The Goldbergs s09e09 Episode Script

Tennis People

1 Back in the 80's, my family had a complicated relationship with the U.
Postal Service.
Uh, ma'am? Can I help you? Sometimes, the mail brought us bad news.
But every so often, it was life-changing.
This is from NYU.
Good school.
You ought to apply there.
I did apply there, 'cause I've wanted to go there since childhood.
But then I got wait-listed, which devastated me, even more so because my girlfriend's going there.
You got a girlfriend? Good for you! It says I got in! Hoo-hoo! The last moocher's off the books! - Oh, we did it! We did it! - How did you I've been wearing this under my clothes since you got wait-listed.
Last month's Indian summer was particularly hellish.
But it doesn't matter, because you got in! The world needs to know.
Then you go tell them, N-Y-Schmoo! And so, I did.
- Hoo-hoo! - Ahhhh! And it felt something like this.
Friends! Faculty! Kids I've made no effort with! I got into NYU! Yo, Ball! NYU, baby! I'm in! Congratulations, Goldberg.
Normally, big musical numbers require a permit, but, hey let's do this.
It was the most amazing moment ever.
It's as if those anonymous dance guys - were lifting me to the heavens! - Ha-ha! And that's when I saw my angel.
Hey, Brea! So cool you're celebrating my news! What? No, I'm celebrating my news! I got into Brown! Brown University? - But you were gonna go to NYU! - It's crazy.
I mean, an Ivy League school was a long shot, but I got in! And it's the most amazing feeling ever, like I'm The star of your own giant, upbeat, fantasysequence dance number? Exactly! Let's talk more about it at lunch.
Wait! This feels like a metaphor! I'm twisted up inside But nonetheless, I feel the need to say I don't know the future But the past keeps getting clearer every day It was December 1st, 1980-something, and my sister was soaking in the best part of getting married.
- Where is it? - The presents.
Right here, Schmoo.
A second blender? Now, after I use the first one, I can just throw it out and not even bother cleaning it.
For years, I've dreamed of the day you'd accumulate appliances you don't need, and it's happening! Speaking of gifts, I would like to give you mine right now.
It would be my honor if you would allow me to throw your bridal shower.
That means I get a whole other mountain of crap? Mama, I love getting married so much.
Oh Thank you, Ginzy.
You are the best.
And I'm gonna throw it in my backyard.
And now you are the worst.
What's wrong with my backyard? The long list starts with that family of moles.
We got rid of the moles.
Charles set traps and everything.
Great, now it's a mole graveyard.
Plus, your yard reeks.
It's where I've been dumping my bacon grease.
That's why the moles showed up! Ginzy, I love that you want to do this, but you're gonna have to dig deeper, okay? Work that little acorn.
What about the covered tables at Birmingham Park? It's my daughter's bridal shower, not an AA meeting.
Okay, well, there, there's always the back room at Il Dolce.
We're not celebrating a mobster's release from prison.
Um, what about m-my tennis club? Well, that could work.
Yay! I c I can I can stop sweating now.
While my mom was trying to secure a venue for Erica's shower, I was feeling insecure about my future with Brea.
- Hey.
So, Brown, huh? - I know.
I was surprised, too, but we both got into our dream schools.
That's exciting.
Yeah, so exciting.
Dream schools! Dream couple! Dreamgirls is playing on Broadway.
Are you okay with this? You're doing a lot of nervous talking.
Me? I'm more than okay.
I'm the okay-est.
I'm OK Corral.
I'm Oklahoma's postal code.
I'm the first two letters of "okra.
" - O-kay.
- Exactly.
Relax, okay? Nothing can come between us.
I truly believe that.
Me, too.
Love will find a way.
Love will not find a way.
The second she gets to Brown, your love will get punched in the face till its nose bleeds profusely.
My love has a nose? It has all the body parts.
And you should be taking your brother seriously.
That has not been my experience.
If there's two things Barry knows, it's how to get the cream out of a Chocodile without ruining its structural integrity and affairs of the heart.
Everyone thinks they can make it work long-distance, but statistically, 0.
0% of couples actually do.
Moving past the shaky math, I'm not worried.
We're gonna cement our already strong bond by talking on the phone all the time.
Allow us to show you how that'll go.
I'll be you.
Joanne'll be Brea.
Good eventide.
I am Brea, last name unknown.
I heard somewhere that I play volleyball.
Strong out of the gate.
I'm Adam.
I make movies and I once cried at a Clorox commercial.
Can we please skip the backstories? Bee bee boo boo bee bee bee.
Bee bee bee.
Bee bee bee.
Bee bee bee bee bee bee bee.
Seems like you hit enough numbers.
It's long distance.
Boo boo bee bee bee bee boo Shh, it's ringing.
Hello, this is Brea at Brown University.
