The Good Wife s01e03 Episode Script

You Can't Go Home Again

Previously onThe Good Wife And hour ago I resigned As state's attorney of cook county.
I want to be clear I have never abused my office.
At the same time, I need to atone for my personal failings with my wife Alicia and our two children.
Just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity.
It's a real lifesaver.
No, glad you could come aboard.
- I'm cary, the other new associate.
- Oh, right.
Kalinda Sharma.
I'm the in-house.
The investigator.
- You're Peter Florrick's wife.
- That's right.
She's a junior associate who doesn't think she's a junior associate.
Her husband was the states attorney.
She lived in Highland park.
Dad told us he made mistakes.
Yeah, but not that.
Ryan thinks there's a good chance the appellate court's going to listen to my case.
If they overturn it, everything goes back to normal.
Peter, it's never going back to normal.
Come on, guys, 15 minutes.
Grace, come on, you got to eat.
And soccer tryouts are today.
Mom, I hate this school.
Why would I want to play for it? Grandma's going to pick you up at the field around five-ish.
I can't find my cleats anyway.
And you're telling me this now? They're probably still packed.
You can at least try and like it here.
Just try.
This is a collect call from tamms correctional institution from Peter Florrick.
To decline this call press one.
To accept this call press two.
Hey, peter.
Is this a good time? Sure.
Are you all right? Hanging in there.
The kids there? Can I talk to them? Actually Zach is in the shower and Grace just sat down to breakfast.
I tried to call earlier.
It's been a long line.
So I guess we used to be more comfortable with each other's silences? I'm sorry, it's just we're really running late.
I'll let you go.
Tell them I called.
Okay, I will.
Found 'em.
We shouldn't have had to move.
The first year associate's primary job Is to clock billable hours.
And with most of those numbers down In each of your departments, Clearly some of you aren't doing yours.
Now, that's not to say that you're all underperforming.
One of our newest associates clocked But most of you can do better.
So while this meeting isn't about naming names, It is about asking you to step up.
And if you can't do that, at least sign a few new clients.
Pardon the interruption, But someone's here to see mrs.
I believe it's her son.
I'm so sorry.
Please excuse me.
Kenny? Kenny, is that is that you? Mrs.
It's been awhile, huh? You're Grown.
Are you parents with you? What are you what are you doing here? I think I need a lawyer.
Last night, me and this guy brian We went to my buddy's house to get, uh We were just looking to party.
To get what? Some dank.
Weed or whatever.
Anyway right after we got there, this security guard rolls up and And? I kind of freaked.
So I ran.
This morning when I went by bri's house, There were cops there.
- I heard he got arrested.
- What are you doing? What is this? I figure they're after me next.
Look, I'm not sure I understand what happened, - But if you were buying pot - We weren't.
Spencer was giving it to us.
The bottom line is, if you broke the law - You need to go to the police.
- Yeah, but I'd still need a lawyer, right? Don't move.
And get rid of that.
Your kid's older than I thought.
Oh, he's not mine.
Listen, can I ask you a favor? Can you find out if there was any police activity in Highland park last night? And see if kenny chatham is a person of interest - Or if there're any warrants on him.
- For? Pot, possession, possibly buying.
So if he's not a relative, Who is he? I knew his mom.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Everything okay with your son? Actually, it wasn't zach.
He is a family friend who has some trouble.
Legal trouble, or my parents don't understand me trouble? I'm not quite sure yet.
I was hoping If I could drive him home.
I know.
I will make up the time.
You did'nt go to school today because of this? I haven't been going.
Probably do the ged thing later.
You mean you dropped out? About six months ago.
You had already moved.
I remember you being way cooler than this.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
And I don't get why you can't help me without getting them involved.
It's out of respect, kenny.
You still live with them.
You and I owe them that much.
You don't owe them anything.
They blew you off.
That's who they are.
All right, you ready to do this? I was hoping you'd go in first.
You're lucky I remember what a cute kid you were.
Mom, mom.
Kenny honey, mommy's busy.
I'm just saying, somebody else has to start hosting these things.
- Oh, please, you love doing this.
- Maybe.
But I couldn't do it without you.
Hi, lauren.
What are you What are you doing? You look Great.
