The Good Fight (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

The One With Lucca Becoming A Meme

1 (RAIN FALLING, THUNDER RUMBLING) (DISTANT SIREN WAILING) So, this is global warming? I think it's just Chicago.
- We should move to San Diego.
- Mm.
(CHUCKLES) Doesn't look good.
She'll be fine.
And what is the current disposition of the drug charges? - Under review.
- JULIUS: Forgive me, Maia, but as managing partner, I have to ask this.
Do you have a drug problem? No.
God, no.
The drugs were foisted upon me by Roland Blum.
And these were the drugs the police found in your car? - Yes.
- Foisted but not planted? MADELINE: So, if you weren't using yourself, why'd you allow him to foist anything on you? I don't know how much experience you've had with Roland Blum.
The, uh, the standard playbook goes out the window.
BARRY: Does that extend to throwing a computer through a glass wall? ADRIAN: Admittedly, we've all lost our temper on occasion.
I didn't lose my temper.
Blum thought that he could intimidate me, and I had to let him know that I wasn't intimidated.
- There may be better ways of doing that.
- MAIA: There are.
And I apologize.
I've agreed to pay for both the computers and for the glass, and I promise, this will never happen again.
- Thank you, Maia.
- MAIA: Thank you.
- (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) - So, what do we think? Fire her.
- No, no.
- What? - I agree.
- BARRY: We fired Alan North last month for the identical drug charge.
- Not identical.
He was using.
- That was never proved.
This is just holding, and Maia's never had - any other issues.
- JULIUS: Actually, that's not true.
She was arrested two years ago.
For her father's crimes.
But then she was found not guilty.
But don't we have to be consistent? I argued against firing Alan North for his drug arrest, but I was overruled because we agreed there's zero tolerance.
Zero tolerance for using, not for I don't think we ever agreed on that distinction.
It's a huge distinction.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We will review all the evidence against Maia and then consider suspending her for a week.
So we're just gonna let this slide? - We're not gonna let it slide.
- We're not letting it slide.
- I know how this works.
- Just saying due diligence.
BARRY: We kick it down the road - so we can bury it.
- No.
We will come back in four days, and we will vote.
Everybody will be heard.
- Okay? - BARRY: Okay.
So, you coming with me? - To tell Maia? - No, to the noon meeting.
Oh, your leftie rebellion? Mm, trust me, Liz, you'll be impressed.
I-I've had my fill of left-wing anger.
Yeah, well, this is different.
All right, let me think about it.
Should I close the door? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Am I fucked? Wow, Maia.
All grown up.
No, you are not fucked.
Boseman is doing the bare minimum to discard of this.
Drug test and a standard investigation.
- A drug test? - Yeah.
But you have the votes, so don't worry.
Uh, things will be back to normal in four days.
(SIGHS) I'm so sorry about all of this, Diane.
No, no, no.
You should've had some supervision with Blum.
That was my mistake.
- Well, it was an education.
- (CHUCKLES) That's an odd couple.
MAIA: I know.
They've been spending a lot of time together.
I think Julius is helping her out with some legal issue.
No, don't walk back your pro-life argument.
That's why they want you for a federal judgeship.
You don't think it's too controversial? It's controversial here because everybody's pro-choice, but you're at the Historical Law Society.
They're like the Federalist Society Version Two.
They want true believers.
So I should just bring it up, abortion? No, you bring up your biography.
The dog whistles.
You have 12 kids.
- Six.
- Whatever.
And you're Catholic, and you live that whole philosophy.
What's that mean? Mass once a week and a disabled son.
Seriously? I should just bring that up? Are you kidding me? They'll eat that up.
Julius, this is Stockholm syndrome here.
You've been here with liberals so long you don't know what you should be humblebragging about.
- Aren't you one of those liberals? - Sure.
But my dad poisoned me.
He made politics chess, so it was more important to win than to make life better.
(LAUGHS) You're a funny bird.
Let's start again.
When they ask you about your family, what do you say? Well, as the father of six children, one of them with muscular dystrophy, I'm well aware of the problems of family, and that's one of the reasons I supported Donald Trump.
Trump is down in the suburbs, but his evangelical, rural support is strong and unlikely to decrease given his court appointments and grip on the right-wing media.
If you turn to chart three, you'll see that looking ahead to 2020, we need to change our focus.
Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.
Trump won the 2016 election because of these 79,646 votes.
That's all it took to get him the 46 electoral votes that put him in the White House.
He lost the popular vote by almost three million.
So shouldn't we, in fact, change Valerie's goal? - What do you mean? - Well, she challenged us to find a way to shave nine points off of Trump's approval rating.
But isn't that too broad? Shouldn't we just focus on these needed votes? Should we check with Valerie first? - Um, she left it to us.
- RACHELLE: So, let's do it.
WOMAN: Can I make a suggestion? - Go for it.
- Isabella Burns.
I'm working with social media innovators, trying to follow tastes across the country.
And if you want to sway 79,000 votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, you need to swiftboat a pop star.
Swiftboat? As in Taylor Swift.
She came out for a candidate, and within 24 hours, 65,000 new young voters registered.
By Election Day, there were half a million new voters.
So we need an influencer who matters in these three states.
And who might that be? RACHELLE: We also need an influencer we can influence.
Sounds like you already have somebody in mind? Well, yes.
One of your clients.
ISABELLA: The country star, Sabrina Wynne.
Her Q score is 56 or better in these three states.
Especially among 18 to 32-year-olds.
So you all discussed this before we got here? We went through our client lists.
You won.
(RINGTONE PLAYING) It's my day off.
This better be good.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have a moment? I need some advice.
How did the disciplinary hearing go? Good, I think.
I mean, they want to give me a drug test.
I've-I've never done one before.
Do I have to worry about a false positive? You know, from, like, a-a lemon poppy seed muffin? No.
Poppy seeds are in such low quantities, it won't matter.
Everything should be fine.
Just don't get arrested again.
But for how long does a, uh, drug test flag something like poppy seeds - in your system? - LUCCA: Ah.
A week at the most.
You know, they found drugs in your car, Maia.
It's not like you did drugs.
I'm so relieved.
- I feel like I want to get blackout drunk.
- I need a drink, too.
We just came from a "mommy and me" class.
- MAIA: Oh, God.
- Yeah, we had to clap and sing and shake tambourines.
(CHUCKLES): I thought my day was bad.
Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo - Baby shark - Okay, I'm gonna go now.
No, wait, there's 12 verses.
Mommy shark, doo, doo - Doo, doo, Daddy - Good to talk.
Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Mommy shark.
Are you there? Are you wishing somebody would pay attention to you? (GASPS) It's okay.
She's off the phone now.
It's cold outside.
You should put a scarf around him.
He doesn't like scarves.
Did he tell you that? When you get home, you should give him Tylenol right away so he doesn't get a cold.
Yeah, that's not how Tylenol works.
I'm guessing that you haven't been a nanny for very long.
I found him at Whole Foods near the bulk peanuts.
I like peanuts.
Is that a joke? Okay, strange baby.
Let's go.
Time to sell you on eBay.
Do you know who that woman was? No.
Did she come here with that baby? Yes.
Look, I-I'm not sure what I'm dealing with here, but it's a woman who says she isn't the nanny, but she's African-American, and the baby is white.
Now, this is not racist.
I'm just concerned be Oh, sh-she's looking at me right now.
Oh, my God.
She said something about drugs, about how her friend has drugs in her car, and I just I always told myself it's always better to be safe than sorry.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - Uh, she's about 30 years old, dressed in baggy clothes, fancy sneakers.
Oh, and she told me she found the baby at a Whole Foods.
Thank you.
(CAMERA CLICKS) Um, excuse me, I think you should wait until the police come.
Ma'am, you need to get a fucking grip.
Okay, don't swear.
I have your license number, and I gave the police your description.
- Jesus.
- You are not leaving with this baby.
With my baby? Yes, I fucking am.
- He's not your baby.
- Don't! Get your hands off my stroller.
- Okay, help! She's trying to take a baby! - Lady - Can you stop? Stop.
- If you don't get the fuck away from my car, - I'm gonna take you down - Help! - (SIREN WAILING) - Put him down.
Help me! - Great.
Here we go.
- (JOSEPH CRYING) JULIUS: I've known quite a few judges on both sides of the aisle.
I understand how important your work is, how important it is to stop the trend of liberal judges legislating from the bench.
I've been a congregant at Holy Conception for 20 years now.
My kids, too.
