The Guard (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

Just Say No

Previsously on The guard.
- What are you doing? - That's my truck! It was your truck.
You missed three payments.
It's my truck.
you've gotta get control of your finances.
I really think you need to consider Getting a second job.
I want you to have custody of tina.
I just don't want her To have to go and stay with her mother.
I'm not gonna be your rent-a-daughter.
I never planned on being a mother, And now I am stuck with the c child frohell.
I had sex with someone else.
if you're lookin' for attention or trying to hurt me, I don't roll that way.
what's goin' on? amy asked me here.
are you tryin' to get me fired? this is not about a job.
This is about our family.
[yells indistinct] andrew, you have to leave.
I can't have you around right now.
You can bunk here for the time being.
[suspenseful music] breathe.
still no puls breathe.
k pacific, Ehehs will bmeeting you for transfer at the marina.
Cardiac unit is standing by.
copy that.
[siren wails] [siren wails] this is alex.
He's 16 years old.
He's in cardiac arrest.
we've been doing cpr for 15 minutes.
[siren wails] since when do teenagers have heart attacks? since they started freebasing crystal meth.
whatever happened to pot, pizza, and a six pack of beer? hey, isn't that one of yours? tell miro I'll be back in five.
duck! It's the lauranator! where are you going? nice friends.
do you want something? yeah, actually I do.
Fork 'em over.
I don't know what you're talking about.
read the package, tina.
Smoking under 16 is against the law.
so's jaywalking.
Maybe we ought to turn ourselves in together.
all right, hand 'em over.
I gotta get back to the base.
why do you even care? Just cause you got my dad whipped.
I don't know, tina.
Why do I care when you so obviously don't? Maybe I ought to just stop bangin' my head Up against the wall.
[dramatic music] oh, my god.
what? What's wrong? [laughs] That was my mom.
I'm in too deep my heart is cold got my head above water nowhere to go the days are long the nights so cold better keep goin' back for more we gotta get out of here why don't you save me? we've gotta get out of here can you save me? CC by AdrianoCSI Are you sure that's her? I know my own mom.
okay, um, stay here.
like I've never been in there before.
yeah, not with me you haven't.
Wait here.
I'll bring her out.
[rock music playing] [indistinct chatter] cheers.
thanks, babe.
not a chance.
thanks, babe.
20 bucks? uh, excuse me? We haven't met, but I'm laura nelson.
so what? Nice shot.
I'm laura-- david's girlfriend, laura.
Tina's waiting outside.
you got me mixed up with someone.
so your name's not jennifer? is this chick deaf? I said you got the wrong person.
and you don't know a david-- look, bitch.
Out of my face.
[scoffs] nice.
I totally fell for that.
where is she? Is she coming out? no, tina, she's not coming.
then I'll go in.
lk, the joke's over, and it isn't funny.
I know your mom isn't a biker chick.
that is my mom.
Tt is my.
well, if it is, she doesn't wanna see you, all right? here.
Here, you want these? Take them.
Take everything, okay? And leave me the hell alone.
[dramatic music] what are you doing? nothin'.
well, if you aren't doing anything, I'll let you buy me a coffee.
no, no, don't pull him from a meeting.
I'll just talk to him when he gets home.
paramedics got ththe kid om the boaoat stabiled.
Looks like he's gonna make it.
what's in the box? instant reports from last January.
and they're on my desk because? because January starts the year, And I need the year reviewed for completeness, Cross referenced, and re-filed.
since when did you get so thorough? hey, you're the one suggested I be more like a boss.
Careful what you wish for.
Where are you two kids goin'? coffee run.
try inventory.
of what? the base.
you're joking, right? the base could be hit with a safety inspection At any given moment, And do I need to remind you Who choked on the handbook q and a Last go around? yeah, well, I didn't go to coaster college Like you browners.
that's no excuse, carly.
You should know the manual like the back of your hand.
I want you to help her out.
I don't need a tutor.
you two pass and fail as a team.
Make sure she passes.
okay, fine.
Not like I got anything else going on With my nights.
what's with miro's sudden drill sergeant routine? oh, nori's breathing down his neck.
Nor yeah, well, he doesn't have to take it out on me.
well, he just wants you to live up to your potential.
I grew up in the belly of a fish boat.
A trailer park was a step up.
I passed my potential long ago.
[sighs] what are you looking for? Tensor bandages.
they're on my side.
look, the book stuff is just part of the job.
tell me the last time that knowing the fish toxicant act Or the pleasure craft sewage regulations Came in handy when you had to haul someone Out of the water.
