The Heights (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

1 Previously on The Heights Corn chips.
You know what this calls for? BOTH: Fre sha voca do! Can you guys wait here a minute? I just need to get a couple of things from the supermarket.
Frankie! Noah! I can stop, though.
No, if you could stop, you wouldn't have spent 70 grand of your family's money.
Get out.
There was one girl.
I asked her to marry me.
Don't be.
I'm Lottie.
From London.
The pub's much nicer than you described it.
We've just done the place up.
Are you working here? I own the place.
Well, part own.
With your grandad? He died.
Ryan, I'm I'm so sorry.
I'm going to go now.
Ana, wait.
Ana, wait.
- She's the one, isn't she? - One what? The one you proposed to, in London.
I didn't know she was coming.
Well, you better go talk to her, then.
Will I see you later? Yeah.
What are you doing here? I tried to let you know, but you blocked me on all your socials.
I want to talk.
Well, we've got a big launch party today, so Then I'll hang round.
I've got nowhere else to be.
Hey, I'm I'm not sure if you've played my other messages but, but I love you.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Mich is in the shower.
You can grab the next one if you want.
Oh, cheers.
When are you going to the pub? Oh, I I don't think I'll go.
Why not? Aren't you helping Ryan out? Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't let him down, eh? Well, you worked on that place for weeks, didn't you? It's worth celebrating.
You know, Renee was looking forward to seeing it.
We we were all going to go together: me, her and the kids.
Guess that's not happening now.
You, uh you want a cup of tea? Yeah.
Every time he took the dog for a run, every time he was working late.
You had no reason not to believe him.
No, I knew something was up.
I knew that things weren't right.
I just I let it drop.
- You tried talking to him? - Yeah.
I asked him what was going on and he just said that he was stressed out about work.
Of course he was stressed out about work.
He had contractors after him to get paid 'cause he'd gambled all of our money.
I mean, it's the kids.
They're the ones that miss out.
I would do anything for them, I always put them first, and for him to put his own selfish needs before them is just Feels like I've been cheated on.
In a way it'd be better if he'd had an affair.
That way I wouldn't have this massive debt hanging over me.
- Mum? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Where's Dad? The chain's come off my bike.
Maybe I can fix it.
When's he getting home? Um, I'm not sure, darling.
Um, I've got to go take Dad to the pub launch but if you need anything, give me a call, yeah? Thank you.
- Bye.
- See ya.
Yee-haw! Ah, I wondered where that got to.
So I could have kept it? You've already got two.
Yeah, but I would have used that one to make a trip wire for the guy who keeps stealing the number six off our letterbox.
Just the six? Yeah.
My theory is he's into psycho-geometrics.
Or he's just psycho.
Is your old man home? He's at the pub.
What are you doing? Why? I'm doing a smoking ceremony at the launch and I need some things to start the fire.
What? Some paperbark and some branches.
- Can't you just use a Jiffy? - No.
Look, there's a couple of trees down near Iris's shop.
- Can you go and get me some, please? - (SIGHS) This young fella was supposed to be helping me.
He pulled out last minute and now I'm going to be late.
I'll bring some to the pub.
Good on you, champ.
I'll come with.
I'm meeting Dane there.
Pretty flash, eh? That should get wiped off.
People will think we're giving 'em away.
It was pretty clear on the Facebook page that we're only giving out free beer and Bloody Marys.
Who are you? I'm Lottie.
Ah, she's from London.
She just got in.
You backpacking or something? - Um - This is my mum, Hazel.
Your mum? How's the, uh, baby? He's with Maryam for the morning.
You have a baby? What did you say your name was again? I'm Lottie.
Got a decent set of lungs on you? Sorry? Got 50 balloons need blowing up.
Couldn't you just get food at the movies? But I had a craving.
I think if I had one last meal, it might just be a banh mi.
As in you're on death row? Yeah, but for something cool, though, like dognapping a bunch of abused pugs.
You wouldn't go to jail for that.
I would if I hit someone with my getaway car.
- You can't drive.
- My getaway Segway.
Alright, well, I've got to get the bark for Uncle Max.
Oh, I want to see him do it too.
Could help with our assignment.
You've seen heaps before at school.
But this one's a smoking ceremony.
- What about the movies? - I can already tell you what happens.
Just a bunch of robots bashing the chips out of each other.
Alright, well, why don't we see a later session? Ace.
Come on.
(MUSIC PLAYS, PEOPLE CHAT) It's a big crowd.
Do you get nervous every time you do this? Nah.
I've got a little secret.
I just picture everyone buck naked.
(LAUGHS) What about Watto? No, not him.
Michael Flatley eat your heart out.
Was that dancing or a seizure? Oh! (GROANS) - All yours.
- Yeah, thanks mate.
Sit down.
I'm going to get things under way.
Do you want to say a few words? You're the big mouth.
I'll take that as a no.
Hey, everyone.
If I could just grab your attention, for a second.
