The Heights (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Previously on The Heights You changed your mind.
We're family.
So where to now? The Terminator one Oh, hi.
Oh, no, we, we used to be together.
- Married.
- Married.
- Oh, boy.
- Why don't you stay and have a drink? No, that'd be weird.
Yeah, OK, maybe one glass.
- Move on.
- (GROANS) - Sully? - No.
- Move on.
- I wanna sleep here.
You're amazing! You know that.
You could bring me back to life but you won't lie 2:00am, pessimism, no sigh Just pull up here.
I listen on the phone to your whole life And I don't, I don't know why I ask you to come Nice place.
Thanks for the ride.
No worries.
It was a top night.
Doesn't have to end.
A bunch of us are going back to Tyler's.
Got work.
Well, you should hang with us again.
- What's your number? - Here.
Text ya.
See you round.
Though what we had was lovely So I guess I'm wondering what that means As fickle as a foe turned family And now I know I needed that ridicule 'Cause I've been, I've been a damn fool You're real and it hurts 'cause I'm soaked and I'm sorry I've been bathing in the shallow end of my identity Did you get any sleep? You know Uncle went out of his way to get you this job.
I thought you business gurus say sleep is for losers, eh? - Good morning, my boy.
- Morning.
- Where is your brother? - Just grabbing a shower.
- Excited for your first day? - I guess.
- You guess? - Should be good.
Come on, let's get this started.
(DOOR OPENS) HAZEL: Wasn't expecting you so early.
Still on London time, I guess.
Sort everything out over there? There's not much to sort, I'm freelance, so What is it you do again? I make funny online ads.
Nothing important, then.
Want a taste? Oh.
Hey there.
There you go.
- Oh, how - Shh.
- How's my little man? - Cranky.
Surprised you didn't hear him from the pub last night.
The set of pipes on him.
Funny you should mention, we've got a leak.
- Oh! - Not a big one.
I figured that guy Mark could fix it and do the building inspection while he's at it.
Is there any point going through with that? We'll sell eventually, when Shannon gets back.
What? What are you thinking? I'm not.
You're looking at two hours sleep here.
You don't think she's coming back.
You forgot nappy bags.
I'm out of placcy ones.
- Well, I'll get onto Mark, then, hey? - Fine.
Shh, shh, shh.
It sounds way worse than it is.
Claudia asked me to stay.
Do you really think that she meant the whole evening? OK, I may have overstayed a little.
A lot.
Does that make me a bunny boiler? No, I wouldn't go that far, but, uh, there is an expression for it I probably shouldn't use around the kids.
- What? - You blocked Pav's CHILD: Shut up! Maybe we should go check on the kids.
No, the kids are fine.
Don't change the subject.
There's nothing more to say.
See I once went on a date with this guy and he brought his mother First date? Yeah, and last, but I think that an ex-wife might trump that.
We actually all had a really good time, and she obviously likes Pav.
Then why did she stay? Well, why did I stay at that P&F Thermomix party with crushing bores and bad chardy? 'Cause people would rather endure hours of awkwardness than just leave and make a scene.
I don't think that's her.
Well, I hope Pav gets another crack and his, uh, bunny boiler ex-wife doesn't block his you know what.
(BOTH LAUGH) - MARK: Your alarm broken? - Sorry.
Yeah, well, no time for pleasantries now.
Got to get going.
First up, I've got you rendering a splashback.
Your uncle told me you could tile.
Yeah, I could give it a go.
No, just kidding, mate.
If I listened to everything he told me, I'd believe you built the Pyramids.
No, I just need a general off-sider, someone to do the cutting, cleaning, measuring, that sort of stuff.
Behave yourself, I'll let you use the power tools.
This morning, we've gotta do a building inspection and then I wanna pick up some pavers for a patio we're doing tomorrow.
What, you're not a morning person? Oh, no, I just didn't get a good night's sleep.
Bit nervous about starting work.
You'll be fine.
(CRUMBS BY JORDAN DENNIS PLAYS) Hey, hey, hey Hey, how you doing, baby? You look mighty fine, I figured I might come your way And roll up on you with that golden ticket Shawty, can I get your digits, maybe we can kick it - - Hey, hey, hey, hey Oh, babe, think I know what's next, oh Double tapped and followed, then she hit me with that text, oh She wanna know me more than just a homie I can see from those emojis wanna be all on me Hey, hey, hey, hey Oh, wow, we can take it slow now Tell me what you like, I'll take you where you want to go now.
Aren't you meant to be at the markets? - Went early.
- I did the floors yesterday.
Then why are my shoes sticking? See? Sticky.
Here, let me.
No, I started already.
I'll stock the shelves, then.
Girl, you making that backache I was picking up where we left off You know I'm all for the chase.
Ryan, we spoke on the phone.
