The Guard (2008) s02e01 Episode Script

The Hold

Previously on the guard Okay, so before we even had sex, We both agreed to this "no strings" thing.
get in here.
And get your pants off.
I'm right here! I can't have you around right now.
you can crash here if you want.
carly, I'm a married man, okay? Thatight mean nothing to you, but it means something to me.
you're a good man, andrew.
Go home.
It's time.
amy, it's me.
my name is wendell.
I'm an addict.
wendell! over here! come on, over here! Hey, hey.
miro, starboard side.
over here! over here! what's the trouble? we heard gunshots.
gunshots? Where? from that boat out there.
It's been drifting, like that whole damn thing is dead.
okay, we'll check it out.
you sure they were shots? I know gunfire when I hear it.
what, do you think we're idiots? get on the radio.
Call rescue center and tell them we're on the scene.
the guy heard shots.
We have to call the police.
okay, you run down to the corner and flag one down.
this is the canadian coast guard.
Do you require assistance? This is the canadian coast guard.
Are you in distress? yankee rose, this is the canadian coast guard, Cutter cape pacific, do you read? Over.
you got the wheel, bring us in.
you sure? bring us in.
Pull us in.
Canadian coast guard.
I'm boarding her.
miro, they said there was gunshots.
and I said I'm boarding.
You two, stay put.
Hello? Anyone aboard? Nothing.
okay, let's go.
miro! calm down! what the hell you doing on my boat?! calm down! is he armed? no gun.
did you hear us hailing you, huh? I didn't hear nothing.
sir, we heard reports of gunshots.
what gunshots? Just a couple backfires, maybe.
Now get the hell of my boat.
we're gonna take a look around.
no, you're not.
We've got some engine trouble, that's all.
We can handle it.
we can still take a look.
take another step, and you'll be up on charges.
Trespassing for one, I can think of a few more.
you're drifting in the shipping lane, We're towing you to port hallet.
you have a problem? we'll see.
I'm in too deep, my heart is cold got my head above water, nowhere to go the days are long the nights so cold but I keep going back for more we gotta get out of here why don't you save me? we gotta get out of here come and save me THE GUARD =THE HOLD= WWW.
COM the yankee rose? What do you need? where she left from, stops on the way How long she's been at sea.
well It might take some time.
yeah, that's okay.
Her engine's shot.
So she'll be in hallet in a couple days anyways.
what's up, do you think? I don't know.
Probably nothing.
you want me to get in touch with the police? it's hard to take nothing to the policice.
it was stupid and against regulations.
What if he really had a gun? he didn't.
yeah, but you didn't know that.
We were defenseless.
what would you have done, laura? waited for the police.
oh, and if somebody had been shot, injured, You u would'veust waited for the victim to bleed out? your first obligation is to your crew.
Don't insult anyone's intelligence.
You know the rules.
we are unarmed.
And until the day we are- I was the one who boarded the boat.
yeah! Go there.
Captain abandoned his craft.
I haven't even gotten to that yet.
I told you three to stay out of the pacific.
we were sitting targets.
miro, laura's right.
We're just lucky this didn't go sideways.
Somebody could' been seriously hurt.
it was reckless and unnecessary.
it was a backfiring engine.
okay, stotop.
Nobody should have to recite the rule book to you.
You know how this was supposed to go.
If there's any suggestion of a gun, Cops go in, you stay out.
Are you hearing me? I hear you.
so now what? it turned out to be nothing.
Let's not make a mountain out of it.
How are you going to write this up? we gave a guy a tow.
and the gun? what gun? I didn't see a gun; did you see a gun? ake sure that's reflected in your report.
yes, ma'am.
that's it? That's all? laura, it's done.
Back to work.
you weren't scared? well, I was pumped, I wouldn't say I was scared.
liar, hold out your hand.
well, what- it's the caffeine.
How far up miro's ass Do you think laura's gonna get about this gun thing? well, technically, he shouldn't have boarded.
well, yeah- Why are you taking her side? I'm not taking sides.
but? but, I don't know, I mean Carly, the smell after a gun's been fired.
