The Guard (2008) s01e07 Episode Script

The Beacon

Previously on The Gguard You're not a cop.
You're not my mom.
Not my m.
But I can still kick your ass.
Try it.
I never planned on being a mother and now I'm stuck with the child from hell.
What are you doing? You spying on me now? Go to hell.
When I was your age you woulda been way out of m my league right.
Woulda killed for you.
I'm right here! AndrewI can't have you around right now.
Well, practice makes perfect.
People have judged me my whole life.
My dad and me living on the boat.
Dirt-poor kid and her old man.
My name is Wendell.
I'm an addict.
Carly, this Isaac.
We we stationed together in Afghanistan.
That night whehen I was pposed to be covering you, I was high.
[screaming] I'm sorry, man.
Wanna show me how sorry you really are? Prove it.
I wanted to give you something to remember me by.
Are you trying to escape? [Chuckles] I was trying not to wake you.
Too late.
The beast is roused.
Oh, he is, is he? Mmm.
I was having the most amazing dream.
Uh-huh? I was folollowing ts coyote through h the fore.
It was like he wanted me to follow him.
He was leading me.
I know.
I climbed up this mountain and at the top there was this pool of water.
The surface was so smooth it was like a perfect mirror of the sky.
And so-- you don't say? Carly, the coyote was trying to tell me something.
He was trying to tell me that I need to recommit.
I have to-- I gotta face the wilderness.
No heat.
No running water except for leaks.
You don't call this wilderness? Okay.
Will you come with me? No.
No, it's just like a camping trip.
I hate camping.
Hate? It's roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stores and roughing it.
Um, I grew up on a boat.
I've roughed it enough for one life.
I have to pee.
[Door opens and closes] And he wants it rougher than this.
[Sigh] Dad? Hey.
Daddy! Daddy, wait! Daddy! Stay back! I thought you were somebody else.
Do I know you? Yes, you do.
mcpherson? I'm Wayne greig's daughter carly.
Wayne's dead.
You're right.
He is.
Carly? Mr.
mcpherson, wa-- carly! Let go of me! Mr.
I wanna go home! Mr.
mcpherson, I'm just trying to help you.
Please just let me help you.
I wanna go home.
Help me get home.
Okay, I will.
[Sobbing] I promise I will.
[Save me by Tamara rhodes] I'm in too deep my heart is cold got my head above water nowhere to go the days are long the nights so cold but I keep going back for more we gotta get out of here why don't you save me we've gotta get out of here can you save me we should call an ambulance.
Get him to the hospital.
No way.
Yeah, you need to get checked out.
No hospitals.
Okay, okay, hang on.
It's okay, Mr.
You don't have to go.
I don't know you.
You don't? I'm crushed.
I know you.
My dad and I used to stop by all the time when you were working the lights at Rickard's rocks.
You don't remember? One time you made me a root beer float.
The lighthouse.
I was the keeper.
I know you were.
You're okay.
[Sighs] He has a daughter that lives in town.
Maybe she can get him to the you know where.
And can you grab my Kit? Yeah.
Da silva, your rent check bounced.
Told you not to cash it till the fifth.
A coast guard Captain a volunteer position? Rent's due on the first.
I got a situation with the bank, okay? Okay, now you got a situation with me.
Pay up.
Cash money.
Fine, you'll get your cash on the fifth.
[Knock on door and door opens] Hello? Anybody home? Jeez! Tina! The hell you doing? What's it look like? Like you're on my bed.
Get outta here! What's wrong? I thought this is what you wanted.
What are you, crazy? Put some--put some-- cor up! Here! Eww! Come on.
Get outta my room.
You said you'd kill for me in High School.
In High School! In High School! I'm older! Tina, for the love of God, you're 15-years old-- what the hell's going on here?! This--this isn't what it looks like.
I'm calling the ruddy cops.
No, don't! We weren't doing anythingYet.
Yet? There was no yet.
We didn't do anything at all.
You take me for an idiot? [Sighs] Just let me explain.
He's my Uncle.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Both of you! Do your parents know what you're doing? And you! Is that how you're spending your rent money? Oh, my God.
You thought I was a hooker? [Chuckles] Cool.
No, not cool! Not cool! Holy jumping-- get out! Okay.
Get out of my hotel! [Screams] You get dressed and get out! All right! And you too! Got it.
I'm watching you.
She gone? Noticed him starting to slideic right after they retired him off the light.
Just got instant.
