The Guard (2008) s02e02 Episode Script

Zero Footprint

Previously on the guard I don't know where you are these days.
My brother tanner- He was everything to me.
Where is he now? He died a week before I was discharged.
I think you should stay with me.
I mean, move in With me.
Whoo! You been gettin' any lately? You're in a home.
When do you give it a rest? Miro only said there was gunshots.
And I said I'm boarding.
Yeah, go there.
Captain abandoned his craft.
I haven't even got to that.
Any suggestion of a gun, Cops go in, you stay out.
He's making a run for international waters.
We probably saved the lives of those six young women.
You're gonna put everyone on the water in danger.
I'm filing a formal complaint.
Rescue team is en route.
Emergency services standing by.
Hey! Uhh! Is she breathing? No, I can't get her to! I just found her in the water.
Out of the way.
I'll take her.
Carly, grab her.
What happened? Were you with her? I didn't even see her with us! I'll call her in.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
No radio calls? 1, 2, 3, 4.
Miro, I'm taking her in.
Head for the spit.
Nambet's on its way.
Miro, how are they doing? Still not responsive.
They're transferring her.
Ah, way to end the shift, huh? I j just got f the phone with the director of operations.
He read your report on the Yankee rose.
Yeah? Bet he wishes he was there.
Six women smuggled on the belly of the scow.
They'd put that skipper away for life.
He wasn't impressed That the guy you intercepted was armed.
We didn't know that going in.
It's the position of the d-Ops That there was every indication of a gun on board.
The guy was headed for international water.
And that you turned a blind eye, Endangering your crew.
If we hadn't been there, Who knows what would have happened to those women? You're rescue workers, not law enforcement.
Engaging the Yankee rose on any level Was a lapse of judgment That put your crew in the line of fire.
Hat's his interpretation.
Miro Can't skate around this one.
Superintendent'll be here at 17:00 hours for a full account.
This goes sideways for you, You can say good-Bye to your captaincy.
Captain I'm in too deep, my heart is cold got my head above water and nowhere to go the days are long, the nights so cold but I keep going back for r more we've got to get out of here why don't you save me we've got to get out of here can you save me AdrianoCSI No one knows anything about her.
No I.
Don't even remember seeing her get in the water.
She's out here all by herself? I don't think she's a local.
I've never seen her before.
Well, someone'll miss her eventually.
I mean, she comes from somewhere.
That belong to her? Yeah, I found it in the bottom of the boat.
Gonna hold on to it for her family.
Let's go back to the base.
We're done here.
Andrew, have you completed your fit test yet? Ten-Minute mile, last week.
Carly? I, um Get it done.
Laura, putlyugs First thing back on ship tonight.
Me? Aye, aye.
Barry, I'm completing handover to day skipper.
Then home to bed.
Get it good out there, guys.
What's with him? I don't know.
Hey, you see this notice? Competition for a new duty captain At Kitsilano base, Downtown Vancouver.
Man, competition'll be fierce.
You're not interested, are you? Why, you don't think I'm up for it? Of course, but I mean, it's not the best time For you to ship out.
What's that supposed to mean? I don't know, um, I just thought, with David's health I mean, you guys are supposed to get married, right? Ok, if the opportunity was right, I'd sort out my home situation.
Sure Absolutely.
Look, if you wanna keep the posting, I can always print another- Yeah, why don't you do that? Hey, skipper.
Hold up.
What, did they add a breakfast show at the peeler bar? Not now, Carly.
What? What is it? Are you okay? I'm getting my ass hauled up over the Yankee rose.
What? I-I gotta get to thinking straight.
Superintendent's on his way.
I got till 17:00.
Well W-Wait a minute.
W- What are they saying? They're calling it reckless endangerment.
Disregard for the safety of.
Oh no.
I could lose my boat.
Son of a bitch.
It's freakin' Laura.
What? Wait! Carly, stop, stop! No, she filed a crew complaint.
That is what happened.
And she did that, Miro! Okay, slow down.
That's what happened.
I bet anything.
If she did, I don't want you giving her the heads up.
Well, we can't let her do this to you.
Let me speak to the superintendent.
I will pitch my side.
I will make him understand what went down, how, and why.
I will make this go away.
She's after your job, Miro.
I can handle it.
