The Good Fight (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

The One Inspired by Roy Cohn

How many times I got to tell you? Take out your teeth.
Very simply a journalist was shot and killed.
Now, a note was left on his body, reading: "Kill all reporters.
" And yet the ASA is instead prosecuting my client, saying Chris shot him.
Why? Because he was supposedly being paid by my colleague's client to be a hit man.
Now, does that sound overly complicated to you? Because it does to me.
[SIGHS]: Uh reporters are being targeted by protesters all over the world.
You have your Saudi assassins, your alt-righters, your Maltese hit men, and And yet the, uh the ASA is, in fact, targeting - two innocent men.
- [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] I mean, why not go after the extremists who want to kill reporters? Would you fuck me? That note "Kill all reporters" - it tells us that this was a political act.
- Good morning, Your Honor.
I'd like to approach the bench, if I may.
JUDGE: You realize you've just interrupted your colleague's opening, Mr.
Blum? Yes, and I only do so in the interest of saving the court time.
- You're wearing that? - What is it, Mr.
Blum? Let me put it this way.
It does a grave disservice to my client to compel him to be tried jointly with this - young lady's client.
- You're objecting to this now? I only just learned of it.
Counsel was notified six weeks ago.
This is a joint trial.
Step back.
Let your colleague continue.
Reasonable doubt.
Burden of proof.
I mean, outside the courtroom we never hear these words.
[CHUCKLES] But we come in here and we put on a pageant, and we pretend we don't care about the very thing we care about the most: who actually killed this guy! Well, this court case is different, because I know who killed him.
This is who.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- Why would you object? - What are you afraid of? - [GAVEL BANGING] DAVIES: Wait a minute.
Now, I'm not gonna let this get out of hand.
So stop it.
- What's he doing? - Nothing.
We just need to keep to our defense.
BLUM: Thank you, Your Honor.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, they'll tell you, always: "This case is not a whodunit.
" Well, I'm saying the opposite: "This is a whodunit.
" And this is who done it.
No objection at this point? At the appropriate time, I'm gonna open this envelope, and I'm gonna read you the name that is written on a piece of paper.
First you're gonna say, "That's impossible.
That's insane.
" But then you're gonna think about it.
And then you're gonna say [SNAPS FINGERS] "How could it be anybody else?" How indeed? [CHUCKLES]: Geoffrey.
Any last-minute words of wisdom? Well, we don't have anyone with matrimonial experience, and you're bringing six clients in with you.
I don't think you need any last-minute words, wise or otherwise.
Just stay out of politics? Welcome to my world, brother.
- [LAUGHTER] - GEOFFREY: So, I said to the judge, "Custody goes to values, Your Honor.
It turns on one issue.
" What is that? White Sox or Cubs.
[OTHERS LAUGH] That's great.
Uh, any other questions? LUCCA: Uh [CLEARS THROAT] I have one.
It's about your record in matrimonial litigation.
Ask away.
Well, it might be nothing more than a coincidence, but in looking through your CV, I noticed that the vast majority of your clients are men.
- Is there any particular reason for that? - I think it's the firm.
We're all-service, and many of our CEOs and VCs are transferred over from acquisitions.
- Tell me what your worry is.
- Well, I've been shepherding a lot of our divorce cases here in the last few weeks, - and 60% are women.
- Well, if you're worried, I work just as well with men as women.
Uh, excuse me, please.
I got in touch with the clinic in Tanzania, the one that handled Kurt's injury.
- Their English is actually better than mine.
- And? Nurse Doto said it was an accidental shooting by another member of the hunting party, and it was 48 hours before he was brought in.
So what was the delay? She didn't say.
But then I checked Eric Trump's Instagram.
- And? - He posted a picture of himself standing over a dead giraffe within that 48-hour period.
You're telling me Kurt was shot by one of the Trumps, but they didn't take him to a doctor because they wanted to shoot a giraffe? I don't want to draw a conclusion, but yeah.
ADRIAN: He's got the experience and comes with six divorce clients.
I say nobody we've seen comes close.
[CHUCKLES]: Let's let's just hire the man.
You won't be sorry.
Lucca? - What? - I - think we should keep looking.
