The Heights (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 RENEE: Previously on The Heights You were supposed to have finished these renovations forever ago, yet here we are.
We're still living in a in a building site.
Although you could take me out to dinner.
I probably need to focus on home.
How would you feel about working on a doco together? Getting a bit bored of the Daisy show.
Hamish threw himself off the bloody building and I couldn't bear to fail you two as well.
I want to go through the new plans with the plumber and I'm out of here.
(POKIE MACHINE PLAYS JAUNTY TUNE) The backyard Australia's haven of privacy.
But why? What is it about the rest of the world that we're so desperate to hide from? What about ourselves are we trying to hide from the outside world? Which brings me to your next assignment.
Throughout the year we've explored the city as a metaphor for utopia and decline.
In Urban Decay, I want you to create a sculpture communicating your ideas of your city.
Using found objects and recycled materials referencing modern sculpture that we've learnt about.
(BELL RINGS) I want to hear your ideas next week.
And don't forget to partner up.
SABINE: Mich! We need to talk about what we're doing.
- Talk about what? - The art assignment.
Bit presumptuous.
What, you wanna work with one of your dumb footy mates who are only doing the class for a bludge? Come on.
We'll be the perfect team.
- I'm a cripple and you're - Indigenous? Exactly! We're living in the age of diversity, man.
We'll get an A+ for sure.
You're cooked.
- So how about it? - Yeah, whatever.
- Come to mine? - Now? Someone's keen.
Art's my thing.
Actually, give me like an hour? What? It's alright.
I've got footy training anyway.
(SINGS IN VIETNAMESE) Ah! Noah, stop running, please.
Is Kam around? He's studying.
Leave him alone.
- NOAH: Mumma? - Mmm? Can I have some jellybeans? Uh, you can have something when we get home.
What's your favourite flavour? Purple? Purple's not a flavour.
Yes, it is.
It tastes just like grapes.
It's so yummy.
Please can I? I said no, bub.
He's a good kid, no? Yeah, I just I don't like them having too much sugar.
My Sully ate sugar all the time and he turned out good.
But you know, us immigrants couldn't afford much anyway.
I know what you mean.
We're trying to cut back at the moment too.
So no organic for us for a while.
- $37.
- Thanks.
Uh well it must be the machine.
Do you want to try that again? Sure.
Uh, why don't you try this card? Thanks.
- (MACHINE BEEPS) - Declined.
You don't have to keep saying that.
Must just be, um Mark must have forgotten to put money in the account.
Um just give me a second.
"Criminal finally exposes hide-outs.
" Cryptic crosswords are so weird.
Read it again? "Criminal finally exposes hide-outs.
" Don't look at me.
I'm a Sudoku man.
Don't mind these dullards, Bruce.
I notice you didn't have the answer.
Ah, tease all you want.
This generation is useless.
Can't do the cryptic.
They can't even place a bet properly.
It's "odds on", not "odds are".
Steady on, old man.
You can't even turn your computer on without getting six viruses.
Ah, here's trouble.
I've been trying to ring you.
Why do we only have $17 in our bank account, Mark? - Hey? - I checked online.
I saw that you took a bunch of cash out from here the other day.
Uh oh, I must have got the cards mixed up.
What for? What were you paying for? Um, can we talk about this when I get home? No, I'm freaked out.
Um come come here.
Bruce, can you just keep an eye on these two for a sec? Yeah, sure.
Sit over here, guys.
What? Look, I had to pay Greg for the electrical work on the patio, OK? He needed it as a cashy.
His his ex is watching his earnings.
So why is there six transactions from the same ATM, Mark? Machine was stuffed could only get a couple of hundred at a time.
The limits were low.
Would you two like to learn how to play the cryptic crossword? No.
Would would you two like to learn how to get black blacklisted from jury duty? OK.
I'll sort it.
I will sort it.
Can you sort out the shopping when you do, please? - Yeah.
- Noah, Frankie, come on.
Thanks, Bruce.
Come on.
It's OK.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Yeah.
- Come in.
- Hey.
- Oh, ta, mate.
Thank you.
- How's he going? Alright.
Bit on the nose.
Yeah Here you go.
Is that all? Christ, babies are expensive.
Ooh! Worse than my ex after a curry and a night on the town.
Yeah, at least he's he's not screaming.
Where are you going? This is a two man job! You got this.
