The Great Indian Kapil Show (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Dil Se Deol - Sunny & Bobby

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you
to Netflix flight number KS 2024.
We are coming on Netflix.
-Don't make it so scary, paaji.
-No? Okay.
When we weren't recording,
he was calling me names.
I can hear you! I'm not deaf!
He will die!
Papa says, "Come sit with me.
Be my friend."
And I say, "If I share something
with you like a friend,
then you act like Papa again."
Uran Khatola.
Doing potty.
My food?
Our food is coming on Netflix
Paaji, you are confusing me.
Love you guys. You can edit
this later because, you know
Kapil! Kapil! Kapil!
-Come on!
-Kapil! Kapil! Kapil!
Good evening and welcome
to The Great Indian Kapil Show.
-Kapil! Kapil! Kapil!
-Please sit down.
Today, we don't have a lot of time.
Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol sahab
just called me.
They are catching a flight from here.
They'll stop by my café
before their departure.
I have to make several preparations,
Archana ji.
Please don't disturb me today.
Wait, listen to me! "Don't disturb me!"
You call this preparation?
What menu is this?
This menu was crafted
with a focus on the Deol family.
Gadar Ek Aalu Parantha?
Six layers of paratha.
Lots of dough on the top.
Lots of dough at the bottom.
Potatoes in the middle.
The customer will stick his hand
through ginger and onions
and rescue the potatoes,
just like he rescued Sakina
from Pakistan in Gadar.
That kind of paratha.
-It's going to be sensational!
What is Border Biryani?
This is normal biryani.
It's prepared in the same way.
But we will make a border
of shattered glass in front of you.
So that you don't come
and gobble all the biryani.
-Shut up!
Ziddi Chicken Masala.
This is the special dish for the day.
Ziddi Chicken Masala.
For this, we need
a stubborn rooster first.
And he's so stubborn,
that he's only found in the jungle.
-I see.
-He doesn't let you lay a finger on him.
If you manage to catch him,
it won't let you marinate him.
-"Don't apply this. Don't apply that."
The next morning, we come
to understand his real stubbornness.
He doesn't come out until you bend over
like a rooster yourself.
-What is this?
-Sir, please let me go.
Why are you hitting me?
-Sir, please let go.
-You're ripping people off at the airport!
What is this?
Wait a minute, bhaisahab.
What's going on?
Even you are robbing people
dressed as fake Dharam.
I'm requesting change for 500 rupees,
but he's refusing to give it.
You're not giving me 500 rupees either!
If I had 500 rupees,
why would I be requesting change?
I will change all seven!
I will change them all together!
-My son is being treated unfairly.
-Come on.
-What's happening, bhaisahab?
Hey, Chadha!
Get rid of this machine
if you can't give me dollars.
Wait a second. These notes are fake.
Even he is fake, beta.
He is not original either.
Bhaisahab, do you also exchange children
along with currency?
-No, no.
Why would he exchange me, Papa?
I am a fake.
No. Don't cry. Your mouth stinks.
Don't cry.
What is happening down there?
-Wait a second.
-Should I get this too?
Very good.
Sir, payment for all this stuff?
What payment?
It says here, "Duty free."
If it says, "Duty free,"
then it's your duty to hand out stuff
to people for free.
-It's not like that, sir.
-It is like that.
If it isn't, then I will smash it!
-I will crush it!
Bhaisahab, hold on!
Why are you all making a fuss?
What is he saying?
How would I know?
I am his dad, not his transmitter.
-You mean translator.
-Why bother if I am not one?
Wait a minute.
What's going on here?
What's going on there?
Oh, God!
-I look so nice!
-I look so nice!
I do look nice,
but my hair isn't quite up to par.
It looks better like this.
No, my hair was better like this.
No, it will look better this way.
I said it looks better like this.
How about
fishing some money out of my pocket?
I have an idea.
-I will cut my hair.
Bhandup's Dharam!
-Palghar's Dharmendra.
-Oh, wow!
Listen, bhaisahab. This is wrong.
-Why are you all roaming around as fakes?
-How can we pose as the real ones?
We are fakes.
You've seated Puneet Issar here,
adorned with a fake wig and lipstick.
What about that?
So, you guys won't budge.
Let me call the real Deol family.
People have used this tactic before
to scare us. You can't scare us away!
-Am I trying to scare you?
-Yes, you are.
-Look over there.
