The Guardian (2001) s02e06 Episode Script

The Living

[Telephone rings] WOMAN: Hi.
Fallin and Fallin.
[Knocking] Hey, just got out of a meeting with Gary Ludlam from Velocity.
You want to take them on as a client? No.
They brought an offer.
They want to buy Penex from Henry Thomas.
I tried calling him, but his secretary couldn't track him down.
Well, he's on vacation.
Well, it's a very good offer.
They're willing to pay 40 a share.
Well, this offer's contingent on his staying on for 3 years.
[Cell phone rings] Nicholas, the fact is, he's at the Nemacolin Lodge being treated for exhaustion.
Well, the offer expires in 48 hours.
I am obligated to take it to him.
I'll do it.
[Cell phone beeps] LOUISA: Yeah, I've been holding for Dr.
Louisa Olsen Archer.
Actually, it's probably still Archer in your files.
Uh, yeah, well, I wanted to talk to the doctor about coming in for some tests.
I'm not really sure what kind.
Would it would it be OK if I just spoke to the doctor about this in person? Thank you.
Yeah, I can be there first thing.
Did you page me? Someone paged me.
What, were you listening? No.
Oh, it wasn't me.
Maybe it was Alvin.
He's in there with Laurie.
I'm on my way out.
ALVIN: Nick, we're in here.
Did you page me? Remember those 2 kids you represented last year from Bloomfield? Termination of parental rights.
The mother locked them in a closet at night, and the father was physically abusive? Oh, the Fantes, yeah, I remember, uh Dale and, uh Penny.
You're still their guardian ad litem.
Is there a problem? Dale's got leukemia.
He's had chemotherapy.
Now they're looking for a marrow donor.
They think Penny may be his best chance for a match.
They here? That's just it.
Dale's still at the Allegheny Children's Shelter, but the sister I can't find her.
The social worker assigned to the case quit, and the file wasn't kept up.
- She's missing? - Yeah.
And her brother may die.
[Knock on door] Dale.
Do either of you have colds or anything? - No.
- No.
You sure? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
It's Mr.
Fallin, right? Nick.
What are you two doing here? We're here to speak with you about your sister Penny.
Oh, yeah.
She's supposed to come here for the bone marrow transplant, right? Dale, we haven't been able to find her.
She ran away? We don't know.
So you lost her.
I'm sure she'll turn up.
That's what they said when my dog ran away.
You guys, this is a big problem, like, a really big problem.
JAKOB DYLAN: [Singing] There is trouble in my mind There is dark There's dark, and there is light There is no order There is chaos, and there is crime There is no one home tonight In the empire of my mind There is trouble in my mind All the chaos In my mind So the last time you saw her was in February, and you haven't heard from her since then? Like I said, we didn't get along.
You gave me the names of her friends and your relatives.
Oh, do you have a photo? Yeah, I got a few.
[Laughs] Check out the family unit.
God, I look so different with hair.
That's Penny right there.
Those are your parents? Yeah.
My mom's somewhere in West Virginia.
My dad's in prison.
Can you guess how I got that? Guess.
My dad pushed me through a barbed-wire fence.
I'm gonna get it made into a tattoo when I get some money.
I'm actually gonna keep the half that shows me with hair.
We'll do our best.
All right.
Hey, officer.
Do you think she's dead? Let's hope not.
Nick, here's your address for Agnes Lenbert.
Miss Lenbert Yeah, she used to be our social worker.
The chick was a flake.
Dale Fante.
And you would be? Louisa Olsen.
It's nice to meet you, Louisa.
Is this a home address? No.
I don't know where she lives.
It's just one of the social workers saw her working there and gave me the address.
You weren't here in the spring when I was here.
No, I was clerking then.
Oh, like, for a grocery? No, like, for a federal judge.
Uh, do you like Pittsburgh? Uh, it's OK.
You know, are you a Steelers fan? 'Cause I can get really good tickets from these Grant-A -W ish people.
Dale, we have to check this out.
- You can come if you want.
- No, I have a meeting.
Dale, let's go.
That girl Lulu.
Yeah, she thinks I'm interesting.
- Really? - Yeah.