That's okay.
You know, at first I didn't know what it was.
I mean, he didn't wanna see anybody.
He lost interest in things he used to care about, you know? Used to have this little skiff.
He just puttered around the harbor.
Something must have happened while he was out on the water.
I don't know if he got lost or what it was but, uh Came home from work one day and He just sold his boat.
He's at an age where he's on all kinds of medication like blood pressure and whatnot.
I didn't know what coulda caused it.
I just, uh-- I just knew that, um-- well, he wasn't my dad anymore.
You've gotta talk to somebody at the hospital.
There are programs.
There are people that can help.
Think I haven't tried that? I mean, I took him for an assessment.
There's wait lists for subsidized care and he wasn't a priority, so You know, I can't just keep missing days off work.
I mean, they'll fire me.
Well, get him assessed again.
You tell 'em what happened this morning.
Hey, dad.
Remember carly? Used to be, uh, friends when we were little kids.
You two were friends? Um, well, we, um-- we went to the same school, yeah.
Yeah, she's in the coast guard now.
On the lights? Uh, no.
I'm a rescue specialist.
I heard you took a course or something.
Weren't you married for a while there? [Sighs] Yeah, for a while, yeah.
[Clears throat] You're Wayne greig's daughter.
[Chuckles] That's right.
How's Wayne doing? He, uh-- he's fine.
Here you go.
I--I didn't mean to cause trouble.
[Scoffs] 15-year-old girl hanging out in a man's motel room half-dressed.
How could trouble come out of that situation? The hell were you thinking? I don't know.
I thought it was what you wanted.
Tina, why? No.
I said I was sorry.
Sorry isn't gonna find me a place to live.
How am I gonna find first and last month's rent? I haven't even got a damage deposit.
[Knocks on window] [Window rolls down] Hey, Laura.
Hey, what's going on? I was just giving Tina a ride home from downtown.
So now you're home safe and sound.
I better get going.
Like the new place.
Yeah, what's with all the stuff in the back? Just helping a friend move.
He got kicked out of his motel and now he has n no place go.
You got evicted? What'd you do? I did nothing.
I just couldn't make the rent.
Three strike kind of thing.
I thought he could stay with us.
Both: Uh, no.
Look, we're just-- we're just settling in, Tina.
But we have a guest house now.
Hey, don't worry.
I got a couple places I can go.
We wouldn't even know that you were there.
You would have your own space.
Tina, miro said he has other prospects.
There's a flat-screen tv.
What size? Come.
I'll show you.
[Truck door opens and closes] I'll--excuse me.
A week.
Two tops.
I saw on the board that this thing was on the fritz again.
Yeah, I'm bringing it up to the shop right now.
You need me to grab an end? No, I'm okay.
I guess you're still bunking out here, huh? Haven't gone home yet? No, I haven't.
[Sighs] Hey, guys.
Thanks for, uh, passing my name on for the handyman job at the church.
I appreciate it.
Listen, um Laying carpet's a two-man job.
You doing anything tomorrow? No, tomorrow's good.
Cool, thanks.
Couch surfing and odd jobs.
Stellar week, huh, Captain? Shut it.
So we gonna talk about the other nightEver? Uh, no, I don't think so, no.
No, I just wanna make sure we're cool, 'cause we gotta work together and everything, you know? Yeah, we're cool.
Good, 'cause seriously, it was no big deal.
We didn't even really do anything.
Just had a lot to drink and-- so o that's t excuse, right? Makes everything okay? No, but come on.
Look, carly, I'm a married man, okay.
It might be nothing to you, but it means something to me.
So it's's all my ult? Oh, good, I'm glad we're clear on that.
You know, I'd hate to beat myself up unnecessarily.
[Sighs] Fifine, whater.
Barry, what's's this? You, uh, read my article in shore links? Never knew you were a writer.
Maybe there's a second career out there e for you.
Well, they're always looking for articles and I thought that was such a great rescue.
Barry, we have a new team here.
Yeah and ththat's wha I thought made the article.
They're up against formidable obstacles.
We're in the business of taking risks, but not unnecessary ones.
Did you have to make such a meal out of usf being under-equipped and under-funded? Look, I'm sorry.
Did I create a problem here? What do you think? We're already slated for inspection.
Every man and woman on this base had better be on top of their game or heads will roll.
I going to my group meeting-- the narcotics thing.
I thought you went on Monday.
Yeah, sometimes I go in spurts.
