The Greatest Love (Choigowei Sarang) (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Brought to you by WITHS2 Because of you my chest, my heart goes "thump thump" I love only you, I yell with my whole heart I'm dreaming you'll see me with trembling lips waiting and my eyes closed And that you'll act first to give me a hug Let's stop the heart functions now.
Yes, the heart functions has been stopped.
Episode 15 Wait a minute, wait a minute.
As Dok Go Jin needs complete bed rest during this period, he is currently recovering abroad to avoid the media's attention for the time being.
What is Dok Go Jin's current progress? Why didn't Dok Go Jin show himself during the period he was preparing for the surgery? Could the reason for going abroad be to avoid the media because the surgery wasn't successful? I'll use this opportunity to tell all his fans this Dok Go Jin's heart surgery was a perfect success.
They say that Dok Go Jin survived it.
I don't have to worry anymore.
Is that really the truth? How can we believe it before we see him showing up in person? - Why can't we believe it? - Because there are so many rumors.
Some say he is in a comatose state.
And others say he's already dead, but they're hiding this fact from us.
There are even rumors that some people saw Dok Go Jin's ghost.
If Dok Go Jin's fans hear you talk like this You probably are going to be badmouthed, like Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong? She caused an incident on a TV program on the day of Dok Go Jin's surgery, didn't she? She really knows how to pick the perfect timing.
No matter how urgent* the situation is, (*ties in with Dok Go Jin's urgent news) there are some things you just can't hold back.
Have you seen the video they uploaded on the video website? It's so funny! Forget it, I'm not interested.
Found it It's so hilarious.
We've just received an urgent piece of news.
Actor Dok Go Jin - collapsed from a heart attack - Don't you find it really funny? and will be undergoing surgery earlier than scheduled.
[Me too!!! It's really urgent!.]
All right, we will now continue with other news.
Gu Ae Jeong will present the next segment to everyone.
Yes, I heard that you met Shin Min Ah on Star Date this time.
[What do I do?.]
[Hurry! I must hold it!.]
Gu Ae Jeong? I heard you visited the youth district of Hongdae.
How did you feel meeting Shin Min Ah? Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong.
[I can't hold it any more.
I am sorry.
[Gu Ae Jeong gets swept away by the unstoppable typhoon in her stomach.]
[Gu Ae Jeong gets swept away by the unstoppable typhoon in her stomach.]
You left the seat with such a heavy heart.
This moment of desperation and distress became a comedy because everyone is mistaken that you left to relieve yourself? But thanks to that video, what I did didn't draw unnecessary attention.
I thought I'll be fired from the program.
It's thanks to this kind of comedic videos that they only took away my individual segment instead.
Yeah, congrats for being a comedian.
Anyway, when is Dok Go Jin coming back to Korea? He'll be pestered by people everywhere when he comes back so I guess he'll be staying away for a bit more.
When he comes back, what will happen to you two? When he thought he was going to die, didn't he say he'll reveal his relationship with you? You don't think he changed his mind after surviving this, do you? After seeing how this incident stirred up the entire country, I've realized this Dok Go Jin is someone with a huge following and is loved by everyone in the country.
To be loved by such a person doesn't feel real to me.
So you've overcome a near-death crisis.
You've overcome it for real.
Are you okay with letting go of it all? I said I'll let go of him even if he swishes past me.
I promised him that with my own lips.
But you like Dok Go Jin so much Don't you miss your boyfriend who has survived a brush with death? I miss him very, very much.
But when we meet, I have to ask things like, "What will you do with me now?" I don't want to do that.
"Now that you've survived the surgery, you're going to jump into my pile of dog sh**, right?" How can I bring it up? Hyungnim, Hyungnim.
Hyungnim, I missed you so much.
How have you been? You've became more handsome! Hyungnim, are you really okay now? My heart is perfect now.
You came back without informing Representative Moon.
Is it because of Ae Jeong noonim? I've got to handle real life problems now.
Hyungnim, did you prepare any of those cheesy surprise events? When you meet your girlfriend after a long period apart, You have to prepare this kind of thing in order to receive her love in return.
You didn't prepare anything, did you? Shall I give you some ideas? Tie a ribbon around your neck like this.
"Dokko is Ae Jeong's present.
" Say it while doing this.
Jae Seok, take the blue shopping bag from all the stuff I brought back and throw it away.
This? What is this? That is Jae Seok's present.
Throw it away.
You have no other ideas? What should I do about the cocky behavior of my manager whom I've not seen in a long while? Jae Seok, when I was sick, I was really easy on you, wasn't it? That's not true, Hyungnim.
Lower your eye level.
I've undergone upgrading and became an even more special Dok Go Jin.
I am not some unimportant present to offer to the Gu Ae Jeong who didn't even show her face during the past 2 months.
- Grandpa.
- What? Why hasn't Dok Go Jin ahjussi been coming over? That's true.
If he survived, he would have come running here right away.
Did he die and become a ghost? There's no news from him at all.
