The Guardian (2001) s02e04 Episode Script

The Next Life

[Knock on door] Come in.
You wanted to see me? Yeah.
Sit down, Nicholas.
You know, uh, things are so slow.
I think the firm's too big.
I think we ought to cut back on our overhead.
You want to let some people go? Yeah.
How strongly you feel about this, uh about this James fellow? Well, I'd like to keep him.
He doesn't know a damn thing about private practice.
No clients, no experience.
He's smart.
Well, I've already set up meetings with Ed Weiss and Mark Harris and Sharon Barry.
You're gonna fire them? Yeah.
Sharon's waiting in the conference room right now.
She's a very good lawyer.
Well, the truth is, we've been carrying her for quite some time now.
Well, like I say, she's she's waiting in the conference room, son.
I, um Well, come on.
Walk me out.
I know that's not easy for you.
Believe me.
But, um, from now on, l I want you to really keep an eye on things.
Hiring, you know, everything.
Everything, all right? All right.
By the way, I went ahead and changed the name.
Hope that's OK.
[Man singing] Well, there is trouble in my mind There is dark There's dark and there is light There is an order But there is chaos And there is crime There is no one home tonight In the empire of my mind There is trouble in my mind All the chaos In my mind You know what it's like? You know? Ah, you couldn't.
To be like that old.
Most of these people were begging to be put out of their misery.
At night, it was the worst.
They'd scream out.
You should be there then.
I'd get called in and they'd have that rattle.
You know? That sound when they were drowning in their own fluids.
People don't belong in a hospital, dying like that.
They belong in the next life.
Martin, are you sure you don't want a lawyer? No.
This is fine.
This is the way it should be.
Oh, good.
You're here.
I need you to pull all the files relating to Pittsburgh County Hospital.
I've suspended all the nurses in oncology, and I'm preparing a letter to the patients and their families.
Let us let us do the letter, OK? When this hits the news tonight Last year alone, nearly 200 people passed away in the oncology ward, and they're all gonna be coming after us.
Well, what can you tell us about this nurse? His name is Martin Keenan, and all I know is that he's worked with us for the last 6 years.
These are the insurance forms.
Oh, thank you.
Well, why don't you, um, sit down and take some notes, and, uh I've looked these policies over, Edgar.
It looks like you're covered for up to 2 million, and then another million in excess coverage, and then after that, the county is pretty much on the hook.
So the hospital itself has no exposure? - Well, in theory, but, um - What do you mean? Well, it depends, you know, if this thing gets too big, the county's gonna start thinking about bankrupting the hospital.
You really think so? Yeah, Edgar.
I mean, this oncology nurse has confessed to killing I mean, uh [Sighs] Look, I'll tell you what.
Uh, let me talk to the insurance companies - Burton.
- We'll have them round up as many potential plaintiffs as they can, get them to settle now.
- Can we step out? - Excuse me? Can we step out? - Can it wait? - No.
I'm sorry, Edgar.
Can you give us one minute? Uh, so this Mr.
Martin Keenan, he's, uh, is he currently EDGAR: He's been arrested.
JAKE: He has been arrested, so it's What is this? My grandmother died in that hospital 3 months ago.
Oncology ward.
Well, you can't go back there.
I know that.
WOMAN: Look.
I don't need to talk to a grief counselor! You bastards! I just Couldn't somebody just tell me the truth?! Excuse me.
Ma'am, please.
Please, we have This has nothing to do with you.
I want my husband's papers! Excuse me, um I'm not sure, but I might be able to help you.
Come with me.
Here's an information packet, and you can join that group that's in the hall there.
Name is James Mooney.
I'm the administrator of Anne Mooney's estate.
She was my grandmother.
Here's a letter from the orphan's court and authorization to release her medical records.
I also need a copy of Mr.
Keenan's work schedule and a record for Ray Westbrook.
He, uh, died uh, he died just a little over a year ago.
August 23.
Like I told you before, I need to see some paperwork, proof that you're the administrator of his estate.
I don't know what that means.
Medical records are accessible through the records department.
You can make a request and get them by the end of the day.
Keenan's work schedule is public record.
If you want it, file a F.
Request with the court.
I rushed over here the minute I heard the news.
I wasn't thinking they'd make me prove anything.
It's understandable.
I mean, F.
? What the hell is that? It means, uh, Freedom of Information Act.