- JULIUS: Looking? - Wh what are we looking for? - For someone who doesn't only look at the men in the room.
No disrespect to Lucca, but this is really - a partner-level decision.
- No, no.
Lucca has been handling our matrimonial clients I think we should take - her opinion into account.
- ADRIAN: What do you want to do? LIZ: Let's keep looking at other people.
Look, we do not need to come to a decision right at this minute.
Are you wanting the job? - The ? - Heading up matrimonial.
Oh, that's not why I was arguing Do you want the job? - I don't know.
- Well, decide, because this guy is way ahead of you, and I'm gonna have to vote for him unless you can make a strong case against it.
- How's it lookin'? - Good.
You got six out of the eight votes.
- I'll try not to let myself get too excited quite yet.
- [CHUCKLES] That's smart.
Looking forward to working with you.
That may not happen, in any case.
- What do you mean? - [CLOSES DOOR] I'm not supposed to say anything, but I was at a Historical Law Society wine tasting, - and according to a reliable source - Bob? - No, a reliable source.
- [CHUCKLES] You're near the top of the list for an appointment to the Seventh Circuit.
- A a federal judgeship? - Yes.
- You're kidding.
- No.
- I'm not high-profile enough.
- You're black.
And conservative.
And people whose business it is to know know about you.
So, what was that about? - What? - Encouraging Lucca to rip into Payton.
I didn't encourage her.
I just said that we should take her opinion into account.
Geoffrey Payton makes sense for this firm, Liz.
He brings in top-drawer clients.
Yeah, and he's a member of the Historical Law Society.
I knew it! Liz, you're bringing politics into this, - in a way that's not - No.
Politics is in this.
And since when did you become a Republican? Oh, please.
I'm trying not to let politics - get in the way of moving the firm forward.
- And this is our first hire since our fresh start, so I am having a second look, okay? So I guess we're back to "who are we?" I don't think we ever left it.
But you do agree we should be looking ahead to the future? Yeah, a future where Trump wins in 2020.
- [LAUGHS]: What? - No, no, I see what you're doing.
These associates you're trying to hire, and-and this partner you want to bring in more conservative voices.
We're hiring a matrimonial attorney, Liz.
It shouldn't make a difference what his politics are.
This is about the makeup of the firm.
This is exactly who we are.
- I thought you wanted a fresh start.
- I do.
But as Audre Lorde said, "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.
" If you have access any single fuckin' tool will dismantle the master's house.
Grady Burkhardt.
- I was Tony Mundy's editor.
- And at the time of his death, what story was Mr.
Mundy working on? GRADY: An investigative piece about Avery Ward, using defective building materials that were responsible for three people - dying in a fire.
- And did this story suggest - there was criminal negligence? - Objection.
Calls for speculation.
Doesn't matter.
Let it go.
- Sustained.
- Mr.
Burkhardt, do you recognize this thumb drive? It's a recording Tony Mundy made of a call he received from Avery Ward.
Ask the recording be introduced into evidence and played for the jury.
Until such time as it can be authenticated Stipulate to authenticity, Your Honor.
DAVIES: Unusual point of agreement.
Let's play the tape.
You think the jury wants to sit through an expert witness? AVERY: You lying motherfucker! If you publish this shit, so help me God I'm going to run you down in the street.
I'm gonna make you suffer so much, you're gonna beg me - to finish you off.
- Pick your head up.
Look straight ahead.
MAIA: Before you became an editor, you were an investigative reporter.
You ever receive any threats? - I did.
- And would you ever notify the police - or hire private security? - No.
And is that because in an overwhelming number of cases, such threats didn't warrant being taken seriously? GRADY: It's different now.
"Kill all reporters.
" We're dying here, in Istanbul, in Okay, - just a few questions.
- DAVIES: Excuse me.
- Let your colleague finish.
- I'm sorry, dear, were you were you not finished? I'll defer to my colleague.
Are you familiar with articles that ran in Der Spiegel on a pedophile ring operating out of Antwerp? No.
Would it surprise you to learn that Tony Mundy was working on a piece that tied that same pedophile ring to certain political figures - in Chicago? - Objection.
[WHISPERS]: Oh, I bet there's an objection.