-Look at what?
Just wait and watch.
Bhai, I'm not Sunny Deol!
I am Rajpal.
I'm not Sunny!
Bhidu, you are my boy!
Hey, bhidu!
Bhidu, where can I find Tiger?
I don't know.
Let's run away! Scram!
Let's get out of here! Run!
-Run! Run! Run!
Now, it's time to call
the real superstars.
They're everyone's favorite.
With a huge round of applause,
please welcome Mr. Sunny Deol
and Mr. Bobby Deol!
Welcome, paaji!
Welcome, Bobby paaji.
Give them a big round of applause!
You're all aware of the gadar
they have created this year.
During Gadar 2,
the audience cheered and applauded
Sunny paaji's impressive dialogues.
But he didn't say
a single dialogue in his film,
and people were still cheering for him.
The sensation that the entire
Deol family has created is remarkable.
Sunny paaji was doing action in Gadar 2.
Bobby paaji was busy
doing action in Animal.
And even Dharam paaji in
Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani
Dharam paaji was busy doing romance.
Dharam paaji is so adorable.
You fall in love with him
the moment you lay eyes on him.
Paaji, this is your first time here
on our show that's streaming on Netflix.
-Welcome, both of you. Please take a seat.
-Thank you.
Before I start my conversation
with Sunny paaji and Bobby paaji,
we have received some mail from your fans.
How will you read it if it's in English?
Excuse me, babe!
I've done Diploma in PG Commercial Arts.
I have memorized this line.
The first letter is for you, Bobby paaji.
This is Keval writing to us from Vadodara.
He says, "Lord Bobby ji,
we saw you in Aashram."
"Since then, I am bored of married life."
"I have realized that the real joy
of life lies in an ashram."
"We want to know whether we should
stay at home or go to an ashram."
If you all want to eat laddoos,
then come see me.
Laddoos are not the problem, paaji.
It's your actions following
their consumption of the laddoos!
Even the second letter is for you.
I'm picking them randomly.
"Dear, Bobby.
This is Pawan Kumar from Hisar."
"I have been following you
since your movie Barsaat."
"You grew your hair, so did I."
"You danced in Gupt.
So, even I learned to dance."
"In Race 3,
you sculpted your physique, and so did I."
"In Animal, you got married thrice."
"In Animal, you got married thrice."
"So, even I want to,
but my wife doesn't approve."
The problem is that
the Deols are very romantic.
True that!
Our desires are insatiable.
But true love exists.
And I've been married for 28 years.
-Oh, wow.
-And I'm very blessed that I have
a wonderful, simple, beautiful woman
called Tanya, who's my wife.
Another letter.
This is international mail.
It says,
"Sunny paaji, I'm Rafiq from Lahore."
"The pump that you uprooted in Gadar
was installed by me
in the memory of my uncle."
"We had no connection with Sakina.
We were only watching the scuffle."
"My father used to bathe under it."
"Ever since you uprooted the hand pump,
he has stopped bathing."
"Your film has done tremendous business."
"We'll bill you for the hand pump.
Kindly remit payment."
Paaji, what would be your reply to him?
Well, let's send him a hand pump.
-I might have to uproot it again.
Wow! Great!
If you look at Sunny paaji's dialogues,
not every man
can bear that responsibility.
They only suit him.
Like, "I'll kill all seven,
and kill them together."
And if you give this dialogue
to Nawaz bhai
He will wait for
the seven of them to separate,
then he'll stab each one from behind.
From behind!
Only Sunny paaji can hammer a Jeep.
An ordinary man can only put a dent in it.
But when he hammers the Jeep,
it turns 180 degrees.
If Sunny paaji is the hero,
the writer and director
can think of such things.
Like Sunny paaji will bellow
"Ashraf Ali" at the top of his lungs,
and hundreds of men
will cower in fear and flee.
Just like he did in the film.
Later, Amrish Puri sahab
had to give a clarification.
"That Jatt came here
and took off with Sakina."
"What came over all of you?"
Some are blessed
with such amazing personalities.
Even in real life,
if someone's really strong,
like Superman, then that's bhaiya.
Because I've never seen
anyone with strength comparable to his.
-He's had several back surgeries.
But when he is required to lift someone,
he lifts them.
He effortlessly lifts them
as if they weigh nothing at all.
A few days ago, when I went downstairs
to take a walk outside the house,
I noticed that the window
of bhaiya's car was cracked.
