The Gods Of Wheat Street (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Nobody Lives Forever

1 Odin, can you just come with us? We've gotta take you in.
You shouldn't have laid charges against Odie.
If he's locked away, the three of us might have a chance.
- Is that what you really want? - I want us to be a family.
I stuffed everything up ending up in here.
You were just looking out for everyone.
My old man'd be keen to know Jonesy showed up.
You come to pay my 200 grand, have you? I never took that money, Brucie.
It was Odin.
Would you say Odin was provoked? - Yes.
- Good! Case dismissed.
We're at 310.
- That's my limit.
- I can give you an extra 30.
330! Sold to the gentleman! Yes! Yes! You know, you don't have to stay, Ares.
Maybe you could stay at Teri's.
Nah, I'll be right, Odie.
Dad won't mind.
Oi! Come here, boy! You wanna see something? Where'd you get that? Me and Brucie made a withdrawal at the credit union in Lismore.
What do you reckon about that, eh, boy? Ares.
You OK? What are you still here for? You got a lot of bad blood around you, boy, and I see it.
You never tried to get along with me.
That's why your mother took off that day.
She ended up dead by the side of the road just because of you.
I'm right, Odie.
Go on now.
BLUES ROCK MUSIC Oh, I'm gonna stick with the man with the cash.
Oi! Get back here, woman! Shut up, Jonesy.
The green bag, where's it gone? What are you talking about? The money's gone! - Dog! - No, Brucie What? Didn't say anything.
No, but you were thinking something.
Probably something I did that you didn't want me to do.
Or something I didn't that you did.
Either way, I know that look.
That's not what I was thinking at all.
I was thinking how much I see your father in you.
I don't remember him.
He was like you.
A good man.
Yeah? Except you leave him for Jonesy Brown.
Good choice.
It was complicated, Odie.
And Jonesy wasn't always so angry.
I can't believe it.
After all this time, you're still defending him.
I'm not defending him.
But there's more than one way to look at things.
He's got his part to play.
You're like a politician! Everything worded so it means nothing! His part? You'll appreciate that in the end.
No, I won't.
I don't care how complicated things were for you.
And I don't want to look at things in another way.
I've had enough.
Enough of being told what to do.
And enough of you, in my life.
What? Ah, now I know why you didn't come home last night.
Bit early to be knocking on people's windows, isn't it? I'm here to talk business.
Now where's Odin? I've got a share and I've got to protect it.
Ah, you thought I was gonna be a silent partner? Well, think again.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
Hey, babe.
No, don't Yeah, we can do it again later.
He slept on the couch.
Well look at you.
Your sister said you were keeping fit.
You talked to Issy? Yeah.
Talk all the time.
She's a good kid.
Cut the bullshit.
What are you doing here? Still straight-up.
I always liked that about you.
Isolde said you're coming up for parole.
So I'm just telling you that when you get out, you can stay with me for a bit.
Be like old times.
We could be a good team, you know.
Just think about it, eh? Hooking up with your old man's about the silliest thing you can do.
Family's about more than who's related to you.
It's about who's got your back.
Odin's been the one coming and visiting you all the time.
Yeah, and he's the one who thinks I'm a major screw-up.
I'm never gonna be anything but a loser little brother to him.
Is that what he really thinks? Or is that what you think? Hey, Unc! Is there any kind of system at all to this place? Yeah, everything's got its own special place.
And even if it hasn't, we know where it is.
Can't we clear some of this mess? Should get rid of this, for one.
It's not a good look having beat-up old cars the first thing you see.
We need an up-market car.
Present the right image.
You know? We don't have customers with up-market cars.
It's an old bomb.
Agh! Must be a dodgy earth wire.
Dad, come on.
Where's Leccie? She already started walking.
We're gonna be late.
Wait on.
I'm just taking the girls to school.
And then I got that other thing.
It's up to you to hold the line.
OK? What line, and what other thing? The meeting, with the bank.
Oh, righto.
I don't want Teri sticking her nose into everything.
And don't tell her that I've gone to the bank.
Alright? That's your angle - giving women information in a clear way.
Service without condescension.
What are you looking at? When was the last time you washed your uniform? I don't want to keep doing this.
And I want you to stop calling me.
How come? 'Cause.
I just do.
That's not what you said a few days ago.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
But it's what I want.
Look, I know you're angry about me charging him, but you need to understand that my problems with Odin aren't about you.
But it affects me.
Tristan, too.
Why can't you just leave it? He owes me, Issy.
Is this about the money again? There's no money.
There is.
A lot of it.
Well, Odin didn't take it.
He did.
It had to be him.
He was the only one who was there that I looked.
Alright? I looked.
And it's not there.
I don't know what happened to your money, and I don't believe that Odin even took it.
Now just leave us alone.
Do you know what that tells me? Tells me you're a Brown.