Oh, you don't want me opening that door, do you, Matan? - Your Honor! - DAVIES: Objection's sustained.
BLUM: When did you first become aware of the ties between the Cook County States Attorney's office and a pedophile ring in Antwerp? Objection! This is outrageous.
No, what's outrageous is that a prosecutor would have one man murdered and two innocent men charged with the crime.
Your Honor, these are vile and groundless allegations.
BLUM: I don't do groundless, Your Honor.
I said I would name the individual responsible for this murder and that is what I'm doing.
DAVIES: Oh, for God's sakes, Mr.
Blum, if you have a question for the witness, please ask it.
If not, sit down.
When did you learn that it was the prosecutor himself who had Tony Mundy killed? This is insane! Oh, is it, sir? Is it? Look at this name! Is it yours?! - MATAN: Come on! I don't believe this.
- [GAVEL BANGING] DAVIES: Okay, ju just sit down! Sit! [GASPS SOFTLY] [EXHALES] [SIGHS] [DROPS GLASSES] - Hello? - [SIGHS] Almost done.
Okay, well I tried.
That's supposed to be a bow.
What? - Are we celebrating? - We are.
We got a job.
- What?! Congratulations.
- Mm.
What? Regional Director of Veterans Affairs.
"Regional" as in outside of Illinois? Based in Chicago.
What? You-you mean you can stay here? - Yes, Mrs.
- Oh! - Mmm.
- [LAUGHS] - Mr.
- Yeah.
Well, uh, you might decide, uh, it's time to take my name.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS QUIETLY] DIANE: So, how did this come about? Someone recommended me.
- Oh, my God.
- [SIGHS] It was them, wasn't it? Can we just be happy for a minute? Hans and Franz, your safari buddies they're the ones who recommended you? For the first time, we will be living here and working here.
And you can't even tell me because you signed that fucking NDA.
Is it possible for you to get past your hatred of them? Just tell me one thing, Kurt.
Why did it take them so long to get you to the hospital? Was it because they didn't want to miss their baby zebra barbecue that they scheduled? Where is this coming from? Their Instagram.
They forced you to sign an NDA, and meanwhile, they're bragging to the world about their exploits the great white hunters.
Diane, I'm taking this job.
It's a good job.
And I'll be doing what I think is important, and it allow us to be together, and that trumps everything else.
Oh, don't use that word! And that's more important than everything else.
Aah! [PEOPLE GRUNTING] [BLUM GROANS] You got to do better than that, Cookie.
I can't keep carrying you.
You! It's you! It's you! Oh, Christ, another asshole whose toy truck I sat on? Keep him the fuck away from me.
You're a Rindell, aren't you? MAIA: I had nothing to do with You know how much I lost? My money went to your pocket, you fucking Rindell! Hey, it was my father.
It wasn't me.
Hey, Gollum, she said it wasn't her.
- Take a fucking hike.
- This doesn't concern you.
Oh, everything that happens in this building concerns me, numbnuts! [GROWLS] Thank you.
So you're a Rindell? You changed your name for your website? My mom's maiden name.
Better you should stick with Rindell.
Let's work on trial strategy.
Come on.
[SIGHS] So what do I do, Joseph? Huh? Every day, it's a-getting closer Goin' faster than a roller coaster [SIGHS] If I fight to take over the divorce practice, I have to put in even more hours, which takes me away from you for even longer.
And I love being with you.
Isn't that odd? I never thought I'd be one of those women, but here I am, talking like the world revolves around you.
God, you are beautiful.
It's got to be genetic, right? It's the curse of the working mother.
I feel like I'm missing out on something when I'm with you, and I feel physically ill when I'm away from you.
But when I saw that lawyer today, I thought I could run motherfucking rings around him.
So more time at work and less time with you? Or less time at work, and I forget about the partner track? Which I have worked my ass off for.
And it's not just about ambition, either.
I mean, how do I pay for schools? And college? And piano lessons? You have to give me a sign, Joseph.
Do I spend more time at work, or ? [FLATULENCE] [LAUGHS] Hi.
Yeah, sorry it's late.
I decided.
I want the matrimonial spot.
I know.
Okay, Boseman tomorrow.
Got it.