But he promised he'll become stronger He has to come and give this to Aunt.
Hyung Gyu, what are you doing in your aunt's room? Huh? Hey How can you touch your aunt's stuff? I'm running late for an appointment with my friend.
Go to Aunt Jenny's house.
What is this pot doing? Could you be Potato? That's right You're Potato.
I thought you were dead.
You're still alive.
Ae Jeong noona planted it there.
Gu Ae Jeong? Yes, after Hyungnim collapsed, I didn't come here for several days.
I thought it would have wilted and died.
But Ae Jeong noona, she Oh This looks like it's already dead.
It can't die.
Hyungnim has been caring for it very dearly.
You are a special potato.
You can't wilt and be beaten like this.
Did she? She should have come to take care of me then.
Why did she only take care of Potato? The hospital was full of reporters.
How could she have come? She's always worrying about things that don't matter.
Then why didn't she come even when I asked her to? It's because they said you needed complete bed rest to recuperate.
She didn't appear either when I ended that stage of recuperation.
Ah, that You should go ask Ae Jeong noonim yourself.
When Dok Go Jin returns, there will be three new advertisements for him to shoot.
So that makes eighteen of them already? That is two more than the total he had at the peak of his career.
Isn't he amazing? I think it's because of the aura he now has after he miraculously beat death.
It seems so.
There's also this famous director, whose movies are akin to a ticket to Cannes, who wants to cast him in a movie.
Another box-office director wants to cast him as well.
Which one should we start with first? I'm really unsure.
Well, Dok Go Jin likes to receive awards so I guess he'll like the Cannes one? He'll really be able to swish off and speed ahead, provided that there's nothing holding him back.
I know why you keep asking me over, telling me how well Dok Go Jin will do in the future.
- I understand.
- All right.
You understand quite well.
Didn't you tell me before that as long as nothing happens to him, when he swishes off and speeds ahead, you'll be able to clap for him.
Now, what's left for us to do is to clap for him.
Well done, Potato.
Thanks to Gu Ae Jeong, both of us are still alive and well.
I had intended to bear with it until Gu Ae Jeong comes running to me first.
Dang, but I miss her so much.
Hyungnim, please rest well.
I'm leaving.
Jae Seok.
That cheesy surprise ribbon you mentioned earlier, Those ideas about how to surprise her Brief me about them again.
What? Tie a ribbon around your neck like this.
"Dokko is Ae Jeong's present.
" How can I do? I have to do it.
Dokko is Ae Jeong's present! Is that right? Where did this guy go again? Where did Director Yoon go? Did you see him? He went to the herbal market.
Aigoo, I told him not to go there personally.
Why has this kid been so disobedient recently? Aigoo, really.
I thought you left to study in China.
That's right, but there are still some things holding me back.
You don't go on TV nowadays? I'm going to be on TV today.
Oh, is that right? Which program? It's a show hosted by the lady who was on the same show with you.
- Gu Ae Jeong? - Yes, that's right.
It's great that Gu Ae Jeong managed to get hold of another program to host.
- Is she confirmed for the position? - Yes.
The producer of "Say it, Do it" is filming a new program on food tasting and got Ae Jeong to be the host.
I heard they went in search of good ingredients and even hiked all the way to the summit of Mount Jiri.
Mount Jiri's summit? Aigoo, she really must have had a hard time.
The viewer response was good.
Oh, I heard you'll be shooting a cooking program next month.
Do you have a vacancy for Ae Jeong? We're still at the planning stage.
Hold on.
I forgot I have another appointment.
I have to go now.
Wait a minute.
This kind of show is tiring so only newcomers are willing to participate, right? Our Ae Jeong won't mind at all.
That's right, okay Oh, Writer Han has a new program coming up too.
She has to arrange for a lot of guest appearances so try speaking with her.
I'm late.
Is that true? Aigoo, what kind of program is it? Ah, nothing is confirmed yet.
Oh, I have to work overnight tonight for a fright night filming.
I am leaving now.
Aigoo, that's great.
I'll bring some supper over and show you support! Aigoo, you don't have to! That place is very scary.
Don't come lest you get scared to death.
Writer Han, you know our Ae Jeong work especially hard.
Of course.
- I'm leaving.
- Yes, be safe.
Hello, I am Mat Jang Geum* from "Searching for Tastes.
" (*pun on "Dae Jang Geum" "Mat Jang Geum" means "The Taster Jang Geum") Today, we're here in the herbal market to discover the secret to using herbs in preparing delicious dishes.
The opening is too weak.
Too weak.
Yeah, it's too weak.
Since you're wearing Dae Jang Geum's attire, why don't you try singing "Onara"? (*theme song of MBC drama on Dae Jang Guem's life) Shall I? "Onara Onara" Shall I do that? Dance like this as well.
But I can't dance well.
What should I do? Aren't you one of those singers who also dance? I saw you dance and sing at the same time back then.
That was more than 10 years ago.
Besides, I was mainly an idol singer so I can't dance well.