Odin might've taken care of you, but he's not your father and he never will be.
He was more of a father than you ever were.
Locked up our whole lives.
But you're still mine, remember? You're not a Freeburn.
I'm not anybody's! Alright, we've finalised Mrs Lavelle's contribution.
That was a timely offer.
Yep, it was.
Just a few more details and we'll be all set for settlement.
As it's an unsecured loan, the repayment terms are a little higher.
You'll need to find $2,160 a month.
Of course the bank expects prompt payment on the specified day, each month, no exceptions.
You sure you'll be able to meet the terms? Don't see why not.
If you can sign here.
Well, at least that's one thing off the list.
Don't you get tired of doing that? Doing what? What we all do.
Us women.
Clean up after everyone.
Make everything alright.
'Cause you know what? They don't notice and they don't care.
They think we're their slaves, or their possessions.
Don't you just want to do something for yourself for once? When's the deadline for the college? Tomorrow.
And I'll never make it.
What if I help? I'm not good with a machine, but I could help cut the material Lib.
I'm right.
You can do it, baby girl.
Are they Odin's? Knuckles'.
Can't have my workmen in smelly overalls.
Mum, he don't work for you.
As good as.
Lib, I've been thinking about you and Odin.
Look, might not be such a bad thing, and the business could definitely use a bookkeeper.
Plenty of couples do it.
Husband's the tradesman, wife's in the office keeping track of everything, including the husband.
Are you serious? Yeah.
All these years you've been saying it's just a silly crush, saying that Jamie's coming back.
You kept saying, 'Odin's in love with Jamie.
' You said that even thinking about Odin was like incest.
Well, I got a stake in the business now.
Me attitude's changed.
So you don't see anything wrong with it now? No.
You and Odin get on, don't ya? More a domestic way than a romantic way, but still It could be good for all round, Lib.
Is that how you see me? Jamie was the great love of his life, and I'm just the help.
Oh, well, you like helping.
You know what? I did all those things because that house would've collapsed without me.
Because they needed the help.
But if that's all you think I am, then that's fine.
You and Odin can look after the business by yourself.
No more being the wallpaper for this little black duck.
No more shopping, no more cooking, no more nothing! And if that's all the Freeburns see me as, then they won't miss me, then, will they? Hang on, I'm coming! What's it say? A rewards program? Oh, because you're a new customer, I'll service you for free.
Do you do all the servicing yourself? Oh, me and another bloke usually work in shifts on servicing.
Or sometimes at the same time.
Two mechanics at the same time? Sometimes you've just gotta get in there and really root around, and sometimes you've got no choice, you've just gotta pound and pound and pound until it's in right.
It's good to have two blokes working both ends at that point.
Where do I sign up? Here.
Right here.
Thank you.
You got my money? Not yet.
So, you fixed up Odin? No.
The deal was my money, or Odin's head.
I'm working on it.
Not good enough.
You've had enough time.
Hey, boys.
Wait, wait! I'll do it.
I'll sort it out.
I don't want bad blood with you McIntyres.
You got two days, bud.
Two days.
My father's going to be here to pick me up soon.
I just You better leave before he shows up.
Just listen to me for a second, OK? I know the truth about everything now.
I know why your dad hates me.
I can explain it to you.
Tristan, I Look, just meet me at the jetty before TAFE tomorrow.
You know that garage is a shambles? Oh, and Odin wants to know if you can pick up the girls.
He wants to work late.
Sorry, I can't.
I'm busy.
Well, I'm on the afternoon shift and Is has got some panic about some fashion design.
What'll I tell him? Tell Odin he'll have to step in.
I'm Working? No.
Going to the movies.
You're playing with fire.
You're gonna burn yourself.
Yeah? And it'll be all your fault.
I'm bloody starving.
Oh, same.
My stomach reckons me throat's cut.
Might have to get used to it.
Hi, Dad.
What's the story with dinner? Where's Aunty Lib? I called, but she wasn't there.
I've got less than 24 hours to have this finished to perfection, packed and posted, so, unless you're here to help, bugger off! Righto.
What time's the last mail in town? 6pm.
No! You know it's him.
Just answer it.
Hey, how's it going? Not too bad.
Big night planned? Just going to the movies.
But you never know what might happen.
Oh, my God! Odin Freeburn! When was the last time you walked through my check-out? Probably not that long ago.
Well, you're always welcome.
I'll fit you in anytime.
Service with a smile.
Really, Libby? Trouble in paradise? Not at all.
Listen, Lib.
I just want to make sure that I haven't done anything.
No, don't worry, you haven't.
I didn't Shane Bailey.
Libby Lib.
How are you? Good.
I'm glad you came.
Um you remember my brother-in-law? Odin.
How are you? Good.
Well, I'm glad you called.
Listen, um I'm just on my way off.