Uh, six kids.
And when I'm refereeing at one of our soccer games, I call fouls.
I don't score goals.
MAN: Julius, you've spent years now at a liberal law firm responsible for some of the most damaging police brutality lawsuits in the country.
- How is that consistent with your beliefs? - Oh.
The fact that I've worked closely with liberals without compromising my personal principles tells you how committed I am to my conservative beliefs.
- Fantastic job.
- Thank you.
So, one thing.
We gave you five résumés for consultants.
You didn't like them? No, no, no, they were great.
Some of them were expensive.
I should've warned you.
We can try to funnel you some PAC money.
No, no, no, I'm good.
You're a wonderful candidate, Julius, so I hope you take this in the right spirit.
You won't make it with Eli Gold's daughter as your advisor.
Well, she doesn't affect my beliefs.
Her father's an assassin for the other side.
- But she isn't.
- Well, she's guaranteed to talk to him.
I'm sorry, Julius, but you need to let her go.
And if I don't? Well, our biggest fear is putting someone on the court and having them flip on us, so this is not a small thing.
Think about it.
Let us know.
You crushed it.
What did Brock say? Uh, what? Just now? Yeah.
When he pulled you aside.
Is it a done deal? He didn't say anything.
They just need a couple of days to think about it.
Can we talk a minute? - Hey.
Yeah, what's up? So, I've been searching online, but, um, - (COMPUTER CHIMES) - I'm a little confused on the matter, so I wanted to ask you.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) What's wrong? Nothing.
It's, uh, just these e-mails I keep getting.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) Whoa! - Those are the kind of e-mails I usually get.
- - Okay, so - what is it? Uh, okay, so this is gonna sound bad, but I was wondering how long something will stay in your system for it to be detected by a drug test.
This isn't about the poppy seeds? (QUIETLY): No.
What drugs? Fentanyl.
Fentanyl? - How did you - Uh, Blum, he he gave me a fentanyl lollipop to try.
- And you tried it? - Mm-hmm.
I've never done drugs before, ever, and, uh I wanted to see what it would be like.
So - it depends on how much you took.
- Mm-hmm.
Usually it metabolizes in one and a half days, but it could take up to five days.
- How long ago since you took it? - Four days ago.
Jay came to me yesterday for a drug test, but I delayed it to today.
You'll probably be fine.
But you can't be sure? I can't be.
(SNIFFS) I need to delay it one more day.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
(PHONE RINGS) Lucca Quinn.
WOMAN: Bitch, fuck, cunt, motherfucking asshole (PHONE RINGING) Lucca Quinn.
Quinn, this is Cole Lowe from the Washington Post.
- Is this a good time? - For ? Do you have a comment on the video? The "Mothering While Black" video.
I've contacted the other woman involved, and she insists this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding.
- Do you have a comment? - Uh I'm actually a-a little busy.
Hey! Stop! - This is not racist.
I was just - Okay.
She doesn't even know how to fold this stroller.
I can fold the stroller fine! This is clearly not your baby.
You actually want to see my I.
? Yeah, your car registration, too, please.
- LUCCA: How dare you! - She told me that she found him - at the Whole Foods.
- Oh, my God.
LUCCA: It was a joke! It was a freaking joke! - WOMAN: You think that is funny? - OFFICER: Okay, all right LUCCA: You actually want to see my I.
? OFFICER: Yeah, your car registration, too.
The father of this baby is a United States congressman.
- (WOMAN CHUCKLES) - I still need to see your I.
LUCCA: You actually want to see my I.
? Congratulations.
You're a meme.
LUCCA: The father of this baby is a United States congressman.
(ARGUING CONTINUES ON VIDEO) OFFICER: All right, all right, all right! Okay WOMAN: She's trying to take a baby! (ARGUING CONTINUES ON VIDEO) WOMAN: Help me! LUCCA: Because this is my baby.
Because he needs to get home and have a nap.
(VIDEO STOPS) - Did you know she was coming in today? - No.
That's an odd coincidence.
LIZ: Yeah.
Do you believe in coincidences? No.
- Uh, you've met, uh, Liz Reddick? - No.
I'm sure you knew her dad.
- It's an honor.
- Hi.
- I wrote a song about your dad.
- Oh.
Some idiot thought it was pro-Klan.
- Mm.