I can't.
and if ever, by some miracle, I need to know what section 156 Of the canada shipping act says, I'll damn well look it up, Or better yet, I'll ask my kiss-ass partner.
the salvage award for a found wreck May be the wreck itself, Part of the wrwreck, Of assisposition.
what? section 156 of the shipping act.
ow! jerk.
are you cooking? making my world famous chili for the crew.
world famous, huh? I didn't think you knew how to boil water.
ha ha.
Be my tester.
Come on.
Well? needs a little more, uh spice, right? sure.
ah, I knew it.
Hey, you drove martine home, right? After laura's party? yeah, how come? well, I'm beginning to think I made a mistaken Not closin' that deal.
I mean, did you see the ass on that girl? yeah.
Actually, I did.
Last night.
We're dating.
really? That's great.
Tell her I say hi.
you done with January yet? jeez.
Even pows are entitled to a glass of water.
F wa I'm just checkin'.
hey, are you still doin' that handyman thing For extra money? why? You know someone who needs some help? we just took possession Of our new place on the weekend, And, uh, the shed has seen better days.
I didn't know you were movin'.
Place you had on the rock was great.
yeah, it was, but we're just lookin' down the line With david's mobility, and You makin' chili? my secret recipe.
Wanna try it? no.
So, a shed.
I guess david's not up to power tools anymore, huh? you know, just 'cause he's got ms Doesn't an he's not capable.
he's still traveling for work And running his business.
He could do it if he had the time.
I just thought you needed the extra cash.
actually, thanks.
No, I'm, uh, starting a kitchen reno tonight.
You don't know what you're missing.
yeah, well, some secrets you should take to your grave.
he's just doin' his job.
he's just doin' his job.
oh, I know that miro wants to impress nori, But he doesn't have to make me Feel like a complete screw up to do it.
it's not about what other people think of you.
It's what you think of you.
well, that doesn't really apply When the other person is your boss.
okay, he controls your job.
You control your life.
You need to learn to be your own life boss.
it's like I'm dating dr.
Phil, If he lived in a mold-infested floating cabin And haabsolutely no money.
[laughs] wendell? [exhales sharply] Wendell linham.
when did you get out? you mean the army? yeah.
uh, a few months ago.
Carly, this is isaac.
We were stationed together in afghanistan.
oh, no way.
I thought he made all that stuff up.
he wishes.
what are you doing in hallett? oh, my folks are looking at a retirement property.
I'm just along for the ride.
What, are you working here now? yeah, I just work k at the mina.
look, uh, I should go, man, But, uh, hey, we are-- We are definitely gettin' together While I'm in town, okay? absolutely.
Counter clockwise.
[exhales] let me know if you need anything.
Or if there's, uh, something I can do for you.
[exotic music] why don't you just stay right there? I'm sure I'll think of something.
oh! Oh, my god! What are you doing? turn the damn thing off! you're wrecking my floors! I don't know how! You're supposed to be the handy man! [crickets chirping] biker bar, huh? Tina thinks she saw her mother, and I believe her.
I know she's not up For any mother of the year awards, but come on.
T come on.
look, the last I heard, She was workin' the organized crime unit, So it's possible.
you think her police work brought her here? what, as opposed to a need to see her daughter? [scoffs] I don't know.
How long have I been waitin' for her To return my call about this custody thing, huh? If it's not on her agenda, If it's not a priority for her, The world waits.
okay, well, all getting upset does Is just aggravate your symptoms.
[dramatic music] I gotta know that tina is gonna be okay If I take a turnrn.
honey, she will be.
Just--we're a team.
We'll figure it out.
Right? right.
ow's miro's chili? somehow he managed to both Burn and undercook it at the same time.
So what brings you here after hours? you like sushi? know what this is called? no.
How'd you like it If your mom named you "seaweed"? So, you survivin' okay here? well, I'm surviving.
and at home? How are they doing? yeah, well, that's something you'd have to ask amy.
I know w you thin talking to the counselor Was a waste of time, But have you thought about another coastie? Somebody who understands what you're going through? uh, appreciate it.
I do.
I really do.
I just--I'm riding it out.
you like a lot t of wasab you like a lot of wasabi? uh, I don't know.
I'll go easy on you.
One christmas up in rupert We responded to this call From a family-run fishing operation.
