The Good Wife s01e04 Episode Script


Previously on The Good Wife An hour ago, I resigneg the State's Attorney Cook County I want to be clear.
I have never abused my office.
Alicia, I know this has been hard on you, but you have to believe me I'm innocent.
He needs you to forgive him, Alicia.
Jackie, he took everything I thought we had and he just put it out there for everyone.
He didn't want that.
- The press - Oh, Jackie, stop it.
Peter wasn't thinking of us.
Kalinda Sharma.
- I'm the in-house.
- Oh, the investigator.
- You're Florrick's wife.
- That's right.
Ryan thinks there's a good chance the appellate court's going to listen to my case.
If they overturn it, everything goes back to normal.
Peter, it's never going back to normal.
This was after you dropped your kids off at school? Yes.
This was on the 16th? Yes.
And who first told you of your husband's infidelity, Mrs Florrick? CNBC.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
I was at the cleaners.
I was waiting in line.
Cnbc was playing on the tv.
I saw it on the crawl at the bottom of the screen.
And, just so we're clear, you never once suspected your husband's infidelity before that moment, is that correct, Mrs.
Florrick? That's correct.
I'm I'm sorry to ask these personal questions, but I'm really on your side, and as your husband's attorney, our appeal depends on proving that your husband made untruthful statements at work, not because he was trying to cover up illegal acts as a state's attorney, but that he was trying to hide an affair from his wife.
You understand? I understand.
Let's turn to the call girl.
She made some statements in the press.
Alicia Florrick.
When? Are you sure you need me now? I'll call your office to arrange to do this another time? I just want to let you know that Peter has a lot of friends.
Judges, lawyers, business folk who didn't like the way that this went down.
They want to help.
I'm just saying if you need anything, day or night, give me a call? We're fine.
One more thing.
We're looking for correspondence that may have taken place between Peter and a Gerald Kozko.
Just like the store, only with a "k" and a "z.
" The real estate developer.
Peter says all of his private correspondences are at your apartment.
It would help a lot if you could look for a letter or a card from him.
That's it.
Dentist visit is over.
Alicia, I heard you were coming on board to replace Bree.
- Could you? - Sure.
Ah, talk about complicated.
Jury selection took a week.
We got five more of these filled with medical testimony and the depo dump.
- Did you read that? - I was on Will's felony case till 30 min ago.
I was on a slip-and-fall until Diane yanked me on this.
It's just "all hands on deck," you know? But this one's pretty cool, so come on, I'll get you up to speed.
And what is an ironman, Ray? Running, biking, ocean swimming.
You swim 2.
4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run a full marathon.
And you placed third in the Hawaiian ironman, it's correct? Yes, I did.
So tell me what happened on the 12th, Ray.
Well, it was right after the ironman.
We were back at the hotel, and I felt this migraine coming on, so I took these pills my doctor prescribed me and the migraine just seemed to be getting worse.
Ray Demory.
He's our test case.
If Diane wins this one, there's a massiv class action in the wings.
I felt unsteady.
The next day at the hospital, I found out I had a stroke.
And these pills you took they were Zennapril, - Correct? - Your honor, the drug manufactured by these three gentlemen over here.
There's nothing I enjoy more than watching Miss Lockhart perform her courtroom magic James McCloon killer defense counsel.
They call him the velvet shiv.
My clients manufactured Zennapril, and stop poking at them like perps on "America's most wanted".
- I didn't hear an objection.
- Let's just refrain from the crosstalk.
Yes, Your Honor.
I will try not to interrupt Miss Lockhart again.
It'll be difficult, but I'll try.
So Ray, How would you describe your physical condition now? You're looking at it.
Mostly it's been hard on Carol.
We got married a year ago, before my stroke, and she she didn't buy into this.
I mean One day her husband's an ironman and the next day he's a an invalid.
Brandon, Lahna, you take point on legal precedent.
Cary, take Alicia and review anything that could undercut the class action.
I don't want to win the battle and lose the war.
Use Kalinda if you need to, okay? Let's get to it.
Can I get you something? I'm fine.
Sorry, must have had a zombie look on my face.
We all need a moment.
I'm Alicia.
Right, you replaced Bree.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, this.
This is what keeps us going.
Michael Graff.
He took Zennapril after a little league game.
Jenny Hollis.
She was a dancer.
They all wrote you? Yes.
Just they're all counting on us, you know? If we don't win, they're stuck.
It's just a lot of responsibility, you know? Objection.