Every day seems a little longer Every way, love's a little stronger Come what may, do you ever long for true love from me? Every day, it's a-gettin' faster Everyone says, "Go ahead and ask her" Love like yours will surely come my way A-hey, a-hey, hey.
You're home early.
I thought I'd surprise you.
You look sexy.
- Are you going on a date? - Yeah.
Two women I met.
- Very nice.
- Ah.
Hope they can cook.
And clean.
Okay, now we got the repartee out of the way.
What's up, handsome? It's a, uh, cocktail party for work.
What? And no spouses? I thought you wouldn't want to come.
It's a Republican fund-raiser.
- Oh, I'm coming.
- Diane I wouldn't miss it.
Who are we raising funds for? You won't like it.
Eric and Don are speaking.
Are you kidding? Eric and Don! [CLAPS HANDS] I have lived my life for this moment.
[LAUGHS] Ooh, what shall I wear? "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree.
" [LAUGHS, SIGHS] You said we were gonna go to your office.
This is my office.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna fuck you.
[LAUGHS] Zhang Wei, where are the orange pills?! [MAN SPEAKING CHINESE] Okay, let's talk strategy.
As attorneys, we are not finders of fact.
We are tellers of story.
You gonna write this down or what? We take the evidence, and we craft it - into a coherent narrative for the jury.
- [SNIFFS] - I get it.
- You don't get it.
Who said anything about evidence? We base the story on the evidence, no? No, we base the evidence on the story.
We prove what helps us, we disprove what hurts us.
Whoever tells the best story goes home with cash and prizes.
[SPEAKING CHINESE] You want to make 80 grand a year, eating dinner off a cardboard box at midnight, you go by what they teach you in law school.
But you want to make yourself useful enough to be worth something, you go by me.
Shit, go by your father.
- My father's in prison.
- Oh, I got news for you, Mary Jane so are you.
The difference is, your father knew what it was like to be free.
Open your hand.
[CLOCK TICKING] That is a fentanyl lollipop.
Tomorrow morning, 9:30 a.
, just before court, I want you to suck enough dope off it so you don't look like a teacher's aide at Our Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow.
[SNIFFS] MAIA: Is that you with - Roy Cohn? - Yup.
That's me, Roger Stone and Roy Cohn.
That's who's been talking to you, Mary Catherine.
Oh, the words come from my mouth, but the wisdom comes from him.
[BEEPS] Rosenbergs were Russian spies, they never had a prayer Roy Cohn helped convict them He made sure they got the chair He and Joe McCarthy set the Red Scare all ablaze Said the State Department was all Communists and gays Someone said, "Have you no decency?" Roy Cohn said, "No, not really.
" Roy Cohn came to party, in his heart he loved to win If you are indicted, you're invited, come on in Because Roy Cohn came to party Back in New York City where his list of clients grew Defended a young Trump and taught him everything he knew Wise guys and the bagmen, financiers and millionaires Everybody breaks the rules and no one fucking cares Truth is, the world just keeps spinning But who needs the truth when you're winning? Roy Cohn came to party, in his heart he loved to win If you are indicted, you're invited, come on in Because Roy Cohn came to party Roy Cohn came to party.
Ah, he spread his arms out like a sheltering sky.
See, he taught us that there could be beauty in a well-told lie.
He showed us, you could ruin people's lives because it served your interests, and deny ever having done it.
Oh, they could accuse you.
They could offer up evidence.
You didn't deny, you didn't explain, and you never, ever apologized.
Oh, he was the river, Mary Clodagh.
He was our Euphrates, the cradle of all we hold dear.
He might have used up his physical body, but his spirit lives on in me, in the White House, and, if you let him, in you.
Oh, you walk into court tomorrow morning with dope-pinned eyeballs, a wet pussy and Roy Cohn in your heart, ah, there's no one on earth who can touch you.
Remember, suck on this for 30 seconds, and then seek and destroy.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Let's not make a big fuss, okay? Me? I'm just here to be a supportive spouse.
Thank you.
The Senate is the place to start this counter-revolution.
That's why I'm running.
That sounds dangerous.
REPACE: Only for the Democrats.
Donald Trump's the first truly pro-life president we've ever had.
That's what matters to the base.