It means it's public record.
Will you show me Keenan's work schedule if you get it? Sure.
Uh, James Mooney.
Drea Westbrook.
The court should have a copy of your administrative papers.
They're open until 4:00.
How do you know all this? I'm sorry about your husband.
I'm sorry about your grandmother.
Thank you.
I know that guy Martin.
My husband basically lived here when he was sick, and Martin was his favorite nurse.
The last thing I wanted to do today was come back here.
It's the last thing I ever want to do.
There's too many memories.
Well, uh, I'm sorry.
Hey! James Mooney? Um can I call you? Lf just if something comes up.
I just I don't know, really, how any of this works.
Uh Thanks.
Yeah? I've got a case, a hearing for a kid who lives at the Allegheny Children's Shelter.
He wants permission to attend an adoption party.
A what? We found it's sometimes effective to get together a group of hard-to-adopt kids, - build an event around it.
- An event? Picnic, baseball game.
This one's a fashion show.
You dress kids up and have them parade around on a catwalk? Yeah.
The kid's name is Joshua Bennett.
He's 11 years old.
He's been to a lot of these, but this time, the director of the shelter, Gil Muller, won't let him go.
Why? The last few times, when it hasn't worked out, he's misbehaved.
He just wants a family, Nick.
- Force the shelter's hand.
- It's not our policy.
What, do you mean we need a court order for this? It's what Josh wants.
We don't do adoption parties.
These kids have been through enough already.
Do you have a better idea, Alvin? How about finding parents through the usual channels instead of treating the kids like cattle? I didn't come here to talk to you about this.
You're talking to someone who works for me.
Nick's doing it as a favor.
He doesn't have to represent the clinic.
How 'bout it, Nick? You willing to do some work off the clock? You're seriously not gonna credit me for this? The hearing takes 10 minutes.
I'll do everything else.
What time is it? - 2:00.
- Sure, I'll do it.
Jenna, come over here, sweetheart.
Jenna's 61/2 months pregnant.
Her foster parents are no longer willing to support her.
Why not? Jenna doesn't always follow the rules.
They won't let me see my boyfriend Zak.
Um, well, why not transfer her to a group home until she has the baby? Her pregnancy is high-risk.
She has toxemia.
The doctor at the clinic said I was allergic to my baby.
Where are you staying now? At group shelter in Greenfield.
It's not adequate to her needs.
There's a home for unwed mothers called The Olive Branch.
They handle high-risk pregnancies.
Yeah, well, The Olive Branch is for girls who want to raise their babies.
Is that what you want? I don't know.
Let's just get this done.
We'll worry about who raises the baby later.
Come in.
I went to the hospital, got my grandmother's medical records.
Martin Keenan was one of her nurses.
Now, I know this doesn't prove anything, but I have to keep looking into this.
If you are even potentially adverse to our client, there's no way the hospital will retain us.
Not if I don't sue.
James you find out your grandmother died on Keenan's shift, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
Maybe you should take a leave of absence.
If it were your grandmother A hypothetical isn't gonna help with this situation.
But if it were, dying in the oncology ward and while you looked the other way, someone decided to just pull her plug for kicks.
I'd sue.
I'm not asking you to leave, James.
But you're not asking me to stay.
James, due diligence on the Cummings merger.
- OK.
- I need a memo.
A memo? An analysis outlining the significance of each and every piece of paper in that box.
By tomorrow if that's OK.
[Cell phone rings] [Ring] This is James.
Drea? James.
Come on in.
This is Mr.
Williamson from the insurance company.
What's he offering? Hello there, James.
I'm Michael Williamson.
I'm an adjuster with the malpractice carrier.
- Mike.
- Yes.
I think Ms.
Westbrook needs an attorney before she accepts any offer.
Well, we're just having a conversation, James.
Why don't you reschedule until she has the appropriate representation? - I'm just here to - I know what you're here to do.
I'm here to offer compensation for the possibility That your client might be potentially held liable for breaching its duty of care to adequately monitor its employee? Are you her lawyer? Just a friend.
Westbrook would you like me to leave the check with you? Uh I just have to sign that form? - Don't take it.
- Why? He's just trying to pay you off so you won't sue.
What was your name again? James Mooney.
OK, Mr.
Williamson, I'm gonna I'm gonna have to take a day or 2 to think about things.
- OK.
- OK.
Take your time.
You have my card.
