The Good Fight (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance

1 MAIA (OVER TV): A journalist was shot and killed.
DAVIES: The state will refile and try these two defendants together.
My client can't get a fair trial if were with Mr.
DAVIES: Well, then I suggest you visit the court officer so he can stamp your "tough shit" ticket.
The two of you are joined at the hip.
- (LAUGHING) - (BEEP) He finds his facts on Fox & Friends He's rotten to the core It's like this nightmare never ends We can't take anymore Stop hurting us, you're hurting us Our souls are black and blue Stop hurting us, you're hurting us We need to know what's true We need to know what's true What's true (APPLAUSE, CHEERING) I know.
It gets me every time.
No human should starve.
No baby should suffer.
If this won't touch the heartstrings - of Trump supporters, I don't know what will.
- (CROWD MURMURS) Let's hold off on questions.
- Harry, yes? - Yeah, this is such great work, Guy.
Do you think we can get this on Chris Hayes's show? Were posting on YouTube later today, and our plan is to even take an ad out on Fox.
(APPLAUSE, CHEERING) I didn't see anything in there about single-payer health care.
Well, we couldn't touch on everything.
If we did, it'd be an eight-hour video.
- Do you feel - But single-payer isn't just another issue; - it's "the issue".
- No, the issue is global warming.
The debate is over (CROWD ARGUING AND MURMURING) Follow me.
- What? - Just follow me.
- Where? - Close.
(ARGUING AND MURMURING CONTINUES) CROWD (CHANTING): Re-edit it! Re-edit it! Re-edit it! Re-edit it! Re-edit it! Re-edit it! Re-edit it! Re-edit it! (BELL TOLLING) Do you want a mission? Do I want? A mission.
I don't know what that means.
You have two options.
You could go back in there and they'll make you the co-chair of the subcommittee on bake sales, and every week you'll argue over some new outrage of Trumps, or you could do something.
I'm looking for people who are sick of just bitching and moaning, people who are sick of screaming at the news.
I'm looking for people who are ready to take the fight to Trump.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (DOORS OPEN) Bum, bum, bum, bada-ba-dum A duck walked up to a lemonade stand (OVER PHONE): And he said to the man running the stand "Hey!" Bum, bum, bum - (CHUCKLES) - "Got any grapes?" (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) The man said, "No, we just sell lemonade But it's cold and it's fresh" - Waddle waddle - (CHUCKLES) Till the very next day, bum, bum, bum, bum Sorry.
Walked up to the lemonade stand Sir? (SNORING) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (PHONES RINGING, BUSY CHATTER) Lucca, Liz is looking for you.
For me? Did we have a meeting? - Mr.
Blum? Mr.
Blum? Hello? - Yeah, what floor am I on? - 23rd.
- (GROANS) - Is this where I'm going? - It is, yes.
The United Negro College Fund have a bake sale? - MAIA: Excuse me? - That painting is fucking hideous.
- So where are we doing this? - This way.
- So, listen, Mary Elizabeth - Maia Rindell.
Unless this judge has a heart attack, you and I are stuck with one another.
We're co-counsels, so don't fuck me.
Oh, God.
Why are we stopping? Well, this is me.
Here? Uh, yes.
And-and this chair? Well, I mean, you get one, too.
Did I volunteer to man the phones at a teen suicide hotline? Where is your office? We're pressed for space.
Oh, my fucking God.
How can anyone take you seriously? How can you take yourself seriously? You work out of your bedroom next to a rotten pile of smoked salmon.
Who's that? Why does she have an office? She's a third year, too.
Excuse me, miss? Little Maia here can't get - through the day without masturbating.
- Roland! She's a little self-conscious about doing it out here.
I was wondering, would you be willing to trade places? (WHISPERING): Would you shut up, please? Just shut the fuck up.
I need you to back Please back off.
Sit in one of my seats.
Oh, good, Lucca.
Come in.
Sorry, Mrs.
Reddick, I didn't know we had a meeting.
Oh, no, we didn't, we didn't, we don't.
I just wanted to, um Uh, come Have a seat.
Yeah, sure.
Can I get you anything? - A-A bagel? - Oh, no.
Actually, I've got some, uh Cheerios.
So how are things in matrimonial? Good.
Yeah, five new clients.
And thank you for pushing me for the job.
Oh, no problem.
I wanted a familiar face in there.
You know, someone that, uh Uh, anyway, I have a divorce referral for you.
Who? Me.
You? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Oh, don't be.
(CHUCKLES) It's a long time coming.
