The Guard (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

When All Else Fails

Previously on The guard.
You might maybe rethink that macho man truck.
- So has the lawyer talked to Tina's mom yet? - They just need you to sign an affidavit That you're my common-law spouse And Tina's de facto mom.
- You're not a cop and you're not my mom.
- Andrew! - Did you see your counselor today - Look, I'm not gonna talk to anybody, okay? I'm just gonna work this out on my own.
- How are you gonna do that- - would you back off me? - Your patient's secure? You're ready to go? - Yeah, good.
Ready to go.
- Oh, that's n good.
- I'm sick of everybody telling me what to do And thinking that they're better than me.
- Go.
You go destroy yourself.
I don't have to watch you.
And thinking that they'- I know.
Than me.
I thought SARTECHs were all good boys Who went home to their wives.
- Most of us are.
- Hey, Andrew.
There's some fresh coffee going.
You want some? - Yeah, for sure.
Anything to stay awake.
- Where'd you learn to play handball-prison? - Shut up! - You shut up.
You got squat, you got squat! - Come on, captain.
- What's that, what's that? Ohh Okay.
Do it! - Whoo! - Oh, wait, no, no, no! I believe that was double or nothing.
- What? - Yeah.
- The ball was clearly above the line! - You owe me 30 bucks.
And I take most major credit cards And no personal checks without photo I.
- Beyownce Beyownce Beyownce.
- â(tm)ª Rrrrrrrrrrr.
â(tm)ª - What the hell? Hey! Hey! What are you doing? This is complete bull.
That's my truck! - Was your truck.
You missed three payments.
It's my truck now.
- Look, somebody must have punched in the wrong code Or something- it's a misunderstanding.
Just drop the load.
I'll sort it out tomorrow.
- No can do, pal - yes, can do! Look, look, I'll give you 50 bucks for your troubles, okay? Uh, Friday I'll bring it down to Long John t towing there.
- Look, I know you're just doing your job, But it's just a quick phone call.
Get your hands off of me! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Take it easy.
- I got it, I got it- - Let's go! - Hey, you are way out of line! - Listen I will hit a sea cow As easily as a puddle pirate.
Now, back off, bitch.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Everyone just Let's take a deep breath.
- Want another one? - Let's all take a time out, all right? - You're a dirty rotten bastard Taking a man's ride.
- Ha ha.
You have yourself a good night, okay? - Come on, Miro.
Come on.
Come on.
- Have a drink.
- I have to go below.
You two are giving me a headache.
Whoo! - Ha ha! - Get rid of that thing.
I don't wanna see it anymore.
- Don't order me around.
I do what I want.
- You be a good girl now, Pam.
Once we make the drop, We'll head up to the river and party, okay? - You don't get to tell me what to do, okay? hey! that was mine! - Nothing on this boat is yours, all right? - That camera was.
Oh, you stupid man, j.
- Leave her alone.
- You stay outta this.
- What are you gonna do, huh? Huh? Don't you try and hurt me, 'cause I can mess you up.
- Oh, yeah? - Aah! - What the hell are you doing? - Mick! - She's too mouthy.
She'll get us in trouble.
- Mick! Don't leave me here! - Drive.
Mick! Mick, help! Mick! Mick! I'm in too deep, my heart is cold got my head above water and nowhere to go the days are long, the nights so cold but I keep going back for more We've got to get out of here why don't you save me we've got to get out of here can you save me - I had no idea my credit card was maxed out.
We've been too busy here at the base saving lives, And I just haven't had the chance To get my financial house in order.
So will you please give me a call As soon as you get in.
Again, it's captain Miro da Silva.
Oh, call my cell, or-or I'll call you.
Thanks again.
- Very nice, captain.
- You know what, Laura? - I thought we decided in conflict resolution That taking swipes at my captaincy was out of bounds.
- Very nice is a good thing.
See you tonight.
- I'd like a word.
- Look, I'm dealing with a bit of a situation right now, So it can- - In my office-now! It's your responsibility to set a proper example.
- I'm aware of that.
- Oh, really? - Absolutely.
- So you consider fist fighting in the base parking lot A part of your master plan? - I can explain that, uh It was an unfortunate- - Unfortunate? Well, there's no specific coast guard policy.
