The Good Wife s01e02 Episode Script


An hour ago, I resigned as state's attorney of cook county.
Are you still involved with prostitutes, sir? Thanks for playing the breadwinner for a while.
It's not gonna last forever.
I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity.
- Glad you could come aboard.
- Not only are you coming back to the workplace fairly late, but you have some very prominent baggage.
But, hey, if she can do it, so can you.
Kalinda Sharma.
- The investigator.
- You're Peter Florrick's wife.
That's right.
Last time I was in court was 13 years ago.
Wow, I was 12.
State's attorney's here.
I'm Glenn Childs.
Peter blames me for his downfall.
Don't make yourself collateral damage here.
The day you leaked that sex tape to the press and forced me to shield my children, that was the day I became collateral damage.
You've obviously never made a woman angry before.
An hour ago, I resigned as state's attorney of cook county.
But I do admit to a failure of judgment in my dealings with these women.
I've never abused my office for sexual favors.
Give us time to heal and rebuild their trust Mom, breakfast.
That's great.
Your husband's appeal.
It looks like he could get out of prison any month now, - Looks like it.
- Early Show had a story on it.
Some good stuff on you, too.
Did you catch it? - No, missed it.
- I caught it online.
- I can send you the link.
- That's okay.
No, no, no, it's easy.
So litigation wants me on this new class action.
That's where I'm headed.
What about you? I don't know.
In here, I guess.
When did you say this was? May 15, four months ago.
- Do you have anything with the date? - A parking receipt.
Had you ever met Mr.
McKeon before? No.
I'd seen his family on the news.
I heard about their hotels and stuff, but that's about it.
Well, the problem here, Christy, is that any civil suit could be seen as opportunistic.
Because of their money? Yes.
I'm sorry, but I didn't choose my rapist.
This kid doesn't know what she's in for.
Taking on the McKeon family Alicia, if you don't mind, we just need to.
No, it's all right, stay.
I don't know about this.
It's a criminal case, not a civil one.
Except the new state's attorney rejected the charges.
Because it's got Duke Lacrosse written all over it.
- Come on.
- What come on? Put your politics aside, Diane.
You're Glenn Childs, you get this dropped in your lap a stripper at a bachelor party accusing the son of the most powerful family in Chicago of rape and you don't think it's Duke Lacrosse II? He's worried about the McKeon family money.
He's worried about their campaign contributions.
I'm worried that we're overextended.
How many sheffrin-marks depos o we have left? - 210.
- 210.
We need to keep our eye on the ball.
And Christy is just gonna look like she's trying to make some quick cash from the McKeon family.
- Do you believe her? - I believe a lot of things I can't prove.
All right, here's what I think.
I know the McKeon family lawyer.
- Ericcson? - Right, William Ericcson.
That's just what we need two Wills.
The McKeons are gonna want to keep this out of the press, even if he didn't do it.
So my guess is they throw her some cash, maybe 50 grand or so to keep her quiet.
Ericcson, please.
Tell him it's the other Will.
I want you to be at this lunch.
Don't say anything.
Just listen and look serious.
I can do that.
- How you holding up here? - I'm holding up.
Oh, yeah, how do you know her? - Who? - Christy.
I don't.
Then why did she ask for you to be on the case? - I don't know.
- Ericcson here.
I think you know why I'm calling.
Two months ago, Peter Florrick was sentenced to ten years for bribery and corruption.
Today was the first step toward his release.
He was known in Chicago simply as "the Hammer.
" He jailed cop-killers, ceos, corrupt politicians, until "the hammer" got hammered.
An hour ago, I resigned as state's attorney of Cook County.
Within weeks, Chicago's incorruptible state's attorney found himself with all the trappings of a modern American scandal: A rival with an eye on his job, an embarrassed wife, a blushing call girl and an R-rated sex tape.
Does she do this for you? Does she? Oh, God, please.
You are ama Hey, ever heard the whole thing? No.
You're the only one who hasn't.
Everything I have on McKeon.
What?! I beat you three sets to two.
Oh, come on, you don't even believe that.
This is driving me crazy.
How do I know you? - Me? - Miner, Parsons & Layton? Alicia is actually our newest junior associate.
One month in.
Will Ericcson, Alicia Florrick.
- It is very nice to meet you.
- You, too.
I'm rooting for your husband.
I know he has a lot of enemies in this town, but I always root for the underdog.
Just ignore him.