We've had our tensions and, uh, barely even, uh Anyway, I don't want to bore you, so let's just, uh Oh, Mrs.
Reddick, I-I'm sorry.
- My diaper bag looks like my - Oh, yeah.
- work bag.
- Here.
Okay, so, um, just a few basic questions.
I, uh, I make more than my husband.
Uh, we have a prenup.
You remember my son Malcolm? I want sole custody, and I expect this to be amicable.
Is that what he expects? He? Is that what your husband expects, for it to be amicable? Oh, I don't I don't know.
I haven't told him yet.
I think you should.
Yeah, I should.
I will.
What is that stuff? Ugh, it's poison.
Try it.
Ooh, no thanks.
ROLAND: Who's this asshole? State of Illinois v.
Ward and Colman.
Ah, put it on the table.
Here you go, kid.
I'm Spencer Zschau, the assistant state's attorney now assigned to the Mundy murder.
MAIA: What happened to Matan? You mean the killer? (CHUCKLES) What are you, a comedian? You know, I saw you in court.
Uh "I have the killer's name inside this envelope.
" It's very impressive.
That's why I'm on this case.
You got into Matan's head.
You'll find it hard to get into mine.
Want to bet? What's your plea offer? Well, you should know our clients intend to stick together.
Your client paid for Tony Mundy's murder and yours was the triggerman, so 25 years for yours and 20 for yours.
(LAUGHS) Get the fuck out of here! What, you call that an offer? I call that the best you'll get.
But no need to compel discovery.
- What the fuck? - Oh.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Those must be takeout menus.
My mistake.
I assume you'll be getting us the real discovery by end of day? That's definitely a good assumption.
You probably don't recognize me, Mr.
My father was Alvin Zschau.
That supposed to mean something to me? Federal Judge, Seventh Circuit.
You fed lies and smears to your buddies at the press to get him to resign.
Never heard of him.
Sounds like a made-up name.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I've waited for this moment for a long time.
Meeting you face-to-face in order to say, "See you in court.
" (SIGHS) That's not good.
He's gonna keep the discovery from us until the last minute.
Yeah, I'll call for a motion to compel because now I'm pissed.
Little shit thinking he can come after me? What are you doing? I'm taking off my pants.
Why? Morphine suppository.
Are we out of vanilla yogurt? Uh, yeah.
I'll, uh, get some tomorrow.
Do you want me to make you some eggs? No, I'm good.
Bad day at work? No.
I think we need to consider giving ourselves a break.
From? Each other.
You mean a separation? No.
I'm sorry.
Are you? Ian, this isn't anybody's fault, and-and I hope that we can stay civil for Malcolm.
I've already talked to my lawyer, and I told her this does not have to get ugly.
You've talked to a lawyer? Well, I work in an office filled with them.
Well, then, I guess I better get one, too.
You're the last.
It's a temporary space.
A benefactor loaned it to us.
My name is Valerie Peyser.
I worked for five years in the Obama White House in oppo research.
Three weeks ago, Henry Roberts raised $6 million in dark money to fund an off-the-books guerrilla oppo operation.
He asked me to run it.
I've spent the last few weeks visiting activist meetings, like the ones where I found you all.
They have been, to say the least, disheartening.
Nobody seems to be willing to do what is necessary.
RACHELLE: And what's that? For those of you who don't know, this is Rachelle Max from DLE Strategies.
Whatever it takes.
Democrats talk like Trump is the enemy, but they don't act like it.
They act like this is the 90s, and they're working under the old rules.
The new rules are these: Move fast, be smart, attack, lie, don't get caught.
Machiavelli wrote The Prince for the rulers.
Well, we're rewriting it for us.
When I gave you my card, I asked you if you wanted a mission.
Well, this is it.
Trumps current approval rating.
If we want to defeat him in 2020, it has to be this.
Nine points.
That's your mission.
How do we lose nine points? REPORTER: The Trump administration is increasing the level of cyanide allowed in school lunches in elementary schools.
Critics of the change say it poisons innocent children, but the Secretary of Education says the increase in cyanide - will act as a deterrent - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - You all right? - Yeah.
The news.
I know.
It's a nightmare.
Are you still working with the Democratic Committee, Liz? Uh, no, I was too radical.
Why? I may want to call you about something.
What? Um, let me get a little deeper into it first, make sure its real.
ADRIAN: Oh, here they are.
So we're all here.
What do you need, Maia? You told me a year ago that if I wanted anything at this firm, I have to ask for it.
I want an office.
Actually, Maia, that's a managing partner issue.