So you're really not gonna come camping? Do you really need me to? After all, this is your coyote.
No, you're right.
The Japanese have a saying.
"There's two things you need not call: The morning and the wild dog.
" This is my wild dog, not yours.
I'm sure that that means something.
That's Clyde mcpherson.
I'm gonna say hi.
Okay, bye.
See ya.
Beth! Come on, dad.
Let's go.
[Sighs] Hello.
Did you get your dad checked out? He spent three hours in emerge before they even admitted him and he, uh-- lay on a bed in a hallway all afternoon waiting for somebody to look at him, and, uh, then it was about another two hours before the woman from the Alzheimer's program bothered to show up.
Where arere we goin uh, we're going home, dad.
Just----just staput.
What did the Alzheimer's lady say? Said they'd put him on a list.
Said they'd try to find him a crisis placement.
Well, that's a good thing, isn't it? Uh, crisis placement means first available bed.
That could be anywhere in the province.
I can't do that to him.
Well, you can't leave him unattended.
Thanks for your trouble.
We'll figure it out.
You have to get him some kind of care before he does harm to himself.
You do realize that? Yeah, carly.
Yeah, I realize that my dad needs to be looked after.
Look, I'm only saying you can't leave him to his own devices.
Look, don't you start at me.
All right, it was the coast guard that retired him and replaced him with a bloody beacon.
Thanks for 35 years of your life.
Here's your pension.
Now get out.
Look, I'm just saying that he needs constant care and that's obviously problematic for you.
It's problematic.
You are such a hypocrite.
Pardon me? After you left your father to rot of cancer in that stinking boat.
Look, I realize that you're upset.
Yeah, I'm upset.
And I don't need you of all goddamn people looking down your nose at me.
You just get your dad some help.
[Car door closes] Oh, dear God.
I'm so sorry.
I--I didn't know there was anybody-- I thought the boat was empmpt.
I'll just--I let myself in.
Pipe down.
Dad? Don't bitch at me for smoking in bed.
I'm losing my mind.
Yeah, well, you were always losing something.
I hate this boat.
Then what are you doing here, hmm? [Heavy coughining] Oh, man.
These things will kill you.
Why didn't you quit? You'd still be here if you quit.
I got cancer.
What are you gonna do? Shoulda taken you to the dococtor soon.
I coulda gotten you off this boat.
You weren't here.
Grab some perspective.
I got plenty of perspective.
It's not helping.
You still think you're responsible for everything, huh? Screw that! The world's a lot bigger than you are, carly.
Gee, thanks.
You're just a small fish in a big sea.
Okay, stop! [slams door] How's wenendell? Get up.
Eat breakfast before it's lunch.
Uh, no.
There's no need.
No big.
You ju didn't seem like the grocery buying type.
I'm not.
I'm not that type.
You mind turning around? Like I haven't seen boxers before? Honestly, Tina, I'm in a bit of a rush here if you know what I'm saying.
I've got a, uh, handyman job to do before a shift.
And I can't stop for breakfast.
Nothing, no coffee, no nothing.
Just gotta go.
Uh, whoa.
Go, go, go.
Push much? Go on.
Out, out, out.
Go! Just go, go.
I gotta get going.
I gotta get to my job.
Would you please go? Thank you, next time.
Okay? Next time? Yes.
Please go.
I gotta go.
Gotta go to the bathroom.
Gotta go.
[Chuckles] I gueuess it's tta be hard on you, huh, being away from your girls? Yeah, it's not easy.
Especially now.
Lib, she must be hitting that age when boys are coming around.
Must be weird.
Your little girl becoming a woman.
She's seven.
I had five older sisters.
I guess if they were having urges, I didn't know it.
Wonder what that's all about.
I mean, a young girl's urges, you think it's the same as young guys? What are we talking about? I mean, don't you ever wonder what it's gonna be like when lib is 15 or 16 and her little friends are running around, their thongs sticking out of their jeans, and their short t-shirts and stuff? It's gotta be hard not to, you know, have thoughts, right? I'm her father.
I'm not gonna start drooling over my little girl's friends.
Okay, okay, fine.
But if you weren't her father, what then? I am her father.
Okay, that's what I am.
I'm a father.
[Sighs] Look, could we just get this done please? Yeaeah, right I'll be--yeah, one second.
Excuse me.
Oh, hey, father.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Sure.
"Ted" works just fine.
What's up? Okay, here it goes, Ted.