And I'll take energized Evangelicals over freeloading immigrants every time.
I probably shouldn't say this.
Oh, go ahead.
REPACE: I love the Mexican people.
They're extremely hardworking.
And they're not PC at all.
[LAUGHTER] Some of the best jokes about Mexicans are told by Mexicans.
- [LAUGHS] - Such as ? REPACE: "What did the Mexican fireman call his two kids?" [SINGSONGY]: "Hose A and Hose B.
" [LAUGHTER] You have to delete it.
DIANE: [SCOFFS] It's not like I'm doing anything with it.
"The first truly pro-life president.
" - [LAUGHS] - Diane, he'd been drinking.
It was a party.
Oh, and if we were at Goebbels's party, you really think it would be wrong to record? I would.
We were guests.
[CHUCKLES] Back together again.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have a minute? Oh, sure.
[PANTING] I feel like the kid being held after school.
Am I doing something wrong? You're hitting too hard.
Oh, my God.
I-I'm sorry.
We strive to release the enemy's aggression.
Neutralize the conflict.
- Defend.
Not destroy.
- Oh, God.
I didn't realize I was doing that.
Harmony with all beings.
And the universe.
- Right.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Diane, can I adjust you? Uh-huh.
[EXHALES] Focus on the center.
[CLEARS THROAT] The tanden.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Forget about everything else troubling you.
Your work Politics The world George Soros The Jewish conspiracy to control the media.
Hmm? Excuse me? Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Focus on the spirit.
The ki.
Yes, but what did you just say? Forget all the other things assaulting you.
Such as ? Politics.
The Jewish conspiracy? Especially that.
[SINGER VOCALIZING] You didn't do it, did you? The lollipop.
- What a good little girl am I.
- [CHUCKLES] Give it back.
I'm gonna save it for the weekend.
Taylor Swift concert? Ooh, yeah.
How did you guess? You're quite a tease, aren't you? "I'll dance, but I won't dance sexy.
" What an embarrassment you are to your father.
MATAN: How do you know the defendant Chris Colman, Mr.
Howell? Uh, we both did time at Danville.
And did Mr.
Colman ever confide in you while incarcerated? Yeah.
He said Avery Ward offered him $50,000 to kill Tony Mundy.
MATAN: No further questions.
MAIA: I'm looking at your record, Mr.
Howell, and you've spent more time in jail than out of it.
Born under a bad sign, what can I say? As a repeat offender, you were looking at the possibility of life imprisonment, and yet, well, the deal you struck with the prosecutor lets you off with time served.
I feel I've been given a second chance.
Well, by my count, it's closer to a 23rd.
Ha! Mr.
Blum, enough with the vocalizations.
Apologies, Your Honor.
It was an involuntary reaction.
MAIA: Isn't it a fact, Mr.
Howell, that two individuals you testified against had their convictions overturned on appeal? MATAN: Your Honor, those convictions were vacated for reasons wholly unrelated to the witness's Your Honor, if the ASA wishes to testify, let's swear him in.
[LAUGHS] I stopped it, Your Honor.
Brody, sit down.
You're not the witness.
So Mr.
Brody didn't refile these cases even after your claims that the defendants confessed? Oh, I don't know anything about that.
Oh, it doesn't say much for your credibility.
How many times did Matan Brody visit you in prison, sir? Five or six times.
- That's a lot of visits.
- Not really.
Well, how many times did your mother visit you in prison? - Objection.
- DAVIES: Sustained.
I guess that's a sensitive point.
I'm sorry.
At any of your meetings with Mr.
Brody, did he ever mention covering up his involvement - in the murder of Tony - My God, Your Honor.
- It's a simple question.
- This is beyond Objection sustained.
Oh, there was no objection.
- Request a sidebar, Your Honor.
- DAVIES: What for? I have evidence that Mr.
Brody may be covering up his own crime.
[OVERLAPPING ARGUING] Oh, dear God, approach.
When I signal you, become outraged.
These-these are just photocopies of take-out menus.
Uh, there are photocopies of take-out menus on both sides.
At such time as this provides proof of Mr.
Brody's guilt, I would ask that the court admit this into evidence.
What the hell are you talking about? This is wrong, Your Honor.