Isn't it the case, the only reason you're not suing your doctor is because his pockets aren't as deep - as my clients's? - Objection! Please, Your Honor.
- Approach the bench.
- Get me all references to secondary prescriptions in Ray's deposition.
I need you to look into this.
What are you saying? Someone's bribing a juror? I'm not saying anything.
I just found it.
This could be anything.
A seating chart for a garden party, - a football lineup.
- With 12 linemen? What's that? We'd talk to the hostess, see if anyone from the court eats here regularly.
No, we should take a deep breath, show this to Diane Only spot in Chicago not full of yuppies.
been coming here three times a week I don't think we need to talk to the hostess.
I come here so often, I asked them to name a sandwich after me.
Waitress looked me dead in the eye and said, "we don't serve ham.
" The Good Team de u-sub pr├ęsente l'├ępisode 1x04 de The Good Wife It could be anything.
It could be just a doodle.
- We don't know.
- And you found it in our depositions? Yes, but it could have been on the floor and stuck to one.
We just thought it should be brought to your attention.
- Remember last year? - Yep.
- Was McCloon ever cleared of that? - It's still up for review.
So you think we should what? Don't go to the judge.
It makes no sense.
How does it end up in our depos? McCloon sticks it in there.
He wants a mistrial, He wants us to go to the judge and request it.
Or he's just screwing with your head.
There's another possibility.
There's a young associate on his team She came over and introduced herself.
Said she worked as a paralegal here last summer.
So, what, McCloon has a whistle-blower in his midst? Young, idealistic junior associate sees something wrong, feels bad about it, slips us a warning in our depos.
I could see that.
Okay, this is what we do.
We do our homework and look into juror number two.
And juror number 11.
Or juror number 11.
We go to the judge if we have anything.
You don't want a mistrial, right? No.
Ray was good on the stand.
The jury liked him.
And McCloon's defense seems to be a variation on holding his breath and threatening to turn blue.
This trial is sounding more and more fun.
Let's see if you got a bad juror on your hands.
Put in for an alternate.
I'll put Kalinda and Cary on it.
Excuse me but I'd like to do this.
Juror number two is Marilyn Wolk, a hairdresser from South Bridgeport.
We scored her an 85 positive on our bias scale, One of the highest scores we've given, so we believe she's firmly in your camp.
Now, I know that you pay me only to help select jurors, but if I knew what you were after, I could offer further consultation.
This is good.
Keep going.
Uh, juror number 11 is Calvin Tober.
He's a grad student in comparative history.
We scored him only a 62% positive on our bias scale within the range of acceptability, but we like him.
Being African-American, he's more prone to mistrust authority.
He's intelligent, but not to the point of overcoming bias.
Not like Asians or Mexicans.
We talk in racial stereotypes because you pay us to, and we find racial profiling works.
- But if I'm not needed - You're not needed.
Thank you.
You've got issues? Paying her $100,000 for three months of high school-level psychology Yeah, I guess I do have issues.
So, what are we thinking? Wolk worked as a rent-a-chair hair stylist, right? Which means she only gets paid when she actually has a customer.
She could have claimed financial hardship and ducked jury duty.
So why didn't she? Civic duty? Jury tampering pays better.
But let's look into both.
I hate to trouble you, but I'm from the next building over and the delivery man left this at my door by mistake.
Is there a Mr.
Tober in the building? Hi.
I'm sorry to bother you.
My name's Kalinda, and my husband and I were thinking of buying a home in the area.
I can always come back later, if you know what time he gets home.
We're interested in the preschool around the corner and or anyone else in his family.
I wanted to get a sense of the neighborhood.
Tober, I think his name is.
Usually, I don't like black people much, but he seems nice.
They're the Wolks.
She's a hairdresser.
And he's actually, I think he's out of work.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Hard times, isn't it? But their house is so lovely.
Looks like they put a lot into it.
Storm windows in front and air-conditioning they bought a car, too.
Guess they came into some money.
Hey, there he is now.
That's the husband Derek.
Oh, gosh! I'm sorry.
I forgot I have to meet the realtor.
Thanks so much for your time.
Objection, Your Honor.
Is this really necessary? The Demorys are seeking damages for loss of consortium, Your Honor.
The jury needs to understand that loss.
Counsel, the term "consortium," is not limited.
I know what consortium means.
Please, I have prided myself in not using my gavel once in my 30 years on the bench What's going on? What? I just overruled.
I heard you were on some hush-hush project.
What is it? It's hush-hush.
Demory, before your husband's stroke, how often did you have sexual relations? I don't know I guess twice a week.