You know, I've noticed since I did chemo, there's a certain type of girl that just seems to be fascinated by the whole thing.
Like when I was a jock, everybody thought I was an idiot, but now that I've got this disease, people think I'm deep.
She's one of 'em.
You spoke to her for 5 seconds.
Yeah, well, I can tell these things.
She's pretty hot.
Yeah, well, she's pretty married.
Yeah, what's the husband gonna do, beat me up? [Ding] [Clock bells chime] [Piano playing softly] Burton.
Hey, Marilyn.
How are you? I just lost 3 straight sets to Jeannie Nicholson, that's how I am.
Ooh, sorry to hear about that.
So how's How's Henry? He's being a pain in the ass.
You know Henry.
Go on upstairs.
I'll see you.
Oh, OK.
Good to see you.
You, too.
And the thing was, and I'm sure you're gonna read way too much into this, Harold BURTON: Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Stay, Burton.
The thing was, that when the car broke down, the same song was playing on the radio the day my father died.
"Blue Moon.
" Come on in, Burton.
- Hello, Burton.
- How are you, Harold? I hope I'm not disturbing you, Henry.
I just No.
Randall gave me the fax about Velocity.
Sounds serious.
If you're interested in a merger, yes.
And what's the offer? Who's going to be the surviving entity? Well, I'm sure Velocity wants to be.
There's a clock on the deal.
They have to know within, well, less than 2 days now.
I'll drive back into town with you.
Are you sure? I mean, if you want to finish what you came out here for, I can table this.
I suppose I've been working for this my entire life.
We'll have to get back to this, Harold.
AGNES: So the 3 comfort pads cushion the shock of the spike heels, and the high-gloss leatherette never needs polishing, and I have these in red and black.
They're very flattering to your figure, especially when you're feeling a little bloated.
And you want to look like a hooker.
Excuse me? You don't remember me? Should I? I used to have long brown hair.
You used to be my social worker.
What happened to you? When you worked for social services, you placed his sister Penny Fante.
Oh, yeah.
We need to find her.
I must have the address in my day book in back.
Let me just get my purse.
Thank you.
[Door opens] Hey! Hey! Hey! [Tires screech] You all right? Just don't touch me.
Don't touch me, man! Don't touch me! OK, OK.
I just don't like when people touch me, all right? All right.
Just let me get my breath back.
[Exhales] That social worker chick wasn't that fast.
If I wasn't sick, I could have caught her.
What's your excuse? [Knock on door] NICK: You wanted to see me? Yeah, I did.
You want to close the door, son? Sit down.
So, I went to see Henry Thomas, and he wants to make the deal.
I'll contact Gary Ludlam.
Is he feeling better? Oh, I don't I don't ask that sort of question.
That's none of my business.
But he does want to meet with you, ask you some questions about the guys you're working with over at Velocity.
All right.
Now, there are a couple of ground rules we should go over, Nicholas.
Uh, first of all, with Henry, you, um you never ever wear green.
- OK? - Fine.
That makes him nervous.
Don't ever shake his hand.
And don't lie to the man.
He catches you in a lie, he gets very upset.
All right? - Sure.
- All right.
HENRY: Young Mr.
Sit down.
[Sighs] So what do you think of this offer? I think it's a pretty good deal.
It's all cash.
There's no financing contingencies.
You like this deal? Like I said, I think it's pretty good.
You get paid either way.
The way I look at it, this major shipping conglomerate wants to get into the ground transportation business, they hire some fancy New York consultant to find the best candidate.
I'm it.
So, Nick are we leaving money on the table? I don't know.
That's the first honest thing you said today.
I can set up a face-to-face meeting with Gary Ludlam to discuss deal points, if that works for you.
Why wouldn't it? - Well, if you're up to it.
- What did you just say? I can set up a face-to-face with Gary No, no, no about me being up to it? My father told me you're being treated for exhaustion.
What are you, suddenly a doctor or something? No.
Well, you seem to think you are.
I was just trying to accommodate you.
Well, don't.
Do what you're told.
You'll get your fee.
Would you prefer to deal with my father on this? I know this guy.
He's a big guy.
