The Heights (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

SABINE: Previously on The Heights - Hi, Mum.
- Sabine.
Hey, hey.
I see you.
You're stealing my business! - They're my groceries.
- Oh, yeah? - You want to go out sometime? - On your pushbike? I'm not going to be ready, Mum.
I'm not keeping that baby.
He also took out a few loans against the pub.
So our only option is to keep it up and running.
If we don't, we could lose everything.
(GENTLE MELODY) HAZEL: Cheers for this.
Would do it myself but this little shi precious tiny cherub won't let me put him down long enough to scratch my own backside.
Want me to do anything else? Pav brought some food over earlier.
It's in the fridge.
Mind grabbing it out for me? Come on.
You going to take this? - (BABY CRIES) - Yeah? Pav got you all this? You know what he's like with food.
Come on.
You've got to be hungry.
I am.
Hmm? So I'll see you later? Maybe come round about six? What for? Mahjong.
Sure you don't want to skip this week? - Why would we do that? - (BABY CRIES) Don't worry about him.
Just be here, Maxy.
Come on.
Come on, it's dinnertime.
- Oh, darling.
- (CRIES) Come on.
So, your dad and my mum.
Date number two tonight.
I know, it's getting serious now.
- Is it just me or is it weird? - So weird.
Look, at least Dad's going to be out, which means I get the apartment to myself.
Kam's going to come over and we're just going to hang out.
Friends from my old school were meant to come over to mine, but they didn't want to trek it out to Arcadia in the end.
What about your boyfriend with the knee-high socks? Dane? And he does not wear knee-high socks.
He's hanging with his mates tonight.
Double-whammy rejection.
I wasn't rejected.
- I said he could go.
- Still, home alone on a Friday night.
That's pretty pathetic.
Look, alright, I'll be the nice friend and take pity on you.
Do you want to come over and hang out with me and Kam? We're just going to play PlayStation and eat crap.
Hmm, I guess that sounds OK.
You guess? You know what? Forget about it.
Consider yourself uninvited.
Shut up.
I'll come.
(CHIME BUZZES) Hey, man.
Ash said you cancelled soccer this week.
- Got an exam coming up.
- Oh, yeah, I feel you.
Less chat, more work.
Wow, what a welcoming atmosphere your mum creates in her store.
What are you doing in here anyway? I'm just picking up some snacks.
Don't you work in a supermarket? Why wouldn't you get them there, with your discount? Well, between you and me they're starting to get a little suspicious at me buying so much stuff.
Got to play it cool for a bit.
What's going on there? (CHUCKLES) Jimmy must be proposing again.
Every couple of months, he comes in.
He buys flowers and fireworks, then he asks his girlfriend to marry him.
Every time she says no.
Wait, your your mum sells fireworks? Yeah, when she can get them.
How much? A bit.
They're hard to get, so Just these, thanks.
Um, oh, and I'll take some sparklers and whatever else you've got.
Don't worry, it's cool.
I know.
Know what? Know about the products from interstate.
The King Island brie? Just came in.
Guess again.
Why not? Because you steal my customers.
Right now I AM a customer.
You're a kid.
You're gonna blow your face off.
I won't.
They're not even for me.
They're not.
It's for a family member, for their wedding.
Adults only.
I swear.
Now, you didn't get these from me.
Now, get out of here.
(CHIME BUZZES) Do we really need to do this again? - Do what? - You know that beers are $4.
70 now.
Pay up or I'll pour it in the toilet.
Your granddad would be rolling over in his grave.
He had class, integrity.
Wouldn't screw his own like this.
Didn't Bill sleep with both of your wives? Ah, what would you know? Jesus, woman, you look like death.
You want to be castrated, is that it? Because I can make that happen.
You know Hazel, if you want to get into my pants, all you have to do is ask.
(LAUGHS) Here, your turn.
I need you to look after Patch until oh say ten.
- I'm working.
- Get Ana to cover you.
She's got the night shift at the hospital.
Remember when you said I wouldn't have to do this on my own? Well, it sure feels like I'm doing it on my own.
Well, I didn't expect to be running this place, dealing with these idiots day in, day out.
I have a masters in English literature and a bus licence, thank you very much.
And I have plans.
I'm in a regular Mahjong game, and I'm not interested in cancelling.
Look, I can either take Patch and you watch the bar, or I watch the bar and you take Patch.
It's up to you.
Is it me or is the sexual tension between us off the charts? (BABY CRIES) What about 6 o'clock? That should give you enough time to get ready.