And since the stroke, how often do you have sex? - I don't know.
- Would you say it was less? Yes.
But your husband isn't completely paralyzed from the waist down, is he? No.
No, I'm fine.
I'm just angry at myself for letting him get to me.
It's hard when they treat your private life like a crime scene.
But I guess there are greater tragedies.
- Alicia Florrick.
- Ah.
I'm glad I got you.
It's Daniel.
- Who? - Peter's lawyer.
Oh, hi.
- Do you have a minute? - Actually, I'm a bit busy.
I was wondering if you had look for the Kozko letters.
We're struggling with these weekend meetings that he had with Peter, last March.
The ninth, the 16th and the 25th.
- I haven't looked yet.
- Anything that will show that Peter did not know, going into those meetings, there was something untoward will help us.
Alicia, I was chatting with the headmaster at Briarcrest on another matter, and he mentioned that they havescholarships for your kids.
Yes? Don't.
I'm sorry.
$35,000 can buy you a lot of stuff.
That's a bit tenuous, isn't it? Her husband works at McCloon's firm? Look, I'm not saying it's a smoking gun.
I'm just saying that she didn't put it on her voir dire, If we wanted to get rid of her, we can.
I say we bring it to Diane and see what she says, okay? Thanks.
Zach, give me back the remote! We've already seen this one.
Not so loud.
I don't hear the front door.
Is she gone? Oh, I thought for sure she suspected something.
Oh, yes! Zach, give me the camera.
I'm not alone in this.
I am not alone in this.
It wasn't even my idea! Let's go! Hurry up.
Here we go.
- Put a lot of this on, right? - Do we have sprinkles? Hurry up.
She's coming back.
It's a little too thick.
All right I'm gonna do a little surgery.
I just wanted to lay on it a little You know what I mean? - Straighter.
- I know, it's sticking to the bottom.
Dad, you're supposed to get rose petals already petaled, not roses.
I know, but this is what I have.
- How does that look? - That looks terrible.
- Oh, my gosh.
- That looks expensive.
There goes your college education.
Okay, let's get ready.
The day you were talking about the 16th the day he was supposedly with Kozko Well, he couldn't have been.
He was with us the whole day.
I'll bring it by your office Hey, jackie? I'm heading out.
But I'm making dinner.
That's big.
- Where did this come from? - It was on the doorstep.
I think it's from your work.
It's very nice of your firm, wasn't it? Dear, what Dear.
Alicia, what are you doing? - What else was in the basket? - I don't know.
- Anything else? - I don't know.
Cookies? Good.
I'm so glad.
- You have the tape? - Why, yes.
And something else, too.
A gift.
- What is it? - Ham, ipods, some half-eaten bananas.
Don't you ever try to buy me.
And don't you ever try to buy my kids.
You understand that? We're still working on the other juror, juror number 11.
And we're not saying that juror number two was definitely bought off.
We just think that based on appearances and the fact that it just takes one bad juror to toss out a favorable verdict, We should use that as pretext to bump juror number two and put in the alternate.
They make a good point.
Better to be safe than sorry.
What does the jury consultant say about the alternate? The alternate's a republican.
Not as good for us as the current juror.
If juror number two is not corrupt? I've replaced a good juror with a bad alternate.
So, smoke out McCloon.
Bring the potential bias to the judge, but don't insist on replacing juror two.
Just bring it up.
If McCloon goes crazy, you know she was pay, - And fight for her expulsion.
- And McCloon doesn't go nuts? Just say you were following your duty as an officer of the court.
Back off.
It's your call.
We don't know what this means.
We just know it wasn't in juror number two's voir dire.
I don't look at the guards at my reception; I go straight down to the parking garage.
I don't understand, Miss Lockhart Do you want juror number two off the jury - or not? - We're undecided, Your Honor.
We merely felt an obligation to bring it to the court's attention.
If Miss Lockhart has any hesitation at all, I say let's dump her.
Of course, we are willing to stipulate to the fairness of this.
Lets just put in the alternate.
No objection, Your Honor.
All right, fine.
Juror number two is out.
We'll put in the alternate.
- We got played.
- What happened? It was a McCloon setup.
He put the placemat in our depos to get us to dump our best juror.
We don't know that.
McCloon didn't fight it.
He welcomed it.
- He wanted number two off the jury.
- Right.
Because we were wrong.
It wasn't number two.
It was number 11.
Or it was no one.
Okay, maybe.
But we find out.
I don't know.
We thought number two looked guilty because she wanted to serve on a jury.