He used to play football for the Steelers.
He started a business here in town a line of automotive shops.
One day he scraps it, goes down to Texas, buys some land, raises cattle.
He's happier down there.
You know what he says? What? He says, " There are cattle people, and there are people who are not cattle people.
" Hmm.
Some people know how to handle themselves around livestock.
Others do not.
Your father knows how to move around livestock.
Fante, we asked you to come here 'cause we hoped you could help us find your daughter.
What do you mean? Has she been in contact? You don't know where she is? LAURIE: No.
You stood up there in that court and said it was in Penny and Dale's best interest to have me out of their life.
Your husband was abusing them.
You locked them into a closet at night.
To keep him away from them.
Fante, as you know, after your rights were terminated, your daughter was placed with a relative.
My ex-Husband's sister Helen.
[Cell phone rings] Sorry.
Yes, Mr.
But she couldn't handle her, so a friend of the family stepped in to take custody.
Unfortunately, that man gave us a false name and a false address.
- Who is he? - "John Starman.
" Star Man It's his stage name.
He's this guy that my ex-husband Scotty ran with a long time ago.
Do you know his real name? Go over to the prison, ask Scotty.
NICK: Yes, Mr.
I will call them in 5 minutes, and I will call you back.
Did you bring Dale? Yes.
Can I see him? Hi, Mom.
Fante, why don't you sit down? How are you? OK, I guess, considering last summer was all about going through chemotherapy.
It sucked.
But I made a lot of friends at the hospital.
Do you, uh do you ever see that girl Britney anymore? Courtney.
We broke up.
Those soccer guys? Not really.
Where you been? Working up at Ogleby Park.
I'm a maid at the lodge.
You got a boyfriend? Mm, sort of.
He's a drummer in a band, plays a lot of weddings and parties there.
He lets me sing sometimes, you know, backup.
It sounds like fun.
It's OK.
Ma, I need something from you.
I had a 12-string guitar in my closet, and I want to take it up again.
That I sold it.
I'm sorry, baby.
I Sorry.
Hey, you think if I give you a hug Is that against the law or anything? No.
Can't, mom.
Well I'm, uh, I'm sorry that you're sick, Dale.
I gotta go.
[Door closes] My mom.
I'm gonna talk with your father.
I want to go.
It's probably not a good idea.
Look, I haven't seen him since he got arrested.
I haven't talked to him since he did that.
I have to stop by a client's office on my way.
I can wait.
I've been thinking about him a lot since I got sick.
And I want to go.
Can I talk to you? About what? Lately, uh, you've been very short with me, and, um for the last month or so.
I want to know if it was something that I did.
You represented my fiance when he got arrested for picking up a hooker.
Could be that.
Well, I couldn't tell you.
Is that why you went to the doctor the other day? No.
Well, I mean, yeah, but l I got tested, but, uh, I'm fine.
A few months ago I'm talking to my gynecologist about maybe getting pregnant, and now I'm getting tested for everything you can pick up.
I know you have bigger problems than my home life.
Don't you? Again, it's 40 a share, all cash.
Structure the deal as a reverse merger with Velocity as the remaining entity.
They want to base operations out of Delaware.
Nick, do you like being a lawyer? Sure.
It's a profession of weaklings.
You know, what I love about you guys is 6-minute increments.
Always billing in Always thinking about time and the portion of money that it can bring.
I got the sweats.
You can see that.
I've gone through My hands are, uh freezing, you know.
I get cold, I get all clammy.
I don't even shake hands anymore.
You were a coke addict, right? That is none of your business.
You're a corporate lawyer, so you can't actually be an addict, right? You know something? I don't like Delaware.
I want to keep it in Pittsburgh.
The price is 49.
They'll balk.
I'll counter.
Let's just get this thing going.
[Knock on door] Come in.
Henry Thomas Yeah, he's got his quirks, doesn't he? He doesn't seem exhausted exactly.
Is there some kind of problem I should know about? Well, I try not to pry into my clients' personal lives.
Well, you must have some idea.
What, you want off this? No.
I'm just concerned as to whether he's fit enough to run a major corporation.
He's been doing this since you were a baby, Nicholas.
