The Heights (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

1 Previously on The Heights Help me do a Tinder for Sully.
I was kidding.
I'm not doing that.
I'll pay you.
You're going to, uh, gentrify this place? No, just gonna tidy it up a bit.
- Pants would be good.
- Yeah.
This is Mr Tran.
He's our new prac teacher.
- Nah, he works in the corner store.
- (STUDENTS LAUGH) Hey, Leonie.
Thank you for being here.
We're out of chocolate bullets.
Take the Turkish delights.
We have plenty.
Yeah, and there's a reason for that.
I'll give you 20% off cost.
Hey, you, uh, found Sully's one true love yet? Shh.
He's out back.
But no, nothing yet.
Hey, what does "chinky twinks only" means? - Sounds racist.
- (CHUCKLES) This is pointless.
It seem everyone on here is interested in is, uh, spray tans, snowboarding, or something called DTF.
Hey, what does this mean? Oh, you got a match.
He's just messaged you as well.
What do I do now? You respond.
How? Look, you're asking the wrong person.
Hey, help me and I'll give you 25% off.
Everything? Just the Turkish delights.
What does a picture of a face with one eye closed mean? That he's half Asian? No, it's an emoji.
He's winking at you.
You know? He's trying to flirt.
- Sully would never say that.
- Shh.
Say what? Oh, that lowering the tax rates for small businesses would not stimulate the economy.
You're right.
I wouldn't say that.
- I'm heading off.
- Wait up, bro.
I'll walk with you to school.
I mean, I'll walk with you to the bus stop, and then I'll leave you there and walk to school alone.
Hey, what do you think: one twinkie face or two? Definitely two.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
Hey there Why do you look so angry? Why do you look so down? Life Tell me you're feeling fresh and ready to dive in.
As always.
Why? Oh, a bit dusty.
Got home after soccer, opened a bottle.
Forgot to close it.
Yeesh indeed.
That's why I was thinking, since I'm feeling useless, maybe you could take the reins in English today? - It's out! - You big fat liar! It was in! - Laila.
- What?! Calm down.
It's only a game.
Why are you having a go at me, sir? Shirin's the one trying to dethrone me! Back me up, ladies.
It's back to dunce for you.
Today is not going to be fun.
(DOOR ALERT BUZZES) - Munchies? - Hm? Oh, hey! At what, this time of the morning? It's, uh, Kat's lunch.
I didn't have time this morning to make my usual nutritional feast.
Mm! Late night? Uh, yeah.
I kind of hung out at Leonie's and sort of mucked up my routine.
- How is she? - In a weird place.
Yeah, ageing parents are tough.
- You just been to the gym? - Yoga.
Ooh, how was it? Well, I didn't strangle the smug 20-year-old running the class, so I guess it's working.
- I'm Zen now.
- Nice.
Actually, I'm glad I bumped into you.
Saved me having to make a call.
You were going to make a call, were you? Mmm.
I thought you, um, might be interested to know that I am not working today.
- Or tomorrow.
- That's very interesting.
And thought perhaps if you were free, you'd like to pick up where we left off? Yeah, I've I've, uh, got a couple of things I need to sort out but, um, how how about tonight at my place? Mich is staying at his mum's.
Got a free zone there.
You watching cat videos again? I don't interfere in your private life, so don't interfere in mine.
There you go.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
Have a nice day.
Oh, and I might just grab a packet of those.
You don't need them.
He got them yesterday.
He? Who he - You got a hot date coming up? - No, I don't Well, you need to do something about that moustache.
I don't have a mousta Do I? - Oh, it's it's cool.
I got it.
- (SIGHS) Has anyone seen my other shoe? - Yeah.
- Oh.
So, talk to Mich much last night? Yeah.
Yeah, we both agreed the Eagles were robbed.
I'll be back soon.
Try not to get square eyes watching all that TV.
Don't listen to her, Grandad! Watch as much as you like.
Sorry I'm late.
How you doing, Grandad? Yeah, peachy.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, Kitty Kat, can you go grab your bag? Hey? Come on.
Quick, quick, quick! - So, about last night - Pass me that? Oh, come on, Leonie, don't do this.
Do what? Are we not going to talk about, um the kiss? What kiss? I You need to we need to get her ears checked.
I I said Swiss, as like Swiss cheese.
Why are you talking about cheese? If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.
Think about that.
I've got your lunch here.
You're gonna like it.
Can you call me and we maybe talk? What do you think? Come on.
You'll like this lunch.
- Cheese? - No.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Um, who here can define bildungsroman? Come on, guys, I know you know this.