What should I do? In that case, how about I enter with a cartwheel? I'm really good at doing cartwheels.
What do you think about a Jang Geum who sings "Onara" while doing cartwheel? Aigoo Aigoo, that would be interesting.
Can you do it here? Of course, I can do it anywhere.
I'll try it out once.
That lady is going to do a cartwheel on the market concrete ground? I am going to try it now.
I don't intend to stretch that high up, but please hold it slightly further away.
Here it goes.
There! Aren't I good at cartwheels? The ground seems really I scratched myself.
It seems it's going to bleed.
Excuse me Ajumeoni can I ask you for a favor? Director, so I will sing "Onara" while doing cartwheel to start the show.
Is that okay? Perfect.
I will do it again then.
Aja! Aja! Thank you.
All right then I will clean it up for you so you won't hurt yourself.
It's fine.
Thank you.
I am cleaning it because I want our market to look clean on TV.
Thank you.
Thank you, aigoo.
Thank you.
Let's start.
Well then, I'll start the show by singing "Onara" and cart wheeling in! Aja! Aja! Dokko is Ae Jeong's present! What am I doing for that heartless Gu Ae Jeong? Long time no see, Ding Dong! Did Ding Dong lose his manners since the last time we met? Why aren't you greeting me? What are you doing? That's great.
You're not a ghost.
Who said I am dead and has become a ghost? All my friends say so.
Make a list of people who said that.
I am going to sue them.
Ahjussi, are you a present? I'm your aunt's present.
And this is your present.
Since you welcome me so warmly, I will be your present too.
But Ding Dong, your bodyline is totally ruined.
We'll have to manage your figure a little.
What, what did you eat? Come over, come over.
- Thank you.
- See you.
Thank you.
You worked hard.
Oh, dear Are your feet hurting, Miss Jang Geum? Yes, it seems it's a little bit hurt.
It felt painful when I was doing the last cartwheel.
Are you okay? Yes.
After I apply a medicated patch, it should be fine.
I know a really good oriental medicine doctor.
Go there for an acupuncture treatment.
Shall I do that? Please introduce me to him then.
The doctor is right over here.
Yoon Pil Joo.
Aigoo, Doctor Yoon, you haven't left yet? Ah, you two know each other because you were on a program together.
In that case, you should just let Doctor Yoon take a look at your ankle.
Well, you've worked hard.
You worked hard.
Thank you.
I was watching you film the show.
You did more than thirty cartwheels on the pavement.
It's natural to feel strain on your ankles.
Are your wrists okay? What are you doing here? Ah, here I come here often to buy herbs for use at the hospital.
So you came here and met me by chance? It's by chance but also a bit intentional.
I heard you were coming to film so I waited.
I have been wondering how you were doing recently.
I can actually find out easily by visiting your filming locations.
Have you been well? I've been going around on location shoots for "Searching for Tastes.
" Before we catch up on news of each other, shall I take a look at Miss Jang Geum's leg so that you can continue to travel around? All done.
Hey You can't wear high heels.
Just a minute.
Wear this.
It's clean.
I'll be thankful for it even if it's dirty.
This is exactly how Gu Ae Jeong smells like.
Ahjussi, it's gone.
You lost the thing I entrusted you with? I placed the ring in Aunt's sneakers.
It was still here yesterday though.
Maybe Aunt threw it away.
What? Did she throw it away together with the sneakers? It disappeared.
It was here.
Gu Ae Jeong, I'll take it that you threw away that very expensive ring because you didn't know about it.
But how can you even think of throwing the sneakers away? She threw it away once before.
I got it back for her.
What? She threw it away before? That heartless Gu Ae Jeong From where did you get it back last time? Outside, from the trash can for used clothes.
Ahjussi, shall we go look for it together? Ding Dong! I am Dok Go Jin.
I've undergone upgrading and became even more special.
How can I rummage the trash can for? I have to do it.
Where is it? Let's go.
Ding Dong.
It would be embarrassing if someone sees this.
Keep watch.
Hey, you Hey, you, Ahjussi.
- Ah.
What is it? - Ahjussi.
Ahjussi, you can't hear me? What are all these? What are you doing? Such a mess Ahjussi, what are you doing? We're looking for something.
If you want to look for something, you should clean up the mess as you go.
If you throw things around like that, it just clutters up the area.
I will clean it up.
You don't need to.
Let your father do it.
It's okay, I will do it.
As a father, he really Young Child, just leave it.
We'll do it for you.
It's okay, I can handle it.
It looks like what we were looking for isn't here.
Let's go.
What is this? How could you leave like this? Clean this up first before you leave.
Didn't you say you are going to clean it up? We said that because the child said he is going to do it himself.
The child's father should clean it up before leaving.
What are you doing? Hurry up and do it.
How can you just throw them in like that? You should fold them nicely before putting them in.
They were put in like that before.
Please fold them nicely before putting them in.
Ahjumma, this ahjussi is very special A superhero's real identity can't be revealed at whim.