Is that it? That's it.
[Buzzer] Dad.
Good God.
DALE: It's not as bad as it looks.
I'm between treatments right now.
I'm looking for Penny to give me a bone marrow transplant.
What are you asking me for? Mom said you had a friend a guy named Star Man.
Hippie Johnny.
DALE: Could be she's living with him.
What's she doing with him? You know where he lives? Used to park his camper behind his brother's scrap yard.
North side of South Park.
That's all I can tell you.
We should get going.
[Buzzer] You know, I was afraid to come here.
Guess I gave you some reasons.
Yes, Mr.
Thomas, they countered at 41.
Yes, yes.
PENNY: Let me go! NICK: No, I'm sorry.
Get off of me! You can't do this to me! - That's Penny! - Get off of me! Yes, Mr.
Thomas, yes, I will.
I will.
Are you from Social Services? LAURIE: Yes.
I have to go.
I will.
POLICEMAN: Good, then you can take her baby while we work this out.
LAURIE: Her baby? PENNY: Let me go! WOMAN ON P.
A: Brendan Harrington to Triage.
Brendan Harrington, please report to Triage.
Ouch! Damn it! That's all we need for the bone marrow test.
Is there anything else you need to know? About tissue typing, or what happens if you are a match for your brother? Hold that.
Are you still my lawyer? I'm your guardian ad litem.
Where's my baby? The doctor's asking if you have any more questions.
I want to know where my baby is.
I think that's it, doc.
She's at a shelter right now.
There's going to be a hearing on Thursday to decide where to place her.
Why can't she stay with me? She's had her shots.
The place was clean.
I was going to get a job.
I was doing fine.
I can present that to the court.
The only reason anyone gave a rat's ass I was gone is 'cause they wanted something off of me.
[Sighs] Sweetie needs me.
Is that your baby's name? Her real name's Patricia, but we call her Sweetie.
- We? - Me and Johnny.
Johnny's the father? Johnny? I wouldn't sleep with him.
He's a paraplegic.
Dale? Hey, Penny.
You look really different.
Yeah, so do you.
I heard you got a baby.
Can I see her sometime? I don't think so, Dale.
Whatever you want.
I had this great little thing going then you call the cops on me and they take her away.
Hey, I didn't call the cops.
Of course you didn't.
He didn't.
I did.
Whose side are you on? If you think I'm going to help you, you can forget it.
Thomas? Do you ever read any theoretical science? No.
[Sighs] You wanted to speak to me? There's this guy, a scientist.
He's a genius.
Life's work studying the atom.
Then he comes to realize that the atom is made up basically of nothing at all.
Just space, really.
And he starts to think that there is no foundation to the world.
He starts wearing snowshoes inside because he's afraid of falling through the floor.
I want them to make offers to my guys guaranteeing them 2 years bonus for staying on.
I want it to be called Penex/Velocity.
I want the price to be 49 a share.
You want me to take this to them right now? No.
What time is this dog-and-pony show? It's too early.
Make it 2 P.
Can you do that? Sure, I can do that.
You're a match.
You can donate to your brother.
Oh, that's good to hear.
Yeah, so? DOCTOR: It's a minor procedure.
The doctor will cut some very small incisions in the back of your hip and harvest the bone marrow from your hip bone.
There's a one-night stay in the hospital.
Could this kill me or anything? DOCTOR: There are very few risks involved.
PENNY: But something could happen.
DOCTOR: Technically, yes, but this could save your brother's life.
Then I want to make a deal.
What? I have a baby to worry about.
No, your situation with the child I want to live with my baby.
I want things back the way they were before all you people came down on me, or no operation.
Penny would like to point out that her baby Patricia has had all her shots.
Her clothes are clean.
The baby had its own bassinet.
She would like to return to the location where she was living when Social Services found her.
In a trailer? Miss Shaw? Your honor, we're talking about a 43-year-old man living in a trailer with a 15-year-old girl and a 4-month-old infant, with no running water, no bathroom.
She showers with her baby at the Y.
Your recommendation? There's a opening at the Blylevy Center for teen mothers.