I've been meaning to call I'm sorry to just show up like this, but I need to talk to you about Kenny.
- Where is he? - My car.
Asked me to smooth the waters.
You didn't have to drive all the way out here.
- You could've called.
- I could've.
But a boy I saw grow up asked for my help.
And his mother used to be a friend.
You need to come outside.
- He is wanted by the police.
- What? Who? Kenny.
But not for buying pot.
Oh, my god! Where are you taking him? Ow! You're hurting me! - What's he being charged with? - Who the hell are you? His attorney.
Felony murder.
The Good Team de U-sub pr├ęsente l'├ępisode 2x02 de The Good Wife They're saying kenny did this? Yep.
Along with brian keller.
The police allege that these two broke into a guest apartment - Owned by the rankin family.
- They broke in? Nothing was reported stolen, but the police have Kenny and Brian's fingerprints on a window that was jammed open.
Kenny said he was at a friend's.
That would be the rankin's He lives above the garage, but obviously wasn't home at the time.
And because the guard was killed in the commission of an alleged burglary, It's felony murder.
The police theorize that the boys encountered a security guard as they were leaving, struggled with him, then shoved him down the stairs, where he hit his head on concrete.
He died at approximately 11:20 p.
According to the medical examiner.
Kenny isn't capable of doing this.
- How well do you know him? - Very.
His mother was my first friend in Highland park.
Oh, yeah? And the first person to stop talking to me.
- You getting me out? - Not yet.
I came by to see how you're doing.
I didn't know anybody died, I don't know how anybody could have.
We shouldn't talk in here.
I told you, I ran home.
I yelled up at Brian to get out, but he couldn't hear me, he was still inside.
- The police is saying - I never even saw the guard, just his car! Then why did you lie to me, Kenny? Why didn't you tell me you broke in? Because we didn't.
There'll be a bail hearing, and a judge will decide - if you can be released pending trial.
- Talk to spencer.
He's my friend.
He knew we were coming.
He said to take whatever we needed, he even told us where the spare key was, we couldn't find it so we pushed a window open.
- Mrs.
Florrick, - I swear I ran Home when I saw the guard's car.
- Not the strongest case.
- But she's signing a client.
And if his parents live in highland park, - Payment won't be an issue.
- I don't know.
When the connections are personal, it can get tricky.
Blurring the line between friendship And business usually is.
Actually, I don't have a relationship with his parents anymore, which is why I would prefer someone else Be the attorney of record.
I don't understand.
If you're no longer friends, why do this at all? Because my relationship with his parents Has nothing to do with how I feel About their son.
I used to baby-sit him.
I'll do all the briefs, all the legwork.
I would just feel more comfortable If someone else tried the case.
You sign your first client, But you want a second associate To be the face of the case.
Give herself a bridge.
I get that.
You want to explain to me why the attorney I hired For my son just got turned away? - Didn't lauren tell you? I was there - Terry streiger.
And excuse me for saying so, mrs.
Florrick, But I think you're in over your head.
Terry's been a defense attorney For more than 20 years.
He's a top-rated aba member, He's well-known and well-respected.
Thank you for your time, but we'll take it from here.
Okay? - Your son asked me to represent him.
- Without our consent.
He doesn't need your consent, he's 18.
How do you think he's going to pay for it? I don't know.
We'll work something out.
And although I might not be as seasoned as mr.
Streiger is, I can guarantee you I care a lot more about your son than he does.
Kenny will get the best defense.
With my buddies and I'm bombed.
And my ex-girlfriend, I hadn't seen her - What are you doing here? - Excuse me.
Diane said you needed a first chair.
Kenny, this is my associate, cary agos.
He's one of the best attorneys with the firm.
- He'll be helping me with your defense.
- Good to meet you.
This should be pretty simple.
We get you out on bail and get you home.
Court is now in session.
The honorable earl hovick presiding.
- Ms.
- Your honor, Due to the seriousness of the charges, The state opposes bail at this time.
We believe the defendant Not only poses a flight risk but a danger to the community.
Excuse me, your honor, but based on what? Mr.
Chatham has no criminal history, Close ties to the community, In fact, his parents are seated in the gallery here To assure the court that their son will appear for trial.
Begging your pardon, your honor, but the state has secured A cooperating witness, co-defendant brian keller.