The only reason someone's forced out of public office in America these days is sex.
So let's talk about Lloyd McKeon.
It's so sad, really.
I remember when you had a respectable firm, Will.
One that wouldn't sink to scurrilous charges like these.
And what charges might those be, Will? I haven't said anything yet.
Do you think you're the first firm she's shopping this lawsuit to? There's nothing there.
Even the state's attorney the new state's attorney thinks there's nothing there.
And yet I got you to a settlement lunch on a half hour's notice.
Florrick, what would you say to someone bringing unsubstantiated sexual charges against a public figure just in order to gain an advantage? You want to know what I would say? I would.
I would say you're trying to change the subject from rape.
I would agree that, as offensive and misguided as these charges are, the optics aren't exactly in our favor.
We're willing to make an offer.
It's nonnegotiable.
You have till end of business day.
McKeon did it.
Under a hundred thou, I would've said no.
Over a hundred thou What about well over? If you don't mind my asking, Ms.
Barbosa, why did you request me? I saw you on tv.
I thought you'd understand what it's like to be misunderstood.
Sorry about that.
McKeon's lawyers made a financial offer that Diane and I actually agree on.
A first.
It's a cash settlement.
You're kidding.
We don't have to go to court? He just offered that? You'll have to sign a standard confidentiality agreement.
Both parties free each other of liability and agree not to speak to anyone, including the press.
- What? - It's standard in civil agreements.
I want everybody to know he settled.
- Can't we tell the police? - Not if we sign a confidentiality agreement.
McKeon could withdraw the award and sue you for defamation.
What do you think? I think under the cir I think you're looking for justice, Christy.
And sometimes justice comes in a form we don't expect.
If you take this money, the settlement will be known to the two people that matter most, you and him.
I'm sorry, no.
He'll know how much it costs to rape somebody and get away with it, that's all.
This is about him admitting that he did this to me.
She's right.
Okay, Ericcson, how flexible are you on confidentiality? Exclude new criminal discovery.
Come on, this isn't You want to go to court, is that it? Take it as far as pretrial? He doesn't want to go to trial.
Look, Ericcson, you want to make McKeon the bachelor party rapist, be my That's how you want to play it? - We just turned down a half million bucks.
- Feels good, doesn't it? Looks like we got a case.
You have to size these things up pretty quickly.
12 clients, stockbroker types, no one out of control.
It was easy.
They paid $400 for a 90-minute, two-girl fantasy strip.
Two girl? - Who was the other girl? - Maura I don't remember her last name.
That was the only time she worked.
She insists on being here during all this.
It's a nightmare.
And McKeon, how'd you meet him? The groom? He offered me another $100 for a private lap dance.
When I got in the bedroom, he locked the door.
Then he grabbed me.
I tried to get the mace from my bag, tried to shout.
Did you tell anyone afterwards? Maura.
And our driver Grant.
He was the one who suggested she drive me to the hospital for the rape exam.
And the service, worldwide elite, how long did you work for them? - 2 years.
- And what else did you do there? What do you mean? I mean, what else did you do there? For a year, I was an escort.
Didn't you think that might be important to tell us? I haven't gone on a call in a year.
I was in an abusive relationship.
I needed the money to move out.
When I moved, I stopped working.
But still stripped.
So what's your point.
A call girl can't get raped? That's my point, thanks.
She lied to us.
Why believe her now? 'Cause she walked away from half a million dollars.
When did she ever lie to us? The more you bond with these clients, the less helpful you are.
Your stripper was hooking.
Why is she my stripper when she does something bad? Okay, so the point is to prepare for trial so we don't actually have to go to trial.
- Cary, right? - Yes, sir.
Nice suit.
I got a job for you.
I need you to take Alicia's sheffrin-marks depos for the week.
I'm on it.
This is settlement poker.
No one wants to go to trial, but the person who plays the better hand makes the better deal.
So get me some good cards.
So your first thought is to come to the state attorney's office? - I just need one thing.
- And why do I help you, again? - Because you like me.
- That still works with people? Like a charm.
You never should have quit this place.
I didn't quit.
I was fired.
Come on.
You ran a solid rape investigation.
You should be dying to slip us the witness interviews.
Leah, Could you come outside for a second? You're telling me your husband had nothing to do with this? Mr.
Childs, my law firm is bringing on a civil action, that's all.
Designed to embarrass my office and make it look like I don't care about a rape victim.
