The God of High School (2020) s01e12 Episode Script


My God, the Key stands before you!
The time for purging has come!
As of this moment,
the God of High School is over.
What is that?
Our God, who was, and is,
and is to come
Our omnipotent God and king
shall at last descend!
Now is the beginning and the end!
God, in your great mercy, accept us!
My grandson
I will avenge you,
even if it costs me my life.
Hey, Mom
Aren't you going?
Live a good life, now.
Okay, got it.
The deposit has just been made.
Blood relations are worth nothing.
I only have faith in one's
individual abilities.
You have all the qualifications
to be my heir who will inherit
everything I've worked for.
Remember this well.
People like her are what we call "losers."
Say you're sorry! Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry!
Hey! What are you doing?!
Calm down!
Let me go!
Come with us!
The defeated seek a reason
for their own defeat.
But winners do no such thing.
They have faith in their own
victory from the beginning,
and they make it happen.
No matter what it takes.
I know all this, Father.
I won't be a loser.
The one who'll inherit your power,
your money, and the whole world
is me!
The Impoverished
We're the same.
In the end,
you're an animal, too.
What happened?
Ilpyo he
Fifty million!
Sixty million!
Seventy million! Eighty million!
All right, keep 'em coming!
What is that?
That's right, Mujin.
You showed up late again!
If you come into contact with the Key now,
not a single shred of
this world will be left.
Everything will be destroyed!
That's exactly what we want.
What is that?
Someone's charyeok?
Remember this well.
People like her are what we call "losers."
am not a loser.
The Key
has awakened
The Key will be mine!
The Key
At last
Is this what they were after?
Wake up!
He's losing so much blood.
Can't the nanomachines keep up?
We have no choice but to
call off our alliance.
It's a shame, Assemblyman Park Mujin.
We cannot yield so willingly.
With mankind's science, the power
of an old god is nothing.
I will prove just how meaningless it is.
That is our mission as the
guardians of this world.
Nuclear missile launch confirmed!
They number 567, and they're
targeting the airspace over Seoul!
Approximately 40 minutes
until ballistic missile drop!
Are you trying to wipe this
country off the map, Park Mujin?
Madam President, we must get to the bunker.
What in the world is happening?
Damn it! If I could break
these restraints, I could
But to do that, I need the Key!
This is ERSS. Can you hear me?
We've confirmed that the US Army
just launched a massive
number of nuclear missiles.
The situation is rather grave.
Damn it!
You kids need to play inside
until I get this cleaned up!
What's going on?
Daewi! Mira! Ilpyo!
Where is everyone?
And what is this place?
Ilpyo! Ilpyo!
Then we got caught up in Jegal's attack,
and Ilpyo was
Is Ilpyo
Is Ilpyo okay?
I don't know.
I think everyone was sent here.
Please save Ilpyo
Charyeok: Haetae.
That water's imbued with healing power.
It should hold out for a bit, at least.
That's your charyeok?
I was planning to keep it a secret
until I had fully mastered it.
How long is "a bit"?
To be honest, I don't know, exactly.
We need to find Mori and the rest,
then get out of here, fast.
You're right.
If everyone was sent here, then of course
he must be here, too.
Central Treasury, Sea of Blood,
Upper Venter, Cloud Gate
That should stop the bleeding, at least.
Did Jegal do all of this?
To Ilypo, and everyone
on his team and you?
He's dangerous.
Ilpyo's had his eye on him for all this time
And on you, too.
He said he wanted you to get
strong enough to beat Jegal.
Pretty good but it'll take more than that!
You can still get stronger!
You promised to keep that secret.
Are you okay?
Where is it?
I don't know what that is,
or why it was inside me
But I sense incredible power in it.
I want you to have it.
But isn't this yours?
Whatever you do, don't let Jegal have it.
If he gets his hands on this power,
something terrible will happen.
This is an urgent bulletin.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff
have announced that multiple
unidentified flying objects
are approaching Seoul.
It is reported that they will
reach Seoul in about 40 minutes.
Hurry! There's a subway station near here!
All those outside are advised to take
shelter in a sturdy building or the subway.
We can't shelter this many people.
The shelter's bursting at the seams already.
Is there anywhere else to go?
Eight hundred million!
Eight hundred and ten million!
Eight hundred and twenty million!
Why don't you just admit defeat?
You people have no hope of defying God.
A hundred million years
wouldn't be long enough.
Where is the Key?
No idea what you're talking about.
If you want to ask people questions,
you could show a little more respect!
I'll ask one more time. Where is the Key?
Is this "Key" the thing that
came out of Ilpyo earlier?
If this guy finds him,
he'll be killed for sure this time.
Changed my mind.
Fang Tian Hua Ji!
Lu Bu
Charyeok: Haetae!
Daewi! Mira!
Where are you?!
Daewi! Mira!
Where is the Key?
There it is.
Hiding it won't help. I can tell.
Run, Mori
He's out of his mind.
Why did you do this to Daewi, Mira,
Ilpyo, and all those others?!
They're losers.
I can do whatever I want. I'm a winner.
I'm going to become a perfect winner.
Yes I will make everything mine.
Give me the Key.
This will make you accept God.
What the hell is this power?!
I can't
Our God, who was, and is,
and is yet to come
Our omnipotent God and king
shall at last descend!
Now is the beginning and the end!
With the wing in my right hand
Travel far from here,
you hundreds of thousands of pure souls!
Damn it!
Give me the Key!
Jin Mori Original:
Blue Dragon Kick!
Give me the Key!
Where are we?
We teleported? It can't be
Every citizen of Seoul is here?
The only one capable of this is
That bastard Jaesan.
Look at that!
You teleported every single
person in Seoul at once?
That's quite amazing
Jeon Jaesan of The Six.
With alchemy in my left hand
Build in the name of truth,
sacred wedge that can pierce God Himself!
In the name of Jeon Jaesan
Come forth, stardust!
I will avenge my grandson.
I'll be taking you down with me.
What just happened?
Wh-What is that?
Where is the Key?
That's enough.
Damn it!
Take that.
That took a lot of work.
The Key
Damn it!
Now I will surpass everything
Even God!
What is that?
You losers
will die.
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