They had people visiting for the holidays, And they taken them out on a run at night.
[dramatic music] Somehow the skipper became disoriented, Got in the path of a push tug shifting a log boom.
They were rammed broadside.
Boat overturned.
The boom rolled right over them.
I got there quick enough.
We could still hear the women and children Screaming inside the boat, Trapped under the logs.
Water was black as ink, full of diesel.
Eventually the screaming stopped.
Years later, Whenev I'd smell diesel fuel You're not alone.
Just know that.
If you ever need to talk.
you guys in the same unit? yeah.
oh, yeah? Were you close? I don't know.
I guess.
want me to grab you anything? uh, water.
wanna get high? can't catch a break, huh, linham? Middle of the desert, Still freezin' our asses off.
hey! Hey! Hey! come here.
american dollars.
That good stuff? good.
It's good.
get down.
[speaks foreign language] Good evening.
Open the trunk.
[ominous music] Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Linham! [no audio] [echoed screams] ready to go? hmm? Yeah.
hello, tina.
Mom, hi.
and school? It's going well? I guess.
how do you like your teachers? they're okay.
it's nine? ten.
Grade ten.
I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you in the bar.
Things are complicated.
[door opens] you showed, huhuh? hello, david.
so you comin' in, or? I'm only in town 36 hours working on something.
well, that makes sense.
I didn't figure you came here to see us.
you know the drill.
I have to go.
you get the paperwork from the lawyer? the custody papers? Yes, I did.
and? and I don't think this is the time to discuss it.
when is? I'll try to stop by again, sweetie.
Oh, and if you, uh, run into me, Please don't let on.
jennifer, wait.
you okay? jennifer, wait.
my brother carved this.
tanner? yeah.
what do you keep in it? well, I used to keep my rolling papers in it, But now it's, uh, talismans, Hopes, dreams an old tooth.
represents mortality.
or bad dental hygiene.
life, death, eternity.
I'm gonna go for a drink with isaac tonight.
oh? Do you want me to come? no, dararling.
We'll maybe catch up tomorrow.
You gonna tell me what's wrong? no, not now.
you know, you sure talk the talk, And then when it's your stuff-- I said not now.
I gotta get to the base.
[hales] okay, February.
how's it coming? oh, great.
I'll be done in no time.
Oh, that reminds me.
I finished the kitchen reno sooner than expected, So if you still need your shed done.
uh, can I tell nori what it's pertaining to? police business.
She's expecting us.
the grow-op is situated Somewhere along this stretch of coastline.
handy place for a pot crop.
No cops or nosy neighbors.
yeah, that's why they put it there.
we're not so much interested In closing down this one location As we are in isolating the individual behind it.
Now, we've compiled a body of evidence That puts him at the center Of a much larger narcotics operation.
this is the culmination of a two-year investigation By the organized crime unit.
and catching him with his hand in the cookie jar Will make it a whole lot harder for him to deny it.
where exactly do you guys want us to drop you? we have an approximate location right here.
and I'll be wearing a tracking device.
my team is gonna follow along at a safe distance, And when the target goes inside, we move.
usual duties for us? strictly support.
fastest access is by water, So you guys will provide ferry service And d first aiif necessary.
hopefully, it won't be.
my crew will have a life boat Ready for you at 1100 hours.
all right.
make sure we have enough water To get t them ere they wanna go tomorrow.
I've got the tide book right over here.
[phone beeps] from a cop to a coastie.
I guess we know david's type.
I assume it was david's idea, This latest custody thing? it was a decision we reached together.
He's just lookin' down the line At what's best for tina.
she's nearly 16.
well, she's still a minor.
she's still my daughter, And my parents' granddaughter.
look, this is an enormous burden on david, And stress is the worst thing for his condition.
yeah, well, you know what? You tell him if he doesn't want any stress He better not take me to court.
I came to accept recovery Long after it accepted me.
When I first came around here, Brought down by drugs, The last thing I wanted to do Was sit in a room full of a bunch of drunks and addicts.
It wasn't until then that I realized That I was powerless.
I could run.
Oh, yeah, I knew I could run, But there was no place on god's good earth That I could hide.
[man screaming] I couldn't hide the lies anymore.
[screaming continues] [machine beeping] oh, godod! Jesus! Stop.
Stop, stop, stop! morphine.
Start him at 20 mils.
You'll be okay, son.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What's your name? Okay, get that drip happening.
just kill me! yeah, I got it, doctor.
I got it.