- That's the problem with art.
People interpret it any which way.
I'm Sabrina's manager, Nate Yardley.
I think you know Diane Lockhart.
- Hi, Nate.
Hi, Sabrina.
- Ms.
Lockhart, hi.
Yeah, we, uh, didn't mean to bring in the whole cavalry here.
Oh, no, we are here to serve.
Sabrina's just a little concerned about her fans.
They can get a little rambunctious.
- What's the problem? - What is ? (CHUCKLES) Uh, please, sit.
So, we keep track of mentions on social media.
This was just posted today.
It's obviously photoshopped, but a lot of the discussion's about Sabrina really being there in Charlottesville.
- SABRINA: They call themselves Wynners.
- DIANE: Who does? These fans on the alt-right.
They think she's their Aryan savior.
- Where's this coming from? - Some conspiracy theorist on 4chan who calls himself P-Anon.
SABRINA: He supposedly has all this information on the coming civil war.
He says I'll be married off to Donald Trump Jr.
, who will rule for the next 50 years.
- And you want to sue him? - NATE: Well, no, he's anonymous.
I mean, who would we sue? DIANE: You'll still make a statement with this suit.
You'll come out as against the alt-right and neo-Nazis.
We are committed to staying neutral.
Neutral with regards to Nazis? Look I-I know this is hard for people to understand, but music, to me, is bigger than politics.
It's my whole life.
But if you bring music down to politics, that is all that people see.
And the ugly thing about right now is: beauty is secondary.
Politics is everything.
Families break apart because of politics.
Paintings are about politics.
TV shows and jokes, poems, comic books.
I always promised myself, no matter how much money I'd lose, to never let my music be used for anything except as music.
So no statements, even about alt-right assholes.
Then what would you like us to do? NATE: One of Sabrina's fan sites has reprinted this photo and called on Sabrina to condemn the alt-right.
We want you to send a cease-and-desist order to that site.
Oh, well, uh, that would be a mistake, Sabrina.
Why? Well, doing that would make it seem like you support the alt-right.
You would be making a statement by trying to not make a statement.
Also, they have a First Amendment right.
Here's the problem when this photo was on 4chan, only 50,000 or so saw it.
Now it's on my fan site a few million see it.
Is this the work of your resistance group? Uh, I don't know.
P-Anon is theirs, - but it may have gotten away from them.
- Meaning? It's weird how quickly what starts out as satire becomes the real thing these days.
(ELECTRONIC CHIME) - (GUITAR PLAYS GENTLE INTRO) - - (LATIN BEAT BEGINS) - - - Now we have the Internet - - The future is in range It's great for buying groceries It's a tool for social change But in the darker corners There is something very strange A mirror world of mystery and fog First there's just a meme Then there's a joke about the meme The joke is that it's fake It's not as fake as it may seem Confusion when they use one And it seems like what they mean And then, ta-da, a cartoon Nazi frog They want to make you crazy And they want to make you mad Okay is not okay and, tee-hee, drinking milk is bad But no frog is a Nazi And it makes him very sad One more clown nose in their shitty catalog The lines are getting blurry And it's very hard to see If it's cruel or if it's funny If it's truth or irony For every thought that's stupid There is someone who'll agree And it's hell if you're a cartoon Nazi frog Fare-thee-well, despised cartoon Nazi frog.
We talking to Lucca? - Mm-hmm.
- Got it.
You two do know that Sabrina is my client? - Oh, yes.
- Yeah.
We were just trying to put up a united front for her.
Look, it was a misunderstanding.
The cops were great.
The lady realized she was wrong, so I wish we wouldn't make such a big deal of it.
ADRIAN: We're not trying to, Lucca.
It's just that now we're getting phone messages here.
Uh, Jay.
"I'm going to find where you live, and I'm going to rescue that precious baby from the shithole where you're holding him.
" MARISSA: "This won't be Mothering While Black, this will be Mothering While Dead.
" LIZ: Lucca, we want Jay to escort you - to and from work every day.
- LUCCA: No.
Seriously, I'm fine.
That is not necessary.
It is, Lucca.
- Just for a week.
- It was a total non-event.
It'll be forgotten by tomorrow.
BARRY: It was captured on video.
That's never forgotten.
MARISSA: Like the guy who was shot in his car with his girlfriend.