Thank you.
Just call me when you're ready.
DREA: Thank you so much.
Of course.
Take care.
What is this about? The hospital is afraid you're gonna sue.
By taking that check, you waive your legal rights to do so.
So how much could I get if I sue? Depends.
How sick was your husband? Uh, he had lymphoma.
But he was getting better.
That was the weird thing, you know.
It was his white cell count was high, and his blood was getting healthier, and we all really had a lot of hope, and then he just went.
What were his doctors saying? Uh his brother Antoine was a bone marrow match, so if he had gone into remission, there was a chance he could have been cured.
What kind of work did he do? He was a landscaper.
And he was in school at night to be a chiropractor.
You have a strong lawsuit.
Can you help me with this? We need to talk.
Mike Williamson already told me.
That's what we need to talk about.
- How do you - You're fired.
I'm sorry.
You can't work for our firm and advise a party that is adverse to us in negotiation.
I guess you won't need this, then.
Resignation letter? Yeah, give it to me.
It looks better for everyone this way.
Thank you.
Josh, this is your attorney Nick Fallin.
Hi, Josh.
- What's up? - I'm Gil Muller, director of the Allegheny Children's Shelter.
LAURIE: I'll see you guys in court.
Um, Gil, can I have a moment alone with my client, please? Thank you.
So, uh, Josh, have you been to one of these adoption parties before? Yeah.
You like them? Kids get adopted at them.
- Ask me a new question.
- What? Ask me the capital of any state.
- No.
- This time, I'm gonna tell people that I'm into sports, classical music, and art.
I went to the Carnegie and looked at some of the paintings and, you know, wrote down some of the names of the artists.
You know, Van Gogh, Hopper, and Degas.
All right.
Last time, I forgot to tell this guy, Mr.
Carl, that I liked hockey, and he had season tickets to the Penguins.
I should have told him that.
Do you like hockey? Not at all.
[Knock on door] Ah.
Hello, James.
Good to see you.
I understand you're doing wonderful work over at the D.
's office.
Legal services.
- Right.
Good for you.
Thank you, Diana.
Have a seat, please.
Now, my assistant tells me that you have a client who may have been victimized in that horrific tragedy over at County.
Drea Westbrook.
Husband was 31 years old, had a bone marrow match and a good future Right, right.
You want me to help her.
She's got a great case.
And you're giving her to me? No.
We're sharing it.
But your not-for-profit work, James, wouldn't that pose a potential conflict I'm a solo practitioner.
Well, why don't you give me 3 more like her, and I'll bankroll it and take the lead, and you'll get 40% of the fee? This child has a fundamental right to pursue adoption.
It is in the state's best interest.
It is in his best interest.
He's been rejected too many times, your honor.
He gets unruly every time it happens.
It's not fair to the other but mainly it's not fair to him.
Josh has a very simple, very human desire to find parents.
All we're asking for is that chance.
Josh, do you want to go? I do.
I really do.
Has Social Services arranged an escort for this young man? Uh, no, your honor, but I'd be happy Fine.
Fallin will chaperone him.
Your honor, l Thank you.
Next case.
When does this damn thing start? Pick me up at 4:00 because the thing starts at 5:00, but the traffic going over the Fort Pitt bridge is real bad and I can't be late.
This is very kind of you, Nick.
Looks like you won.
Not now, Alvin.
This is a mistake, Laurie.
Thanks for being so understanding.
What is it this time, a beauty pageant? It's a fashion show.
Oh, a fashion show.
That's healthy.
Nobody likes these things, but they work.
Alvin, will you have dinner with me Friday night? Excuse me? Dinner.
I thought you said you didn't want to mix the personal stuff with work.
I did say that, and I've thought about it, and I've changed my mind.
Alvin, don't let me stand here feeling stupid.
- Just say - Yes.
I thought about what you asked me yesterday.
Thought about it all night.
I went over it in my head and I think it was more like 50.
It's hard to say.
Some of them were probably already dead.
Right on the edge, at least.
Yeah, but the more I think about it, I helped maybe 50 people.
Maybe more.
Don't talk to the press, don't answer the phones, and don't let other lawyers into your house.
And whatever you do, don't talk about what we talk about to anyone.
Give me all the information that you can about your loved ones.
Why they died, when they died, how old they were.
Let me know about their successes in life, their kids, their loved ones.