MARK: Yeah, I think we met at the wake.
Is, um is Hazel in? - Uh, left me in charge.
- Ah, righto.
Well, listen, tell her I'm sorry it's taken so long to get to the inspection.
Shocker of a week.
We'll take a look at this pipe, though, first, eh? Ah, yeah, in the cool room around the back.
Mind the puddle.
I'll be sorting junk in the office if you need me.
(YAWNS) Baby keep you up last night? - Hey? - Come on, sleeping beauty.
It looks like it's open.
- Thank God.
Sorry, we're not open for business.
This is where I usually do my crossword.
Good quiet spot for it.
She usually keeps the darts behind the bar.
And a couple of beers would be great.
- There's no till.
- We have the right change.
Hazel hears you've turned down a dollar you, sir, are a braver man than I.
Hazel usually puts out some bar snacks.
OK, go grab your bathers, eh? - Mich around? - Ah, he's meeting us at the pool.
He's settling in fine if you're worried about him.
I know.
Yeah, no, I actually wanted to apologise.
- Oh, what for? - For last night.
Oh, yeah, it can't be easy seeing me with another woman.
Claudia's lovely.
I just hope I didn't ruin your chances.
Oh, well, we'll find out.
I sent her a text this morning.
- She text you back? - No, not yet.
What did you say? - That's good.
- You sound surprised.
And she hasn't texted you back? No.
She's, you know, probably busy or something.
I mean, she does work in the ER.
I get texts all the time that I don't respond to straightaway.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
- I I wasn't worried.
- No, and you shouldn't be.
Um, I'm sure you'll hear from her very soon.
Bye, Kat! Bye, Mum.
- The floor's in good shape here.
- Give it a tick? Yeah.
But make a note about the recess in the cool room.
I'll have one, please.
No, no, no, no.
- That's the wrong column.
- Sorry.
- Mind if I grab some water? - Yeah.
Go on.
I'm not paying for that.
Fair enough.
- What do you need? - Water, please.
I'll I'll leave you the jug.
- Better service at Centrelink.
- Ha.
Just saw Hazel.
- Great news about Patch.
- I know, huh? Who would have thought? But she didn't mention you were reopening.
We're not.
Then what's all this? I literally couldn't stop it.
- They can't play darts.
- I know.
Finally figured out why the walls are full of holes.
I mean together.
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
Benny almost did.
Your foot's over the line.
- No, it wasn't.
- It was.
Where's Boo? - Uh, who? - Local homeless guy.
That's his trolley.
Urinal, having a wash.
There's a man washing himself in there? Well, just a pirate bath.
You know, hot spots.
Beer, thanks.
Benny! (THUMP!) What's a man gotta do to get a drink around here? Chips bin.
You bathroom.
Beer? Money.
And vest burn it.
What - Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you? - Well, the sunglasses are helping.
Oh, God, I hear you.
Hey, you're obviously off to work, but just quickly, can we clear up last night? I hope you don't think I was marking my territory or anything, if that's what came across.
Because I wasn't.
Uh, if memory serves, I invited you to stay.
- You were being polite.
- Yeah, true, but we had heaps of fun.
You didn't wake up this morning thinking I was the slightly psychotic ex who can't let go? - Not at all.
- Oh.
- Why, are you? - Mm-mm.
Although, if we are having this conversation, um, is there still something between you two? Oh, no.
It's been so over for what more than five years now.
No, wouldn't dream of going back.
I'm completely sold now.
Oh, no, no, no, Pav's a great guy.
Wonderful dad, incredible cook.
I got the impression you kinda liked him? Yeah, he's funny and yeah, I don't know.
Yeah, he is funny.
With the jokes.
Look I I promise not to get in the way again.
And once more, I'm really sorry I crashed your date.
(CHUCKLES) Relax! We bonded over Frente.
- We're besties for life now.
- (LAUGHS) Good.
So, non-crazy ex over here.
Pav's a great guy.
You like him.
You should definitely text him back.
MARK: That's basically it.
Give us a call if that pipe gives you any more grief.
But like I said, most things on the list I can tick off fairly easily.
Thanks, Mark.
The dark ale keg needs changing.
Ah, right.
I'll get on to that.
- What are you doing? - Uh, YouTubing it.
I'll do it.
Hey, I don't suppose you can man the bar for an hour? Have I missed a sign on my forehead? I need to clean the office-slash-bedroom-slash-junkyard.
You're staying on? Yeah.
For as long as Hazel needs, or until Shan gets back.
I can't have Hazel looking after Patch on her own.
Ryan that's awesome.
But can you just put your life in London on hold? - One hour.
That's all I'm asking.
- Fine.
But only because it helps Patch, not because of that pathetic look on your face.
- Bless your cold, dead heart.
- Ha-ha.
Just sometimes I think about - (BUZZ!) - Hi.