OK, let's think up some examples.
Here's a hint.
Our text is one.
Laila, can you tell me why To Kill a Mockingbird is a bildungsroman? No.
Maybe you'd like to try? Isn't it your job to tell us? (STUDENTS LAUGH) At least tell me what you enjoyed about the book.
It was just dumb.
Expand on that.
Tell me why you thought it was dumb.
I don't know.
It just was.
- Laila - What? Have you read the book? I don't need to read a stupid book about birds to know that it's dumb.
- (STUDENTS LAUGH) - That's it, Laila.
You know the drill.
If you can't contribute respectfully, you're not welcome in this class.
Have fun, losers.
Right, um, so, can someone at least tell me the name of the protagonist? Anyone? Right from the start I was turned upside down And I turned into a little stray child I wonder, do I (TRAIN HORN SOUNDS, TRACKS RUMBLE) Yes, I know, Mum, but there's dust everywhere no place for a baby.
I will.
How is the old broad? Taking the term 'micromanage' to a whole new level.
You know, you usually don't paint till the end.
It's for the old wine barrels.
Figured they're still useful.
Just need a bit of freshening up.
Not as dumb as you look, Murphy.
What's on the agenda today? More arts and crafts? Are you kidding me? I have a to-do list that goes down to my knee and only two days before we reopen.
Saw Watto and Benny sharing a bottle of hand sanitiser in the park.
- Reminded me of you.
- Oh, good.
How's it all coming along? It's a work in progress.
Wanna have a go? What am I saying? You probably have a million things to do.
I could squeeze in a game or two.
- Sure? - Oh, yeah.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Hi! - Hello! Come in, come in.
Thank you.
- Great house.
- Oh, thank you.
Come through.
Got milk? Oh, sure.
Cow or soy? - Oh! Crap.
(LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) - I forgot I had it on! - You're fine.
- So, you brought the good stuff? - I did.
OK, read the Marcia Banks first.
Trust me.
Thanks for this.
Hey, what are bored housewives for if not for good book recommendations? (CHUCKLES) - Are you OK? Is that burning? - Yeah.
- But it's meant to, right? - It depends.
- How long have you had it on for? - About 20.
Is that too long? How is it? Is it red? It feels red.
Yeah, it is a bit.
A bit?! I look like a ginger Tom Selleck! Don't panic.
It'll go down by tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? - Yeah.
What? Have you got a hot date on tonight? Uh not exactly.
I mean, sort of.
Ooh! Well, now I'm curious.
Oh, no, I mean, it's not a thing.
I mean, not a THING thing.
A THING thing? What is that? Who is he? Do I know him? No, I doubt it.
He's a pharmaceutical rep from work.
- He doesn't live round here.
- Oh.
And? And nothing.
We're just having a bit of fun.
Just, you know, keeping it simple, casual.
I'm sorry, but you don't almost burn your face off for simple.
I do.
OK, well, I hope you've got a good concealer.
FRASER: It's a good play.
And before you accuse me of being biased because my friend wrote it, let me assure you, I hate it when my friends are successful.
(LAUGHS) What's that you're reading? Oh, it's just Ash.
He's just, um, helping renovate the Railway and they found, like, an old bunch of Betamax tapes.
He just asked if Mum wants them.
Is she a collector? Oh, nah, she's a hoarder.
It's a joke.
He's teasing.
But, yeah, play sounds cool.
I'll be sure to check it out.
Well, maybe we could see it together.
- Haven't you already seen it? - I have.
You want to see it again? I want to see it with you.
What do you say? Think about it.
I reckon it'd be good.
LAILA: Don't be so immature, Shirin.
Um, any pointers on how to deal with Laila? It's a shame, you know? She's a real smart and, just quietly, funny kid.
But she's just not willing to put the work in.
So how do we convince her to? I mean, we can't kick her out of every class, can we? No, but at the end of the day, we have 28 other students who are there to learn.
Now, if you have one student being a distraction, what other choice have you got? So it's a numbers game? No, it's a "find a way to get through the day" game.
Behaviour management is a big part of your assessment.
Don't let one student derail all of your hard work.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Move it, Sully.
- Laila, it's Mr Tran.
(GAME BLEEPS) - Quick, behind you.
- I know.
I can see.
Then why aren't you moving? Will you stop back-seat gaming me? Will you stop being so bad at this? - (GAME OVER SOUND BLEEPS) - Mm-hm? OK, would you rather watch Pearl Harbor on repeat every day for a month or be the random friend at a hen's party that is Sex and the City themed? I don't think I could spend a whole 10 minutes with those Cosmopolitan drinkers.