- I'd just - Hey! - (WHISTLES) - Whoa! There you go.
Uh, first I'd like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today.
I'd also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present.
Welcome to the new and improved Railway Pub.
(ALL CHEER) Now, I can see new faces and some old ones.
Some ugly ones.
I am thrilled that you could all be here today.
Arcadia is changing and we thought it was about time that the Railway Pub did too.
But, of course, there's one thing that has stayed the same and hopefully always will, and that's the heart that beats in this community.
- (GROANS) - Get on with it.
Make Arcadia crap again.
Now, I couldn't have got this place together in time without the help of Ash Jafari and Mark Davies.
Speech! Speech! And of course, Ana Novak.
Sorry! I was meant to let Uncle Max go first.
Here he is to give the Welcome to Country address.
Pass them round.
Just pass them round.
Thanks Ryan.
I too would like to acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation, and pay respects to my Elders, past and present.
Now, the welcome you're going to receive today is in the form of a smoking ceremony, and as guests on our country, you're all asked to take a leaf and walk through the smoke.
In doing so, you're all welcome on Noongar boodja.
(ALARM RINGS) Oh, what kind of wadjula didn't turn off the smoke alarm? Ha.
All clear to come back in.
- Sorry, Max.
- Not your fault.
It was Ryan's.
He's a bloody idiot.
Hey, hey.
There are two cheeks that belong on that stool and Fanny O'Sullivan is tattooed on them.
Now, does your bum have a Fanny? Then get off.
Get off.
Come on.
Who's Fanny? Second wife.
More strife.
Grandad sleep with her? Hey.
That ceremony was really moving.
Yeah, literally.
They were moving as soon as that alarm went off.
Joke all you like.
I saw you getting emotional.
- Nuh.
- There was a tear.
Little one? That was just a bit of smoke.
I've been looking for you.
Been right here.
Did they ask you for ID? Nah.
Swiped it.
Don't let my mum see.
If I'm gonna be here, I'm gonna have a good time.
You don't have to be here.
You can go home.
Why? So you can hook up with him? We're just friends.
- What don't you get - You know what? Go for it.
I'm done pity-banging you anyway.
Real classy mate.
Get off it.
We all know you're first in line.
Enjoy those sloppy seconds.
Hey, hey! Cut it out! Get out! Cut it out! I said cut it out! Stop it! You, leave! Mich, what was all that about? - So, you look great by the way.
- Oh, thanks.
- Think I'll pick up? - Yeah, yeah, I do actually.
That guy over there hasn't taken his eyes off you all day.
Yeah, he hasn't taken his sunglasses off all day.
- Maybe he's sight impaired.
- Yeah, or just a wanker.
(LAUGHS) Has anyone seen Sabine? What? Are you alright? What's going on? Her boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend said some nasty things.
Oh, I better go.
I'll come with you.
Oi, Hazel! Can we get a couple of beers? - Coming.
- So's Christmas.
What can I get you? Couple of beers, thanks.
You new, love? I'm Ryan's friend, visiting from the UK.
- Whereabouts? - London.
Well, Letchworth originally.
I once knew a beautiful girl from Letchworth.
Must be something in the water there.
Very high levels.
That's why I was born with webbed feet.
"And if I laugh at any mortal thing, 'tis that I may not weep.
" Willy Shakespeare.
That's Lord Byron, actually.
You're on the waters until you get your literary references right.
You're, uh you're empty.
Evan, hi.
I thought I'd check this place out since you mentioned it the other day.
How nice to see you.
Another one? Gin and tonic, right? Yeah, but, no, I can get it.
- I can get it.
- No, no, I can get it.
Um, Ana, isn't it? Hi.
What can I get you? Uh, two gin and tonics, thanks.
- I can do that.
- Cool.
Um, I feel like I interrupted something this morning, between you and Ryan.
Nothing at all.
It's all good.
So, uh, how long are you here for? Not sure.
We'll see how I go.
Uh, you met Ryan in London? Yeah.
The, um, gawky Australian with the heart of gold.
I couldn't resist.
Well, you look like you know your way around a bar.
My college threw the best parties at university.
You'll have to tell me how much to charge, though.
16 bucks.
Sabine? You told her? You just took off.
I was worried.
Because you were busy having a punch on with Dane.
You don't think he deserved it? Sure, but did I ask you to defend my honour? - No, I just thought that maybe - What? That I'm useless? That I can't do anything without your help? No, I was just thinking that How many times do I have to tell you? - I can look after myself.
- Alright, I'm sorry.
That's the point.
I don't want you to feel sorry for me.
I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me.
Alright, I'll just go.
Thanks, Mich.
Weren't you a bit hard on him? Well, this kid Dane sounds like a piece of work.
Yeah, still, Mich shouldn't have reacted like that.
Oh, I don't know.
Well, he's gone home to think about it, anyway.
Oh, you mean play PlayStation and stuff his face with leftovers.
Not much chance of that.
Mark polished them off last night.
