The God of High School (2020) s01e13 Episode Script


The god that descended over the arena
appears to have been shot
down by Jeon Jaesan.
Any response from Jaesan?
No, and none from Mandeok, either.
So only those kids who were sent
to the holy realm are left?
To consume all and return to nothingness
This is my destiny.
So that's the power of this "Key" thing?
That's insane.
What does he think he is? A god?
Mori! Mori!
What're you spacing out for?
I'm worried about Seungah and the rest, too.
Right now
They've gotta be at their limit by now.
That charyeok has been protecting
them all this time.
We should pull back.
We need to join up with Ilpyo and the—
Moon Light Sword Style, No. 7!
I will reduce all to nothingness.
Take this!
There is no point.
All that awaits those who
defy God is a painful death.
You choose this path to satisfy
your minuscule pride?
I'm gonna make you pay for what you did!
To Ilpyo, to Seungah and her
sister, to Daewi, to Mira
You'd better apologize to everyone you've hurt!
My acupuncture is
a most powerful technique that
can draw forth infinite power.
But the body cannot withstand using
it at many points simultaneously.
To seek both strength and speed is
I've already gone way past my limits!
Bring him down quick!
Twin Blue Dragon Kick!
How is he so powerful?!
Mori, hang in there!
Don't expect your death to be painless.
Your Majesty! Your Majesty!
Preparations for the attack are now complete.
Give the order, please!
There is no need for you men to go anywhere.
Grow, Nyoibo!
It It can't be
That's why even the Key's guardian
That child is
Seiten Taisei?!
Right This is my
My goodness.
What on earth is this thing
Jin Taejin took in and raised?
What is that power?
Shrink, Nyoibo.
Show me, then.
All powers are at my mercy!
My nothingness will
consume them along with you!
I told you
I'm gonna make you pay!
Grow, Nyoibo!
This is for Daewi!
This is for Mira!
This is for Seungah and her sister!
This is for Ilpyo!
Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry!
You're wrong!
I am not a loser!
Gather, Kinto-un!
This This couldn't be
Unlike us, his power
is not borrowed at all.
Right now, he is
a god in the flesh.
The Monkey King
Lord Mandeok, we must go while we can.
Mori, are you
Are you really Mori?
Hang in there!
Are you hurt?
So hungry
He's Jin Mori, all right.
Sure is.
I dunno, my memories are
still pretty mixed up
I don't really know what happened,
but I think I kind of do
Which is it?
Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Give me
that power
Give me that power
That's one hell of a grudge.
Cut us some slack already
Kinto-un! Nyoibo!
Come to me one more time!
Damn it! Why?!
You could
rely on your friends a little more, Jin Mori.
You idiot! You shouldn't be moving around yet!
We're idiots, all right.
And the only cure for this idiocy is death.
All right, then.
Let's go, you idiots!
Lu Bu Fengxian!
Night Parade of 100 Demons!
Time to end this!
Jin Mori Original:
Imperial Divine Dragon Fang!
Damn it!
One more shot!
Mom, look! Dragons!
Live a good life, now.
Let go of me, trash.
Well, just try
to live a good life, now.
Were those fragments of the Key?
Does that mean it was freed from Jegal Taek?
I guess it's over.
Hello? Anyone?
Is anyone here?
What the heck's going on?
I'm totally lost
Are you okay? Are you sure
you're okay, Ilpyo?
You're not hurt, are you?
I'm fine, I'm fine. Totally fine.
If you hadn't saved us, we'd probably be
Nah, all I did was a little first aid.
Damn it, what the hell is all the ruckus here?!
This stupid little girl woke
me up a whole two weeks early!
I'm sorry!
The holy realm is completely destroyed!
Damn that Mujin
I told him over and over again to be careful.
Who're you?
That's not how you
greet someone, you dumb ape!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Why don't you try learning something
for once in your life?!
Is she someone Mori knows?
Well, maybe not Mori, but that other guy.
The hell?! I don't even know you!
Who're you calling an ape?!
Show a little respect!
I'm a lot older and more important than you are!
Well, I'm not clear on all the details,
but it looks like the original goal of the
God of High School has been fulfilled.
And you three are the last
ones standing at the end,
making you the final winners.
I am Kim Ungnyeo,
the progenitor of the human race
and a member of The Six!
Say what?
Are they some kind of idol or comedian group?
Mujin, you fool, you could have at
least explained things to them.
Basically, I, the strongest and most
important person involved in this tournament,
am here to grant any one wish to the winners.
Any wish? Then I want my
grandpa back right now.
I will grant any wish.
The only thing I cannot do is
bring the dead back to life.
But any wish other than that is fair game.
I don't need to make a wish.
I've made up my mind to revive
the Moon Light Sword myself.
Same here. You can wish for whatever you want.
Okay, then
Fix up everyone who was hurt in this battle!
Make them they way they were before!
Very well.
Thank goodness!
Seungah, I'm so glad!
She really restored them.
What did I tell you?
My power only works
on people who are alive.
What? You're tiny now!
I ran out of power,
You're tiny now! You're tiny now!
You're tiny now!
because someone woke me
up two whole weeks early.
Ooh! She shrank!
That's right, I shrank! What of it?!
Hmph. Looks like you've grown
up a bit, you dumb ape.
I keep telling you, I'm not an ape!
Jin Taejin is alive.
He is weak, but I do sense his presence.
I see I see
I see!
No need to worry.
He's exhausted all his strength,
so he's asleep. That's all.
Three Months Later
A bastard like you
had the honor of such a glorious death,
so why did you have to leave me alive?
You've aged yourself, Big Brother.
Look at you, getting all sentimental out here.
So, I hear Ungnyeo awakened?
What of it?
Have you sorted out your feelings yet?
I heard you cried for three days
and nights when she rejected you.
Shut your mouth!
Whoa! W-Wait!
The recovery is proceeding smoothly,
but it will take time for the
public's anxiety to disperse.
We can't waste this
opportunity. We'll start
by seizing this country in the
next presidential election.
The world is about to change.
What is that mouth-watering aroma?!
Daewi? Mira?
He really did wake up today.
Just like Ungnyeo said.
You were asleep for three months, you know.
I'm starving.
Looks tasty! Don't mind if I do!
So does that mean Ilpyo and
the rest have already left?
So you are the Key's guardian?
Uh yeah, I guess so.
Fragments of the Key have
scattered all over the world.
As its guardian, you must
gather all of them.
What is the Key, exactly?
A power bestowed upon humans that
allows them to break the taboo.
Humans cannot kill gods.
That is the restriction imposed by
the gods, who feared the humans' power.
But when the Key's power is unleashed,
that taboo is destroyed.
It makes a human capable of pulling gods
out of the holy realm and killing them.
Does Mori Does Seiten Taisei
have that power, too?
Dunno why you're asking me. I told you,
my memories are still fuzzy.
Ow, my eye!
Yeah, I thought so.
According to Ungnyeo,
your memories have been sealed.
And to unseal them, you have to
go to Seiten Taisei's homeland.
His homeland?
That sounds fun!
Let's go!
You always just dive right into everything!
But you know
I'm kinda interested, too.
Doesn't it seem like it'd make
for some great training?
Jeez This is exactly why you
two are hopeless without me.
All right!
The three of us are gonna
get even stronger together!
Just wait, Grandpa!
I promise I'll come for you!
I see he's finally quieted down.
He's a precious sacrifice.
He'll be the one to bring us a new God.
You are strong. I know you can win.
Against the gods, against fate
and against me.
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