Who not only places mr.
Chatham At the crime scene But identifies him as the attacker.
Then bail is denied.
Defendant is remanded to custody.
Next case.
You told me it was gonna be simple.
Your friend brian must've cut a deal with the state's attorney.
The first one who does is usually the first one out.
Let's go.
I need to talk to you guys about something.
That sounds serious.
It is, actually.
- Is it about dad? - Oh, no, no, no, no, he's fine.
I just would rather you hear this from me.
- Kenny chatham got arrested.
- For murder, right? And you're like one of his lawyers.
That's what janna told me.
Yeah, shane im'd me about it.
Everyone's totally freaked.
Are there any questions you'd like to ask me? Or do you want to talk about any of it at all? Not really.
Been hearing about it all night as it is.
Yeah, it's really all Anybody back there is taking about.
I'm sure.
And it must be pretty upsetting to you guys, too.
Mom, we only ever saw Kenny 'cause he was your friend's son.
We have our own friends back in highland park.
At least on facebook.
Since we're not allowed to go back.
That's not true.
I'm done.
Can I be excused? - I guess.
- Me, too.
By the way, I didn't make the soccer team.
- You're here early.
- Ah, but not the first.
That's what happens When you're single and childless.
I was going to leave you a note.
I wanted to see how things were going With him as first chair.
Well, he's certainly confident.
Look, this is your case.
Diane assumed, rightly so, that you were just looking for a front man To provide a little cushion Since you're dealing with friends.
- Sounds complicated.
- It is.
Legally or emotionally? Both.
We didn't get bail because brian cut a deal with the s.
He got immunity on felony murder By taking a lesser charge of burglary And agreeing to testify against kenny.
- So what we need to do is - Establish there was no burglary.
I'll dig up what I can on this brian character.
And we'll question Spencer rankin, hopefully get him to agree To testify for the defense, right? These kids go to a fancy campus.
Mom, I don't like it.
Grace, this is the best school in the county.
You just give it some time.
I think you're gonna love it here.
Reminds me of my old high school.
Reminds me of the schools I used to vandalize.
Spencer? My name is mrs.
We'd like to talk to you about what happened at your apartment.
You guys are cops? No, we're just trying to help your friends.
Hey, hey, hey, don't let mom make you nervous.
What's up, man? I'm cary.
How you doing? That's a pretty sweet situation you got by your folks' garage, That's kind of like having your own place? I don't know anything about what happened.
Yeah, no, it's cool.
I get it, I guess, I don't I guess I'm just envious.
'cause I keep thinking about what I would 've done If I'd had a place like that.
Hell, what I would do now if I had a place like that.
I mean, I'm sure you and kenny had some Seriously sick times up there, right? I guess.
They're not gonna happen anymore though, are they? You know why? Because the cops are saying kenny broke into your place.
And you know why they're saying that? Because they don't get how good of a friend you are to him.
They don't get what you and he share.
They don't get you told him it was okay to help himself to your weed that night.
Yeah, and because of that the ken-ster's facing life in prison.
So, what do you need me to do? We tell the S.
We got a witness corroborating permission And we cut kenny's jail time by 10 years.
He shouldn't have to do any jail time.
Without the burglary charge, he can't be held accountable For what happened after he left a crime scene.
You're assuming a jury won't believe brian's version more.
Kenny has no alibi.
His parents were asleep when he got home.
So this brian, he's got a temper.
Then we need to find a witness Who can place him at or near his home.
And if there aren't any? It's too risky.
Guidance counselor says he's been suspended twice for fighting.
Kenny, however, was always seen as a sweet kid Till he started hanging out with brian, that is.
Pretty toxic friendship.
Don't you think we should at least Investigate the situation? Timeline's too mushy for reasonable doubt.
If we go to court and he's found guilty, it's 20 to life.
We should be fighting for total exoneration.
- He's innocent.
- But can we prove it? Bet the bus is already here.
Maybe if you didn't hog the shower Just keep moving, guys.
- Mrs.
Chatham? - Oh, my god, - Look at both of you.
- Hey.
Okay, guys, come on, let's get going.
Did you want to come in? I heard you'd moved.
Wasn't easy tracking down an address.
It's a nice apartment.
- Lauren.
- I just I want to know what's happening with the case.