DAVIES: I don't understand.
What do you mean to say? [FAINTLY]: We have good evidence, and it - is being overruled willy-nilly.
- Willy-nilly.
You two have gone insane.
DAVIES: Step back.
Get out of my face.
Take this and go back to your seats.
Get out of here.
Shake your head.
A miscarriage of justice.
[EXHALES] I want the department.
- I want to run divorce law.
- You're a fourth year, Lucca.
And that's who you need in the position.
These men we've been interviewing, they've finished their climb; they're looking for a place to coast.
- I don't think that's - Yes, it is true.
Look at the drop-off in their representation.
None of their firms are fighting to keep them.
I'll give everything I have to this job.
You just had a baby, Lucca.
LUCCA: And he has made me even more aggressive.
More a fighter.
Okay, look.
We should interview you like we're interviewing anyone.
That's all I ask.
Thank you for your time.
Ah, you're lining up your women's army.
I just want what's best for the firm.
[LAUGHS]: Bullshit.
Good start, but Geoffrey Payton is a rainmaker, so unless you can show that you are, too, he's got you beat.
Hello, this is sales.
I should warn you, I can out-talk you and I'm bored.
- It's Lucca, Francesca.
- [JOSEPH CRYING] What's wrong? Why is Joseph crying? Oh, I told him about the Supreme Court and he was devastated.
Hang on.
If you're happy and you know it - One second, Francesca.
- What do you need? Um, can you get me some background on the divorce lawyer we're thinking of hiring? Geoffrey Payton.
Standard background or dirt background? Just standard.
No problem.
Sorry, Francesca.
So, um, so, hey, you were talking about your book group, and Yeah.
We're reading The Red Tent.
Um, you thought there might be some divorce business there? Oh, so much.
So much.
Hey, why don't I arrange a Sip and See? - Uh, a - Sip and See.
They come and see the baby and sip mint juleps until they're drunk.
Actually, I was thinking I'm gonna call everyone.
Okay, we're done here.
10:00 a.
tomorrow morning, unless I decide on early retirement.
BAILIFF: All rise.
[COUGHING] We need to discuss defense witnesses.
You haven't listed any.
Yeah, but here, take my arm.
I'm temporarily blind.
- What? - I'm blind; take my arm.
What part of that doesn't make sense? I'm gonna need you to drive me home.
Wha I will if you need me to, but what about your associates? Not reliable.
I only keep them around 'cause, occasionally, I like to watch them fuck.
[OPERA PLAYING] [ENGINE REVVING] Oh, you've never driven a Rolls before, have you? No.
No, I haven't.
It's towards you and down.
But-but be gentle, you know? Like it's your girlfriend's snatch.
Oh, is that supposed to be a secret? [TIRES SQUEALING] [LAUGHTER, INDISTINCT CHATTER] - He's beyond cute.
- Oh, he's gorgeous.
My husband encouraged me to sleep with his hedge fund manager.
Can he use it against me that I did? Illinois is a no-fault state, so it doesn't matter what you did.
Mom and Dad split, and I don't care Mom and Dad split, and I don't care.
My husband says I have to sell my clothes.
Oh, no.
He's just trying to bully you.
You should get your husband to talk to your lawyer.
FRANCESCA: Your lawyer's a wimp, Nicole.
Hire Lucca.
Oh, are you a divorce lawyer? - I am.
- Uh, can I get your card? - Okay, where are we? - [HUMMING] This isn't your house.
- Honk twice.
- Why? [HORN HONKING] - How many, Alphonse? - Five.
- Count's right? - Yeah, Roland.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Trust but verify.
What was that about? I gave Reagan that line.
What are those boxes? Hospice care kits.
One of them's for you.
They're narcotics for people who are terminal? I hate to break it to you, kid, we're all terminal.
Okay, that's the codeine that's the tincture of cannabis There it is.
- You need water with that? - Oh, no.
You don't take these with water! - Oh, God.
- [GROANS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] MAIA: When are we gonna discuss trial strategy? Oh, I need a quick shot first.
Mm! - Who's that? - Candy.
Oh, funny Candy.
Sweet, sweet Candy.
Open your mouth, - you little minx.