- Why don't we talk downstairs? - I'd rather we talk here.
LIZ: Uh, well, Maia, the issue here is space, and we wish we had more.
We're growing, and we hope that all associates, even second years, will have an office.
I'm a third year.
I try not to make a fuss, but Jenna Diamond, she was given an office even though she joined the firm six months after me.
She was working the Kaflin case.
She needed the space.
And I'm working with Roland Blum.
You are? Yes.
He's my cocounsel on the Mundy murder.
I didn't know that.
He doesn't have a firm, so we have to come here to discuss strategy, and it is embarrassing to work at my hot desk.
Give us a few hours to discuss this, Maia.
Thank you.
She's using Roland Blum to get an office.
She still has a point.
If we give her an office, we'll have 20 other associates pounding on our door.
Will you excuse me? These are the papers from your husband's lawyers.
Wow, that was quick.
Okay, what does he want? To void your prenup, retain ownership of the house, - full custody of Malcolm.
- What? Are you kidding me? He also wants a full accounting of Reddick/Boseman's books, claiming you hid money.
Oh, he's going to war.
He-He's overreaching.
No judge is ever going to agree to this.
Well, there's an exception in the prenup in the case of adultery.
He's charging me with adultery? Yes.
With who? Diane? No.
Oh, God.
Look at you.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Captain Kirk.
Thank you.
I plan to rule with a velvet glove.
Uh, interesting design choice.
Yeah, somebody left it here as a greeting.
Well, I don't think I'd What? Yeah, uh, okay, I'd take that down.
Cain? JULIUS: I'm a little busy.
What do you need? You're running for a federal judgeship.
Excuse me? That was Kevin Jordan from CPS Systems.
I know him from my dad's campaign against one of his Republican judges.
It was just a friendly meeting.
Then I wouldn't have those three résumés there, because the partners could get the wrong idea.
(GRUNTS) Look, uh here's the thing.
I-I haven't told the partners yet, because my sponsor said I need to vet a consultant first.
Don't worry about me.
I don't care.
By the way, don't hire Lanny.
He hasn't won a campaign since his divorce.
And Topher drinks.
He thinks everything can be solved with an op-ed.
Ask him how many other clients he's representing.
This is bullshit! There was no adultery? - No, not at all.
- Good.
So, I'm wondering if maybe you should hire another lawyer.
Why? Well, because this will get very personal very fast.
We didn't sleep with each other.
This will not get personal.
Well, uh, did you ever have sexual relations after your marriage? - No.
- N What? The Um What? (WHISPERS INDISTINCTLY) LIZ: What? No, no, no.
That wasn't, that wasn't sex.
(QUIETLY): That would depend on how you define "sex," Liz.
LIZ: Wait, wait, wait, what-what are you talking about here? Wait, that thing? No.
No, the other one.
The bathroom.
LIZ: Oh.
- Yeah, but we weren't, - we weren't divorced yet, so - Anyway, that's why I think you should get another lawyer.
No, I feel better about keeping this in-house.
(SIGHS) Okay.
I don't want to put either of you on the stand, so I just need you to both sign affidavits.
Your Honor, thank you for hearing our motion.
We bring it with utmost reluctance.
Facing, as we are, a blatant Brady violation on the part of Mr - Schezwan.
- Mr.
If I may, a violation made more egregious by the fact were only six days from trial.
We're in full compliance with the rules of discovery, Your Honor.
I brought the discovery over myself.
Oh, he did, Your Honor.
And let me show you what he brought.
A Luger.
A Mauser.
Your Honor, excuse me The sidearms of the Wehrmacht, Your Honor, along with a note, which reads: "To the kike and the dyke.
More Zyklon B, please.
Send in the Kleins.
" This is your attempt at humor, Mr.
Zschau? This isn't my attempt at anything, Your Honor.
This is a total fabrication by Mr.
Oh, isn't that what we always hear from Holocaust deniers? I'm not a Holocaust denier.
You know, it's hard to be a Jew, Your Honor.
So many times I've asked myself: Why do they hate us? Good job.
So where we going with this? Your fucking hot desk? Oh, no.
No, winners, they work in here.
Boseman and Ms.
Reddick both swear that there were no sexual relations after their divorce, so I believe this court can easily decide in favor of the respondent.
Unfortunately, for Ms.
Quinn, my client would like to call a witness.
(CHUCKLES) Your Honor, Mr.
Payton was interviewed for a job by our firm and we rejected him, so he has a chip on his shoulder about our firm.
My guess is that's why the petitioner hired this lawyer.