For the sake of the neighborhood’s peace and these ladies' sanity, let's clean this up quietly, okay? Just with one look, one can tell the father is an unemployed homeless.
He is covering his face so it won't get tanned, right? Why is a man afraid of getting tanned? Hey, you! Clean it up properly before leaving.
Let's go.
In any case, the important thing is, your aunt didn't throw away the sneakers here.
Let's go back home and search for it again.
Being with you like this reminds me of the Pil line which I had put behind me.
That safe, comfortable, and strong Pil line? It's a pity, right? That you let the Pil line vanish just like that In my opinion, it was a pretty good line.
Yeah, Yoon Pil Joo is the perfect man, right? However, from a woman's point of view, Yoon Pil Joo wasn't that perfect.
Why is that so? Your mother is terrifying! If I rebel, my mother can't do anything.
Oh, like rebelling by eating ramen? That's right.
If I eat ramen three meals in a row, I can make her surrender completely.
That's because she's thinking about her son's welfare.
If she had a daughter-in-law, she'll really nag at the daughter-in-law for letting her son eat ramen.
Wow, you found a major flaw in that perfect Pil line.
I was kidding.
Mentioning such excuses makes me feel a little less guilty.
I'm the kind of woman who runs away from even the smallest ordeal.
So Are you afraid because of this great ordeal facing you now? I am.
What should I do with a man with the whole country acting as my mother-in-law? You must go to the hospital tomorrow.
If you leave your ankle like that, it will become a persistent ailment.
I need to film in the mountain.
It's going to be a problem.
Go in.
Even though I can't give you a piggyback ride up to there, I can help you carry these.
- Hold onto me.
- Thank you.
It's because the hill is too steep - Hold on.
- Thank you.
Be careful, be careful.
Be careful.
Ahjussi, Ahjussi.
Aunt is here, Aunt.
It's a special moment.
Ding Dong You understand, right? I will sneak quietly out through that door and go to Aunt Jenny's shop.
Ahjussi, fighting! Fighting! I'll have to start off well from the beginning.
Keep the butthole shut.
Dokko is Ae Jeong's present.
Start with that.
Dokko is Ae Jeong's pres Change in plans Be careful.
Maybe I should just have given you a piggyback ride.
It's okay.
Thank you.
It's good to see you enduring well and being strong.
Don't touch her! Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Yes.
Oh, my! Dok Go Jin! Our first scene was a dramatic melodrama.
So for the continuing scene, I thought it will surely be a similar melodrama.
Perhaps it might change into a light romantic comedy or a hot erotica even.
So tell me what this scream inducing, horror scene of infidelity is all about?! Since you're yelling and saying whatever you want, you really must be Dok Go Jin! I really want to keep my butthole shut this time around at least However, I can't hold it back any more, I am going to explode.
I thought you avoided me during this period because you were thinking for my sake.
But you've been developing things with that "just anyone" doctor! - Gu Ae - Enough, Enough! Before it really turns into a horror serial, calm down.
What are you doing? Let me check how well it is.
I want to hear to see if it's thump-thumping normally.
I've been completely upgraded.
Oh, it is.
It sounds different from how it used to.
It used to sound weird.
If we change the genre so it would become more exciting, you'll be able to find out how well it has become.
Genre? Let's change to family drama first, okay? Have you eaten yet? What is this? Why ask about a meal all of a sudden? Even in a romantic drama, one still needs to eat first.
We all have to eat to live.
What the heck? Ah, what's this about? Dok Go Jin, did you do this? I was looking for something.
Even so how could you make it like this? Turning someone else's house upside down like this You talk just like those ahjummas in the neighborhood.
What were you looking for? Couldn’t you have just called me to ask? I was going to give you a surprise, how could I call you? What is this? Gu Ae Jeong Where are the sneakers I gave you? You did all this because you were trying to find that? That's right! Where is it? Did you throw it away? Do you really need to turn the house upside down just to find a shoe? Sneakers should of course be in the shoe cupboard.
Is this it? I thought you would treat this special and treat it preciously.
So it's just casually stacked with other shoes.
You were looking for it just to confirm if it's treated in a special way? What's that? What is that? Are you curious about it? Ahh Although the distance is a bit short, go stand at that end.
Run to me like a wind and welcome me with full enthusiasm.
Or, with tears full of appreciation and let me hold you and comfort you.
I don't like this messy and awkward reunion so let's change the scenario.
How can we change it when this is the reality? It really makes me wonder.
Let me see.
What did you find in my sneakers? Never mind, now isn't the right time yet.
Look forward to the future.
Cancel today's reunion.
Pretend this never happened and edit it all out from memory.
I will come again tomorrow.
Keep yourself in a happy mood and choose one of the genres we mentioned earlier.
Melodrama, erotica, or romantic comedy, got it? What about lunch? It is not a pair of shoes that I casually wear.
I took it out so I can wear it to meet you.
New heart mind control.
Well done.
You managed to hold it back well.
It was good to turn and leave instead of saying whatever came to mind.