I mention my fancy school a lot in casual conversation.
Hi, Brea? It's Adam Goldberg! Adam Who-berg? Your boyfriend! Remember, we were confident we'd always be together? Ha! Such young fools.
Hold on a sec.
Excuse me, entire lacrosse team? Give me five minutes to pretend to still be interested in my high school boyfriend, and then you can take me to dinner.
She's dating the entire lacrosse team? Oh, my appetite for life has expanded since I left you in the dirt.
Why don't we just talk till all hours of the morning - like we used to? - I can't.
I'm too busy thriving without you.
Pretty soon, I won't even remember your face.
Whoa, it just happened.
I literally couldn't pick you out of a crowd.
Okay, I'll call you tomorrow? Please don't or ever.
, I've always had a crush on your brother.
- Click! Scene! - Yes! Okay, you tapped into my deep reservoir of insecurity.
What can I do about it? Nothing.
It's inevitable.
Life will imitate great art.
As Brea and I were on shaky ground, my mom's visit to Ginzy's tennis club had her walking on air.
Oh, my God! Look at the class coming out of this place's ass.
Wh Is that sparkling water with pickle slices? Cucumber, actually.
Shut up, Ginzy.
I just can't believe you have this secret oasis of refinement and tennis.
And so much space.
We can double the gift list guest list.
Ooh, free pastries.
Well, folks usually just take one.
Okay, yeah, you enjoy.
Enjoy that.
I'm so glad you two like it.
It's gonna be a very special day.
Oh, you mean a special life.
I'm joining this [Bleep.]
Uh, what? I mean, can't you just picture me lounging around in my tennis whites, sharing a genteel laugh with other members about the poor commoners on the other side of the club wall? "More pickle water?", "Yes, please.
" You actually can't just join.
You have to be admitted.
There is an application process, interviews Mom, if you become a member, can I have two showers? One that you host and one that Ginzy hosts? Of course you can.
We're tennis people now.
We do whatever we want.
Okay, I'm gonna call Gimbels and tell them to add electronics, auto parts, and anything made of fur to the registry.
Well, there is a there's a small, little obstacle, because the person who runs the admission committee is Jane Bales.
Beverly Goldberg.
Did one of our members hit you with their Saab and then drag you in here to recover from what I assume are multiple facial contusions? Oh, you're about to see how good my backhand is.
Bevy, no, no! She's the one in charge.
This changed everything.
My mom's greatest adversary now held the keys to the castle.
You look Good in the 'hood.
What are these words? W-Why aren't you attacking me based on your jealousy of my perfect life and slammin' body? Well, I brought Beverly here because I am hosting, um, Erica's bridal shower, and she just fell in love with the place, so I-I'm thinking about joining.
Oh, now I get it.
That crazed look in your eye is hope, and it all depends on me.
I know we've shared some rib-tickling over the years You forged a "Do Not Resuscitate" order and slipped it in my purse.
We have our fun, but you know what's behind all that playful back-and-forth? - Hm? - Friendship.
Then, as a friend, would you do a push-up for me? A push-up? I mean, it's an exercise, so maybe you don't know it? Sure, I know.
Is there a mat or someplace? The The ground.
Right here.
Boom! All right, now you do one.
You know, for friendship purposes.
Oh, God, no.
I have dignity.
Tomorrow, you and I will play tennis, and we'll see how fun you are to have around.
While my mom was hoping to score tennis points with Jane Bales, I was worried about losing my partner.
Brea, you and I are doomed! Guess we won't be breezily walking to class.
Barry and Joanne said so.
There was role-playing.
Their individual performances were insulting, but still, it confirmed my greatest fears.
Don't let them get in your head, okay? We're Adam and Brea.
William Penn's power couple.
We're basically the Madonna and Sean Penn of this school.
Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.
Mike Tyson and Robin Givens.
Wow, so many incredible couples built to last.
Just like us.
I feel so much better.
But then, something odd started happening.
Yo, Brea, wanna hit up the Winter Formal? I'm going with Adam my boyfriend.
Hence our couple's moniker Brea-dam.
It's unpleasant to say and hear, but we're rock solid.
- And then, it kept happening.
- Brea You wanna go to the water tower Friday night? I got my cousin's dirt bike for the weekend.
Can they not see me? Guys, I'm going out with Adam Friday night.
And every night.
Well, if things change, let me know.
Nothing's gonna change.
'Cause we're Brea-dam.
Or Ad-rea.
Our names might not fit together, but we do! Don't worry about them, okay? They're just being stupid.
I'll see you later.
Trouble in paradise, Mr.
Goldberg? Alpha males keep asking out my hot girlfriend.
- Mm.
- Tends to rattle a man.
That's because they smell blood in the water.
What do you mean? Sharks have an incredibly keen sense of smell.