I'm keeping a tally, for when your mum ends up wiping my arse one day.
I'm telling you, Patch.
(PATCH GURGLES) What? Hey? What's that? Are you a bit flushed? (FUSSES) Mumma, have we run out of money? No, peanut, we're fine.
- But you said to Daddy that - Yeah, no, no, no.
I I'm so sorry.
You don't need to worry.
We've got more than enough money.
Just not enough to buy jellybeans! Oh, no, that's because when you're on a sugar high, Mumma gets stressed out and needs to have a lie down.
Like when Daddy gets stressed and takes Oddjob for a run? Yeah.
Oh, hey, Greg.
Yeah, I just oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, the kids are great.
- Except we're eating yuck vegetables.
- Yuck! I yeah I just wanted to have a chat to you about the work you guys have been doing lately.
Well, what about the job he just paid you for? - Don't do that.
- I have to get ready.
But I love you.
You're just saying that 'cause you wanna get some.
Thought we were gonna hang? I only have half an hour.
I have to be home before Mum knows I was here.
- 'Cause she doesn't approve? - Kinda.
Put some clothes on or something.
Mich will be here any minute.
But it's a Friday.
I know, but we've got to do this art assignment.
- What? - Nothing.
No, seriously, what? It's just I worry about you hanging out with those guys, babe.
They go to my school.
Kinda hard not to.
I don't know.
Look at what happened last time.
Cops came to his house and that other houso kid was arrested.
He wasn't arrested and that was mostly because of your mates.
It's not their fault he was carrying illegal stuff.
You say it like it was meth.
It was fireworks.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) - Hey, Mich.
- Hey.
Dane was just leaving.
Hey dude.
Meant to say real sorry about the party, eh? Did it work out alright? Nah.
Oh, Dad's place was a bit trashed, but Good thing about a tiny house is it's easy to clean, right? - Just kidding, bro.
- Yeah.
Don't you have to get home to your mum? S'pose so.
I don't wanna put my work shoes on I don't wanna be the only one to be waiting Uh-oh, he's looking prettier than you.
That magic of contouring.
Want a makeover, Ash? Hell no.
(SIGHS) I'm pretty enough.
Guys, are we doing Sonic Fest this year? I'm in.
Oh, I dunno.
I'm still having flashbacks of being trapped in that frown cupboard last year.
(ALL LAUGH) What what's a uh, frown cupboard? Uh, it's a portaloo.
Hey, George has a bunch of passes to this fashion afterparty thingo.
Free booze.
Do we want them? Obviously.
Alright, I'll tell him.
Five, yeah? I can't.
I've got work in the morning.
Oh, you're always working.
Dude, call in sick.
Weren't you complaining that your boss wasn't even paying you? I'll call in sick for you.
I gotta go.
You can't bail on us tonight.
Man's got to make a living.
You know what else a man's got to do? Live his life.
No-one ever said on their deathbed, "Oh, I just wish I worked more.
" But what they did say is that, "I wish I went to that awesome free party with all of those hot people.
" Oh, that was beautiful.
Come on.
It won't be the same without you.
Come on.
Come on.
Alright, man.
I'll call in sick.
- Killing me, man.
- (LAUGHTER) I don't want to turn nineteen, no (DOOR SHUTS) I don't want to turn nineteen, no Spoke to Greg.
- Greg Carey? - Yeah.
He said that you didn't pay him for that job.
Nor have you paid a bunch of people that you owe, apparently.
Ah, he's just being a drama queen.
The business account is empty.
The joint account is empty.
We have no money.
It's all good.
Look, I'm just waiting on a few things to come through.
But it's not all good, Mark! People don't want to work with us anymore! What? Who doesn't? Greg Carey? He he's a lazy git anyway.
But Dad always said nothing is more valuable than your reputation.
If people think that we can't pay them, then Well, this is why I don't want you checking the accounts! I can handle it, alright? - So will you spare me your dad's lecture - No, I'm not an idiot! You don't run a business with no money in the coffers.
Why would you keep saying that? We have money.
Then where is it, Mark? I don't see it! Remember when we first met and you were still seeing that girl, Rosie with the tongue piercing, and you told me that you'd broken up with her? What's that got to do with anything? You have that exact same look on your face.
You're lying.
(SIGHS) Do you know what? I don't need this.
(PATCH FUSSES, CRIES) - Walking through the - (CONTINUES CRYING) - Shh, shh, shh.
