The Gods Of Wheat Street (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The Mighty Are Fallen

1 ~ Why'd you give up boxing? ~ I got you, Ares and Issy back.
~ I'm sorry, Odie.
~ I'm sorry, too, son.
The deal was my money, or Odin's head.
I'm working on it.
Why are you still wearing your wedding ring? Jamie's been gone for years.
My mother and your brother had an affair? Yes.
I'm sorry that I even met you.
Why didn't you tell me? I gave Ares my word.
He's my little brother.
So am I, Odie! I'm done with this bullshit.
I'm sorry.
Go! I'll teach you to steal from me, you dog.
Jesus, Jonesy, you killed him! This one's up to you.
Come on, you mob, out you get.
Hurry up, Tris.
This is our home now, mate.
All of us.
Come on, Tris.
Come and have a look inside.
Here, here, here Here we go Here, here, here Here we go Always giving, never receiving Always giving, that's why you're always leaving Here, here, here Here we go Here Here we go Where's my dad? She said, 'If you're cheating on me, God help ya,' and then she kicked him in the balls, and when he went down, she kneed him in the nose.
So you think she's single? That's Odin.
Right, Uncle? Buck, look at him.
Take his pulse.
I think he's gone.
No, he couldn't be.
Not Odin, man.
He couldn't be gone.
What is it? I'm here about Odin.
Did you bloody arrest him again? No, he's in hospital.
In IC.
You're not on TV, Wayne.
What's IC? Intensive Care.
He's unconscious.
We're going to the hospital.
Well, I can take you.
You go now.
I'll meet you there with the girls.
Come on, let's go and get ready.
I'm sure he'll be OK, Isolde.
I mean, he's a real tough bugger, your brother.
I mean, all your brothers are, really.
I arrested Ares.
I remember how bloody strong he was.
I couldn't get him down.
None of us could.
Took four of us.
I had his legs and Charlie Caldwell had his Have you seen him? The doc on duty says we have to wait until he comes out of his coma.
He's in a coma? It's alright.
They put him in it.
It's induced.
Don't worry, they do it all the time with trauma patients.
I'll, uh I'll stop talking now.
What are you doing? If Dad's gonna stay in the hospital, he needs some stuff from home.
He doesn't need salt.
They have salt at the hospital.
It's chicken salt, Leccie.
He likes chicken salt.
Come on, ladies, let's go.
That's enough.
He has a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.
We've controlled the bleeding.
Now all we can do is wait for the swelling to go down and see the extent of any possible damage.
Do you know when he'll wake up? Well, it's a police matter now.
I've got questions about the nature of the assault and the identity of the assaulter.
There's no timetable, that's what I'm saying.
It'll depend on the extent of the brain damage that he's sustained.
He's still critical.
Come on, let's give Dad his stuff.
Athena brought your favourites, Dad.
No No! How's tricks, Jonesy? Told you I'd get him, and I did.
Are we square now? It's done.
Odin Freeburn's gone.
Heard he was in hospital.
In a coma, apparently.
I hit him hard enough to kill a water buffalo.
He's still breathing.
Wouldn't like to be you when he wakes up and starts talking.
Looks like you buggered it up again.
You're on your own with this one.
Hello? Hey, Lib.
I'll be there soon.
Did Odin Freeburn come in here? No, he didn't come in.
But him and the youngest boy, uh What's his name? Uh Tristan? Yeah, Tristan.
Well, he was out the back and I could hear 'em arguing, right? So I went for a look.
Now, Tristan, he had really got stirred up about something, and he let one go.
Good shot.
Got Odin off guard, mate.
You sure it was Tristan? I got a good look at him.
You could have mistaken him for someone else.
It was Tristan alright.
I saw his jersey.
Number one.
I'd better get that.
I'm gonna go get some chocolate from the machine.
You want some? Thena.
I'll be right back, OK? How you going, sweetie? I'm alright.
I've got a question.
Of course you do.
Are you here to take him away? Do you want him back now? Why would I do that? 'Cause he's your boy.
You're really worried about him, aren't you? Lib.
Maybe we should get her out of here.
Yeah, I could call Mum, get her to come pick her up.
Maybe you could take her to your place.
Hanging round the hospital's no good for her.
But we've got another problem.
Phillips called from the bank.
And then Bucky said, 'Stop ventilating, Fables.
' I think he meant 'stop venting', but who would know with him? I don't think he can hear you, Leccie.
Yeah, he can.
If you don't wake up, I'll stop answering Athena's questions and I'll stop listening to Aunty Lib and I'll .
I'll tell Athena her paintings are no good.
That's mean.
You said he can't hear me.
Look who I found.
About time.
Come on, Leccie.
Do they know what happened? Someone hurt him.
Wayne's trying to find out who.
Do you want a drink? I'll get you a coffee.