I asked, "How did it happen?
Did a coconut fall on it?"
They said, "No. Sunny sahab got angry,
and he thumped it, causing it to crack."
It's a fact.
Has Sunny ever hit you
in a fit of rage, Bobby?
No. I mean
his eyes are enough to scare me.
What about Dharam ji?
Papa never hit me.
Even his eyes were just as powerful.
His hand weighs 20 kilos.
So, who straightened you up?
Your mom?
We've got many beatings from Mom.
We've got many beatings from Mom.
She straightened me up.
Actually, Punjabi moms are that way.
My mom's sitting right here.
When I was new to Mumbai,
I noticed that moms here were different.
If the child falls, they say,
"Oh, baby! Are you hurt?"
"Are you all right?"
If I fell, my mother would say,
"What happened? Serves you right!"
Isn't it?
-Our elbows are bruised, and still
-I used to get hurt,
and Mom would still clobber me
with her shoe!
And I would still be bleeding.
Well, mothers behave that way.
It's their thing.
But many women don't
even spare their husbands.
You got that right.
When Bobby paaji made his film debut,
he carried forward the legacy established
by Dharam paaji and Sunny paaji.
He created quite a sensation
with his first film.
He did action
and delivered powerful dialogues.
He even did a negative role
with such conviction.
We saw you in Aashram enjoying
I mean playing that character.
We even saw you in Animal.
He had more wives than
the characters who had dialogues.
Tell me honestly, paaji.
You had no dialogues.
You were playing a mute character.
A menacing villain who remains silent,
communicating solely through gestures.
How did the director
narrate that scene to you?
He played the song by B Praak and said,
"We'll be playing this song."
"You just have to feel it."
Wow! When the trailer of Animal released,
there was one shot of him with the knife.
That was amazing, paaji.
Last year, after Gadar 2 and Animal,
we got to see a change
in Sunny paaji and Bobby paaji.
Sunny paaji, who we always saw at the gym,
is now seen at parties.
Well, he deserves it.
And Bobby paaji,
usually spotted at parties,
is now frequently seen at the gym!
Sir, what brought on this change?
What I intended to teach bhaiya,
he picked up later.
What he intended to teach me,
I picked up later.
I even heard a story, paaji.
I don't know how true it is.
Someone narrated it to me.
It's said that Sunny paaji
and Dharam paaji wake up early.
One morning,
Sunny paaji and Dharam paaji were
playing tennis or badminton somewhere.
Even Bobby paaji
showed up early in the morning.
So, Dharam paaji was happy
because Bobby woke up early.
But the truth was that Bobby paaji
was returning home in the morning
after partying all night.
Is it true, paaji?
Whenever I would step out of the house,
my mom would never sleep.
I see.
I had recently started to go out.
And we used to play badminton every day.
-I see.
-One good thing was that
we played badminton every morning.
But I veered off course slightly
by indulging in fun, frolic, and partying.
I came home in the morning.
Mom was sitting there.
She said, "You rascal"
You know, whatever moms say
"You don't know, you fool"
"Your father is fuming."
I said, "Okay"
She would scream at me and then say,
"Papa doesn't know you returned late.
Now go and play badminton."
I see.
Badminton was the only game
I used to be good at.
Bhaiya was better at squash.
-Amazing. Great.
Paaji, if I give you 100 points
Imagine you have only 100 points.
And you have to rate each other.
Between you, Bobby paaji,
and Dharam paaji.
The category is romance.
So, who gets how much out of 100?
Papa will get 100,000.
We won't get anything.
No one is as romantic as Papa.
Do you all agree with that?
-Of course!
-One hundred percent!
Get in the front and stop it.
Go, stop it!
-Go, stop it!
-Hit the brakes!
-Stop it. Stop it.
-Hit the brakes.
If I could hit the brakes,
I wouldn't tell you to stop it.
Wait a minute.
Leave it. Leave it. Leave it.
On behalf of the airport authority,
I welcome you.
Nice to meet you.
On behalf of the airport authority,
I welcome you.
He's our main guy.
Click a picture.
Hand me the bouquet.
Hand me the bouquet.
Little closer.
Should I sit on his lap?
-What do I do?
-Come sit.
Sir, one in the middle.
Do only what was in the script.
You've got something over here.
-What is it?
-One more.
Let's do a candid one.
One with you.