[screaming continues, fades] would you like to speak? uh, hey.
My name is wendell, I'm an addict, And, uh, I'm grateful to be clean today.
[dramatic music] hey, it's me.
It's daddy.
Uh, I guess you guys are out somewhere.
Uh, I just wanted to say goodnight to my girls, And, um, and I miss you.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
you're here.
What's up? I was just, um,m, giving.
You remember martine, right? yeah.
nice seeing you again.
you guys wanna play some cards? um, I need to pee.
uh, it's right there.
Bro, you gotta help me out.
okay, the thing is martine Lives in a house on the top floor, right? No elevator, and I live at home with my mom.
really? it's--we're just helping each other out.
It saves us both money.
Anyway, tonight she's hosting her big ok club.
martine and I were kinda hoping to be alone In a room together.
Like, that one.
Oh, well, I was-- I was just gonna go for a walk anyways, so thanks, man.
Walk slow.
I he my dad isn't paying you by the hour.
ha ha.
How about puttin' your carpentry skills to use And givin' me a hand? what's it pay? my eternal gratitude.
how about buying me and my friends some beer? okay.
yeah? yeah, the day you turn 19.
Grab an end.
Not like I have anytything tter to do anyway.
I thought you had a boyfriend.
I don't know.
Might have broke up.
you--you catch him checkin' out One of your girlfriends or somethin'? Or somethin'? he's afraid of laura.
[laughs] right there.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
need me to hold it? thanks.
So the guys linin' up? yeah.
Right around the block.
when I was your age, You would have been way out of my league.
no, seriously.
Would have kililled for .
I was scrawny, covered with zits.
do you even know what you're doing? not really.
Don't tell laura, though.
She scares me, too.
[laughs] [saw whirs loudly] aah! oh, my god! had ya.
[laughs] can anyone keep me here? [distant pop music continues] andrew.
Forgot you lived here.
yeah, well, the rent is cheap, But it's stumbling distance from the bar.
Though these stairs can be a bitch sometimes.
so, what do you got goin' on tonight? you're lookin' at it.
you wanna study the fish manual? boy, you really know how to talk to a girl.
is that a no? sure.
But we study my way.
Freeboard is defined As the minimum vertical distance Between the gunnel and the design waterline.
[scoffs] drink up.
well, you're sure focused When there's the incentive of getting drunk.
maybe I ought to try booze at the actual inspection.
[scoffs] Oh.
Oh, thank you.
bring it.
okay, uh, all right.
How do you calculate the engine power Of a small vessel? in kilowatts, In accordance with the marine propulsion Engines and systems, Power measurements, and declarations.
I don't--I'm so drunk, I don't even know if that's right or not.
you're not much of a tutor.
I'm not much of a drinker.
practice makes perfect.
so, what's the deal with this whole You knowin' all the answers thing you got goin'? what about it? well, why did you suck at the last inspection? I guess I choked.
no way.
You're, like, the definition of clutch.
Look at you.
I've gone over the manual 20 times.
Tired of people thinkin' that I'm stupid.
oh, my darling, can't you see me? okay, can we stop studying Before I pass out? hey, pizza.
You wanna get pizza? I have chinese food in the fridge if you want.
One more? no, no.
The k pacific will be the k-puke-cific.
You're definitely cut off.
And so am I.
oh so, uh, how long are you gonna stay at the base? [exhales] I don't know.
you know, you can crash hehere if yowant.
I'm gonna make you love me I'm gonna make you love me I'm gonna make you love me I'm gonna make you love me I'm gonna make you love me mm.
I can't.
I can't.
oh, it's okay.
no, I'm serious.
I'm serious.
it's okay.
I'm gonna make you love me what the hell am I doing? Get the hell off of me.
stay here and want you and wait for Of the dust in our living room I got transferred to ah.
To a military hospital in germany for my rehab.
I was there, like, uh, about a year.
you still in much pain? t the stuff'm taking? Who knows? What about you, man? You--you finding yourself yet? ah, still lookin'.
what, are you in a program? yeah, but not for booze.
oh, for, uh, porn, huh? I should come with you.
thing is, there's these steps.
oh, likike "adm you're powerless"? Like that? yeah, well, one of 'em is about makin' amends To people that you've harmed.
I owe you an apology.
that night when I was supposed to be covering you, I was high.
I don't know, man.
Who knows.
I don't know if things Would have gone down any different.
I just, um It, uh I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
and that counts for what? I went from, uh, morphine to oxycotton.