He had an added incentive? - Is that right? - It is.
JUDGE: Okay, do you have a witness who can refute these affidavits, Counselor? - We do, Your Honor.
- Then let's go.
I'm all ears.
You are going to make a great federal judge, Julius, in my opinion.
And the best way to campaign: op-eds.
All we need is the right topic.
Hot, but not too hot.
Got it.
(CLEARS THROAT): Um By the way, how many other clients are you representing? You need op-ed ideas? How many clients should he have? Five, maybe less.
How many does he have? Thirteen.
Do me a favor, meet with the next one.
I-I don't know what to ask.
You want me to consult? No, I, uh Yes.
PAYTON: Detective Hedren, you were assigned to a protective detail for Adrian Boseman on the night of May 16, were you not? I was.
Nine days earlier, he was shot during the commission of a hate crime.
We were being cautious.
Could you take us through the events of that night? I saw.
Boseman and Mrs.
Lawrence pull out of the parking garage of their office building at 8:45 p.
They drove to Mr.
Boseman's apartment building on Lake Shore Drive at approximately 9:10.
And approximately what time did they leave? They didn't.
Lawrence alone left at 12:20.
That would place them together at Adrian Boseman's apartment for three hours? I'm just curious, who was with the child during all this time? My son was with my husband.
The current one.
Quinn, anything from you? Yes.
Um, Detective, I assume it was your C.
, Commander Lawrence, who gave you the assignment to spy on his wife? - Objection as to "spy," Your Honor.
- Sustained.
Doesn't it strike you as odd that your protective detail was assigned the day after Mr.
Boseman's assailant was arrested? I'm gonna interrupt you right there.
I understand what you're trying to do, Counselor.
But the reasons for Captain Lawrence's surveillance has no bearing on whether what was discovered was true or not.
What was the reason for the three hours in the apartment? I'd like to hear from both on that question.
So, unfortunately, now you two have to testify.
It was caretaking, you guys, not sex.
For three hours? I'd just been released from the hospital.
I needed help at home.
What help? What did Liz do? Laundry.
Well, how many loads? - (GROANS) - Oh, for Christ's sake.
Okay, okay.
Jay will look into this.
(SIGHS) My guess is Geoffrey will try to dig up inconsistencies in your stories, so I'm afraid I'll have to witness prep you, both.
(SIGHS) Our clients did it.
Did you have any doubts? Yeah, I guess I did.
Clients always do it.
The only difference is some are easier to get off.
Well, I didn't expect your client to open a Cayman account for my client and pay him 50,000 for the murder.
That's not what that evidence says.
Roland, it's just the two of us.
It is what it says.
They have us.
No, that is a, um (SNAPS FINGERS) Yes, it is a record for a Cayman account.
To my client, for $50,000.
Yes, but it's not for a murder.
To pay for an escort in the Caymans when my client planned to go there.
That's why it was so secretive.
It was about sex.
Not about murder.
Ugh, you make my brain hurt.
You tell a competing story.
You make the climax bigger.
When they talk about a payoff for murder, you talk about a payoff for three-way sex! 'Cause that's what it's about: sex.
Unprotected anal intercourse with underage Cambodians.
Two sad, stunted men, both abused when they were children play out twisted fantasies of defiling childlike innocence just as they themselves were once defiled.
This is not gonna work.
Don't tell me what's gonna work, princess.
We tell the story, uh, they buy the story.
Okay, tomorrow in court.
The problem is Trump's base.
It's solid.
- You'll never get it below 38%.
- Because of the religious right.
And the Mid-western support.
Even the midterms didn't undercut - the electoral college superiority.
- So, what do we do? You need to hit his online infrastructure.
What do you mean? He has troll farms in several cities.
Every time there's the slightest drop in Trump's polls, the farms pump up the fake news.
She's right.
Almost every bit of the fake news shaping the opinions of the religious right comes out of these farms.
And what are these again? In a city with a name I don't know how to pronounce With a lot of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts In a windowless room lit by the glow of the screen There's a weaponized information garbage machine Making up stories that'll look like news About abortion and guns and immigration and Jews Pleasantly delighted were so easily divided Working for a Russian troll farm It's a full-time job keeping up with the feed You refresh and you read, you refresh and you read There's a post from a friend, you let down your guard But it's just bait on a hook and you bite down hard You like it so you like it and your friends like you And now everyone likes it so it must be true You move on undaunted But you did just what they wanted You're working for a Russian troll farm We won't ever beat 'em till we learn how not to feed 'em Working for a Russian troll farm.