Tris, I know They're gonna look after him.
That's not it, Lib.
What? Just say it.
Tristan, we need to talk to you, mate.
What for? Come on, mate.
What is this about, Wayne? Libby, this is an official inve Hey! Come here! Hey! Just relax, mate.
Come on.
Oi! Get off him! Get off him! Electra put it down.
You don't like it when we got the weapons, eh? What's going on, Wayne? This is ridiculous.
Tristan king-hit Odin outside the pub.
He's being charged with assault.
Come on.
No, let him go! Electra, calm down.
Calm down.
Wayne Issy, please.
Wayne! Can I just talk to my brother? You've got a minute.
Tristo? I know you didn't do anything.
I did it, Is.
I hit him.
I didn't think I hit him that hard.
How could you do that? He never told me about Ares.
What about Ares? I'm sorry, Is, but I need to go.
Good lad, Spanner.
Put 'em here, mate.
I told those bloody idiots to deliver it to the house, not the garage.
Yeah, I just heard about one of them Freeburn boys being locked up.
The footballer.
~ What for? ~ Assault.
Put his brother in hospital.
Half killed him, I heard.
Smashed his head with a rock.
No, he didn't! He wouldn't.
He's not like that.
I never said anything before because you're my big brother and I love you, but you always stuff things up.
Hey, steady on there, little sis.
You can't keep your hands to yourself and that makes trouble for Tristan.
He takes it out on Odie, and now Odie's lying in that bed, hooked up to a hundred machines.
If anything happens to him, it'll be your fault.
Is Do you have any idea when he might come to? Well, this is his last dose of the sedation, so we'll just see how he goes on his own after this.
How could he do that? Tristan's a dog.
Hey, kiddo.
Leave me alone! Won't go back, eh, Mum? No, Odie.
We're never going back.
Not long now.
You sure you're gonna be alright? Yeah, course.
Be good to have an apprentice for the day.
Most of these invoices were never sent out.
Why couldn't the Watsons pay? They just put a big family room on that house, and that holiday to Queensland.
June Makings.
She's got more dollars than sense.
These welchers won't know what hit 'em when Teri Lavelle turns up.
She can hang around with me, eh? Keep the shop running while Odin's Yeah We'll keep it together.
You and me.
So no-one needs to worry.
Why did you do it? Why did you hit my father? Tristan, he's just laying there and he won't wake up.
I'm sorry, Leccie.
Are you a relative of the prisoner? No.
Only relatives can have access to prisoners on remand.
I've got to talk to him! Relatives only.
I'm sorry, but that's policy.
If I tell you something, like, give evidence, can I do it anonymously? All witness evidence has to be a sworn statement.
What, so people would know? If it's not a sworn statement, it's inadmissible in court.
Oh! Petra.
It's me.
You there? I know I said I wouldn't call, but .
I need would be good to talk to you.
If you get this, please call me.
Alright, lesson number one.
Number one.
This thing mixes petrol and the air together and they combust to drive the pistons.
We call this BOTH: The internal combustion engine.
Do you want to sit in and be the driver? How'd you do that? I couldn't even get the bloody thing to start.
I turned the key.
I must have hooked something up.
Babe, come on.
Pick up.
I'll give you one chance to come clean.
Where's the mobile? Why would I have a mobile? They're contraband, aren't they? Suits me down to the ground, smart-arse.
Bit obvious, isn't it? It's alright.
My shift's just started.
Hi, Teri.
Long time, no see.
Love to chat, Alice, but I'm here on business.
I need from you $280.
For what? You took your car into Colpepper's 18 months ago.
You seem to have forgotten to pay the bill.
I own a share in the business now.
So any moneys owed to Colpepper's and, by extension, Odin are now also owed to me.
I could start charging interest while I wait.
If you're gonna be a debt collector, don't you think you should look the part? You might have a point.
Keep the name tag, but instead of your name, you ought to get one that says 'Mean Bitch'.
That might work, too.
I'll get my purse.
Takes one to know one.
Who you talking to? Nobody.
Is it Ares Freeburn? What about Dad? Your father, uh he takes care of us.
He loves us.
Yeah, but do you love him? He has given me a better life.
A home.
All this.
But do you love him? You don't get to treat somebody like this and expect them to love you.
You have to treat them with kindness, and respect, and trust.
Oh, come on.
You know the rules, Freeburn.
You mongrel black dog! Agh! Agh! You're gutless! That the best you can do?! You're on lockdown, Freeburn.
Any change? Wake up and speak to me, Odin.
Where are we going, Mum? Into the future.
It's likely you're gonna be transferred to the main prison, just for a few days.
But while you're in there, we'll try and present the best case possible, look for witnesses What do I need to get out of here? I need to see my family, explain things, I need to get bail.
We'll try.
Are you defending my brother? I'm trying to.
