The Heights (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 Previously on The Heights - I'm not a teacher yet.
- Yeah, but you will be.
You might even tell your mum about it one day.
Alright, calm down.
I can sell like no-one's business.
Sell those bananas, then.
- You couldn't give them away.
- No sales, no job.
What? Well, it's direct debit.
How is it not paid? (QUIETLY) Declined.
It's been six weeks and you haven't paid me.
End of the day or I'm taking legal action.
Mum! Get out! I'm entitled to know what goes on under my own roof.
Well, it's my life and it's my body and I'm entitled to make my own decisions.
WOMAN: Lastly, you need to be aware of how you operate at the school as a whole.
I know a lot of new teachers who think they're back at school and forget they're in a professional workplace.
See you all in four weeks.
Um, hi, Dr Roberts.
I was wondering if you had any luck with my request? I'm Sully Tran.
I emailed you about changing my prac.
Can you remind me? Yeah, because of the conflict of interest with my mum's shop being near my placement school.
You were allocated to Arcadia Heights? Yes.
We try and place all our students to within a close distance of where they live.
Yeah, this feels a little too close.
I don't quite understand how it's a conflict.
It's just these students I'll be teaching, they'll be coming into my shop all the time.
Where I work.
Where my mum works.
So you're worried about the shift in power dynamics.
- I'll just, um - Put some clothes on? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
(LAUGHS) You gotta see this.
It's called "Missed Ya Bus".
It's just videos of people missing public transport.
Is that my pecorino? Yeah.
We made pizza.
Want some? (LAUGHS) Oh! Sabine (LAUGHS) It's pretty late, Dane.
I'm sure your mum wants you home for dinner.
Right, I thought I should probably go.
- You said you worry so much - See ya.
About me sometimes Won't you come over? We can drink and sing (CHUCKLES) Don't you think it's been such a long time - Since we've been happy? - What? Isn't this kinda unethical? How? Calling them fresh when they're clearly not.
Spiking them with processed juice.
I don't know, man.
Seems alright to me.
You think this is bad? What about when the big supermarkets have shares in coal and pokie machines? Sully, this is business.
It's all about the bottom line.
It's 6.
Alright, just let me finish this real quick.
No, that's not the deal.
You study now.
(SIGHS) So, I have to ask you a favour.
Does it require me to do something? - Well, yeah, but - Then it's gonna cost you.
It requires you not to do something.
Look, I'm going to be doing a placement at your school for uni.
Why would a business student do a placement at a high school? I'm not studying business.
I'm studying teaching.
English teaching.
- (LAUGHS) - Shh-shh-shh It's not funny.
Dude, she is going to kill you.
I will tell her eventually.
I just need to wait for the right time.
She wants me to be successful and I just don't want to disappoint her, right? - So you want me to keep quiet? - Yes.
Well, my silence isn't cheap.
- Come on, man.
- All those need to be chopped.
I'm not gonna get involved in your little A lie? Look, everyone's a liar to some degree.
What's this about lying? - Um - Doesn't sound like homework to me.
To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.
- Hamlet.
- Hamlet.
- I remembered it from high school.
- Yeah.
My Sully can teach you a thing or two.
I reckon he will.
I still don't get it.
I thought we were cool.
We are.
But me coming home to you two What? Making pizzas? Watching videos? Practically naked.
I'm in my dressing gown.
- Using all my cheese.
- I can get you more cheese.
Oh, it's not about the cheese.
For starters, you invited Dane over even though you knew I was at work and you didn't even say anything.
OK, but to me it's like you were cool with us hanging out before, and suddenly now you're not.
No, I'm not, because the situation has changed.
Why? Because I'm having sex? Yes.
I just thought we had that talk.
I'm really trying to be more adult about this.
But you're not an adult.
You're my child.
And I am not OK with coming home after a crap day at work to find the two of you swanning around in your underwear.
We weren't swanning.
We're not housemates, Sabine.
I'm your mother.
I never said we're housemates.
- Well, stop acting like it.
- OK.
Then how do you want me to act then, Mother? Sabine! Sorry, just so I get it, I have to check with you every time I want him to come over? Ideally yes.
That's what I would prefer.
Oh, and maybe that should be our rule.
There are rules now? Yes.
I don't know what they are but rules there will be and rules you will follow.
And until then, I don't want Dane over here unless I say so.
OK? Can I have the, uh, usual, thanks, mate? - Yeah, sure.
- Hey, Davies.
If you're flush with cash, I have a hot tip on a horse.
(LAUGHS) Oh yeah? Butter Chicken.
Races Saturday.
Real good odds.
