The Heights (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

1 Previously on The Heights I'm sure the ladies loved the accent.
There was one girl.
I asked her to marry me and she said no.
How would you feel if I did this place up a bit? If you get so much as one craft beer Let's make a baby.
OK, the kids the kids will be down soon.
- How much did you lend her this time? - $15,000.
Your bloody sister.
- Rule number three.
- Sleepovers.
- No sleepovers? - Nah.
Pav! Oh, seriously? You are such a snob! - It's French onion.
- French onion? - So? And? - So? And? It is, like, it's cream cheese and soup mix is what it is.
Oh, well, my deepest apologies that my snack collection - isn't up to your high standard.
- (GIRL CHATS) - Yes.
Ooh, I think your child is home.
- (BOY CHATS) - Mm, I think yours is here too.
- Mm, what do you want to do? Say hello, maturely explain what we've been doing all afternoon.
- That's a good idea.
I'll do that.
- No, bathroom window.
- No, no, no.
I'll just talk to them.
- Go! Ow.
Window? What are you Are you Ow! Famous country singer.
I got the blues inside of me.
- OK, then.
- Hello, daughter! Mich.
Sorry about my mother.
She's been holed up at home, alone, all day.
Gets like this when she's off work.
Seriously, woman, find a hobby.
Hey, hey, hey Hey, how you doing, baby? You look mighty fine I figured I might come your way and Roll up on you with a golden ticket Afternoon.
Can I get your digits? Maybe we can kick it.
SULLY: What do you want with all those tomatoes? ANA: He's gonna use the tins as cups.
- To drink out of? - Thinks it's cool.
- I KNOW it's cool.
- See? It's moments like these I'm kinda glad I'm not cool.
(BUZZ!) Ah, just the monster I wanted to see.
369 signatures who all agree The Railway stays as is.
What are you on about? Arcadia does not need another fancy wine bar.
I'm not going to let you turn my pub into a homogenised hellhole and neither are they.
- You got all these signatures? - Where there's a will, there's a way.
William Faulkner? Willie.
Serious fella.
Lives by the park.
He comes into the pub from time to time.
- Oh, does he? - You know him.
Tell them! Leave me out of this.
You think I'm an idiot, don't you? My opinion of you has nothing to do with this.
I'm doing this for the community.
The only member of the community that's signed that thing is Benny.
And he spelt his name wrong.
Go away, Watto.
I wouldn't ignore public opinion if I were you.
I'm sure you and Mr Kerouac will get over it eventually.
You can't say you haven't been warned.
Occupy Arcadia! WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Showers today, thunderstorms likely.
Possible hail during this afternoon and evening.
Damaging winds possible.
Well? Oh, it takes a couple of minutes to show up.
- Are you going back to the pub? - Ah, no, no, all done.
I thought I'd I thought I'd use the time and do some stuff around the house.
Oh, come on.
Imagine if I am.
(SIGHS) Don't get your hopes up.
I'm literally holding the pee stick, Mark.
I think I can get my hopes up for like 15 seconds.
We'll have to do those nights again.
You know what? I didn't mind them.
Yeah, napping all night on the couch with Noah.
The house quiet, just me and him.
- Hm.
- Really? Yeah.
Oh, well.
Is that it? "Oh well"? No, no, I'm just saying We miss this month, we get to do a whole lot more trying.
SULLY: $6.
50, thanks.
We gonna see you at the pub launch tomorrow for a drink? Out of a tin can? Tin can? Ryan was down here earlier, he's got some strange ideas for that place.
What are you talking about? Actually no, don't tell me.
I don't want to know.
You sure you don't wanna go down, make sure he hasn't turned it into some sort of a tapas bar? I'm going to be working all day there tomorrow.
I can wait till then.
Not much damage he can do with a tin of paint.
- G'day Pav.
- Pav.
Come on, little fella.
Watto? Have you lost your mind? WATTO: Things have never been clearer, my hipster friend.