She can continue her education, take parenting classes, and the baby will be well taken care of.
Your honor, I would also like to point out to the court that Penny's brother has leukemia, and she's willing to undergo an operation to donate bone marrow to him.
That's not at all relevant, Mr.
I just thought that you should be made aware of it.
JUDGE: Penny, the court is going to place you at the Blylevy Center.
Finishing your schooling is more important than you know.
We will revisit this placement 90 days hence.
This is not what I wanted.
NICK: Mrs.
Thomas, I'm sorry.
Thanks for coming in on such short notice.
Not at all.
I was at a cultural trust meeting.
And I wanted to speak with you anyway.
Henry's people usually agree to a certain amount of volunteer work on causes that I'm involved with.
We're working on rebuilding the aviary.
The aviary? Yes.
I have a question.
Um how often does Henry suffer from exhaustion? He works very hard.
Every 3 or 4 months, he needs a little downtime.
And then he's all right? May I confide in you? Sure.
Henry's father killed himself when Henry was 20.
So occasionally, Henry takes extra-good care of himself.
The next board meeting for the aviary will be 2 weeks from Wednesday.
Thomas, uh this deal that I'm working on with your husband, uh, if it goes ahead, there's going to be a large increase in Henry's responsibilities.
Yes? Is he up to it? Mr.
Fallin, I fail to see how that's really your concern.
Thank you, Mrs.
I talked to Penny again.
She's still refusing to have the operation.
The kid's going to die.
What legal action can we take? There's no law that states she has to donate marrow.
I mean, can't a parent compel a child to have, say, an appendectomy, or some other kind of life-saving operation? She has to volunteer.
You can't force her to do anything.
Look, Laurie, does does Dale know? No.
I'll tell him.
DALE: So that's it? There's nothing you can do? That's right.
That's it.
What a bitch.
Well I probably got a little bit over 2 years.
I should probably start thinking about what I want to do.
I want to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
And then I want to go elk hunting.
Elk hunting? Yeah.
Those Grant-A -W ish people, they won't let me go killing anything! Dale, I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, it's not your family.
Well? Good luck.
No offense, man.
Just germs.
Ready? The Velocity guys are in the conference room.
- Is Henry here? - He's in my office.
What's he doing? He says he won't come out until someone brings him his lucky socks and shirt.
He doesn't like what he's wearing? Right now he's not wearing much of anything.
Look, I've got to get back in there.
Go in there and see what you can do.
[Door closes] HENRY: My children I love them so much.
And one day they'll die.
Thomas, you're going to have to get dressed.
It's so ridiculous.
You bring a life into this world, and you love it so much.
And for what? The point being what? [Sighs] I waste my life, my time in here working for money, and all I want to do is just be at home with my kids.
And then when I'm home with my kids, all I can think about is work.
You all right? Truth is, it takes me 3 hours to get out of bed in the morning.
And I think about killing myself every day.
You know about that don't you? Sure.
Sort of, yeah.
You got help? I got arrested.
I should check in.
For real.
Somewhere they can treat me.
I'll cancel this meeting.
Honey, it's time to get dressed.
MARILYN: I brought you a second shirt in case you sweat.
And a bottle of water.
And if your hands are cold, I've got some hand warmers from our ski trip.
If you crack them now, you can warm your hands in your pockets before you go into the room.
I, uh, want to apologize again for the delay here.
I have taken the liberty of asking my assistant to arrange for later flights for all of you.
Public trucking companies trade at 13 times earnings.
But we deserve a 20% premium to market because of our margins, our diversified client list, our consistent revenue history.
Now, based on your own 20 times price/earnings ratio, this will add $7.
50 to your stock price, increasing your market cap easily by $700 million.
Your offer is too low.
The price for Penex is 49 a share.
Told you I could get 49.
They didn't see me coming.
I nailed it.
Nailed it.
Thomas, you were talking about suicide.
I said I thought about it.
Whatever I said to you before was just in a moment of weakness.
Nothing more.
A CEO is expected to be strong and stable.
When you get into my personal life, you may very well give my adversaries something to use against me.
And if I can't work, you lose a pretty good client.
I'll be calling you soon, Nicholas.