Uh, father Ted.
I'm not a priest.
But you're as good as one, right? I like to think so.
Is everything okay with the carpet? Oh, yeah.
Andrew's on it.
So I've got this friend and he told me he's having these thoughts.
Mm-hmm? Sexual thoughtsts.
Well, that's a different denomination.
Thought police two streets over.
About a young girl.
How young? [Sighs] I mean, he's feeling ashamed? Oh, yeah, of course.
It's not right.
I mean, it's wrong to have fantasies about a young girl.
Is it? I don't know.
Seems to me your friend is just being human.
You do know there's a difference between fantasy and acting on it, right? I mean, did your friend act on it? Jesus, no.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
He did not.
Well, I am busy.
But he-- but he thought about it.
Just for a second, but that counts, right? You wanna know what I think? Yes.
Sexuality is a gift.
I mean, why do we automatically equate sex and sin? You know, you got poverty, darfur, global warming.
[Sighs] Trust me.
God has bigger fish to fry than buddy's Randy daydreams.
So he's okay? You can tell him I said so.
[Sighs] Thanks.
No worries.
Oh, hey, I got this other friend and he's dating a nudist and she said it was an open relationship but then-- stop.
Get out.
[Sighs] [Cell phone rings] Hello? Who is that? Ellie, is that you? Ellie, it's daddy.
My truck had a wheel come off.
Well, what was that about your truck, sweety? I can't hear you.
We're having Mac and cheese.
[Chuckles] Um, is mommy there? Can you put her on?? Ellie, quit playing with the phone.
Ellie? Da silva, you're not renting a bed and breakfast.
I know that.
Yeah, well, the fact that I had no milk this morning suggests that maybe you don't.
It wasn't 'cause of me.
Right, so you didn't ask Tina to bring you coffee in bed? Look-- you're playing with fire.
[Scoffs] You got the wrong read here.
I'm not playing with anything.
You have the morals of a gnat.
She brought me breakfast.
That's it.
I didn't even eat it.
I'll bet the mililk istill by the bed.
Right, she just brought you breakfast out of the goodness of her heart.
Nothing happened.
Tina's a good kid.
Jesus, why does it feel like I'm talking to a border guard? I don't know.
Guilty conscience, maybe? Leave her alone, buy your own groceries, and find someplace else to live.
[Sighs] You gonna hike to the park? I'll hitch probably.
Listen, I'm late for work.
If you really want me to go-- no, no, no.
You have your stuff.
Are you sure? Yeah, you hate camping.
Remember? I know, but-- maybe you could gimme a ride to the highway.
I guess.
When are you gonna be back? Well, once I face down the wilderness.
Well, is that a one-day or a two-day deal? Well Want an idea so I know when to send out the search party.
You won't have to send out a search party.
If you want that lift, I gotta go to the base.
Yeah, you go ahead.
I'ma be right behind you.
You don't think it's too critical of the d.
Do you? Nori's pretty hohot about.
No, you're calling it like it is.
So I shouldn't be so worried then? I mean, you would've written the same thing and put your name on it? Huh? No, not a chance.
What was that? What? Come on.
Like Dr.
Barry doesn't know.
Carly, are you out of your mind? I don't know what you're talking about.
No, not good.
Married man.
Married man at the base.
Married man who is your partner.
If you say one word, I will kill you.
Well, good guesser.
Marina called in a stolen sailboat.
Keep an eye out for it.
Oh, and, uh, this is for you.
List of deficiencies.
"Charge fire extinguishers and replace the batteries in the smoke detectors.
" We just did that.
Well, do it again.
With a new team, the base is rife for snap-based inspection.
"Clear back the junk from the side of the building"? That's supposed to be a fire lane.
Coast guard base is all about preparedness.
There's no such thing as an insignificant detail.
[Scoffs] "Clean out staff fridge.
" Hey, some of those plastic containers are science projects.
May we go on patrol first? You can do it when you come back.
Sorry if it cuts into your handball time.
No, you're not.
There's disabled sailboat to the starboard side.
You better power down or you'll take him out with your wake.
Oh, my God.
You know him? We're old friends.
His pulse is thready.
Can you hand me the blood pressure cuff? You gonna be okay for a bit? Yeah, he's reasonably s stab.
He should be fine.
Okay, well I'm gonna go topside.
Just radio if you need me.
So were you going for a sail? [Sphygmomanometer pumping] I have to get home.