So is there any way to undercut them? I don't know, but there's one about three blocks away, on Randolph.
What? Where? POLLY: At Bauer It disguises itself as a day trading boiler room.
Oh, my God, I know that place.
How do you even know this? 4chan.
Gamergate guys think I'm a guy, too.
It makes it easier to find out what's going on.
Look, the problem isn't finding out who does it.
It's getting them to stop.
Okay, so we've refined our mission.
Stop the troll farm on Randolph.
One minute.
This is my office.
(EXHALES, SNIFFS) Yeah, I like it.
Lots of room.
This is good.
What is it? Mine.
Oh, I'm sorry, you-you want me out of here? Actually, I do, Mr.
You know me.
And you are the great Diane Lockhart.
I need my desk.
You know, Jonas Stern was a good friend of mine.
That makes sense.
Oh, he loved talking about you.
About being your mentor.
And by "mentor," I mean fuck buddy.
It's always good to talk to a dinosaur.
Reminds me how much things have changed.
Oh, yes, yes, #MeToo.
Changed everything, didn't it? I mean, you saved the world from having to watch Weinstein shower.
What, no comeback? I'm sorry, are you still here? (LAUGHS) That's right.
Liberals live and die by the zeitgeist.
#MeToo, the midterms civil rights.
You think the arc of history tends toward justice.
Was that lightning or a psychotic reaction? I don't see lightning.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) So not to blow your mind, but where does Mr.
Trump fit in on that arc of history? Or is he tending toward justice? Oh, that's right.
He's a-a temporary speed bump.
When he's gone, we'll just keep speeding on to that Susan Sarandon nirvana.
But I know Trump.
Yeah, we were the three amigos: Cohn, Trump and me.
He's not going anywhere.
He likes his job.
He wants a third term.
That will never happen.
Oh-oh, because there'll be holy hell to pay from Lindsey Graham? People will rise up.
(LAUGHS) Of course they will.
'Cause that's what people do when the jobless rate is at 3.
They get angry and start breaking things.
"We want fewer jobs.
" Want to give me a blow job? Hello.
It's Diane Lockhart.
I found a strange man in my office rooting through my desk.
I think he's homeless.
That'd be great.
Thank you.
You know, here's the thing, Diane.
Trump wins because he sees life as a battle, not a cause.
He uses your strength against you.
Liberals never get that.
It's, uh, Diane.
I had a thought about how to attack the troll farms.
The resistance needs to use their technique against them.
It's like Pizzagate.
Trump lives by fake news.
He dies by fake news.
Let's help them die.
She just used five target words in one sentence.
What? Diane.
She used five target words in one sentence.
- What color target? - Red.
All red.
"Trump," "die," "fake news," "resistance," "Pizzagate.
" Wow.
That is like domestic terrorism bingo.
You sure it was Diane and not someone calling her? Diane Lockhart.
Who was she on with? Liz Reddick? Uh, I don't know.
Someone new.
I didn't get it.
Go check on your end.
Valerie Peyser? Who's that? I don't know.
Never heard of her.
I'm sending it upstairs.
They love conspiracies.
There she goes.
Good luck, Valerie Peyser.
You just earned yourself a three-hop warrant.
(TYPING, MOUSE CLICKING) VALERIE: No, wait, wait, wait.
Try this.
It's not really a day trader on Randolph.
They're hiding illegal aliens there until they can send them to Southern states.
- (LAUGHTER) - No.
To MS-13.
- Oh! - So they can kill women.
- (LAUGHS) - Wait, wait, it's too silly.
We want people to believe this, to take this seriously.
It's not about being taken seriously.
It's about saying it with conviction, wording it like a news story.
DIANE: Put it in the mouth of P-Anon.
Fuck, yeah, you're right.
Who's P-Anon? POLLY: Our version of QAnon.
We'll make him a senior official in the Trump administration who has access to confidential documents - and wants to share it on 4chan.
- (LAUGHTER) Hey! We got to get P-Anon T-shirts.
It's in four waves.
First, a fake news story on a raid on the day trader on Randolph.
- The results of the raid were kept secret.
- Yes.
And a Facebook account of a mother who can't find her ten-year-old and thinks she's in that building.
- (LAUGHTER) - Oh! I got to tell you, this is really satisfying.
We need beers.
(LAUGHTER) Well, this is all very impressive, Lanny.
Thank you, Julius.
I think you'd make a great judge, so I can't wait to get started.
(CHUCKLES) MARISSA: Just a few questions.
You have the Judge Richmond campaign listed on your résumé? Uh, I do.