So I'll get out of your hair.
Should we head along, then, too? Never meant for you to fear the look in my eyes No, I never meant for you to feel so terrified Could I be so vain that I misheard your cries? Did I make you feel that I was pushing you aside? In my mind, it's your love that I see It's your love that matters to me I surrender all Yes, I'm all yours I surrender all Hey.
I went and saw Ares, and he told me about him and your mum.
Him and my mum? I should have guessed before.
Everyone knows what he's like, especially me.
I shared a room with him.
Him and my mum? What did he say? I thought maybe you knew.
That they were .
you know, doing it.
And that's why your dad doesn't want me to have anything to do with you.
My mother and your brother had an affair? Yes.
But your dad has to know that I am nothing like my brother.
And you're nothing like your mother.
What are you? I'm nothing like my mother? What are you saying about my mother? Nothing.
No, your brother's a criminal! And a liar! I don't think so.
You don't know what you're talking about! My mother would have nothing to do with him.
I'm sorry that I even met you.
Hello? Oh, hi, Shane.
How's your mother? Good.
Look, I'm not sure if she's here.
Look, I'll tell her that you called.
That was Shane Bailey.
I know.
Well, what the hell are you doing? Nothing.
Just went out last night.
The last time you went out with Shane, you said he was like an octopus - hands all over you.
Mum, that was in Year 12.
So what's this all about? I just wanted to see if another man could make me care.
But Odin's seen him here and now I think I've blown my chances.
With Shane? With Odin.
I think I've lost him.
You haven't lost anybody.
I just feel like an idiot.
Well, you're not an idiot.
But you know you are acting like a teenage girl.
What? Well, you are.
Thanks for your understanding.
So can you help me go over the books? Oh, bloody useless thing! You had lunch? I'm fine.
Odie, you're not fine.
You put Rex Jenkins' spare wheel back on Jenny Moore's hatchback.
Take a break.
It's alright.
And look at the way you're doing it.
It's almost lunch.
Go pick up the girls, have some quality time.
Thank you.
So, girls, what's new? Nothing much.
How about you, kiddo? Actually, I've got a question about school.
OK, shoot.
Does Aunty Lib have a boyfriend? What? I thought you said it was about school.
It is.
Today my friend at school said that she saw Aunty Lib going to the movies with her dad.
So, does she? Aunty Lib doesn't have a boyfriend.
She's already got one.
Hey, Dad? Well, who was that, then? Is it Mahalia Bailey's dad? No, you idiot.
It's someone else.
Hey, Dad? Leccie, don't call your sister an idiot.
Hey, listen, you two, I've got your togs and your towels in the car.
How about we go for a swim this afternoon? What about school? One afternoon off won't hurt.
Yes! What do you think, Thena? Yeah, great.
But is it Mahalia Bailey's dad? Yes.
It's Mahalia Bailey's dad.
Privyet, princessa.
I'm making borscht.
Do you want to help me? What does Ares Freeburn mean to you? So it's true.
Is it? My God.
How can you do that? I loved him, princessa.
I mean, I thought I loved him.
But I came back to you and your father.
I couldn't leave you.
So we're supposed to be grateful because you came back to us after you cheated on us? After you lied to us? I never lied to you.
No, but you knew the whole time what was going on, with Dad and the Freeburns! And you never told me.
Princessa! Don't you call me that.
I just wanted to tell you, I'm being transferred.
Prison farm.
That low-security joint in the hills.
Yeah, good one.
You'll do it easy out there.
Nothing's gonna change.
No! You girls wait out here.
Aunty Is.
What's going on? Someone trashed our house.
Pearly shells From the ocean Shining in the sun Covering the shore When I see them My heart tells me that I love you More than all the little pearly shells Come on, I'll give you a twirl.
I don't want to dance with my mother.
Hey, I'm not just any mother.
I won trophies, you know.
Down by the shore On the first night Of the full moon light I'll be returning and I'll never leave you Why don't you go over and see that lot? For every grain of sand upon the beach I got a kiss for you I got more left over Why don't you mind your own business? .
twinkling in the blue Pearly shells From the ocean Hi, kiddo.
Have you seen my sports uniform? No, sorry, bub.
Dad, have you seen my sports uniform? Wait on, Thena.
I want a car over here now.
Leccie, have you seen my sports uniform? I want to report a break-in.
Hey, listen.
When someone needs to be arrested, you're down here like a shot.
So get a car down here now.
Where are you wandering off to on your own? To Nanna Teri's.
Gotta see Aunty Lib.
Hang on.
Slow down a bit.
So Nanna Teri, huh? Well, if you absolutely must, I can at least make sure you get there safely, can't I? Come on, then.
I'll tell you a story about your father.
That'll be smelly octopus breath.
Well, come on, you started it, you end it.
Hey, munchkin.