Hey, can I grab one of those when you're ready? Sure.
- You alright? - My back is killing me! - Oh, that's no good.
- Yeah.
I pushed a cart of vegie all the way home from the market.
Like a donkey.
Then I mopped the floors and opened the shop.
Well, you've got a strapping son here to help.
You shouldn't have to work so hard.
- One for Oddjob? - Ah, no.
That's for Ash.
- He's in the truck.
- Always freeloading.
He's not like that.
No? Then how did he afford a concert last night? Ash get my boy drunk.
Doesn't even help him home.
(BUZZ!) Then show up at five in the morning in a fancy car.
PAV: Ah, here he is.
- How are you, mate? - Oh, hey, mate.
Hey, Kat.
Hi, Mark.
Dad, can I have an ice-cream? Oh, we've got some at home, haven't we? Why don't you go and get all the stuff we need for pizzas? Fine.
Hey, I I heard about your little three-way date last night.
Oh, Renee.
- Lucky it didn't get a Facebook post.
- Right.
Oh, well, Claudia I thought she was pretty keen but, you know, might have just been the alcohol.
How many glasses? Um four, five, I don't know.
Sent her a text.
No response.
Yeah, well, ex-wife on the first date.
You're gonna need some serious charm in that text message to pull that one back, 'cause you certainly don't have the looks, mate.
See ya, mate.
Got to get this iced coffee to Party Boy.
What we got, Kat? What have we got? We have OK.
We're going to need some cheese.
Sully, watch the shop.
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
(DOORBELL BUZZES) Listen, I don't care what you do in your own time, but if you come to work this hung-over again, we're going to have some problems.
- Are you going to tell my uncle? - I should.
- Look, it won't happen again.
- Yeah, right.
- Nah, it's OK.
- No, no, take it.
It's for the morning.
Take it.
- Thanks.
- On time tomorrow, eh? Yeah, definitely.
- Seen the state of Sully today? - Is he alright? - Sick like a dog.
- You're blaming me? Well, who else? You're always leading him into trouble.
He makes his own decisions.
Well, Sully's a good boy and all you do is take, take, take.
Yeah, we're just friends.
What, concert tickets, loans, things from the shop.
- I see all that.
- I've gotta go.
We both know how he looks at you.
If you're good friend, you wouldn't take advantage.
Farmer in the dell The farmer in the dell Hi-ho, the derry-o The farmer in the dell (BABY MURMURS) Your grandma is in hell Your grandma is in hell Why don't you go to sleep? Sleep for a spell.
See? That's better, isn't it? Yeah.
Come on.
No, no, no, no.
Hello? Uh, sorry? Did you say debt recovery? My dad handled that side of things.
I guess I'm in charge of it now.
OK, OK, I'll look into it.
Thank you.
Jeez, did anyone ever clean this place? I found these with a mummified rat.
There's a rumour Bill used to have a $600 bottle of Scotch whisky stashed away somewhere.
Yeah, I think I was drinking it last night.
I wouldn't have paid that for it.
What the hell's going on? - I couldn't keep them out.
- Heard of locking a door? We've actually made a bit of money.
And it's probably a good idea to get rid of as much booze as we can.
The kegs aren't going to keep.
- Building inspection.
- Do I want to know the verdict? A few more pipes need changing, there's the crack in the office wall, but overall, the bones of the place are pretty good.
I thought that would make you happy.
Come across a letter from BRT Holdings? No.
Got a call from a debt collector acting on their behalf.
It's probably just a supplier that Bill forgot to pay.
- I can have a look.
- Hey, your hour's up, buddy.
Uh Ooh, I should probably kick these guys out.
- Unless - Kind of have my hands full.
(LAUGHS) Pop him in.
Snug as a bug.
There you go.
- You can go now.
- In a sec.
(DOOR CLOSES) Hello, Mother.
Shove over.
- So, how was your date last night? - It was fine.
Just fine, or fiiiine? Pav's a nice enough guy.
- Good kisser? - Wouldn't know.
Uh, Mum, you're a sexy, modern woman.
What's wrong with getting your freak on once in a while? Well, I might have, except his ex-wife Leonie crashed our date.
- Serious? - Oh, not intentionally.
And we ended up all having a good time together.
Then what's the problem? I think that she may be a little too invested.
I ran into her today and she made a big case for what a wonderful guy Pav is.
It was so convincing, I started to wonder why they ever broke up.
Mich said they've been separated for ages.
I think they're just good friends.
That's a good thing.
Yeah, I thought so too, but then she knew that Pav had texted me this morning.
That's weird, right? - Mm, a bit.
Did you text him back? - Nah, not yet.
I just don't to step into the middle of something.
Way to keep a guy hanging.
Oh, he wouldn't care.
Trust me.
He'd be sweating on it.