(SCOFFS) You really think it takes me two hours to get ready? Please.
So where should I meet you? Um ah, you know Corsinis? Near the beach? Yeah, I know the one.
I'll just meet you out the front.
See you there.
See you then.
Aw, look at how excited you are.
It's so What's the word I'm looking for? Tragic.
So, what time are Megan and Sarah coming over? They're not.
They dogged me so I'm gonna go hang with Mich instead.
You are? Him and this other guy Kam are playing video games.
He said I could tag along.
- At his dad's place? - Is that a problem, Mother? No, daughter.
It's just You don't want me hanging out at the towers.
Not what I said.
Never took you for such a snob.
Oh, says the girl who refuses to sleep on anything less than a thousand threads.
Let me get this straight: you can date a guy from the towers, but I can't be friends with a guy from the towers? Again, not what I said.
I just I want you to be safe.
And safe I shall be.
At the towers.
With the only two people at my new school who aren't complete weirdos.
You're going to do something about that hair, right? Oh! - You out of yellow Iso? - (CHIME BUZZES) SULLY: Sorry it's not cold.
Big day? Yeah, Mark and I ended up on this mansion on the other side of town.
Should've seen this place, man.
It was creepy.
Like "No-one would hear you scream" kind of creepy? Exactly that.
Jog tomorrow arvo? I can't.
I'm working.
I've got the afternoon shift for the rest of the week.
Ah, sucks.
- HAZEL: I'm telling you, it's on.
- (BABY GURGLES) I've changed 94 nappies this week.
Been peed on 13 times, vomited on 6.
Might as well be working at the pub.
Don't get me wrong, this one's growing on me.
I mean, look at him.
He's adorable.
But I've been hanging out for this all week.
We're playing.
My place.
Alright, be a modern woman.
Think you can have it all? You can't even carry it all.
Wait here.
What's that mother of yours doing down the back? Here.
Take this.
It was Sully's.
Now, he was a cute baby.
- You've kept it all these years? - It's a good stroller.
Why shouldn't I keep it? I don't know, Mum maybe to make space, or prevent a fire hazard.
Then they grow up.
Not as cute.
Here, take it.
- (LAUGHS) - Here.
Bathroom's through that way.
Everything else is pretty self-explanatory, though.
This place is actually pretty nice.
You know it's more of a compliment if you don't say the "actually" part.
Dad and his mates IKEA'd it when he first moved in.
(MOBILE RINGS) Hey, babe, what's up? Actually, I'm at Mich's place.
You've met him.
Yeah, the guy with the boots.
Huh? Nope, no parentals.
Oh, I thought you were with the guys tonight.
No, I'm sure it'll be cool.
Hey, Kam.
So, Mich, Dane was wondering if he could come over, hang out as well? He wants to come here? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah I guess.
Yep, it's cool.
I'll text you the address.
See you soon.
So sorry I'm, uh I'm late.
Wow, you look fantastic.
I was just catching us dinner and it took a little longer than expected.
I'm not sure my secret spot is a secret anymore.
What do you mean you were catching us dinner? I'll just, uh wash this fish smell off me, and, uh, I'll get cooking.
Aren't we going to Corsinis? Do you know how much they charge for a couple of crays? Then why did you tell me to meet you here? Ah, because it just seemed easier than saying, "Let's meet between two lamp posts and a bin with an ibis eating out of it.
' Although that's that's probably a little misleading.
I'm sorry.
Look, you you do look really fantastic.
I love the dress.
You look beautiful.
Um, we can go in there if you'd like.
I I can make that happen.
Go and have a shower.
I can smell you from here.
OK, yeah, look I'll just be, uh, two minutes.
Two minutes.
(SIGHS) Kimmy in 409 swears by it.
She said she'd leave her youngest in it for hours with no problem.
Alright, let's give it a shot.
(BABY CRIES) What is going on? Little fella won't settle unless Hazel's holding him.
Maybe we should go.
We're playing.
I'll figure something out.
Why don't you just let him cry? Eventually he'll stop.
That explains a lot.
- (CRIES) - Wrap him up tight.
Tried that.
Tried everything.
All this baby wants is to be held.
Maybe we should do this another time? No, we're not doing that.
How are you meant to play if you can't use your hands? I might have something that can help.
It was Fatema's.
It borrowed to me from my friend at mosque.
Are you sure you don't mind giving it away? Yes, it's OK.