I'm sure they probably thought They didn't need to write it down.
Fisticuffs with tow truck operators Are not really condoned while on shift.
Fisticuffs with tow truck operators - all due respect- - I'm not interested.
woman overboard.
All hands to stations.
- We'll talk more later.
- So you have any plans for today? No.
- You get a chance to talk to your dad before he left? Look, um After his appointment with the specialist, He's gonna stay overnight for some tests in the morning.
- I know about the tests.
Well, I'm gonna head to bed.
I'll make you some dinner And leave it on the counter before I go to shift.
You'll just need to pop it in the microwave.
Okay? Look, while your dad's out of town, I'm gonna have to ask you to be at home, In the house by 10:00.
And I will call to check.
Sorry, but it's my watch, my rules.
- Dad told me.
- Told you what? - That you want to have legal control over me.
- He's asked me to have guardianship.
He just wants to make sure that you're looked after In the event that his illness- - I know what guardianship means.
- Okay.
How do you feel about that? - I'm not gonna be your rent-a-daughter, Laura.
ah-oh! Oh, jeez.
- What are you doing? - Hi.
Making my special chipotle casserole.
- No.
What are you doing here? - Ah, I couldn't keep away from you.
Time heals all wounds, you know.
I figured three days was more than enough time For most things to scab over.
Want a mushroom? - It's called trespassing, Wendell.
- Not if you know the key is hidden Under the plant pot at the bottom of the stairs.
Then it's just being neighborly.
- What are you wearing? - Workout stuff.
I'm preparing for a journey.
According to Yaqui legend, There's a crack between the worlds.
It's a place you have to get to If you hope to achieve enlightenment.
- Real? I don't think the Yaquis ever made it to port halt.
And the only crack here comes up from Vancouver On Harley Davidsons.
- I missed you.
- I work nights.
I sleep now.
Need sleep.
Pack your groceries and go.
- I know you're crazy about me.
- Go! - I hate it, I hate it! -.
would you hold on, please? Libby Sarah Vanderlee, will you please be quiet? I'm on the phone, and your father's trying to sleep.
- No, I didn't! - He told me that he cancelled those appointments.
- No.
He just stopped showing up.
Well I don't know what to say.
Um May I ask you a question? - Of course.
- Is Therapy helping Andrew, do you think? - Do you think it is? - Well I don't know.
That's why I asked.
I- - Mrs.
Vanderlee, You have the right to insist your husband seek treatment.
If you need, You can contact the officer in charge of the base.
- Okay.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate it.
I'll let Andrew know that you called.
- I understand.
I know, I know.
You got a business to run, Lou.
I- I do.
And-and I appreciate Your hands are tied.
I'm simply asking you to wait Until I get things cleared up with the leasing company Before you put the for sale sign on-that's all.
Okay? Yeah, hold on a second.
- Hey, coach, do you want a ride? - Hey, buddy.
Thanks for stopping.
Then get a car, loser! Oh, come on! - Lou? - Hey Hey! You have any idea how long the cops are gonna take? We reported her missing.
I don't know what else we're supposed to do.
- Until the search is concluded.
- What search? The boat or for her? - Both, I imagine.
- So what-we just sit around here all day? - Don't you want to wait until we find your friend? - Yeah.
We do.
- You agreed to let the RCMP look over your boat.
You having a problem with that now? - Look We were in bed.
She was loaded.
She fell or jumped in.
I don't know how searching our boat Is supposed to tell the cops anything different.
- Well, hopefully, we'll find her, And she can tell us herself what happened.
Till then Make yourselves comfortable.
Miro You need to come up with personal budget.
Gwen: You've got to get control of your finances.
Miro: Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
- So how do you feel about Picking something else up on the side for some extra cash? - I'm a captain.
- Yeah, well, I'm a painter.
I'm a sculptor.
I'm a lot of things.
Running this place five months of the year Isn't who I am.
It's what I do.
Gives me a roof over my head and lets me do what I love.
How do you feel about taking on a second job? I think it'll really help in the short-term.
Miro? Miro.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
- What's that money on the floor there then? - I don't know.