How annoying are people that order Cosmos at bars? The worst.
You know, I have half a mind to ban them altogether.
You should.
Make a stand! So, Pearl Harbor? Really is the lesser of two evils.
How was your day? Yeah, it was pretty good.
Sat in on a general meeting.
Some exciting stuff coming up.
Any they will put you on? Maybe.
Who knows? They like you, don't they? You work hard, they see that? They like me.
What's with the phone? I'm just catching up with news from overseas.
Your cousin Anh's getting married.
Isn't he already married? No, it's your cousin Quan.
Well, then.
Um, go get changed, then come back.
Why? I need you to cover.
Isn't Kam working tonight? He start late, and I have somewhere to go.
Where? Matt Nguyen? And you are? Iris.
Sully's mum.
Where is Sully? Is he coming? That depends.
On? My Sully has a great future ahead of him.
I just want to make sure he end up with someone nice.
Someone who can help him excel.
OK Tinder said you a pharmacist.
What does that pay? Hi.
You've reached Leonie Farrell.
- Please leave a message.
- (BEEP!) Hey, it's Pav.
Um, I guess you didn't get a chance to call me, so OK.
Uh Uh, we'll talk.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) - Hey! Come in.
- Hey.
Before you say anything, cheese and crackers does not constitute a meal.
Mmm, thanks, but I already ate.
- Ah.
Ooh! - No, no, no.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Sorry, did I hurt your leg? No, my leg's fine.
Do you not want to? - Yeah, of course I want to.
- Oh.
Oh, it's OK.
It happens.
What?! No! No, it's not that.
No, it's fine.
So, what's the problem, then? Uh Um I, uh I kissed Leonie last night.
Well, technically she kissed me.
I'm sorry.
I just felt I needed to tell you.
I can't believe I bleached my mo for this.
So what does this mean? Are you and Leonie getting back together? Oh, no, we're not gonna get back together.
Then why'd you tell me about it? Or at least why didn't you wait till after to tell me? I dunno, it just felt like the gentlemanly thing to do.
- So you kissed, and then what? - Then I went home.
- You didn't talk about it? - Well, I tried to but What if she's still in love with you? - She did crash our first date.
- You invited her to.
Yeah, but after that she was pretty invested in us.
Went out of her way to make sure I gave you a chance.
Does that sound like someone who's in love with someone? You really don't understand women, do you? You need to talk to her, clear the air.
Because this - you and me - I want that to keep happening, but I can't do it if there's even the slightest chance that Leonie still has feelings for you.
Is that provolone out there? That is a mellow-flavoured soft Italian cheese, slightly smoked, made from cow's milk.
Yes, it is.
So your family goes back often? Does it mean you're rich? It's important to my mother that her kids know Vietnam.
I guess my dad works hard to give her that.
(SPEAKS VIETNAMESE) My Vietnamese isn't what it used to be, but I get by.
That's good.
It's important to keep the language.
About kids? I know it's harder for you gays, but is that something you are interested in? Sully.
I got your message.
You said there was an emergency.
Sully, this is Matt.
What's going on? Sit down.
Now you two talk.
Interesting lady.
- (GAME BLEEPS) - Yes! Help.
I need an alias that exudes excellence.
That when you hear it, you instantly know that name belongs to a true top-score champion.
- Um - Me.
Fart-Face? No! Fart-Head.
It's more fitting.
Losing sucks, doesn't it? Alright, we are calling it.
Oh, gosh, when did it get so dark outside? About half an hour ago.
Yeah, time flies when you're playing Pac-Man.
Oh, well, I should probably get going too.
Yeah, cool.
I'll see you later.
Yeah, I'll catch you.
See yas.
- See ya.
- See ya.
I thought you had a lot to do today.
Yeah, well, the night's still young.
- (MAKES KISSY NOISES) - Goodnight.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) I can't believe she used this photo of me.
I look like such a goober.
Look, I'm so sorry my mum catfished you.
- She's always been a bit - Overinvested? Yeah.
How'd you guess? This is really weird and it's going to take me a bit of time to get over the fact that I was flirting with your mum all afternoon, but do you wanna maybe go for a drink or hang out a bit? Look, I would but I can't.
You're seeing someone.
He's just a mate I play soccer with sometimes.
Is that a euphemism I'm not getting? Uh, no.
He's not gay.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
If he's straight, what are you holding out for? Yeah, I don't know.
Look, I don't want to sound like the sage random guy, but waiting for something that's not going to happen it's kinda dumb.
