The Gods Of Wheat Street (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

She Who Supplanted Her Sister

1 Why doesn't Mummy live with us anymore? Your mother went to live in Sydney and We don't need to see her, Thena.
She don't care about us and we don't care about her.
What does Ares Freeburn mean to you? I loved him, princessa.
Solnyshko moyo.
He owes me, Issy.
There's no money.
It had to be him.
I'm ready for that second round you promised me, Odin.
Not over, huh? Not by a long way.
Who's this? That's the baby.
The one to come.
You gonna say anything? What's there to say that hasn't been said already? I'll just tell the girls goodbye.
Just go.
It'll be easier this way.
Hey, you mob.
I'm going to pick up Odin now.
I want the dishes done and this place clean.
I don't want you lot to worry him 'cause he's still recovering and he needs our support.
I'll sort this lot out.
Just go.
Well, where's Tristan? He's sweeping out the workshop.
He cleaned his room up, too.
Well, blow me down.
You can send him over to my place when he's done.
Shouldn't Knuckles have opened up the workshop by now? I don't know.
Oh, well, you don't know much.
What the hell are you doing? Sorry, I must have slept in.
In the truck cab? I lost my flat.
Got behind in rent.
One-armed bandit got ya, did he? I don't play those things.
I haven't been paid since Colpepper died.
What? That's ridiculous, Knuckles.
Look, things have been a bit fluid around here, with Odie buying the place and ending up in hospital.
I just didn't want to make a fuss.
Well, that's not the sort of business I run.
I'll sort it out.
Come inside and have some breakfast.
And for God's sake, have a bloody shower.
You smell like my cat's fur balls.
And she's been dead for ten years.
You're not going to tell me to leave, are you? Considering the last time I did I ended up at death's door.
They're coming for you.
Who? Both your ladies.
I'm never wrong about these things.
Don't get distracted, Odie.
Not now.
Not after everything you've been through.
Odie, what are you doing sitting out here by yourself? Shouldn't you be in a chair or something? No, just wait.
Don't be a big hero.
Get up and walk away There's nothing left to say now 'Cause what was you and me Was actually you and me and her not knowing You should have thought ahead Before you shared your bed now Why don't you understand? Does it make you? So what do you need? Do you want a cup of tea or something? Or coffee? Do you want some coffee? Do you want me to go down the shop and get some for you, Dad? Do ya? Just tea will be fine.
Coming right up.
Dad, the doctor said you're a very lucky man.
He's not wrong, kiddo.
How's everything going? Good? My bacon's a bit burnt.
With the shop.
Yeah, it's going alright, too.
Good to see you, brother.
You too, brother.
Righto, let's eat this cake! I don't think these have ever been this clean.
You being in a coma, I had a chance to get them off your back.
Hey, Odie.
I was thinking while you were in hospital.
When I finish up at TAFE, I can come full-time with you.
What about the Rabbitohs? Aren't the selectors here this week? Yeah.
Well, you're still gonna try out? Show 'em what you got.
Football's a sideshow.
Besides, family's what's important.
Hey? But you love footy.
And you're good.
In Cas, maybe.
In the bush leagues.
Besides, you've been looking out for all of us for so long, about time I started pitching in.
So I'm gonna do more around here, I promise.
Don't promise me.
It might come back to haunt ya.
You're not gonna let him give up footy? It's not up to me, Lib.
I gotta step back and let them find their own way.
Has that bump on your head caused some permanent damage? It's his life, Lib.
I can't live it for him.
I'll see you later, whoever you are.
You went to visit that bastard in jail.
You just want to provoke me, don't ya? Don't ya? Is that what you want? Everything I do I do for the two of you.
And what do I get in return? Nothin'.
Well, you'll see what it's like to have nothin'.
Just watch.
Let him go.
~ Harry.
~ You two, come here.
What's going on? We're closed.
You know Knuckles hasn't been paid for weeks? Yeah, I just realised.
He's been chucked out of his flat.
I said he could stay here for a bit.
Yeah, I'm not sure if we can pay him next week, either.