[Clears throat] Home? Home where, Mr.
mcpherson? Rickard's rocks? I keep the light there.
You live in town now, Mr.
Remember? You live in town with your daughter Beth.
I--I don't know you.
Sure you do.
I saw you yesterday.
Remember? I'm the little girl who used to wave to you from my dad's boat.
He can't hear you.
He has no idea who you are.
He's gonna die, carly.
No, he isn't.
He's stable.
He's gonna be fine.
You can't save him Anymore than you could save me.
Dad? You can't do this anymore.
I'm--I can't-- tears? Are you that mad at me? [Sobbing] Oh, dad, I'm not mad.
Why would you take the boat and leave me in town? Do you not want me no more, is that it? Oh, come on.
No more tears, you silly cow.
She was nothing to me, Margie.
We were just having a dance.
[Sniffs] Dad, I'm Beth.
Not mom.
I'm your daughter, Beth.
I'm gonna go make you a cup of tea, all right? UhHe, uh Used to have a skiff out in the marina.
I guess he just got confused, you know? Listen, keep an eye on him and if his condition deteriorates, then call 9-1-1, okay? Yeah.
Thank you, um Thank you, um For bringing him home.
Which one? That one? Yeah, okay.
Right there.
Okay? Right there.
Got it? Yep.
Uhh! Oh, for the love of God.
What are you, six? Here.
Use this.
A little late.
Listen Been thinking about it.
As soon as this shift is over I'm gonna get my gear and get out of your place.
Well, I think that's best for all concerned.
For all who concerned? What, you want me to say it? Yes, I think it's wise not to have Tina in your path.
[Chuckles] You know what, Laura? You don't know what's wise or not.
You certainly don't know me.
You think you do.
And guess what else.
You don't know Tina.
That's really sad for both of you.
All right, dad, we're gonna have something special tonight.
Your--dad? Dad? You okay there? You look lost.
Margie took off.
Left me here.
Son of a bitch.
Women, huh? Can I give you a lift somewhere? I need to get home.
Yeah, sure.
Come on, hop in.
Excuse me.
May I help you? I'm looking for carly greig.
Is she here? Uh, yeah.
Carly! It's dad.
He's gone.
Was that today? About what time? Drove all around.
Did you check the marina? Yeah, no one's seen him.
The police will do a foot patrol of the waterfront and around the docks.
At his age, how far could he get? If he gets into a sailboat like he did this afternoon, who knows? Hey, guys.
The coastal station just got a response from the all-hail.
Some kid dropped off an old man fitting the description at Rickard's rocks.
Let's do it.
Go home.
We'll call you.
Okay? Mr.
mcpherson! Look that way.
Clive! Mr.
Andrew, I've got him.
We're in the house.
You did everything you could.
I just keep thinking about all the things I coulda done differently.
[Sighs] You caspend your entire life thinking about that.
Yeah, true enough.
[Chuckles] I don't know what's the matter with me.
I keep losing things.
You didn't take my syringes, did you? No.
We shouldn't have done what we did, Andrew.
You're right.
That's keeping you from going home to a family that loves You're a good man, Andrew.
Go home.
It's time.
Hey, what are you doing? Leaving.
You can't.
You said you'd stay a couple weeks.
I didn't move in here to be your friend, Tina.
You want company? Find someone your own age.
You're a real ass.
Look I'm not the most touchy-feely guy around.
Sometimes the things I say come out wrong.
Sometimes? You just-- you don't have to be in such a hurry to grow up.
I know you think being a kid sucks, but when you get to be my age, things start to-- you get a certain-- [sighs] It sucks to be up here too.
[Chuckles] Gotta go.
Be good.
[Door opens] Hey.
I brought you something.
What's this? Well, I figured if you're gonna be staying, you better start making your own damn coffee.
It'll just be till I get back on my feet.
Week or two, tops.
Month at the most.
Tina, let's go.
Amy, it's me.
I'm okay.
I just-- I'm just calling to see how you're doing and, um I keep losing things.
You didn't take my syringes, did you? Can you grab my Kit? This is my wild dog.
Not yours.
[Rock music] The last stop we made was a call to your savior you ended Hey! The last valentine are you out here? I knew you were in this Wendell! Like you meant it plelease say u know that you know that Wendell! Wendell! You grow cold tonight you grow old and die the dove colored sky awaiting your entrance but you're helpless so you wait yeah and I've seen your face i've seen youou change now it's all the same please say you know that you know that