- You came in here to steal from me? - Leave me alone! - You came in here to steal from me? - Are you listening to me? - Go to hell.
- Where is it? This is ridiculous! Why can nothing ever be put back? - Just turn it on with the button, daddy.
- That's not the point! Who had the remote last? - Libby, take Ellie and go play outside, okay? - Where's the stupid thing? I hate this.
I'm fine.
- We need groceries.
We're out of nearly everything.
Do you know what to get? - Hi, Barry.
Is Nori there? - Hey! Get out.
- You don't have to go, Previn.
- Yes, Previn, you do.
- No, you don't! - It's time for you to leave, Previn.
Right now.
- Sorry.
- Maybe you haven't noticed, But your father is not doing too well.
Selling his medical marijuana to your friends? Stealing from me and having Whatever this was in his house? It all adds to the anxiety around here.
- You add to the anxiety.
- Are you getting any of this? Actions have repercussions, Tina.
Decisions we make can sometimes never be undone.
You keep causing your father this kind of grief, And I promise you, You will regret it for the rest of your life.
You know, the sooner you start thinking about someone Other than yourself, The better off we're all gonna be.
you wanna talk to your dad? Hey, sweetie.
Everything's Fine.
She's good.
You, uh Just missed her.
So what did the, uh, specialist say? - Just Try and see it from my point of view.
- So you want me to make your problem my problem.
Is that it? - No, no, not at all.
You got me all wrong here, Lou.
I'm just asking you to give me a bit of time, 24 hours, say, just- I can get it all sorted out.
- Money talks.
- OK? -OK.
For sure - But I got a plan.
- I bet you do.
- Where are you going? You haven't heard my plan yet.
- If you can pay, it's yours.
- I'll pay you, Lou! Shove the money so far up your- Looks nice, don't she? - Yeah.
- Looks can be deceiving.
- Spends more time on the hoist than on the road.
And way overpriced.
- Thanks.
- What are you doing? - You ever hear of tensegrity? - Okay.
No Stop! I haven't heard of whatever that gritty thing is.
- Carlos Castaneda.
Magical passes.
- What is this, part of your Yaqui crack to enlightenment? - You betcha.
I need to be totally exhausted, my defenses eliminated In order for the crack to present itself.
I just came from a 2-mile swim and a 5-k run.
- Didn't like you breaking back into my apartment either.
- The question is How did you like my chipotle casserole? - It was good.
That's not the point.
- You want another one? - Sure.
But Look You can't just come over whenever you want.
- Okay.
Tea? - I had sex with someone else.
- I got herbal.
- I had sex with someone else.
I'm trying to be honest with you.
That's all you can say? - It's your business.
If you're looking for attention or trying to hurt me, I don't roll that way.
- This isn't about you! - Why'd you tell me then? - I mean, everything upsets him.
Not all the time, but - Post-traumatic stress is Well, it's like this mug.
Most people's stress levels are around here somewhere.
They go up or down, But there's room before you reach the top.
Andrew's stuck here, and it never drops.
Add any more, and he'll spill over.
- Oh.
I, um- - What's going on? - Amy asked me here.
- Oh, yeah? What for? - We were talking about you leaving counseling.
- Is there a problem with my work performance? - No.
- Right.
Well, I'm fine.
- Was there a specific reason Why you decided not to attend your sessions? - It just wasn't helping.
- If it's because You didn't care for the counselor you were dealing with, We'll find someone else.
- Yeah, well, that's okay.
Just leave it with me.
Like I said, I'm fine.
And, all respect, but, um, If you plan on coming to my home, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know first.
- Well, thanks for the tea, Amy.
Andrew, I'll See you back at the base.
- Yeah.
For sure.
What are you trying to do? - You could at least turn and face me.
- Just answer me.
- I needed someone to talk to.
- What about talking to me? - I tried.
- Really? - You don't get to blame me, Andrew.
- Why not? You go behind my back? - What did you expect me to do? - You have no idea what I'm dealing with here, okay? Are you trying to get me fired? - This is not about a job! This is about our family.
- I've always provided for this family.
- Don't twist my words.
- Why would you do that? Why would you go to her? - You lied to me.