Got a lot of work to do.
A lot of fine points to iron out.
You're a lot like your dad.
Anybody ever tell you that? No.
Hell of a lawyer.
Well, I didn't do anything.
That's what I said.
Well, congratulations, son.
You saved this one for us.
I didn't save anything.
[Laughs] Are you kidding? Henry's a pain the ass.
You handled him whatever you did for him.
Well, I certainly didn't help him.
You brought him back to the bargaining table.
Oh, come on, Dad, you know what I mean.
The guy's clearly falling apart, and you're happy to sit here and cash his checks.
Nicholas, you don't understand the man.
He needs this.
Making a deal like this is what keeps him alive.
You know what just happened? Henry Thomas told me that I'm a lot like you.
That bothers you? Right now, yeah.
Yeah, it does.
What, you don't approve of the way I do my job? No, that's not my point.
Well, son, if you want to keep your hands clean and do the paperwork, maybe you should be an associate.
I just don't want to act like something I am not for money.
You know what I suggest? I suggest you walk in that room and count the lawyers that would take him on.
That is not my point, Dad.
No? No.
Well, if you don't want to close the deal, I've got to find somebody that will.
[Door closes] Laurie? I need you to do something for me.
[Buzzer] Heard you had a baby.
- Dad.
- Yeah? Penny's not going to help me out.
What's that mean? It means I'm not going to get better.
DALE: That's what they say, at least.
What the hell's the matter with you, girl? - I have a baby to worry about.
- And whose fault is that? - Penny, it's your brother.
- Yeah? And everybody who's related to me, except my baby, has been nothing but trouble for me.
I don't owe you guys nothing.
Not you, daddy.
Especially not Dale.
Say it, Penny.
Say it.
Dale used to burn me with a lighter or a cigarette when I was sleeping.
PENNY: He would piss you off, blame me, and then watch you go off on me.
- I did that.
- Then laugh about it.
You think now 'cause you're sick, you got something over me? - You don't.
- I know I don't.
Doesn't matter what happens to any of us now, does it? You got something to say? [Sighs] When I was all cranked up, I used to do things, but you got the scars.
Go on.
They don't want to listen to me.
I do.
What I did to my family, Mr What did you say your name was? Fallin.
What I did there's no excuse for.
This may sound weak, but what I did was done to me.
If I was in the same place you're in, I might pass on this thing, too, choose not to save a life.
But, Penny, it's me you want to see dead, not Dale.
You can call for the guard now, Mr.
Wait, wait, I, uh I brought a camera.
Will you take a picture, Mr.
Fallin? Who knows when we'll be together again? Let me have that instead.
Oh, I thought it was vodka.
You want a real drink? Yeah.
Well, at least give me the pleasure of ordering one.
- Can I get a vodka and - Soda.
I just want you to know that, uh I don't blame you for not telling me.
I don't.
I've just known for a few weeks now, and, uh, I've been really, really angry.
Here we go.
What he did doesn't doesn't reflect on you.
Maybe not once, but, uh Why don't you leave him? I married a man that I don't love.
[Chuckles] But I didn't really know that I didn't love him until after I married him.
You want to know how I know that? Because his cheating on me is just It's more embarrassing to me than anything else.
You have food on your face.
Thank you.
You know, I represented Brian, um I helped him because, uh because I really I really care about you.
You know? Yeah.
I know.
I really don't want to go to my house tonight.
Come back to my place.
You like to get into trouble.
And if I know one thing about you I think it's that.
[Sighs] Really, though, what are you going to do? Just sit here and talk.
Would you do that with me until I can't really think about anything anymore? Just sit here and talk? L I can't do that.
Um [Door opens] NICK: Hi.
So, uh, how did it go? Doctors say there's no guarantees, but at least I got a chance now.
You can tell those Grant-A -W ish people to let some other kid go elk hunting.
What are you going to do now, Penny? I'm stuck in that stupid-ass shelter you put me in.
Well, um thank you.
Good luck.
- I'm going to be a roadie.
- Aroadie? Yeah, you see these guys that that take apart, like, an entire show and then pack it into trucks I know what a roadie does, Dale.