Leave Laura to me.
Right now, I gotta get some sleep.
Laura doesn't speak for me.
I know what happened on that water, Andrew.
Do we have to talk about this now? Could it wait until shift, maybe? By the time shift rolls around, The superintendent will be here, And you and I have to be on the same page In order to back Miro up.
Mr Yeah, okay, fair enough.
But Amy has a p.
Day- She's gotta be in the city for a seminar- And I am on daddy duty for next few hours.
Daddy duty? Yeah, it's called family time, Carly, okay? I owe it to them.
Drew? Claire called.
She has an early-Morning appointment, And then she's gonna take the kids next door at 10:00, So that you can sleep, okay? Okay, sure.
Listen, I gotta get .
The kids need to finish their breakfast.
Right, I'm on it.
Hello, Amy.
My ferry leaves in 30 minutes.
Kate, you gotta go.
It's just it has to be the three of us against Laura Or Miro is screwed.
Go home.
We'll talk it out later.
But we back the skipper, right, Andrew? Carly, he did the w.
For the right reason Eh? We'll talk about it at work.
I'll see you at the base.
Come here, you fox.
Hey, enough of that.
We got work to do.
Let's do it.
See, now, this is goat cheese.
Here, smell that.
I d don't- This is unpasteurized, 100% organic-Have a sniff.
I don't want to smell anything That came out of a goat, Wendell - Sorry.
Can you just pay the man? Yeah, sorry.
Uh, here.
Girl, we gotta get you a more positive head space.
The Chinese have a belief That everything you put in your body Shapes your life force, your sheng.
So, literally, we are what we eat.
God, I hope not.
I'm just grumpy, you know? We saved those women, and we get slammed for it.
And I know that miro's not- Waah! Wow.
Oh, my gosh.
Robyn! How did you track me down? I was taking the overnight bus up to George, And then we pulled over to hallet, And I remembered that your mom said that you were here.
So I just ditched the bus.
D When did you talk to my mom? Like a while ago.
Wow, look at you! You look fantastic! So do you! Oh, god, honey.
And you feel so good, oh.
Oh, god, how soft your cheeks are.
Nobody mind me.
Sorry, um Carly, this is Robyn.
Robyn, this is my girlfriend, Carly.
Your girlfriend? Mm-Hmm.
Oh, wow, hi.
And you are Sorry, Robyn is an old friend Kind of.
Robyn and my brother tanner were together When he died.
So, um, Carly, do you, like, work for the post office? Yep.
Well, I gotta get to bed.
Okay, darlin'.
Let's get you home.
Uh Yeah, da Silva.
Hello? You sleeping? Yes, Irene, I was sleeping.
I'm on night shift.
Well, boo hoo.
Guess where I am.
Dad's old folks home.
Where you're about to meet me.
What am I now, the maid? If we want daddy in that shared room, we've gotta- Dad won't wanna share a room.
We can't afford private.
For his savings to see him out, He'd have to die in the next five years.
There's no way we're gonna get that lucky.
Yeah, he got emphysema and a bum prostate.
Granddad da Silva saw 100, And he was shot twice in the war And had half a lung.
Look, the thing is, It's-It's not a good day for me.
I, um My career is in the balance.
It might be all over for me.
I don't care what you think Is so important in your life, Miro.
Get down here! Well, Amy said I could just drop 'em off for a couple hours.
You guys had it arranged.
Uhh! I can't.
I'm sorry.
Well How 'bout just for an hour, Or just half an hour.
I just need to get some sleep, really.
We're short staffed, and it's satch and save.
Well, could you think of anyone else, maybe? A friend or anyone? I'm sorry.
You've reached the voicemail of officer Brian Roy.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Brian, it's Laura Nelson.
I'm just calling to follow up On the Jane Doe from this morning.
I have some personal effects to return, Thanks.
I can't believe you've been cleaning this whole time.
Yeah, well I'm in a better place now.
God I'm jealous.
You know, I was, uh I was kind of with this guy Until he flaked out on the rent.
He set fire to my kitchen hot-Knifing on the stove.
That's a bummer.
I had to, like, pull a midnight move, man.
Ah, it so sucked.
That is harsh.
That's my story since tanner.
I wasn't always good to him, you know.
In that first week When he was in the hospice, I took off.