- [CHUCKLING] Now, this is, uh well, she's a Rindell, and she is in need of assistance.
BLUM: One shot.
Come on.
Come on, you had a good day.
Drink! - Is she drinking? - She is.
- Yeah.
- Are you a lawyer? Mm.
Candy likes lawyers.
CANDY: Ah, to be that smart and that hot.
BLUM: Not to mention that cold.
Oh, she set her father up with the Feds.
Sent him to prison for life.
Did she really? Oh, she may look like a delicate flower on the surface, but underneath, she's a fuckin' assassin.
Ha! Here, come on.
One more and you're done.
We're not gonna talk strategy, are we, Blum? Yes, we are.
You want to hear my strategy for tomorrow, come on, show me the bottom of this glass.
Ah, see! See, you can be fun.
Oh, you have no idea who I am.
Oh, I'm getting an inkling.
Okay, you want to know my plan for tomorrow? Improvise.
See, facts pointless.
You're there to paint a picture, not give a book report.
I tell you, "Oh, I got some facts I want to share with you.
" Wha what does your mind do? It shuts down.
It's homework.
But I say to you, "Oh, you won't believe who got caught fucking her husband's urologist," oh, you're all ears.
Stories beat facts every time.
- [SOOTHING MUSIC PLAYING] - [WATER TRICKLING] Hi, your alley is free.
[THUMPING NEARBY] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [SHOUTS] [EXHALES] Yes! [BLUM CHUCKLES] Oh, are these your trial notes? [SIGHS] What do you think? - Oh.
- Hey.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yes.
These are very complete.
Quite incisive.
Can I have those back, please? Wait, I just need a little more light.
[GRUNTS] - Oh, is oh, isn't that freeing? - Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh, it's like an Irish fable of scattering your troubles to the four winds! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - Motherfucker! I need those notes! - [LAUGHING] - I spent hours on those fucking notes! - How dare you scatter them to the - [ELEVATOR DINGS] Diane.
Tara, what are A reporter called me.
Let's-let's just discuss this in my office.
[QUIETLY]: A reporter called me.
She asked me to verify a story.
The story that, uh [WHISPERS]: that Trump asked me to have an abortion.
How did she come by that information? - I don't know.
- Did you leak it? No.
I thought maybe this was your way of breaking my NDA.
Absolutely not.
Tara, I I had no no part of this.
Do you have any idea who did? Who else have you told? [CLICKS TONGUE] A bunch of people.
Tara, I'm so sorry.
[SHUDDERS] This is supremely shitty.
[SNIFFLES, SHUDDERS] Do you want the result on that Geoffrey Payton check? Is there anything interesting? Depends what you think is interesting.
I think you'll see that, just in the last 24 hours, I've brought in three new divorce cases, all involving assets of over $23 million.
And Geoffrey Payton has six clients he's bringing with him.
Oh, but only to handle divorces.
On all other matters, they'll run litigation through Mr.
Payton's prior firm.
Mine intend to bring all their litigation needs to Reddick/Boseman.
And can I say, I am not fettered - by previous political obligations.
- What does that mean? Well, I don't want to put too fine a point on it, but Mr.
Payton joined the Historical Law Society.
Seriously, are we gonna bring this down to politics? Okay, let's just keep politics out of this, Lucca.
Everyone's taken his memberships into consideration.
It's just there was one additional point.
Payton was one of the attorneys who prepped Brett Kavanaugh.
[OVERLAPPING ARGUING] All right, the judge is going to speak now! Let the judge speak! Mr.
Blum, I'm going to let you call your rebuttal witness.
However, I'm not gonna call in the jury until I hear the thrust of this testimony.
- [OVERLAPPING ARGUING] - Oh, shut up.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Both of you! Shut your mouths! Shut the hell up! Oh, God.
In a week, I'm going to Santa Fe, where I'll be visiting a spa, and I'll be wearing nothing but a towel and a mud mask.
Blum, you may call your rebuttal witness.
Inspirational words, Your Honor.
I call Ms.
Enid Blyton.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [QUIETLY]: What are you doing? Just watch.
No, this is not a witness.
- Yes, Your Honor.
Blyton, we've heard from a convict named David Howell.