But she was just being a good person.
- So? - So, if that x was on juror number five or eight or anyone, we would pry into their lives and we would find something, because from the outside people look guilty.
But sometimes, people from the outside look guilty because they are guilty.
I mean, what's your point? We don't look? I don't know.
I don't like prying.
Then don't.
Let me.
Thank God.
I hope you can help me.
I just locked myself out of - Where's Tober? - He left earlier.
Jury duty, I think.
But he said to ask the super You're Ozzie, right? Yeah.
But I've never seen you before.
Look, I know this is awkward, okay? I met Calvin last night.
He let me sleep in while he went off.
I'm already so late for work.
In our phase 1 and phase 2 trials, we never once found a causal link between Zennapril and brain stem stroke.
Winsor, is it possible that Mr.
Demory took a wrong dosage of Zennapril for his migraine headache? He shouldn't have taken any Zennapril at all.
It's not indicated for headache relief.
Zennapril's not approved for migraines? No!! It's a powerful drug intended only for patients suffering schizophrenia.
I want to apologize for last night.
I sent that basket before we had our conversation.
No one will ever send you anything again.
Thank you.
I don't mean to keep doing this.
I need to ask another favor regarding the videotape that you gave me.
On the tape was a present, a bracelet.
I need you to look for the receipt.
Why? I want to use the videotape to try to get Peter a new trial.
I think it's very effective.
But I'm afraid that the prosecution will suggest that the present wasn't paid for by Peter.
Why would they suggest that? Mrs.
Florrick, as you know, technically, I don't represent you.
I represent your husband.
And so, as much as I would like to be completely forthcoming, in these circumstances, I don't believe I can.
So Kozko gave Peter things, And you believe Peter regifted these things This bracelet to me? I can say this: It would be helpful if we could find the receipt.
If it's money you're concerned about What? You don't have to be so proud.
I know you're carrying a great respon- sibility right now.
The rent alone.
I just want you to know that I have more than enough room.
You know, we're okay for now.
But thanks.
- Kalinda? - Hold on.
Hello? Hi, it's Alicia.
I'm returning your call.
Who was that? Donna.
Look, I found out something about juror number 11, Calvin Tober.
I was talking to the super in his building, - and he let me into his apartment.
- How could you enter his apartment? You really want to know? Here's the thing: Tober's bank account He just deposited $20,000 in cash.
I think we have our bribed juror.
Yes, it's ours.
You lost the receipt? And I need a copy for my tax records.
It's a beautiful piece.
One of our finest.
When was it purchased? February or March.
Maybe January.
- I'm sorry, you said "Florrick.
" - Yes.
I found the receipt, but it's not under Florrick.
- Might it be under a different name? - I'm not sure.
What name do you have? I'm sorry, I'm not able to give out that information.
Could the name be Kozko? I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I can't give out that information.
So, I tracked down Tober's ex-wife.
She says he was five months behind on alimony.
Then last week, he paid her ten grand.
He claims he took out a second mortgage on his house.
- Is that all? - Tober doesn't own a house.
- Did you hear me? - Yeah.
Kalinda, do you know someone named Kozko? Gerald Kozko? The real estate developer.
What does he have to do with my husband? I don't know, does he have anything to do with him? You worked at the attorney's office for how long? Two years.
- Did you ever see anything? - Like what? Payoffs, gifts I don't know.
I don't even know if I want to know.
You don't go to the state's attorney's office to find saints.
I'll get back to you about Tober.
If his payoff's $35,000, then McCloon owes him another $15,000.
My guess is he gets it before deliberations.
- That's at the end of today.
- I better rush then.
Objection, Your Honor! This is a research document, not promotional material.
Then let me continue quoting: "primary outcome for Zennapril include a 40% reduction in the average frequencies of migraines.
" We test drugs for all possible outcomes.
It doesn't mean that we recommend them.
Could you please tell the court - What this is, doctor? - Objection.
We haven't seen this.
Discovery materials, item 469.
I'll help you, sir.
This document is an application to the emea, seeking approval to market Zennapril in Europe as a migraine medication.
Am I correct? Yes.
Filed 20 months ago.
Winsor, would you please tell the court whose signature is on this application? My signature.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Then that concludes the trial testimony.
We'll finish the day with summations and jury instructions, and then ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the trial moves into your hands.
And she's sure it was a payoff? No.
She saw an envelope exchange hands, but she doesn't know what - was inside the envelope.
- And she didn't see the driver? No.
She saw a dark green SUV.
Kalinda saw a partial plate j15.