What you doing here? Well, I've got PE tomorrow and I really need my sports uniform and I wondered if you'd seen it.
Well, how did you get here? I walked.
By yourself? Not exactly.
Well, where's your father? What's he bloody up to these days? Shit.
Twice in one day.
Someone broke into our house.
Hello? What?! No! Leccie! Where's your bike?! I loaned it to Fables.
Oh! Oh! Wait! Hey, you forgot this.
Jeez, missy, you're lucky the battery decided to chuck it in.
Yeah, that's me.
Did you have a break-in? They take anything? What's it to you? She's looking for her sports uniform.
It's hanging on the back of the bathroom door.
I washed it Monday.
Even though it's got nothing to do with me.
You got something to say As a matter of fact, I do have something to say to you.
I don't like that you take me for granted.
I come over here and I shop for you and your family and I cook for you and your family, and I wash, and I help out wherever I can, just so you can focus on all the stuff that you need to focus on.
And then you treat me like a housewife, without the good bits.
And another thing, while we're on the subject of housewives, why are you still wearing your wedding ring? Jamie's been gone for years, and you say it's over, but yet there it is, still on your finger, staring up at me every day like a little message saying, 'Hi, I'm still married to Jamie, and I couldn't possibly find any room in my life for another woman, certainly not you, Libby, because I'm still married to Jamie.
But thanks for taking out the washing, Lib.
' Well? You got anything at all to say? What was that? I don't know.
Keep going.
I think someone's in the shop.
It's probably just Mum.
What? She drove me here.
So I wouldn't do anything impetuous.
Like what? Like kissing you.
What's she doing in the shop? I don't know.
She said something about wanting to see some paperwork.
Oh, I think I broke my kidney.
What the hell do you think you were doing? I thought I'd have another look for that paperwork, seeing as you two were keeping me waiting.
Well, are you gonna help me up? Alright, then, here.
Knock yourself out.
Well, it's not hard to tell where the profit went.
These are unpaid bills.
This one's from five years ago.
Well, Colpepper was that sort of bloke, you know.
Well, I'm not that sort of girl, and I've got a say now.
Well, if that's all you're offering.
Does anyone know where Tris is? He hasn't come home yet.
So what? He's been out late before.
But Dad's still in town.
I'd better go look for him.
I'll do a quick lap and see if I can find him.
I don't want his father catching up with him again.
Yeah, sure.
I won't be long, alright? Well, now it seems you're a married woman, you ready to go over these papers? No worries.
The moodiness has gone already.
What are you gonna be like tomorrow morning? It takes time to move away from love You moved so fast I couldn't quite keep up And now we're standing on the same ground again So many years just disappear Tristo? Your eyes familiar, my head Tristo? I've had too much to see, now I don't know where to begin I've seen so many things since I last saw you So many years disappear Innocent hearts remember They hold on They travel Innocent hearts They never stop becoming unravelled Innocent hearts are always Tangled with the first innocent heart Innocent heart.
Where have you been? We've been looking for you.
Did you know about Ares and Petra? Yeah, I did.
Why didn't you tell me? I couldn't tell anyone.
No-one else knows.
Why didn't you tell me when Harry Hamilton was giving me a hard time? Why'd you just let me wear that? I'm sorry.
But I gave Ares my word.
He's my little brother.
So am I, Odie! So am I! Oh, nah, piss off! Seriously, what is your problem? Just 'cause you lost the woman you love, you think I'm gonna do the same? The woman I love? What, are you talking about Jamie? Yes.
You loved her and you let her go.
Well, I'm not gonna do that.
I'm not gonna be a coward like you.
Hey! I'm not a coward! Hey? I know you're pissed off, so I'm gonna give you a pass now.
Oh! Are you? And what if I don't stop? You gonna give me a touch-up like my old man? I did that for you! I never asked! I'm done with this bullshit.
Hey, listen, wait I'm sorry.
Just go, Tristan.
I Go! All good things come to he who waits.
I'm ready for that second round you promised me, Odin.
You've still got that stubborn blood coming through your veins, eh? And you still got that bad luck around you, too.
I'll teach you to steal from me, you dog.
You're a tough kid, I'll give you that.
But nobody lives forever! You've killed him.
Jesus, Jonesy, you killed him! Oh, Odie.
This one's up to you.
- That's Odin.
- I got a good look at him.
You could have mistaken him for someone else.
It was Tristan alright.
My brother wouldn't do that to his worst enemy, let alone his flesh and blood.
I did it, Is.
In all likelihood, we could eventually be looking at a charge of murder.
Why did you do it? I'm sorry, Leccie.
Told you I'd get him.
And I did.
Are we square now? You're going out? Yeah, I'm going to court.
Sit down.
Are you here to take him away? Do you want him back now? - Why would I do that? - Because he's your boy.