You did fine.
We'll erase today.
And start anew tomorrow.
Change of plans I was hoping he'll misunderstand again and leave her completely.
Even though it is childish But you still have feelings for her, don't you? Gu Ae Jeong.
This is a documentary program plan that is still under development.
The concept is the culture of world cuisine.
Would you like to try something like this? Me? Because it will be filming abroad for two months or so, it might be tiring.
However, once you finish this kind of program, I think you will have a steady cooking show once you come back.
That's true.
This is a very good opportunity for me.
You might think it's because of Dok Go that I'm sending you so far away, right? - Yes.
- You're right.
Before Dok Go does anything, I'm hoping you can give him more time.
However, if I give him that much time, he would have gone to a faraway place where I can't hold on to him.
I believe that this route is the right one for you too.
These are the contracts that you are going to carry out from now on.
Commercial, movies, and everything else are all much better than before.
Don't sign a commercial contract though.
Once my relationship with Gu Ae Jeong is exposed, we might have to pay the penalty fee for breaking the contract.
Do you know how much those are worth? Not just for the money but because they are things you can do only because you're the best.
Anyway, whatever decision I make from now on are all out of my own will.
So, don't let Gu Ae Jeong, who is going to be following alongside me, take any responsibility.
In show business, Dok Go Jin and Gu Ae Jeong are on different levels.
Is it because of this that you feel you're going to lose a lot more, so you're totally ignoring Gu Ae Jeong's position? First, I have to praise you for being so eloquent.
And for doing so many things for me as my manager.
However I would like to make one thing clear.
I will never let go of that woman for any reason.
The things I have prepared are really great such that your praise won't go to waste.
So please consider carefully.
There's a script inside that.
Script? [Script: Director Kim Ki Wook.]
It's directed by Kim Ki Wook.
Director Kim Ki Wook has asked for you.
You know filming Director Kim's movies is akin to reserving tickets to Cannes, right? That script plus Director Kim and you It wouldn't be presumptuous to now purchase your tickets to Cannes for next spring.
Take the bait.
Carefully read it.
That Although this isn't something I should interfere with I just don't quite understand why you want to separate Dok Go hyungnim and Ae Jeong noonim who couldn't even be separated by death.
He is alive, isn't he? Since he is alive, then we must find ways to live even better.
I am just a person who plans the best things for them as an agency representative.
Shouldn't the title of this movie be "I'm on my way to Cannes"? If I were to film this, then I need to delay things with Gu Ae Jeong.
I can't.
Do you know what I am doing now? I am canning Cannes.
[Script: Director Kim Ki Wook.]
Doing this discharges me really fast.
Where is the charger? Why isn't she giving me strength in times like this? What? Did she come? The system is now disarmed.
What is this? You can just press 6090 and enter.
Why press the door bell? Since you've got a new heart, I wasn't sure if I could come straight in.
Of course you can.
Come in, hurry.
You, seriously Here.
I'll sit over here.
What is with these endless awkward meetings? Why are you acting like this? It's just the continuation of the scene when you left this place two months ago.
What's so different now? When I thought there was not much time left and was treasuring every single second, and when I was looking at the difficult road ahead of us, of course there is a difference.
We're now facing reality.
I really don't want to bring up this topic first But what are we going to do next? What do you mean what? Since we've found a future where we can be together, of course we should stay together.
Okay, fine then.
However, I don't know if I can ask this or not.
I heard there are a lot of commercials and movie offers that came in.
Are you okay without all of those in the future? Gu Ae Jeong.
All I need is you.
I want to be able to say that in a romantic fashion.
But when facing reality, it's difficult to say that kind of thing.
But I have to conquer that.
Um Is this house on monthly rental? Don't think about those annoying details.
We really have gone through so much difficulties to meet again.
How could I not be bothered about it? This is not that kind of romantic comedy where love would conquer all.
Gu Ae Jeong.
Should I bring in my accountant tomorrow so he can check how much wealth I have, how much taxes I pay, and how much the hospital bill is? Should I show them to you in figures so you can feel more relieved and break away from the mundane reality? I'm more concerned about whether you'll be fine.
What is it this time? You're a person who has to brag and receive praises from people.
Can you live with having to watch your actions and with being constantly criticized? That would really require that Gu Ae Jeong be by my side for me to live through.
So stop trying to scare me with what we might encounter in the future.
I just think I'm being too shameless.
Dok Go Jin said he wants to enter my pile of poop.
I thought I should at least clean out the dirty things before I welcome you in.
However, it's not possible to do that in just a day or two.
I am really sorry.
If that's how you feel, you should be encouraging me more.
You need to encourage me to catch hold of what's really important and not become a coward.
What's that? Is that all? Dok Go Jin.
I will give you a last chance.
This is the last chance for you to swish past me so please carefully consider it.
Just who is it who made Gu Ae Jeong lose so much of her spirit? Hey It was you, right? It was you who discouraged and scared Gu Ae Jeong, right? I didn't say anything wrong.