I just I couldn't handle it.
But you came back.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, I was there that whole last week.
Now, that's gotta count for something, right? Yeah, counts for a lot.
And I just thought, you know Nd I just thought, you know When you, uh, like, closed up his stuff, Maybe there was something for me.
And nothing-You know, I don't wanna have anything That he wouldn't want me to have.
I just-You know, just what's mine.
Sweetie, there was hardly enough to bury him.
Yeah, right.
Come here.
Sure you don't have anything in the house? Just like a little- Like a little pot or something To take the edge off, hmm? Tell me straight out.
Do I have a shot at Kitsilano? Well, you have your captain's papers? Oh, be honest.
Before I rain heartache down on myself, I need to know what my chances are.
David He has his business And his daughter, who already resents me.
I just I don't need the upheaval of the process If it isn't gonna happen for me.
It's a competition, Laura.
It depends on who applies, their performance on the day G how it's supposed to work.
Coast guard captain isn't always a good fit For a woman who wants traditional family life.
But it's possible.
You just need to decide how badly you want it.
I got into this to be a captain Not somebody's second.
Then do what you need to do.
Hey what brings you in here? Sometimes, I honestly wonder.
It's the pits about Miro, huh? Yeah? What about him? What about him, Barry? Miro's in the dog house with the d-Ops.
They're threatening a demotion over the Yankee rose.
You weren't gonna tell me? It's being dealt with internally.
There was no reason to bring in the rest of the crew At this point.
Why do you keep covering for him? I support my captains, Laura.
Yeah, but not your crews? We were fired on.
What happens to Miro will be decided by process.
Comes to it, Laura, you'll get your day in court.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
It'll come.
Gotta make this quick.
I got serious stuff back at the base.
Heard you were out of that motel, at least.
Where you living now? Cottage.
I live with some friends.
A woman I work with.
A woman? Well, that fits.
It's not what you think, Irene.
You don't wanna know what I think.
She lives with her fiance and teenage stepdaughter, Sort of.
So why does she want you hanging around? I'm not hanging around.
It's a Place they got out back.
You know, like a guest house.
Totally separate.
And you're what, their pool boy? I'm her boss.
Hey, you know, she was just trying to do something decent.
Help me out.
Or was.
You know, it's just- It's too complicated to get into right now.
Then don't.
Hey, dad.
Who's this? Where'd you come from? I just, uh, stopped by, you know? Look, I can't stay long.
Why, did you rob a bank? What? No, no, I didn't rob a bank.
You're jumpy as hell.
Ah, I got stuff on my mind.
What stuff? Work stuff.
I got stuff going down at work.
What'd you do? I didn't do anything.
Okay, you know what I did? Not if you don't tell me.
There's this boat, And I'm pretty sure they're doing something illegal.
So I pull 'em over, and they are.
They are? Yeah, yeah.
Crammed into the bottom of this fishing scow Are six women.
Jesus Christ.
They good-Lookin'? No! Well Yeah, a couple of 'em, but th-That's not it.
We had reports, conflicting reports, That there may be a gun aboard this vessel.
And there was.
And they fired on us.
Well, did you get hit? No.
Well, then I broke the rules, dad.
I knew what they were going in, And then I went in n anyway.
Well, did you do the right thing? I think I did.
The girls want me to talk to you.
Yeah, I'll bet.
I've seen them Fussing and farting around the nurse's station, Making their little plans.
They want to move you into a shared room.
You know why men make such lousy fathers? 'Cause it's a goddamn hard job.
No one knows what they're doing.
Too much guessing, and all the guesses are wrong.
E guesses are wrong.
I gotta take another leak.
Superintendent of small crafts, please.
No, I'd like to speak to the superintendent.
First officer Laura Nelson from the lifeboat cape Pacific.
Yes, it's regarding captain Miro da Silva And the Yankee rose incident.
miss mary mack, mack, mack all dressed in black, black, black with silver buttons, buttons, buttons all down her Okay, again.
miss mary mack, mack, mack all dressed in black, black, black with silver buttons, buttons, buttons Hey! Wake up, man! This guy just about ran me over.
Is something wrong with your dad? God damn it all to hell! Dad, you okay? Yeah, yeah.
You need a hand? No, I don't need a hand.