- Philando Castile.
- Right.
There was video, so it was remembered longer than the guy who was killed in his apartment - by an off-duty cop.
- Botham Jean.
TERENCE: Same thing with the guy whose car broke down.
- Then he knocked on somebody's door - JAY: Jonathan Ferrell.
Do you all notice that the black people here know the names of the victims of police shootings, but the others don't? Um, I don't think that's true.
Is it? Who was the kid on the dashcam walking away when the police shot him? JAY/LIZ/BARRY/ADRIAN: Laquan McDonald.
And who was that gay youth on the fence post? DIANE/MARISSA/TERENCE: Matthew Shepard.
So you think I'm racist? No.
It was just an observation.
My grandparents went to Selma.
Marissa, please, let it go.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
I guess I'll go remember the names of everyone shot by the police.
(WHISPERS): Jonathan Ferrell.
Michael Brown.
Philando Castile.
Um Alton Sterling.
(SIGHS) What do you think about what Lucca said? (POURS DRINK) I know that black people are not monolithic.
But, you know I've accepted there's a certain amount of bias in my life no matter what.
And I'm just looking for some everyday kindness and respect, Liz.
Mm, but is kindness only there in the best of times? What does that mean? Uh, well, when it comes down to it, don't people really break off into their own tribes? I mean, they show who they really love when times get tough.
You're worried that when they start rounding up black people, Diane will turn us in.
ADRIAN: I have to worry about the racists I can see.
When I solve that, I can turn to the racists I don't see.
Do you have a minute? - Yeah.
What is it? - The new associates.
- They need to hear from a fourth-year.
- Sure.
That's an unusual makeup, isn't it? What do you mean? Well, more whites than blacks.
Oh, are we really counting now? No, I wasn't.
But things don't happen at this firm without a reason.
Do you want me to get someone else to speak with them? No.
(CHIMING CONTINUES) JULIUS: There are great opportunities for advancement, - as you will quickly realize, - Hi.
from the head of our matrimonial department, Lucca Quinn.
She's a fourth-year associate, but her, uh, meteoric rise here at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart is really indicative of the kind of law firm we are.
We are inclusive in our hiring practices (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) (CLEARS THROAT) Uh just fill up to the line.
You're not coming in? No.
I trust you.
This is silly.
- No, I don't think it is.
- People just talk.
They don't do.
No, these days, they do.
Did did you notice that the new round of associate hires are majority-white? I didn't notice that.
And why did you notice that? Because I was asked to talk to them.
Yes, but that wouldn't usually be worthy of comment.
What do you mean? You're not someone who usually notices issues of race at the firm.
(SCOFFS) Yes, I do.
Mm, I never heard it from you.
Wait, what issues of race? (LAUGHS) What? Tell me.
There are always issues of race.
Such as? You don't want to hear this.
I-I do.
What? Lucca, the best offices, the best pay, the number of new hires, they go to the new white hires.
Talk to the mail room.
They hate what's going on.
What do you mean, the best pay? No, I am not gonna start this.
Oh, you already did.
Is there a pay disparity? The firm is expanding.
We all pretend there are no racial ramifications.
But that's because the partners are mostly black and they're doing well.
But the firm is hiring more whites than blacks.
And they're paying the whites more? Talk to Boseman.
He listens to you.
Give me the data.
Then I'll talk to Boseman.
What do you want? Get me the salary breakdown.
When you fire that bullet, it will start a war.
Are you sure you want it? Get me the data.
Then I'll know.
So, you're using us.
Using? In what way? We get back to work and Sabrina Wynne wants to meet with us because of this.
Because 4chan is exploding about her as a neo-Nazi goddess.
Why does that seem strange? DIANE: It seems convenient.
We want Sabrina to come out against the alt-right, and, there it is, a provocation from the alt-right.
Look, I did create a thread about Sabrina, but everything else is not me.
- Is this your photoshop? - No, are you kidding? My work is much better than this.
4chan is taking off without us.
Yeah, but you created the problem.
No, the problem is there.
We just dragged it out in the open.
This would be different if it were one of your clients.
No, it wouldn't.
If it was one of my clients at my PR firm, I would jump at the chance to advise her to come out against the alt-right.
RACHELLE: There are blue and red brands these days.
Ask any of the red ones how they're doing.
The NRA.