I'm not so sure.
You didn't smell that? engine smoke, burnt oil from working on a hot motor what is the story over there? A broken down boat and they refuse to tow it into harbor? What's that about? andrew, the story is that he doesn't want his wife To know he has a hooker onboard.
you think? look at him.
Now look at her.
you really did get married right out of high school, Didn't y you? How are things, anyway? Being back homome, yoand amy working stuff out? yeah, it's good, you know.
Things are great.
Amy's good.
It's just just what? it's justI gotta tell her about our thing.
andrew There was no thing.
I mean, we were drunk.
We rolled around.
It was awkward, and now it's over.
I just feel amy deserves- deserves what, andrew? Don't-don't tell her anything.
It'll only hurt her.
Amy deserves a loving husband, And that's what she's got.
look, anyway, I have to go, but You and me, we're square, right? See you tomorrow? yeah.
so laura's gnawing on my leg, calling me a cowboy.
You know, if she's got the manual printed on heher as, She should take a second look, 'cause two shots, one minute apart, is a distress signal.
Somebody could've been in some real trouble.
when did they start hanging art in here? why do we need to carry guns? They start arming us, it's going to attract A whole different kind of guy to the guard.
S so how well do you think they sell? $400?! Geez.
It looks like the 3-d stuff they hawk at the mall.
did I tell you I have this friend Who has a place in mexico? yeah, where? guadalajara.
and she's inviting me to come down.
To stay.
I'm going to have the burger.
'cause she's a painter as well.
And she has her own studio space, and God, wouldn't it be nice to feel the sun against your skin? I can't blame you.
You know the secret to a good burger? It's the meat.
truer words were never spoken.
why don't you go ahead and feed the kids? I was thinki of bringing Something special back for dinner.
I love you.
Huh? No, no.
No reason.
I just thought I'd say it.
I'm not trying to be weird.
Okay well, I'll see you soon, sweetie.
marine parts, right? Isn't that what you're supposed to be selling here? What kind of place is this? what you need will take a week to get here.
I haven't got a week.
I need it now.
everything all right there, john? yeah.
Yeah, except for an ass who thinks He can snap his fingers and get what he wants.
eh, go to hell.
we got a qualified marine engineer at the base.
I ask you for your help? just a suggestion.
my boatMy problem.
I don't know where he needs to get to so bad.
But he sure as hell wants out of here.
so what're you going to do? I didn't see a gun.
I mean, I didn't hear a gun.
He'll report the whole thing as a non-event, And slide under the radar.
Same as he always does.
but youou didn't ink it was a non-event, So go over nori's head.
to who? The director of operations? l look, miro was irresponsible a crew complaint could blow up in my face.
They decide that I'm the problem And transfer my ass out of there.
And then where would we be? Well I'm backing up my notes.
Those calls to the rescue center are all reported.
And then I'll have them as ammo.
What? I think you should quit.
yeah, right.
you said yourself It's getting more and more dangerous out there.
Our coast guard is the only unarmed agency Patrolling the borders.
david, come on.
What, are you expecting al-qaeda to attack port hallet? it doesn't have to be al-qaeda.
It could be drug runners, smugglerers- Hell, read the newspapers.
Every bad guy out there has a weapon.
it's my job.
Don't worry about me.
Where's tina? tina went upstairs a couple hours ago.
well, I don't think she stayed there.
brian, what's going on? I got a delivery for you.
laura! You have really beautiful eyes.
what are you high on? daddy? Daddy! there's a bush party down at the spit, got pretty loud.
can you make me a grilled cheese sandwich? no, I can't.
Go inside the house.
she's been drinking for sure, but Just so u know, we confiscated drugs.
hey, miro.
what are you doing here? oh, I-I live here.
Up-up there.
I love him so mu- look at that! Look! what are you doing? what kind of drugs? ecstasy and marijuana, mostly.
tina Tina, geup.
oh get up.
Inside, please.
Get in the house, now.
anyways, got your hands full.
tha you For bringing her home.
thanks, brian.
night, everybody.
night, bri.