- (CONTINUES CRYING) - (PHONE CONTINUES RINGING) - (CONTINUES CRYING) PAV: You know, you're not going to suddenly make this place popular by mixing a new cocktail.
No, but it might help us get rid of some of the naff liquor that Bill stored up.
Oh, what's this? Blue Curacao.
It's essentially a collection of all the alcohol I used to get drunk on as a teenager.
But we are going to make it cool again.
- Ha-ha! - Hey where's mine? You can share with them.
I'm not sharing with, uh Watto.
You get the hepatitis alphabet just looking at him.
Alright, so it's got a gin base with a little bit of cognac, red pomegranates, lemon, bee pollen and free range eggs.
I'm thinking of calling it the Cognac Cauldron.
Tastes ironic.
- With a hint of wank.
- (OTHERS LAUGH) You don't want to put more than three flavours in a drink.
It it, uh kind of overpowers it.
- Here.
- What are you doing? I'm going to help you.
So what's the plan? You're going to, uh gentrify this place? No.
Just going to you know, tidy it up a bit.
- As long as you don't ruin its charm.
- (LAUGHS) Of course.
I'd hate to ruin this place.
If you get so much as one craft beer Oh, give him a break.
He just wants to make the place look a bit nicer.
Like I'm trying to do with the community garden.
And I'd like to thank you, Watto, for no longer peeing on the eggplants as per my request.
Heya Hey.
I need a bottle of sparkling, please, a nice one.
Celebrating? I thought I'd get Rashida an engagement present.
I should probably get on to that too.
So, you work here now? - Oh, yeah, I'm just helping out.
- He's perfecting my newest cocktail.
Here, wrap your laughing gear round that.
Ooh, yeah, that's actually pretty good.
- Alright.
- It's got bee pollen, free range She doesn't need a spiel, mate.
really, honestly.
And what are you calling it? - The Cognac Cauldron.
- The Hipster Douche.
Oh, you're funny, you know that? Isn't he funny? - Yeah, he is pretty funny.
- (LAUGHS) Well, I'll be sure to come back and order a Hipster Douche.
You see? A satisfied customer.
It's working already.
Uh well, see ya! - See ya.
That sobered me up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You alright? - Uh just a drink.
Yeah, I think I need a drink too, actually.
Right, Hipster Douches all round.
- Hipster what? - Hipster Douche.
It's the new thing.
Everyone is doing it.
(DOOR OPENS) Hi, Mrs Rosso.
It's Dr Rosso.
Claudia's fine.
I thought Dane'd be here.
He was.
- Trouble in paradise? - No.
We just had to get a head start on this assignment.
Shall we have those leftovers for dinner? Already ate them.
Guess I'll order some more, then! We eat way too much takeaway.
I wish we did.
Dad's always trying to show off in the kitchen.
- You're welcome to stay for dinner.
- Thanks.
All of these ideas are crap.
I thought art was your thing.
We could do something with an Aboriginal theme.
I don't know much about it.
But your mum's Aboriginal, isn't she? Yeah.
So's my dad.
Pav? Pav's not my real dad.
- Then who's - I don't know.
I don't see him anymore.
What else have we got? (SIGHS) "How do you feel about this city?" That's what we're supposed to be doing.
- So? - So what? How do you feel about this city? I don't know.
You've gotta have some opinion of it.
Sum it up in one word.
A zoo.
(PULSING DANCE MUSIC) He thinks he can keep you all to himself.
Nah, we're all mates.
Nah, Tyler doesn't have mates.
He has projects.
We all play our role.
Nah, I'm just being you on the slot machines, mate.
Accidentally Claudia Street - (MIMICS ELEVATOR BELL) - (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Oh, first floor.
Audrey! It's all your fault those cookies.
Just kidding, Audrey.
Love you, Audrey.
(LAUGHS) - Wake up! - No.
Shush! Shush! Sorry.
Shh, shh, shh.
- (WHISPERS) This Here, here.
- Shh.
- Yeah.
- Shh.
Nice, nice.
- Shh.
- Nice.
- Hang on.
These aren't my keys! - (THUMPING) Whoo! Now the party starts.
- No, no, no.
- Shush! Oh, no, no, no.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's alright.
- RYAN: Ooh.
- ANA: Oh This one is definitely the worst.
In the bin.