How many sponsors have they lost? - Trump Towers.
- Ivanka's clothing line.
Now ask the blue ones.
I've done polling on this.
The blue side is always on top.
Sabrina does not want to stand with red or blue.
So what is she gonna do? That's attorney-client privilege.
We can't tell you.
Just advise her the way a real lawyer would, - and we'll get the influence we need.
- "Real lawyer.
" Thank you.
It's what happens when you're in this fight.
Your day job becomes secondary.
Well, stop making our job harder, okay? With any more postings.
Just let it go.
(GROANS) Morning.
Will it never stop raining? (SIGHS) Everything okay? I got the data.
On the salaries? Good.
Most of the new senior associates coming in are white.
Most of the junior associates are black, with lower pay.
Is there something else? One of the employees got a large raise last week.
Who? Marissa.
I think we should drop this.
I shouldn't have asked for the data.
Why? Because I like Marissa.
I do, too.
But I worked here four more years.
Well, she's not paid as much as you.
She wasn't.
Until last week.
I still think we should drop it.
Look, this isn't just about money.
It's about value.
And I don't know why my contribution is valued less.
It's not.
And it would be good to not attach it to individuals.
I would agree.
But then it's about Race.
(EXHALES) Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna talk to 'em.
- To who? - The partners.
Jay, it Don't.
- It's nothing.
- It's not nothing.
(STARTS ENGINE) (SHIFTER CLICKS) Look at you, all grown up.
Frank Landau.
Are you here for Mr.
Boseman? No, for you.
I spoke to your dad the other day.
How's he doing? I can never get him to call me back.
Well, elections are tough in Albania.
Eli Gold, living in the birthplace of Mother Teresa.
Go figure.
He asked me to give you a message.
Is it "happy birthday"? Because he missed the last two.
Is this glass soundproof? It is.
Why? What the fuck are you doing?! Yep, that sounds like Dad.
What the fuck are you doing, - working for the Historical Law Society?! - I'm not working Please do me the courtesy of allowing me to finish! - Is this Dad now or you? - They are responsible for 90% of the destructive judges in this country.
I am not working for them.
I'm consulting for a friend.
A Republican friend.
- Why is that so bad? - You know, if you want to get back at your dad, just get a fucking tattoo! Dad thinks I'm doing this to get back at him? - Talk about self-centered.
- What other motive could you have to help an anti-choice Trump voter get on the federal bench?! Tell "Dad" while he's off helping some corrupt Albanian billionaire, I am helping a decent man become a good judge.
Yes, he's Republican.
But, news flash, they're the only ones getting through.
If I have to choose between creepy, drunk frat boys and Julius Cain, I'm picking Julius.
How much is Cain paying you? None of your business.
Why? I'll bet you we pay more at the DNC.
In case you ever want to come work for the good guys.
I learned from the best, so I know you're full of shit.
Just tell Dad to call me next time.
(SIGHS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Next time you want to make a point, slam the door! (EXHALES) That was actually pretty bitchin'.
(EXHALES) Sabrina.
Are you all right? You said the alt-right would think I was supporting them with this suit.
Uh, yes.
I'm sorry.
I've seen what they're writing.
And I'm being called a coward for suing my own fan site.
I shouldn't have listened to Nate.
I'm ready to do what you said.
You want to make a political statement? I think I have to.
We can help you write it.
In your words, of course.
You can you can thank your fans, you can encourage them to vote, and then you come out against the alt-right.
- Just like Taylor Swift.
- No.
I want to make a political statement about love.
- A-As in? - Like, when I play the guitar, I need my right hand and my left hand.
Without both, there's no music.
And without music, there's no love.
Sabrina, do you want our advice? Yes.
That's not enough.
You're saying one hand belongs to the neo-Nazis.
I'm not saying that.
I'm saying that love is bigger than politics.
But that's the way it will look.
Um, let us do this.
We'll write up two statements, yours and ours.
You read both and decide.
I'll think about it.
I didn't know we had an appointment.
She just walked in.
When we meet with my client, I'm in the meeting.
No exceptions.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Liz, Jay needs to talk to us.
Why? Okay.
Why is Marissa on parity with me? Parity? What do you mean? Why is her salary the same as mine? You just got a raise, Jay.
- Exactly the amount you requested.
- Yes.
And Marissa got a bigger one.