- Do you know him? - Yes.
He was my boyfriend for three long years.
Did you ever hear him mention the prosecutor, - Matan Brody? - Yeah.
He said Matan was his "Get Out of Jail Free card.
" Your Honor, I ask to confer with co-counsel.
I'm almost done here.
It's a matter of some importance.
You're suborning perjury.
No, I am neutralizing a potentially damaging witness.
- What's your next point? - You either get her to walk back her testimony say it was a case of mistaken identity or something or I am going to the judge.
[EXHALES] So here's where the training wheels come off.
You go anywhere near that judge, and I make one phone call to my boy in the police department.
You know what happens then? Simultaneous raids of your office, apartment and car, one of which is sure to turn up that hospice care box you took from me.
- I didn't take anything from - I'm guessing possession of a deluxe assortment from Harry & David's Dope of the Month Club won't go down too well with the Disciplinary Committee of the bar association.
So to avoid that sad eventuality, Mary Elizabeth, shut the fuck up.
My name is Maia.
Sign here.
Thank you.
Ward, did it surprise you that you were being made the fall guy for this murder? It surprises me any time someone in a position of public trust, like the prosecutor, does something dishonest.
But I guess if you're capable of having a man murdered, you're also capable of accusing somebody else of doing it.
Thank you.
I have nothing further.
DAVIES: Anything, Prosecutor? MATAN: Nothing for this witness, Your Honor.
DAVIES: All right.
Witness, you're excused.
Your Honor, if I may.
Your Honor, I, uh Uh, well, Mr.
Ward is my witness.
Yes, and I have questions for him.
DAVIES: She's right.
Ask your questions.
Ward, hi.
Chris Colman does security for you.
Is that correct? - Yes.
- Has he ever served as a driver for your daughter Samantha? He may have, on occasion.
Why? Did you ever ask him to do anything other than drive on behalf of your daughter Samantha? AVERY: Not that I recall.
Well, let me see if I can help you recall.
Now, your daughter, she was dating an individual named Ahmed Nassif at one point, was she not? Your Honor, I think my co-counsel may not be working off current information.
May I be allowed to confer with her? Well, I'd like to proceed, Your Honor.
We can confer later.
Go for it.
Did you ever ask Mr.
Colman if he could arrange to have Ahmed killed? Your Honor, I believe my co-counsel may be suffering from acute hypoglycemia.
I would ask for a brief recess so I can force-feed her a candy bar.
Oh, I don't need a candy bar, Your Honor.
Counsel, approach.
All right, here's what's gonna happen now.
I'm declaring a mistrial, because I have to.
The state will re-file, and I'll make sure that it's before me so that we may, once again, try these two defendants together.
- Your Honor - No, no, no.
You two are obviously working at cross-purposes now.
And I know, um, Ms.
, um [STAMMERS] What's your current name? Rindell.
Of course.
I know you did this because you think your client deserves a separate trial.
Well, no such luck.
Your Honor, my client can't get a fair trial if we're with Mr.
Well, I suggest you visit the court officer so he can stamp your tough-shit ticket, Ms.
Rindell, 'cause that's what we're doing.
The two of you are joined at the hip, so get used to it.
I-I want you to see this.
See, th this is the house I used to live in.
And this is the house I live in now.
What the fuck do I care? This is wrong.
Three votes for Geoffrey Payton.
How many votes for Lucca Quinn? [SCOFFS] And Lucca is our new head of matrimonial law.
[APPLAUSE] Hey, Geoffrey.
I wanted to get to you right away.
It doesn't look like it'll work out.
I know.
I'm sorry.
[CLEARS THROAT] But, uh Anyway, uh, am I still being short-listed for the judgeship? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] ADRIAN: So, you won.
We all won.
No, I don't think so.
Geoffrey was the smarter choice for the firm.
Lucca was the smarter choice for you.
I told Lucca she needed new clients.
She got three in one night.
And the partners didn't care about that.
They cared about the dirt that she dug up on him.
Kavanaugh, huh? Ooh.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Showed what she was willing to do.
Play dirty, manipulate, backstab.
I thought you liked that.
So we answered the question, - "who are we?" - Yep.
Welcome to the Thunderdome.
I'm sorry.