Phillips, notifying us that the loan's been switched from the introductory interest rate.
Didn't know we had one.
So how much we gotta pay now? An extra $300 a month.
But we only just made the last repayment.
Oh, my happy days.
Look who! Sweetheart, so good to see you.
Thanks, Mum.
It's good to see you, too.
Well, how've you been? My God, you're as skinny as a rake.
Don't you eat down there in the big smoke? Yeah, I eat.
Well, it don't look like it.
Here, I'll take your bag.
Hey, sis.
I'm only here for a couple of days.
I can get a motel room if it's too much of an imposition.
Don't be ridiculous.
You can stay here.
You can bunk in my room.
Knuckles can have Lib's, and, Libs, you can have the couch.
Hey, Isolde.
Hi, Wayne.
It's a nice day.
I thought I'd walk to work.
Why not? Did you hear Spanner's been charged for Odin's assault? I heard.
Jonesy's gone, though.
Probably shot through up north, but we've got a warrant out, so don't worry, we'll get him.
Thanks for that, and for everything you did.
Just as long as justice is served.
That's what we do.
Hey, Wayne.
Hey, mate.
Please, please, please! 'Dear Miss Freeburn, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the four-year full-time fashion design program!' Sorry.
Sorry, I just Great news? I think I'm moving to Sydney.
Oh Good.
Better go.
Bye! Bye! No, I haven't read your correspondence, Mr Phillips.
Well, it's kind of difficult, seeing as I was in a coma.
Yeah, you'll get your pound of flesh, don't worry.
Only three services booked in for next week.
We're gonna struggle with that next payment.
I can make a suggestion.
How about showing a bit more flesh? Hey, what's up, sis? I just wanted to tell you that I've decided to go back to my job at the frock shop.
What happened to fashion school? Decided against it.
Just like that? Yep.
Would've just been full of stuck-up city chicks, anyway.
Yeah, I suppose so.
It's good.
It's her life.
Do you feel that your time in here has changed you? Very much.
I'm a changed man.
I'm a peaceful man.
You've only just recently been released from lockdown for assaulting another prisoner.
Ma'am, you might not believe me, but that seems like a lifetime ago.
It was last week.
And it was a long week.
I got a woman out there I want to be with.
A good woman.
I need to show her that I'm not gonna muck up anymore.
If I can show her that, I can win her back.
You might have to find a way to convince us of that, Mr Freeburn.
We'll consider your parole and we'll be in touch within the next couple of days.
Thank you.
Look, it's hard to be patient when I need my car.
I've paid your bill.
My boss has locked himself in.
Cancel the credit card and put a stop to any cheques drawn on the other account.
Thank you.
Just hang on, OK? What's going on? What kind of business? I don't know why.
I don't care, lady.
I've been waiting for 45 minutes already.
I know.
You want me to round out the hour? Hey, can I help? Colpepper's no, Freeburn Engineering is open, if anyone's in any urgent need of repair.
Get back across the road.
Shut your hole, Weasel.
If you'd like to bring your car across, ma'am? Are there any more outstanding invoices? Nah, Mum reckons she's hit a wall.
You're gonna have to start picking up some of Harry's customers.
Might need to.
Hey, I bought tickets for that Rotary raffle.
Jackpot - two free meals at Chinese.
Thank you.
For what? Just everything.
All your help.
Jamie's here.
What? Jamie is here.
Where? She's staying at Mum's.
I don't care.
Well, what are you gonna do? Nothin'.
Come on.
Keep going.
We've got a business to run.
How'd it go? Said I'll have to find a way to convince her if I want to get out.
Oh, that's just talk.
All I got is talk.
That's not all you've got.
And that Parole Board lady, talk is she's been open to negotiations in times gone by.
Couple of grand ought to do it.
I said I wouldn't touch that money.
And I haven't.
Odie would kill me if he found out.
Then don't tell him.
Listen, girls.
I just want to tell you something before we go inside.
There's a surprise waiting in there for you.
Will we like it? Think so.
But I can't say for certain.
Is the surprise sweet? Some people might think so, others not so much.