Look, people really shouldn't be comparing salaries.
It-It's a mistake to equate salary with value.
Then how else do we equate it? Marissa was hired three years ago.
She's been an investigator for a year and a half.
I've been here seven years.
Bottom line, Jay, the partners don't discuss financial decisions.
There are so many factors that go into every decision.
Such as? We're not doing this.
If we have to defend every salary, we'll never stop.
Is it because she's white? I'm gonna pretend you never said that.
Then I'm gonna say it again.
- Is it because she's white? - Come on.
What the fuck?! I try very hard not to make any decisions based on race.
But you do.
Every day.
So do I.
This meeting's over, man.
Meeting's over, Jay.
Well? Well, what, Liz? Why are we paying Marissa as much as Jay? You know why.
You were there.
Because Julius argued for Marissa.
She was getting more assignments than Jay.
More associates were requesting her.
More of the white associates were asking for her? This company keeps working because we don't look at certain things, we don't pick at certain scabs.
We pay people more who we think we're losing.
We pay people less who we know are not going anywhere.
Nothing to do with Marissa.
It's capitalism, Liz.
Because the white people are more likely to leave us than black? Hell yeah.
What, you-you thought I'd say no? The ugly truth, Liz: women are valued less than men because we think the men can leave us for better paying jobs.
And black people are valued less than white people because we think the white people can leave us for better paying jobs.
(SIGHS) I hate it.
But that's the reality and that's what I have to deal with.
If we don't keep this place afloat, no one survives.
And don't make it my thing.
There's a nine-year expiration date on minority-owned businesses winning no-bid contracts.
Liz, 40% of our business were governmental contracts and they're gone.
- Forever.
So we're diversifying; - Okay.
that's how we survive.
That's how we pay for the pro bono work, the volunteer work, everything.
We're building a company for the future, and not just for the next five years, for the next 50 years.
Adrian, you act like I am arguing with you and I am not.
All I know is that we may not want to pick at that scab, but someone else will.
(EXHALES) You talked to the partners? - Yep.
- How'd that go? What are you doing? Sharing information with the firm.
- About? - Salaries.
That's not gonna go over well.
You're looking for loyalty from me, Mr.
Well, Marissa stood by me.
The head of the DNC tried to get her to turn on me, and she told him off.
This is beyond Democrat or Republican.
It's Proverbs, chapter three: "Never let go of loyalty and faithfulness.
Tie them around your neck; and write them on your heart.
" So this is written on my heart.
If you don't want Marissa, you don't want me.
Thank you for letting us know.
Take care.
ROSALYN: I'm sorry.
Who does? KEVIN: The white associates.
I'm not surprised.
Look at the clients they're going after.
Right, this is not just Chumhum.
When's the last police brutality case we took on? LEAH: And Jenna's office.
They took it from her and give it to Maia.
Wait a minute.
She only got that office temporarily.
- Why are you defending them? - That's right.
Marissa is taking your job.
LEAH: Oh, I know for a fact that all the white associates are going to Marissa with their cases and not you.
ROSALYN: And if I have to jump six feet to get the same thing you have to jump two feet for well, then that's racism.
(CHATTER CONTINUES) Has anyone seen Marissa? Probably busy.
But Jay is here.
Thank you.
LEAH: That's who got Jenna's office.
Trust fund baby kicked her out.
People didn't know, or the ones who did, didn't care.
What's going on? Sabrina has a sister who's transitioning.
The alt-right came out against her.
SABRINA: They said she's demented, perverted, castrated.
They posted her photo everywhere.
- Who, who did? - Someone called P-Anon.
SABRINA: They spray-painted her house, "Move or die.
" I don't know if I'm more scared someone will kill her, or she'll kill herself.
Sabrina wants to make a statement.
I want to get everyone out to vote.
You two were right.
You can't stay neutral.
LIZ: Rachelle.
This was you, wasn't it? Going after Sabrina's trans sister? Why? Did it work? It devastated her.
Is that what you wanted? No, but is she making a statement? Yes, she's disgusted.
It worked! Sabrina's speaking out.
(CHEERING) You put those words in P-Anon's mouth? Of course I did.
That was the whole point.
You smeared her trans sister.
We had to get Sabrina to commit.
The alt-right would've done it if we didn't.
- But they didn't.