Nice guy.
But I thought Gene Kloves ran that campaign.
(CLEARS THROAT) Well, that leaves just one.
Melissa Long.
She's probably the best, honestly.
I'd go with her.
Uh, Marissa.
Oh, no problem.
It's just what I do.
LUCCA: On the night in question, Ms.
Reddick took you home? Yes.
She was helping me as a friend and a colleague.
I couldn't have gotten through it without her.
Does any of that "helping" involve having her in your bedroom? Not in the way that you mean.
Tell me what way I mean.
So you're the tough questioner? Tell me what I mean.
ADRIAN: You're implying there was some sexual contact.
But there wasn't? I helped him place pillows and put things within reach.
What things? Uh, small things, like his cell phone, water, pain pills.
And how long did that take? Ten minutes.
You were in the bathroom for only ten minutes? - No.
- Then how long? I-I don't know.
Uh, he was exhausted, so probably most of the time.
You talked about work for two hours and 50 minutes? And our marriage.
And why it didn't work out.
And why didn't it? Listen, I don't think they're gonna ask me that, so we can If it makes you uncomfortable, they will.
We were trying to remember the last time that we were in a hospital together.
Um, and it was in the last year of our marriage.
I had ruptured my appendix, and Adrian was in the hospital with me.
He stayed with me night and day.
He's very good in emergency situations.
So, this was your chance to return the favor? Yes.
JAY: And what did "returning the favor" entail? What did Liz say? Well, we'd rather get your memory.
The painkillers hadn't kicked in yet, so Liz started humming a song to me that I had hummed to her.
LUCCA: What song was that? One bright morning, when my life is over LIZ: I'll fly away I'll fly away Oh, glory I'll fly away When I die Hallelujah, by and by I'll fly away.
"I'll Fly Away.
" Good.
I think you're both ready.
(DOOR OPENS) We can't wait anymore.
(DOOR CLOSES) Yes, I know, Your Honor.
I think Mr.
Blum might have had a dental appointment that went too long.
Well, get him in here.
Get him in here this afternoon! Mr.
Blum, where are you?! You missed court! Mr Where's Mr.
Blum? Did you bring granola? What? No.
Roland? Roland.
- Roland, wake up.
- (SNORING) Wake I got us a delay until this afternoon, but I need you to wake up, okay? You got to get dressed.
Rol (GRUNTS) Roland, wake up.
Uh, this is Roland Blum's assistant Bambi.
Uh, I believe we missed your call.
Will he know what this is regarding? SPENCER: What this is regarding is a plea deal I was making with Roland Blum.
I couldn't get ahold of Blum.
So here I am.
What's the offer? The same I offered Blum.
You get your client to testify against Avery Ward, we'll give him 18 months.
You want to go back to court? I wouldn't mind that.
What's that about? MAIA: Honesty.
Make it six months, and I'll take it to my client.
Six months for murder? Six months, and you get a conviction of the real person responsible.
Face it, you want one big conviction, not two small ones.
I hope you've got a gun.
Why? You just screwed over Roland Blum.
I had a ruptured appendix when we were married, and Adrian stayed with me in the hospital and sang "I'll Fly Away" to me.
I was returning the favor.
For three hours? I wanted to wait till he was asleep.
Makes sense to me.
Anything else, Counselor? One more thing, Your Honor.
I have an affidavit from Detective Hedren.
When you left Mr.
Boseman's residence that night, he followed you to a Rite Aid.
Uh, objection, Your Honor.
(CHUCKLES) This is crazy.
He followed her? Why was he following her when he was there to protect Mr.
Boseman? Because he was actually there to spy, obviously.
But what did he find? He saw you purchasing in that Rite Aid a nonprescription morning-after pill.
Did he have that correct, Ms.
Reddick? Your Honor, I'd like a recess to review this affidavit.
Do we have an answer for this? You're not gonna like it.
REPORTER: As if his plate wasn't full enough, presidential son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner has been tasked with overhauling the nation's circus entertainment.
Kushner promises to repeal regulations preventing the mistreatment of elephants and on the number of clowns permissible in a single vehicle.
12 were arrested and five others were injured when a riot broke out at a Chicago day trading firm on Randolph.
A window was broken and employees were scattered after an internet rumor started up that the business was actually an elaborate pedophile ring.
- MAN: They don't want us to know the truth! - Yes! There are people in there killing and raping babies! REPORTER: No word on how the rumor started, but most point to a high-ranking Trump official.
P-Anon forever! Yes! (LAUGHS) (LINE RINGING) Valerie.