- Move.
- No.
- Don't you dare.
- I warned you.
- I'll call the police.
- I'm sure they'll come rushing over.
- Watto, I don't have time for this! - (SCOFFS) Alright, we're walking away.
(LAUGHS) - Breathe.
- I don't want to.
Pass out from rage then.
- (EXHALES) - That's it.
Are you ready to apologise?! Says the man who chained himself up out the front of MY establishment.
See that, that right there, that's why I have to do this.
- What are you on about now? - You thinking you own the place.
I do.
Well, you might own the walls, the furniture and the carpets, but you don't own the spirit! He did not just say that? (BOTH LAUGH) Fre sha voca do! Might pee my pants.
Nah, fre sha voca don't.
Thought you two were meant to be studying? We are, we are.
I've just remembered we're out of dishwashing liquid.
Oh, no! Why don't you two go to the shop to get some? Why can't you do it? Oh, now I really need to pee! (BLOWS LIPS) - (PHONE RINGS) - Oh.
Ah, Sabine, your phone.
Answer it? I'll be right out.
Hey, um, yeah, she's she's just in the bathroom.
- (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) - Cool, cool.
You know what, I will go get that detergent.
What a wild existence you lead, Mother.
So many ups, so many downs.
"Will she? Won't she?" I'll be back soon.
Be good, you two.
Hey, babe, we're just studying.
I don't know if we'll ever finish this assignment either.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, mate, what's up? What race? (SIGHS) OK.
RENEE: Hey, would you mind picking up the kids from the Armstrongs'? - I'm running late.
- Uh, oh, I've gotta get some supplies.
I would go, but I've got an appointment.
At the acupuncture fertility clinic.
That sounds expensive.
Yeah, but by all means, it's worth it.
I mean, I would have told you but if I was pregnant, I would have ended up cancelling, so what's the point? But since I'm not No worries, I'll get the kids.
- Thanks, darling.
- See you.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Oh, you can't keep away, can you? (LAUGHS) Forgot your glass slipper.
(LAUGHS) Thanks.
Kids suspect anything? (SCOFFS) To be honest, I wonder if they know we're alive at all sometimes.
- You busy? - Not particularly.
Why? - No reason.
- Oh, you're gonna be the death of me.
- You know that, don't you? - Is that a yes? - (LAUGHS) - Oh, you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
- Are you sure? You look a little - Devilishly handsome? - Constipated.
What's wrong? - (LAUGHS) No, it's just my foot.
Oh, your bad foot.
Yeah, I You know, jumping out of the window.
- Ouch.
Do you want me to take a look? - No, no, it's fine.
Oh, you WERE busy.
You want some of that? You think I'm a boring old square too.
I'll have you know, I was quite the wild child back in the day.
- Oh, yeah, sure you were.
- I was! No, no, no, I believe you really, I just don't want to be the bad boy that leads you astray again.
(LAUGHS) It wasn't that funny.
You, thinking you're a bad boy.
(GROANS) Sha voca do.
I've got it.
We'll drop out of school, hitchhike to Queensland, I'll become a human statue and you can pick fruit.
Why can't I be the human statue? Because you don't have what it takes, buddy.
- Fair enough.
- (DING!) Then in 10 years, we'll come back and hopefully Miss Bathgate would have forgotten all about the art assignment.
Sounds like a plan.
What are you doing here? You said you were working on your assignment, so though I'd stop by and drop off some of your favourite snacks.
Naw, thanks, babe.
Mich, is it cool if Dane distracts us for a bit? Yeah, totes.
Do you know much about urban renewal? I don't do art.
Corn chips.
Know what this calls for? BOTH: Fre sha voca do! (CHUCKLES) - Can you guys wait here a minute? - Why? I just need to get a couple of things from the supermarket.
Can I come? No, mate, I'll just be two minutes, OK? I want an ice-cream.
- I want one too.
- (SIGHS) Yeah, OK.