If you like him, text him back.
Let's eat first.
KAT: And then we made pizza from scratch and Dad made enough so I could take some for school tomorrow.
Ooh, saves me making sandwiches, so I guess we both win.
- Yeah, you're welcome.
- Go collect your things.
Darling firstborn.
Hello? Any acknowledgement your mother exists? No, OK.
- Here you go.
Present for you.
- For me? Yeah, well, you wash more than I do.
- Not now.
I'm one kid down.
And just you wait till footy season starts.
- Oh, right.
- Has Claudia texted you back? You ought to get out more, you know that, don't you? I saw her today, so I took the opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding.
You're kidding me? Well I didn't go overboard.
I just sung your praises a little.
Told her she should text you back.
And I wonder why she hasn't.
Oh, maybe I could No, I think you've done enough, really.
- Sorry.
- No, it's fine.
- I really liked her.
- Yeah, me too.
I thought she was great.
Hey, man.
- Where's your mum? - She's watching the cricket.
How'd you hold up? Look, I shouldn't have.
What I said Ah, we all do dumb things when we're drunk, yeah? - How was the new job? - Yeah, good.
Got paid too, which means I can pay you for Professor Nangs.
No, don't worry about it.
It's not fair that you paid for him, man.
You do too much for me, Sully.
Anyway, I'll catch you later.
They've made a real effort, so (SIGHS) Yeah.
- Ash is home.
- Ah, just in time.
- Looks like Mark has worked you hard.
- Yeah.
It's alright.
You were never this tired from your last job.
Come, sit.
Ooh, what are we having? Nice.
- Bademjan.
- Bademjan.
- Fatema, dinner! - Coming, Mum! - Guess what.
I made the rice.
- Did you? - Yeah.
- Nice.
What did you do? That's what I thought.
Thank you.
This is awesome.
Thank you.
I don't know what I did, but this is this is great.
I guess they could see how keen you were to start your job this morning.
You did well.
We're very proud of you.
And we want to hear all about it.
- Huh.
- So, did you make any money? Did you pluck your eyebrows again? (SPEAKS NATIVE LANGUAGE) Oh, God, you've murdered someone, haven't you? And this is your way of buttering me up.
Did you write GSOH on your dating profile? Because that would be a major misdirect.
I don't know what that is, but I'm pretty sure you just insulted me.
- Good sense of humour.
- Uh? My point exactly.
How do you know I have a dating profile anyway? Shouldn't leave your phone lying around.
It's also how I know you haven't texted Pav yet.
Yeah, well, I'm not 100% sure I want to give him the green light.
Stay sad and lonely forever.
- Pause it for us, will you? - Are you getting us a drink? - I just need to make a phone call.
- Dad, nobody calls anymore.
Next you'll be liking photos from, like, six months ago and then riding past her house on your pushbike.
Yeah, well, the chain's broken, so it's a bit hard.
Look, there's rules.
At least know them before you break them.
Sorry, Mum, but you need to be schooled.
By all means give me the benefit of your many years of experience.
If Dane hadn't texted me back within the hour, I would have cut him loose there and then.
Sweet Jesus, I wish his phone had died.
- Dad, if you do this, you're sunk.
- Shut up, would you? (PHONE RINGS) No way.
Oh, no.
It's like that video of that guy getting tasered in the nuts.
He's actually calling.
- Is he some kind of psycho? - Give it to me.
I'd rather you die alone than in the boot of his car! - Hello? - Hey, Claudia, it's Pav.
- Hope it's not too late to call.
- No, not at all.
Um nice to hear from you.
So, how are you? How was your day? Yeah, great.
How's yours? - You find that letter? - Yeah, and a few others too.
- All from the same mob? - No.
This is what you were after, from BRT Holdings.
They do your post-mix and soft drinks.
- How much do we owe them? - Six and a half grand.
You'd think Jeff would have mentioned something.
- He's the delivery guy.
- So, you didn't know? Bill managed the books.
Not very well, apparently.
We basically owe money to every supplier we use.
- And a few that have cut us off.
- Oh, give us here.
Rates overdue.
And an electricity bill to the tune of four grand.
We're going to have to sort out payment plans, knock off one bill at a time.
He also took out a few loans against the pub.
He's been robbing Peter to pay Paul for years.
How much? We could pay them back if we sold this place.
But we can't.
So, our only option is to keep it up and running, make the repayments.
If we don't, we could lose everything.
Wait, your your mum sells fireworks? You're a kid.
You're gonna blow your face off.
- So, where should I meet you? - Uh, you know Corsini's? Near the beach? Remember when you said I wouldn't have to do this on me own? Well, it sure feels like I'm doing it on me own.
Dane was wondering if he could come over.
- Beanie! - Hey, babe.
This is Dane, Sarah, Megan, Alastair, Tris and