Ah, it's that saying, paying it in front.
- Paying it forward.
- Yes, that is it.
- Ah.
- Under there We playing or what? That Rose chick had a nose job? Yeah, heard she ordered the Emma Watson.
She thinks she looks like Hermione? She wishes.
Which one's Rose again? Uh, blonde hair, blue eyes, kinda looks like a shoe.
She does look like a shoe.
(KNOCKS AT DOOR) I'll get it.
Beanie! Hey, babe.
Find the place alright? Yeah, just followed the trail of deros.
Mich, Kam, this is Dane, Sarah, Megan, Alistair, Tris and Nat.
Everyone, this is Mich and Kam.
- Cool if we put these in the fridge? - Ah, yeah, man.
Thought you said you wouldn't trek it out to Arcadia? Yeah, guess curiosity got the better of us.
I didn't know he'd bring others.
I hope it's all right.
The more the merrier.
- Drink? - Nah.
Um Ah, yeah, just one.
Can't drink too much.
I've got a football game tomorrow.
(BOTH CHAT, LAUGH) (CRAYFISH SIZZLES) Ow! Should be ready in no time.
How do you like the hummus? Yeah, it's it's good.
Did you make it? Yeah.
There you go.
Thought of everything, haven't you? Besides an appropriate rendezvous.
Again, I'm so sorry about that.
Look, it's totally fine, and this is something different.
I should've just picked you up from your place.
That would've been easy.
Yeah, or given me an appropriate dress code.
I do feel like a bit of an idiot dressed like this out here.
Why don't you take this? There you go.
Slightly less idiotic.
Mm! Weed and body spray.
Smells just like high school.
Well, I've had it since high school actually.
Yeah, I can tell.
(LOUD DANCE MUSIC THUMPS) Someone should go and tell them to turn it down.
Oh, let the kids have their fun.
You're getting soft in your old age, Murphy.
And you're becoming quite the risk taker, calling me old.
See this child, kiddo? This is what's going to help your nan keep her well-earned title.
He really is cute.
Got his mum's nose.
Just like Shannon's.
- What's with you lot? - Oh, 'cause I brought up Shannon.
They think if you hear the name you'll fall to pieces.
We just didn't want to bring her down, that's all.
I'm fine.
I can hear my own kid's name without needing a Scotch and a lie-down.
(SIGHS) Any news? Spoke to the cops the other day.
Still nothing.
But they are still looking for her? Turns out there's not much they can do.
Shan went of her own accord.
She doesn't want to be found.
(LOUD DANCE MUSIC THUMPS) Sorry, dude, I've gotta go.
What? Why? All this booze.
My uncle would kill me.
I know, man, but please don't leave me alone with these people.
(LOUD CHATTER) Fine, man, but you owe me, yeah? Which one of you is Mich again? Sabine tells me that you're some sort of PlayStation whisperer.
- Yeah.
- Well, you wanna play? Sure.
Why would you bring Tris? You know he's a loose unit.
Which is what makes him fun.
Maybe we should join the others.
Or maybe we shouldn't.
Maybe we should get out of here instead.
- Be alone.
- And go where? I dunno.
Let's go get something to eat or something.
We can't just leave Mich alone to deal with all of our crazy friends.
- Why not? - Because that's douchey.
Isn't it? Think he's dealing on his own just fine.
Quick, before anyone notices.
Anyone want to say it with me? No? No takers? Suit yourselves.
Mahjong! And the streak remains intact! What are you doing here? - Where'd all this come from? - Max brought it over.
- And what's all this? - What's it look like? A UN meeting.
I thought you would have cancelled.
Didn't need to in the end.
It's about time we called it a night, I think.
Same time next week? If you haven't completely fallen apart, sure.
- You need a hand with this lot? - No, I'll be right.
Goodnight, all.
- Had a good night? - No thanks to you.
How was the pub? Dead.
Why don't you go run yourself a bath? - You sure? - Go on.
Enjoy being alone for 20 minutes.
I've got him.
(LOUD DANCE MUSIC PLAYS) No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait.
Seriously, my dad's going to freak.
Soz, but it's already opened.
It'd be a waste not to drink it now.
BOY: What you looking at? Oi.
How you doing, man? Yeah, good.
Listen, your dad home? Um Yeah, had a noise complaint.
Look, we need to come in.
(MUSIC STOPS) Alright, party's over.
Get out.
Out! Hey, there's nothing in there.
I I don't even drink.