You've reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
What? Valerie? AUTOMATED VOICE: We're sorry.
You've reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
You've reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
Well, that's too bad for Diane.
You think it's upstairs? I don't know.
It's weird.
We send that Valerie name up there, and then the next day she's gone.
Maybe she's just on vacation.
What? Why do you care? I don't know.
I don't want Diane to end up at some black site.
No, they don't do black sites anymore.
They do, um, sweet little bed-and-breakfasts in Costa Rica, or something.
Hey, um, I sent you something.
It's not another clown video, is it? Why would I send you another clown video? (CACKLING) MELISSA: I'm glad I passed the test.
We need more black conservatives in power.
So I'll send over contracts.
You were my first choice.
(CHUCKLES) And I only will charge you half on this first hour.
What do you mean? I won't charge you for the full hour.
For this interview? Yes.
But isn't it an interview? Yes.
W-Wait, I'm sorry.
I don't understand why I'm being charged at all.
Look, we can probably work out an accommodation.
Uh, how much is an hour? Just curious.
But again, we'll find a way to discount this first hour.
What? Run my judicial campaign.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
I've gotten better advice from you these last few days than a long line of these idiots.
(SIGHS) Okay.
So you did purchase a morning-after pill? - Yes.
- And you understand how suspicious that might appear? - The timing? - Yes.
Then why did you buy it? My husband had wanted us to have another child in order to save our marriage, and we had been trying.
And I-I (SIGHS) I was talking to Mr.
Boseman that night about our marriage and why it had failed.
And I realized that I did not want to bring up another child with Ian.
- Horseshit.
- JUDGE: Captain.
Your attorney can put you on the stand if he wants.
So this has nothing to do - with sleeping with Mr.
Boseman? - No.
Not at all.
Any questions, Counselor? No.
But I do for Mr.
- (THUNDER RUMBLING) - JUDGE: You've been quite the subject of interest in here, sir.
That's my understanding.
I'm ready to answer any question.
Well, I'm sure I have a dozen, but let's let Mr.
Payton start.
Have you found a job yet, sir? (LAUGHS) Not yet.
But thank you for your concern.
Let's see.
(CLEARS THROAT) What have I given you, Mr.
Boseman? Well I'm not sure how you acquired these, sir, but they look to be statements of accounts for our firm, Reddick/Boseman.
Do you see the highlighted payments made in March of this year? I do.
Could you read their description aloud, please? Each one says, "Reddick, payment.
" Other than your ex-wife, was there anyone else working at your law firm in March of this year with the last name Reddick? No.
Your Honor, I'd like to submit these statements into evidence.
They show payments of over $400,000 to Liz Reddick that she has not disclosed to her husband.
Would you care to explain these payments, Mr.
Boseman? JUDGE: My guess is you'd like to take a recess, Ms.
Quinn? I know I'm not a partner, so I'm not privy to the firm's finances, but I cannot be your attorney if you keep me in the dark.
You have to tell me everything.
So what are those Reddick payments? You're under oath; it's gonna come out when you go back into court.
Has the firm been paying you for some kind of tax dodge? LIZ: No, no.
- LUCCA: Adrian? - ADRIAN: No, no, no, no, no.
So what are these payments? They're for your father? For Carl? But they continued after he died.
Some are just a month ago.
To pay off the women.
To keep them quiet.
(CHUCKLES) There are women? Yeah, we have NDAs with four.
Oh, my God.
What a nightmare.
I came to this firm because of him.
Because of his reputation.
Which we would like to preserve.
What do you want to do? Liz? - Give him what he wants, Liz.
- Oh, no Liz, give him what he wants.
He doesn't want full custody.
Okay? He's just using that to get back at me.
I get full custody.
We'll just void the prenup.
(SIGHS) I hate that he wins 'cause of this.
So do I.
Let's talk.
She's ready to make a deal.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) JUDGE: Hold the elevator.
- Hey.
- Hi.
(DOOR CLOSES) I thought you judges had your own elevator.
Nope, we ride with the unwashed.
Good thing I wash.
Good thing you do.
(CHUCKLES) So you're settling, right? The case? Yeah.
Why? I don't date witnesses in my court.
The troll farm is gone.
(CHEERING) May be temporary, but it's great news.
So where's Valerie? (APPLAUSE STOPS) I don't know.
I tried calling her.
Her phone is disconnected.
And I texted.
We should watch the phones and texts to each other.
On 4chan, they talk about Trump using the NSA to go after his enemies.