Even a drop of sea lion blood as far away as a mile I've seen all the Jawses! I meant, how does it apply to my situation here on land? Let's face it No one understood how you nabbed Brea Bee in the first place.
And now everyone knows you're going to different colleges there's a feeding frenzy.
Oh, no.
And also, you're way more tangled up in students' romantic lives than most principals.
It's the only part of this job that gets me out of bed.
My mom was determined to become a member of Ginzy's tennis club Even if it meant being nice to Jane Bales.
Bevy, Jane is just toying with you.
She's never gonna let you in.
Well, I am not above tickling the turkey's wattle if it gets me into this club, which I have always wanted.
You never saw the inside till yesterday.
There's the socially ambitious gal whose fate I control.
Ugh, what? Was the phrase "tennis whites" too complicated for you? Although, the real takeaway is how poorly it all fits.
Ooh, great slam, Jane.
You really took me down a peg.
Let's just get this over with.
I'm playing with someone I like at 3:00.
Kapow! The hits just keep coming.
Figuratively and literally.
To the leg - Ahh! - Ooh! to the stomach.
That's bringing up the pickle water.
To her lady middle.
- Right in the old breadbasket.
- Aah! Whether she was ready or even on the court.
Gahh! [Bleep.]
me! And that's the set.
Well, thank you for always making me feel like a winner.
And if that's not clear, I'm suggesting you're a loser.
It was.
Oh, iced tea.
Thank you.
Don't touch.
They're both for me.
While my mom had lost badly, I was trying to win Brea over to the idea of college in New York City.
Oh, this seems normal.
I know we both got into our dream schools and long distance will 100% work for us, but also, everyone hearts New York.
They make shirts about it.
Sure, New York is fine.
Fine? The metropolis that gave us hip-hop and the Waldorf salad is fine? Wow, you must be lightheaded from hunger.
Here, it's from the Katz's Deli, - an NYC landmark.
- Mm.
And? It's a good sandwich, Adam.
And in New York, you can eat one of those every day, knowing that if your heart gives up the fight, you can be rushed to your choice of over 40 private hospitals.
Are you trying to sell me on New York? I would never.
But is it working? Adam, Providence has plenty going for it, too.
Of course! But name one thing.
Well, I only spent a couple days there.
Seems like an inadequate amount of time to make a lifetime decision.
Hey, get another hearty taste.
You shorted yourself on the kraut last time.
I can't believe that you're trying to talk me out of Brown.
Can you imagine if I was like, "Providence is so much better than New York.
" I cannot imagine it, because no one has ever said that.
Maybe New York is the better city, but the point is, I would never try to talk you out of going to your dream school.
Give me that.
While Brea hit snooze on the City That Never Sleeps, my mom awaited news on her tennis club dreams.
Any calls? I'm expecting life-changing news from the club.
The phone rang.
I heard voices, a beep.
Uh, maybe.
Hi, Beverly.
It's Ginzy.
We know, who else sounds like they're carrying a grapefruit between their butt cheeks? Uh, just wanted to let you know that I heard from the club.
Ooh, here it comes! I'm gonna be so leathery tan when I'm old.
And unfortunately, the board members voted "no".
I'm so sorry.
You voted against me? Lars, give me a moment, and then let's do that thing where I pretend I forget how to hit a backhand and you hold me from behind.
I voted "yes" on you joining.
- What? - Yeah.
I would've loved to intimidate you with my naked locker room stretches.
Somebody else blackballed you.
But everyone else loves my special way.
Mm, well, maybe you should ask your puckered friend.
I have a naturally pinched face, and you said that you wouldn't tell! I lent you my Lars lesson so you would keep the secret.
My Lars lesson! Whoopsie.
How could you? How could I not? This place is my only safe haven from you.
News flash you can be very mean to me, Beverly.
Oh, listen to you.
You sound like a bleached-out sack of mulch.
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
And for the record, most of your insults don't even make sense! As Ginzy finally told my mom to get out of town, I was hoping the school college fair could keep Brea and me in the same city.
Sir or madam, I want to go to Brown.
Here's my transcript.
This transcript is extremely unimpressive.
Indeed, it is.
But my girlfriend is going to Brown, and I need to be near her.
Let me in and prove to the world that Brown believes in love.
But we don't.
Now, please go.
Hey, kid.
Aren't you the guy who takes the photos at the mall? Uh, I wear many hats, including a job called "hat wearer.
" Monkeys won't sit still for it, so here we are.
Hey, did I hear you say you're in the market for a school? The Providence University of Technology and Sciences.
- Dean John Calabasas? - Yep! I'm also the head of admissions, and I'll be checking IDs at the library when/if we get a library.
The great news is, you just got accepted.
Welcome to PUTS.
"PUTS"? That's not well thought out.
Neither is our motto "Knowledge is knowing.