I think that's Should I get get another? Do you know me at all? You ever going to tell me what happened to your leg? I was, uh, saving some orphans from this burning building, and when I went back to get the kitten I slipped over and twisted my ankle.
Don't buy that for a second, do you? OK, so I was I was chasing a suspect and I fell three storeys off a balcony.
And I I shattered my, my ankle.
I broke my tibia and I broke my heel.
- A calcaneal fracture.
- Yeah, that's the one.
Just bones going everywhere.
I didn't realise it was that bad.
See, usually I score more points with the the orphan line.
Well, you've never dated a doctor.
So, no more policing, then? Well, bung-legged cops aren't really in much demand these days.
I did sit at a desk for a while but shuffling papers wasn't really for me.
You needed more excitement and action in your life.
Yeah, maybe.
The main thing was I just didn't feel like I was helping anyone.
That's why I became a cop in the first place, so it was it just I don't know, it was just pointless.
Still trying to push the compensation claim through.
- Oh, and they're taking ages? - Yeah, big-time.
You see there, that that look that's why I didn't want to tell you.
This look? No, this is me impressed.
- How's the crayfish? - Mmm! Better than Corsinis? Oh, well, I wouldn't know.
I've never been.
No, me neither, but I hear it's crap.
- Oh, is that right? - It's so bad.
I hear it's so But if you'd like a crap meal in a crap location, I can always take you there for our third date.
Oh! Third date? What makes you think there'll be a third date? Well, if you play your cards right.
(MOBILE HUMS) I'm just going to, um, I'm just going to throw this in the ocean.
No, just take it.
It might be important.
Hello? Yeah, um Yeah, we can.
- We, we - What? We've got to go.
We just want to know where you got them.
Come on, don't be stupid.
- What's going on? - You know this guy? That's He's my brother.
Your little bro here's been caught with some illegal fireworks.
We need to know where they've come from.
I told you I found them.
I can issue you with a fine for $1,000 or he can tell me the truth.
Which one do you think's going to be quicker? Start talking.
So, what happened to my coffee table? Mich? - Some some guy fell through it.
- Some guy? What what guy? I forgot his name.
So what was this, uh, nameless guy doing in our apartment? Really? Mich, you're going to have to start talking.
Look, none of this is my fault.
I didn't invite anybody.
Sabine did.
Sabine? Where is she? I don't know.
I haven't seen her in a bit.
What do you mean you haven't seen her? She was here, wasn't she? - Yeah.
- Well, where did she go? - She left with her boyfriend.
- Dane was here? Did they say where they were going? Oh, great.
Oh, that's just great.
- I can drive you if you like.
- No, it's fine.
- You sort this out.
- No, it's OK.
OK, I'll, uh I'll call you tomorrow.
Alright, let's clean up, shall we? Since when do you sell fireworks anyway? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? It's not like I was going to sell them to kids.
Still, what were you thinking? That I'd flog them on New Year's and make a killing.
How much did you lose? Enough.
At least the cops didn't fine me.
But now you're on their radar.
You're not going to tell Uncle, are you? (BABY GURGLES) (SIGHS) (WHISPERS) Hello, little man.
Hello, hello.
You coming with me? Hello.
Hello, hello.
Come on.
(GURGLES) Hello.
- (CRIES) - (PHONE RINGS) You've reached Shannon.
Leave me a message.
Unless you're selling something, 'cause I don't want it.
Shan, it's Mum.
Don't know if you're getting these or not, but if you are, give us a call, let us know you're OK.
Little Patch here would love to hear from you too.
(PHONE RINGS) You've reached Shannon.
Leave me a message.
Unless you're selling something, 'cause I don't want it.
- That's your mum.
- (CRIES) (HUMS) That's your mum.
CLAUDIA: Sabine? You better have a bloody good reason as to why you left Mich's.
(SQUEALS) Mum! Get out! (DOOR OPENS) Hey.
Um, so yep.
I should probably go.
You should.
I'll call you tomorrow.
How was your date? Right, well, I'll (SLO MO BY RICHARD LACY AND SARAH MACDONALD PLAYS) (DOOR SHUTS) (DREAMY VOCALS OVER SYNTH AMBIENCE) I'm entitled to know what goes on under my own roof.
Yeah, well, it's my life and it's my body and I'm entitled to make my own decisions.
Nobody move! We don't sell to him.
- He's banned.
- Wait What? Your mates after you bailed, you left me to deal with them.
I'll make it up to you somehow.
You know what? Forget it.