- What? - You said that you'd always be here to help us.
And since what happened at the river, you haven't.
- Well, I'm here now, aren't I? Aren't I? Can't you see me, Amy? - no, I can't! - I'm right here! - Mommy? - Oh, my God.
Andrew, you have to leave, now.
- Three people sailing, had a few drinks.
Woman didn't want to go to bed.
Two men come up in the morning.
She's gone.
Suicide hasn't been ruled out.
- I can tell they're broke up about it.
- Theory is it's drug-related.
RCMP searched the boat.
Found nothing.
- Then they're free to go when they sober up.
- They're waiting around to see if we find the woman alive.
- Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what they're hoping for.
- Air force is called out on something else.
It's just us and the auxiliary now.
Clock is running down.
Nobody can tread water this long.
- Better get to it Hey, Vedona.
What do you mean, what do I want? I'm just checking in.
Why does there have to be a want attached to it? How are my nieces and nephews doing? I know I just saw 'em.
Yeah, I'm sure you're busy.
I'm busy too.
Uh, look, this is kind of, uh, awkward, but I'm wondering are you in any kind of position To help me with a small floater loan? No, my truck, it- Vedona.
Hello? I'm losing you.
Hello? Can you hear me w? Vedona? How 'bout now? Aw.
- Is he trying to make us seasick? - Hey, skipper, you mind steering the boat Like you're not new? - I'll take starboard.
- What are we doing here? - Besides our job? - Every time some lowlife has one too many And falls off the side of a boat, We search an area the size of Morocco.
Nation's tax dollars at work.
- Yeah, if you ran the world, eh, Laura? I used to be that lowlife.
- She's not alive, Carly.
She was intoxicated and has been awash for 15 hours.
- She deserves our attention.
End of story.
- Miro, I got something.
2 points a-port and dead ahead.
- Could belong to her.
- Yeah.
Or anyone else who owns a white sneaker.
- There's no way it floated way over here.
- We're losing light quick.
We need to recheck the currents against the boat's known course.
- It doesn't matter.
Wee been ordered back to port.
- What? - The RCC has officially downgraded the search To recovery.
So Not now, Carly.
- We found her shoe.
- Check that.
We found a shoe.
Look, RCC said if we really felt the need to, We can go out again at first light- Unless something else comes up.
But we have nothing up right now.
As skipper, you have some discretion.
What are we doing anyway besides filling out forms To get declined for another credit card? You still owe me 30 bucks.
- Port Hallet coast guard.
Can I help you? - You guys are searching for my mom, Pamela highway? I want to talk to somebody.
- Straight ahead to the office, please.
What the hell? - Where is she going? - Hey! Wait! - What did you do to my mom, you bastards! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What did you do to her? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, slow down.
- They did something to her! - Just take it easy, jean.
It was an accident.
- Come on, honey.
Come on, come on, come on.
- You bastards! I came down from Powell river.
I only stopped for gas.
Why aren't you out there looking for her? - That's a good question.
- My mom wouldn't suicide.
It's those guys.
It's those guys on that boat.
Whatever they're telling you, it's lies.
You've gotta go back out there.
You've gotta find my mom.
- I'm very sorry, but we can't go back out until morning.
- Till morning? You're leaving her till morning? - There's been a thorough search.
- You don't know her! She's a fighter.
People are always giving up on her, but She wouldn't give up.
Not on me.
You don't know her.
She used to be a nurse, And she got really messed up, but You can't leave her out there.
- Tell you what.
Um You can grab a room for the night at this motel.
Ursula's the owner.
Tell her I sent you.
Grab a couple hours' sleep.
I will call you as soon as we know anything.
- Come on.
I'll walk you to your car.
Come on.
- That's what you all think.
She's just another drunk Indian that checked out, right? That's not my mom.
She wouldn't do that! - Go get some sleep.
- Can you tell me something? If she was a doctor's wife from west van Would you guys have called off the search? - We do the same for whoever it is.
- We searched everywhere we knew to look.
- Yeah, well What if the ocean took her someplace else? - You've reached the Renwalds.
Leave a message.
We've got the most up-to-date technology, And nothing can go wrong- go wrong-go wrong-go wr- - Cute.