And another thing and this may be painful for you but let us into their final days.
If they believed that they were gonna make it out of that hospital, get better, we need to know all of that.
I'm sure that you want to know what the potential damages might be.
To give you a specific dollar amount would be wrong, but let me just say this: I would hope for enough money to make that hospital feel the same pain that we are all experiencing right now.
We're talking about a very large hospital and we're talking about a lot of pain.
LULU: Your honor, uh, Jenna Gilliam, is, uh, obviously pregnant, but she also has toxemia, which means her blood pressure is unusually high, and she and her baby are at risk.
Complicating these matters, she's living in a facility now that doesn't meet her needs.
JUDGE: What are you requesting, Ms.
Archer? That she be transferred to the Olive Branch home.
Have you contacted them? She's 15th on the list.
So you're asking me to place Jenna at the front of the line? Well, I know it's not protocol, Judge Damsen, but, yeah, it's a special situation.
Jenna, do you plan to keep your baby? I don't know.
Do you understand the criteria for admittance to the Olive Branch home? What grade did you last complete in school? Eighth.
I got held back a couple of times.
And when was the last time you attended school? Couple of months ago.
You willing to return? Yeah.
Are you willing to take a drug test? I guess so.
Archer I will take this case under advisement once I review the file and see the test results.
[Bangs gavel] Nicholas Fallin.
This is my partner Jake Straka.
Of course.
I know your father.
Hell of a tennis player.
Do you play? No.
JAKE: James.
Are you here as a client or a lawyer? Lawyer.
You don't see a problem with that? No.
I wasn't privy to any information.
So what do you have for us? Settlement offer.
subject to appropriate documentation, proof that they were under Mr.
Keenan's care, proof that they died during the hours that Mr.
Keenan was on the premises, and, of course, death certificates and other relevant medical documentation.
The offer expires in 24 hours.
Thanks, Nick.
NICK: Are you going to this thing? No.
I've taken Josh to 9 in a row.
I don't want to go again.
JOSH: I'm ready.
GIL: Josh, I'll be here when you get back, OK? Just come into my room, tell me how everything went, all right? Good luck today, Bobby.
Well You comfortable? Yeah.
You have a sweater or a shirt or something? It's a fashion show.
I want to look good.
Do you have a sweater or a shirt? [Happy children's song playing] WOMAN: Let's hear it for Mary Ellis.
[Crowd applauds] Bye-bye, Mary Ellis.
Oh, isn't she cute? Now let me see who's next.
This is Joshua Bennett.
Josh is 11.
He likes ice hockey, traveling, and going to the museum.
Come on.
Give us a smile, Josh.
[Crowd applauds] Next, we have Bobby Tarkenton.
Bobby's 8.
He likes karate and Adam Sandler movies.
Whoa, Bobby! [Crowd applauds and cheers] OK, folks.
That's it.
There they are.
Now's your chance to talk to the kids and get to know them a little bit better.
Enjoy yourself.
OK, that's done.
You gotta stay away from me now.
- OK.
- 'Cause if people see you with me, they'll think you're trying to adopt me.
You hang out, and if I do this, like, 3 times, you come over 'cause that'll mean that I can tell that the people talking to me aren't serious.
All right, sure.
[Church bell ringing] LULU: Jenna.
Jenna, you failed.
You tested positive for marijuana.
Judge Damsen won't place you in that home now.
You're pregnant, you've got a life-threatening complication, and you're sitting around smoking pot? You know, if I were pregnant, I Jenna, you got a life inside of you.
Yeah, well, it's mine.
Not if you keep this up.
There's nowhere to place you now, nowhere that makes sense, that would even allow Social Services to approve you raising your own child.
So what? They can have my baby.
[Drawer opens] What are you doing? I'm going to stay with Zak.
Your boyfriend? Yeah.
His parents let him live in their basement, so I guess I can live there, too.
You don't have permission to do that.
You gonna stop me? [Happy children's song playing] Hi.
This is someone you should meet.
This is Josh.
Hello there, Josh.
CARL: Are you having a good time? I watched the Penguins last night.
Really? Mark Lemieux and the other guy.
They sure skated fast and won, right? Well good to see you again, Josh.
Hockey season doesn't start until next month.
Listen, what do you say we get out of here, go get an ice cream? No.
I'm staying.
Just go back to where you were.
Come here.
Listen, it's always best to leave a party before it's finished.