Is it ice-cream? Nuh.
It's your mum.
You should have told us, Nan.
It's not fair! You can't just pick people up from school and hijack them! And what about you? Do you feel the same? No.
I'd like to see my mum.
Look who I found.
So good to see you again.
Wow, you're so big.
Where's your sister? She's a firecracker.
That's a whole other story.
Can we go for ice-cream? Can we please have two lots of vanilla with strawberries, nuts and cherries? My favourite! Did your dad tell you? Did you stop loving Leccie and me? No.
Did you stop loving my dad? Next question.
Do you love us again? Is that why you're back? Kind of.
Kind of all of us, some of us, or just one of us? Which one is it? I think it's me.
Is it me? Yes, it's you, and your sister.
And my dad? Or does he belong to someone else now? Like who? Who would he belong to now? Ice-cream's here.
Let's eat.
Hey, Leccie.
Good luck with the tiramisu.
OK, then.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey.
It's me! Sharon! Oh, sorry, I couldn't see it earlier.
From school? And then we ran into each other in Sydney the other week.
Remember? Oh, of course! Sorry.
So, how long you in town for? Just a couple of days.
Oh, I'll see you around.
We can grab a coffee sometime.
(We'll fill you in about Odin and what he's been up to.
) OK.
Dad! Open up! Come on, just let me in! Dad! Just grow up! OK? Come on, open up! Dad, come on! Dad, come on, open up! I know you can see me, Dad! Just open up, please! Do you need a hand? Dad's having a paddy.
He's locked himself in.
Maybe I can No, I'll just try and call him again.
I didn't think that one through.
Oh, cops'll sort you out, Freeburn.
Look, I'm sorry, I I know you were just You go.
No, you go.
I should've been more sensitive.
I I just wanted you back.
There's nothing you should be sorry for.
You know, all that stuff between Mum and Dad, it's their business.
Looks like Harry's on his own.
Anastasia! Get back here! Oi! Hold on a minute, Harry.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Yes, there bloody is.
I've had it.
I'm pulling up stumps.
Getting out of this dump.
Getting my family as far away from you and yours as possible.
You sure you want to do that? Yeah.
I'm sure.
If he closes, we'll be making a mozzarella.
I can't talk.
I'm at work.
Are you still crook on me? No.
I really can't talk.
I need this job.
Are you short of cash? I got into that course.
But probably means I'm gonna have to save all the money myself now.
I know where you can get the money.
How much? A lot.
All you need.
It was you.
You took the money from Dad.
Do you want to do the course or not? Yeah.
Remember the cubbyhouse in the workshop? Look there.
If you want it, take as much as you need.
But I'm gonna need a favour, as well.
Where'd you go? Downtown.
What for? Ice-cream.
What did she say about us? Nothing.
What did she say about Dad? Nothing! Well, what did you guys talk about, then?! My school and my teachers! You're not to see Jamie anymore.
I can see whoever I want.
She's my mother, you know.
Aunty Lib is more of a mother than that cow! She's not a cow! She's a person! Have a guess who I just ran into.
My sister.
Yeah, that's right, your sister.
OMG! How gorgeous is she? Looks like she hasn't aged a day.
Actually, you know, I think she might be looking better as she gets older.
More, um dignified.
Oh, and Athena is so cute.
I never noticed it before, but I think she inherited those cheekbones.
Those girls are gonna grow up to be exactly like her.
I always saw it.
Even when I was a kid, even at school, I always knew she was gonna go places Are you gonna shut up? Or do I got to listen to this bullshit every time I come shopping? Did you have a good day at school? I had a phenomenal day.
The best.
That's good.
Love you, baby.
Night, Leccie.
Goodnight, girls.
Love youse.
Oh, and Mum said something else.
She said that I can come and visit her in Sydney and stay as long as I like.
Leccie? Yeah, keep your hat on! What's wrong, kiddo? Electra.
Jamie! Electra, calm down.
Jamie! Electra.
Jamie! ~ Jamie! ~ What's wrong? What? Electra, settle down! You keep away from my little sister! Let her go.
Let her go.