- That's it.
- (FUSSES) Oh, bubba.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- There.
- (FUSSES) Would you rather have your life accompanied by a dynamic orchestral score, or narrated by David Attenborough? Like, the whole time? - Every single minute.
- (SNORING) (MIMICS DAVID ATTENBOROUGH) Morning time is grooming time in the towers, yet the Ana Novak is a somewhat appre I thought you said David Attenborough.
Yeah, that wa (CHUCKLES) Ha-ha.
That's very funny.
Very funny.
I choose orchestral score.
My turn.
Would you rather get murdered by Ghostface from Scream, Freddy Krueger, or that creepy chick on the Ring movies when she comes out of the TV? That scared the absolute shit - (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Ah! (SNORING CONTINUES) (KNOCK AT DOOR) HAZEL: It's me! (KNOCKS AT DOOR) Oi! Why the hell didn't you answer your phone? I I I'm worried there's something wrong with him.
He's had a couple of vomits, wouldn't eat anything.
Has a temp.
Oh, no, little man.
A bit tachycardic.
I don't know what that means.
Quick heart rate.
His breathing's pretty fast.
Wake up, bubba.
Should we try and burp him? BOTH: Shut up, Ryan.
(PATCH BREATHES A GURGLING WHEEZE) Hazel, we're going to take Patch to the hospital.
Why? What's wrong with him? We're just being on the safe side.
He's not breathing.
Is he breathing? Hazel.
You're going to drive.
I'll call the hospital on the way and let them know we're coming.
- Let's go.
- Move.
First Among Equals and Shy Dell jumped away quickly Mark.
Came out very busy on (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) straight there into the box seat early.
What's going on? (SIGHS) It's Maureen.
She's got involved with a payday lender.
She hasn't been making the payments and it spiralled.
How much did you lend her this time? $15,000.
Oh, my God.
Mark! Your bloody sister.
OK, it's it's not just that, though.
You're you're right.
I stuffed up.
I haven't been keeping track of the books.
I haven't been paying people on time and you know, it's gotten away from me.
I'm really sorry, 'Nee.
I need help.
I mean, I'm glad you told me.
Could you take over the books, do you think? Is that too much? Yeah.
Yeah, OK.
I'll do that.
And we can dip into the home loan to keep up with household stuff.
Yeah, whatever you think is best.
And we'll scale back on the renovations.
You're right.
It's it's too much.
I need you to promise me something.
Don't ever ever lie to me again.
I won't.
I mean it, Mark.
If we don't have trust, then I can't do this.
(MUSIC PLAYS FAINTLY THROUGH HEADPHONES) (ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYS FAINTLY THROUGH HEADPHONES) (SIGHS) (GENTLE PIANO) Come lay me down Come heal me now (SIREN WAILS IN THE DISTANCE) Come take this crown Don't need it anymore I'm not cut out for this.
I'm the idiot who didn't answer his phone.
(SCOFFS) I told you him coming home with me was a mistake.
- It wasn't.
You are great with him.
- I'm rubbish.
Nothing's changed.
Just stuffing up another one.
What happened tonight wasn't your fault.
And neither was Hamish.
Been lost so long But it happened all before - OK.
Uncle? - Yes.
I have Patch's blood work back.
He has viral pneumonia.
That's bad.
Is that really bad? No.
Happens to kids sometimes.
What did I do? You haven't done anything.
Patch is just too young to have had the shot that prevents this.
- It's just bad luck.
- You see? Is he going to be OK? I think he's going to be just fine.
Give him a week, he'll be back on the footy field.
Can I stay with him? Of course.
We could set you up a bed.
We can do it now if you want? (EXHALES) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (MIMICS DAVID ATTENBOROUGH) Early morning in the lush tundra of Arcadia, and thanks to Ana Novak, Patch has survived another day.
- I was doing the uh - Yeah, I got it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mm-hm.
I was useless.
- Yeah.
- But you were incredible.
It's all good.
No, you were.
You were amazing.
Just amazing.
Uh uh Thank you.
It's OK.
(GENTLE ACOUSTIC GUITAR) The weight that buckles your knees - Anything serious? - I asked her to marry me.
- But we're Aboriginal.
- Yes, my mother was.
Do you know much about her? Has Grandad said anything? - Not really.
- Who took the sports section? SABINE: Very leopard-y.
DANE: It's hot, right?