Okay. Very good.
-Oh, my God!
-One second.
Return this to him, okay?
-Wait a minute.
-To Basant.
-Why are you returning it?
-Because it's broken.
-It's not broken.
-It's broken now.
Listen, give this to the guy
at number 16.
Number 16!
Tell him it's dirty and stinking.
Bobby ji, Sunny sir, how are you?
-All good?
Good. Absolutely.
Is Sunny ji okay, Bobby ji?
Sunny ji, is Bobby ji okay?
Is he?
Why aren't you asking directly?
I get a little nervous.
We have such big guests here.
I'm not used to being
around such big people.
I usually hang around
with people like them.
I am Engineer Chumbak Mittal.
Animal Engineer.
Do you perform bypass surgery on parrots?
He's not an animal engineer. He's lying.
Before flights take off,
he scares away the birds
that sit on the runway.
He's a bird catcher.
It's not a bird catcher,
it's a bird scarer.
But we scare them away
using the gesture you made in Animal.
This is how I do it.
Are you comfortable?
-Yes, we are comfortable.
-Can I get comfortable too, sir?
Okay, get comfortable.
You're being stupid!
Drink one after the other.
If I drink back-to-back,
I get intoxicated.
Sir, this is for the success of Animal.
This is for the success of Gadar 2.
For whose success are you drinking now?
This is for grief.
What grief do you have?
You went to another country
to get Sakina back.
couldn't even go to the end of the lane
to get Sunita.
Her brother stopped me two houses before.
He punched me with his 1,25-kilo arm,
which felt like 2,50 kilos.
How can his punch weigh 2,50 kilos
when his arm only weighs 1,25 kilos?
He joined both his hands.
Like this.
But Sunita has many brothers.
Didn't the other brothers beat you?
Yes, the other one.
The second brother came to me.
He said he wouldn't spare me.
I said, "Really? Let's arm wrestle."
I defeated him in three seconds.
Then what? Whatever usually follows
after one gets defeated.
"You should be ashamed of
arm wrestling with a four-year-old boy."
But they were right. You can
always defeat a four-year-old boy.
The real fun is when you defeat
Sunny paaji or Bobby paaji.
If you feel that way, then okay.
You can arm wrestle with me.
You get pretty daler after you are drunk.
After two more drinks,
I can even become Daler Mehendi.
Shall we?
Come on.
What happened?
He squished my hand!
Not so hard!
We can't arm wrestle like this.
No, not like this.
You know what, your film was a huge hit.
Let's celebrate that instead.
-What do you say? Shall we?
-Okay, fine.
-Do you want a celebration?
Bobby sir, I'll make one for you.
You know,
I never care about anything.
Everyone's glass is falling.
Why isn't your glass falling?
You have attached a magnet. You cheater!
Sunny paaji, I have a question for you.
When you entered the film industry,
Dharam paaji was already a superstar.
Did you feel any pressure because
you are the son of such a huge superstar?
You were about to be launched.
It was your first film.
-Actually, I never thought like that.
-I see.
I just knew I wanted to become an actor,
and I was already working on it.
I still vividly recall the mahurat
of my first film Betaab
at Mehboob Studios.
Bobby was there too. He was very young.
The entire industry was there.
Stage 1 was completely packed.
-And I was given dialogues.
I read the dialogues
and delivered them straight away.
-I was not nervous at all.
-I see. That's amazing.
Okay, Dharam paaji was a superstar.
Sunny paaji was a superstar.
Papa and older brother.
So, when it was your turn,
were you feeling stressed,
or was the person directing you
feeling stressed?
If anything goes wrong
father and the sons
will show up at my doorstep!
Maybe that's why Shekhar ran away.
Shekhar Kapur.
He was scared.
But then Raj directed the film.
But I never thought
that I was under pressure.
Papa is
He means everything to me. He is a legend.
Bhaiya is a superstar.
But today, I am happy about the fact
that my brother waited
for 22 years after doing Gadar.
And in the same year,
first Papa's film was released,
and the role that he played
If anyone else had done that role,
it wouldn't have been as much fun.
-That's true.
-Then my film
And then, my film was released
and it was a big hit.
I'm happy that whenever I meet Papa now,
I see happiness in his eyes.
Every son hopes that
his father witnesses his achievements.
-And I
remember when I came home after a week.
Papa is always busy on Instagram.