Can you get him off? It's not looking good.
My brother wouldn't do that to his worst enemy, let alone his flesh and blood.
I'm sorry, but at this point, we're in trouble.
Our records show that you owe $140.
See there? June Makings, 140.
Oh, my God.
I do too.
How embarrassing.
Well, I think I've got that on me.
Can you wait? I certainly can.
There you go, Teri.
Do apologise to Odin for me.
Not a problem, June.
Thanks for your time.
June Makings.
Mr Bell, you were quite happy to take your car home without paying the bill So, Mrs Jenkins So you had any hassle from the cops? Nuh.
I reckon you should shoot through.
Me too, maybe.
You got something to tell me? Just Harry's daughter.
I don't know, something she said.
What? Nah, nothing.
Forget it.
You gonna take off? I'm not going anywhere yet.
No sense in leaving a job half done.
What happened to you? Oh, I had to stick me foot into Gabi McLean's door, didn't I? No way that old broad was ducking me.
I think we're gonna make it.
Yeah? Hey, listen.
No-one knows what the future holds.
We have to worry about what we can change.
Let the doctors worry about Odie.
Well, I'm going again.
Noreen Roberts still owes for a job on those ball joints.
Just give it a rest for today.
Nah, no rest for the weary.
Or the broke.
Or the pissed off.
Well, the girls will be at the courthouse for Tris tomorrow.
Leccie took a little bit of convincing, but Isolde talked her around, apparently.
Told her there must be some kind of mistake.
There must be.
How did we get here, Odie? Hey? How? Here I am thinking about you Wondering what I'm gonna do Oh, yeah Thought you might like some company.
How'd you manage to get in? There was a real bastard in here a while back.
Used to give everyone here a hard time, especially that young fella.
So? I stabbed him with a shiv.
I wish that you could be here Right now Hey, Mum.
Do you want a cup of tea? No, princessa.
Come sit.
I've been trying to help you, boy, but you've gotta smarten up.
You gotta stop using your fists for everything.
I didn't come in here as a killer.
I came here because I made the mistake of being a black man walking down the wrong street at the wrong time.
It's this place, changes you.
When you get out, you find it hard living in the world again.
And before long, you do something really bad.
I'm in here for the rest of my life.
Stuck between these walls.
I won't ever see my people anymore.
Won't ever see my country anymore.
Taylors are selling up next door.
Pete wants to move further out.
I'm thinking about buying it.
We could rent it, knock it down, build a bigger pool.
What do you reckon? It's all gonna be for you.
I don't know.
You going out? Yeah, I'm going to court.
To see that Freeburn loser? Are you kidding? No.
Sit down.
This is your fault.
You want me to keep paying for TAFE, and shopping, and all the little things you want.
You want me to keep doing that, you'd better not leave this house.
You can't buy people, Dad.
It's not how it works.
And you're gonna let her get away with that? May I have a coffee, please? What are you doing out, dog? Hey, Ares! Bring it on, cuz.
Another day, another Freeburn charged with a violent crime.
Quite a family legacy you've got, son.
Your Honour, I've been instructed by my client to seek bail.
We'll be vigorously opposing bail, Your Honour.
This is a very serious charge.
The victim's in a critical condition in hospital.
In all likelihood, we could eventually be looking at a charge of murder.
Sit down, young lady! But I was there.
Tristan wasn't the only one who was with Odin that night.
Your Honour, I request permission to call a witness.
And what did you see? I saw another man.
Well, two men.
They were arguing with Mr Freeburn after Tristan left.
And who was that? Tristan's father and my father's apprentice, Spanner.
I didn't see them actually hit Odin, but they were with him after Tristan left.
And in what state was Odin Freeburn at that time? Was he on the ground? Was he standing? He was kneeling down.
But he seemed OK.
Your Honour, on this evidence, it seems that there were parties known to have longstanding antagonism towards the victim.
I request that all charges against my client be adjourned pending further investigation and he be released forthwith without bail.
Your Honour, despite this new witness, it's been established that the defendant hit the victim Could I see the medical evidence, please? Senior Constable Douglas, this was your investigation, am I right? Your Honour, the investigating officer I am addressing Senior Constable Douglas.
What What did you make of the doctor's report, hm? I mean, there's evidence that Tristan hit Odin, for sure, but, I mean, it doesn't make sense.
Everyone here knows Odin.
He's the toughest.
I mean, he's unbeatable in a fight.
And Tristan? Yeah, well, he's fast, but he's he's no powerhouse.
He's too skinny, really, to be much of a fighter.
And he would never hurt Odin like that.
Everyone knows a Freeburn wouldn't do that to another Freeburn.
It makes sense that it's two blokes.
I mean, the evidence is consistent with two attackers.
Oh, is that so? Yep.