Hit me as many times as you like.
Go on, I deserve it.
Do whatever it takes to make you stop hating me.
You're lucky she didn't have a knife.
Leccie, wait! ~ Bloody typical.
~ What? If you're gonna clean her up, then you may as well clean up the whole friggin' mess.
What are you on about? What do you think I'm going on about? Me.
Yes, you.
You think you can just come in here and hurt everybody - Odie, Mum, the girls.
You're nothing but a selfish bitch.
Hang on, Libby.
Mum, shut up! Right, I'm a bit sleepy.
Goodnight, all.
Say what you really want to say.
Why the hell are you here? I want a relationship with my daughters.
And? And that's it.
No, it's not.
You want him back.
And what if I do? He's still my husband.
He might have been your husband, but you haven't been his wife for a long time.
You got yourself a little crush, Libby? I've been taking care of this family.
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you come back in and break it again.
You can see Athena, but you stay away from Leccie and Odin, or so help me God.
Why? What are you gonna do? You'll see.
Little sister ain't no little sister no more.
Petra? Pet? Petra? Babe? How about some breakfast? Wouldn't hurt.
I'm just saying, a bit of meat on your bones.
Mum! It's a bit hot today.
Think I'll go and water the roses.
How you feeling this morning? I was thinking.
If you're serious saying you'll do anything .
then I want you to give Dad the money to get the bank off his back.
Did you know I wanted your dad to follow with you two? You and Thena? No, you didn't.
You're lying to me.
I'm not lying, Leccie.
Don't call me that.
Electra, I pleaded with your father.
By the time he said he was never coming, I'd already landed a big job.
Can't you see now you're older how hard it was for me? I wanted to make something of myself.
But you didn't even come and visit me.
Not once.
I knew if I came back and saw you, I'd never be able to leave again.
I missed you so much, and I'll do anything to make it up to you.
Hey, Lib.
How do you feel about her? Who? Her.
If you knew how you felt, you wouldn't have to think about it.
Who made that rule? It's not a rule.
You only flirted with me because I'm here.
That's right, isn't it? No.
Yes, it is.
Are you gonna ask the questions and give the answers too? Well, now that I've thrown myself at you, you and Jamie are gonna get back together and we're just gonna be forgotten.
I'm not gonna get back with her.
And she's only here for a couple of days.
Oh, so you're telling me that if she was here for longer, I'd have to be worried? That's not what I'm saying.
Hello! Hello? Hello Can I help you, love? Um I was sent here by someone.
And who might that be? Ares Freeburn.
He wants to make a donation.
I'll see what I can do.
So bye.
What's up, bub? You right? Did Mum ask you to go with her? After she left? Did she? Yes.
Why didn't you go? We had a life here.
I had a job.
We had a house.
You were in school.
You could have had another job.
We could've lived in another house.
I could've gone to another school.
Maybe, but I thought it was me, Dad.
I thought she didn't love me anymore.
Oh, no, bub This whole time! Not as tough as she looks, is she? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing, letting go? Not controlling everything? Look what happens.
I shouldn't have let Jamie see 'em.
You can't stop them from getting hurt, Odie.
It's part of living.
They just need to know that you care.
They need to know how you feel.
When your mum left, I was hurt.
And I was so angry.
I didn't want to get there and have her see me differently.
I didn't want her to look at me then and decide I wasn't good enough for her.
It was never you, baby.
It was us.
It was our fault.
It was my fault.
And I'm so, so sorry for that.
He said we should use it, get Phillips off Odie's back, and I could pay for college.
It's stolen.
It's dirty money, Is.
But what if we use it for something good? It's still dirty money! Odie's worked hard to get a good name in this town.
You want to run that into the ground? We won't if no-one finds out.
We've had our share of bad things happen to us.
Maybe just once something could go our way.
It just it doesn't sit right, Is.
Is there anything else? No.
Hey, Romeo.
You lost your girl already? We're catching up later.
Hey, I was thinking, when I come on full-time, we should start specialising.
You know, dyno tuning, maybe some custom stuff? Not a lot of call for that in Cas.