A happy coincidence? I understand the need to blame someone for your husband's downfall, but I didn't release that sex tape to hurt you or your family.
I have kids, too.
And you should know I was holding back.
I had more to release about your husband, a lot more.
Disturbing things, but out of compassion, I held back.
Childs, if you have something to show me, just do it, okay? 'Cause the one thing I don't have time for these days is empty threats.
You want something on your stripper? Get a subpoena.
I liked Christy.
She was one of my best dancers.
But I have nothing else to add.
I'm sorry.
We just need contact information.
That's all, Ms.
Avarski, - for the driver and the stripper.
- Dancer.
- Look, I would love - because we'd really hate to subpoena your books and client records.
- You're East Indian? - Yeah.
It's very popular these days.
Contact information? Follow me.
Why a-b-c? $1,500 an hour, $2,100 and, $3,100.
What makes someone more expensive? Is this about the rape? No.
Regular clients and special requests.
Requests? No condoms or being dominated or role-playing.
Whatever they can't get at home.
People would really pay $3,000 an hour? The day rate is $31,000, dawn to dawn.
So about this rape.
Can you get me contact information on this dancer? Maura? She quit right afterwards.
Left a fake number, fake address, fake social.
Happens all the time.
What about the driver? Could you help me find him? Zach so, mom, where are you, anyway? I have to work late tonight.
Can you ask grandma if she can stay till 10:00? Sure.
Grandma, can you stay till 10:00? Mom's working late.
No need to shout, dear.
If she has to, she has to.
Grandma can stay.
So, mom, I was talking to grandma, and she said she visited dad this weekend, and he was saying how much he missed us.
Grandma said that? I was thinking maybe we should be going there.
You know, visiting him? Your dad didn't want you to see him like that in prison.
He was he didn't want you to worry.
But let me ask him maybe he's changed his mind, okay? Right.
We'll talk about it when I get home tonight, okay? All right, see you tonight.
I trust you're doing your homework.
Five minutes.
We understand you can corroborate Christy's story.
Which was? That she told you about the rape right after it happened.
I like Christy, she's a good tipper, when she drinks, she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.
But you do? Christy gave the guy a lap dance, he paid her, we went home.
Nobody said anything about any rape.
I don't blame Christy for trying to get extra money out of McKeon, but, hey, she's lying.
Is that dad? I don't know.
But you're thinking it, too.
Gonna need your help in a minute.
Dad told us he made mistakes.
Yeah, but not that.
- Do we tell mom? - They sent them to mom to hurt her.
So I say no.
So? I don't know.
Do they want to see me? - Zach does, but Grace doesn't? - She's hurt.
She thought you were everything.
So two months in, you seem well.
I am.
Some good guys here.
There's probably less backstabbing than the state attorney's office.
You look good.
It's like it agrees with you.
So, here's the thing about Childs.
Everything he does is a political calculation.
- Everything he says - Peter, no.
I don't want to be used.
Alicia, I know you don't believe me, but Childs set me up.
And if what I give you can help a rape victim, what's wrong with that? How do you know she's a rape victim, Peter? I didn't tell your mom.
Daniel told me.
Your appellate lawyer? He's the one who referred Christy to you.
What's wrong? I'm hard-pressed to think what's not wrong.
So he what? Well I mentioned to Daniel that you were with Stern, Lockhart, and that if he didn't have time for Christy's case that maybe you would.
- I thought you'd want the work.
- You thought it was a good idea to send me a hooker to represent? No, I thought it was a good idea to send you a rape victim.
Oh, my God.
You had sex with her.
What? You're using her first name, Peter.
You're saying "Christy.
" She's one of your whores.
Alicia, would you stop it? When are you gonna stop thinking that I slept with everyone? When are you gonna forgive me, for christ sakes? How much did you spend on Amber? You had sex with her, what, You don't want to know the details of what I did.
If you want me to forgive you, I need to know what I'm forgiving you for.
So 3,000$ a pop, that's what 60,000$? Did you pay her not to use a condom? Was that extra? Your trip to Houston, did you take her with you? - You know I didn't.
- I don't know what I know.
Grace's 12th birthday party, you s You said you had to leave early.
Where did you go, Peter? You answer those questions, and then we will talk about forgiveness.
This is a pretrial hearing, so don't worry about the driver yet.
We just need to win a few motions.
Sorry! Don't worry about it.
It all comes down to the rape kit.