He said,
"Bob, people are crazy about you."
I said, "Papa, I am your son.
Why wouldn't they be crazy about me?"
So, for me, the biggest achievement
is to see this
What I see in my papa's eyes,
in my mom's eyes,
in the eyes of my sisters,
and in bhaiya's eyes.
That is my achievement
because they all love me so much.
Wherever I go or with whomever I interact,
-I receive blessings from people.
They say, "Sir, you will
have more success."
This doesn't happen normally.
Those people bless me so lovingly.
Kapil, there's something I want to add.
It has been many years,
during which several events unfolded.
We were working on multiple fronts.
Various things were happening.
We were putting in our best efforts.
It's not that we weren't trying.
I was involved in numerous activities,
as was Bobby, and even Papa.
However, all of a sudden,
with my son's marriage
and the arrival of a daughter
in the family
the atmosphere completely changed.
Since the 1960s, Papa has been here,
and we've been in the same limelight.
We've seen many things, each arriving
and departing in its own time.
But the current unfolding of events,
along with past occurrences,
and the love we are receiving from people
People have always loved us.
We get a lot of love.
Papa is showered with immense love,
and that's why Bobby
and I receive a lot of love.
somehow, we were perplexed as to why
certain things weren't falling into place.
But then, she came home.
And then came Gadar.
Papa's film had released before that.
And you know, when my film released,
I didn't know what was happening.
Because I was experiencing
both tears and laughter within.
It was unbelievable
-From where did God reveal Himself?
And after that, Animal was released.
All records were broken.
-All of this is a result of your love
and your support.
You have always supported us.
But from the industry
We couldn't do films
that generated sufficient capital.
And I remember when we were doing Gadar,
people said, "It's old cinema.
Even the director is old."
"Who is going to watch it?"
But you guys proved
that you want to watch it.
You always rule our hearts, paaji.
We all love you, paaji.
Thank you.
You know, for parents,
children never grow up.
Even though Sunny paaji's son
is now married,
for Dharam paaji,
they are still his children.
I'm not referring to the present moment,
but parents often overlook things.
My mom still scolds me sometimes.
They don't take note
that we're with our girlfriend
or even a friend.
Have you ever been
in an awkward situation
where you were standing with someone
and Dharam paaji scolded you?
No, what happens with Papa is
Papa says, "Come sit with me.
Be my friend."
And I say, "If I share something with you
like a friend,
then you act like Papa again."
Amazing! What a great answer!
Actually, they will sweet-talk you
into revealing secrets.
Sunny! Sunny! Sunny! Sunny!
Bobby paaji, you made a mark
without any dialogue.
So, keeping your talent in focus,
we've thought of a game.
Sunny paaji, these are
the names of a few films.
You can't see them.
You have to show them
to Bobby paaji one by one.
Through his gestures,
he will enact the names of the films.
Okay, paaji?
We'll play this game very honestly.
You can't see it, paaji,
but everyone else can.
This is muh Mughal?
Mughal Mughal-E-Azam!
Muh, gale, hazam.
Wow! Not bad!
The second film is
I see.
Body. Muscle.
In Hindi.
In Hindi?
In Hindi
-I should have done this.
-This is cheating.
Okay, now the last one.
Look, Bobby paaji, this is your test.
What is it called, Sunny?
What do you call it?
What? Sitting down?
Doing potty?
You are very close!
Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.
You only cheated once for Baahubali.
You answered the other two honestly.
Now, Bobby paaji will get a chance.
-Bobby paaji
-I don't use sign language. I only speak.
You can't see it.
-I can't see it?
-No. You can show it to the audience.
Show it to Sunny.
This one's easy.
-The Burning Train.
Okay, now ready?
Good one.
-Naukar Biwi Ka.
Not an easy job.
Amazing, paaji!
If it was Papa's film, I thought
it has to be Naukar Biwi Ka.
Here's the last one.
Uran Khatola. No?
Udta Punjab.
Sunny paaji, you cannot tell anyone
that you haven't learnt sign language.
I love it!
I'm a big fan, sir.
Bobby ji, it's so good to see you.
-Sunny ji. Love you, sir.
-Love you.
Oh, God! Please be seated, sir.
It feels so nice.
I found out that you are coming.
I have specially
brought something for you.
What did you bring?
Why did you bring dough?
What are you saying, buddy?
This is Sunny Deol.
He has the ability to melt iron
and reshape it.