I'm saying it's okay so what's the problem? Why is everyone meddling? If your relationship is exposed, who do you think will receive more public censure? In any case, since we'll be censured as a pair, we can share the censure between us.
Do you think it's possible? Every citizen in the nation is going to act like her mother-in-law.
A mother-in-law doesn't blame her own son.
She will only blame everything on the daughter-in-law.
Once the relationship is exposed, there will be rumors right away that she is pregnant so she is clinging onto you.
She probably could even receive threats from your overly rabid fans.
When you didn't manage go to Hollywood the last time, don't you know how hard a time your fans gave Ae Jeong? Even if she can bear with all that and marry you, there will be rumors of discord, separation, and divorce arising every other day.
You guys will not have even one quiet day.
You easily thought of the worst scenario.
This scenario is reality.
Dok Go Jin You should just head for Cannes in a cool fashion.
If you leave Ae Jeong alone, she will find a good man.
Who is that good man you're refering to? Gu Ae Jeong, why aren't you coming over to have your ankle treated? I've applied some medical patch on it at home and it has recovered.
Even so, if you don't receive proper treatment, you might never be able to do another Mat Jang Geum-style cartwheel again.
I think I will not be doing cartwheels again because I'll be taking on another program.
Are you? I should congratulate you then.
I think I might do an overseas program.
An announcer originally was supposed to do that show.
If I take on that assignment, I think it might improve my public image.
Are you trying to win points from your mothers-in-law? Yes.
If I ascend even just one step from the bottom, maybe I can reduce one step from the distance he'll fall.
Falling and getting hurt is the share he should bear from the relationship.
If you were to bear that share yourself, you'll be hurt even more.
And that man He'll use you as a cushion and lose all intentions to fall from his position.
I am really happy to see you so healthy.
When do you plan to marry Ae Jeong unni? - Hurry, hurry.
- Kang Se Ri When our scandal got exposed in the past, did you get attacked by my fans too? You're asking that only now? I am a top class top star, yet I received all sorts of unreasonable censures.
They said things like I sold my body to go up a level and said they'll wait and look how long I can last as your girlfriend.
Do you know how many times I changed my phone number because of the sms terror group they formed? Did you? Actually, I did like you a little bit at that time.
However, compared to your bad temper, the pressure coming from everyone around you made me lose my feelings for you.
It even caused feelings to be lost? It's already too late to say this but One woman even stuck a knife into my photo and sent it to me.
She said I was not on your level so she told me to get lost.
How could they do such things? Why? Are you worried? If someone of Kang Se Ri's level is treated that way, how would Ae Jeong unni be treated? If we were to reveal our relationship and expect to face this kind of things, it's better to just hide ourselves and avoid everyone.
Where can you hide? And for how long? In today's world, where can you hide? Besides, if you stay quiet, you'll become a weak target for censure.
In that case, that won't work either? Ahjussi, why didn't you give it to my aunt after you found it? This is not something that a 7-year old can understand.
There are many complications.
I also have complicated things on mind.
What are they? Do you want me to ask you about it? I share a desk with Doo Bin And I saw some vandalism on the restroom door.
[Doo Bin heart Hyung Gyu.]
Doo Bin heart You're involved in a scandal.
Is this true? I made this for her.
What's so complicated about that? My friends kept teasing about us and I just kept quiet so Doo Bin went home crying.
How could you just keep quiet? You should have said that Doo Bin is your mate.
And that this belongs to Doo Bin.
You should have stepped out and explained this to everyone.
If I do that then they will tease me.
If this is true, you'll have to manage that kind of teasing.
The answer to the problem of a 7-year old and a 30-year old is the same.
You have to tell your friends who this belongs to.
As for who this belongs to I'll tell everyone about it as well.
Dok Go hyungnim is recording a talk show right now.
They filmed this to announce he has returned healthy, right? That's right, Dok Go Jin's health condition is being followed in the news.
Of course he'll have to make a proper announcement that he's in good health.
What is he planning to say? Representative Moon said he'll talk about doing a movie and about his schedule.
If he is going to do all those scheduled jobs, does it mean he is not going to disclose his relationship with Ae Jeong until he finishes the filming? They can keep dating secretly.
But, if people find out they're dating, it will be an even bigger blow to Ae Jeong.
That's right! You must stop her! Oppa, you must stop her.
I did try to stop her.
I'm using the overseas show Representative Moon introduced to persuade her.
She must do that show.
It will get her away from Dok Go Jin.
And Is the first stop in China? I think Yoon Pil Joo is going to China too.
I will go find out where he will be.
I'll go with her.
Jae Seok, stop putting so much effort on Jenny.
Why? You had red wine with Jenny, right? I had too.
You only had red wine, right? Don't tell me You bad woman! Jae Seok, let's not be fools, played around by that bad woman anymore.
I recorded a talk show.
I saw the news, the response is amazing.
They estimated the rating could be 50 percent! Of course, that's the kind of rating it's supposed to get.