(DOOR ALERT BUZZES) Back so soon? I guess you have to work tomorrow.
Well? Well what? Matt! He's a good-looking boy, don't you think? Sorry, Mum, I don't think it's going to work.
Why not? He's respectful, he's rich, he's handsome.
He's perfect for you.
I really wanted him to be, but then he started going on about how we should tax the rich, distribute their wealth, yuck.
- He didn't say that.
- No, he didn't say that.
He was nice, but that's not the point.
Look, Mum, I know you were trying to do something nice for me, and I appreciate that, but you can't go around putting up a fake Tinder account and pretend to be me on the internet.
Why not? You just cannot help this boy.
Summer at last (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Oceans still left to cross Ryan? I finished it.
I actually finished it.
Everything's done, and I even cleaned the toilets.
You're a little sleep-deprived.
What time is it? Coffee time.
Oh, this is You have no idea.
Thank you, Ana.
- I've got one for Ash too.
- Mm.
When did all this happen? Well, I'd say in the wee hours of the morning.
You see, Ryan here did an all-nighter.
- Really? - Uh, yeah.
I had a sudden burst of energy and thought I'd tick a few things off the list.
Anyway, I'm gonna go freshen up.
Thanks again for the coffee.
I thought he didn't have much on yesterday.
Well, that's what he let you believe.
Well, why not just say you're busy? You tell me.
A change in you - Funny how - "No Cosmos.
" (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) You can't just pull out because I'm about to beat you! Alright, seats, people! This is Handball Olympics.
Cramps or no cramps, you're playing! Laila.
Please? Mr Tran will be taking the class again today.
So, I wanted to focus on the narration this morning.
(STUDENTS GROAN) Why do we think Harper Lee chose to tell the story through the perspective of a young girl? Really? We're doing this again? Come on, guys.
Say something.
Oh, my God, Sully, no-one cares about your stupid book.
(STUDENTS GIGGLE) You know what, Laila? I really think if you actually read the book, you'd like it.
I doubt that.
That's it, Laila.
Thank you.
That goes for the rest of the class.
Everybody outside now.
(STUDENTS PROTEST) Laila, bring your tennis ball.
Get up.
Everybody out.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I got this.
OK, so here's the deal.
I beat you in a game of handball, and you need to read the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Why not? Don't wanna embarrass you.
Why, because you're some sort of handball virtuoso, are you? A what? Look, here's your chance to put your money where your big smart mouth is.
STUDENTS: Oooh! - Just the first chapter? - That's it.
And if I beat you? You name it.
What do you want? You have to buy the entire class burgers for lunch.
STUDENTS: Yeah! Burgers it is.
(LAUGHS) Oh, you're all talk, Jafari.
Lucky shot.
Now we play for real.
Bring it.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) You expecting someone? Hey.
- Since when do you knock? - I know.
Sorry, I just didn't Um, Mich just said that you were, you know, working from home today and I didn't want to kind of Look, I know things aren't easy for you at the moment Oh, you again.
Nice to see you're feeling better, Bruce.
You need a hand, Dad? Just number one.
Happy to sit.
Pav, what are you doing here? What am I doing I just wanted to talk to you about you know.
(SIGHS) You're right.
I can't keep pretending it didn't happen.
Let's open this dialogue.
OK, now I'm having flashbacks to relationship counselling.
Yeah, how well that worked.
I'm sorry for kissing you.
You don't have to apologise.
It's just it sort of came out of nowhere.
- Didn't it? Did it? - Oh, totally.
Right, there's no residual kind of None.
I'd had a hard day.
And then there was all that wine.
Alcohol was the only reason you kissed me? Yeah.
Like I'd kiss you if I was of sound mind.
Right, so that's cleared that up.
This has this has been sufficiently uncomfortable.
That's that's it's been good.
Might need a hand after all.
OK, I should probably Yeah, yeah, I should probably leave as well.
- Hey, bud.
- How you going, mate? Thank you.
What's all that? But I thought I lost.
I had a craving.
Mr Tran? Maybe this book isn't so crap after all.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) I wanna feel the Pav! Are you alone? Yeah.
Good, because the air's all clear.
I wanna drive across borderlines As far as I'm willing to dare And I'm willing to dare Occupy Arcadia! - Move.
- No.
Don't you dare.
I warned you.
(LAUGHS) MICH: Fre sha voca do! - Can you guys wait here a minute? - Why? (COMMENTATOR CALLS RACE ON TV) - Hey.
- Hi.
What do you mean to me?