Still no luck finding the other stripper.
All we have is a first name, "Maura," and a general description.
We need to box McKeon in.
There's only one of two ways his semen ends up in that rape kit: consensual sex or rape.
We get him to swear there was no consensual sex.
Why would he do that? Because he has a wife.
There you are.
How you doing? You nervous? No, but maybe I should be.
This is just a pretrial hearing.
State's attorney's trying to squash our subpoena, Today we just get the ground rules straight, in case this thing goes to trial.
Kalinda, I need you to get upstairs, get in the state's attorney's office and wait for the subpoena.
- I'll do that.
- What? You don't have to.
- I know.
I'll be back.
- You all right? Yeah, sure, I'm fine.
Oh, my God, this is too good.
We got Judge Abernathy.
He's our newest judge.
He's so liberal, he makes Michael Moore look like Rush Limbaugh.
Justice may be blind, but judges sure aren't.
God, Ericcson must be pulling his hair out.
All rise for Judge Abernathy.
Oh, please, don't stand.
Everybody sit back down, please.
We've got the big room here, don't we? Your Honor, given the stature of my client, Mr.
McKeon, and given the fact that this pretrial hearing has already garnered the attention of our friends in the press, We would ask the court to seal the pretrial filings and avoid a show trial.
Ericcson, I don't think we need to do all that.
Do we? First amendment issues and all? I deny the petition with regret.
Gardner? Yes, Your Honor.
We have a lot of testimony focusing on whether there was a consensual act between Mr.
McKeon and my client, but if Mr.
McKeon is willing to stipulate there was, indeed, a consensual sexual act, we would forego this testimony.
That's a good point.
Ericcson, how do you respond? We will stipulate there was no sex of any kind, forced or consensual, Your Honor.
The plaintiff also requests an expedited trial date, Your Honor, a DNA sample from Mr.
McKeon, DNA results from the rape kit, and the investigative reports from the state's attorney's office.
They have been reluctant to furnish them.
Thank you, counselor.
I will grant all four motions.
Ericcson? Ah.
I interpret from Mr.
Ericcson's, gesture that he acquiesces.
Well, I'll see you all back here Let's see.
My docket is clear.
Five days? How's that for expedited? As a side note, I would like to ask for a moment of silence for the recent mass killings in Darfur.
Thank you.
Court adjourned.
That was a great start? I understand you're having trouble with the driver.
You're boxed in on the rape kit.
You should just settle on our terms.
Yeah, right.
See you in trial.
May 15, four months ago.
- This one seemed cool.
- Hey.
So you know will? You two went to school together? That's what they were saying the other night at drinks.
- Yeah.
- So that's why? Cary, if you don't mind, I've had only a week with this.
You got an expedited trial date to force the other side to settle, and now you guys are the ones suffering.
- What are you looking for? - "TZK Industries.
" I I've seen it somewhere before.
What is TZK Industries? "TZK Industries.
" It's a furniture supply company.
"Supplying elegant furniture to home and business.
" Why? What do you need? Something to undercut Christy's driver.
It can't be that easy, can it? What? So I find this odd, Mr.
You were there, and you say there was no rape? So either you're lying or my client's lying.
All I know is what I saw.
Your Honor, request permission to approach the witness.
Grant, this is a copy of your wife's w-2.
Could you read the name of your wife's employer, please? "TZK Industries.
" And TZK Industries is a company owned by the McKeon family to supply furniture to their properties.
- Objection.
Not in evidence.
- I think it's all right for it to be asked, Mr.
I actually, sustained.
- Your Honor, you sustained the objection? - I did.
Ericcson had a point.
Isn't it an amazing coincidence, Mr.
Grant, that after a year of unemployment, your wife got a job in June from the McKeon family, a month after the bachelor party incident? And why is that, Mr.
Grant? Because my wife and I are divorced.
My wife and I have been separated for a year now, so her getting this job has nothing to do with me.
But, sir, wouldn't you benefit even if only in the form of lowered spousal support? I guess, but I'm not Warren Buffett.
No further questions, Your Honor.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see it.
Don't ever let your first chair get undercut like that again.
Good news? I just got the rape kit results.
State's attorney wasn't stonewalling.
They sent it out to a commercial lab and just got it back.
It's not McKeon's DNA.
The rape kit came back.
It's not his sperm.
It's not McKeon's DNA.
Grant says you're lying.
McKeon says you're lying.