Kids, huh? what happened on the water today? just our job.
really, that's not what I heard.
I heard you were reckless out there.
that's not how I see it.
that's my bususiness.
Okay? hurry up.
you dump that the hell away from here.
I don't want this to come back on us.
what're you mad at me for? It's not my fault.
this boat is your fault.
You get rid of that.
Tell them if they want the shipment, Then get us the hell out of here Before we get caught.
wendell! over here, darling.
I woke up and you weren't in the cabin.
yeah, I haven't been sleeping very well lately.
I don't want to wake you up.
you want some coffee? I don't have any milk.
That cabin of yours is on it's last leg.
It should be condemned.
I condemn nothing nor no one.
how do you feel about fumigation? I feel like I've inhaled my quota of dust mites From your mattress.
I'm not using, carly.
I dididn't say u were.
I told you when we first met I was in recovery.
I still am.
I know.
you're going to have to find some way To start trusting me again.
I will.
jesus, tina! You had no way of knowing what it was you were taking.
I just wanted to know what it was like.
look, I get it.
I was a kid, too.
You know? And I know what's going on with me is hard on you.
But you understand that what happened last night It can never happen again, right? I'm sorry.
it's all right, sweetheart.
But We think that you shouldn't go out at night.
For a while.
until further notice.
why do I always have to be the bad cop? you don't.
I don't know.
this has nothing to do with your m.
She's acting out like any teenager.
Don't be so manipulated by her.
look, laura, I know what you think I should do.
Tough love and all that.
First let's make sure she understands that it's love.
At it's love.
You want to review them? I detailed them in my last engineer's report.
do take seriously your concerns about crew safety.
y know what, don't even.
I don't want to hear it.
I'm fed up with constantly being smacked down, And then told my opinion matters.
no one's doing that.
miro's your golden boy.
That's fine.
You keep covering for him, But I'm done.
the yankee rose Where are you with the paper on that? I'm getting to it.
I want to see what you're submitting Before you put it into the system.
yes, ma'am.
My work primarily involves the human form.
oh! And what a form it is.
hey, gwen.
What's up? I spoke to the manager of the half moon cafe, And he is going to hang my paintings Starting this weekend.
Just doing a bit of promotion.
half moon, huh? Looks more like a full moon to me.
I'm sure we can get the whole gang out for this one.
yeah, it's okay.
oh, laura, have you seen this? barry.
you just get more and more professional, don't you? gwen, a quick word.
You can't possibly put that at the half moon cafe.
I eat there.
I'm an artist.
And I make my living selling my work.
And if I'm going to guadalajara, Well, I gotta get a little scratch together.
do you have to make the scratch off my ass? I'm a coast guard captain.
You're not in uniform.
the yankee rose pulled out of anchorage ten days ago, Checked into rupert's station three days after that.
and where'd he gogo from the? don't know.
Just fell of the map.
well, that's weird.
well, a registered american vessel Is only required checkpoint is rupert's station.
yeah, but out at sea a week, You'd think he'd call in somewhere.
If only for a weather check.
can't see anything.
how about rupert? Did they say anything about his passenger? euse me? well, he's traveling with a woman.
Did she cross with him into canada? I'll find out.
you folks planning on stickg around long? not if we can help it.
where you off to? cruising.
No real destination.
help you? just making conversation.
the conversation's done.
how long will it take you to fix the boat Once that part comes in? three hours, we're gone.
good, it comes in tonight.
Then we're out of here.
oh, hey, carly! hi.
It's been a while, how's it going? yeah, good.
so are you still seeing that guy? uh-huh.
I really liked him.
We had the greatest chat that time about narcotics.
How are you? good.
so I'll see you tomorrow.
hey carly, do you need a ride? no, no, I'm okay.
where's your truck? it's in the shop, but I'm okay.
oh, no.
Come on.
We'll give you a ridide.
No problem.
this is good.
prostitute? yeah.
That's my guess.
well you know, I never ununderstoodhat.
I mean, what kind of man cheats with a hooker? well, we don't know that.