I think the whole nation is going to watch it.
We have to let your fans see how healthy you are.
What will you be doing during the night of the broadcast? Oh, I have a filming session.
The topic is late-night food so we have to shoot at night.
I probably won't be able to see your show.
Gu Ae Jeong, you did say you are giving me a chance to run away, right? Yes.
I talked about my future plans after coming to a decision calmly.
If you watch the program, you will know what I intend to do in the future.
In that case, I'll try to catch the broadcast.
Right, watch it.
I went and bragged to my heart's desire about Dok Go Jin's world in the future.
Is that so? How about going to Cannes? Yes, I mentioned Cannes.
I'll definitely try to catch it.
You better go home now.
Gu Ae Jeong.
Why don't you ever cling onto me? Is it because of our circumstances? No matter how hard the reality is, I can like you to the extent that will make you ignore all that.
How can I ask you to ignore it when it is so clearly visible ahead of us? I have fallen before.
I fell from the very top to the rock bottom in an instant.
I am very scared that you will suffer what I went through before.
And I also know how much you will resent me for it later.
Because I have been there before Do you think I am so nice that I never blamed Mi Na and Se Ri? Did you think I had covered up for them without resentment? That's not the case.
Honestly, I have hated and resented them a 1,000 10,000 times in my heart.
The thing I am most afraid of is you will feel the same way towards me.
If you have decided to swish past me, don't delay any longer, just go.
I will not blame you for taking me out from your future.
I mean it.
I will not blame you at all.
Because you sincerely loved me before.
Oh, did you find the comics "Paul's Miraculous Adventure"? Did you prepare the thing I asked you to? My photoshop techniques are poor but I tried to do it.
Let me see.
Bring it here.
So cute Look at this, Paul and Mushroom Head seem to be very close.
I am going to tell Yoon Pil Joo that I did this.
You are going to show him this? What's wrong? Do you think Yoon Pil Joo will not be happy after he sees this? He will think you are a stalker.
Really? Yeah, he'll probably think I'm a pervert.
In that case, I will use it as my cell phone’s background then.
Oh, I miss Paul.
- Have a nice dinner.
- Thank you.
Yoon Pil Joo, you said you will study in China, right? Yes, I am getting ready for that.
That's great! Ae Jeong is also getting ready to go to China.
You two can just get ready and go there together.
I heard Gu Ae Jeong is going to film a program abroad.
That If your Chinese is good, please teach Ae Jeong.
Teaching her English would be good too.
Jenny unni, I'm here.
Oh, Yoon Pil Joo is here.
Didn't you just call me to ask if Yoon Pil Joo came here or not? I want to eat together.
Kang Se Ri.
I ignore you and push you away yet you still keep doing this, aren't you embarrassed? You have been like this from the beginning.
I've decided not to be bothered by that since I like you.
You don't hesitate when you do things and you do whatever you want to do.
You are very similar to him.
Him? Who is he? The evil king? You two are very similar and match very well.
Why didn't your relationship develop well? Yoon Pil Joo, do you dislike Dok Go Jin? That's right.
You said he and I are similar.
Does that mean you dislike me too? Ah no no no.
Please don't answer me.
I can accept you saying you don't like me.
I'll be very embarrassed if you say you dislike me.
I won't listen.
Well I called you Mushroom Head, who is close to Paul.
What did you say? Welcome.
How are you? Welcome, please come in.
It feels really good here.
It is good.
Let's take a look over there.
Thank you.
Why is it so hard to get you to flower? Aigoo, such a hot day Have a drink.
Thank you.
You are so pretty.
Our potatoes are planted by hand in Gangwon-do*.
(*district famous for potatoes) You grow potato? Isn't potato hard to grow? Potato is very easy to grow.
And it bears a lot of harvest.
They also have very pretty flowers.
Ah, potatoes really bloom? I have never seen it.
Potato flowers are really very pretty.
It's right before your eyes and yet you don't know? What? Those are potato flowers.
Those are potato flowers? Yes.
They're potato flowers.
If our potato flowers too, it will look this pretty.
I thought potatoes do not bloom.
This is Kim Gu Ra, your host for "Kim Gu Ra's Star Date.
" - Yet they bloom so prettily.
- Let's introduce tonight's guest.
He nearly caused everyone in the country heart attacks.
Now, he returns with a steel heart - Oh, it's Dok Go Jin.
- Welcome, Dok Go Jin.
Dok Go Jin? I am Dok Go Jin.
Everyone is very worried about you.
I'm sorry for making everyone worry.
I am in a healthy state now.
You do look healthy.
I think seeing you healthy will make many citizens and fans happy.
Are you completely recovered? Of course, the surgery was successful.
So everything has returned back to normal.
In that case please let everyone see Dok Go Jin's famous trick.
Can you do it now? Yes, of course.
Here, let's start the filming.
I am a fan of Dok Go Jin.
May we start the filming after this is done? Watch it after the filming please.
I'll show it to you next time.
- That's a pity.
- True.