We said up front: do what works.
Well, this worked.
Sabrina's gonna get 200,000 kids to register.
And in all the right states.
This is good.
You did good.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) ADRIAN: All right, all right.
All right.
All right! All right.
All right.
We cannot address any of these concerns if we can't hear you.
Kevin, you're first.
What? Why are so many of the new hires white? We made offers to a number of African-American graduates who decided they didn't want to move to Chicago.
- That's just what happened.
- But the new white associates are earning more than the black ones.
Salaries are driven by seniority, Lucca.
Now, this year, all of our white recruits happen to have more experience.
The white attorneys favor the white staff.
Look at the investigators; the white lawyers - always ask for Marissa.
- BARRY: Okay, we'll look into that.
- ADRIAN: We will look into it.
- Anything else? What about what happened with Maia? Okay.
Hold on.
Let's not overwhelm the partners.
If this is about the spare office, we gave that office - to Maia Rindell because of the work - No.
- This is about her drug arrest.
- Right.
KEVIN: Alan North got fired after one arrest.
Maia Rindell gets arrested, goes to trial, gets arrested again, and you gave her a one-week suspension.
- Every case is different, Kevin.
- ROSALYN: She's white.
- Whoa.
- Isn't that what's different? - Uh-uh.
- BARRY: Okay, wait.
We haven't decided whether to suspend her.
We were fact-finding.
And we're voting on it today.
KEVIN: Something's changed.
We all feel it.
We appreciate all your opinions.
We will consider everything you've said very carefully, and get back to you as soon as we can.
Are you sticking with them? Yes.
Me, too.
Why? Ah, they are effective.
- KEVIN: Fuck you.
- TOMMY: What the fuck did I do? Like you don't know.
Kevin, can you not just talk to me? KEVIN: Do you honestly think that you should be - making more money than me? - TOMMY: That's not my decision.
So we said we would reconvene, we are reconvening.
Here we are.
- What's going on? - A number of people think we're being inconsistent with our punishment for Maia.
So we're voting on it right now.
I say we do the same thing that we did to Alan North.
We relieve her of her position with cause.
Wait a minute.
I thought we decided on a punishment for Maia.
A one-week suspension.
No, we said we were waiting for her drug test.
And? And what was her drug test? It came back clean.
No, it came back inconclusive.
I say we vote.
Our Rules of Corporate Governance call for it to be put to a vote whether an associate's employment is to be terminated.
I vote for firing.
We have no concrete proof that she used those drugs.
At a minimum, Diane, she showed bad judgment.
To carry around a box of illegally obtained Schedule C drugs in her car? DIANE: Well, in that case I should be removed for cause, as well.
I carried illegally obtained psilocybin, a Schedule C drug, in my car.
If we're being consistent, then I should be fired.
You're a partner, Diane, you have protections an associate doesn't.
And, I recall, you voted against Alan.
Let's vote now.
But, Adrian, why are we rushing this? We had a consortium of associates complain about disparities in pay, disparities in handling infractions, Diane.
They think the disparities were based on race.
- But they aren't.
- BARRY: I said that, too.
But the difference is, I didn't believe it.
- Well, then why didn't you say something at the time? - (OVERLAPPING ARGUING) This is a young woman's - life for God's sake.
- ADRIAN: Okay.
Okay, everybody.
Let's not try and settle all our racial issues in this disciplinary committee.
BARRY: Okay.
Should we suspend Maia Rindell for a week, or should we be consistent? - Oh, come on.
- You're right.
Strike that.
Or should we fire her with cause? All those in favor of suspension Five for suspension.
All those in favor of removing Maia from her position Six for removal.
I know you want - (EXHALES) - To see me cry But I was tucked in - Without a lullaby - (INDISTINCT ARGUING) So the most you'll get Is a furrowed brow Lack of eye contact And a wave goodbye I'll be the change When I wanna be Leave it unexplained How I act this way Conclude my story With a degrading phrase - Because I never meant - Come in.
To be this way Is everything all right? - No.
- I've come this far Without a steering wheel Refusing all requests To make my own dreams real The disciplinary committee voted.
(INHALES SHARPLY) - And? - Where trees line the road You've been fired.
I'll be the change When I wanna be Leave it unexplained How I act this way Conclude my story With a degrading phrase Because I never meant To be this way.