" Mm.
Do you have a film program? No, but we do have VCR repair.
And if you want to start a film program, have at it.
I would be closer to my girlfriend, Brea.
So close.
As a matter of fact, most of our students are in a relationship with a Browner.
" Is that what you call people who to go Brown? Absolutely! - It's not.
- See? You're already learning.
You know what? She's that important to me.
I think I'm gonna do it.
Hey, it's the guy who sells yo-yos at the mall.
Oh, those are light-up yo-yos.
There's a distinct and beautiful difference.
I found a school close to Brown.
They don't have a film department, but the VCR repair program is pretty close.
What are you saying? I'm saying our problem is solved, 'cause we'll both be in Rhode Island.
Adam, you can't just give up NYU! Well, someone's got to give up something, and you sure aren't.
Whoa, so this is my fault? No, not fault.
I just wish you cared as much as I do.
Adam, of course I care.
Sure, you just have a funny way of showing it, because you're doing everything you can not to be together.
Well, you're right about one thing.
I definitely don't want to be with you right now.
Hey, you got into NYU? Wow! Do you want to come teach at PUTS? My Mom's hopes of joining the tennis club had been thwarted And even worse, it was because of her best friend.
You are not gonna believe this.
Then it's best to keep it to yourself.
Jane Bales didn't blackball me Ginzy did.
She says she needs a place where she can hide.
Well, who does that rotten cantaloupe think she is? You're gonna get this.
I feel it.
Murray, have I become an insult comic? Hey, there's no one your friends want in their corner more than you, but you You do give them the business quite often.
But that's who we Goldbergs are.
We're business-giving people.
Sure, but the blonde neighbor lady may have a point.
You here to dump your breakfast fats on my lawn? No, no.
We pour them down the storm drain now.
Ginzy, I haven't treated you kindly, so I am going to apologize for everything I've ever said to you.
Okay, well, that's not necessary.
Like the time I called you a leather-faced manatee.
Bev, you don't have to list each and every No.
Ginzy, I love you.
You deserve this.
I should not have said that you were dumber than a river weasel.
You are nothing like a bag of loose poultry.
And I didn't mean it when I said you have the face of an alcoholic bottle-nosed dolphin.
- I meant that for Essie.
- Thanks.
Nor do you have an ass like a deflated balloon left in the sun.
Okay, some of these are just kinda stinging me all over again.
You are not a human version of cramps.
I don't remember that one.
And you are not the last doll on the shelf, the one that's been dropped too many times and maybe stepped on.
And I mean that.
Ginzy, I may not have a right to ask for forgiveness, but I'm going to anyway, because I can't lose you.
You're my best friend.
Well, it does mean a lot to me that you came over here to apologize in your way.
And I know that when it comes down to it, that you're always there for me.
So, you forgive me? Of course.
That's what friends do.
In that moment, my mom put her dreams of the tennis club aside for something much more important, while my dreams of things working out for me and Brea was slipping away.
Still playing with those Cabbage Trash Friends? Garbage Pail Kids.
They're the only thing in my life that's still in mint condition.
Tell Barry your woes.
You were right.
Brea and I won't be able to make it work next year.
Come fall, she'll be doing body shots off lacrosse bros.
Ah, don't be stupid.
They'll be doing shots off of her.
Oh! Not helping! I wish she'd just let me follow her.
And not go to NYU? You can't do that.
I know.
But if I go, I'll lose her.
Maybe not.
You know, long distance is hard, but that doesn't mean it can't work.
I wish I just knew for sure.
There's only one thing certain here, you can't get in the way of each other's dreams.
Okay? Thanks, Barry.
I know what I need to do.
- Tony's Italian.
- What? It's an amazing pizza shop in Providence, some say even better than New York.
Lemme guess you got a job there? No, I'll be going to NYU.
But when I visit, we can grab a slice.
So you're okay with all this? I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, but we'll figure it out together.
Sometimes, holding onto someone means letting go a little.
You know, we still could have done this at the tennis club.
No, this is perfect.
I couldn't have asked for anything better.
Other times, it means letting go of the past - Cheers.
- Cheers.
as we look forward to the future.
When we take a moment to appreciate and cherish the people in our corner every day becomes a celebration.
Well, looks like Geoff is spending an extra couple days in Miami with your grandma.
- Uh-oh.
- You poor thing.
What are you two dopes saying? Boop-boop-boop-boop boop-boop-boop.
Hello? It's Miami Jefe.
"Jefe"? You changed your name? I changed a lot of things.
I live on a cigarette boat now with Dan Marino and a sassy alligator.
Well, I'm just in my parents' basement - with my stupid bangs.
- Hey.
I'm leaving you to party with Daisy Fuentes in Little Havana.
Click! Hey, you know what? Let me get in on that, actually.
- What? - Oh, um
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