- Tina, it's me.
Uh, I need to know that you're at home, So call me at the base as soon as y get this.
- Problems in paradise? - Curfew was an hour ago, and she knows it.
Tina, I left you a message on the land line.
Um You need to call me as soon as you get this message.
Okay? - She'll be home soon.
It's just testing, right? - I never planned on being a mother, And now I am stuck with a child from hell.
What am I supposed to do? Anything happens to her while David's out of town - That's what you're worried about? - I'm worried about David's daughter, yeah.
- So cut her some slack.
- She gets too much slack.
- What is with you? - What? - No, seriously.
Who's not in your way? - Okay, what are you talking about? - Pam highway's a drunken waste of tax money, And Tina's not at home just to piss you off.
And if everybody would just get a grip, Then your life would be so much better.
- Okay, not now, Carly.
All right? - Ohh Wait a second.
- I've gotta go home and check on something.
Ten minutes there, ten minutes back-half hour tops.
- Are you asking my permission? - Yes.
- Okay, go ahead.
But at first light, I wanna go back out.
- Okay, this is Not a challenge.
It's simply a point of clarification.
What the hell for? It's over.
- Miro.
Come here.
Something to show you.
Three's a current pattern that's not on this chart.
- What are you talking about? - This bay here.
My dad and I fished here a thousand times.
There's a shifting sandbar.
All the locals know about it.
- Show me where you think she may have drifted.
- This line.
Let's at least check it out.
- I'll get on the blower with the RCC.
If you're right, I may pay you that 30 bucks.
But the ball was clearly out of bounds.
- Andrew.
- Hey.
- I Put some things together for you.
- How many things? - Pardon? - Well, is Is it a pair of socks, Or, I mean, do you want me to stay away for one night, Or What is it? - I can't have you around right now.
- Amy.
I'm so sorry.
- I know.
- Drew.
Come on, we gotta roll.
- What about Laura? - Let's just do it.
- Andrew.
You coming? - Tina Tina? - Hmm.
- Come on, sweetie.
Let's get you to bed, huh? - Mm.
- 'k.
- Miro.
- You got something, car? - Not sure.
There's supposed to be a buoy out there Right there.
But I don't see it.
- You're right.
Let's go have a look.
- Oh Miro, pulls us alongside.
- Smart girl.
Smashed out a buoy light as a signal.
- That is one will to survive.
- Yep.
We can safely rule out a suicide attempt.
- Jeannie, where did you come from? - I came here for you.
Didn't think that I'd see you again.
- Ah Here I am.
- Yeah.
Here you are.
It's good to see you.
Do you wanna come back home with me, mom? - I wanna get warm first.
- Hey.
- You figure anything out about the counseling? - Oh, uh I'm still thinking on it.
- How's Amy with that? - Um I'm not sure.
- Oh.
- Sh-she asked me to leave.
- Where you gonna stay? Look, it's Been a really long night.
Go get some rest.
You can bunk here for the time being.
- Thanks.
- Andrew.
You guys did some good work last night.
- Damn it! Nothing! - I am very proud of you.
- You are? - Mm-hmm.
- For what? - For being my brave captain.
yeah? Big man.
I can't even keep a damn truck! - You do not need a truck to prove to me that you are a man.
And would you please throw those lottery tickets away? Thank you.
Will you listen to me? - Okay.
- If you truly want to become solvent, You first need to get to the back end of the stages of debt.
Eh! It seems to me you are in a rut Somewhere between denial and anger.
So I suggest you just leap right over bargaining and remorse And get straight to acceptance.
I spared no expense.
Acknowledgement is the first step On the road to recovery.
- Thanks, Tina.
hey, Wendell! Wendell! - Yeah.
Come on in.
- Not more tensegrity.
- Yeah.
Have to be totally exhausted.
- To find the crack to enlightenment.
- Ah.
- Has anybody ever told you you're cracked? - Repeatedly.
- You know If you have to be Totally exhausted I have an alternative to what you're doing.
Wendell- - shh.
- Hello, ma'am.
My name is Miro da Silva.
I'm a new handyman in the area.
Just letting folks know.
- Come on in.