Right now, we're looking for someone who can place Kenny At or near your house the night of the murder.
To prove he couldn't have done it.
I talked to richard.
We'll pay kenny's legal fees.
Wasn't easy getting him to budge.
I'm sure you remember how controlling he can be.
How are things between you? The same.
I go to get a drink, right, by the time I get back, Alicia has the governor literally backed into a corner, Nailing him on his lack of support for the arts.
I was just asking him to explain his position.
There she is.
What's a nice girl like you doing at a place Like the state's attorney's office anyway? Best place to practice law.
I don't know about that.
Life at a private firm has its perks.
I became an asa because I like duking it out In court, not over lunch.
That's too bad, because that's what I was about to suggest.
Talked to my bosses.
We're on board with a plea bargain in the chatham case.
So, thai, italian or should we just grab a couple steaks? Where's cary? Shouldn't he be out here canvassing as well? He said he had to do something else.
There's plenty of street lighting.
Clear shot from the house across the street.
- Maybe the one on the right, too.
- In this neighborhood, Kenny running home after 11:00 would have definitely been noticed.
Think they've got enough manicured lawns here? Grass can't be more than two inches tall.
Neighborhood association wields a mighty sword.
Doesn't seem like a good fit though, you living here.
Was it? I did it for 10 years, I liked it at the time.
Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
Let's see what kenny's neighbors have to say? Everyone's pretty shaken up.
I mean, this sort of thing just doesn't happen around here.
Scandal maybe, but murder? Were you on duty when it happened? You tell me.
I work second shift, Not that I ever get out on time.
My relief's always late.
What time did you leave exactly? Don't know off the top of my head, But I could check my time card.
Got a copy of it somewhere.
And, shelly, when you were leaving, do you remember seeing anyone on the street? - Anyone running? - Not really.
I mean I think I saw someone go inside across the way.
- You mean through the front door? - Yeah Because they turned the yard lights off right after made it hard to fill out my timecard.
- And was this person male or female? - Sorry, didn't get that good a look.
Your husband's doing a fine job.
Don't mind her.
She has dementia.
Only remembers the past.
Here it is.
You have no physical evidence linking my client to the victim.
- No DNA, nothing.
- Even so, You can't prove he wasn't an accomplice to the burglary.
And if someone dies during the commission, it's felony murder - Regardless of who killed him.
- Yeah, except your witness, brian, Made a deal by copping to burglary, He gets immunity from felony murder charges, Which means he has incentive to lie.
Second-degree murder.
Four to 15? No, I don't think so.
We'll do involuntary manslaughter.
- Can I get some more, water, please.
- Not going to happen.
Can I try a fry? Yeah, help yourself.
Manslaughter, since Burglary's not in play anymore.
What? Did I forget to mention that we can prove kenny had permission to enter? Spencer rankin's willing to testify.
So, as I was saying A man's still dead.
I'll make a case to the judge for a maximum sentence of five years.
Make it two and we got a deal.
These rich kids really do get away with murder.
The crime scene is about half a mile west of here.
Security guard called into operations at 11:15 To say he was doing a perimeter check.
He was dead by 11:20.
The prosecution would argue that kenny still had time to attack the guard And get home on foot by 11:25.
- Is that even possible? - Run that distance in five minutes? Only one way to find out.
The average teenage boy sprinting would likely be In the range of eight to ten miles per hour.
How do you even know that? Would you believe me If I told you I was a track coach in a previous life? - No.
- Okay.
Okay, it's two minutes and we're Ass! Nice.
- You oughta try it sometime.
- What, flipping someone off? It's good for your soul.
So, from kenny's house to spencer's Just under five minutes.
It's pretty tight, but the prosecution's right It's doable.
In other words, the nurse's testimony will only go so far.
Guess there's no chance the s.
Will let us in without permission.
I don't exactly have a good relationship with that department anymore.
You come Within 100 feet of my son again, And I swear, I'll sue you, The chathams, and your entire firm.
Spencer's got nothing to do with this and how dare you Intimidate him into giving false information.
There was never any permission given to enter, There was never any pot and he is never going to testify! I had the plea in my hand.
And I had no idea you went to the state's attorney.
- I told you what the plan was.
- But I never agreed to it, cary, - And we never presented it - I cleared it through diane.