I mean, why settle for the hillbilly When the real deal's so easy to score, right? god have some sense of humor.
this is k pacific standing by.
Who's wearing the camera? one of their gang.
Cooperating for a reduced sentence.
is that jen? yep.
I'll tell ya, There's not a lot of guys Have the balls to do what she does.
man, I feel rough.
you do? this is a hike? I'm surprised you can even find this place.
you don't like nature? stand by.
Looks like they're gettin' close.
roger that.
Moving in.
what are we doing? Th isn't big enough for a grow-op.
Hey, z, you sure you got the right place, man? Makin' a pit stop? you talk to much.
what are you cooking in here? what does it look like I'm cookin'? Get in there.
Come on.
[suspenseful music] that's not right.
That is not a grow-op.
That is a meth lab.
Do not go in there.
I repeat, do not go in there.
It's too volatile.
Do you copy? Fall back.
I took mine.
You need to re-hydrate.
hey, I'm the expert here, remember? what the hell? hey, man, what is this? A setup? you narc bitch! hey, z, whahat the--! drew, what happened last night, It didn't mean anything.
An y no, huh? [distant explosion] go! Go! Go! [rock music] rcc, this is k pacific responding to an incident.
What's goin' on? Come on! move! Move! Let's get 'em out of here.
[groaning] is everyone out? all three are clear.
that's all of 'em.
There's gonna be a hazardous materials team Here within the hour.
I want a perimeter around that trailer.
[gasping] jen, I'm gonna get you out of here.
it's okay.
Everything's gonna be all right.
no, I--I can't breathe.
[unzips bag] carly, I need abdominal pads now.
We need to slow the bleeding.
[coughing] I can't breathe.
it's okay.
You're gonna be all right.
Miro, I think she has a collapsed lulung.
How far away is that chopper? at least 15 minutes.
help is on the way, okay? Try and take slow, shallow breaths.
the other two are relatively stable.
What's happening here? absent breath sounds, distended jugular veins.
It's definitely a tension pneumothorax.
I need to do something.
Can yoyou watch r? [explosion] Miro, if I don't really release the pressure in her lungs She may die.
What does rescue center say? they're trying to get a doctor To talk you through the procedure.
tell them I know the procedure.
I just need a doctor on the line for an approval.
copy that.
Stand by.
can we not get her back on the boat? there's no time for that.
I'm doin' it.
Swab her chest.
Carly, I'll take the responsibility.
I need you to hold her steady.
Jennifer, you have a collapsed lung.
I'm gonna do a needle decompression To release the pressure.
That means I'll be inserting a needle Into your chest.
Do you understand? All right, no matter what happens, You cannot move.
Hold her steady, carly.
On three.
OneTwo Three.
[breathing deeply] got it.
laura, I have a surgeon patched through.
You're clear to go.
copy that.
how many 500 mil salines do we have? we have to talk.
it says we're supposed to have a dozen.
look, everybody wants me to talk all the time.
Talking isn't gonna fix anything, okay? It's not gonna change what happened.
nothing happened.
I just wanna do my job.
it's 12.
what? it's 12 saline bottles.
before I go, I wanted to give you somethin' to remember me by.
[ominous music] I don't want it.
keep it.
You wanna show me how truly sorry you are? Prove it.
Feel like taking another walk? actually, there's somebody I need to see.
[fink's if only plays] I ain't bein' funny I ain't got the brakes I ain't got the aces hi.
I'm ready to talk.
come in.
if only and I ain't got the nerve now that I'm done with this ain't got the makings I'm gonna be better.
the man you deserve we're gonna see each other more often.
You don't believe me, do you? are you gonna sign the papers? honey, no matter what I sign, You will always be my daughter.
I guess.
you tell me what you want me to do.
the first one out of here I love you.
hey, sweet cheeks.
What's up? I have to decide who I'm gonna live with If my dad dies.
That's a big decision.
If I were you, uh, I'd hold out.
Let 'em try to win me over.
Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky And get a pony out of it.
Or at least an ipod.
You deserve it.
you're just a big kid.
yeah, well, growin' up sucks.
I'm puttin' it off as long as I can.
Hey, why don't you make yourself useful, and, uh-- Back's still got a twinge in it, Ooh, from last time, 'cause you didn't lift your end.
hey, are you complaining? lift with the knees, huh? you got it.
there ya go.
one hand? Yeah.
one hand, one mouth, whatever.