
Some fraction of it, I think.
The promise I made isn't one that
can be fulfilled right away.
I realized that while I was fighting him.
I see.
How ya doin'?
Sheesh Speak of the devil, I guess?
He's a tough guy.
How're you feeling?
I'm just fine.
And you?
A lot better than you, as you can see.
No, I'm just doing what the nurses told me.
I'm actually far healthier than you.
Don't try too hard, man.
I think you're the one who's trying too hard.
I'm totally healthy!
No, you still need to be careful.
Stop it, you two! You're not children!
No, no!
No, no, no!
Jin Mori, was that charyeok
you used during the match?
No, no, no!
Huh? I'm not sure, actually.
It surprised me, too.
That's the same thing Ilpyo said!
Neither of you are ever going to
get better if you act like this!
She's as scary as Mira.
I can hear you!
Seungah's right, though.
You need to rest, too.
You used a lot of strength.
Yeah, maybe. Guess I'll head back.
Actually, hang on a second.
Since you're here already
Could you guys go pick up
some stuff to go with this?
Oh, I can go take care of that myself.
No, I'll go with you.
Huh? Really, I'll be fine.
I'm going. Come on, move.
But Seungah, you should stay and rest!
Just come on.
But you're the one who said—
You came to talk about something, right?
It's about my grandpa.
Jin Taejin?
So Jin Taejin is still
I don't know where he is.
Which is why I have to win
and get that information,
so I can save him.
So that's what's driving you.
Your opponent in the finals,
Jegal Taek, is going to be tough.
But if anyone can beat him, you can.
If you keep making that face,
Taejin will laugh at you.
I wanna fight you again after the GOH is over!
Big Brother Ilpyo.
I'm older than you, so I think you
should call me "Big Brother Ilpyo."
Big Brother Ilpyo
Good! We should definitely fight again!
I haven't
lost yet
Its energy hit him.
I won't lose!
Do, re, mi, fa
Grandfather I am going to wi—
Sorry, but I don't have time to waste on you.
So la ti do!
Perfect timing!
Become my
I guess we bought a little too much.
We thought Jin Mori would be here to—
That bastard.
Seungah! Hyeonbok!
I am strong
I won't lose!
Is that Jeon Jugok?
This is HQ! Come in, Alpha!
Come in! Come—
He absorbed those people?
I can't let this drag on too long.
Keep your hands off my prey.
Seungah! Hyeonbok!
Master, please keep your composure
It's all right.
I'm just fine.
Get outta here, trash.
Seungah! Hyeonbok!
My arm
M-My leg
My God, the Key stands before you!
The time for purging has come!
Those guys are worth ten million yen each.
I'll kill you.
Hey, it's just like back then!
Say you're sorry! Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry! Say you're sorry!
I'm not the same.
As of this moment,
the God of High School is over.
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