Are we really at that point? Arresting political enemies? No, but Nixon had his enemies lists.
Do we think Trump doesn't? So what are you saying? That there are black sites and kidnappings? I don't know what we're talking about.
We have a private investigator at my firm.
I'll ask him to look into what happened.
But let's not let paranoia eat away at us.
We're not in a banana republic here.
(LAUGHING) (MOUSE CLICKS, VIDEO STOPS) She's writing a text.
What does it say? STEPHEN: "Need you to find the whereabouts of Valerie Peyser.
No more texts.
Just talk in person.
" Ah, Diane is onto us.
Who is the text to? No idea.
Someone else at the firm.
(TYPING) "Jay Dipersia.
" There we go, that's a new name.
Well, don't add him in.
What do you mean? Why not? It sounds foreign.
I don't know.
Makes me feel like we're the bad guys.
We're not the bad guys.
We're just doing our job.
We're just observers.
I don't think we are.
Oh, God.
You've gotten philosophical.
Don't fall in love, okay? I'm sending him upstairs.
(TYPING) Good luck, Jay Dipersia.
Maia Rindell! Where are you? You mousy little viper.
MARISSA: All right, sir, I'm gonna need you to Ah, you got an office! You fucking backstabbing bitch! You fucked over my client and you violated my trust.
Have you no decency?! (SCOFFS) Are you serious? You do this after the love I showed you?! (YELLING) (GROWLS) See, is that supposed to scare me? Am I supposed to beg your forgiveness? No, I beat you at your own game, and it wasn't difficult because you were stoned and sloppy and you left me an opening.
I don't need the "love" of a, of a sick, washed-up fuck who's pretending that he can cut it when he fucking can't! (ONLOOKERS MURMURING) (PANTING) Now get the fuck out of here.
(GLASS CLINKING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) The fuck are you looking at? I have news on Valerie Peyser.
That was fast.
Where did you find her? - In New York.
- Good.
She said she was going there to confer with Obama's people.
When will she be back? Not for a while.
But she's alive? Yes.
Do you, uh, have her contact info? I do.
Did you pay her any money? Did I Why? Valerie Peyser is a made-up name.
Valerie Underhill is from Elk Creek, Wisconsin.
She's currently serving eight months in Rikers for bilking three SoHo hotels.
In 2014, she was arrested for check-kiting.
In 2016, for identity theft.
(SIGHS SOFTLY) She befriends wealthy women, gains their confidence, acquires their credit card numbers, and uses their identity to con the next person.
Been doing this for the last decade, in L.
, Chicago, Miami and New York.
(WHISPERS): Oh, my God.
But there was never any money involved.
My guess is she would've asked for the contributions at the next meeting until the PAC money arrived.
Luckily for you, she returned to New York to gather her things from the W Hotel and was arrested.
Oh, my God.
Here's her arrest record and my interview with the New York detective.
Do you want me to go with you to brief them? Them? Your group.
No, um, I will.
I'm sorry.
(SIGHS) ("I'LL BE THERE" PLAYING) You and I must make a pact We must bring salvation back Just call my name I'll be there I'll be there I'll reach out my hand to you I'll have faith in all you do Just call my name And I'll be there I'll be there I'll be there to comfort you Build my world of dreams around you I'm so glad that I found you I'll be there with a love that's strong I'll be your strength I'll keep holding on "Diane, I am so sorry to have been incommunicado these last few days.
Fear not, I'm fine.
I was called into service by Obama's team on the West Coast.
I will contact you again when I am able.
In the meantime, tell the group great job.
Choose a new temporary leader until I return.
I would recommend Rachelle.
So, anyway, get to work on the next act.
Keep up the good fight.
" So, what's our next act? I'll be there I'll be there (SIREN WAILING) I'll be there to comfort you Build my world of dreams around you, oh, I'm so glad DETECTIVE: Maia Rindell? Yes? Is this your vehicle? Why? Has it been broken into? No.
We got a tip on some stolen narcotics from a local hospice facility.
- Oh, my God.
- And upon visual inspection of your vehicle, there appear to be some controlled substances in a box in the backseat.
Do you have a prescription for these substances? - Ugh.
Damn it.
- Just look over your shoulder, honey Ooh, I'll be there (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) I'll be there Just call my name - I'll be there - And I'll be there.
In a city with a name I don't know how to pronounce With a lot of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts In a windowless room lit by the glow of the screen There's a weaponized information garbage machine Making up stories that'll look like news About abortion and guns and immigration and Jews Pleasantly delighted we're so easily divided Working for a Russian troll farm.