I'm not lying.
I It's really not his sperm? We need to get the full who else did you have sex with that night? No one.
I swear.
You obviously had sex with someone because it isn't his sperm.
So, was it a boyfriend or another client? - You need to find Maura.
- We can't find Maura.
You really don't remember anything to help us find her? We can't find Maura.
We didn't talk.
She was on her cell phone the whole night till her battery ran out.
I'm sorry.
I need to get to class.
Not that I mind it, but since when did you become me? - You didn't believe her.
I did.
- Maybe she is telling the truth.
Christy said the light was flicked out, so maybe McKeon was with a friend.
Let's see if the cops tested the other party-goers.
Worth a try.
It's not just that.
What's up with your bud, Abernathy? He's going out of his way to kill us.
You know how this works.
Liberal judge gets on the bench, doesn't want to rule from his bias, he bends over backwards the other way.
I thought you said you had some pull with him.
He wanted to be on your glass ceiling committee or whatever it is "Emily's list".
Are you suggesting I influence a sitting judge - in some untoward fashion? - No, just in a toward one.
Come on, come to the court, let him see your sad little liberal face and contemplate a life without his friends.
Will, I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
We're a team.
No apologies.
- Now what are you doing? - Close the door.
- Come on, Zach.
Just let it go.
- Would you shut up and look at this? See that? It's called a "specular highlight.
" It's like a light in the eye reflected in the eye.
See where it is? It's to the left.
And now, look at this.
The lady's eye.
See? The dot's to the right.
Okay they're not in the same picture.
Dad's face was photoshopped into it.
Hello? Zach, Grace, I'm home.
Jackie, I have a request to make.
Certainly, dear.
You want the kids to visit Peter in prison, you talk to me.
- You don't talk to Zach.
- When did I talk to Zach? - You told him Peter was lonely in prison.
- Because he is.
Just don't go around me by talking to my kids.
Hey, mom.
- How was work? - It was crappy.
- I thought I'd make breakfast.
- For dinner? - My goodness.
- Like when you were little.
You don't have to like it.
It's for me.
I want to show you some pictures of where dad's staying.
What? I want to make sure you know what's involved with visiting dad in prison? I'll get that.
Zach, can you show me how to get to "google images" on your computer? Yeah, sure.
What is that? Nothing.
Mom! Someone's here! Hi.
Still no Maura? DNA is definitely not from McKeon's semen.
I was going to the crime lab to see if they ever collected DNA from the other party-goers when You can watch a little tv.
I'll be right in.
- Want to do this later? - No, no, no.
I think I just caught my son checking out porn.
Anyway I asked a cop friend to run the rape kit results through codis.
And they got a hit.
Who, the best man? Manny Lyons.
A rapist serving in an Ohio supermax.
- I don't understand.
- You're in good company.
And he's a convicted rapist.
- Christy was raped.
- Apparently.
I don't get it.
Was he was he at the party? As far as I can tell, he was in a holding cell in Columbus at the time.
- This makes no sense.
- We know.
This pile is everything on the Manny Lyons rape.
This pile, everything on ours.
And we can't find one thing in common.
No connection with McKeon? Nope, we checked it.
"Manny Lyons broke into an Upper Arlington apartment, held a knife to the neck of a raped her, and stole her car.
He was stopped running a traffic light ten miles away.
The divorcee identified him in a six-pack photo line-up.
" What? They do have one thing in common.
And you were the lab supervisor who worked on analysis professor? - Doctor.
- Doctor.
And these are your initials, "gg" right at the bottom of the report? Yes, those are mine.
Excuse me.
This isn't 5795.
Yes, this is 5794.
The Manny Lyons case.
My mistake.
I see that you ran the analysis on both cases.
Given the sequential numbering, I imagine that you worked on one right after the other? It appears so.
In both cases, the DNA matched the same culprit, Manny Lyons, is that correct? It is.
So let let me follow the logic here.
Manny Lyons - who never set foot in Chicago - Objection.
Not in evidence.
I will sustain that.
Isn't it true, Dr.
Girtzman, the only connection between Manny Lyons and Christy barbosa is that you worked on both cases? Objection.
Florrick, this is not a debating society.
Girtzman, would you say that the standard of a commercial lab is relaxed? No.
Your Honor, may I answer her earlier question? - Personal privilege.
- Oh, yeah, if you'd like.
We handle an immense backlog of untested rape kits from crime labs all across the country.