Ah Thanks.
What's up? Looks like bad news.
Is it bad news, Pav? - No.
- Dodgy medical results? - No.
- Somebody die? No, if you must know, it's Claudia.
She wants to meet up.
Hey! Oh, that's great news, pal.
You're back in.
Odds on Pav gets his leg over tonight.
His good one.
- If he doesn't muck it up again.
- I didn't muck it up.
She just wanted to focus on her daughter.
Definitely code for, "You're a dud root.
" - We never had sex.
- (LAUGHS) Why did I tell him that? And you've been on how many dates? I didn't know you were gay, Pav.
Hey, can we keep the homophobia out of this space please? I'm not teasing the gays.
I'm teasing Pav.
Now, "Welcome to Pleasuretown, population: you.
" Don't text her that.
In fact, whatever he suggests, do the opposite.
Ryan, how do you read the situation? Well, it's after nine, so that counts as a "U Up" kind of text.
I don't even know what that means.
It means you're in.
It's a lucky night.
Hey, mate.
How about that horse? No, no, I think I'll pass thanks.
Suit yourself.
Women and horses.
I love Let me guess.
It's your horned-up period drama.
Well, you should think of that as a marital aid.
Mmm! Hi, Beer Breath.
G'day, Wine Wench.
The contract for the mortgage extension.
(SIGHS) Yeah, there it is.
It's actually going to be super easy to make the repayments.
It's, like, 150 bucks a week.
So, I will cut back on yoga or I mean, I'll just use an app.
And we can make lunches more and we'll stop buying so many coffees.
That's it.
(SIGHS) Look, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Right? You know, they haven't approved the application yet.
- No, Shane said that - Who's Shane? The mortgage broker.
He said that we'll have no trouble getting approved.
So can I have your autograph? If I get this in by tomorrow, then we should have the money by the end of the week and we can finally get this place sorted.
I think it's a bit much.
This is business.
You're supposed to look professional.
I know.
It's just I don't think interns get this dressed up.
You know what they say: dress to impress.
This is how you get picked for a promotion.
Doesn't even look second-hand.
- Alright.
See you, Mum.
- Wait, wait.
Here's your lunch.
No, this is crazy.
Fish sauce? I'm going to stink out the break room.
It smell delicious.
Be proud of your culture.
Besides, you'll make a lot of new friends by sharing your lunch.
- Bye.
- Work hard, son.
Nice outfit.
Oh, look, it's Bob the Builder.
You teaching, or sinking the economy? Shh.
You haven't told her, then? I will.
First day, yeah? - Yeah.
- Good luck.
- Nervous? - No.
Kinda, yeah.
Just, uh, be yourself, man.
Trust your gut.
I have anxiety.
My gut is literally not my friend right now.
You want to do this, right? You gotta start sometime.
You'll be fine.
You're gonna be great.
Hey, you wanna go for a jog this arvo? - It's been a while.
- Yeah, sounds good.
What time? Um I'm not sure when I'll finish.
I'll text you.
SABINE: And I don't even know what she wants.
I don't even think she knows what she wants.
- It was just icky.
- Mm.
Great advice.
Thank you.
Mums are weird.
Mine came to school just so I could update her phone.
Oh, your poor thing.
Your mum's harassing you.
I'm harassing you.
All this estrogen, how are you coping? Sorry.
Look, my advice is crap, but I'm just not good at this.
Well, I don't have any girlfriends right now, so you'll have to do.
Do I have to braid your hair? No, but you do have to help me fight the patriarchy.
- OK.
- Oh! - Oh, God.
- What are you doing here? I'm doing prac.
So corner store guy and teacher.
Uh, yeah, about that.
Can you not mention this near my shop or near Don't worry, I'll keep it on the DL.
Uh, thanks.
You don't want anything in return? Nah, I feel for you.
Sully Tran? James Frasier, your mentor teacher.
Nice to meet you.
Day hasn't even started yet and I see the students are already treating this place like a dump.
Let's get going.
Yeah, I was hoping to go to the bathroom.
Can it wait? Already running a little bit late.
Starting with the Year Nines today.
Um, anything I need to know? Not the easiest class.
- (BELL RINGS) - Just up here.
Oh, I am busy! Guys! You know the drill.
Phones away.
Sitting down, guys.
I got all the students to sign a contract at the beginning of the year saying they wouldn't use their phones in class.
- Laila.
- One sec, sir.
I'm texting Shirin.
- Shirin's right there.
- (LAUGHTER) It's super important.
You're breaking your contract.
Contracts signed by a minor are not legally binding, sir.