Give me at least some goddamn dignity.
40 years in the navy, 50 raising a family, And nobody gives a hoot about what you're trying to do! I was there.
I remember how you tried.
I was gone for months.
I busted my ass working in the big boa.
I was a stranger in a house full of strangers.
The girls just want you To move into something you can afford.
Yeah, well, they all think that I'm the bastard For what I did to their ma.
Poor Alba.
She was good at suffering.
Should have been an exhibition sport.
Okay, I'm not listening to this.
No matter how long I was gone, she Always coped without me.
Sometimes I just wish she She needed me for something.
Sometimes I wish she'd just scream back.
Will you come look at the room? Go to hell.
Do what you want with me.
I don't care.
A man does what he does, and lives with the consequences.
Come on, old bear.
Sit down.
Ira and I will finish loading the boat.
I'm all right.
What's wrong? Is it your stomach? No, I'm fine.
Get back to work.
The both of ya! Leave him there, Lilith, if he's that miserable.
Of the time I spend with your brother, hmm? Don't flatter yourself, woman.
You like him better than me all of a sudden? Well, fine.
Well, fine.
I lived a good life on our land 30 years before you came along.
Well, don't get yourself all worked up.
The exertion's makin' you sick.
Oh, no.
This places makin' me sick.
The stench of fossil fuels choking the air.
The sooner we get back to Zetus island, The sooner I'll breathe again.
Where did your friend go? She went for a walk.
She's just checking out the port.
You don't think she's jonesing, do you? I mean, looking to score? Nah.
I've seen her shut down a party, But I was always the user.
How did you even meet her? I thought you were in Afghanistan when tanner died? I first met her at the memorial.
We kind of bonded.
It was a messy few weeks.
I'd tell you more, but I'm a little sketchy on the details.
I gotta get to the base.
Okay, I'm just gonna hang with Robyn.
Maybe make her some dinner or something.
She say where she's staying? Here? And Why she's even here? We both powerfully loved the same person once.
And I think maybe she just wants to touch something She may not know again.
Well, as long as that's all she wants to touch.
What? Are you going to the front office? I wanna think about it.
It saves us $1,0 a month.
It's a place to sleep, Miro.
He's slept in worse.
Look, I've already filled out the forms.
Just get him to the office to sign.
I said I would think about it.
Think about what? Come on, keep it up! Let's see you run.
You wanna see me run? Keep up with this, bitch.
Did you say "bitch"? Nori, good to see you again.
Good to see you.
You know what you'll say? We had no reliable information about a gun.
We were following a vessel We suspected of human trafficking.
All agencies were notified.
It happened fast.
We were in before we knew it.
That's what happened, right? What if there's a crew complaint that says otherwise? I'll bury her alive.
Miro, superintendent's ready for you.
Okay! Okay! What was that? What's with filing a frickin' crew complaint, Laura? Who says I did? It's complete bull, Laura; say it.
Here's bull.
The way you follow an adolescent around Like he's a realin.
He is our captain, Laura! That might burn your ass, but as long as he is, I take my lead from him.
Miro did nothing wrong.
Well, I think me, the d-Ops, And about 90% of the guard would disagree.
Do you see the speed that they're coming after him? I mean, that shows you how seriously some people take this.
What would have happened to those women If we hadn't have been there? The boat operator would have been stopped By the proper authorities and arrested.
He was headed for open ocean! He knew he was armed! Actually, no- Oh, come on! Are you really that stupid?! It is our responsibility to back up our skipper.
No, it is our responsibility to come home alive.
Ask Andrew's wife and kids.
What is this? It's probably kids.
Looks like a smash-And-Dash.
I got a wallet.
They stole her cards and I.
Somebody's gonna be unhappy.
Somebody already is.
It's our Jane Doe.
He doesn't look good, Ira.
We gotta turn back.
We're more than halfway home.
Are you gonna me it, Dan? Yeah.
Once the situation was under control, We stood by until the police arrived, At which point we transported the women back to the base And other agencies took over.
All right.
All this sounds familiar to y you? It's consistent with what Miro has been saying all along.
I'm sorry.
Nothing you've told me makes me think This is gonna go away on its own.
We'll need to hear from the whole crew down in Victoria.
There will be an inquiry.