She's running it now, crossing it with make and model but, - that could take a while.
- Start with McCloon's legal team.
I don't know.
The jury's already deliberating.
They give their a verdict today.
So if we pull the trigger, we do it now.
I'd have to bring the judge everything.
The place mat, the $35,000, the alimony.
You request another juror now, it'd be a definite mistrial.
But I feel like the jury was with me.
I mean, the summation they were nodding.
They want to give this to us.
Yes, unless juror 11 torpedoes it.
Either way, - we're risking a mistrial.
- Damn.
This is roulette.
This isn't law.
We're talking about a felony crime here; we have an obligation.
The judge wants you in chambers.
This should be interesting.
In the next minutes, we're going to figure something out.
I would like to request a private meeting.
In the meantime, I would like silence.
Not McCloon silence, not Lockhart silence, Just silence!!! Unless I point to you, You will not speak.
- Your honor? - Sergeant Largon! Sergeant, come in, please.
And wait right there.
Anyone who speaks without my permission will be held in contempt.
Now, the jury has reached a verdict.
I'm holding that verdict until we settle an issue that has arisen.
The foreman has approached me about being followed by someone from one of your legal teams.
Who would that be? - You may speak.
- Your honor, we have reason to believe that Mr.
McCloon bribed one of the jurors.
We intended to bring these charges to Your Honor, but first, we wanted to be certain of our information.
And so you had one of the jurors followed? Your honor, I am stunned.
McCloon, without the outrage, please.
Clearly, Miss Lockhart has nothing solid, and she's trying to torpedo this verdict before it comes in.
- She's feared it won't go in her favor.
- All right, Miss Lockhart, I am holding you in contempt.
You owe the legal defense fund $80,000 to be paid no later than Friday of next week.
And I think I am damn well owed an apology.
I did not point to you.
That'll be $10,000, Mr.
Now we are all going back into that courtroom, and we are all living with this verdict.
If you have evidence of jury tampering, Miss Lockhart, take it up on appeal.
Too many people have selflessly invested their time for your playground tactics to throw this into a mistrial.
Now, that's it.
Ladies and gentleman of the jury, have you reached a verdict? Yes, Your Honor.
And what is your verdict? "We, the jury, find for Raymond Demory and against the defendant Zennapril pharmaceutical.
And we assess damages in the sum of $800,000 in compensatory damages and three million in punitive damages.
" Thank you for your service to the state of Illinois.
The jury is dismissed.
Court adjourned.
- Settle, and I won't pursue an appeal.
- I still have my class action clients.
I'll get you some numbers by the end of the day.
- So, we were wrong? - It happens.
People sometimes just look guilty.
Thank you.
It was It was all Diane.
I want you to have something.
These are the people that you helped today.
Thanks again.
It really is amazing.
- Is it? - Yes.
- Ever been to the hungry kitten? - The restaurant? Sure.
Ray loves it.
- And you borrowed our deposition books? - Yes.
Why? Diane wanted us to look through ray's earlier statements.
You didn't have to do it.
You would have won.
We did win.
They bribed the foreman.
Our clients did.
They drive a dark green SUV.
Their license plate prefix is j15.
There was no whistle-blower.
Our clients bribed the jury.
- Maybe.
- No.
It's true.
We need to bring this to the judge.
We already did.
We brought our suspicions to the judge, and he overruled us.
Yes, but now we know.
We fulfilled our obligation under the law.
It's wrong.
We follow the law, Alicia.
Sometimes it's wrong, sometimes it's right, but we always follow the law.
And today, you helped a lot of people in pain find justice.
- How are you doing? - Good.
- I hear that work is going well.
- It is.
It's good.
- You sound like Grace.
- "How's school?" "Good.
" "How are your teachers?" "Good.
" Are you having fun? That's the most important thing.
Fun as Disneyland.
Well, I'm I'm glad you make a life for yourself.
It gives you a break from this whole - situation.
- Right, Daniel? Alicia can handle herself, I know that.
Daniel and I wanted to talk to you about something.
Alicia, we've been going over our appeal strategy, and, we need you to do something that we didn't expect.
We need you to testify.
I'm sorry, but we have gone over this every which way we could, and we need you to say on the stand when you found out about the affair, so that we can show that Peter was lying to protect you.
- From the affair.
- Well, I mean, It's Bill Clinton all over again.
Remember what we used to say about him? They were using sex to crucify him.
They are doing exactly the same thing to me.
Crucifying you? We need you to do this.
I wouldn't ask you if I didn't need it.
Will you testify?