You're veering dangerously close to a "one".
What are you doing here? This is Mr Tran.
He's our new prac teacher.
He'll be joining us for the next little while.
- Nah, he works in the corner store.
- (LAUGHTER) I do both.
So, can I get a Red Bull, then? - (LAUGHTER) - Enough! That's a one.
OK, class, let's try this again.
This is Mr Tran.
Hey, everyone.
Yeah, this is why I never want to work out with you.
What? How do you look so good after exercising? Oh, shut up.
I thought the whole point was to get sweaty and gross.
Not that I've had a chance to get to a class lately.
You need to make more time for yourself.
I feel like I haven't seen you in ages.
Well, soak it up, because I have to be at a client meeting in halfa.
- (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - No, maybe maybe less.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Busy career woman over there.
I'm Renee.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Are you the the doctor that's been dating Pav? Yeah, no, not anymore.
Yeah, I always smash the exercise after a breakup too.
No, it's not that.
It's, uh I've got teenager issues.
did you want to grab a coffee? Yeah, this is what she does: collects new friends like stamps.
I'm actually quite discerning, and you seem like a very lovely person.
Besides, you're about to desert me.
No, not anymore.
Client cancelled the meeting.
I've got time and I could go for a coffee.
- Great.
- Yeah.
- OK, let's do it.
- Alright.
Oh, my God.
What is that, seriously? Laila! Have you finished your writing exercise? Can't concentrate, sir.
- It stinks in here.
- (LAUGHTER) - I think it's Mr Tran.
- (LAUGHTER) Do you want to take another pink slip home from the principal's office? Just ignore them.
Sorry, it's just I spilled fish sauce on my pants this morning.
I think that's what they're smelling.
(SNIFFS) Yeah, right.
Um why don't you go clean yourself up? Bathroom's just down the hall to the left.
What is that? Come on.
(TURNS TAP ON) Oh, crap! (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) I really want to be OK with it, but it raises all these issues.
Like, do I need to speak to Dane's parents? And do we need a system? Like what? A roster? A sex timetable? I don't know.
No, she shouldn't be having sex in your house.
Then where is she supposed to do it? Does she have to do it at all? OK, you know one day Noah and Frankie will be having sex No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Nah, nah, nah.
You gotta face it.
One day they will.
And so will Mich and Kat.
Do you think that Mich is doing it already? I don't think so.
Not with anyone else, at any rate.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I mean, I want Sabine to be open with me and I want her to have a healthy attitude about sex.
So this is a really important talk you're having with Sabine? Yeah.
It was so much easier when they were babies.
Mm, I gotta say, it's pretty good.
That's why I'm trying for another.
- Really? - Yeah.
Speaking of sex timetables.
Oh, don't get her started.
(LAUGHS) BOY: Nah, dude.
Hamlet was a boss.
Do you know how many people he kills in the end? - BOY: Hamlet? - Yeah.
Alright, it's $5.
60 for this one.
60? But I'm just renting it.
It's up to you, bro.
Blame your parents for buying you a weird-ass phone that no-one has a charger for.
Thank you.
(WHISPERS) Kam! Help! (LAUGHS) That's the worst first day story I've ever heard.
I just don't know if I can count any of the hours you did today.
I don't know how to explain that to your co-ordinator.
You won't have to.
This won't happen again.
I appreciate that, but maybe you're just not ready for practical placement? Some people just need a bit more time.
Today was a freak anomaly.
I am 100% ready.
You sure? I had a teacher, Mrs Lee.
I don't know where I'd be today without her.
I've worked in Mum's shop since I was seven.
I had no friends.
The shop was my whole world.
But Mrs Lee got me into reading and I fell in love with books because of her.
Every night I could escape into some other world.
Look, I know that so much of what makes a kid survive in school depends on the teacher.
I want to be that teacher.
Look, I'm not going to call your coordinator.
Thank you so much.
But, Christ, mate.
Don't let whatever this was happen again.
I truly don't think that is possible.
So I can't come over unless she's there? That's mental.
Maybe we can hang at your place for a bit.
- Just for a while? - Nah, Sabine, I told you, we can't.
There's always somewhere there.
If it's not the cleaner, it's the landscape dude or whatever.
And they're all Mum's spies.
First world problems.
This is so annoying.
Why'd your mum have to turn out to be such a prude? I wouldn't call her that.
Maybe she's just in shock about seeing us so close.
We were having a snack.
It's no big deal.
- Yeah, but her seeing us - Yeah.
It's weird for her, OK? - I can understand that.
- OK, OK.
And she's really definitely not a prude.
And even if she was, you're not allowed to call her that.