Go, Dad.
To do it here, at Ascot, and for champion trainer Darren Weir, it takes all before him in Victoria and he's done it here in the west RACE CALLER 2: And when you take the look at the runners, like Military Reign, Sheidel, Vega Magic, there is speed to burn here.
They're off, First Among Equals and Sheidel jumped away quickly.
- Clark came out very - You used to run away I'd watch you pack your bags Perfect Reflection but Dougie White's going to win on Scales Of Justice.
- (SIGHS) - It's a mighty West Aussie win.
Scales Of Justice 2.
5 lengths Good Project.
Perfect Reflection Oh, come on.
Scales of Justice! Scales of Justice Oh, come on, come on! Stratum Star is 1.
5 handed (RACE CALLERS VOICES MIX AND ECHO) - Scales of Justice - Come on! got about 0.
5 to 0.
75 of a length as White went for home.
Stratum Star is 1.
5 lengths And would there be others of them (ECHOING) Dougie White's going to win.
It's a mighty West Aussie win.
Scales of Justice 2.
5 lengths Good Project.
Perfect Reflection When we found the calm It's the colour of our Noah?! Frankie?! This is the moment Oh Frankie?! Noah?! This is the moment.
- Have you seen the kids? Where are the kids? - RENEE: Mark, are you OK? Oh thank God.
Thank God.
Leonie found them in the car.
They said you went to the supermarket.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Look, I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
What happened? We've all been trying to call you.
(SIGHS) My phone died.
I wasn't gone that long.
Kat and I waited at least half an hour and the kids had been there for a while before we even arrived.
Where were you? Let's go, Kitty Kat.
Hey, if you need anything, just give me a call.
- Thank you so much.
- Yeah, thanks, Leonie.
Where were you? Figured you'd be thirsty by now.
Not for that! Ah.
You're a good egg, Ana.
Not like that handsome twonk.
Ryan's not that bad.
You're only saying that now because you have a massive stiffy for him.
What? No, I don't.
I don't! Also, gross.
I know Ryan comes across as some wanky hipster who thinks drinking out of tin cans is cool but deep down he's one of us and he cares about this place.
Then why is he trying to ruin it? Hey! How did you get in? Where there's a will, there's a way.
It was Benny, wasn't it? Come on, Watto.
It's over, I'm in.
Just give up already.
I've got something to show you.
OK, how about this? You come inside and you hear me out.
If you don't like what I've got to say, you can come back out here and continue your protest.
I'm not going to lie, I expected to see more exposed brick.
Right, now what was it that you wanted to show me? Well What's this? You're the one with the Masters in Literature.
Have a read.
"For Watto's butt only.
" You mean I get my own stool? Till the day you die.
Which, let's face it, will probably be in this chair.
Now I have a massive stiffy for you.
(LAUGHS) Alright, now I really need to get to work, so Say no more, sweet prince.
Tomorrow's going to be grand, my son.
Just grand.
That was beautiful.
I am so glad I got to witness that.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) So long, pretty baby I'm gonna miss you when you're gone OK.
There's no point lying You're not gonna stay? And help out? There's still a few things that need to get done.
Pay me in Bloody Marys? Deal.
You weren't at the supermarket.
Leonie looked.
I had to go somewhere else and get some other things.
What things? What things? Mark? You left our children alone in a car park.
They're fine.
They're they're fine? Are you kidding me?! They could have been Tell me the truth.
I was at the Emerald.
Doing what? Placing a couple of bets.
For two hours? (LAUGHS) I know they're shoelaces but they look like noodles.
- Don't you think? - Like noodles? Oh, my God.
- Ooh, I'm hungry.
- Hungry, OK.
OK, let's see what we've got.
See if we can teach that cheese-loving palate of yours a thing or two about flavour, here we go.
Try that.
Ooh, what is it? That is artichoke and white bean.
You got any cereal? - Oh, you can't have cereal.