In light of this, and Ms Hamilton's evidence, I'm going to adjourn the charges against Tristan Freeburn, and I release him without bail.
Yes! Hey, I'll see you guys later at the hospital.
Leccie? Where you going? I just gotta go do something.
I'll be there.
Hey, Isolde.
Senior Constable Douglas.
What happened to 'Wayne'? Thanks Wayne.
No worries.
That's Issy.
I'll be back in a sec.
Hey, Is.
Oh, thank God.
No change yet.
I never liked you, boy.
Right from the moment I first saw you.
And I always knew that it would come down to something like this.
You've done enough, Jonesy.
Is Jonesy Brown here? Hey, girly, I'm sick of telling you Anyone seen Jonesy Brown? If I have to toss you out, I will.
Jonesy Brown! Go on, get out of the pub.
Make me.
Never been so happy to see you, kid.
Yep, pretty happy myself.
Where's Leccie? Dunno.
She took off after court.
I might go find her.
Do you want me to come? No.
Go see Odie.
I'll bring Leccie soon.
You ready to go see your dad? Yeah.
Yeah? Come on.
Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing here? Issy.
What did you do? Nothin'.
I didn't do nothin'.
I I got something.
I took it from you.
I don't want that.
I don't want anything from you.
Now I know why everyone hates you.
I defended you.
It was always about the money, wasn't it? You're not our father.
You never were.
You're just You're nothing.
And then the judge banged his hammer and Tristan was free.
There's a bit more to it than that.
Everything alright, Is? Love you, my brother.
It is now.
I thought you was going to look for Leccie.
Solnyshko moyo.
Ngunya gibahm.
Leccie! Leccie.
Leccie! Leccie, stop! Aghh! Uncle Knuckles! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it! It's alright, I'll manage.
I'll manage.
I think you want to put that down, mate.
Hey! I'm so sorry, Unc.
I'm so sorry.
Nah, for what? It was that rotten mongrel Spanner.
Help me up.
I need someone to drive me to the hospital.
But I don't have a licence, Unc.
So you're old enough for assault with a deadly weapon, but driving without a licence worries you, Leccie? Odie.
Listen to me.
It's time.
Mum? Mum.
Mum! No! Agh! Oh Ohh! Odie? He's having a fit.
What's happening? Hey, we need some help! Go and get some help! Odie! Odie! Odie! You keep them safe, Odie.
Look here.
Be a strong boy now.
Don't let them get split up now.
You're my strong boy.
Say it.
I'm your strong boy.
I'll keep us together, Mum.
OK, I need this room cleared.
Nurse, get these people out of here now.
I'm on airway.
OK, he's arresting.
Get adrenaline, one mil.
Mum? Mum! It's his fault.
If he wasn't standing It wasn't anyone's fault.
It was just the way it had to be.
So you could become the man you are.
But I'm not a man.
You are a man, Odie.
That's you.
Mum! OK, he's arresting.
Have to get the defib ready.
Odie! One milligram of adrenaline now.
OK, another mil.
One mil.
One mil.
Mum! Odie.
They're coming.
We don't have long.
Now I'm going to shock him.
Clear! Please, Odin! Please, Odie, wake up! Standing by, and clear! He's flatlining.
Another mil.
Mum! Odie, keep going.
Don't stop now.
I can't do it! Odie, listen to me.
You kept your promise.
You did what I asked.
Clear! But you still have a life to live.
Go, Odie! Stand clear! OK.
I'm getting something.
Can you hear me? Odin? ~ Can you hear me? ~ Odin? Odin.
Hey, you mob.
Come on, he wants to see youse all.
Not over, huh? Not by a long way.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
Ain't no good Ain't gonna do me no good To stay would lead to my demise It ain't no good Ain't gonna do me no good Best cut my losses and rise Well, it ain't no good Ain't gonna do me no good To stay would lead to my demise It ain't no good Ain't gonna do me no good Best cut my losses and rise What's wrong, babe? Nothing.
How can you still be nostalgic for some one-horse town when you've got a view like that? Well, it ain't no good Ain't gonna do me no good To stay would lead to my demise It ain't no good Ain't gonna do me no good Best cut my losses and rise Well, the moral of this story is There just ain't no guarantee That things are gonna go the way you want them to So sometimes it's just better to leave.
Hold on a minute, Harry.
Nothing you can do about it.
Yes, there bloody is.
Oh, you'll see what it's like to have nothing.
We're going to struggle with that next payment.
Odie's worked hard to get a good name in this town.
You want to run that into the ground? ~ We won't if no one finds out.
~ Do you want to do the course or not? You can't stop them from getting hurt, Odie.
~ It's part of living.
~ Can I help you? I've been taking care of this family.
I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you come back in and break it again.
Did Mum ask you to go with her? ~ Keep away from my little sister! ~ Leccie, wait! Odin Freeburn.