All right? - And now we've got nothing.
- No, we have an eyewitness who'll testify that at 11:19 - She saw - A figure from a distance.
And the asa has an eyewitness who will positively identify kenny as theiller.
We don't have a case.
And they don't have conclusive physical evidence.
I gotta go.
I gotta prep for court.
You realize cary's never been to trial before.
How is that even possible? Easy.
By pleading out every court case that comes your way.
This is a pre-trial hearing.
Which is another way of saying both sides should come to an agreement Before we go any farther.
I guess my parents aren't coming.
But since you haven't yet Be advised there is no jury in this proceeding, there's just me.
And my determination as to whether or not there's enough probable cause To hold this defendant for a long, expensive trial.
They're probably on their way.
And because this is all about me, I get to ask questions, too.
Particularly if our esteemed attorneys don't ask the right ones.
Raines, you're up.
At 11:24 p.
, Brian was pulled over for speeding, Approximately four blocks from the rankin house.
And officer diaz, did brian give any statement At that time? Yes, he did.
He immediately confessed to having fled The scene of a burglary on belson street.
So, in effect, he placed himself at the crime scene.
Yes, and was arrested at that time.
In your experience, do spontaneous Confessions such as this tend to be accurate? Typically, the perpetrator won't have had enough time to concoct a story, So, yes.
They usually are.
Nothing further.
Agos Officer diaz.
Sorry, I need to refer back to my notes.
Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
Sometime before I go gray, counsel.
Officer diaz, Mr.
Keller had this "spontaneous utterance", Did he mention that anyone had been killed? Not until after we got to the station, no.
So, when brian told you that Kenny chatham was responsible for the victim's death, He had had time to concoct a story.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
If for no other reason than the use of pluperfect tense.
Nothing further.
It gets easier as you go.
My interests have never been in litigation.
Prosecution calls brian keller.
Brian, tell us what happened that night.
Kenny wanted to get high and he said he knew where he could get some weed.
He never said anything about breaking in, which is why I was surprised when he asked me to help jam the window open.
I mean, I did it, but I was kinda freaked out afterward.
So I went downstairs.
And did what? To wait for him so we could get the heck out of there.
But then I saw the security guard.
Did he see you? No, I hid behind a bush.
Right in there.
I know this is difficult, but could you tell the judge what you saw? I can't believe he could lie like this.
People do it all the time.
I saw the guard go up the stairs.
Here? Yeah and I guess he kinda surprised kenny because They kinda got into it, And kenny sorta shoved him, And the guard fell backwards.
And he just Just stopped moving.
Then kenny just took off.
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
Just manicured lawns.
So from where you were standing, You had a clear view of the crime.
No further questions.
That's plenty for today.
Court's adjourned till 9:00 tomorrow.
Heads up.
- You guys want to go for a ride? - Where to? I don't know.
See some old friends? Hey, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later, okay? Mom? Highland park? Didn't think anyone was still here.
Just prepping for court.
By reading case law? You're better off atching experienced trial lawyers.
New kid on the block.
I don't get much opportunity to shadow seniors.
I have learned a lot by watching Alicia.
She's got some serious skills.
We suspect it's a georgetown thing.
No doubt.
No doubt.
Yeah, that's a long time to stay friends Since college and all.
It's really commendable you championing her the way that you do.
Yeah, know what's great about someone like alicia? She's a natural.
She doesn't have to try so hard.
Have a good night.
Would you like a drink? No, thanks.
- Where are your kids? - I dropped them at their friends.
They really miss it here.
How bad? I noticed you two weren't in court today.
I came by to give you an update.
Lauren couldn't handle it.
She's not like you.
She's not that strong.
She's asleep now.
Took a valium.
It must be hard on her.
On both of you.
To see your son like that.
But it's really important that at least one of you be there.
So, how did it go? To be honest, not great.
They have Kenny's fingerprints at the scene, And someone who will testify that he pushed the guard.
You think he's guilty? Do you? I don't know who he is anymore.
Did you have a good time? Yeah, except I forgot how much of a whiner janna was.
I didn't.
Like your friends aren't geeks.
- Can we go home now? - I just have one more stop.
Tell me you're not taking us to the crime scene.
Seriously? Awesome.