Do you think this thing with him and Renee will blow over? What's he told you? Well, not too much really.
Pav, he blew over 70 grand.
70 grand? Renee just found out.
I knew he had a problem, but not - not that much of a problem.
- Daddy! Hey, mate.
What's the verdict, Renee? Did he do an alright job? It's not bad.
Mark told everyone the kids and I were coming.
If we didn't show, then they'd wonder why.
Stuff them.
Yeah, well some people like their private lives being gossiped about but I don't need the attention or the sympathy.
Let's get a drink.
What can I get ya? Uh, do you do a Cosmopolitan? Uh, yeah, sure.
Thank you.
What do you want? Uh, whisky on the rocks, with ice.
Got it.
Here you are.
Oh, he's gorgeous.
Don't give him a big head.
His name's Patch.
Whose is he? Shannon's.
You never told me that your sister was pregnant.
I didn't know myself till I got here.
Well, I'd like to meet her.
She took off a few months ago.
Mum and I have been looking after him.
So, you and Hazel you've worked everything out? This guy sort of forced the issue.
(PATCH GURGLES) You've been here with your mum all this time and yet she's never heard my name.
It's like I've had no impact on your life at all.
Did you tell anyone here about me? Every time I look at him I feel physically ill.
He's probably feeling the same.
There'd be a lot of shame going on.
And denial.
I mean, addicts don't often feel like they have a problem.
Is that what we're calling this? An addiction? Mumma, my shoelace.
- I'll grab us another? - Uh, yeah, not for me.
I don't know how much more I can take of this.
Hey, I'm glad you came.
Oh, yes, well, we're leaving.
- But we just got here.
- Yeah.
Hazel said that you can take a balloon.
- So grab one each and then let's go.
- Is Daddy coming? No, not right now, darling.
Oh, come on, when, Renee? When can we talk about this? Mark, it's all I can do not to punch you in the face right now.
Come on.
Let's go.
Ice-cream or doughnuts? Dane brought those.
(LAUGHS) (PHONE RINGS) Oh, it's just Mich.
The fact that he's calling after what you said earlier, he's a good egg.
Maybe you should let him know you're OK.
But I'm not.
You know what I mean.
I'll get spoons.
Sorry for being a bitch before when you were just checking in.
Are you, though? I mean, what Dane said was pretty shit.
Yeah, I don't need reminding.
And there was that other thing as well.
What other thing? That you wanted to hook up with me.
Oh, that? Yeah, I don't know where he got that idea.
- So, you you don't - You think I - You're not, uh - No! I mean, I think you're great, obviously.
- That's why I hang out with you.
- OK.
Yeah, cool.
Yeah, that's I think you're great too.
Alright, so I'll just see you at school tomorrow.
See you then.
Hey, thanks for calling.
Ah, what are friends for? (MUTTERS SOUNDLESSLY) (BOTH CHUCKLE) - Good show.
- Oh Alright.
I'm not putting up with this.
What? You being all stroppy.
Until a few weeks ago, all I changed was my knickers.
You agreed to the reno.
But when I saw it I liked it the way it was, is all.
You know, I felt the same.
But then I came to terms with it.
Life is about change.
You've got to put your big girl's pants on.
Embrace it.
You know what? The best things have stayed the same.
(PLAYS) But I think you're strange Like I know I'm strange And I think that's why - (GIGGLES) - (CHUCKLES) You're the perfect fit For my imperfections I don't need to try I think you're skies are sweet Hey.
Do you have a sec? Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) I, um I wanted to apologise for this morning.
I didn't handle it well.
And I didn't want you to think that last night was just that it didn't mean anything.
I don't want you to think I just took advantage of you.
Maybe I took advantage of you.
It's those Bloody Marys.
Make you do silly things.
Do you regret it? No.
But obviously you have some stuff to sort out.
Sorry, um, a bunch of us are going to go to that wine bar down the road if you still want to come? Um - Absolutely.
- Cool.
Hey, great place man.
It's awesome.
See you, Ryan.
Do you know where Ryan got to? He's a master at it, disappearing just when you need him most.
Let's, uh let's avoid the hangover, shall we? Whose idea was it to make them worse as you get older? Well, I think the same person that, uh, decided to play with our hearing.
Or was that memory? I forget.
Oh, hey.
Uh, it's for you.
When I'm in need Oh, oh Older than I was before Oh, oh I'll be hanging on a rope that you hung Bury your heart here I'll keep it safe Under my skin and my bones If you want to keep your family together, it starts with this.
Gamblers Anonymous.
Under my skin and my bones Under my bones Tied up so much tighter If you plan on holding on for good Higher If that's how you feel, then why are you here? Because I'm an idiot.
SABINE: I saw Dane today.
He showed up at school to talk.
And? Life gives you eggplants, make moussaka.
Yeah, go for it.
I'm asking you to dinner, Sully.
At at your place? I wanted to find out what you guys think about me getting a job? Well, still, you didn't think to discuss this with me first? Know that I'll keep you