I mean, it could be anything.
It could be It could be nothing.
Maybe it's drugs.
what, and that would be better? no, I'm just saying there's no point in speculating About people, we could be completely wrong.
no, I love to speculate about people.
I actually got a look at her.
I'm a great judge of character.
well, thanks for the lift.
But I got to go.
I hope it works out for her.
She seems like a person who really needs somebody.
every day I put another cross on my calendar.
I've hit 67 in a row so far.
But when I close my eyes, All I do is dream about getting high.
So far though, that's all I've been doing.
Just dreaming.
hi, my name is wendell, And I'm grateful to be clean today.
I almost backslid a couple days ago.
So my past came back to say hello.
And I just wanted to make it all slide away.
But I didn't.
My girlfriend stopped me.
My girlfriend.
I know you got to change yourself for yourself, But, um Well, right now I just want to change myself for her.
So will we see you next week? yeah, next week for sure.
see you.
oka take care.
What are you doing here? I thought I'd buy you dinner.
you were checking up on me? I'm going to make it, carly.
I'm going to stay clean.
I love you.
It's okay.
I just wanted to say it.
You don't have to say anything.
Until you're ready, you know.
Then I wouldn't mind.
just letting you know.
every time I try and give tina some kind of moral compass, You say it's all okay.
I know.
well, it's not okay.
You know it's not okay to get high at a bush party.
It's not okay to mess with strange guys at the beach.
And it's not okay to steal money from my damn purse.
you're right.
just I'm trying to hold us together.
you make it sound like another job.
Ah! hey, here, here, here.
Let me get it.
look Laura, I know this isn't what you signed up for.
david this isn't the life you were hoping for when we got togetheh, I'm not the man.
Why would you even say that? I got to get tina for dinner.
so I buried my truck up to the rims in this swamp.
oh, sure.
I don't lie.
what happened to the two girls? tinaDinner's ready.
I already ate.
Come on.
she eats with us, all right? hey, no problem.
Look, manUh Tina's just going through a phase.
I'll raise my own child, thank you.
all right, I was just saying, when I was her age what, when was that? Aren't you still? Ah! let me help.
I got it.
no, no, it's okay.
I got it, I said.
all right.
I want you out of here, all right? I want you out of my guest house.
I was just talking to your kid.
I was trying to be a friend.
yeah, you're the guy I want raising my kid.
You're the perfect role model, aren't y you, cowb? what the hell are you two doing? I'll be out of here as soon as I can.
david, what the hell got into you? I don't know, but it felt pretty good.
you don't think I'll use this, huh? Right here? Right now? Then shut the hell up.
christ, it stinks down there.
you're drinking ginger ale.
I'm going to taper off the booze a little.
a little is good.
wendell I think that your cabin is drafty And moldy and about to sink.
yeah, but it's home.
it's just that every time I stay over, I feelike I need a shower.
you don't want to stay over anymore? no.
I think you should stay with me.
I meanMove in.
With me.
really? yeah, well I think you- you know maybe it could work.
woo! hey, sailor.
What do you think? Pretty sexy, huh? where did you get those? I borrowed them from claire, next door.
really? uh-huh.
I figured you've never been with a hooker before.
what are you saying about claire? what do you say about this? Everything all right? oh, yeah, sorry.
UmYeah, it's great.
what? What is it? What's the matter? I got to tell you something, amy.
what? Tell me.
um A few fridays ago, when I was still at the base, Uh I just want to be honest with you, amy.
tell me.
I was helping carly study for the inspection.
And we had a few drinks.
you had sex with her? no, no, no! Not sex.
you had sex with a woman Who's dating an intravenous drug user.
I said it didn't get to sex.
okay, okay.
So what- - what did it get to? I'm-I'm trying to tell you.
I was- you were e what? What were you? I was screwed up.
Amy, I'm trying to be honest.
We didn't sleep together.
I di-amy, please! no, you know what? I just- - I hate you right now.
Te you right now.
Amy, come on! Amy! - Mommy, look! - what is I it? Ethan, what is it? Is it a dead seal? Just leave it, honey.