Dok Go Jin was really worried about Ae Jeong unni not long ago.
What's the use? Ae Jeong is leaving soon.
And he is going to film a movie and an ad so he is going to be very busy too.
Do you think you look better with or without moustache? Our restaurant uses organic potatoes which are planted by hand in Gangwon-do.
Wow That must be really good for the health then, President.
Of course.
And what's the picture behind us? Ah, that picture is our potato field blooming in Gangwon-do.
NG NG Aigoo, we are recording the audio together with the video footage right now.
Please switch off the television.
It's going to end soon.
Let's watch for a bit.
He's on television after such a long time.
We have to watch it.
Aigoo, please sit.
Please sit down.
Can we watch TV and take a break for a while? Okay, let's do that then.
Everyone take a break.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ae Jeong take a break also.
That is what I meant.
That's why we prepared something for you.
The Ideal Type World Cup for the ever cool Dok Go Jin.
You just have to select the female celebrity who is closest to your ideal type.
- They are all top celebrities.
- Those are the potato flowers.
How nice it would be if you could see it too.
[Let's find out Dok Go Jin's ideal type!.]
Let's take a look then.
- There is Shin Mi Ah - Correct.
and many other beauties too.
There's also Park Han Byul and Lee Hyori.
What a fierce fight! The first round Both with the innocent image.
Shin Min Ah vs Park Shin Hye.
Shin Min Ah.
Ah, it's Shin Min Ah.
Not a bad choice Here's the next round.
Han Jung Min vs Lee Da Hae Lee Da Hae.
It's my first time seeing Dok Go Jin playing this kind of thing.
Oh, the next one This one is quite simple.
It's After School's Uee vs National Treasure Girl's Gu Ae Jeong.
It's the current idol vs the past idol! - Uee? - Gu Ae Jeong.
Oh, really? - What's going on? - That's a good choice too Okay.
Next, Park Han Byul vs Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong.
Oh, Gu Ae Jeong is going strong today.
This time it's Park Shi Yeon vs Gu Ae Jeong.
Now Gu Ae Jeong.
What's going on? Gu Ae Jeong has been winning consecutively.
Now, this time it's Lee Sheo Nan vs Gu Ae Jeong.
Here This time around Still Gu Ae Jeong.
Ah, still Gu Ae Jeong! Gu Ae Jeong is that attractive? - I wonder how much longer Gu Ae Jeong can continue.
- Oh, my goodness! I wonder how long he will continue to choose her.
Here, will she able to defeat Han Ye Seul? This round is Gu Ae Jeong vs Han Ye Seul.
Still, Gu Ae Jeong.
What? How could it be? Anyone would have chosen Han Ye Seul! Ah What's going on? I don't know what's happening.
All right.
It's Gu Ae Jeong versus Shin Min Ah! What's your choice? Gu Ae Jeong! Ah, This is It's totally ridiculous.
Aigoo, how could it be possible? This is incredible.
I can't understand why he keeps picking Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong has now advanced to the final round.
This is a scenario which no one has imagined possible.
Let's go into the final round.
The Nation's Goddess Jun Ji Hyun vs Gu Ae Jeong, now.
Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong! What should you do? You are Dok Go Jin's ideal type! You must be very excited! My, gosh! What is this? My ideal type is Gu Ae Jeong.
We know that already.
Yes, we do.
She's not just my ideal type.
The person whom I love right now is Gu Ae Jeong.
You're right, we are in a relationship where we are mutually in love.
She is the greatest love that I, Dok Go Jin, have found.
Gu Ae Jeong, I love you.
Having revealed everything in the program, I can't take back what I said.
Have you caught hold of me properly now? I'll definitely not let go.
I think your current situation is the worst possible.
I've almost finished putting everything away.
I've started making preparations to leave.
I'm also going to start having activities in China regularly.
Dok Go Jin's video? Is there really such a thing? Gu Ae Jeong Brought to you by WITHS2 Main Translator: cfirst Special Thanks for the Lyrics in the Series: karened, yeohweping Watch dramas legally at Don't forget me Even if I only lived for a second I'll be the one and only heart who loves you For that one and only, I've concealed sorrowful tears and left So please remember me The one person my heart loves The one person I miss every single day Because I still long for you even now Here are the words so difficult to hold back So much so that my tears are falling I love you I'm missing you (I'm missing you) Even if a day or a year passes That won't change The person I like more by the day (more by the day) That person is you I love you If it isn't you with me I'll cry every single day Just by looking at you, those words hidden in my heart Those words that overwhelmed my heart So much so that my tears are falling I love you The one person my heart loves You are the only such person in this world Don't forget me Even if I only lived for a second I'll be the one and only heart who loves you For that one and only, I've concealed sorrowful tears and left So please remember me I cannot live without you I am fine even if it's hard or painful I can't stop my love for you It will never change even if the world ends My love I cannot live without you I am fine even if it's hard or painful I can't stop my love for you It will never change even if the world ends My love I cannot hide I cannot conceal My love for you