And this is just dough.
Sir, can you please change
its shape and turn it into puris?
You're making our guests do your job.
Aren't you ashamed?
No, I'm not.
Because they are not guests for me.
They are apne.
"Apne toh apne hote hain," you know?
How are they your family?
Their father is Dharam ji.
Your father is besharam ji.
Do you want to know the truth, paaji?
His father is brazen!
To get free coriander
from the vegetable vendor,
his father dons a nightgown
when going to the market.
I'm not joking.
You are mistaken, sir. That was my mother.
She bears a slight resemblance
to my father.
They are just made like each other.
Sir, you should definitely
try my cooking sometime.
You won't stop licking your fingers.
Never taste his cooking, paaji.
The other day, a guest requested
a plate of chicken Afghani.
He dressed the chicken
in a salwar kameez and served it.
And then, another guest
asked for Mutton Nawabi.
He fed paan to a goat
and took him along
You are lying.
I'd like to share a dialogue
from Bobby ji's film Animal with you.
-Bobby sir, I am a big fan of yours.
-Thank you.
And I even realized that
you are an animal lover.
-Do you know how?
First, you did Bichhoo.
-Then Animal.
-You also did Aashram.
-Where did you see animals in Aashram?
Within him.
Bobby sir, I need your help.
Actually, some guy has
barged inside my kitchen
and he keeps screaming
for every little thing.
Only you can handle that guy. Please, sir!
He's coming.
Oh, my God!
I looked out for someone bad
but found none.
But when I saw him
I realized there was
no one worse than him.
You guys can leave now.
In my next fight,
you can come back and sing again.
Sir, didn't I tell you?
This is that man.
He ruined all the items in my kitchen.
I don't ruin things, I eat them!
Eat what is meant to be eaten, brother!
Sunny paaji.
I'm here to apologize to you, Sunny paaji.
I beat up your younger brother
in the film.
Actually it was all his fault,
Sunny paaji.
-He was mute.
-Yes. Right.
If he had informed me that
he was Sunny paaji's younger brother,
I would have never hit him.
I I would have hit myself.
I would have hit myself.
Don't do that, brother.
Don't hit yourself. Allow me.
Do you know what he did with me, sir?
Paaji, I came here to eat at the café.
I asked him to take my order,
but he refused to do so.
Because he was busy eating himself.
let's do one thing.
Let's re-enact that scene for them.
I am the chef, and you are the customer.
Do it with dedication, fatso.
This is my last chance.
Hey, boy! What's for dinner?
Hey, boy! What's for dinner?
-Hey, boy
-I can hear you! I'm not deaf!
You order one thing,
but he serves you something else.
That's because I'm influenced by you, sir.
In one of your films, you said,
"If you ask for milk,
we'll give you kheer."
Basically, you don't give
the same product.
So, when anyone asks for milk,
I never give them milk.
I give them kheer instead.
That's true, sir.
He eats grass but doesn't give milk.
Bobby sir, please handle this man,
or I will throw him to the ground!
Is that so? Come on.
He will die!
Oh, my God!
Do you want to fight more?
You will die.
Cast me in Animal Park.
I will deal with this animal.
A big round of applause
for Sunny paaji and Bobby paaji.
Please come, paaji.
Sunny paaji, Bobby paaji.
Thank you so much for coming.
We had a lot of fun with you.
We always do.
We sincerely pray that you continue
to deliver blockbuster films.
And I hope we keep meeting.
We love you, paaji.
We love the Deol family.
God bless you, paaji.
Love you, Kapil, and the whole team.
All right!
Goodnight! Goodbye! Thank you!
Attention please, passengers.
-A pani puri stall
-Pani puri?
has been set up
at gate number 20 of the airport.
Bhaiya, pani puri for all of us.
Hurry up.
-We are all out of pani puri.
-There is so much over here.
It's over for those who call me "bhaiya."
Beautiful girls are found
only in two places.
At pani puri stalls
and in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's films.
The first day of my shoot
commenced with a dance sequence.
How many rehearsals
did you undergo for the dance?
For dance sequences,
having 12 or 13 rehearsals is normal.
I don't think I went over 12.
I fell short of reaching a century.
-Plant trees, bhidu.
-Plant trees!
Where is Chandramukhi?
Alia got married. Kiara got married.
Now you're adding insult to injury.
He knows how desperately
I want to get married!
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