Yeah, I guess.
Still worth thinking about, eh? Yeah.
But in business, you gotta stick to what you're good at.
Play to your strengths.
There's no use going in one direction when you know all your talent's somewhere else.
Sure, I get you.
You'll make a good mechanic, Tris.
But you'll make a red-hot footy player, if that's what you want.
You should do it.
Can I help you? Hi.
How's life treating you? Good.
It's really good.
How are you? You know Hey! What do you think you're doing, Fables? Bucky will into the river to try and impress Shapelle Atkinson, on his bike.
You coming? Nah.
You OK? Yeah.
You sure? It'll be fun.
Bucky on his bike Booo! Pshhh! Into the river.
Teach me how to Bucky! Yeah! Teach me how to Bucky.
Teach me how to Bucky.
You go.
I'll catch you up there.
Promise? Yeah, promise.
Yeah! I can lend you the money for the shop.
I told you before, I don't need your money.
We're doing just fine.
And in fact, I've got to get back to work.
I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing it for my mother and my daughters.
And my sister, too, by the sounds of it.
This sister? Despite whatever Mum's told you, everything's fine.
We are not in financial troubles.
So nobody needs any of your money.
Lib, can you leave us alone? Please? No problem.
I'm sorry, I should've followed you to Sydney and wherever else you had to go.
I'm not blaming you.
I know you had other responsibilities.
And I expected you to share them.
A whole other family you didn't even want.
I'm with Libby now.
And it feels good.
Like where I should be.
And this time, I'm not gonna muck it up.
But I know you need to see the girls, and they need you.
Thank you.
Odin Freeburn.
Jamie Lavelle.
Where you off to, kiddo? Just going down to the river.
That takes me back.
Thena said you said she could visit you in Sydney.
I did.
You could visit, too.
Where's the money? But you said I know what I said.
But where is it? Hey, Coach.
Late again, Freeburn.
I got sidetracked, but I'm here now, 100%.
Do you really think I should let you try out, after all the training you've missed, mate? What did I say to you? That I had to smarten up.
Look, I know I've got a lot to learn, but this is what I'm good at.
So just give me a chance to prove it.
Go on, then, son.
Impress the hell out of 'em.
Ooooh That one over there.
Ooooh Pump! Nice.
Tristan, good shoulder.
A little lower.
I got your attention Nice.
Go on, pump! Nice.
Libby, what's this about? Alright, what's so bloody important? Firstly the town has paid up.
How? Hard work, balancing books, seeing if they can pay, if not, putting them on a payment plan.
Numbers stuff.
Lib, how did you pull it off and I couldn't? Conceited much, Nan? Well, I mean, with my inside knowledge.
Knuckles, here's your back pay, plus a bonus.
Oh, really? No worries.
I'll buy a whole pig with this, have a cook-up.
Who wants a pig? ~ Anyway that's firstly.
~ What's secondly? I got a full scholarship to fashion school.
We don't have to pay for anything.
What about them stuck-up city girls? Oh, I can handle them.
And it won't cost you a cent.
I don't care if it cost me the earth.
I'm happy for you, sis.
It's your dream.
Oh, true.
Thanks for coming.
And for that other thing.
I owe you one.
It's OK.
I'm here for you, budda.
I'll always be here for you.
I deserve that money, you know.
I know.
I'll see you later, eh? And there's $10,000 there.
I won't be expecting any phone calls for a while.
Very well.
I was born by the river In a little tent Just like the river I've been running ever since It's been a long The rest of the books.
You're gonna need them.
I remember your mum and dad dancing to this song.
So how about it? Odie, I don't think that's a good idea.
Jamie knows it's over.
There's nothing between her and me.
There never will be anything again.
How do you know that? 'Cause I don't love her anymore.
Wanna twirl? Somebody keep telling me Don't hang around It's been a long Yeah.
Why not? But I know A change gonna come Oh, yes, it will It's been a long A long time coming But I know A change gonna come Oh-oh, yes, it will.
One will be born and one will die.
You OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm alright.
One will be born and one will die.
You still here? For as long as you need me.