Don't touch it.
It's probably diseased.
Come on, let's go.
the yankee rose entered canadian waters Six days ago, one passenger aboard.
lorn hawkins, 48.
and what about the woman? don't know.
Not a single harbor master reported a visit from the rose.
he picked up a passenger, so what? so nothing, in itself.
But this is weird.
Rough seas up around that way.
Not the kind of place you turn off your ais, right? and he did.
as soon as he entered canadian waters, His automatic I.
System was shut down.
he was obviously doing something out t there He didn't want anyone knonowing abo.
there's a police bulletin, you guys see this? A body washed up eight kilometers down the coast.
Said she was asian, late teens.
was she shot? no.
Pending an autopsy, natural causes.
But it looks like she was dumped.
So she's only been in the water a couple days.
oh, man.
they want reports of suspicious vessels.
I know one.
miro! Barry, call the police.
come on, drew.
john, did you see when this boat pulled out of here? half an hour ago.
And look at the ungodly mess he left.
- Shit - no kidding.
That and old food.
Sanitary napkins.
It's not even safe.
the yankee rose? the only boat to pull out of here this morning.
how many people are on that thing? more than two.
we shouldn't even be out here.
A needle in a haystack.
in n less thaan hour, we will find them.
I'll radio the police again.
Wait for them.
yeah, I'm sure we will.
do you want me to talk to her? and say what? that I do stupid stuff.
That I'm a drunk.
That it's all my fault.
it wasn't.
andrew, I suck at advice.
But I knew this guy, he had this great relationship, And he told me the secret to making it work Is that first you have to want it to work.
I told you that.
do you want it to work? yes! does she? I think so.
soGo do it.
barry, what do you got? a boarding the yankee rose Seven nautical miles south, southwest of mymat island.
I got him.
Two points to starboard.
I'm just going to pace him till the cops decide to show up.
yankee rose, this is the canadian coast guard.
Come in, please.
Yankee rose, this is the canadian coast guard.
Come in, please.
Not responding.
Get off my tail, you sons of bitches.
he's making the run for some national waters.
hey, miro! take the wheel.
what? just hold it steady.
don't, idiot.
Put it away.
jesus! miro, pull back! son of a bitch! whoa! Help! man in the water.
calm down, sir.
Settle down.
stand down, right now.
oh, my god.
we won't hurt you.
It's the canadian coast guard.
We're friends.
how many? I said "how many?" six.
in that space in there? And the dead one, was she one of yours? she was sick.
We tried to help her.
mm, did you take her to the doctor? You get in there now.
no, who the hell are you? I said you get in there, so help me god.
Do you have a problem? nope, not at all.
the yankee rose met the container ship Between rupert and port hardy.
The engine trouble turned a two day trip Into a week of hell.
sex trade workers? the not-willing ones.
man, the world is getting to be a rough place.
yeah, I guess sometimes.
you still want me to come home? You mean everything to me.
you got something you want to say to me? why would I even bother? You never listen to anything anyone ever tells you.
And you probably won't until you get one of us killed.
I had to make a call.
I made it.
Given the outcome, I haven't got a problem with it.
that's good for you.
well Guadalajara, here I come.
I thought if I got on the road now, I can make it to comen by midnight.
and I brought you something.
you did? I did.
Yeah, I just didn't feel right about selling it.
Hey, gwen.
yeah? drive careful.
I said I wasn't going to do this.
I mean, I know the deal, right? I made the deal.
I didn't want you to ask me to stay, miro.
I just wanted to hear that you were sorry to see me go.
I didn't think I had the right to ask you to stay.
You know I can't promise you anything, gwen.
I know.
look, you can't drive like this.
scooch over, I'll buy you a burger.
were you really going to guadalajara? trouble's what you're in trouble, yeah in that dress that's as black as my heart you probably saved the lives of those six young women.
miro put everyone on the water in danger.
I'm filing a formal complaint.
This one, I don't let slide.
I guess we all do what we think we have to.
trouble's what you're in trouble, yeah and I've been waiting for just one look