Only I am.
Hey, I'm sorry.
You know I rate your mum.
I'm just pissed she's getting between us.
But, you know, it's all good.
Worst case scenario, we can just do it here.
What? Literally here? Yeah.
I think it's heaps romantic.
- Hi.
Come on in.
- Great to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
Ooh, um, I'm here about Audrey's medication.
Ah, that's for me and Mich.
Do you let him drink wine? Yeah.
We're very French that way.
Sorry I wasn't more clear.
It's just I know you're not supposed to talk about drugs in texts and I didn't want to alert the FBI agent in my phone.
Yeah, probably best not to mention it.
- Sorry.
- No, it's fine.
Just happy that Audrey's getting the pain relief that she needs.
So, uh, how's Sabine going, anyway? - Yeah, fine.
- Yeah? Well, I I thought we were in a better place actually.
It turns out I'm not as OK with her having sex as I thought.
Well, look.
I'm sure it's just an adjustment.
I'm trying to come up with some rules.
What have you come up with so far? Stop growing up so fast.
(CHUCKLES) What is it that you want exactly? I want to pump the brakes and go back to when she was six years old and putting drawings in my medical bag.
Well, that's not going to happen.
I guess I want to feel respected.
Like she's listening to me, and I'm not being walked all over.
Yeah, right.
Well, you can either keep your head in the sand, or try and come to terms with it, I guess.
Look, it's better that she's safe and not out there doing it, you know, God knows where.
Like in the back of someone's Range Rover.
Like mother, like daughter.
(SHRIEKS AND CHUCKLES) I, I think you both probably want the same thing, don't you? You've just gotta find the middle ground.
That's all.
It'll be fine.
I better get going.
Thanks for this.
Any time.
See ya.
(DOOR CLOSES) Mum, I have something to say.
Yeah, me too.
- Can I go first? - Mm-hm.
I realised today that I'm your baby.
Well, you're certainly a baby.
Mother, please be serious.
I'm your little girl.
And it must be pretty yuck for you to think of me doing sex things.
I could be a bit more subtle.
Yes, I think you probably could.
Have you figured out your rules? Alright.
The rules.
Number one: Monday to Thursday, Dane isn't here.
My rule number one: when he is here, you're going to be nice to him.
He's my boyfriend.
- I'm nice to him.
- When you feel like it.
Rule number two: I don't want to see Dane in his undies ever again.
No undies, got it.
- No naked swanning - I told you, we weren't swanning Rule three: you're going to have to start doing your own laundry.
Oh yeah, gross.
And final rule: don't touch my cheese.
OK? It's all I have in my life right now.
- Capiche? - Capiche.
And in return, I can work on accepting that you're not so little anymore.
And I have to respect your choices.
And how far does that stretch, exactly? Mmm? I just thought, since we were talking, could Dane stay over sometime? Like overnight? I'll have to talk to his parents.
And as long as you're respectful.
That's always been my thing.
Mum that's so awesome.
Don't ask.
Are you still up for the run? Ah, you didn't call.
I figured it was off.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What happened? (CAR HORN BEEPS) Ah.
MAN: Hey, Ash.
This is uh, this is my brother, Kam.
- What's up? - Zayn Malik much? - Can I put you on lay-by? - OK.
And that's uh, that's Sully.
That's uh, Daisy, Tyler and Byron.
You're the guy that yacked at Nangs.
That's me.
Your face is blue.
Yeah, it's a birthmark.
We're going to the outdoor cinemas.
You wanna come? Nah, I'm pretty tired.
But thanks, though.
- See you, bro.
- Adios.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Oh, here you go.
- Hey, babe.
- Mum.
Just Just a sec, Noah.
- Oh, well we'll miss you.
- Mum! We're eating baby corn like real corn.
No, no, no.
It it's better that you finish up the job than rush home and stress out about it.
No, we've got some delicious leftovers waiting for you.
That sounds great.
I I shouldn't be long.
I just I want to go through the new plans with the plumber and I'm out of here.
Love you.
What's wrong? I think I just need a hug.
- Are you sick? - No.
- Hungry? - No, I just You need money? - Actually, I am hungry.
- Good, we have pho.
I live in a society That tells me I don't count My life would be much easier If things would straighten out You can't bail on us tonight.
A man's got to make a living.
- (BEEP!) - Declined.
You don't have to keep saying that.
Tyler doesn't have mates.
He has projects.
Hazel, we're going to take Patch to the hospital.
Why? What's wrong with him? You don't run a business with no money in the coffers.
Why would you keep saying that? We have money.
Then where is it, Mark?