- (LAUGHS) - Come on, cereal? - (DOOR OPENS) Oh, we've done it again.
At least we're wearing pants.
Can you just relax? And don't try and act straight or anything.
- Just act - MICH: Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Just be cool.
- What are you two up to? - Oh, just hanging out.
Oh, just exchanging parenting tips.
We're both very committed to being the best role models we can be.
So yeah, that's why I'm here.
It's alright, guys, I know.
What, what do you know? - You don't have to hide it.
I'm cool.
- Yeah.
With what? With whatever.
SABINE: Fre sha voca do.
That's it? What, you don't think it's funny? What's with you? You usually love dumb stuff like that.
At least you've got Mich to laugh with.
Yeah, but I've got you to kiss and cuddle.
You know Mich and I are just friends, right? I mean, I would never - It's like, ew, gross.
- (DOOR OPENS) CLAUDIA: Hey, sweetie.
- Dane.
- Hi, Mrs Rosso.
- How'd your assignment go? - Fine.
Coming along.
I should probably head.
Hang tomorrow? Everything OK between you two? Yeah.
Why? (SIGHS) Do you think you could maybe tell that boyfriend of yours to stop calling me Mrs? Where's the dishwashing liquid? Oh.
RENEE: Is this why we don't have any money? Not because the the contractors didn't pay on time or the renovations cost too much? Because what? - I'm such an idiot.
- No, you're not an idiot.
All this time I know You and I That money that we lent your sister Oh, my God.
Fifteen grand.
That was fifteen grand gone.
What? Is there more? Is that not all of it? How much? How much of your family's money did you lose? - I don't know.
I don't know exactly.
- Guess! Maybe ah, seventy.
But I can stop.
I I I can.
No, if you could stop, you would not have (GASPS) have lost seventy grand of your family's money.
If you could stop, you would not have left your children in the car for two hours.
Two hours! No end in sight Get out.
Get No end in sight Get out! Get out! End in sight.
(DOOR CLOSES) (LATIN MUSIC PLAYS ON RADIO) This one definitely needs more vodka.
You've said that about every batch.
Well, every batch has needed more vodka.
And I think that's it.
We are officially ready to launch.
Cheers to that.
You know, drinking out of these tin cans is kinda cool.
Wait a minute, did you just admit that one of my ideas was actually good? Must be the booze talking.
- So, Ana - Yes, Ryan.
You know how much I hate being nice to you And I to you.
but I do want to take a quick break from our regular to-and-fro to say thank you for your help with the pub.
Well, you did pay me, so Still, I owe you, big-time.
"I owe you a million favours.
" You can cash that in whenever you need.
I don't actually think that this is Sorry.
Don't be.
(MAN SINGS IN SPANISH) (REFLECTIVE MUSIC) I See a road Where I go Where you go Mum? RENEE: Hey, peanut.
Why aren't you asleep? I couldn't.
I feel bad.
Hey, I don't want you to worry about any of that.
Me and your dad just have some stuff to sort out but none of that is your fault.
You are wonderful and perfect and we both love you very, very much.
Do you hear me? I don't want Dad to get in trouble.
I know.
Everything's gonna be OK.
Low with your love Are you awake? Mmm.
What time is it? (CLEARS THROAT) - Just after 7:00.
- Mmm.
(CHUCKLES) Water? Mm-hm.
- Would you rather - (CHUCKLES) still or sparkling? Hm? (CHUCKLES) Still with a side of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.
(CHUCKLES) Coming right up.
I'm Lottie.
I thought we were over Ana, wait.
She's the one, isn't she? I tried to let you know but you blocked me on all your socials.
I want to talk.
I don't want you to think I just took advantage of you.
Maybe I took advantage of you.
- Feels like I've been cheated on.
- When can we talk about this? Mark, it's all I can do not to punch you in the face right now.
I took my soul, whoa, oh, oh, oh LEONIE: Hey! Hey! Cut it out! Get Mich, what was all that about? Taking over me