Shut up.
I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean any of it.
I didn't kill anybody.
I couldn't do that.
I said that what I said because I was angry at my boss at the hospital.
I was angry because she was cutting back my hours, and I was afraid I was going to get laid off.
I just got off the phone with Burton Fallin.
Keenan has recanted.
They pulled their offer? Mm-hmm.
Then we'll sue them.
Get medical experts, exhumation orders.
Set depositions with every doctor, nurse, or attend James, I'm out.
What? Have any idea what all this is gonna cost? But you said yesterday, you said Yesterday, we had a confession.
We had a man who was ready to name names.
Today we have nothing but a lunatic whose word means absolutely nothing.
These guys, the Fallins, are gonna get rich defending this case while I spend myself into bankruptcy.
Burton Fallin's going to bury us, James, in paperwork, and he doesn't care because he gets paid by the hour.
So what you said before Now, listen, these people, James, these people, even if we can prove that they died before their time, they're indigents with terminal diseases.
How much do you think that 5 days in the life of a poor person are worth? In U.
Dollars? If he killed them, then we should make an example of him.
James, let me tell you something.
We're trial attorneys, but that doesn't mean that we're not businessmen.
What are you so happy about? You did a good thing, Nick Fallin.
I did? Joshua Bennett.
A couple wants to adopt him.
That's great, Laurie.
It took 10 tries, but it worked.
I'm gonna tell Josh.
You wanna come with me? Uh, I got a lot of work to do.
I can't.
DREA: He dropped it? JAMES: Right.
- So it's over? - No.
But what are you gonna do? There's nothing I can do.
Suit like this costs a lot of money.
Well, you'll get the money back.
You have to have the money in the first place.
A few weeks ago, I was I was just starting to have days that weren't so bad.
You know? Days that that I didn't just think about Ray all day long, and then this thing happened, and suddenly it's everywhere.
I have to think about how he died and why he died.
It's just easier to believe Believe what? That he died because he was sick, that he died because it was his time.
I'm just so afraid that if we start digging, we're gonna find something Drea.
If that man took his life, they owe you.
Do you really believe that? I do.
I truly do.
Then you should be my lawyer.
GIL: Laurie.
Gil, I've got terrific news.
There's a couple who wants to adopt Josh.
Yeah, well what's the matter? Last night, after the party, Josh pushed his friend Bobby down the stairs.
broke his arm in 2 places.
I'll talk to him.
I wasn't on when it happened.
The staff reported it already.
This is serious, Laurie.
These are criminal charges.
When's the hearing? Tomorrow.
Judge Damsen.
[Knock on door] James.
I was glad you called.
Please sit down.
I need some help.
Oh? I'm working on my own now.
I thought you were working with Nick.
I'm working on my own.
I have this case against Pittsburgh County Hospital.
That situation with the nurse? Right.
That's a big case, James.
I have 4 plaintiffs, their loved ones because of the hospital's negligence.
So why are you calling me? I was working with Reginald Harris, but he withdrew the second the nurse recanted.
Of course he did, because it's not an easy settlement, and now there's work involved.
I want to start my own firm, and I'm in debt, and had nowhere else to turn to.
You need a loan? I found a bank.
I just need you to co-sign.
How much? Fine.
Why the hell not? Fine.
[Sighs] Thanks for calling the cops.
You can't stay in your boyfriend's basement.
It's not an appropriate place for you to stay.
You don't know nothing.
Well, I know that you're being really stupid and really selfish.
What the hell do you care? - Hey! Leave me alone.
Jenna, come here.
[Door slams] [Clears throat] NICK: James.
I just want you to know that there's no hard feelings on my part.
Business is business.
You guys need to keep clients.
Thank you, James.
Filed a complaint this afternoon on behalf of Drea Westbrook.
Just put it on the desk.
I'm seeking $4 million.
Hospital's already called me.
Uh, we filed this, too.
It's a motion to remove you as counsel.
[Clears throat] Hearing's tomorrow.
Thank you.
[Siren wails] WOMAN ON P.
A: Portable X-ray to Pediatrics She has severe placental disruption.
It's caused a massive hemorrhage.
Is the baby gonna be OK? They don't know.
What about Jenna? They're doing everything they can.
Lulu, I have to get to court.
- Can you - Yeah, I'll stay.
It's OK.