Until we know its outcome, Nori will drive your boat.
I told you what happened.
The situation was outside of my control.
Your union rep can assign a lawyer.
I suggest you get in touch with one.
I want to know if a crew complaint was filed against me.
Crew complaints are confidential; you know that.
Would it change anything you just told me? No But I want it noted.
That person could have an agenda That has nothing to do with whether I endangered my crew.
I see you've already had the first mate and captain In conflict t resoluti.
They're both good at what they do.
Except one's a cowboy, And the other's a sore loser with a chip on her shoulder.
Nori, what the hell kind of base are you running here? You know, I keep seeing her.
We pulled that Sikh woman and her kids out of the river Two months ago.
And, you know, I start to think I'm over it, And then my eyes drop closed Well, you're exhausted.
Yeah, well, my kids were in the car, Carly.
I have to stop this.
So just do it! Get over it! We can't have you falling apart too.
All right Let's move it.
We're going on patrol.
You disappoint me, Laura.
I thought you had the guts to say what you need to my face.
I did.
And you didn't go behind my back? You're so proud of the way you captain Own it.
Take some responsibility for your own damn call.
Give me that.
Go back to your girlfriend! I'm worth 15 of you, and I always have been! I don't t need your help.
Oh, you need it, old man.
Oh, oh? You think so? Unh! Ha! You haven't taken me yet.
All right, this isn't necessary.
Stop! Both of you! Stop fighting! Enough! Daniel? Dan-Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel.
Oh, Daniel! Oh! Pull! Mayday, mayday, this is victor echo seven zebra echo tango.
Zetus island.
We have a medical emergency.
Zetus, this is Canadian coastguard lifeboat Cape Pacific.
What's your emergency? Over.
I think it's a heart attack.
Et rescue center on thee sattelite phone.
We need a chopper for an airlift.
You want me to take us in? Slow tide.
I'll get us in as close as we can.
You help Jim and Carly with the boat and the bag.
Stay with the patient.
We'll be there in minutes.
Hurry! Hurry, he's not breathing! Who's next of kin? Either of you know his medical history? I'm his brother.
Any history of heart disease? Who-Who called you people? What are you doing here? I radioed them.
He's arrhythmic.
Commencing c.
S-Stop that! I told-I told you to stop! Sir, your brother's in cardiac arrest.
Preparing to defib.
You will not.
No machines.
No technological intervention.
This island is zero footprint! Sir.
Sir! Those are our rules.
Calm down and stay back, please.
Sir! Please, stay back! We're trying to help him.
I said- Son of a bitch! Leave him- Ira, Ira! What are you doing? Sir, come on, come on.
Calm down.
Just calm down.
We have living wills.
I'm his next of kin! I can get the damn paper out of the cabin and show you! And I order you, leave him alone! He will die.
Do you understand? I know my rights And I know his.
And I say let him die! Nori, the man has a do-Not-Resuscitate order.
If there's a DNR, our hands are tied.
Let me call rescue center.
The air force is here to lift.
By the time we have this ethics debate, He'll be brain dead.
It's okay.
We can bring your brother back.
We've lived on this island for 35 years, With no electricity or- Or plastics or- Or waste-Producing technology.
We've lived by our principles.
We're ready to die by them.
Ira Ira, this is wrong.
Do you want me to yourself so badly That you'd let your own brother die? Don't be an idiot.
We're-We're fighting for the planet, Not some woman.
A do-Not-Resuscitate order protects a patient From invasive and continuous treatment.
It's not about saving trees! You're abusing your authority as next of kin.
Wait! He's not the next of kin.
I am.
I'm Daniel's wife, common la.
She's lying, and even if she isn't, I'm the legal designate.
Paper means nothing if we're married.
Wife trumps brother.
Bring g him back Nori, wife says go.
You're in the field, Laura.
You make the call.
Charging, let's go.
She hasn't the right, I tell you.
Iten Laura, you have to listen to him.
What are you talking about? The man has his convictions, And he's got paper to back it up.
It's not up to you to decide Whether or not you agree with him.
You are not the captain! It's my call! Yeah, well, we can't just- I'm saving the guy.
Clear! No! That's not what he wants! I said clear! A clear.
Ain! All clear.