We do so with speed and professionalism And yet isn't it true, that your lab almost lost its accreditation in 2005 - That was never proved! - When it cross-contaminated two DNA samples that were out-sourced - from a crime lab.
- This is an old slander! That you failed to sterilize scissors that then carried the DNA - from one sample to the next? - I don't have to answer this.
Actually, you do, sir.
Your Honor, given this testimony, we move that the rape kit be reexamined at a second genetic lab.
I think that is an understandable request, Mr.
Your Honor, we would stipulate that Mrs.
Florrick has proven her case.
Girtzman cross-contaminated the sample But we would argue, therefore, that is the very reason it cannot be tested again.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- The very fact that it is agreed that the sample is now contaminated means it can't possibly - be tested with any authority.
- Your Honor Mr.
Gardner, you argued that the rape kit was contaminated.
You can't now argue it's probative.
The plaintiff's motion for retesting is denied.
- Your Honor - Motion is denied.
We've got to find that other stripper.
So basically this is a hail mary pass? Look at you with the sports metaphors.
Yeah, I don't see many other options here.
Good evening.
- Do you have a reservation? - Actually, we have a strange request.
We need to get a printout of a phone bill from four months ago.
- The name? - McKeon.
- First name? - Lloyd.
Would you liked that e-mailed or a hard copy? Hard copy.
If I could just see some I.
, Mr.
Actually can I ask you a question Rosemary? There was a bachelor party here in May that resulted in a a rape.
Were you here then? I was.
Well, the only person we believe who can corroborate the rape victim's story was using a cell phone that night.
And we're thinking she used the bathroom phone when her battery ran out.
We were hoping to glance at the bill just to see if there was a number she dialed.
I'll have to speak to a manager.
Nice thought.
If all else fails, try honesty.
I got 20 bucks on deception.
Will? Oh, hey.
What are you doing north of the loop? You know, just seeing how the other half lives.
Alicia, this is Marlena.
Nice to meet you.
Ask for a view of the lake.
It's beautiful at night.
She thinks we're getting a room.
Now they all think we're getting a room.
- You worried? - You? We could do worse.
I'm having trouble getting my manager.
If you could just wait another minute.
I owe you $20.
Christy and Maura arrived at 10:15.
Right there, 11:20.
Out-of-state area code.
You don't know me Were you the other dancer there that night, Maura? I was, yes.
And your driver, Mr.
Grant, what did he tell you after you took Christy to the hospital? He told us that the McKeons were very rich, and we should all keep our mouths shut.
And that's why you went back home to Michigan? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I was scared.
And to reiterate, Christy told you about the rape immediately afterward? Yes.
In fact, he followed her out intoarking lot and he said, "don't tell anyone.
Just take the money and shut up.
" No further questions, Your Honor.
Thank you, Alicia.
For you know.
Christy, I'm just curious.
Where did you meet my husband? Your husband? I've never met your husband.
My mistake.
All rise for Judge Abernathy.
Good afternoon.
I have given this case quite a bit of thought, as you can imagine.
You have both argued your case well.
But I find myself judging in favor of the defendant.
Without a DNA match to the rape kit, we have a classic he-said, she-said; and as much as my personal sympathies lie with the plaintiff, the evidence does not warrant a favorable decision.
Judgment in favor of the defense.
Are you okay? No.
I'm sorry.
I believe you.
This is all I want to say.
I have been falsely accused by a woman who wanted nothing more than a quick payday.
But every year there are thousands of women who are abused, and I don't think we should let this false accusation Mr.
You're under arrest for the rape of Christy Barbosa.
- Cuff him.
- What? Is this a joke? It must be hard to lose, Mrs.
Not if it forces you to prosecute.
I'm coming out of this with a criminal case I'll win, and you're coming out with a loss.
Nice job.
Lloyd McKeon was arrested today for rape, literally seconds after he was cleared in a civil case for the identical crime.
State's attorney Glenn Childs took credit for finding an untainted sample of DNA that will guarantee McKeon's conviction in a criminal trial.
Childs denied that McKeon's arrest was a reaction to.
This is yours? Yeah.
Is he going to jail? I think so.
Well, then that's good.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What do you want me to do? I want you to beg.
- Please oh - Does she do this for you? - Does she? - Oh, God, please You're amazing What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do to you? Just don't stop.
What'll you give me? What'll you give me not to stop? Everything.