Looks like no one's home.
Stay here.
- Oh, my god.
- What happened? I ran into the neighborhood association.
If you don't mind, I'd like to reveiw the sequence of events on this night.
You testified that while kenny was upstairs, you waited down below, is that correct? That's right.
And how long were you there before the security guard arrived? I don't know.
A few minutes? According to patrol records, he called in a perimeter check at 11:15.
Do you know what time it was when you saw the guard? A few minutes after that, I guess? So, 11:18? And how long were you there after you saw the guard? Couple minutes.
Which puts us at 11:20.
Your honor, all this has been Established in a prior testimony.
Right, right.
My mistake.
Brian, Do you know exactly at what time the defendant attacked the guard? Like you just said, 11:20 or so.
And you left the rankin house when? It's already been stated that he was arrested at 11:24.
It was just four minutes between the time of the killing - and the time of your arrest? - Yes.
Now that you've dazzled us With your math skills, mr.
Agos, Can we please move on? Were you wet? What do you mean? The police report made no mention Of your being wet at the time of your arrest.
- But were you? - Objection! What does the weather have to do with this? Your honor, I'd like to introduce the bylaws of the Highland Park Neighborhood association Into evidence.
Specifically, page four, paragraph two regarding the watering of lawns, which is only allowed at night in an effort to save water.
- Your Honnor! - For the record, the Rankins were in full obeyance with said bylaws.
Their automatic sprinkler system Is set to go off every night at 11:15 And run for 15 minutes.
If you had been where you said you were, You would have gotten soaked.
The truth is, you weren't standing behind the bush.
- You were standing over the guard.
- Objection! Nothing further.
That you pursue a charge of this magnitude Without a thorough investigation Is unconscionable.
No direct or circumstantial evidence linking the defendant to the murder, No eyewitness testimony other than that of a co-defendant who has a vested interest in the outcome of the trial.
- Your honor, if you - Ms.
Raines, I strongly suggest You find a way to work with the defense counsel To find a more equitable solution.
There's a place around the corner, serves deep dish by the slice.
I'm gonna get some.
By my count, you got about 20 minutes.
Breaking and entering, Plus possession of marijuana.
Trespassing and possession.
- Are you kidding me? - Look, You're not guaranteed of a manslaughter conviction against Brian.
If you can't spin that into a win with the brass, You're in the wrong line of work.
Thank you.
You're quite the skilled negotiator.
Hey, you did all the heavy lifting.
Well done, alicia.
Well done.
Thanks, cary.
No jail time.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That's great news.
I appreciate.
Our pleasure.
Kenny just has to perform 1,000 hours of community service.
And participate in mandatory drug counseling.
I'll make sure of it.
I can take you to the court clerk, getting Kenny's personal effects back, Sure.
Now that this is over, we should I don't know, maybe have lunch.
Pretend none of this ever happened.
I'll call you, okay? You're not going to call.
And we're not going to have lunch.
And that's okay.
It really is.
Take care.
First plea bargain, a gin martini.
It's another stern, lockhart tradition.
Thanks, but I think I just want to go home tonight.
I knew I wasn't the only one burning the midnight oil.
How are you? Fine.
Thanks for asking.
Working on sheffrin-marks? We win this one, our firm's in a whole new league.
What's your excuse? Sorry? For burning the midnight oil.
Same as yours.
Just going over the landers depo docs for sheffrin.
Billable hours.
Anyway, I just wanted to update you on the outcome of the Chatham case.
Turns out, I was able to push the s.
into a very favorable plea bargain.
Okay, well Good night.
Keep up the good work.
I intend to.
Is that your idea of a notch under your belt? You think the kids heard us? - Maybe you.
- Oh, funny.
Not too bad for an old married couple, huh? I love you.
I love you, too.
Might be work.
Peter florrick.
Hold on a second.
It's an office emergency.
Be one minute.
One minute.
Next up on news at 11:00, A highland park teen is charged with manslaughter in the killing of It's after 10:00.
What are you doing up so late on a school night? Just looking out at the view.
It's nice, isn't it? It's a cool room.
Smaller than my old one, though.
You know what I was thinking about today? How much you hated your old school When you first started there.
Yeah, I kind of did.
Today, I'm sort of glad we moved.
Me, too.