Uhh! Sir Can you hear me? Can you tell me your name and address? Huh? What damn address? The only farm on zetus island.
You need to get checked out at a hospital.
Not a chance.
Goes against everything I believe.
You've had a heart attack.
Without follow-Up, you could die.
That's s how it's meant.
Oh, like hell.
Stop being so stubborn.
Not leaving this island.
You should have listened to my brother.
Hospital plastics and technological landfill.
All that waste.
How is my life valued more than the ancient tree? You're gonna die.
We all are.
The airlift needs to be now or not at all.
The helicopter's being called back to base.
Helicopter? You mean that thing consuming truckloads of fuel Is-Is for me? You've undone a lifetime of work.
Send it away, Nori.
You violated my rights! I'll sick my lawyer on you! You made the call, Laura.
I didn't.
He'll be lucky to live through the night.
You gonna apply for that job at Kitsilano? Don't know.
Be a great post.
I guess you wouldn't need to If you thought you could get a boat here, right? What, you think one's coming available? Coming available? I thought Miro was all good in your books.
All I know is you'd bend the rules As fast or faster than Miro- You showed that today.
I saved a life.
I didn't risk the crew's.
It's a big difference.
Hey, I won't judge.
I'm not in the captain's chair.
Oh, by the way, the police cross-Referenced The vehicle registry of that vandalized car, And they identified your Jane doe.
The family finally report her missing? Uh, no, it was her office.
Called it in when she didn't show up for work.
Irene? Yeah, I'm aware of the time.
Listen, I made a decision about dad.
I didn't sleep all night I didn't sleep all night I didn't sleep all night I didn't sleep all night yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah Wendell.
mmm I been thinkin' 'bout it all day it's okay it's okay I heard you say I heard you say I love you Hey, little girl.
Daddy's okay.
mmm Aah! O oww! I floated in those words I floated in those words I don't even know why I feel what I feel And all I get is something in a gel.
Macaroni gel.
Can I help you? Can I help you? I'm with the coast guard.
I have some personal effects Belonging to the late Diane Gordon.
Oh, right.
Come in.
Movers are here.
Packing up her stuff to ship it back east There's probably a box over there you can put that in.
You know, it's amazing to think That this is all there is to show after a life.
Well, could you sign for these? Oh, I guess so.
Give me the thing.
You know, I feel for this woman.
I-I mean, I- I didn't even know her.
But Well, maybe that's why.
It seems a bit like nobody did.
I-I don't know.
I know.
The thought terrifies me, really, That you could die and nobody would notice.
I hope I make Some kind of difference.
Leave Some kind of mark.
You know, I used to have such a clear idea As to what wanted out of life.
Um, let met get a pen that works.
Miro da Silva.
So what'd you say? So the boat left the harbor under suspicious circumstances.
We had a strong suspicion that they were engaged In human trafficking.
And what was going to be your plan If you overtook the Yankee rose? I didn't plan to overtake the vessel.
Mylan was to follow the Yankee rose And report its movements to the proper authorities.
It was our belief that he was headed for international waters.
And at no time did you ever suspect The man on board had a gun? Not until the gun appeared.
At no point were you ever concerned About endangering your crew? Yeah, I was concerned when a shot was fired.
Not on the approach? I would never knowingly put my crew At that kind of risk.
And that holds true of your first encounter With the vessel? How do you mean? When you encountered the vessel originally, Two days prior, Did you think your crew was at risk then? No, I did not.
You responded to gunshots.
Suspected gunshots.
I didn't believe the report was reliable.
Then why did you leave your boat? Sorry? Why did the skipper leave his boat? I I It just happened in the moment.
I don't know.
Sure you do.
You left your boat because, as captain, You wouldn't ask your crew to take a risk That you would not take yourself.
Isn't that true? Yes.
So there was risk.
I'm relieving you of your command for 30 days.
With all respect I acknowledge that I broke the rules.
But we saved the lives of six women, and I can't regret that.
Faced with the same circumstances, I would do it again.
This goes on your permanent record.
If there is ever a similar episode, I will personally see to it That you never captain a vessel again.
You are the officer in charge.
This mess begins and ends with you.
I realize that.
You're being reassigned.
That'll be all.
Congratulations, Laura.
For the next 30 days, You are the captain of the cape Pacific.
Make the best of it.