NICK: Judge Damsen, 3 days ago, we stood before you and asked to place Joshua Bennett into a difficult situation.
You allowed it.
I took him, and it blew up in our faces.
His friend Bobby found a family, and Josh got jealous.
He did something stupid.
Now, he deserves to be punished, but to send him to a restrictive facility such as Abraxus is excessive.
What's the status of the couple who expressed interest? They've changed their minds.
They have 2 young children at home, and Josh's behavior understandably made them wary.
Muller, the boy he injured is leaving your home? In about a month, your honor.
Do you believe you can handle Josh? He's been with me for 6 years.
Truth be told, even though I'm hard on him, he's one of my favorite kids.
We all know Josh isn't particularly adoptable.
I came to terms with that a long time ago.
He hasn't, and God bless him for that, but, you know, I kinda resigned myself to being his surrogate dad the day I met him.
Josh will be sent to Abraxus until the boy he injured is placed in his new home.
After that, pending psychiatric evaluation, Josh can return to Mr.
Muller's shelter.
[Bangs gavel] There's gonna be another adoption party at PNC Park.
Some of the Pirates are gonna be there.
No, Josh.
Ask her.
Your honor.
Uh Josh would like to know if he'd be able to attend the next adoption party.
Absolutely not.
But I get it now.
I mean, if the other family liked me Josh, no.
ALVIN: Don't beat yourself up, Laurie.
I won't.
I'd do it again.
Those parties? Come on.
- I would.
- They're reprehensible.
It's the way the world works.
Everything gets marketed.
- But kids? - Everything.
I don't believe you of all people.
You should be a realist, Alvin.
You should think more about who's getting hurt.
- Oh, come on.
- You come on.
No, you come on.
Are we are we still having dinner tonight? Just come over to my place.
Your place? Yeah.
We can argue about it there.
BURTON: Your honor, James Mooney was an associate in our firm.
He resigned 2 days ago, but before that, he sat in on a confidential client meeting with the Pittsburgh County Hospital where he had access to files, privileged communications I was in that meeting I didn't hear anything.
My employment with the Fallins was never formalized.
But he was he was at the meeting with someone who, at that time, was his client.
Now he's suing him.
We're just doing our job.
It's not personal.
JAKE: Look at it this way.
Burton would never have knocked you off this case if he didn't respect you.
Burton blew me out of the case.
I had a conflict since the Fallins represented the hospital.
I see.
So, um About the money I only spent 1,200 of it, so I already paid back the rest.
James, your office I'm not back here for work.
But you need a job to pay off that loan.
What you did with my nephew Levi, I'm not forgiving you for that.
I appreciate you helping me out, but James.
I want you back here.
I need you to come back.
I'll be in tomorrow.
Here you go.
You better, uh Nicholas, you better get going.
That press conference is in an hour.
Now, listen, I've been thinking.
- What? - My office, you know, it was meant for the managing partner.
That's you.
For now, yeah, but that's gonna be you soon.
Dad, I I don't want your office.
Well, think about it, OK? It's your office.
Sorry I'm late.
The press conference doesn't start for a few minutes.
The judge, uh removed me from your case.
I know this guy Lawrence Pocaro.
He's solid.
He'll work hard for you.
But you can't do this? I can't be your attorney but, um I can be your friend.
I can help you get through this.
You wanna go in? No.
Not now.
Let's just enjoy this pretty day.
For now.
Let's just enjoy the day.
You're here excuse me.
I'm glad you're here.
You want to come up with me quickly? The meeting starts in 20 minutes.
They're releasing Martin Keenan.
They don't have enough evidence to hold him.
OK, so I can just walk out now? Is it safe? Are you sure it's safe to do this? [Reporters shouting questions] JENNA: How much does she weigh? Is she gonna live? They're doing everything they can, and if she doesn't get sick, they can keep her strong and get her lungs developed.
Then she's gonna be OK.
That's her? Yep.
- I wanna go now.
- Jenna.
- Take me out of here.
- No.
- Take me out.
- Hey.
This is your baby, and she needs you now, and it might be the only time that you get to spend with her for the rest of your life.
If you want to pretend that she doesn't exist, feel free, but not right now you're not.
I'm not wheeling you out of here.
How long does she have to stay in there? Could be months.
If I wanted to how long could I stay? They've agreed to let you stay here as long as your baby's here if that's what you want.
She's so small.
I know.
A little life.